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Much of America's history and our contemporary life has been and is determined by this goulish Orwellian Satanic Order. Skull and Bones has been refered to by New Haven "insiders" as the "Brotherhood of Death". After their members abandon their individual selves they adopt a secret name. The Skull's oath and pledge is likened to the Devil and Daniel Webster where an individual trades his soul for wealth and power. The brotherhoods President George Bush (skull and Bones 1948) put to bring about A Thousand Points of Light...under a New World Order." The Millennium he was talking about began January 1 2001, the first day of the third thousand years.

One word about the Skull and Bones initiations. They take place on Yale University in a building they call the Tomb. The recruits lay nude in a coffin while they take their Satanic rituals. The book Proofs of a Conspiracy, written in 1797 by John Robinson told of the Illuminati and how it's name was derived from the word Lucifer. Some rituals are identical to Bush's Skull and Bones fraternity which has been around since 1832. Robinson was Murdered by the Masons.

Esquire Magazine pubilshed an article by Ron Rosenbaum in September 1977 entitled The Last Secrets of Skull and Bones which further validates the fraternitiy's Satanic nature. Dr. Anthony Sutton comments that the article ... "completely misses the historical significance of Skull and Bones, although is an excellent source of lurid details and the mumbo-jumbo rites" What is particularlt significant about Rosenbaum's piece is the comments made by a group of students who broke into the tomb and discovered that one room had nothing but Nazi paraphernalia. That stands to reason, as Prescott Bush (George H.W. Bush's father) and W. Averell Harriman were both stanch supporters of Adolf Hitler. Harriman and Bush were more than partners in support of the Fuherer, They were both members of the Skull and Bones. In fact Averell's brother E Roland Harriman (Skull and Bones 1917) was director of Union Banking Corporation of New York which was a major money source in underwritting Hitler's Holocaust. The gas bills alone were enormous. Two of the Union Bank's directors Groninger and Kouwenhoven, were Nazi directors of the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart, formerly the Von Heydt Bank.In the book Hitlers Secret Backer they identify Von Heydt as the intermediary between Guaranty Trust and Adolf Hitler. Union Bank was a joint Thyssen/Harriman operation. Fritz Thyssen, the builder of the Nazi war machine, was happy with Hitler, he even wrote a piece entitled I Paid Hitler. He stood up in 1932 after Hitler addressed the Dusserdorf Industrial Club and shouted "Heil Herr Hitler!" Out of the eight directors of Thyssen's bank in New York six were either Nazis or members of Skull and Bones.

Bohemian Grove Fact Sheet

What is Bohemian Grove? The Bohemian Grove is a 2700 acre redwood forest, located in Monte Rio, CA. It contains accomodation for 200 people to "camp" in luxury. It is owned by the Bohemian Club.

What is the Bohemian Club? The Bohemian Club is a private, all male club, which is headquartered in the Bohemian Building in San Francisco. It was formed in 1972 by men who saught shelter from the frontier culture.

Who are the present members? The club haS evolved into an association of rich and powerful men, mostly of this country (there ar similar organizationsa in other countries). Some artists are allowed to join because of their social status and entertainment value. The membership list has included every Repiblican U.S. President (as well as some Democrats) since 1923, many cabinet officials, and director: & CEO's of large corporations, including major financial institutions.

What industries are represented among the members? Major military contractors, oil companies, banks(including the Federal Reserve), utilities, and national media have high ranking officials as members or guests. Many members are or have been on the board of directors of several of these corporations. You should note that most of the above industries depend heavily on a relationship with government for their profitability. Members include: Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, S.D Bechtel, Thomas Watson (IBM) Phillip Hawley (B of A) William Casey (CIA), Ralph Baily (Dupont), Walter Cronkite, William F Buckley, A W Clausen (World Bank), George and George W Bush, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Arnold Schwartzenegger, to name a few.

What activities take place at the Grove? The grove is the site of a two week retreat every July (as well as similar get togethers throughout the year). At these retreats, the members commune with nature in a truly original way. They drink heavily from morning to noght, bask in their freedom to urinate on the redwoods and perform pagan rituals (including the "Cremation of Care", in which members wearing red-hooded robes, cremate a coffin on effigy of "Dull Care" at the base of a 40 foot owl alter). Some 20% engage in homosexual activity ( but few of them support AIDS research or gay rights) Besides this type of merriment, the annual gathering serves as an informational clearing house for the elite. The most powerful men in the country do their "networking" here, despite the Grove's motto "weaving spiders come not here" ( don't do business at the Grove). At these gatherings, men representing the government, military-industrial complex, and financial sectors meet and make major policy decisions. The Manhattan Project, which produced the first atomic bombs, was concieved at the Grove in 1942. Other decisions made at the Grove include who our presidential candidates will be. There are speeches, known as "Lakeside Talks", wherein high ranking officials disseminate information which is not available ot the public at large.

What is not right about this? When powerful people work together, they becom more powerful. The Grove membership is wealthy, and becoming more so, while middle class is steadily becoming poorer. This close-knit group determines wheather prices rise or fall, and make money whichever way the markets fluctuate. They determine what our rights are and what laws have effect, by appointing judges. They decide who our highest officials shall be by consensus among themselves, and then selling the candidates to us via the media which they own. Importand issues and facts are omitted from discussion in the press, or slanted to suit their goals, but they are discussed frankly at the Grove.

What can I do to make a difference? Educate yourself about the Grove and it's inhabitants, and the true nature of the power structure in the world. Then educate your friends. Since most major newspapers and broadcast stations are owned by "insiders", be wary of everything you hear in the press. If you can, participate in protest activities during the July retreat.

How do I get more infomation about the Grove? Send a note to: Bohemian Grove Action Network, P.O Box 296, Occidental CA 95465. A $5 donation to cover printing and mailing costs is requested>

The Trilateral Commission was established in 1973. It's founder and promary financial angel was international financer David Rockefeller, longtime chairman of the Rockefeller family-controlled Chase Manhattan Bank and undisputed overlord of the family's global corporate empire.

Rockefeller's idea for establishing the commission emerged after he had read a book entitled Between Two Ages written by an establishment schollar, Prof. Zbignew Brzezinski of Columbia University. In his book, Brzezinski proposed a vast alliance between North America, Western Europe and Japan.Acording to Brzezinski, changes in the world required it. "Resist as it might," Brzezinski wrote elsewhere, "the American system is compelled gradually to accomodate itself to this emerging international context, with the U.S. govenment called upon to negotiate, to guarantee, and to some extent, to protect the various arrangements that have been contrived even by private businesses." In other words, it was necessary for the international upper class to band together to protect it's interests and ensure, in the developed nations, that political leaders were brought to power who could ensure that the global financial interests (of the Rockefellers and other ruling elites) would be protected over those of the hoi polloi.

Although the initial arrangements for the commission were laid out in a series of meetings held at the Rockefeller's famous Pocantico Hills estate outside New York City, Rockefeller first introduced the idea of the commission at the annual meeting of the Bilderberg group, this one held in Knokke, Belgium in the spring of 1972. The Bilderberg group is similar to the Trilateral Commission in that it is funded and heavily influenced by the Rockefeller empire, and is composed of international financers, industrialists, media magnets, union bosses, academic and political figures. However the much older Bilderberg group's membership is strictly limited to participants from the United States, Canada, and Western Europe:ie the NATO alliance. The Trilateral Commission is unique, though in that it brought the Japanese ruling elite into the inner councils of the global power brokers, a recognition of japan's growing influence in the world economic and political arena.

"The Commission's purpose is to engineer an enduring partnership among the ruling classes of North America, Western Europe and Japan - hence the term 'Trilateral' - in order to safeguard the interests of Western capitalism in an explosive world. The private commission is attempting to mold public policy and construct a framework for international stability in the comming decades. To put it simply, Trilatealists are saying: The people , goverments and economics of all nations must serve the needs of multinational banks and corporations. In short, Trilateralism is the current attempt by the ruling elites to manage both dependants and democracy - both home and abroad." Another Trilateral critic, Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz), views the commission as a Rockefeller family operation through and through. according to Goldwater: "The Trilateral Commission created by David Rockefeller was a surogate - the members selected by Rockefeller, it's purposes defined by Rockefeller, it's funding supplied by Rockefeller. David Rockefeller screened and selected every individual who was selected to participate."

David Rockefeller and Brzezinski then began the process of selecting among the "Trilateral" nations the several hundred elite power brokers who would be permitted to join in the Trilateral policy making inthe comming years. One of the commission's primary goals was to place a Trilateral - influenced President in the White House in 1976, and to achieve that goal it was necessary to groom the appropriate candidate who would be willing to cooperate with trilateral aims. Rockefeller and Brzezinski selected a handful of well known "liberal" Democrats and a scattering of Republicans (primarily of the liberal-internationalist bent) to serve onthe commission. And ineffort to give regional ballence to the commission, Rockefeller invited the then-obscure one term Democratic governor of Georgia, Jimmy Carter, tojoin the commission.

Rockefeller had longtime ties to the local Atlanta political and economic establishment. In fact, much of Rockefeller's personal interest portfolio is in Atlanta real estate (According to David Horowitz, co-author of The Rockefellers, "Atlanta is Rockefeller Center South".) And Rockefeller himself once invited Carter to dine with him at the Chase Manhattan Bank several years before, as early as 1971, the year befor Carter began serving as governor. Carter very definitely impressed Rockefeller and Brzezinski, more so than any other southern Democrat. Florida Gov. Reuben Askew, also selected to serve on the commission and viewed, like Carter as a possible Trilateral candidate.In fact, according to Brzezinski, "It was a close thing between Carter and Askew, but we were impressed that Carter had opened up trade offices for the state of Georgia in Brussels and Tokyo. That seemed to fit perfectly into the concept of the Trilateral." Carter in fact, like Askew, did announce for the 1976 Democratic presidential nomination, but because of Rockefeller's interest, Carter had the inside shot. So much so that in a speech at the commission's first annual meeting in Kyoto Japan in May of 1975, Rockefeller's man Brzezinski promoted the then-still obscure Carter to his fellow Trilateralsts as an ideal presidential candidate.

From that point on it was cut and dried. According to Goldwater: "Rockefeller and Brzezinski found Carter to be their ideal candidate. They helped him win the Democratic nomination and the presidency To accomplish this purpose they mobilized the money-power of the Wall Street bankers, the intellectual influence of the academic community - which is subservient tothe wealth of the great tax-free foundations - and the media controllers represented in the membership of the CFR and the Trilateralists" (The aforementioned Council on Foreign Relations - is another Rockefeller financed foreign policy pressure group simmilar to the Trilateralists and the Bilderberg group, although tho CFR is composed soley of American Citizens.) Carter of course campaigned as a "populist" - as a "man of the people" - as an "outsider" with no ties to the Establishment. The fact is that Carter, who said he would "never lie", was an elitist, an insider, the Trilateral Commission's "man on the white horse". And with the power of the commission and the Rockefeller empire and it's media influence behind him, Carter made his way to the presidency, establishing the first full-fledged Trilateral administration, appointing numerous trilateralists to key policy making positions and crrying out the Trilateral agenda to the hilt. Brzezinski became Carter's attack dog and was the first to begin funding and training terrorist groups around the world, thus creating the New World Order's greatest asset, Osama bin Laden.

The CFR dates back to 1921. The membership of the CFR includes past Presidents, Ambassadors, Secretaries of State, Wall Street investors, international bankers, foundation executives, think tank executives, lobyist lawyers, NATO and Pentagon military leaders, wealthy industrialists, journalists, media owners and executives, university presidents and professors, select Congressmen, Supreme Court Justices, Federal Judges, wealthy entrepreneures, and as many as ten 9-11 Commission members. Due perhaps more to it's origins, associations and history, than it's current composition and activities, the CFR does have a reputation as one of the "Triumvirate of elite organizations" together with the Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission. Elitism doesn't necessarily preclude the ability to provide unbiased and useful service however. Professor Carol Quigley at Georgetown University stated "The council on Foreign Relations is the American branch of a society which originated in England and believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established." They hold regular private meetings including members and very select guests. Ocasionally they will hold a public meeting and invite the open press. The image of the CFR as a closed- shop bi-partisan discussion forum for foreign policy establishment has fuled criticism that the organization and it's members are controlling world policy and events.

Here are some quotes from CFR members:

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the American Branch of a society which originated in England... (and) ...believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established.
" - Carroll Quigley, member of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), mentor to Bill Clinton

"The main purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations is promoting the disarmament of U.S. sovereignty and national independence and submergence into an all powerful, one world government.
- Admiral Chester Ward, former CFR member and Judge Advocate General of the U.S.

"We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.
-David Rockefeller (CFR member), founder of the sister organization - Trilateral Commission, in an address to a meeting of The Trilateral Commission, in June, 1991.

"Once the ruling members of the CFR shadow government have decided that the U.S. Government should adopt a particular policy, the very substantial research facilities of (the) CFR are put to work to develop arguments, intellectual and emotional, to support the new policy, and to confound and discredit, intellectually and politically, any opposition." - Admiral Chester Ward, former CFR member and Judge Advocate General of the U.S.

"The powers of financial capitalism had (a) far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences. The apex of the systems was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world's central banks which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank...sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world.
" - Carroll Quigley, member of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), mentor to Bill Clinton, quote from “Tragedy and Hope”, 1966

"We shall have world government whether or not you like it, by conquest or consent.
-Statement by Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member James Warburg to The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on February 17th, l950

"The New World Order will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down...but in the end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece will accomplish much more than the old fashioned frontal assault.
-CFR member Richard Gardner, writing in the April l974 issue of the CFR's journal, Foreign Affairs.

"An agreement was reached; the policy of the papers was bought, to be paid for
long-held promise of a New World Order where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind.
-George Herbert Walker Bush

CFR President Richard Haass, on globalization and sovereignty:


"TheCouncil on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the American Branch of a society which originated in England...(and) ...believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established." -Carrol Quigley, member of CFR and mentor to Bill Clinton

"The main purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is promoting the disarmament of U.S. Sovereignty and national independence and submergence into an all powerful, one world government" - Admiral Chester Ward, former CFR member and Judge Advocate general of the US Navy

"Once the ruling members of the CFR shadow government have decided that the US Government should adopt a particular policy... the very substantial research facilities of (the) CFR are put to work to develop arguments, intellectual and emotional, to support the new policy... and to confound and discredit, intellectually and politically, any opposition." - Admiral Chester Ward, former CFR member and Judge Advocate general of the US Navy

The List is long but important. So do yourself a favor and scan over the names and titles held. Educate yourself.

U.S. Presidents who have been CFR members:

George W. Bush
Bill Clinton
George H.W. Bush
Jimmy Carter
Gerald Ford
Richard Nixon
Dwight Eisenhower
Herbert Hoover
Dick Cheney (Vice-President)
Al Gore (Vice-President)

Members of the CFR who are running for President 2008:

Hillary Clinton - Senator NY
Barack Obama - Senator IL
John Edwards - Senator NC
Joseph Biden - Senator DE
Chris Dodd - Senator CT
Bill Richardson - Governor NM
Rudy Giuliani - Mayor NYC
Fred Thompson - Senator TN
John McCain - Senator AZ
Mitt Romney - Governor MA

Although Mike Huckabee is not a member, he did have meetings with the CFR, around the time his poll numbers made a dramatic jump from third tier candidate to a "top tier" candidate.

Other members of the CFR during the Clinton Adminstration:

CFR = Member of the Council on Foreign Relations
TC = Member of the Trilateral Commission
BB = Member of the Elite Bilderbergs

David Rockefeller, Chairman Emeritus
Peter G. Peterson, Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations
Paul Volker, North American Chairman of the Trilateral Commission

President of the United States of America
William Clinton -- CFR, TC, BB

Asst. Sec. for Administration, United Nations
Dick Thornburgh -- CFR

National Security Advisor
Anthony Lake -- CFR

Vice President of the United States of America
Albert Gore, Jr. -- CFR

Secretary Of State
Warren Christopher -- CFR

Secretary Of Defense
Lee Aspin (Deceased)-- CFR

Chairman Joint Chiefs Of Staff
Colin L. Powell -- CFR

Director Central Intelligence Agency
James Woolsey -- CFR

Chairman, Council of Economics Advisors
Laura Tyson -- CFR

Treasury Secretary
Lloyd Bentsen -- Former CFR, BB

Secretary of Interior
Bruce Babbitt -- CFR

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Henry Cisneros -- CFR

Secretary of Health & Human Services
Donna Shalala -- CFR, TC


Sandra Day O'Connor, Assoc. Justice, U.S. Supreme Court -- CFR
Steve G. Breyer, Chief Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, First Circuit, Boston -- CFR
Ruth B. Ginsburg, U.S. Court Of Appeals, Wash., DC Circuit -- CFR
Laurence H. Silberman, U.S. Court of Appeals, Wash., DC Circuit -- CFR


John Norton Moore, Chairman -- CFR
Elspeth Davies Rostow, Vice Chairman -- CFR
Samuel W. Lewis, President -- CFR
John Richardson, Counselor -- CFR
David Little, Senior Scholar -- CFR
William R. Kintner, Director -- CFR
W. Scott Thompson, Director -- CFR


Gary R. Edson, Chief of Staff & Counselor -- CFR
Joshua Bolten, General Counsel -- CFR
Daniel M. Price, Dep. General Counsel -- CFR


Roger Altman, Deputy Sec. -- CFR
Robert R. Glauber, Under Sec., Finance -- CFR
David C. Mulford, Under Sec., Intntl Affairs -- CFR
Robert M. Bestani, Dep Asst Sec., Intntl. Monetary Affairs -- CFR
J. French Hill, Dep. Asst. Sec., Corp Finance -- CFR
John M. Niehuss, Dep. Asst. Sec., Intntl. Monetary Affairs -- CFR


Joshua Lederberg, V. Chmn Adv. Counc. -- CFR
John H. Gibbons, Director -- CFR
Lewis M. Branscomb, Adv. Council -- CFR


James M. Strock, Asst. Adm., Enforcement And Compliance -- CFR


Leonard H. Robinson, Jr., President -- CFR


George Stephanopoulos, Director, Communications -- CFR
Willian J. Crowe, Chief Foreign Intelligence Advisory Bd. -- CFR
Nancy Soderberg, Staff Director, National Secuity Council -- CFR
Samuel R. Berger, Deputy Advisor, National Security -- CFR
W. Bowman Cutter, Deputy Assistant, National Economic Council -- CFR


Alice Rivlin, Deputy Director -- CFR


John D. Macomber, President & Chairman -- CFR
Eugene K. Lawson, 1st VP & Vice Chairman -- CFR
Rita M. Rodriguez, Director -- CFR
Hart Fessenden, General Council -- CFR


William R. Graham, Jr., Science Advisor to President & Director -- CFR


James H. Billington, Librarian, Chmn. Trust Fund Board -- CFR
Ruth Ann Stewart, Asst. Librarian National Programs -- CFR


Frank H. T. Rhodes, Bd. Of Directors -- CFR
James B. Holderman, Bd. Of Directors -- CFR
D. Allen Bromley, Bd. Of Directors -- CFR


Thomas Graham, Jr., General Council -- CFR
William Schneier, Chmn., General Advisory Council -- CFR
Richard Burt, Negotiator On Strategic Defense Arms -- CFR
David Smith, Negotiator, Defense & Space -- CFR


William W. Schwarzer, Director -- CFR


Madeleine Albright, UN Amabassador -- CFR
Clifton Wharton, Jr., Deputy Sec. -- CFR
Lynn Davis, Under Sec. for International Security Affairs -- CFR, TC
Brandon H. Grove, Dir. of Foreign Service Institute -- CFR
H. Allen Holms, Asst. Sec., Bureau Of Politico-Military Affairs -- CFR
John H. Kelly, Asst. Sec., Near East-South Asian Affairs -- CFR
Alexander F. Watson, Deputy Rep., United Nations -- CFR
Jonathan Moore, UN Mission -- CFR
Joseph Verner Reed, Chief of Protocol -- CFR
Dennis B. Ross, Director, Policy Planning Staff -- CFR
Edward Perkins, Dir. of Personnel -- CFR
Abraham David Sofaer, Legal Advisor -- CFR
Peter Tanoff, Under Sec. for Political Affairs -- CFR, TC
Brian Atwood, Under Sec. For Management -- CFR
Joan E. Spero, Under Sec. Eco. & Ag. Affairs -- CFR
George E. Moose, Asst. Sec. African Affairs -- CFR
Winston Lord, Asst. Sec., East Asian & Pacific Affairs -- CFR, TC
Stephen A. Oxman, Asst. Sec., European Affairs -- CFR
Timothy E. Wirth, Counselor -- CFR


Strobe Talbott (Special Advisor For CIS) -- CFR
Thomas R. Pickering (Russia) -- CFR
Morton I. Abramowitz (Turkey) -- CFR
Michael H. Armacost (Japan) -- CFR
Shirly Temple Black (Czechoslovakia) -- CFR
Julia Chang Bloch (Nepal) -- CFR
Henry E. Catto, Jr. (Great Britain) -- CFR
Frances Cook (Camaroon) -- CFR
Edward P. Djerejian (Syria) -- CFR
Geoge E. Moose (Senegal) -- CFR
John D. Negroponte (Mexico) -- CFR
Edward N. Ney (Canada) -- CFR
Robert B. Oakley (Pakistan) -- CFR
Robert H. Pelletreau, Jr. (Tunisia) -- CFR
Christopher H. Phillips (Brunei) -- CFR
Nicholas Platt (Phillipines) -- CFR
James W. Spain (Maldives & Sri Lanka) -- CFR
Terence A. Todman (Argentina) -- CFR
Frank G. Wisner II (Egypt) -- CFR
Warren Zimmerman (Yugoslavia) -- CFR


David L. Boren (D-OK) -- CFR
William Bradley (D-NJ) -- CFR
John H. Chafee (R-RI) -- CFR, TC
William S. Cohen (R-ME) -- CFR, TC
Christopher J. Dodd (D-CT) -- CFR
Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) -- TC
Bob Graham (D-FL) -- CFR
Joseph I. Lieberman (D-CT) -- CFR
George J. MiTChell (D-ME) -- CFR
Claiborne Pell (D-RI) -- CFR
Larry Pressler (R-SD) -- CFR
Charles S. Robb (D-VA) -- CFR, TC
John D. Rockefeller, IV (D-WV) -- CFR, TC
William Roth, Jr. (R-DE) -- CFR, TC


Howard L. Berman (D-CA) -- CFR
Thomas S. Foley (D-WA) -- CFR
Sam Gejdenson (D-CT) -- CFR
Richard A. Gephardt (D-MO) -- CFR
Newton L. Gingrich (R-GA) -- CFR
Lee H. Hamilton (D-IN) -- TC
Amory Houghton, Jr. (R-NY) -- CFR
Nancy Lee Johnson (R-CT) -- CFR
Jim Leach (R-IA) -- TC
John Lewis (D-GA) -- CFR
Robert T. Matsui (D-CA) -- CFR
Dave K. Mccurdy (D-OK) -- CFR
Eleanor Homes Norton (D-DC) -- CFR
Thomas El Petri (R-WI) -- CFR
Charles B. Rangel (D-NY) -- TC
Carlos A. Romero-Barcelo (D-PR) -- CFR
Patricia Schroeder (D-CO) -- CFR
Peter Smith (R-VT) -- CFR
Olympia J. Snow (R-ME) -- CFR
John M. Spratt (D-SC) -- CFR
Louis Stokes (D-OH) -- CFR


Alan Greenspan, Chairman -- CFR, TC
E. Gerald Corrigan, V. Chmn./Pres. NY Fed. Res. Bank -- CFR
Richard N. Cooper, Chmn. Boston Fed. Res. Bank -- CFR
Sam Y. Cross, Manager, Foreign Open Market Acct. -- CFR
Robert F. Erburu, Chmn. San Francisco Fed. Res. Bank -- CFR
Robert P. Forrestal, Pres. Atlanta Fed. Res. Bank -- CFR
Bobby R. Inman, Chmn., Dallas Fed. Res. Bank -- CFR, TC
Robert H. Knight, Esq. -- CFR
Steven Muller -- CFR
John R. Opel -- CFR
Anthony M. Solomon -- CFR, TC
Edwin M. Truman, Staff Dir. International Finance -- CFR
Cyrus R. Vance -- CFR
Paul Volcker -- CFR, TC


Chase Manhattan Corp.:
Thomas G. Labrecque, Chairman & CEO -- CFR, TC
Robert R. Douglass, Vice Chairman -- CFR
Willard C. BuTCher, Dir. -- CFR
Richard W. Lyman, Dir. -- CFR
Joan Ganz Cooney, Dir. -- CFR
David T. Mclaughlin, Dir. -- CFR
Edmund T. Pratt, Jr., Dir. -- CFR
Henry B. Schacht, Dir. -- CFR
Chemical Bank:
Walter V. Shipley, Chairman -- CFR
Robert J. Callander, President -- CFR
William C. Pierce, Executive Officer -- CFR
Randolph W. Bromery, Dir. -- CFR
Charles W. Duncan, Jr., Dir. -- CFR
George V. Grune, Dir. -- CFR
Helen L. Kaplan, Dir. -- CFR
Lawrence G. Rawl, Dir. -- CFR
Michael I. Sovern, Dir. -- CFR
Richard D. Wood, Dir. -- CFR
John S. Reed. Chairman -- CFR
William R. Rhodes, Vice Chairman -- CFR
Richard S. Braddock, President -- CFR
John M. DeuTCh, Dir. -- CFR
Clifton C. Garvin, Jr., Dir -- CFR
C. Peter Mccolough, Dir. -- CFR
Rozanne L. Ridgeway, Dir. -- CFR
Franklin A. Thomas, Dir. -- CFR
First City Bancorp, Texas:
A. Robert Abboud, CEO -- CFR
Morgan Guaranty:
Lewis T. Preston, Chairman -- CFR
Bankers Trust New York Corporation:
Charles S. Stanford, Jr., Chairman -- CFR
Alfred Brittain III, Dir. -- CFR
Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., Dir -- CFR
Richard L. Gelb, Dir. -- CFR
Patricia Carry Stewart, Dir. -- CFR
First National Bank of Chicago:
Barry F. Sullivan -- TC
Manufacturers Hanover Directors:
Cyrus Vance -- CFR
G. Robert Durham -- CFR
George B. Munroe -- CFR
Marina V. N. Whitman -- CFR, TC
Charles J. Pilliod, Jr. -- CFR
Bank America:
Andrew F. Brimmer, Dir. -- CFR
Ignazio E. Lozano, Jr., Dir. -- CFR
Ruben F. Mettler, Dir. -- CFR
Securities & Exchange Commission:
Michael D. Mann, Dir. International Affairs -- CFR


Jay Mazur, International Ladies' Garment Workers Union -- CFR, TC
Jack Sheinkman, Amalgamated Clothing & Textile Workers Union -- CFR
Albert Shanker, Pres., American Federation Of Teachers -- CFR, TC
Glen E. Watts, Communication Of Workers Of America -- CFR, TC


Department Of Defense:
Les Aspin, Secretary of Defense -- CFR
Frank G. Wisnerll, Under Secretary for Policy -- CFR
Henry S. Rowen, Asst. Sec., International Security Affairs -- CFR
Judy Ann Miller, Dep. Asst. Sec. Nuclear Forces & Arms Control -- CFR
W. Bruce Weinrod, Dep. Asst. Sec., Europe & NATO -- CFR
Adm. Seymour Weiss, Chairman, Defense Policy Board -- CFR
Charles M. Herzfeld, Dir. Defense Research & Engineering -- CFR
Andrew W. Marshall, Dir., Net Assessment -- CFR
Michael P. W. Stone, Secretary of the Army -- CFR
Donald B. Rice, Secretary of the Air Force -- CFR
Franklin C. Miller, Dep. Asst. Sec. Nuclear Forces & Arms Control -- CFR
Allied Supreme Commanders:
1949-52 Eisenhower -- CFR
1952-53 Ridgeway -- CFR
1953-56 Gruenther -- CFR
1956-63 Norstad -- CFR
1963-69 Lemnitzer -- CFR
1969-74 Goodpaster -- CFR
1974-79 Haig -- CFR
1979-87 Rogers -- CFR, TC
Superintendents of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point:
1960-63 Westmoreland -- CFR
1963-66 Lampert -- CFR
1966-68 Bennett -- CFR
1970-74 Knowlton -- CFR
1974-77 Berry -- CFR
1977-81 Goodpaster -- CFR
CFR Military Fellows, 1991:
Col. William M. Drennan, Jr., USAF -- CFR
Col. Wallace C. Gregson, USMC -- CFR
Col. Jack B. Wood, USA -- CFR
CFR Military Fellows, 1992:
Col. David M. Mize, USMC -- CFR
Col. John P. Rose, USA -- CFR
Joint Chiefs of Staff:
Gen. Colin L. Powell, Chairman -- CFR
Gen. Carl E. Vuono, Army -- CFR
Gen. John T. Chain, Co Sac -- CFR
Gen. Merril A. Mcpeak, Co Pac AF -- CFR
Lt. Gen. George L. Butler, Dir. Strategic Plans & Policy -- CFR
Lt. Gen. Charles T. Boyd, Com. Air Univ. -- CFR
Lt. Gen. Bradley C. Hosmer, AF Inspector General -- CFR
Secretaries of Defense:
1957-59 Mcelroy -- CFR
1959-61 Gates -- CFR
1961-68 McNamara -- CFR, TC
1969-73 Laird -- CFR
1973-75 Richardson -- CFR, TC
1975-77 Rumsfeld -- CFR
1977-80 Brown -- CFR, TC
1980-88 Weinberger -- CFR, TC
1988- Carlucci -- CFR
1988- Cheney -- CFR
Additional Military:
Mg R.C. Bowman -- CFR
Bg F. Brown -- CFR
Lt Col W. Clark -- CFR
Adm Wm. Crowe -- CFR
Col P. M. Dawkins -- CFR
V. Adm. Thor Hanson -- CFR
Col W. Hauser -- CFR
Maj R. Kimmitt -- CFR
Gen W. Knowlton -- CFR
V. Adm J. Lee -- CFR
Col D. Mead -- CFR
Mg Jack Merritt -- CFR
Gen E. Meyer -- CFR
Col Wm. E. Odom -- CFR
Col L. Olvey -- CFR
Col Geo. K. Osborn -- CFR
Mg J. Pustay -- CFR
Lg E.L. Rowny -- CFR
Capt Gary Sick -- CFR
Mg De Witt Smith -- CFR
Bg Perry Smith -- CFR
Ltg Wm. Y. Smith -- CFR
Col W. Taylor -- CFR
Adm S. Turner -- CFR
Mg J. Welch -- CFR
Gen J. Wickham -- CFR


Laurence A. Tisch, CEO -- CFR
Roswell Gilpatric -- CFR
James Houghton -- CFR, TC
Henry Schacht -- CFR, TC
Dan Rather -- CFR
Richard Hottelet -- CFR
Frank Stanton -- CFR
John F. Welch, CEO -- CFR
Jane Pfeiffer -- CFR
Lester Crystal -- CFR, TC
R.W. Sonnenfeidt -- CFR, TC
John Petty -- CFR
Tom Brokaw -- CFR
David Brinkley -- CFR
John Chancellor -- CFR
Marvin Kalb -- CFR
Irving R. Levine -- CFR
Herbert Schlosser -- CFR
Peter G. Peterson -- CFR
John Sawhill -- CFR
Thomas S. Murphy, CEO -- CFR
Barbara Walters -- CFR
John Connor -- CFR
Diane Sawyer -- CFR
John Scall -- CFR
Public Broadcast Service:
Robert Mcneil -- CFR
Jim Lehrer -- CFR
C. Hunter-Gault -- CFR
Hodding Carter III -- CFR
Daniel Schorr -- CFR
Associated Press:
Stanley Swinton -- CFR
Harold Anderson -- CFR
Katharine Graham -- CFR, TC
Michael Posner -- CFR
Baltimore Sun:
Henry Trewhitt -- CFR
Washington Times:
Arnaud De Borchgrave -- CFR
Children's TV Workshop (Sesame Street):
Joan Ganz Cooney, Pres. -- CFR
Cable News Network:
W. Thomas Johnson, Pres. -- TC
Daniel Schorr -- CFR
U.S. News & World Report:
David Gergen -- TC
New York Times Co.:
Richard Gelb -- CFR
William Scranton -- CFR, TC
John F. Akers, Dir. -- CFR
Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., Dir. -- CFR
George B. Munroe, Dir. -- CFR
Donald M. Stewart, Dir. -- CFR
Cyrus R. Vance, Dir. -- CFR
A.M. Rosenthal -- CFR
Seymour Topping -- CFR
James Greenfield -- CFR
Max Frankel -- CFR
Jack Rosenthal -- CFR
John Oakes -- CFR
Harrison Salisbury -- CFR
H.L. Smith -- CFR
Steven Rattner -- CFR
Richard Burt -- CFR
Flora Lewis -- CFR
Time, Inc.:
Ralph Davidson -- CFR
Donal M. Wilson -- CFR
Henry Grunwald -- CFR
Alexander Heard -- CFR
Sol Linowitz -- CFR
Thomas Watson, Jr. -- CFR
Strobe Talbott -- CFR
Newsweek/Washington Post:
Katharine Graham -- CFR
N. Deb. Katzenbach -- CFR
Robert Christopher -- CFR
Osborne Elliot -- CFR
Phillip Geyelin -- CFR
Murry Marder -- CFR
Maynard Parker -- CFR
George Will -- CFR, TC
Robert Kaiser -- CFR
Meg Greenfield -- CFR
Walter Pincus -- CFR
Murray Gart -- CFR
Peter Osnos -- CFR
Don Oberdorfer -- CFR
Dow Jones & Co (Wall Street Journal):
Richard Wood -- CFR
Robert Bartley -- CFR, TC
Karen House -- CFR
National Review:
Wm. F. Buckley, Jr. -- CFR
Readers Digest:
George V. Grune, CEO -- CFR
William G. Bowen, Dir. -- CFR
Syndicated Columnists:
Geogia Anne Geyer -- CFR
Ben J. Wattenberg -- CFR


Exxon Corporation
Lawrence G. Rawl, Chairman -- CFR
Lee R. Raymond, President -- CFR, TC
Jack G. Clarke, Sr., Vice President -- CFR
Randolph W. Bromery, Dir. -- CFR
D. Wayne Calloway, Dir. -- CFR
Alfred C. Decrane,Jr., Chairman -- CFR
John Brademas, Dir. -- CFR, TC
Willard C. BuTCher, Dir. -- CFR
William J. Crowe, Jr., Dir. -- CFR, TC
John K. Mckinley, Dir. -- CFR
Thomas S. Murphy, Dir. -- CFR
Atlantic Richfield-Arco:
Hannah H. Gray, Dir. -- CFR
Donal M. Kendall,Dir. -- CFR, TC
Henry Wendt, Dir. -- TC
Shell Oil Co.:
Frank H. Richardson, CEO -- CFR
Rand V. Araskog, Dir. -- CFR, TC
Mobil Corp.:
Allan E. Murray, Chairman & President -- CFR, TC
Lewis M. Branscomb, Dir. -- CFR
Samuel C. Johnson, Dir. -- TC
Helene L. Kaplan, Dir. -- CFR
Charles S. Sanford, Jr., Dir. -- CFR
Tenneco, Inc.:
James L. Ketelsen, Chairman -- CFR
W. Michael Blumenthal, Dir. -- CFR
Joseph J. Sisco, Dir. -- CFR


General Motors Corp.:
Marina V.N. Whitman, VP -- CFR, TC
Anne L. Armstrong, Dir. -- CFR
Marvin L. Goldberger, Dir. -- CFR
Edmund T. Pratt, Jr., Dir. -- CFR
Dennis Weatherstone, Dir. -- CFR
Leon H. Sullivan, Dir. -- CFR
Thomas H. Wyman, Dir. -- CFR
Ford Motor Company:
Clifton R. Wharton, Dir. -- CFR
Roberto C. Goizueta, Dir. -- CFR
GE/NBC Corp.:
John F. Welch, Jr. Chairman -- CFR
David C. Jones -- CFR
Lewis T. Preston -- CFR
Frank H.T. Rhodes -- CFR
Walter B. Wriston -- CFR
Deere & Co:
Hans W. Becherer, Chairman/CEO -- CFR
John F. Akers, Chairman -- CFR
C. Michael Armstrong, Sr. VP -- CFR
William S. Norman, Executive VP -- CFR
Robert E. Allen, Chairman & CEO -- CFR
Randall L. Tobias, Vice Chairman -- CFR
Louis V. Gerstner, Dir. -- CFR
Juanita M. Kreps, Dir. -- CFR
Donald F. Mchenry, Dir. -- CFR
Henry B. Schacht, Dir. -- CFR
Michael I. Sovern, Dir. -- CFR
Franklin A. Thamas, Dir. -- CFR
Rawleigh Warner, Jr., Dir. -- CFR
Thomas H. Wyman, Dir. -- CFR
Chrysler Corp.:
Joseph A. Califano, Jr., Dir. -- CFR
Peter A. Magowan, Dir. -- CFR
American Express Co.:
James D. Robinson,Ceo -- CFR
Joan Edelman Spero -- TC
Anne L. Armstrong -- CFR
William G. Bowen -- CFR
Charles W. Duncan, Jr. -- CFR
Richard M. Furlaud -- CFR
Vernon E. Jordan, Jr. -- CFR, TC
Henry A. Kissinger -- CFR, TC
Frank P. Popoff -- CFR
Robert V. Roosa -- CFR
Joseph H. Williams -- CFR


Richard D. Wood, CEO, Eli Lily & Co -- CFR
Richard M. Furlaud, CEO, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co -- CFR
Frank Peter Popoff, CEO, Dow Chemical Co. -- CFR
Charles Peter McColough, Chmn Ex. Comm, Xerox -- CFR
Rozanne L. Ridgewar, Dir., 3M, RJR Nabisco, Union Carbide -- CFR
Ruben F. Mettler, Former CEO, TRW, Inc. -- CFR
Henry B. Schacht, CEO, Cummins Engines -- CFR
Edmund T. Pratt, Jr., CEO, Pfizer, Inc. -- CFR
Rand V. Araskog, CEO, ITT Corp. -- CFR, TC
W. Michael Blumenthal, Chairman, Unisys Corp. -- CFR
Joseph John Sisco, Dir., Geico, Raytheon, Gillette -- CFR
J.Fred Bucy, Former Pres, CEO, Texas Instruments -- CFR
Paul A. Allaire, Chairman, CEO, Xerox Corp. -- TC
Dwayne O. Andreas, Chairman, CEO, Archer Midland Daniels -- TC
James E. Burke, Chairman, CEO Em., Johnson & Johnson -- TC
D. Wayne Calloway, Chairman, CEO, Pepsico -- TC
Frank C. Carlucci, Vice Chmn., The Carlyle Group -- TC
Lynn E. Davis, VP, Dir., Rand Corp -- TC
Stephen Friedman, Sr., VP, Co-Chairman, Goldman, Sachs -- TC
Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., Chairman, CEO, RJR Nabisco -- TC
Joseph T. Gorman, Chairman, Pres, CEO, TRW Inc. -- TC
Maurice R. Greenberg, Chairman, CEO, American International Group -- TC
Robert D. Hass, Chairman, CEO, Levi Strauss -- TC
David J. Hennigar, Chairman, Crownx, Vice Chairman, Crown Life -- TC
Robert D. Hormats, Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs Int. -- TC
James R. Houghton, Chairman, CEO, Corning Inc. -- TC
Donald R. Keough, President, CEO, The Coca Cola Co. -- TC
Henry A. Kissinger, Chairman, Kissinger Assoc. -- TC
Whitney Macmillan, Chairman, CEO, Cargill, Inc. -- TC
Robert S. McNamara, Former President, The World Bank -- TC
William D. Ruckershaus, Chairman, CEO, Browning-Ferris Ind. -- TC
David Stockman, Gen Partner, The Blackstone Group -- CFR
Henry Wendt, Chmn, Smith Kline Beecham -- TC


University Professors:
Graham Allison, Prof. Of Gov., Harvard Univ. -- TC
Zbigniew Brzezinski, Prof., Johns Hopkins -- TC
Gerald L. Curtis, Prof. Poli Sci, Columbia Univ. -- TC
Martin S. Feldstein, Prof. Econ, Harvard Univ. -- TC
Richard N. Gardner, Prof. Law, Columbia Univ. -- TC
Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Prof. Int'l Affairs, Harvard Univ. -- TC
Robert D. Putnam, Prof. Politics, Havard Univ. -- TC
Henry Rosovsky, Prof. Harvard Univ. -- TC
Geoge P. Shultz, Hon. Fellow, Stanford Univ. -- TC
Lester C. Thorow, Dean, Sloan School if Mgmt., MIT -- TC
Paul Volcker, Prof. Int'l Econ., Princeton Univ -- TC
College & University Presidents:
Robert H. Edwards, Bowdoin College -- CFR
Vartan Gregorian, Brown University -- CFR
Hanna Holbom Gray, University of Chicago -- CFR
Joseph S. Murphy, City Univ. of NY -- CFR
Michael I. Sovern, Columbia Univ. -- CFR
Frank H.T. Rhodes, Cornell University -- CFR
James T. Laney, Emory University -- CFR
Rev. Joseph A. O'Hare, Fordham Univ. -- CFR
Thomas Ehrlich, Indiana Univ. -- CFR
Steven Muller, Johns Hopkins Univ. -- CFR
Alice S. Iichman, Sarah Lawrence College -- CFR
Edward T. Foote, II, University Of Miami -- CFR
S. Frederick Starr, Oberlin College -- CFR, TC
Joseph Duffey, Chans., Univ. Of Mass. -- CFR
John M. DeuTCh, Institute Professor, MIT -- CFR, TC
Lester C. Thurow, Dean, Sloan Sch., MIT -- CFR
Bernard Harleston, City College of NY -- CFR
John Brademus, New York University -- CFR, TC
Wesley W. Posvar, University of Pittsburg -- CFR
Harold T. Shapiro, Princeton University -- CFR
Charles W. Duncan, Jr., Chmn, Rice University -- CFR
Dennis O'Brien, Univ. Of Rochester -- CFR
David Baltimore, Rockefeller University -- CFR
Donald Dennedy, Stanford University -- CFR
Richard Wall Lyman, Pres. Em., Stanford -- CFR
Hans M. Mark, Chancellor, Univ. of Texas -- CFR
Robert H. Donaldson, Univ. of Tulsa -- CFR
Stephen J. Trachtenberg, George Washington Univ. -- CFR
William H. Danforth, Washington University, St. Louis -- CFR
John D. Wilson, Washington & Lee University -- CFR
Nannerl O. Keohane, Wellesley University -- CFR

George W. Bush Administration (Some names may repeat from previous lists) [List last updated 2005]

Executive Branch – Cabinet

Richard B. “Dick” Cheney -Vice President
Jan. 20, 2001 – present

Colin Powell -Secretary of State

Condoleezza Rice -Secretary of State

Donald Rumsfeld -Secretary of Defense

Robert Gates - Secretary of Defense

Elaine Chao-Secretary of Labor

White House Staff

Condoleezza Rice-National Security Advisor

Stephen J. Hadley-National Security Advisor

I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby-Chief of Staff to the Vice President

Executive Agencies

Stephen Friedman-Director, National Economic Council

Robert B. Zoellick-U.S. Trade Representative (recently named World Bank President)

Joshua Bolten-Director, Office of Management and Budget

Independent Offices

George Tenet-Director of Central Intelligence Agency

Porter Goss-Director of Central Intelligence Agency

Christine Todd Whitman-Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency

Alan Greenspan-Chairman of the Federal Reserve

Roger W. Ferguson-Vice-Chairman of the Federal Reserve

William J. McDonough-President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Timothy Geithner-President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Michael Moskow-President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Richard W. Fisher-President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Philip Merrill-Chairman and President, Export-Import Bank of the U.S.

James H. Lambright-Chairman and President, Export-Import Bank of the U.S. (acting)

William H. Donaldson-Chairman of Securities and Exchange Commission

Michael K. Powell-Chairman, Federal Communications Commission

State Department

Colin Powell-Secretary of State

Condoleezza Rice-Secretary of State

Robert Zoellick-Deputy Secretary of State

Philip D. Zeliko-Counselor

Paula J. Dobriansky-Under Secretary for Democracy and Global Affairs

R. Nicholas Burns-Under Secretary for Political Affairs

John R. Bolton-Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security Affairs

Henrietta H. Fore-Under Secretary for Management

Josette S. Shiner-Under Secretary for Economic, Business, and Agricultural Affairs

Richard N. Haass-Director of Policy Planning Staff

Mitchell B. Reiss-Director of Policy Planning Staff

Stephen Krasner-Director of Policy Planning Staff

William H. Taft IV-Legal Adviser (Great, Great Grandfather was President of the United States and member of the Skull and Bones secret society from Yale U. and his Great Great Great Grandfather Alphonso Taft created the Skull and Bones society)

John B. Bellinger III-Legal Adviser

Stephen Rademaker-Assistant Secretary for Arms Control

Walter H. Kansteiner III-Assistant Secretary for African Affairs

Constance B. Newman-Assistant Secretary for African Affairs

Robert Charles-Assistant Secretary for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs

Kim R. Holmes-Assistant Secretary for International Organization Affairs

William J. Burns-Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs

C. David Welch-Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs

Lincoln Bloomfield-Assistant Secretary for Political-Military Affairs

John Hillen-Assistant Secretary for Political-Military Affairs

Christina B. Rocca-Assistant Secretary for South Asian Affairs

Barry F. Lowenkron-Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor

Carlos E. Pascual-Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization

Defense Department

Donald Rumsfeld-Secretary of Defense

Paul Wolfowitz-Deputy Secretary of Defense (Former President of World Bank)

Douglas Feith-Under Secretary for Policy

Eric S. Edelman-Under Secretary for Policy

Dov S. Zakheim-Comptroller

Peter W. Rodman-Assistant Secretary for International Security Affairs

James G. Roche-Secretary of the Air Force

Johnnie Carson-Senior Vice President, National Defense University

Stephen J. Flanagan-Vice President for Research at National Defense Univ.

Gen. Richard B. Myers, USAF-Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff

Gen. James L. Jones, USMC-Supreme Allied Commander, NATO

Gen. John P. Jumper-Air Force Chief of Staff

Gen. T. Michael Moseley-Air Force Chief of Staff

Adm. Vernon E. Clark-Chief of Naval Operations

Gen. John Abizaid-Commander of Central Command (CENTCOM)

Lt. Gen. John R. Baker, USAF

Lt. Gen. William J. Lennox Jr.-Superintendent of West Point

Gen. Michael M. Dunn-President, National Defense University

Gen. Paul J. Kern

Gen. James T. Hill, Army-Commander of U.S. Southern Command

Gen. Ralph E. Eberhart, USAF-Commander of U.S. Northern Command

Adm. Frank L. Bowman-USN

Gen. Robert H. Foglesong-USAF

Treasury Department

Kenneth W. Dam-Deputy Secretary of the Treasury

Henrietta H. Fore-Director, U.S. Mint

Department of Homeland Security

James M. Loy-Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security

Clark Kent Ervin-Inspector General

Ambassadors to Foreign Countries

Zalmay Khalilzad-Afghanistan
Then Iraq

L. Paul Bremer III-Iraq
2003-2004 (proconsul)

John Negroponte-Iraq

Robert W. Jordan-Saudi Arabia

William J. Burns-Russia

Howard Baker Jr.-Japan

Joseph Preuher-Red China

Clark T. Randt Jr.-Red China

Robert Blackwill-India

David C. Mulford-India

C. David Welch-Egypt

Aurelia Brazeal-Ethiopia

Johnnie Carson-Kenya

Sue McCourt Cobb-Jamaica

Mary Ann Peters-Bangladesh

Carlos Pascual-Ukraine

Charles A. Heimbold Jr.-Sweden

Cameron Hume-South Africa

Edmund J. Hull-Yemen

John J. Danilovich-Costa Rica
Then Brazil

Eric S. Edelman-Turkey

Daniel Kurtzer-Israel

Jeffrey D. Feltman-Lebanon

Alexander Vershbow-Russia

Franklin L. Lavin-Singapore

Robin Renee Sanders-Congo (Brazzaville)

Michael E. Guest-Romania

Ambassadors to Foreign Organizations

John Negroponte-United Nations

John Bolton-United Nations

R. Nicholas Burns-NATO

Jeanne L. Phillips-OECD


Skull and Bonesmen in the “Dubya” Bush Administration

George W. Bush-President of the United States

William H. Donaldson-Chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission

George Herbert Walker III-Ambassador to Hungary

Victor Ashe-Ambassador to Poland

Roy Austin-Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago

Trilateralists in the “Dubya” Bush Administration

Richard B. “Dick” Cheney-Vice President
Jan. 20, 2001 – present

Alan Greenspan-Chairman of the Federal Reserve

Robert Zoellick-Deputy Secretary of State

Paul Wolfowitz-Deputy Secretary of Defense

Paula Dobriansky-Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs

Rhodes Scholars in the “Dubya” Bush Administration

Clark Kent Ervin-Inspector General of Homeland Security Dept.

Bilderbergers in the “Dubya” Bush Administration (year indicates attendance of Bilderberg meeting)

Timothy F. Geithner-President of Federal Reserve Bank of New York
2004, 2005

Alan Greenspan-Chairman, Federal Reserve System

Paul Wolfowitz-Deputy Secretary of Defense
1997, 2000, 2005

Kenneth W. Dam-Deputy Secretary of the Treasury
1991, 1993-1995, 1997, 2001, 2002

Douglas Feith-Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

Gen. James L. Jones-Supreme Allied Commander, NATO

William J. Luti-Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs

Rockwell A. Schnabel-Ambassador to the European Union

Donald Rumsfeld-Secretary of Defense

John R. Bolton-Ambassador to United Nations

Richard N. Haass-State Dept. Policy Planning Director
2003, 2004, 2005

Robert B. Zoellick-U.S. Trade Representative/ Deputy Secretary of State

The Trilateral Commission: North American Group 2008

Thomas S. Foley North American Chairman
Peter Sutherland European Chairman
Yotaro Kobayashi Pacific Asia Chairman
Allan E. Gotlieb North American Deputy Chairman
Herve De Carmoy European Deputy Chairman
Han Sung-Joo Pacific Asia Deputy Chairman
Lorenzo H. Zamibrano North American Deputy Chairman
Ainijrzej Olechowski European Deputy Chairman
Shijuro Ogata Pacific Asia Deputy Chairman
David Rockefeller Founder And Honorary Chairman
Paul A. Volcker North American Honorary Chairman
Georges Berthoin Chairman European Honorary
Otto Graf Lambsdorf European Honorary Chairman
Michael J. O’Neil North American Director
Paul Revay European Director
Tadashi Yamamoto Pacific Asia Director


Madeleine K Albright The Albright Group LLC Washington, D.C.

Graham Allison Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Cambridge, Mass.

Richard L. Armitage Armitage International Washington, D.C.

James L. Balsillie Co-Chief Exec.

Officer, Research in Motion Waterloo, Ontario
Charlene Barshefsky Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering Washington, D.C.

Alan R. Batkin Eton Park Capital Management New York, N.Y.

Lael Brainard The Brookings Institution Washington, D.C.

Doug Bereuter The Asia Foundation San Francisco.

C. Fred Bergsten Peterson Institute for Int’l Economics Washington, D.C.

Catherine Bertini Syracuse University Syracuse, N.Y.

Robert D. Blackwill Former Deputy Asst, to the President Washington D.C.

Dennis Blair, USN (Ret.) Institute for Defense Analyses Alexandria, Va.

H. Blanco Mendoza Private Office of Herminio Blanco Mexico City
Stephen W. Bosworth Dean, Tufts University Medford, Mass.

David G. Bradley Atlantic Media Company Washington, D.C.

Harold Brown Center for Strategic and Int’l Studies Washington, D.C.

Zbigniew Brzezinski Center for Strategic and Int’l Studies Washington, D.C.

Sylvia Mathews Burwell President Global Development Program Hinton, WV
Louis C. Camilleri Altria Group, Inc New York, N.Y.

Kurt Campbell CEO Center New American Security Washington, D.C.

Raymond Chrétien Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP Montreal, Quebec
William T. Coleman III Cassatt Corporation San Jose, Calif.

Timothy C. Collins Ripplewood Holdings New York, N.Y.

Richard N. Cooper Harvard University Cambridge, Mass.

F. Gerald Corrigan Goldman, Sachs & Co. New York, N.Y.

Michael J. Critelli Pitney Bowes Inc. Stamford, Conn.

Lee Cullum “NewsHour with Jim Lehrer,” Dallas, Texas
H. Lawrence Culp, Jr CEO of Danaher Washington, D.C.

Gerald L. Curtis Columbia University New York, N.Y.

Douglas Daft The Coca Cola Company Atlanta, Ga.

Lynn Davis The RAND Corporation Arlington, Va.

Arthur A. DeFehr Palliser Furniture Winnipeg
André Desmarais Power Corporation of Canada Montréal, Quebec
John M. Deutch Mass. Institute of Technology Cambridge, Mass.

Jamie Dimon JP Morgan Chase & Co. New York, N.Y.

Peter C. Dobell Parliamentary Centre Ottawa, Ontario
Wendy K Dobson University of Toronto Toronto
Kenneth M. Duberstein The Duberstein Group Washington, D.C.

Robert Eckert Mattel, Inc. El Segundo, Calif.

Jessica P. Einhorn The Johns Hopkins University Washington, D.C.

Jeffrey Epstein J. Epstein & Company, Inc. New York, N.Y.

Dianne Feinstein U.S. Senate (D-Calif.) Washington, D.C.

Martin S. Feldstein Harvard University Cambridge, Mass.

Roger W. Ferguson, Jr. Swiss Re America Holding Corp. Washington, D.C.

Stanley Fischer Bank of Israel; frmr president, Citigroup New York, N.Y.

Richard W. Fisher Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Dallas, Texas
Thomas S. Foley Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld Washington, D.C.

Kristin J. Forbes Associate Prof. of Int’l Management Cambridge Mass.

Michael B.G. Froman Citigroup Inc. New York, N.Y.

Francis Fukuyama The Johns Hopkins University Washington, D.C.

Dionisio Garza Medina ALFA Mexico
Richard A. Gephardt Former member House of Reps. (D-Mo.) Washington, D.C.

David Gergen Harvard; Editor, USN&WR Cambridge, Mass.

Peter C. Godsoe Scotiabank (ret.)

Toronto, Ontario
Allan E. Gotlieb Bennett Jones LLP Toronto, Ontario
Bill Graham Canadian House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario
Donald E. Graham CEO of The Washington Post Company Washington, D.C.

Jeffrey W. Greenberg Aquiline Capital Partners, LLC New York, N.Y.

Richard N. Haass President, Council on Foreign Relations New York, N.Y.

James T. Hackett Anadarko Petroleum Corp.

John J. Hamre Center for Strategic and Int’l Studies Washington, D.C.

William A. Haseltine Haseltine Global Health, LLC Washington, D.C.

Richard F. Haskayne University of Calgary Alberta
Charles B. Heck Senior Adviser, Trilateral Commission Washington, D.C.

Carlos Heredia International Affairs Mexico
Carla A. Hills Hills & Company, Int’l Consultants Washington, D.C.

Richard Holbrooke Perseus LLC New York, N.Y.

Karen Elliott House Dow Jones & Co. & Wall Street Journal Princeton, N.J.

Alej. Junco de la Vega Grupo Reforma Monterrey, Mexico
Robert Kagan Carnegie Endowment for Int’l Peace Washington, D.C.

Arnold Kanter The Scowcroft Group Washington, D.C.

Charles R. Kaye Warburg Pincus LLC New York, N.Y.

James Kimsey Founding CEO of AOL Washington, D.C.

Michael Klein Citigroup Inc. New York, N.Y.

Steven E. Koonin British Petroleum London
Enrique Krauze Editorial Clio Libros y Videos, S.A. de C.V.

Mexico City
Robert Lane Deere & Company Moline, Ill.

Fred Langhammer The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc. New York, N.Y.

Jim Leach Former U.S. Representative (R-IA) Washington, D.C.

Gerald M. Levin AOL Time Warner, Inc. New York, N.Y.

Winston Lord International Rescue Committee New York, N.Y.

E. Peter Lougheed Bennett Jones, Banisters & Solicitors Calgary, Alberta
Roy MacLaren Former High Commissioner to the UK Toronto, Ontario
John A. MacNaughton Frmr CEO Canada Pension Plan Invest.

Brd Toronto, Ontario
Antonio Madero San Luis Corporacion, S.A. de C.V.

John Manley McCarthy Tétrault LLP Ottawa, Ontario
Sir Deryck C. Maughan KKR Asia, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. New York, N.Y.

Jay Mazur Union of Needletrades, Textile Employees New York, N.Y.

James Moore Canadian Parliament Ottawa, Ontario
Marc H. Morial National Urban League New York, N.Y.

Heather Munroe-Blum McGill University Montreal, Quebed
Brian Mulroney Ogilvy Renault Montréal, Quebec
Indra K. Nooyi PepsiCo, Inc. Purchase, N.Y.

Joseph S. Nye, Jr. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Cambridge, Mass.

David J. O’Reilly Chevron Corporation San Ramon, Calif.

Meghan O’Sullivan Former Deputy National Security Adviser Washington, D.C.

Richard N. Perle American Enterprise Institute Washington, D.C.

Thomas R. Pickering Consultant, The Boeing Company Arlington, Va.

Martha C. Piper The University of British Columbia Vancouver, B.C.

Richard Plepler Executive Vice President, HBO New York, N.Y.

Joe Ralston, USAF (Ret) The Cohen Group Washington, D.C.

Charles B. Rangel U.S. House of Representatives (D-N.Y.) Washington, D.C.

Susan Rice Brookings Institution Washington, D.C.

Hartley Richardson James Richardson & Sons, Ltd.

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Joseph E. Robert, Jr. J.E. Robert Companies McLean, Va.

John D. Rockefeller IV U.S. Senate (D-W.V.) Washington, D.C.

Kenneth Rogoff Center for Int’l Development, Harvard Cambridge, Mass.

Charles Rose The Charlie Rose Show, PBS New York, N.Y.

Irene B. Rosenfeld CEO Kraft Foods Northfield, Ill
Dennis Ross Ambassador Counselor and Ziegler Washington, D.C.

David M. Rubenstein The Carlyle Group Washington, D.C.

Luis Rubio Center of Research for Development Mexico City, Mexico
Arthur F. Ryan Prudential Financial, Inc. Newark, N.J.

Jaime Serra SAI Consulting Mexico City, Mexico
Dinakar Singh TPG-Axon Capital New York, N.Y.

Anne-Marie Slaughter Princeton University Princeton, N.J.

Gordon Smith Centre for Global Studies, U. of Victoria Victoria, B.C.

Donald R. Sobey Empire Company Ltd.

Halifax, Nova Scotia
Ronald D. Southern ATCO Group Calgary, Alberta
James B. Steinberg LBJ School of Public Affairs, U. of Texas Austin, Texas
Jessica Stern Program on Terrorism & the Law, Harvard Cambridge, Mass.

Barbara Stymiest RBC Financial Group Toronto, Ontario
Lawrence H. Summers Harvard University Cambridge, Mass.

John J. Sweeney AFL-CIO Washington, D.C.

Strobe Talbott The Brookings Institution Washington, D.C.

George J. Tenet Georgetown Univ., former CIA Director Washington, D.C.

John Thain New York Stock Exchange, Inc. New York, N.Y.

G. Richard Thoman Columbia University New York, N.Y.

Paul A. Volcker Wolfensohn & Co., Inc., frmr Fed. Res. Chair.New York, N.Y.

William H. Webster Former CIA Director Washington, D.C.

Fareed Zakaria Newsweek International New York, N.Y.

Lorenzo H. Zambrano CEMEX Monterey, Mexico
Ernesto Zedillo Former president of Mexico; Yale Univ. New Haven, Conn.

Mortimer B. Zuckerman Chairman, U.S. News & World Report New York, N.Y.

William T. Coleman, Jr. Lifetime Trustee, Trilateral Commission Washington, D.C.

Henry A. Kissinger Lifetime Trustee, Trilateral Commission Washington, D.C.

Robert S. McNamara Lifetime Trustee, Trilateral Commission,
frmr pres. , World Bank; frmr sec. of Defense; frmr pres., Ford Motor. Washington, D.C.

David Rockefeller Founder, Lifetime Trustee, Trilateral Comm. New York, N.Y.


Patricia Barbizet CEO Artemis Group, France
Dermot Gleeson Chairman, AIB Group, Ireland
Elisabeth Guigou French National Assembly, France
Nigel Higgins Senior Partner N M Rohschild & Sons, UK
Jerzy Kozminski President & CEO Polish-American Freedom, Poland
Thomas Leysen CEO Umicore, Belgium
Manfred Bischoff Chairman, SNCF, France
Arpad Kovacs Pres.

State Audit Office Hungary, Budapest
Friedrich Merz Member of the German Bundestag, Germany
Pietro Modiano Mng.

Director CEO Intesa Sanpaolo, Italy
Hans Reisenhuber (returning) Member of the German Bundestag, Germany
Jeroen van der Veer Chief Executive, Royal Dutch Shell, The Netherlands