The US War on Terror is an illegal war and we have even more proof. The aggressive invasions are a crime against humanity, the killing of civilians and people defending their homelands are war crimes, the extra-judicial executions are illegal under all international standards and laws, the drone- strikes, Obama’s daily kill list, the black sites and illegal prisons worldwide, the torture and the illegal prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba are all criminal acts.


When the US declared a War on Terror, they declared a war on a brutal methodology for achieving and bringing about political change and the goals of organizations using terror to advance their agendas.

The War on Terror did not fall into the category of a normal war. First it did not fit the definition of a classic war, where one country declares war on another and armies are mobilized. It also did not have a defined enemy or field of battle, and lastly due to its nature it is an open ended and endless campaign, without borders and without limits.

Under normal circumstances the world’s population would have never allowed such an adventure with one country effectively declaring war on the world, the American public would also have questioned the questionable nature of the “War on Terror”, had it not been for the event that the Project for a New American Century said would be needed to begin an campaign of world military domination, namely the events of September 11, 2001.

Among the questions that came up with the War on Terror was what to do with those who fought back? In Afghanistan they could not be labeled prisoners of war, as no war was declared. They could not be called terrorists, as people who never did anything against the US and who were merely protecting their homes and families, could not rightfully be labeled such. So they were labeled “enemy combatants”, just one of the acts of legal twisting and obfuscation that was carried out by the US to legalize, after-the-fact, their illegal war, their illegal torture and their illegal detention.

 We have released some of the most important documents issued by the US covering the detention of these detainees, in particular the foundation document for the illegal terror prison in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, and the original pre-war-on-terror directive which had to be appended.

The original document, dated August 18, 1994 and re-issued in 2004, called for adherence to the Geneva Conventions, point 2 (d) and reads: Under the Geneva Conventions Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War and for the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, on the outbreak of an armed conflict, or when persons are captured or detained by the U.S. Military Services in the course of the full range of military operations, ensure that a national-level information centre exists that can fully serve to account for all persons who pass through the care, custody, and control of the U.S. Military Services.” This directive was obviously violated at Guantanamo and worldwide at secret black sites and prisons all over the world.

According to the document, the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Camp Delta GTMO, Camp Delta was designed for “detained personnel”, how 15-year-old children who are attempting to defend their families can be classified as such is beyond me.

Chapter 1, point 1002 of the SOP says that "Hazing, corporal punishment, harassment, unauthorized exercises, unnecessary restriction, deprivations and demeaning treatment ‘serve no purpose’ and are prohibited.” How the torture, stress positions, isolation, sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation and other practices which are all documented as taking place regularly at Guantanamo were allowed to take place as standard procedure is also beyond me.

Point 140.4, regarding staffing, calls for a Chaplain but makes no mention of what religion. This does not take into account the fact that most of the detainees, if not all are and were practicing Muslims, you can make your own conclusion on this point.

Point 105.13.d regarding deadly force is interesting because it allows the “Commanding General” to order the use of deadly force for any reason.

In the document there has been a section deleted which deals with “call to prayer”, remember the detainees are almost exclusively Muslims, points 1 to 3 are deleted but point 4 mentions scheduled time(s) as part of operations. Points 6 and 7 mention which CD tracks to play.

Point 31 states what detainees are allowed to have, this includes a “finger toothbrush, a Koran, prayer beads, an orange suit and a mask!

The document repeats several issues multiple times, namely hunger strikes, call to prayer and prisoner abuse.

The document deals little with interrogations, where torture is likely to take place. However point 3012.1 allows for detainee escort teams to leave their detainees “unattended or unsecured” as directed by the SOP for the Joint Interagency Interrogation Facility. A location that demands further research.

Point 3013.2.1 Defines the physical control that is to be maintained over the detainees, this includes two points of physical contact by each member of the escort team.

Point 4005.6 mentions a three-piece-suit, there is little information on this device, but apparently it is a metal suit which brutally holds the detainee in any position they deem necessary. Point 4005 details how detainees are to be shackled, handcuffed and an in other means “secured”.

If one follows the headings and the numbering of the document it is clear that there have been redactions and deletions. What is most glaring is the absence of any information regarding interrogations and almost nothing about abuse which could be termed torture.