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The Pogrom Continues Unabated: 96/

IE-7 Beta 2 Review

04-01-06   REVIEW


The Pogrom Continues Unabated: 95/

Republicans Fight for the Continued

Exploitation of Illegal Immigrants


Being entitled to cheap tax free labor is apparently a right for the white ruling class in the United States. That is why they are against giving the millions of immigrants living in the US illegally any sort of legal status. But then of course it is much cheaper to keep slaves than to pay workers a decent wage. That is the Republican rich white way.... They make me sick... F*** them. Racists. That is all for tonight... See ya!

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The Oil Killing Drags On in Iraq:94/

Iran Next

Bush Getting Desperate: "The Buck Stops With Hussein"


Looking desperate and like a man who is losing it and once again dodging responsibility and proving he is getting further and further out of touch, (Is he on drugs?), George Bush blamed deposed and imprisoned former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, for the blood fest going on in Iraq. That's what you call Republican responsibility I guess. Meanwhile Condo Rice is making the rounds trying to drum up support for an Iranian invasion. Pictures of the UN Security council meeting showed about thirty percent attendance. Doesn't look good. I wonder how much Exxon is paying them? 

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The Murder for Bucks Rolls On in Iraq:93/

"Operation Scorpion" The Pipeline;

Next Iran and Then Syria


           By John Robles II (jar2)

           So apparently the big news of the day is that George Bush lied when he said he did not want to go to war and now the New York Times has published that fact as if it is one of the great scoops of the century. Every liberal blogger and anyone who has not been living with their head in the sand or under a rock for the past six years could have told you that very fact years ago, and the sad part is that they have. We have, and it has taken them, the major mass media this long to finally decide to publish something akin to the truth.

        What is surprising for me is that people are making such a fuss about something so insignificant as that one lie and that not one of the major papers is doing anything to cover or delve into the greater and blacker lies that surround the whole 9-11 Iraq/War on Terror fiasco.

          We all know about the American Plan for the New Millennium, (if you have not heard about it do a web search), and we all know that they, (The Bush clan/Cheney/Halliburton), are all getting filthy rich as a result, we have all heard about Bush's "trifecta" statement, Bush's plan to avenge the attempt on his father's life, the Saudi-Bush oil/business partnership, etc. etc. etc.. What most people are not aware of, as it has only been published in well-documented-detail on the web, from where it too has all but vanished, is that the planned invasion of Iraq and Iran were all drawn up by Rumsfeld, then Defense Secretary Dick Cheney and the then Defense Undersecretary for Policy Paul Wolfowitz  way back in the summer of 1990. One of the original plans, "Operation Scorpion", called for U.S. troops to attack Iraq from Saudi Arabia. Since that time and during the past three years there have appeared in the press hundreds of references to "Operation Scorpion" but all appearing to a more or less degree to be nothing more than disinformation or "Psy-Ops" pieces planted on mostly U.S. Military run web sites.

             What "Operation Scorpion" really appears to be is the U.S. plan for the invasion, division, and eventual total control of the Middle East, this includes the required and already planned for invasion of Iran, and the taking control of Syria.

             What is the reason for all of this, is it religious? Is it really in order to spread American style democracy throughout the region? Are those countries really so "Evil" as to warrant the killing of hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions of innocent civilians? No, no, and no. Try again.

              It is in the press everyday, a piece here, a piece there, a corrupt politician arrested there, a CIA agent burned here, and on and on ad nauseam. What the people are missing and why George W Bush, incompetent-heritage-boy, was put in the White House in the first place, yes, "put", both elections were a farce, was to allow those with the real money and power to advance their plan. And what may that plan be? Hold on a sec and I will tell you, but first let us not forget that it is multi-pronged. Part of the plan allows for the building up of the U.S. Military Industrial Complex, which was seeing a significant downsizing during Clinton's Administration. He was hated by many at the Pentagon, remember, Monica? She was sent over from there. The other allows for the taking away of the rights and freedoms of Americans, especially minorities and other "unsavory" parts of the population, the reasons for this I will not go into right now, and the third, albeit primary reason is... Are you ready for this? The real reason is quite simply, drum-roll, an OIL PIPELINE. Yes, that's right humble-peace-loving-intelligent-folks, an oil pipeline.

               You heard about the Bush families extensive ties to big oil and the Saudis, you know about Condo Rice's CEO position at Exxon, you know there is an Exxon oil tanker with her name on it, you know about Halliburton's oil interests and military support divisions. You know about Bin Laden a.k.a. Tom Osman (CIA Agent). You put all of that together and the myriad other facts all floating around out there and it should all begin to make sense.

              Look at the map for a minute. When Afghanistan was invaded there were news stories about an oil-pipeline project that got back under way right after the invasion. The news stories talked about a pipeline to the Caspian Sea, that is just part of the story. Look at the map. There are also plans for a pipeline through Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, into the Arabian Sea, this one would lie in the lowlands in the Western parts of these countries. Now those are all nice and sweet but the doozy and the big one would connect the West and possibly even China with loads and loads of Middle Eastern and central Asian oil. Possibly even Russian oil. The pipeline would connect Middle Eastern and Central Asian oil fields with the Mediterranean and would run through the relatively flat Northern Terrain of Iran passing just South of Tehran, past Kirkuk and Mosul in Northern Iraq and come out near the nice deep Super-Tanker friendly waters of the Mediterranean Sea near the Lebanese/Syrian border.

                 Yes folks, people are dying left and right and the country is going into debt, all for a pipeline. But not for long though. Once that American controlled oil starts flowing, in about ten years time, the dollar will once again become the currency of international choice, and more importantly the currency of the oil trade. The U.S. will control the world's oil and all the fat cats' progenies will forever live in comfort. For that American soldiers are dying, Muslims are being demonized, women and children are being slaughtered, the Constitution is being used as toilet paper, and an mad megalomaniac mass murdering blithering idiot is making a mockery of the office of President.

                    That is the way I see it. See you all later.


John Robles II (jar2) Copyright 2006


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REFERENCE:  House  PBS  Department of Defense  Debate  Denial  Compost  GlobalSecurity

 WaMonth  NewYorker  Democrats  Memo  Yahoo



CIA Locations eyeballed by cryptome.

SEE: Source  CRYPTOME or  cia-dc.htm    Overt CIA Building Locations in DC Area  March 19, 2006


The People Are Starting to Wake Up,

and Smell the Fascism


The racist neo-con fascist machine had better take heed. 

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Another Spring )))


Took these shots this morning. Enjoy.



The Attrocities Continue in Iraq: 92/

The Murder of More Women and Children


Chris Floyd's words on the unspeakable shootings of sleeping babies in Iraq.

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The Hollow Arguments for Iraq Invasion


The Plan for the New Millennium?  Iraq changing over to Euro? Oil? George Bush's personal revenge? What is the real reason for invading Iraq?

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Incompetence Showing in 9-11 Trial


In the bungled trial of the only person being tried for 9-11, their idiocy is showing

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Burning More Bridges and Distracting the Public:

Thumbing their Noses at Russia


So why is the U.S. now accusing Russia of aiding Saddam Hussein? Well if you are like me and you look at the facts in the news and try to ignore the spin, it is easier to see the ulterior motives of those propagating the news. We all know that Bush is having a hard time at drumming up support for an Iranian invasion, we know he is trying to take the focus off his illegal spying program, and we know that Russia is one of the few countries that is not cowing to U.S. demands in relation to Iran. So in a tit for tat the current misadministration has once again proven that it will do anything to reach its ends. Instead of complaining to Russia through official channels they have decided to air these questions on the national press rather than through official channels, as would normally be the case. This is just another sign of an administration that is losing touch and losing popularity fast and is becoming increasingly desperate.  Across the board officials here agree that the accusations are nothing more than nonsense and do not merit attention.

SEE:  Gazeta Ru  in Russian


The Pogrom Continues in Iraq: 91/



I am back. After having been down for the past six days due to a high-speed network switching device burning out which took jar2 and 48 other users of our local network off-line, it is very nice to be back. Thank you tech-support for finally working the problem out. Especially the guy who patiently explained what the problem was, you are a real humanist. I hope that all of you regulars are okay and that you didn't miss me too much. Spring is in the air even though, as you can see from the pictures below, there is still a lot of thawing out to be done by mother nature. Don't forget to set your clocks ahead tonight. Remember Spring ahead and Fall back... I love you all.  


Bush Using Straw-Man Arguments in Speeches


Another way of lying and hiding the truth.


03-05-06 Images Moved  March Images


Seems Cheney sold Iraq nuclear reactor parts.

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Some pictures I took around Moscow.

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Bomb-blast kills Diplomat

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