Around Moscow, Russia

May 09, 2004

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As of Nov. 8th Less Bush

05-02-04 This came in the mail and since we are against racism I posted it.

** Please forward **
May 1, 2005 Dear Members and Supporters,
On April 15, 2005, radio hosts Craig Carton and Ray Rossi of NJ 101.5 FM stated that Asian Pacific Americans are "Damn Orientals and Indians," spoke in "ching chong ching chong" mock Asian gibberish, and made other defamatory statements towards the Asian Pacific American community and New Jersey mayoral candidate Jun Choi. Pleasejoin our campaign to hold NJ 101.5 FM radio and its parent company Millennium Radio Group fully accountable for their on-air racist
propaganda and for their past history of bigotry and hate speech in which they stated that people with mental illness "they must be crazy in the first place," and that they would burn down the homes of recovery patients, preferable with them in it, and shoot recovering
patients in the head.

Visit our website at for more information about this incident and use our easy online campaign form that will send a form letter or your own comments to NJ 101.5 FM and Millennium Radio Group. We also cordially invite you to join Asian Media Watch and the Coalition Against Hate Media. You may join us an active volunteer or simply sign up to support us in spirit. Visit to register. By registering, you may choose to receive special up-to-the-minute campaign information and have the opportunity to meet dedicated and passionate advocates. Asian Media Watch is proud to be a member and supporter of the Coalition Against Hate Media (CAHM) formed in directed response to the Hot 97 "Tsunami Song." As a result of our efforts, and the efforts of many other elected officials, community leaders, and activists, we have achieved results in the Emmis Communications/Hot 97 incident: - Termination of producer Rick Del Gado and host Todd Lynn - Donation of $1 million to tsunami relief - Suspensions of employees - Public statements of apology - Lost advertisers and revenue However, these important accomplishments are not enough. CAHM is working towards long-term solutions that include education; positive changes in business practices; additional terminations and more to ensure that media companies are held fully accountable for producing hate-based programming We hope you will join us in our latest campaign to hold media companies such as Hot 97 and NJ 101.5 fully accountable for promoting bigotry and hatred.
Asian Media Watch SM A CAHM Member Organization Web:

Asian Media Watch is an independent non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to promoting a diverse, fair, and balanced portrayal of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans in the media and entertainment industry.

Copyright 2005 Asian Media WatchT webmaster and others. All rights reserved.




04-27-04 POEM to One I Love

Impressario by John Robles II

I couldn't help but cry a tear

With lovers heart I live in fear,

To hear your voice so distant, gone

I strove to voice a happy song...

But if the demons of the night

With whom I am in endless fight...

Would try to take my love away,

Then for myself I've this to say,

I love you.

I love you.

As winter's cold leaves this stark land,

And summer gets the upper hand,

Attempt to come up with scenarios,

More worthy of the impresarios,

Who just play games to win the heart,

My love is true I thus impart.

And if these words can not explain,

The depths of love I feel. Disdain!

I love you.

I love you.

As mountain spring loves shady nook,

And yarn requires the weavers hook,

So too am I in want of thee,

As is the squirrel of the great tree,

My love sings true polyphony.

And in so doing courts to thee.

So as I put down humble pen,

I'm emboldened to repeat again.

I love you

I love you.

Copyright 2004 by John Robles II


April 10, 2005 NEW SERVER...

Old Backup...

Last week my server went down...The hard disc shorted out and everything was lost. Since my last complete backup on separate media was in November you may be missing a lot...