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Interview with James and Joanne Moriarty

by John Anthony Robles II

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James and JoAnne Moriarty, they’re whistleblowers on war crimes in Libya and were part of an NGO 100 day fact finding mission during the recent NATO and US bombings of Libya. Due to their work with the tribes of Libya they were elected official spokespeople for the tribal nations of that country. The Moriarty’s have provided intelligence on Libya for the US Government in the past, but when that intelligence included illegality being carried out by US supported elements, they were quickly dismissed and faced difficulties in their business and at home.

JoAnne Moriarty

According to JoAnne Moriarty the fighting in Libya is between the tribes and fighters brought in by NATO: “The Libyan tribes and the Libyan people, 95% of the Libyan people are fighting against the leftover NATO people, the radical Islamists. They call themselves militias but what they are are mafia gangs, and there are all kinds of mercenaries that were brought in by NATO.”

She says they continue to be funded by Qatar: “The NATO mercenaries are from surrounding countries, they are paid to come in. Qatar is still supporting them and sending them in. They headquarter in Misrata and they are radical Islamists.”

Mrs. Moriarty also underlines the fact that Libya was never a radical Islamist state: “Libya was never a radical Islamist state. It was completely secular and the people do not support that. What has happened is that it has all filtered out finally now down to a battle for Libya between the NATO radical Islamists that were brought in there and the Libyan people: that being the Libyan tribes and their brigades.”

“Currently Tripoli is broken”, says JoAnne Moriarty, “the Misrata militia had already destroyed the airport but when they got (control of) it they burnt the whole thing down and blew up any other standing airplanes. Then they went and proceeded to go in and break into houses in Tripoli, blow up houses, steal things, kill people, at will, that is their way. They are paid mercenaries.”

When asked who is paying she says: “Qatar Turkey, Saudi Arabia. At the behest, I am told, of the United States, Saudi Arabia is paying.”

Regarding a post –invasion government in Libya, she says there is none: “Libya is still in a state of anarchy. There is really no government there. You have a lot of people claiming to be the government. The old government, the puppet government, the GNC (The General National Congress) was put in place by NATO and the US and they had an election in June of this year.”

“Actually, in February the GNC was disbanded because they never formed a constitution. They never did anything they were supposed to do. That election was a failed election, maybe 5% of the people were allowed to vote. The Islamists were thrown out but nobody knows who won or who lost. That is the people who are over in Tibruk, and they claim to be the real government. The one of the GNC was disbanded in February. They set up a temporary government with Al Tini as president, that should have been disbanded, that is who quit, those people are not even ministers anymore. Nobody recognizes them.”

Mrs. Moriarty called the Misrata militias “Murder Incorporated“ because of how they operate: “And then you have another government that was formed by the Misrata militias who say they are going to run the country but there is not a chance. They just appointed their own guys. There was no election. They are just Sharia law, Misrata is just “murder incorporated”.”

Regarding who is really fighting she says: “What there is is a tribal military council. All the tribes are together now, one of them has organized 45,000. They will absolutely clean their country, and they have been doing it and they started a couple weeks ago. These are the good guys. These are the people who want a peaceful secular country and they want these radical Islamists out of their country.”

According to JoAnne Moriarty Egypt and General Sisi: “… Realize the problem of the radical Islamists that are next to his country. He cleaned them out when he threw Morsi out, and he is absolutely standing with the Libyan people, helping them to clean their country. He is not in there, but he is helping them by standing with them. He shut down 10 Nile Sat satellite channels (used by radical Islamists to spread propaganda) and has offered to train their military and police so they can have security back in their country.”

James Moriarty

When asked about the goal of the tribes James Moriarty said the following: “The people of Libya are trying to wrest their country away from the phony government installed by the US, the UN and NATO. And this was 250,000 radical Islamist mercenaries who were brought in and continue to be brought in. It is the sovereign people of Libya, the good Libyans, that are trying to get their country back and that’s what the fighting is about.”

The Misrata militia should be called “Murder Incorporated says Mr. Moriarty also said because they are: “… more alike to Al Capone and his murderers than anybody. And the legitimate Libyans are trying to fight their way, blood in the streets, to get their country back.”

He also points to continued foreign funding: “The sad part is that is that Qatar, Turkey and other countries are still supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, Ansar al Sharia, whatever name you want to put on them. Just recently Qatar brought in another 5,000 of their soldiers, they brought in 15,000 from Sudan, a bunch of them from Afghanistan, and they are continuing to bring mercenaries into the country and the foreign press says there should be no foreign intervention. The foreign intervention started when the US and NATO started blowing up the country7 and have continued to ever since.”

Regarding the lack of government and the western perceptions of the country Mr. Moriarty is harsh in his assessment: “It is hard for foreigners to understand what government is there because there is no government. The Murder Incorporated (The Misrata) appointed a new government. Of course nobody supports them, so they are in Tripoli without any support.”

“Then they had an election and even the people at gunpoint wouldn’t vote for the Muslim Brotherhood. Those people had to move to Tibruk because if they had tried to seat themselves either in Benghazi or Tripoli, they would have been killed. So here, a small 5% of the Libyan people elected a group in Tibruk and Deborah Jones the (US) ambassador is calling them the congress or whatever, but they have such a small amount of support. But they are sort of quasi-legitimate, and you have all these gangs running around, ‘Murder Incorporated’ killing everybody, trying to control that country at gunpoint.”

“The tribes have been working for three years to put a coalition together, to come back in and take their country back, and so this fighting is not between militias inside Libya. This fighting is the tribes, the people of Libya, trying to wrest their country away from the mercenaries that were installed there by the UN and NATO. Of course they were trained by CIA and MI-5 and everybody. You have seen that where you are (in Russia). The false flag operations, and the whole world knows that Libya was a coup d’état.”

Although the number of those killed since the US/NATO operations is obfuscated and hard to ascertain Mr. Moriarty puts the number at over half a million: “The people of Libya have suffered. There are 600,000 dead Libyans, nobody will admit that number. That is the number that were killed under the auspices of protecting the innocents, and they are continuing to be killed.”           

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