Hands Up Militarized Police


The Types of Revolution Most Feared by the Elites and Police  

by Joseph Zrnchik

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The US government, as it continues to attempt to quell the disorder in Ferguson, Missouri, is providing Americans an opportunity to look into the eyes of the bi-partisan militarized police state as it engages in the type of behavior reminiscent of Third World dictatorships.  Never did an American think he or she would be facing tanks while having a infantry squad-sized element of a para-military force with fully-loaded assault rifles be trained center-mass at a single harmless youthful protester.   As heavily-armed para-military groups huddle together in what looks to be abject fear, they threaten the lives of Americans attempting to peacefully assemble as protesters face police leveling and aiming military-grade firepower upon the unarmed.  It is as if there is terror in the hearts of law enforcement as its officers are clad in full battle dress uniform with all the latest protective combat equipment.  Americans must be made to understand that this is a psychological operation to discourage and intimidate with the hopes of creating the public perception of rendering impotent and futile any future attempt to challenge or resist the police state.  This they make us pay for.  This they tell us is providing Americans protection.

The Governor of Missouri has made a decision to not only escalate but also exasperate the current state of affairs by deploying the National Guard, but Americans have grown weary of the common tactic used by law enforcement of feigning fear as they brutalize and then falsely charge with crimes citizens who erroneously and naively believe they will be protected by the rule of law and the US Constitution not only from police brutality, but also from the false charges that are routinely and especially leveled against those who demand that police, prosecutors and judges be bound the law.  It has become apparent that the law no longer provides justice, but instead is used to hold the average citizen under boot while excusing all types of crimes by the power elite from fraud, attacks on computer and information systems, false arrest, perjury, malicious prosecution, wrongful imprisonment, torture and even extra-judicial murder.  If you think I overstate my premise, look to see about the torture and murder by the FBI of Kenneth Trentadue and the cover-up that ensued as agents realized they assassinated the wrong person in a case of mistaken identity.  This is a cover-up that has resulted in the destruction of all tape recordings of Timothy McVeigh and John Doe #2 delivering the OKC bomb to its Murrah Federal Building destination.  And while many will claim this is just a conspiracy theory, go ahead and try to get the IRS filings of one Lee Harvey Oswald to see who he had been working for the year prior to President Kennedy’s assassination.

Americans have come to such a tyrannized state of affairs that we continue allow our elite to even hide the murder of a president in broad daylight in front of thousands of citizens and the tens of millions who have since viewed the recordings.  While this fact should rightly scare Americans, what seems to pass under the radar of the mainstream media is the millions of people who are subject to a corrupt criminal justice system that despises jury trials and fully-informed jurors who understand all the ways Americans are made victims of the police state as tyrannical police level false charges and cover and justify their aggressive and incendiary behavior with feigned fear.  Even worse than this façade is the ridiculous justifications the courts accept to provide the police state with a thin veneer of legitimacy that serves to fool 99% of Americans.   What is being made clear to Americans is the increasingly aggravated ways in which injustice is being perpetrated under the color of law to the point that logic is twisted, law is perverted and truth is destroyed..

While the US has not yet reached the point where FEMA Camps will begin operating, our political elites have advanced the agenda for such an eventuality to the point that it is now a turn-key operation able to be implemented at a moment’s notice.  Americans now understand the type of violence they will face if civil disobedience begins to take root across the US as more and more Americans are beginning to object to and oppose through protest the type of tyranny that had so unceremoniously crushed what was the Occupy Movement. It seems the power the elite now wield will only be pried from their cold dead hands.  But this death will not be the result of justice, it will the the result of a body politic so diseased that caused imperial hubris to  drip like diseased pus from infected sores caused by the virus of neo-conservativism.

While the Occupy Movement was incoherent in its message and objectives, it did provide Americans with a platform from which many hoped would grow a political movement that would eventually refine itself and educate Americans not only about corrupt Wall Street practices,  but also about the Federal Reserve, the police/prison state, the surveillance/national security state, the warfare/welfare state, the corrupt political processes used to marginalize candidates with anti-war and non-interventionist foreign policies messages which oppose neo-imperialist attacks on other nations’ sovereignty.

The crushing of the Occupy Movement was done as brutally as it was done quietly.  There was no media opposition or any mainstream news indignation except for a few minor incidents that seemed more to serve to threaten and intimidate the masses than to expose brutality, act as a brake on tyranny or garner the type of further mass support that would allow the movement to bloom into a viable and enduring movement with leadership that would also grow in the ability to make challenges to and changes in the status quo.  In fact, the media hid from the general public the massive demonstrations that occurred in Oakland, California, as police guided citizens to a bridge only so they could block off the route to begin mass arrests and beatings that were also hidden by the media not only from the view of Americans eyes, but also from their consciousness.

Americans need to realize that they cannot defeat the police state without spilling the type of blood that the corporate media would then use to discredit Americans’ resistance to tyranny.  By now it should be clear to all that the media is not going to provide a platform to anyone seeking to organize and peacefully oppose what has become a government that seeks constant war and domination abroad and servile total obedience domestically.  Imagine the human interest stories the press would generate and put forth to garner sympathy for the enforcers of the police state.  Yet, most honest police from small towns across the nation will admit their number-one priority has become the generation of revenue not only for police departments, but also for the profit of the entire criminal justice system from probations officers, parole officers, correctional officers, corporate for-profit prisons, defense attorneys, prosecutors, judges and politicians who promote laws that seek to garnish yet higher levels of public revenue to be allocated for what has become a powerful voting block with its own lobbyists promoting an agenda of increased authoritarianism and self-interest.  We are of no more importance to the  corporate state than are the Iraqi women and children JSOC operatives literally cut bullets out of to hide their guilt in the slaughter of innocent and defenseless souls and complicty in one of the most heinous war crimes of the Iraq War..

I would argue that even while Michael Brown may not have been the perfect victim, he was a victim nonetheless.  Yet the media, after having provided unmitigated sympathy and outrage, will now revel in digging up any information that will serve to divide people along racial lines, attempt to mitigate revulsion, justify past outrageous police behavior and finally divorce this incident from what the public ought to recognize as a long trail of abuses, usurpations of the US Constitution and dereliction by prosecutors, judges and politicians to protect and promote not just individual liberty, but also the economic liberty and justice of the people without which individual liberty is meaningless.  It will also be used as a means of drawing attention from the fact that police, even when caught on video lying while attacking and falsely charging innocents, never end up being effectively prosecuted.  This is usually done by attempting to pursue a completely unwarranted prosecution the government knows will never lead to a conviction so as to give the false appearance it is enthusiastically guarding the peoples’ liberty as it excuses even greater incidents of atrocities it keeps from ever making their way into the media.

There are still three ways Americans can defeat the police state.  The first way is to refuse to believe police lies and so not convict any citizens of all the crimes police usually lie about and use as the basis for false criminal prosecutions.  This includes minor drug offensives and traffic offenses that the system uses to steal money from the masses.  The second way is to quit falling for the Republican/Democrat paradigm and vote libertarian as a matter of principle.  The third way is to begin educating your children and fellow Americans as to the sad state of affair that has led the American people to the threshold of tyranny and disaster.  The charges police usually use to bring wrongful prosecution include resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, interfering with law enforcement, battery on law enforcement, inciting a riot, obstruction and disobeying police orders.  How do I know this?  I was arrested four times for disorderly conduct and once for intimidating a judge.  I was found innocent each time.  One time they took my recording device so I could not prove my case but witnesses testified and I was 100% exonerated.  On another occasion a judge, Dan Dumezich, of Schererville Indiana, secretly recorded me and actually helped proved my innocence after bringing false charges.  On each occasion I expected the law to protect me, yet all four times not only was I falsely arrested for disorderly conduct as the initial charge, but when I gathered witnesses each time to prove my case I was then falsely charged with resisting arrest, interfering with law enforcement, felony intimidation and battery.  In all four cases not only did I cooperate 100%, but I did not get loud nor even curse once.  On four occasions I had thought it would be an open and shut case, but after reading the police report I was shocked, sickened and disgusted.  After being subject to such aggressive behaviors and outright perjury, I now have the type of hatred for law enforcement that only an innocent and law-abiding man that has been intentionally, maliciously and perjuriously prosecuted can have.

What bothers me the most and has woken me to the criminality of the US government is the fact that after spending a lifetime of service and retiring from the military as a commissioned officer who also became a teacher, I now see the lies and tyranny upon which the entire system is predicated.  While there is a trickle-down befit for playing along with the criminal racket, I can assure you from personal experience that the benefit gained nowhere nears in approximation the price paid in lost liberty and wealth by all who cooperate with such a corrupt system.  Not only did I learn this, but I also learned that out of 6 officers present not a single one would stand up and tell the truth as perjury has now become not only a perk for egotistical officers, but has also become the preferred method by which to cause harm.  If I were to tell you the entire story and truth, you simply would not be able to believe me because the behavior by police was so criminal and outrageous.  On each time police tripped over their lies and made fools of themselves without showing a bit of shame.  It is a fact that they have gotten so used to lying that they do not even worry about being good at lying anymore as judges will side with police every time and excuse police perjury.  The only thing that will save you is if you are lucky enough to live in a state that still allows jury trials for misdemeanor prosecutions.  However, this provides no relief to those who police habitually beat and kill as corrupt judges and prosecutors seek to protect a system that has given them the unaccountable power to lie, obstruct justice and engage in tyranny.

When Americans finally wake up and realize that those controlling the system have little legitimacy and are merely engaging in criminal rackets domestically and internationally, only then will Americans have the revolutionary change they so desire.  Until then, I will be happy to see those who enforce, condone, legitimize or accept  such tyranny to die needless and tragic deaths or otherwise suffer at the hands of or the result of government fiat be they citizens or minions of the police state.  Let the rot stick to high heaven until it becomes so insufferable that it leads to murderous mayhem.  Then, at least it will not be a one-way slaughter of innocents by government.  When police have to go to work each day wondering if they will come home or not, then maybe they will begin to accept the limits the law places upon their actions and those responsible for protecting liberty will cease in their derelictions.  While my prescriptions may seem harsh, they are less harsh and less unjust than the current state of affairs under which Americans now languish.  Retribution often serves to bring about justice.  So, I say let the retribution begin! The definition of the word retribution is: “Punishment that is considered morally right and justly deserved.”  Legality in this case has absolutely nothing to do with justice, for if it did the innocent would not need retribution.  Yet, how could any true American be against retribution if it is morally right and justly deserved?   It seems the one group of people who have the most intense fear of retribution are those belonging to the group that is committing the greatest crimes.  While the political elite claim the right to carry out assassinations, they use the media to demonize and marginalize those of the masses who advocate the exact same treatment be visited upon those who so strenuously support extra-judicial killings.  Why would Americans give politicians, a group of people who have proved to be the most power-hungry, lying, and corrupt among them, the power of life and death over the masses?  This usurpation is clearly a criminal act and treason against the American people and the US Constitution.    

If you want to see the type of justice the government dispenses, go talk to Lyndee England as she sat in a jail as a torturer for piling up naked prisoners.  Then go listen to Dick Cheney in his mansion talk about how he and the CIA obstructed justice as torture tapes were destroyed that documented dozens of the most repulsive and heinous torture deaths of military prisoners, to include scores of Iraqi army officers at included even generals. Where is international law now?   These are the types of crimes Americans now have the justice system visit upon them as they plead merely for simple justice, a commodity so costless yet as valuable as it is rare in the US justice system.  And as politicians all cover for each other, how many of these politicians provided support to SPC England.  Not only did they not provide support, but the Army even barred her from calling them as witnesses.  Why anyone would want to serve in such a corrupt military that it sacrifices is own  as it covers for criminals of the highest order.  It shows the military justice system and command structure to be infested with cowards and opportunists at the most highest ranks.

If you want to know more about my experiences with law enforcement, please feel free to contact me as much of what I would like to say is beyond belief, but I give you my word as an officer and gentleman that what I say is exactly and 100% the truth.  It is not my interpretation of events, but the reality of the events.  Then decide if patriots who kill police should be charged.

Joseph can be reached at ZRNCHIK