The Violent Racism That is the American Way Continues Unchecked
Peace prize winning black president just window dressing.

by Tom Edwards (jar2.com)
The illegal Guantanamo operation is still going full steam, the wars are continuing, and racism is still a rampant institutionalized and an integral part of American policy and the American way of life.

I have been trying to bite my tongue about this for a long time and I just can not anymore. I kept hoping and hoping that the change that Mr. Obama promised from the very beginning was something that was tangible and concrete and day in and day out I have waited for something real to change.

For me racism is something that has affected my life since the day I was born and even now after all of these years living here in Russia I am still touched by American racism, and believe me it is disgusting. I know for a fact that had I been a white American and not a Native American I would never have had my passport revoked for choosing to live here and for protesting the previous regime of George Bush.

George Bush and his administration of war criminals continue to be protected by the Obama Administration and it is clear that they will continue to go free and Obama will continue to protect them.

So what is the reality of the Obama Presidency? To understand it one must understand the situation in the US and in particular the social dilemmas and in reality the danger of a complete social meltdown that exists because of the racism that is an institutionalized part of US life.

My assessment of the situation in the US and this was going back to the Reagan years was that the US was headed for a complete and total social breakdown and even a revolution from the minorities in the US. The Bush years exacerbated racial relations to the point that complete breakdown was just a matter of time, and then lo and behold, Mr. Black President with a Muslim sounding name comes along and bamboozles the world into thinking that an age of real change has come. I am afraid my dear readers it has not come and it will not come from the US. The change that is necessary in the US can and will only come from the bottom up, by that I mean by the oppressed masses who are beaten down by Machiavellian laws and the iron hand of the police state, if they were ever to organize and unite and finally to stand up and say enough is enough. You can not do that though, anyone who truly tries to affect real change in the US is either marginalized like I was, or worse, they are outright disposed of, either openly or discreetly.

This week saw the epitome of what is the non-change that is in reality the Obama “Change”. The US refused to sign and or support three important resolutions and/or positions, The first involved the international war crimes tribunals and the prosecution of war criminals which the US refused to support and in doing so made it impossible for US individuals to be gone after for war crimes. Of course this includes all of the members of the Bush regime. The US also refused to support
a resolution against racism put forth by Russia that condemns the glorification of Nazism, not surprising since up to 400,000 Nazis found refuge in the US after WWII, going hand in hand with the US’s refusal to sign the UN convention against racism I would say this makes the US the most racist and Nazi supporting country in the world. Shame on the US and shame on Obama.


So, as we can see, and it is evident everywhere there is no "Change", "Change" was just a clever marketing gimmick used by the people who installed Obama in the office. The worse part of the whole thing is that the people honestly wanted change, the people in this case were right in wanting justice and peace and equality and an end to war criminals running the show. It is a shame for the very idea of Democracy where the rights of the individual can outweigh the rights of the group and that very respect for the individual we must be the basis for any just world is being outright trampled on. In the case even the rights of the group no longer matter.


The US is no longer a Democratic country, it is a corporate fascist police state, and the only change Obama has brought has been window dressing.


by Tom Edwards (jar2.com)