Corrupt Rogue Police in Lubertsy: A Disgrace to the Russian Federation 

Corruption being fought by FSB

January 28, 2014 by John Robles II

All whistleblowers face the same moral, legal and ethical dilemma of conscience when they witness illegality or uncover an event, series of events or circumstances which are egregious, victimize innocents or involve localized or widespread illegality, malfeasance, misfeasance or nonfeasance. This dilemma is usually one which involves the choice of exposing, or attempting to expose, the illegality or not almost always at a great risk to themselves or those close to them.

They key event may be an action against themselves, it may be an action against other innocent people or even against entire populations or countries. Regardless of the key event history has shown that more often than not it is the whistleblower who pays the biggest price and those guilty of the crimes they expose escape prosecution entirely or receive a slap on the wrist.

For those who know me my own battle against illegality began in 1993 against the small town of Woodland California where I uncovered a scheme where local authorities were stealing millions of dollars from the US Federal Government after pulling me into their web and an instance of murder by Sheriff’s deputies of a man in prison named Marvin Griffith.

I attempted to deal with the illegality through the courts and the proper legal channels to no avail for years and finally by calling a Secret Grand Jury in October of 1995.

Since then my children and I have lived in Russia and lived until 2007 using our/my American Passport which were returned to me after I filed a complaint with the United Nations when I sought asylum in Belize Central America with my children. I was the sole legal custodial parent of my children so I had no choice but to take them with me and begin an odyssey that has brought us to where we are today.

In 1998 I was robbed in Moscow and my passport was stolen and the US Embassy issued me another one after running me through the computer and doing all of the background checks which proved that when the US Embassy revoked my citizenship and my passport while telling me to close my site because I “owed child support” it was a lie.

After the events of 9-11 I made it my mission to expose the illegality of the neo-conservative architects of 9-11, after all animals who would kill 3,000 civilians, people with families and lives, to bring about the paradigm that they threw the world into and in which we live today, need to be exposed and brought to justice. This is proper and good and anyone who is on the side of light must also support such a fight, but this has come at a cost for me. Due to my activities and my support of the Russian state the US Government revoked my citizenship, even going so far as to pass legislation saying it was okay to revoke the US citizenship of Puerto Ricans “in certain federal cases.”  

My country, Puerto Rico, is a US territory and has been occupied by the US since the 1950s and people, such as I who are born there automatically receive US citizenship, they actually have no choice, we do not have our own citizenship. I was then given asylum in Russia and renounced any claims to US citizenship, as I do to this day. I do not claim any rights, privileges or “protections” that US citizens might have and after what they did to me and my family openly declare that I am an enemy of the US Government which is occupying my country and has committed genocide on my people, the Taino Indians.

In my journalistic work, first for my site  jar2.com and then for the Voice of Russia and other media outlets, I have continued my fight for truth and justice and have attempted to expose and bring to light everything from Crimes Against Humanity to CIA and US Government complicity in 9-11 and have interviewed hundreds of people, including whistleblowers and a broad array of individuals also fighting for justice and the truth.

In my work I have also unapologetically jealously promoted and defended Russia, the Russian Government and the President of the Russian Federation. I believe Russia is the only hope the world has and of course I am extremely grateful to the Russian Government and the Russian people for granting my family and I asylum.

However Russia is not perfect and even though I work for the state and promote the state in front of an international audience through my journalistic work and other activities the state has not been kind in granting me citizenship, even though I have met all of the criteria, submitted all of the paper work, never broken the law, lived here for almost 20 years and have been married twice to Russian women. For these reasons I recently started a campaign pleading Russian President Vladimir Putin to grant my family and I citizenship in this great country. These activities have of course shone a negative light on the authorities in Lubertsy Russia where I live and I believe this may have played a role in what happened to my son and the reason I am writing all of this.  

On the 13th of January, to no fault of my own nor that of my son, we were place in a further precarious situation, from the already delicate situation we were already in, by the same Lubertsy “authorities”, I believe, who have been blocking our applications for citizenship and who instead of coming after me have decided to demonize and go after my innocent children. That is a suspicion which I can not prove and is worst case. At best, and possible more likely if you believe in coincidences, is that my son was just the next victim of the worst kind of “law enforcement” that any country can possibly have, namely criminals in uniform who will do anything under the sun to make a buck, including planting narcotics and even murdering people.

The following is a short comment by myself and my son’s statement on the matter at hand. but before you read I would like to add a few updates which I think are really telling. It has been revealed as I investigate the case further that the group of officers in question is not the first operating here in Lubertsy. Police involvement in the narcotics trade and the use of narcotics to set up innocent citizens has been going on for quite some time in Lubertsy. It is a very lucrative criminal enterprise where police have made millions upon millions of rubles which translates into millions of dollars, and includes the seizure of property cars and the like.

During the course of my conversations with investigators, the head of the police department in question and others many new facts have been revealed beyond what my son wrote below. During his initial “arrest” when my son was beaten and even had a cop jumping on his back when he was on the ground attempting to cripple him for life, many telling statements were made. One of the officers told him they could do like American police and just kill him. Another made the most reasonable offer of breaking his arm when they were trying to get money from him at the beginning, before they went the drug route. Which is all it was about at the beginning. They had originally hoped to terrorize him into just handing over all the money he had at the beginning but when they realized they could not get any money from him, as he had none, they decided to set him up in the hopes that they would then be able to make a huge sum. A bribe for looking the other way on narcotics charges is around the 70 thousand ruble range or more depending on the amount of narcotics planted and the greed of those involved.

Other statements include the investigator telling him he was lucky they had not crippled him even worse and her statement to me when she found out I was a journalist that those who fight for justice are the kind of people that the police hate more than anyone else.

The criminals involved in the event did not believe the cameras that filmed the scene were working but as can be seen they attempted to hide their movements just in case. The chief of the department initially told me the amount was so small that my son would be released that night and no charges would be filed. But I suppose when I failed to produce the proper “present” the investigator filed more serious criminal charges against my son and offered to close the whole affair for a “fine” and my sons complete confession. Something he has no intention to do as he is innocent and as the videos show.

Statements of note include the investigator telling me that people like me. who fight for justice, are the most hated by the police. They have also used a divide and conquer strategy with all us who are supporting my son. Telling him that his friends who witnessed his beating set him up (untrue), telling his lawyer that we tried to offer a bribe (untrue), telling me that his lawyer was incompetent and not really protecting his interests (untrue), telling me that my son’s girlfriend was also somehow involved in setting him up and the list goes on.

It is also telling that the entire police department had no interest in obtaining or even seeing the videos I have posted on YouTube and all over the net. The video would have blown their case and they are sure that since we are refugees we will be afraid to speak out and will keep silence. This is the worst part and to a point they are right, but I can not be silent. I must defend my son because he is truly innocent and I could not look myself in the mirror if I publically defend innocent people like Julian Assange, Jeremy Hammond and others, but will do nothing to defend my own son.   

The reason I decided to publish this is because I love Russia and because there are other innocent people who these animals lives are destroying every day. They are a disgrace to Russia and any Russian patriot would agree that in order to protect and defend and promote Russia criminals such as these must not be allowed to continue dirtying the image of the country, enriching themselves off of the pain of others, bringing disgrace to the government and the state and lastly causing innocent citizens and civilians to be afraid to walk the streets at night. Yes in Lubertsy they are the most dangerous people one might meet late at night. The people should not be afraid of those who are entrusted by the state to uphold the law and protect the citizenry. It has got to stop!

Lastly I pleaded with the Chief of Police and the lead investigator to at least watch the videos and investigate the conduct of the officers involved and told them if they chose to ignore all of the evidence of mistreatment we would be forced to fight them in any way we could. We have been to all judicial organs and investigative bodies and have provided the videos to everyone. Hopefully there will be an honest person somewhere in the chain of command who will support us. If not all is lost for rule of law in Russia. Something I am sure President Putin would be extremely alarmed about if he gets a wind of it. They called for this fight not me. So we here you go. The fight begins!

Optimized videos of the police planting narcotics on my son:


Lubertsy police in the Russian press:

I do not have time to translate all of the articles but they are all topical and deal with the out of control illegality of the Lubertsy police department and should be looked at. You can use: http://translate.google.co.uk/#ru/en/ to get a basic translation. I am not responsible nor associated with any of the sites listed below.

1.   August 30 2012 Lubertsy police arrested after beating a passerby to death: http://zeki.su/bespredel/2012/8/30124042.html   http://police-russia.info/index.php/metki/lyubercy/

2.   October 14 2012 Russian whistleblower site publishes an exposé on a criminal group of rogue police who planted narcotics on innocent civilians and the extorted millions of dollars in bribes from them. Many later died in prison such as Sultan Anvar and Andrey Nikolaev and hundreds have had their lives destroyed. Note these are just the people we know about. If you talk to any young person in Lubertsy they can tell you similar stories on perhaps a smaller scale. http://forum.kriminala.net/viewtopic.php?t=65992  It is also important to note that in the above article the head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Zubtsov who is handling the investigation into my son’s case was close friends to member(s) of a group of rogue officers arrested by the FSB and according to the article closed over 30 complaints of analogous actions (namely drug planting) filed by citizens against the Lubertsy Police Department.  

3.  December 2010 The head of a criminal syndicate working in Lubertsy (translated as Werewolves in Uniform) and other areas of the Moscow Region, Ilya Yuhman, was arrested by the FSB and to this day dozens of innocent businessmen he and his gang set up are still behind bars. http://zeki.su/novosti/2010/12/20002441.html/22315


Ilya Yuhman

Ilya Yuhman (Werewolf in Uniform)

4.   October 08 2013 Ilya Yuhman is arrested in FSB operation while driving a stolen car. http://www.gazeta.ru/auto/2013/10/08_a_5697325.shtml Photo:

5.   October 11 2013 More information on Ilya Yuhman’s arrest and the Lubertsy mafia connections, the subject of years of FSB investigations. http://izvestia.ru/news/558689   http://luberci.bezformata.ru/listnews/lyubertcah-nashli-oborotnej-v-pogonah/8533126/

6.   June 21 2012 More information on Lubertsy mafia and the fight of innocent citizens set up by criminal groups working in the police here in Lubertsy and the surrounding areas. http://www.newsru.nl/readarticle.php?article_id=833   

7.   Monstrous corruption in Lubertsy part 2 http://zeki.su/novosti/2010/12/20002441.html/18821

8.   Other links on the matter:



FSB shuts down narcotics criminal ring in Lubertsy police: http://ru-compromat.livejournal.com/564914.html

How Lubertsy police planted narcotics on victims. FSB operat6ion shut them down: http://abos.ru/?p=63598

Ex-head of Lubertsy Investigative Committee on wanted list: http://lyubertsy.ru/news/proiwesvie/byvshij_zamestitel_nachalnika_sk_po_lyubereczkomu_rajonu_roman_ruslanov_obyavlen_v_rozysk

Lubertsy news: http://lyubertsy.ru/news/proiwesvie

Plea by Police Major to former President Medvedev on police corruption: http://folksland.net/m/news/view/Korruptsiya-v-vysshem-rukovodstve-GUVD

Gang of Lubertsy police plant narcotics and ask for millions of rubles: http://www.9111.ru/articles/2013-10-12/59079-banda-lyuberetskih-politseyskih-podbrasivala-narkotiki-i-trebovala-vikup.html


Earlier Statement:

Dear Citizen of the World:

FIRST please do not name me in particular as the source for this video. My life could be placed in jeopardy.

I have been fighting for the Russian authorites to grant our bid for citizenship and especially for my children who have been here all of their lives. The attached photo is of me and my son and daughter. Rather than grant us citizenship they have been attempting to marginalize us further and recently some rogue police beat my son up and planted narcotics on him. I often write about American brutality and tell my students about it so such conduct from Russian police was a shock. The videos attached show the story. According to their version they stopped him, searched him and immediately took him to the station. As the videos show he was held in the police car for approximately three hours while two officers went off to find the drugs to plant on him for an hour and a half. They were initially trying to scare him into giving them a bribe but they did not allow him to call and he did not have money. The videos show the police discussing the matter on multiple occasions, and finally one of them giving two others what was probably money and then two of them disappearing for an hour and a half. When they returned one of the "officers" took my son's document pouch out of the car and handed it to another officer, who while pretending to tie his shoe while placing it on the wheel of the jeep, placed the narcotics in the document pouch and then passed them back to a third officer. This is all visible in the videos if one pay attention to the shadows. The officers knew there were cameras but did not think that their shadows would give them away. They then placed the document pouch back in my son's pocket and then when witnesses were present removed them only to discover drugs that had not been there three hours earlier. After the "find" he was immediately taken away. I ask you to spread this anywhere you can and if there are experts at processing video perhaps they can be improved so things are more visible. Below is my son's plea for help and his narrative of the events. We are refugees and live quiet lives however I am very critical of the United States on my own website at www.jar2.com and in my journalistic work. Please help if you can. We have also incurred legal and medical bills which we can not pay. 

I believe this may connected with my journalistic work and my recent campaign to obtain citizenship for my kids but I can not prove anything.

The victim:

Robles Family

Statement from my son:

My name is John Anthony Robles III. I am a native of the United States and was born in York Pennsylvania, and I was given refugee status in Russia along with my father who was a US citizen after the United States Government revoked his citizenship and passport. I have been in Russia since 1996 and to this day have not left the country . I am an average peaceful citizen who does not violate the law but am the victim of police misconduct and have been set up by rogue police who have tried to paint me as a criminal even though I am only a refugee. We have been protesting the fact that the local authorities have delayed our bid for citizenship for 6 years even though we have met all of the conditions and submitted all of the necessary documentation. My father is a journalist who is very critical of the United States and has exposed police brutality in the past.

 Recently I have become the victim of police brutality and criminal misconduct that has caused me physical harm, emotional pain and financial damage. The rogue police officers in question not only humiliated me morally and but also physically assaulted me cause nerve damage to my hand, damage to spine but stomping on me when I was lying on the ground face down and even threatened break my arm or simply kill me. These “officers” who are supposed to be the guardians of the law and protect innocent civilians also planted narcotics on my possessions then on me in order to charge me with a crime I did not commit. These police officers are very cunning , evil and dangerous "people ."

On the night from 13 to 14 January 2014, when I was leaving the apartment block of a friend from work we were attacked by the rogue police in question. They did not identify themselves as they are required to by law not did they say what they wanted. It was only after I was singled out for no reason and thrown on the ground face down that they said they were looking for drugs. They brutally slammed me onto the asphalt and almost broke my arms when they put the handcuffs on me. They threatened to kick my teeth in, use an electro-shocker on me and screamed racial epithets at me that I was a dirty Dagestani. I suffered injuries to my spine and head when one of the police kicked me in the head and stomped on my back, jumping up and down on me. They injured my kidneys, spine and tailbone . They also sprayed me with pepper spray even though I was already face down and handcuffed and did not move. I suffered burns to my face.

And all this happened in front of my friends who are witnesses. I was kept lying on the ground for 15-20 minutes all the while the police insulted me and screamed racial epithets at me. When they finalloy picked me up and searched me they found my documents, and realized I am not a Dagestani , but found out that I am an American and a refugee and still continued to ridicule me now on that basis.

Apparently not finding what they wanted. namely narcotics, they placed me in the back seat of the police vehicle and two of them left the scene after being handed some money for an hour and a half. When they returned, the other police who were in the car, except the driver, got out and started talking amongst themselves. They then opened the door and told me to get out saying that they were now going to finally take me home. They put my documents which I keep in a small pouch back in my pocket, until this moment I did not know where my documents had been . As it turned out after being detained for almost three hours they had planted drugs in my documents and then placed them back in my pocket only to then pull them out again in the presence of two witnesses they had brought after their hour and a half disappearance. The then took me to the police station where they locked me up for 24 hours and did not allow me a phone call to tell my father where I was.

RAW videos

The following videos show all of the events except for the beating because they did that near the building where there were no cameras. They are available for download here: ftp://www.jar2.com/video/  

Video and time codes:

1_01-04_R_012014010000, 01:07 We arrive to the house of Klimenko M/A

2_01-04_R_012014020000, 02:37 The police officers arrive

2_01-04_R_012014020000, 02:44 Three more police officers arrive

2_01_R_012014020000, 02:48 The police car arrives

2_01_R_012014020000, 02:54 I sat in the police car

3_01_R_012014030000, 03:00 – 03:11 While I am sitting in the back seat of the police car, the cops are having their secret conversation

3_01-04_R_012014030000, 03:12 The police officers are probably giving money to one of the officers, and two of them go get drugs

3_01_R_012014030000, 03:43 The two police officers come back with the drugs and put it in my document pouch

3_01_R_012014030000, 03:47 The police officers get me out of the back seat of the car and put my document pouch back in my pocket with the drugs already in the pouch

3_01_R_012014030000, 03:48 The police car leaves

4_01_R_012014040000, 04:00 the police car comes back with two «witnesses»

4_01_R_012014040000, 04:03 – 04:20 the drugs are finally «discovered»