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More Nazi Propaganda From Bloomberg 

02-20-2014 by Joseph Zrnchik

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After months of the entire Ukrainian military slaughtering unarmed pro-Russian separatists and attacking peaceful villages whereupon with a land mass the people organized a state, the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), and a legal and organized defense force which, unlike the Ukraine military, follows the rules of land warfare Bloomberg finally decides to show separatist rockets being fired at military targets after months of the Ukrainian military destroying peaceful villages.

After the US having instigated a fascist coup of a democratically elected government that had slaughtered protesters, and in one occasion chased dozens of unarmed citizens into a government building where they had sought protection from fascists only to be incinerated by government agents as their fascist groups set blaze to the building, Bloomberg now wants to continue its propaganda to show “the evil defenders”.

For months we heard that Russia and the separatists had shot down Malaysian Flight MH17 as the US and Ukraine refused to release any evidence. Now we see all investigative journalism by the US corporate-controlled media has suddenly fell silent as Malaysia has gathered overwhelming evidence that the plane was shot down by Ukraine. Moreover, the Malaysian government now publicly acknowledges that Ukraine was the culprit. There has since been a media blackout regarding the issue except by hacks trying to get an article published on the mainstream media internet websites proposing war and economic sanctions.

What I wonder is why Bloomberg did not show the slaughter of ethnic Russian women and children slaughtered by the hundreds by Ukraine’s Right Sector with their Nazi SS and Waffen SS insignia and swastikas.

Bloomberg never mentions how the US and EU incorporated scores of former Warsaw Pact nations into NATO while encircling Russia with dozens of US and EU bases in violation of previous agreements and promises. Now the US media wants to make people believe that Russia is trying to attack the EU while it only has 10 foreign bases compared to the US’s 1000 military bases in 120 different countries. Meanwhile, the US issues threat upon threat of military action and economic warfare as the US trashed NATO allies who expose the US’s absurdity.

Next the Bloomberg article goes on to say that the pro-Russian areas are economic wastelands without acknowledging the fact that the eastern part of the country is infinitely better off that the rest of Ukraine as the rest of the nation teeters on the brink of collapse and waits for the promised billions to pay off banksters while none of the money makes it into the hands of people needing basic necessities.

Then, as the US threatened Donetsk with US arms supplies to Ukraine, it left PRD leadership in a lurch as whether to crush the Ukrainian military and force and unconditional surrender of the Ukrainian military it has surrounded, or allow them to live so they could come back another day to kill more Russian-speaking Ukranians. EU officials who had bad-mouthed Putin have gone running to Russia to plead with him to persuade the DPR military to allow the organized retreat of the Ukraine military it had already previously released from encirclement.

If there are attacks that continue from the PRD, it is because of the utter savagery and destruction that Russian-speaking had endured for months prior to organizing its military from captured equipment as the initial Ukraine forces either fled to Russia or surrendered their equipment and deserted the Ukrainian military. Many of the deserters questioned the legitimacy of the Ukrainian government and the competency of its military leadership which has been out-fought and out-maneuvered by defense forces.

A great website that has gained international recognition is that of a retired former high-level military analyst who has pulled no punches in exposing the EU, US and Ukrainian incompetence, folly and stupidity. It is filled with serious military and political intelligence. Readers will see how far corporate media has deviated from reality once one studies this blog. Readers will be shocked to see how accurate the writer has been compared to the propaganda spouted by Western media. I promise it will be a wakeup call. The website is located here:

Bloomberg then supposedly quotes a DPR soldier saying he will kill all of the Ukrainians and continue his invasion. This is Bloomberg’s big media coup. This one man is going to invade Ukraine and supposedly take over the entire country of Ukraine himself. The mainstream media does not get any funnier, more ridiculous or stupider that this article of nonsense which would be funny if it were actually not being taken serious. How is it a guy who is a teacher in elementary school comes to know more than all of the mainstream media, the US State Department and the White House?

To see something else the US government does not want you to see, please view the Donetsk political and military leadership giving its press conference:

What Americans need to understand is that the DPR offered the Ukraine a sweet deal and instead of accepting the deal Ukraine promised to crush the rebels as it slaughtered villagers. Next time the US spends $5 billion destabilizing the a country, as Victoria Nuland bragged, she better make sure it has a nation that not only is willing to slaughter its own citizens, but also has the ability to carry out the task. It seems some of her $5 billion sent to destabilize Ukraine and give rise to fascists would have been better spent on medical supplies for the Ukrainian military.

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