01-19-2009 Putin convinces Ukraine to grudgingly accept the fact that they can not be freeloaders forever, and Ukraine agrees to stop holding European gas hostage. Very soon Bush will be gone, and he will be gone from this site as well, so download all the Bush stuff while you can if you want it.  

With the Utter Contempt One Can Only Hold for the Evilest of Jackals I Condemn Thee to Wallow in Thy Failure and Irrelevance. May Your Fate be the Fate of The Millions You Have Slaughtered. My Final Message to Bush.... Pass it on.

01-18-2009 Freedom of the press Condi? S*** on this freedom:

        For the last eight years we have sat and watched as the most stupid, small-minded, bigoted, arrogant, criminal, incompetent, megalomanic, twisted, and sick war criminal, has raped and pillaged the world for all it was worth. As the monster and the administration that has supported and enabled him leave office they will have been directly responsible for the deaths of over three million people, most of them civilians, women, and children, close to ten thousand of their own countrymen who they have butchered as pawns in their schemes, they have placed the world on the brink of global financial collapse and ecological destruction, have destroyed the US economy, committed genocide, torture, and thousands of war crimes including the penultimate crime against all mankind; engaging in aggressive war.

        So as you all watch the new president of the United States talk about “a new age” and “change”, ask yourselves. Better yet ask him; what about all of the murdered and butchered babies and women and innocent civilians that they have murdered, and what about the thousands of war crimes?” Are you going to do anything about those Mr. Obama? Or are you just another hypocritical power hungry politician who will do and say anything to obtain and stay in power?

        I have chronicled the Bush administration for the last eight years so that maybe, finally some day some one who could, and would do something, might come into power. So here you are the man that can do something. The man that the world is counting on to bring about a real, just, and long overdue accounting to the jackals that have been in power for the last eight years. So while everyone is caught up in your speeches and your promises, I ask you this. Are you going to just let the conscienceless, remorseless, murdering, small-minded, wretch of an animal just walk away scott-free? For that spineless worm of an evil son of a jackal deserves to hang from the gallows or stand in front of the firing squad like all of his heroes, the Nazis had to. Is this son of a jackal going to just walk smirkingly away?

        So while you all talk about his mangling of the English language and give that a cute name too, like everything else, I for one have not forgotten the millions of dead. And I spit on George Bush and every single lackey, and token “servant” that has worked in his administration and has spinelessly enabled and abetted his crimes, and I spit the most on the face of everyone who has had a chance to stop him or prevent even one death and has done nothing.

      So in looking back at the last eight years all I can say is that GEORGE WALKER BUSH AND HIS ADMINISTRATION MUST HANG!!! Good night….

 Bush The War Criminal's Legacy


The Door is About to Hit This Son of a Bitch in the Ass, ARREST BUSH!!!  

The document below is five years old and and needs to be substantially updated but it is the best case yet. Those in the can, do your duty to humanity. Get this monster. Articles of Impeachment