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08-09-2009 What's with the swastikas dudes????


Today marks the one year anniversary of the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia by US backed Georgian forces.

08-31-2008 RE-POST

Vengeance Should Have Been Wrought on Washington Posted August 13, 2009

             How is one to deny what is right in front of one's eyes for the political expediency of a criminal cabal? How can it be that so many millions of intelligent, bright, and informed people the world over can do nothing, or will do nothing, to stop the onslaught of the NEO-CON machine as it decimates the world to meet its objectives, committing atrocities, genocide, and war crimes on the world population as it has on its own population. How can a regime which killed 3,000 of its own citizens in an act planned long in advance in order to start a worldwide war against a methodology have been allowed to stand for as long as it has?

              I have been documenting and fighting these godless bastards for years but too few  listen, and too few fight. Nothing has changed, and here they are, on my back step. Murdering women and children and the defenseless. So what are we to do? Ask yourselves that one simple question. Do we lay down and submit to the annihilation of  everything that we hold dear and everything that we are, and the eradication of our very own existences? I hope your answer is no. No. We will not let it stand. We will fight. I hope you are all starting to see the light before it is too late.

              If you have any illusions left about American politics and the US Government let me shatter a few more. This should be obvious for my American readers who are in full possession of their long term memories and accept more than the Faux News version of reality. American politics and the great American capitalistic engine run on two main things, oil and war. The American people always rally behind their leaders when their leaders go to war against big bad evil regimes, they have no choice or they are denounced as being unpatriotic. When there are troubles back home they start trouble abroad. It's perhaps an oversimplification but basically that is how things work.

              Classically when an American president is in trouble they go to war, this has happened over and over again. You all know about Bush, his entire presidency has been about nothing but war. Clinton, when his rating were going down in the US, especially at the height of the Monica debacle, which probably had its roots in his downsizing of the US Military, had his Balkan war to fall back on to distract the population. Bush 1 had his Desert Storm, Reagan had his war on drugs and his cold war and more, Carter had Iran and Afghanistan and the Falklands, Ford had Soviet problems and Vietnam and the Middle East on his plate, Nixon had Vietnam as did Johnson and Kennedy who tried to end the war in Vietnam but was killed because of that.

              In this case Bush and his Neo-Con bastards, whose whole presidency has been based on and has used terror as its almost sole rallying point, a terrorist himself by the very definition of the word, and a war criminal, have nothing to lose and everything to gain by starting and escalating hostilities with Russia. The Russian State, because it is little understood and far away from Joe Blow farmer in Bum Fuck Iowa, has always been the country Americans most love to hate and fear. From childhood Americans are taught to fear Russia and Communism, and it is easy for American politicians to demonize Russia to gain popular support.

               The fact that the US organized, equipped, planned, supported, and funded the atrocities in South Ossetia are at this point a given I think. Rice and her many trips to Georgia before the invasion (BY THE GEORGIANS) of South Ossetia, the military training exercises involving over a thousand five hundred US troops in the weeks leading up to the invasion, the timing of the events, on the day of the start of the Olympics, the propaganda war demonizing Russia and ignoring Georgian war crimes and the Genocide brought on South Ossetia by the US, the presence of US military advisors on the battlefield, the US equipment and uniforms used by Georgian forces and the technical assistance provided in downing Russian fighter aircraft, plus the political capitol the US is trying to spend on the world stage in their continued efforts to keep Russia down, surround it with missiles and divide it as much as possible, all point to one thing. The war in South Ossetia was an attack on Russia by the United States of America.

                 McCain, Bush, and the Neo-Con machine are right in one thing: the justified, forced, and necessary Russian response to the killing of over 2,100 of its citizens was, in fact, too devastating on Georgia; vengeance should have been wrought on Washington.     

SOURCE: American Equipment Captured in South Ossetia   Izvestia



 FALCON® II AN/PRC-117F(C) MODEL 12018 is SECRET AN/PRC-152(C)an American English Course and Mr. White  


Воевали ли американцы в Южной Осетии?

России достались секретные американские технологии украинского разлива

Как Грузия готовилась к войне и кто ей помогал

Putin: US orchestrated conflict in Georgia

Сербская радикальная партия поддержала Россию и Южную Осетию




Pictures from South Ossetia


And then of course we have American OIL INTERESTS

Greenoak Buys Georgian Shipping Co. for $107 mln

The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline


A shitload of propaganda

Greenoak Group (Группа "Гриноук")

08-01-2009 Минобороны России пригрозило ответом на грузинские провокации   Georgian aggression will not stand

Britain's MI5 may have recruited terrorist sympathizers

Британская MI5 по ошибке завербовала последователей "Аль-Кайеды"

For Yura Solagub: Мэр Москвы Юрий Лужков предложил сегодня не выпускать за границу предпринимателей, у которых есть задолженность по заработной плате.

В Москве совершено покушение на Япончика BRAVOOOOOOOOOOO

На посольство России в Токио совершено нападение



07-27-2009 So here we go again. They have pressed the reset button and the same virus is still attacking the minds of the west. They same hateful anti-Russian virus which makes them say anything to make Russia look bad, no matter how well-intentioned we are and no matter how cooperative and hospitable and diplomatic we are in our approach. They need the brownie points they get back home by calling Russia evil and making Russia look weak and insignificant.

So if we can look back at the Cheney Bush administration and judge this one to be business as usual, as they themselves have forced us into believing despite our blinding desire for change, then Biden is calling the real shots and Obama is just the front man. And the real shots seem to be business as usual. But is anyone really concerned?

I mean when you have a financially, morally, and legally bankrupt country, with the worst human rights record in the history of the world and which is protecting the worst war criminals in history after the Nazis (sic), telling us that Russia is running unsustainable economic policies and is only agreeing to reduce nuclear weapons because of the poor economy, one can only laugh. A completely bankrupt country, whose actual debt is over 65 trillion dollars can not be one whose officials run around telling others who has economically sustainable policies.

Smell the coffee people, the world is dumping the dollar as their international currency of choice, even China which owns more than 30% of the US wishes to do so.

he US, in reality, is not sustainable and as the sole country responsible for the world economic crisis has not got a foot to stand on to play economic policeman. If not for Russia’s moves to assist the US and those of other “evil” countries like China, to help prop up the dollar, the US would have already collapsed completely long ago.

So please Mr. Biden, when you have finally tried someone for the war crimes committed by the previous administration, when you have finally achieved moral and economic superiority and your own house is back on track, then please come and tell us how to run our boat and then come on and shoot your mouth off about who is weak and running scared.

Russia has, out of the goodness of her heart, and out of a real desire for peace agreed to reduce her nuclear arsenal, and you like your fellow countrymen just a few hundred years ago did, continue to present your plastic smiles whilst driving your knives into the backs of those who come to you with open arms and trust.

Get your own house in order before you start shooting your mouth off about ours. Russia should be applauded for her moves toward peace. You mistakenly equate a desire for peace with weakness and think that Russia is something to be marginalized, but in doing so and in publicly saying what you have, you have already marginalized yourself. So run along and keeping pulling the wool over people’s eyes but we will keep watching what you say and acting in an appropriate manner.

The oldest trick out of the Republican book. Be guilty of something, find someone whose strong point is your weak one, and attack that strong point for being weak. For shame. .


Ms. Morozova on the left reading Soviet Russia. Unidentified lady on right reading an e-book. Moscow)))

07-25-2009I have been very busy but will be updating soon.

07-21-2009 I don't care anymore.

07-20-2009 ANONYMOUS sends more pictures of a British Ministry of Defense facility. (No commentary)

Of the over 400,000 Nazis that fled to the US after WWII one has finally been brought to justice. German prosecutors have formally charged John Demjanjuk with 27,900 counts of being an accessory to murder for his role in the heinous murder of 29,000 Jews at the Sobibor camp in Poland. He was also wanted by Israel for the genocidal murders of 870,000 people at the Treblinka camp in Poland. Source for picture: Crooks and Liars.

07-18-2009 Talks with John Symonds have fallen through and we have decided not to publish his material because it is unverifiable if you are interested in his case visit his own blog and his other sites that he will be setting up.

Saddam Hussein's Interview Transcripts From M  zipped   FTP

The CIA's Family Jewels All Documents From JAR2 zipped   FTP

07-17-2009 There comes a point when things just stop mattering and I think that I have found that point.

07-15-2009 Court went well. Everything is looking good. 

07-15-2009 JAR2 is currently in active negotiations with John Alexander Symonds regarding the publication of his memoirs.

07-11-2009 Added a password protected page and some photographs now require a password for access, and I updated the secret zone. E-mail me for a password.  Get them while they are free. Unfortunately I will only give out two or three. So act fast.

07-10-2009 Arabs destroy Air-bus. Some can't find 2 dollars for bus fare and these guys run $200 Million dollars into a wall. But don't tell anyone, it's a secret, it might embarrass the imbeciles.


07-09-2009  Championing causes including my own. Jar2.com is my own site and is not controlled or administered by anyone other than myself and I have used it to try to shed light into places where light is direly needed. I have paid a huge price for my efforts including the revocation of my citizenship, the loss of my job, and my life being destroyed. I almost gave up but I have now decided to make a stand. For how can I champion other causes if I give up on my own. I am back and I will continue publishing what I feel is necessary.

       RUSSIA IS A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY, however due to the dynamics of the less-than-stable economic environment, and levels of corruption it can be quite a dangerous place to do business. Due to the situation that I have outlined in the above paragraph my life and family were being threatened, so I attempted to put an end to their campaign of slander and threats by taking the material down, it did not help and has only assisted them in allowing them to say whatever they want and having no dissenting opinion to counter their false and slanderous claims, in other words my side of the story is not heard. The tactic is widespread here with criminal elements, you work, they do not pay and you are supposed to go away quietly. If someone does protest they use: slander, intimidation, harassment, file false reports with the police, beatings, withholding of documents, and any other means so they do not have to pay salaries. So for them, knowing I knew who they were and what they were, it was a huge surprise when I did not just disappear as they had hoped when they locked me out of my class. I instead took them to court, which was not an easy decision for me, but I believe in justice and I believe that in Russia justice can be found.  So the material in question is back up here.

        Please think about supporting the site and you will receive 24 hour hosting for almost anything you wish, e-mail with enquiries at jar2@list.ru

6 июля 2009 года 

Совместное заявление Президента Российской Федерации Д.А.Медведева и Президента Соединенных Штатов Америки Б.Обамы по вопросам ПРО

 Москва, Кремль  В соответствии с договоренностью, достигнутой на встрече в Лондоне 1 апреля 2009г., Россия и США планируют продолжить обсуждение, касающееся установления сотрудничества по реагированию на вызовы распространения баллистических ракет. Наши страны активизируют поиск оптимальных путей укрепления стратегических отношений на основе взаимного уважения и общих интересов.

Мы поручили нашим экспертам провести совместную работу по анализу баллистических ракетных вызовов XXI века и подготовить соответствующие рекомендации, имея в виду приоритетное использование политико-дипломатических методов. Одновременно они планируют провести совместный обзор всего спектра имеющихся в нашем распоряжении средств, позволяющих нам сотрудничать в мониторинге развития ракетных программ в мире. Наши эксперты активизируют диалог по созданию Центра обмена данными, который должен стать основой многостороннего режима уведомлений о ракетных пусках.

Российская Федерация и Соединенные Штаты Америки подтверждают готовность к равноправному и взаимовыгодному сотрудничеству со всеми заинтересованными странами, разделяющими оценки опасности глобального распространения баллистических ракет. Мы призываем все страны, обладающие ракетным потенциалом, воздерживаться от шагов, способных привести к ракетному распространению и к подрыву региональной и глобальной стабильности.

Joint Statement by Dmitry A. Medvedev, President of the Russian Federation, and Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, on Missile Defense Issues

In accordance with the understanding reached at the meeting in London on April 1, 2009, Russia and the United States plan to continue the discussion concerning the establishment of cooperation in responding to the challenge of ballistic missile proliferation. Our countries are intensifying their search for optimum ways of strengthening strategic relations on the basis of mutual respect and interests.

We have instructed our experts to work together to analyze the ballistic missile challenges of the 21st century and to prepare appropriate recommendations, giving priority to the use of political and diplomatic methods. At the same time they plan to conduct a joint review of the entire spectrum of means at our disposal that allow us to cooperate on monitoring the development of missile programs around the world. Our experts are intensifying dialogue on establishing the Joint Data Exchange Center, which is to become the basis for a multilateral missile-launch notification regime.

The Russian Federation and the United States of America reaffirm their willingness to engage in equitable and mutually beneficial cooperation with all interested countries that share their assessments of the danger of global proliferation of ballistic missiles. We call upon all countries having a missile potential to refrain from steps that could lead to missile proliferation and undermine regional and global stability.

EXCLUSIVE: Attempted rape and robbery on the train. The "men" who could have helped just walked away. Would you?

06-30-2009 I had to shut up about the  What has happened to our fair and just and cultured society? Where have all the good people gone? Where have all the real men gone? 
        Someone I have known for quiet a long while, let’s call her Jane Doe-(saya), was finally on her way home last night after a long and hard day, she had hurried off from a friends flat whom she had been visiting because she did not want to be in transit after dark as she has to take a train. She is always careful and always worried about the inebriated and not-so-honest people who ride the trains at night so it is a little upsetting for me personally that she was attacked while on her way home. She dresses plainly and doesn’t wear make up or provocative clothes, she is always polite and quiet and minds her own business as well, so why would something like this happen?
        Apparently the young men, who were also riding on the train, were very drunk. One of them attempted to sexually assault her and while he was forcing his lips to hers she bit half his lip off, he responded by punching her repeatedly in the stomach and taking her phone and purse.
        The worst part of the story, if anything can be worse, was that she was not alone in the carriage at the time. There were at least about seven other people and at least three grown men, who did nothing, except turn their backs and turn tail like yellow-bellied rats and run into the adjoining carriage leaving her alone to fend for herself.
        And there we have the shame and the utter disgrace of this story, for this would not have happened in Soviet times. Men were brave and honest and moral, and no one would have allowed a sexual assault on a young Russian girl to take place under their noses. And no “man” would have been able to live with the shame of allowing something like that to happen.
        The girl is okay now, she was shaken up, and I did my part in getting her phone returned but what could have happened could have been much much worse, and where were all the big “MEN”? They ran and abandoned a damsel in distress. For shame!

06-26-2009 Michael Jackson died of a heart attack today in his home in California, possibly brought on by the array of prescription drugs he was addicted to, he was 50. A famous black American singer who was so traumatized by American racism that he tried to recreate himself as a member of the white race group; Michael Jackson was plagued with problems in the latter part of his life because of his unhealthy love for young boys. A sad and tragic symbol who personified everything that is wrong with America and was an embarrassment for black society he will be remembered by many for his songs and his showmanship, for at that, Michael Jackson was truly gifted.  Despite many people's reservations about Jackson which stem from his re-making of himself and his morally repulsive behavior which many fans and non-whites feel was a betrayal to all of us who grew up loving his songs, he did have one redeeming moment for me, and that was when after a concert he gave here in the 90's, with a tear choked voice he declared that he loved Moscow. I think he is a testament to how Hollywood can warp people into monstrosity. Good bye Michael, when you were you, we loved you too. JAR2     photo from Vzglad


EXCLUSIVE: Letter to President Obama Regarding Tariq Aziz

06-19-2009 Bush "war criminal at large" lied to the former Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary under the Government of the late Saddam Hussein in order to secure his cooperation: he has now been imprisoned for six years.

       George Bush was actively and personally involved in making deals with Iraqi prisoners telling them and promising them anything so that they would talk but he  lied. Which is not surprising. After all, who could trust the word of a war criminal?  

       In the words of our client at our last visit: “If you cannot trust the word of the President of the United States of America, George W Bush especially since he carried out part of his agreement, then who can you trust?”

        George Bush as President of the United States of America failed to comply with the final term of the agreement namely, the release from custody of our client once the de-briefing was completed.

SOURCE: Giovanni di Stefano

06-17-2009 В Люберцах милиционер выстрелил в спину своему коллеге и застрелился

06-16-2009 Richard Cheney is afraid. "The important thing is whether or not the Obama administration will continue the policies that have kept us safe for the last eight years." When he says "US" I seriously doubt he is talking about you and me people.


EXCLUSIVE: More War Crimes, Torture, Evidence and Death for Oil

By NEW WRITER to JAR 2  New files linked to US involvement in Iraq HTML

        Some more secret and sensitive files have just been sent to JAR2, which are published below. The source of these files is the Italian lawyer Giovanni di Stefano, who has for a long time been defending members of the old Iraqi regime in their trials in Baghdad.

        The first files relate to a 5-page statement by Taha Yassin Ramadan, former Vice President of Iraq, and is published below in the original Arabic and with an English translation. Unfortunately, Mr Ramadan was executed on March 20 2007, but this statement shows how far his American interrogators were prepared to go in order to extract the whereabouts of Saddam Hussein from him. There can be no doubt that the methods described amount to a serious case of torture committed by US officials.

Ramadan’s original statement (pages 1 to 5)


Ramadan’s statement typed [SWORN STATEMENT 22 March 2006(2).doc]

English translation of Ramadan’s statement [ramadan.doc]

        On the day of Mr Ramadan’s execution his lawyer, Giovanni d Stefano, wrote a letter to the Council of Europe appealing for them to help bring an end to the brutal and inhuman form of justice that is now common in Iraq.

Letter from Giovanni di Stefano to the Council of Europe [SLIroma Council Europe request sanctions 20 03 2007.DOC]

        One aspect of the inhumanity typical of the justice system in Iraq is the lack of consideration for the dignity of those convicted and sentenced to execution. The photograph below graphically shows what happens when an execution in Iraq goes wrong - but how could this happen? Could this be a deliberate calculation by the executioner to ensure that the execution will end like this? During the execution of Barzan Al Tikriti, his head came off like this, because he had cancer of the spine and should never have been hung

A bad execution in Iraq [execution.jpg]

        Some important documents have been disclosed as a result of the trials taking place in Bagdad. For example, it was revealed that in 1988 Iraq had been in secret negotiations with Turkey regarding the Al-Anfal Campaign, an operation that resulted in well over 100,000 deaths, and the displacement of a million Kurds. This information about Turkish involvement in Al-Anfal is still considered so sensitive and top secret that the Turkish government has blocked Turkish newspapers from reporting about it

Top Secret document from the Iraqi Ministry of defense [turkey involv anfal.pdf]

        Some other documents passed to JAR2 are the following: An order from the Attorney General of the USA, about the interception of all communication into and out of the US which could be connected to Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups

Letter from The Attorney General, January 17 2007 [ag011707.pdf]

        A document of the USA’s assessment of Iraq and its strategy for the future:

CRS Report for Congress Iraq: Post-Saddam Governance and Security [96429.pdf]

        Before the Iraq War there was a strong political motive for going to War

The Geopolitics of Energy [2PM_mohamedi.ppt]

NEW WRITER says: JAR2 brings you the documents that cannot be found elsewhere. Read here the information that governments have suppressed.

SOURCE: Giovanni di Stefano




Rape, Sodomy, Murder, Torture and every kind of degenerate indecency, sanctioned by the NEO CONS

Pentagon denies report Iraq prison photos show rape

1,000 CORRUPT IRAQI Officials to be arrested



These three photos were sent to me from an anonymous source and are said to be just a small part of the photos President Obama does not want released. They show US soldiers raping an Iraqi woman. This is absolutely beyond the pale. While the US press and the Government are on their massive damage control op, please download and spread these photos around everywhere.










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