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Evil Money   The President studies the controls of  an aircraft in an aviation factory in Irkusk.

02-28-2009 NATO Documents

Secret NATO documents cracked. According to NATO "Under no circumstances are Russian "assets" (sic) to be used in Afghanistan. Russia is to be used to train Afghan narcotics officers and police on Russian territory. Read the documents carefully. They are a blue-print for failure, and show that NATO and the US , in reality, have no real idea how they are going to win. They have once again missed the most important part of the equation, and I sure the hell am not going to be the one to tell them what it is.


Philip Agee DEAD     January 9th  

The US will NOT attend the UN Racism Conference apparently the US will be singled out and they have problems with wording regarding reparations for slavery (sic). Of course they obfuscate. BOOOO BOOOOO

Россия назвала фарсом заявление Канады о полете Ту-160  Russia says tale a farce, I call it Canadian propaganda

У.Чавес: США не имеют права вмешиваться в дела других стран

02-27-2009 Can somebody please give me one good reason why those sons of privileged bitches, like "Skull and Bones"in the picture above, the likes of George Bush and his spoiled rich frat buddies, should be allowed to get away with the rape and destruction that they have wrought on the world? Spoiled fat rich scum who would soil their own trousers were they to face a sliver of the death and carnage they cause millions of us to live through. Can somebody please tell me why those monstrous scum who see the rest of us as mere pawns to destroy as they wish in their self righteous keep us rich machinations are better than us? Why should they be allowed to pillage and rob graves, commit genocide, and throw the world into financial crisis in their power grabs and money schemes? Why are they, the destroyers of my people, the Taino, and all the other indigenous peoples of the world, allowed to walk and live free? When we have been annihilated. It is time for the tribes to rise up. If there are in fact tribes left. We have seen what they have done to the world we loved and cherished and nurtured. They are a cancer, feeding, killing, destroying, sucking the life and goodness out of the world, never giving anything back, like leaches sucking up all that is good and light and pure in the world with their insatiable greed for riches they do not for an instant deserve.

Высказывание директора ЦРУ вызвало международный скандал   





Now Pelosi "Give up your kids as collateral" and "Impeachment is off the table" is FOR an investigation

02-26-2009 When I was in my twenties I used to visit my brother and mother in New York and as the story goes my brother and I would never go out at night alone, despite the fact that we were both strapping lads and he was in fact a body builder, sometimes people have a hard time believing that New York was that dangerous. Well, seems we were not the only ones following that rule, unfortunately for

two Ecuadoreans it did not save them.

CIA's top-secret Special Activities Division, (SAD), operations compromised by corruption 

No. 3 at CIA Kyle Foggo's crimes spanned decades   PHOTO of Foggo

02-25-2009 Maybe it is time to just fold up shop and give in to the evil that is present in the world for it is clear that I am nothing more than an ant trying to bring down a wild and rapid elephant that is wrecking havoc on the world and is on the verge of destroying it forever. What am I talking about? Well just when I thought, perhaps not seriously but deep down had hoped, that we, myself and the world at large, could slowly move on and unweave ourselves from the wreckage of gargantuan proportion that was wrought on the world by eight years of Bush. Destruction that will take lifetimes to undo if in fact the damage can ever be undone.

        Just when I kind of sort of think we can kind of sort of think about other things, I myself taking an interest once again in something that is close to my heart and soul, Indian rights, and having decided to publicize the plight of the Apache people, in particular the returning of Geronimo's remains to their proper resting place. Guess whose name once again pops up? Bush. Prescott Frickin Bush. Turns out it was him and his Skull and Bones buddies  who stole Geronimo's remains. So I looked for a little more information and I come up with factual evidence that the Bush clan not only profited from their relationship with the Nazis, a fact no one denies, but in fact helped Hitler come to power. Not only that but Skull and Bones has its origins in a similar secret German society that helped spawn Hitler. That is right. The family of the  man who is responsible for unleashing ethnic cleansing and genocide in the Middle East, not only helped Hitler, but may have in fact created him. The more I dig into Skull and Bones and the Bush clan, the more uneasy I get, it appears that they are not only Nazi appeasers but it seems almost a given that they themselves are Nazis or something far worse, far blacker, and far more evil.

Commission may probe the "fog and evasion" of Bush war crimes     

02-24-2009 President Chavez visits CUBA

A pariah around the world. Bush's Guantanamo continues

McDonald's Exploiting the Young Again

Another Black-op by the Government? "DC Madam" was afraid of being suicided

2nd Mark Sullivan CIA "Official"

Mi-6 Torturing in Pakistan

Mi-6 Aiding the Taliban???

Another innocent man tortured for 7 years by the CIA   Tortured by Mi-6 as well  

02-23-2009 Article in Progress        

         War. The destruction and legal murder of ones enemies, a noble cause when engaged in self defense. The vicious folly of barbarians when used to advance self interests. It is, has been and will continue to be the backbone, the staple, and the foundation of US policy as it has been since the very birth of the United States of America. Since its creation the US has been non-stop at war with some country or another. During periods in its history when there was no hot war with another country the US has been at war with everything from itself to drugs to terror. If not open warfare then secret wars, cold wars, "peace keeping", or manipulating, causing, and profiting from other countries’ wars.

         The US knows no other way, and rightfully should not if one is to gauge their knowledge on past experience. On the grand scale of events it was only a few days ago that the US was being “founded” on the genocide of the peaceful and trusting Indian peoples. It was only yesterday that the country was being built up by drunken English and European degenerates who were failures, misfits, and criminals in England and Europe and who used slaves and murder and trickery to live as they pleased in the “new world”. . It knows no better and in fact it would be surprising if one day it does become a truly peaceful and just nation.

         Empire and domination of the entire world is what the US is about, plain and simple. Respect and peaceful coexistence with other cultures and other peoples is not and will very likely never be the “American” way. At least not in my lifetime. One must therefore feel sadness for the those who believed in Barack Obama and his promises of change, if one were to have believed that part of that change was an end to war. One must feel an even greater sadness for Barack Obama himself as it is clear by the rapid aging, hardness of expression, and the hollowness now evident in his eyes, that he himself has finally realized the great secret of the United States. That it is those who wage war, and those that would organize the killing of 3,000 of their own country men in order to continue to wage unbridled war who are really in power.

         I myself was mildly yet extremely cautiously optimistic that the war crimes and the crimes against humanity that the previous administration was guilty of would not go unpunished, but lo and behold, nothing will be done to the perpetrators of the most heinous of crimes against humanity since Hitler and his Nazis.

         Nothing was done against the planners of 9-11, and I am not talking about the man who did not do it. Osama Bin Laden, a.k.a. CIA agent Tom Ossman, I am talking about the real planners. The Skull and Bones, Neo-Con, Fourth Reich, PNAC planners. The people behind the real US agenda. The holders of the real secrets. The creation of and development of a white utopia in the land of the Indians is only part of the their plan. Their agenda has from the beginning involved the eradication of whole groups of people deemed to be unsavory and massive ethnic cleansing where whole peoples have been eradicated and complete genocide has been wrought, many times through surrogates and in sly and indirect ways that would have made Hitler proud. Those involved see themselves as chosen ones and believe they are superior and seek world domination believing they are owed for merely existing. They are like a cancer feeding and enriching themselves on the pain and suffering of all, enriching only themselves while blinding the masses into believing they are righteous.   

          The US does not care about freedom and democracy. Those are just talking points, key words, burned into the minds of the brainwashed programmed minions. Look who the US turns to for help. China. A country which is communist. I am not saying anything bad about China. I think China is in fact making Communism really work, and should be lauded, but by the US’s own rhetoric it is not part of the ”free” world. Which means the US controlled world. So why then is the US attempting to once against receive economic aid from China? If one thinks about that long enough one can only come to the conclusion that the US does not really care about communism, and as we can all see from the last eight years, nor does it care about human rights or world peace.

           If in fact the US does not really care about democracy then what was the whole “Cold War” about? And from my viewpoint it makes thing rather odd if you accept this premise as a gauge for fathoming the relations that the US has had with Russia. Why has Russia been an enemy of the US since the end of World War II? Was it the great boogeyman of Communism? I seriously doubt it. Why aren’t American children taught that Soviet Russia lost an estimated 40 million Soviet citizens defeating the Nazi onslaught? Is it because then some might question the official story? They might ask the question that I am asking right now. Was the US punishing Russia for defeating Hitler? Maybe I am oversimplifying, and I doubt that to be the case but it is food for thought. Why then has Russia become so important to neutralize for the US? Could it be that because the US is bent on taking over the world, and has been moving closer to Fascism, they are deathly afraid that Russia will stop them again?

          Then, so what if the president is black? He apparently has no real power to fundamentally change anything. This will only allow those in real power to control the masses. They have raped and bankrupted the world and the country and were getting close to being held accountable and what better thing for these jackals than a black president mired down in a collapsed economy of their own making? The people will be distracted. Of course they will, you would be too if you were hungry and had kids to feed and were out of work. He will calm the poor and the oppressed non-whites into a false sense of fairness and hope that can only assist in allowing the jackals to quietly continue to control the masses. 

         So today, in reality, in this 21st century world, the US is the biggest single most danger to world peace. Period, end of discussion. Not the people, they are merely unintentional enablers, but the “shadow” government. The same people in that government who planned 9-11.

         So what can we do with meddlers, nation builders, aggressive barbarians, and those who would dictate to us who we can be friends with and who must be our enemy? Those who use terror for power and the ability to control the masses and in the end want to control the world, and who through fear, economic, social and political manipulation have been engaged in a campaign of world domination for the last half century. Our real enemy.

        We may not have to do much. Other than sit back and watch as they implode while centuries of “Karma” come raining down. With every president except for Jimmy Carter, engaged in one war or the other, the US policy of global militarization has proven a failure. For the last eight years the world bore witness to the unrestricted all out implementation of such policies, in complete disregard for international law, accepted norms and humanity's wishes.

         Now perhaps the verdict is in: US foreign and internal policy is a complete total and absolute abysmal failure.

        The country with debts over $65,000,000,000.00 (trillion) is economically bankrupt for all intents and purposes, due to all their wars, and after eight years of Bush, morally bankrupt as well.

        I hope I am wrong but I fear the worst is yet to come. Russia and the world must watch the unfolding events extremely carefully. A country that violates the Geneva Conventions, engages in aggressive war; the most heinous of crimes against humanity, and wants to station missiles around Russia and throughout Eastern Europe and has over three hundred and fifty military bases all over the world to advance it own purposes should not by any sane assessment be allowed to continue to have nuclear weapons and engage in war unchecked.

        Who can do what must be done? The world has proven itself too weak and too unwilling and has been bought off at every turn. For one they have failed to go after Bush and the perpetrators of 9-11. I just hope that appeasement of these jackals does not lead to what the appeasement of Hitler did.

        Now perhaps nothing will have to be done. Their house of cards may collapse under its own weight.

        For those who protect the fatherland, do so with wisdom, and do not be fooled by the Trojan horse that the enemy wants to park at your door.

        Perhaps someday the invaders will destroy themselves and the native peoples; the Arawak, the Apache, the Navajo, the Mohawks, and the descendents of the thousands of other tribes will once again be able to walk free and live in peace, under the stars, in the land that is rightfully theirs.  

Geronimo The Last Defender of His Fatherland

02-23-2009 Mark Sullivan Another CIA Station Chief    

British Provocateurs in Afghanistan


The president's declaration on the eve of Defenders of the Fatherland Day

Д.МЕДВЕДЕВ: Уважаемые товарищи! Дорогие ветераны! Друзья! Поздравляю вас, весь личный состав и гражданский персонал Вооружённых Сил России с Днём защитника Отечества. Этот праздник давно перерос свои профессиональные качества и стал поистине всенародным, является данью глубокого уважения ко всем, кто сегодня служит Отечеству, кто охраняет суверенитет и национальные интересы нашей страны, кто продолжает её исторические победные традиции.

        Сегодня мои самые первые, самые сердечные поздравления – ветеранам Великой Отечественной войны, поистине великому поколению, защитившему нашу родную землю и отстоявшему нашу свободу. В следующем году мы будем отмечать 65-летний юбилей Победы, и наш главный, наш святой долг заботиться о ветеранах войны и труда, подающих достойный пример новому, молодому поколению граждан нашей страны, и конечно, беречь и защищать память о Великой Отечественной войне, противостоять любым попыткам её искажения, отстаивать правду о решающем вкладе нашей страны в разгром фашизма и победоносное окончание Второй мировой войны.

        Дорогие друзья. У нашей страны, у России нет и никогда не было агрессивных замыслов и целей. Но безопасность страны, безопасность её граждан должна быть надёжно гарантирована. И поэтому укреплению нашей обороноспособности, боеготовности армии и флота мы уделяли и будем уделять самое пристальное внимание.

        Мы сегодня живём в очень непростом мире. И драматические события в Южной Осетии отчётливо показали, как уже в наши дни, в, казалось бы, спокойное, современное время из локального конфликта может вспыхнуть пожар настоящей войны. Мы остановили агрессора, защитили жизни людей и предотвратили гуманитарную катастрофу. Но мы хорошо понимаем: для предупреждения подобных событий в будущем нужны совместные усилия, решительные усилия всего мирового сообщества, усилия по выработке новых, действительно надёжных подходов к обеспечению международной безопасности.

        Подчеркну, что создание нового облика Вооружённых Сил – это абсолютное требование времени. Армия и флот должны соответствовать требованиям современных угроз, быть компактными, мобильными, технически оснащёнными. И несмотря на все трудности текущего времени мы для этого сделаем абсолютно всё необходимое – и в организационном плане, и в финансовом. Мы будем и дальше уделять самое пристальное внимание вопросам военного образования и технической подготовки. Равно как и социальным гарантиям тех, кто служит в Вооружённых Силах. Вопросы социальной сферы являются важнейшим направлением идущих в армии преобразований.

        Дорогие друзья. Военная служба в любой стране, и в нашей в особенности, всегда была делом особой государственной важности, делом высокого нравственного значения. Как и во все времена, она и сейчас требует и глубоких знаний, и блестящей подготовки, и большой силы духа, требует мужества и отваги.

        Я сердечно поздравляю вас, всех ваших близких с праздником. Всех, кто любит вас и разделяет с вами испытания военной службы. 23 февраля – это по праву и их праздник. Желаю вам всем здоровья, благополучия и успехов. Благодарю за службу. С праздником.


DMITRY MEDVEDEV: Comrades! Veterans! Friends! I want to wish you and all of the Russian Armed Forces’ staff and civilian personnel a happy Defenders of the Motherland Day. For many years now, this day of recognition has been more than simply a professional holiday, and has essentially become a national holiday. It is a tribute of deep respect toward all those who serve the Motherland today, who defend the sovereignty and national interests of our country, and who continue its tradition of victory. 

        Today, my first and most heartfelt congratulations go out to veterans of the Great Patriotic War, a truly great generation that defended our beloved land and maintained our freedom. Next year, we will be celebrating the 65th anniversary of the Victory. It is our sacred duty to care for our veterans, the people who demonstrate a good example to the younger generation of our nation’s citizens, and, of course, to preserve and defend the memory of the Great Patriotic War standing up against any attempts to distort it, upholding the truth about the decisive input of our country in the destruction of fascism and victory in the Second World War.

        Dear friends. Russia, our country, does not have and has never had any aggressive intentions. But the security of our country and the safety of its citizens must be reliably guaranteed. And so, we have given and will continue to give thorough attention to the reinforcement of our defence capabilities and combat readiness of our army and navy. 

        Today, we are living in a very complicated world. The dramatic events in South Ossetia have clearly demonstrated that even nowadays, at a seemingly calm and modern time, a local conflict can explode into a real war. We stopped the aggressor, defended people’s lives, and prevented a humanitarian catastrophe. But we understand very well that in order to prevent similar events in the future, we need decisive, consolidated efforts from the entire international community, efforts to develop new, truly reliable approaches to ensuring international security.

        I would like to emphasize that the creation of a new face for the Armed Forces is an absolute necessity in these times. The army and the navy must have the capacity to answer to modern threats, and to be compact, mobile, and technologically equipped. And despite the difficulties of our current times, we will do everything that is needed, both in terms of organization and finances. We will also continue to give our utmost attention to issues of military training and technological readiness in the future, much as we will provide a social safety net to all those who serve in the Armed Forces. Social issues are a very important element in the reforms being made in the army.

        Dear friends. Military service in any country, and in our country in particular, has always been a mission of particular importance to the government, a mission carrying high moral value. Today, as always, it requires in-depth knowledge, excellent preparation, and great moral courage; it requires bravery and valour.

        I would like to sincerely wish you and all of your loved ones a happy Defenders of the Motherland Day. February 23 is also special for everyone who loves you and shares with you the tribulations of military service. I wish you all good health, prosperity, and success. Thank you for your service. Have a happy holiday.

02-21-2009 I am at a complete loss for words. Obama supports Bush on Guantanamo. 

If the only hope is Pelosi, "Give up your children as collateral", the world is truly screwed.

02-19-2009 Skull and Bones   Skull and Bones on Wikipedia

SAVE GERONIMO   After Downing Street

City Next to the Pacific Ocean Has No Water  For some reason that seems ridiculous.

U.S. Debt larger than GDP of THE WORLD

02-18-2009 President Medvedev has exremely productive talks with President of Bolivia

Россия поставит Боливии крупную партию вертолетов

02-17-2009 Neutralizing Russia

02-15-2009 Been having connectivity problems thanks to my cisco router, had to change it and everything appears to be up and running normally again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

What if the People Learn the Truth ?    What if Obama Has No Intention of Leaving Iraq ?

What if the terrorist threat is the result of US meddling in the affairs of other nations? Watch!

Russians capture Somali pirates  

02-11-2009 69 computers missing from nuclear weapons lab

02-11-2009 GEORGE BUSH IS DEAD ))))  

02-09-2009 Who's really running the US? Why doesn't Obama end the illegal wars?

02-06-2009 PRESIDENT MEDVEDEV HAS A VIDEO BLOG. Check it out. In Russian.

02-06-2009 Obama's Stimulus Passed, Neo-Cons passed on it so it must be good

We don't need American missiles surrounding us

Oscar Grant's Killer, Cop, Walking the Streets    CIA nominee vows to break with Bush policies     

US withdraws charges against Cole bombing detainee

Nancy "Impeachment is off the table" Pelosi is stupid as a rock.


Charges dropped in Guantanamo terror trial

The CIA and NSA Want You to Be Their Friend on Facebook

02-05-2009 Couple who killed three year old adopted kid, whose tortured lifeless body was found in the Pehorka River after being thrown alive into the freezing waters tied to a car battery, arrested. Meanwhile Bush who killed three million people is on holiday at his wanna be ranch. LATER: Seems they had another kid who died and was cremated.


Kyrgystan Saying Yankees Go Home

Spending SPREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $1,000,000,000,000.00 WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! SPEND LIKE BANSHEES!!!!!!!!

02-05-2009 It's all smoke and mirrors kids. BushCo callously, calculatedly, and right under the world's collective noses, murdered close to  3,000,000 people, during their reign, then, in order to distract the world as they have made their getaway, they absconded with $700,000,000.00, which in fact has throw the world into a state of economic chaos. So while the world is distracted by the "economic" crisis, keep your eye on the ball, and don't let them forget, BushCo must be called into account. If the US is impotent in prosecuting war criminals, then someone on the international stage must be called in to do what must be done. The only question is who? Is there anyone in a position in the world who can be convinced to do what is right? We can almost, with unarguable certainty, count out Obama, on this count.      

I.P. Address has been attacking us for the last 3.5 days. Shut them down please. Thank you.

02-02-2009 Today is the 66 year anniversary of the victory over the fascists at the battle of Stalingrad. Hurray!!! 

Could a bunch of sociopathic screw-ups really pull off the crime of the century?  

But fear is a powerful thing and shilling for the official 9/11 cover story -- while staunchly ignoring the most basic unanswered questions and obvious inconsistencies -- provides insulation against the cognitive dissonance and bottomless cynicism that would result from admitting that this administration is so utterly malevolent that it would plan and execute mass murder against its own citizens for purely political reasons.


Change!?!?!??? What change??? The only change so far is the spare change that people are going to be begging in the streets for. Change??? Obama, you call this change???!! Not surprising for someone protecting Herr Bush the war criminal. The war pigs are still controlling things.

01-30-2009 WELCOME TO RUSSIA PRESIDENT RAUL CASTRO Bienvenidos A Rusia Presidente Castro

PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA DMITRY MEDVEDEV: First of all, I would like to welcome you.  Source: President of Russia's Site

Moscú donará a Cuba 25.000....  cubaencuentro.com

New orders for FSB from President Medvedev     


01-29-2009 After years of documenting Bush crimes and having no one do anything at all, the only thing left for an intelligent person to do is scream in frustration. Torture is torture, War Crimes are War Crimes you dumb ass American Sheep, there is no justification, prosecuting the jackals can not be a question of political expediency or an "OPTION" and no one has the right NOT to go after them. Pelosi? Who are you? God? You are all accessories damn it!!! JEEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!

A Tasmanian Devil. Not exactly tomorrow but it will have to do. 


01-28-2009 Where is Obama's "CHANGE"? So far jar2 gives him a 2 on a scale of 10 for "CHANGE" 


A U.N. Official wants to get a war criminal. Bush? No the other one. Cheney? No. The OTHER one.     

KARL ROVE may answer some questions

01-26-2009 JANUARY 2009 Forget the smiles. Check out their eyes. How would you look at the devil if he were sitting right next to you?

JANUARY 2009 You've seen this soon-to-be-extinct marsupial in cartoons. What is it? Answer tomorrow.

01-25-2009 It is now revealed that Oscar Grant was also punched in the face right before his death. VIDEO ZIP

The Secret Ingredient in My Beloved Coca-Cola Revealed: "CARMINE"

This substance can be deadly if an allergic reaction occurs. I love Coca-Cola but I think it will be sadly absent from now on from my dinner table. It was discovered by Turkish authorities who did an analysis on it. Read and weep.((( JAR2   

01-24-2009 It is clear to me, as someone who has actively been involved in efforts to impeach, charge, and or prosecute the Bush Administration for the last seven years for war crimes, rigged elections, Fascist policies, ethnic cleansing, genocide, the usurping of the Constitution, involvement and profiteering in and from the murder of  almost 3,000 innocent people on 9-11, the torture of innocent victims, the penultimate crime against humanity that is aggressive war, etc., etc., ad-nauseum, that no one in the US is either capable or/nor willing to go after the Neo-Con jackals. Which begs  the question: who will do what must be done to go after the second most heinous criminal against humanity in the history of the world? There is no doubt in my mind and there must not be any doubts in the minds of sane and just people, that an accounting must be carried out. If not then the next one will be worse and we as a planet, in particular those who can in reality go after the injustices,  are no more than fearful, unholy, barbarians; spineless and unconscionable in our collusion. I have done everything I can and paid a price. Perhaps those now in power can be convinced to do the same. Have a nice day everyone.

01-22-2009 Nazi "Doctor" Josef Mengle Created Twin Town in Brazil

01-20-2009 Look carefully. Can YOU spot the sniper?  MADDOW-TURLEY   JOHN STEWART    NAZI KKK Kill JAR2

Keith Olbermann's Plea to Obama to Prosecute Bush   ZIPPED

01-19-2009 JANUARY 2009


01-14-2009 Mike Smith sent some more damning information about his case which again points to his innocence.  Not only was the likely culprit in his case not questioned by the authorities but it looks even more obvious now like he was set up by an intelligence service desperate to justify itself at the expense of an innocent man. At jar2 we always try to fight for the little guy and it would be great if you could help. We have been trying to get Mike's case publicized so that he can finally have his name cleared but it looks like the intelligence services would rather see an innocent man's life ruined than see justice done. What can we do? We can fight. We can get the truth out, for what they hate more than anything is the truth, especially when the truth contradicts their black and treacherous lies.  Please spread these files around, visit Mike's page on jar2.


2/MikeSmith/M.J. Smith CCRC Report 2008.zip

M sent some great stuff. Check it out.                                                                         

Seems like Milosevic did in fact have a deal with the CIA judging from this letter.

Barzan Al-Tikriti wrote a letter to the UN before his execution yet his case was not looked at because on the eve of presidential elections in the US it was more convenient to execute him than to cast doubt on the case against him. This letter sheds some light into the reality of what is going on in Iraq.  If you remember he was in charge of the intelligence services under Hussein and it was claimed that it was he who was directly responsible for the killing of the Kurds who were involved in the assassination attempt on Hussein. These documents are of real historical value and point to evidence of another war crime by the Bush Administration. If you read the letter it is clear that the facts that he was stating would have been easy to verify but that they were not. This letter received almost no press whatsoever.

01-11-2009 KILLER COPS JAR2

01-10-2009 HUMOUR JANUARY 2009

01-09-2009 KILLER COPS JAR2

One my favourite classics. Listen if you want. Maybe it'll take you back. SOFIA Rotaru


11-23-2008 HERO OF THE CENTURY Finally someone has stood up to Bush. RAW STORY  YAHOO   ROADS TO IRAQ





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