The Demonization of John Robles II

By John Robles II

Blowing the Whistle on Million Dollar Fraud

I am tired of having to defend myself now for over 20 years but here we go again.

In short: between 1992 and 1995 I attempted to blow the whistle on massive fraud being conducted by authorities in the County of Yolo in Woodland California.

I also reported the murder while in custody by Sheriff's Deputies of Marvin Griffith.

I call for a Grand Jury to be convened.

On the morning of the Grand Jury I was prevented from giving testimony by the Federal Protection Service.

All my property was seized.

I left the United States with my children of whom I had full and complete legal and physical custody and of whom I was the sole legal custodial parent after my ex-wife had been arrested by the same County of Yolo on Cocine trafficking charges which may have ben trumped up.

The County of Yolo, in conjunction with the CIA has attempted to return me to the United States so they can "get me".

I was accused of working with the KGB at that time.

I have never been charged with a crime. Although to revoke my US citizenship the US Government claims I am a deadbeat dad who owes child support to the same Yolo County.

There is no way I can owe child support as I have always been the sole custodial parent of my children and in fact raised them in Russia and am owed almost $100,000 by my ex-wife.

To verify my story all one has to do is look at the date on the Court Order assigning me full custody of my chldren. That is all. It is that simple. However NO ONE has every wanted to do that. 

03-13-2015 Part of my insurance package  

USDOS/CIA Uses Michael McFaul to Attack JAR2  

Meet CIA Moscow Officer Joseph Moone 

03-05-2007 Joseph Moone CIA Revoked Passport  

Proof CIA Revocation Reason Was False     

Evidence the US lies and frabricates to get whoever they are after. Even the letter to the Russian Government saying they seized my passport was a lie. They punched two holes in it, stamped it revoked and handed it back to me. I blew the whistle on million dollar fraud and murder in Woodland California. And then this site.

Michael McFaul continues to attack me 

McFaul finally leaves Russia, I told him his days were numbered in Moscow   

11202013 McFaul (ex-US Amb.) mad that (I) media covers his  

attempted subversion of Russia I am angry at Russian media" – Michael McFaul By John Bowers for jar2       

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