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Knife in the Back

FOR SALE  Che Guevara Poster and Two Unique Old Secret Cuban Documents of Historical Value: $10,000.00 Location Moscow, Russia

FOR SALE  Framed mask 50,000 rubles. Location Moscow, Russia  Photo 1   Photo 2 

A picture of the guy who told me he will decide my fate, who made him a god? 

Tony Holland and Stella Rimington

Pres Medvedev in Spain  Airnet empties their Republican servers   DIANA  Oh Those Lips  Jesus Was A Con 

Obama Same Old Thing Skull and Bones  Medvedev  Guantanamo  Geronimo   Medvedev-Morales  Indians 

Medvedev-Castro  Stimulus Graphic  Evil Money  

The President studies the controls of  an aircraft in an aviation factory in Irkusk.

The strongest man in the world is the one who stands the most alone 



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04-03-2009 This is the first time I have written anything bad about Russia. So pay attention. If you are a foreigner living in Moscow and have horror stories related to registration please e-mail me at The law requires that whenever you rent a place the landlord is supposed to register you in the apartment. Registration means nothing, in as far as the tenant has no rights to the apartment, but the mentality and sheer ignorance of the majority of people as to the law, leaves many with the ridiculous fear that everyone is out to get their drabby little apartments. What the government needs to do is make the law easier for new arrivals to register their address of residence independent of the desires ,paranoia, and whims of the landlords , it would increase the efficiency of the system, add tax revenue for the government and the government would then be able to keep tabs on who lives where. Which is the whole idea behind registration to begin with. The system as it is now is broken and needs mending. As for the guy who asked people who he thought were friends to assist in his registration only to have them accuse him of trying to obtain part of their dirty old little flat, all I can tell you is be strong. Not everyone is as stupid as those people, I hope.

Spring in BUTOVO


In London President Medvedev Meets President Obama


Protests in London SOURCE GUARDIAN



Finally!! Someone is Going After Bush!!! ahem,  or at least his staff... kind of... maybe

03-29-2009  President Medvedev holds meeting with FSB Director Bortnikovi    Large Photo  President's Site 

Baltasar Garzón, the crusading investigative judge who indicted the former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet

Знаменитый испанский судья Бальтасар Гарсон уже согласился передать заявления против администрации Дж.Буша

Police give widow suicide rope then apologize  My question; "Who hangs themselves in a public park?"

03-28-2009  Coming very soon....

03-27-2009  As a non-white who has lived in Russia for thirteen years and suffered most of my life under American racism I can tell you all one thing about Russia, and this I know first hand, despite all of the other problems here, and there are many, racism has never been one of them. This ad is a celebration of Obama's victory. I like it and the ice-cream is really good too.))))  The president doesn't seem that bad either, yet.)))

03-26-2009 Экипаж американского фрегата Klakring опасается ступать на берег Крыма

CIA reveals it has 3,000 pages of documents relating to destroyed interrogation tapes

"Нельзя просто так выставить человека за забор - и всё"  Премьер-министр Владимир Путин




Enter My World

 By John Robles      All rights reserved copyright 2009

        The forest thinned out and the grassy spaces beneath the trees shimmered with the light and the alternating shadows which gave way to the green of a meadow which led to the lake.

         We had been traveling for some time, months, perhaps years, time was something that shifted here as well, coming out of the forests as we descended from the mountains which marked what until then had been thought to be the end of our world but merely was a boundary marking the beginning of the next.

         Having walked and skipped and frolicked under the trees for an indeterminate period of time, my companion, a fairylike creature, lithe and energetic, who for some reason disappeared from sight when one was to attempt to look at her directly, but who was always visible out of the corner of my eye always carrying with her an aura of happiness and mirth, and I finally emerged from the green realm of the woods and happened on what at first appeared to be a lake.

         It was much more than that actually. It was a crossroads, a gateway leading to three different worlds I knew. How I knew this I can not say but I did. And I knew that for us the path of least resistance was the correct one, and this led to the right and to the huge gray rounded volcanic boulders protruding out of the water to our right.

         To the left were long rocky shores seeming to stretch out to forever and I could make out in the distance the mountain top where I had been before, in another time and in another place as another person. It was where I had tested a large car and I knew that on the other side of the mountain there was a road that led to a village that was on the way to the beginning of the dog-world, one of the many where man is on the brink of extinction.

         We made our way across the tops of the boulders which were radiating the warmth that they had absorbed during the long day from the small yellow sun that shone constantly in these parts. It was the smallest of the world’s suns but it forever stayed at the 2 o’clock position and warmed this part of the planet. The going was easy, Farthye, my companion, who communicated with me in quaintest of ways, transmitting her thoughts into my head at will, was in the best of spirits. It was already a dim memory but I was now almost certain that we had been descending the mountain for years….

         We eventually came to the waters edge and proceeding any further required us to cling to a narrow ledge, our backs to the dark waters about ten feet below. After about ten minutes of this we came on what I can best describe as a shelf-like ledge, carved out the rock at about chest heighth with the most exacting geometric precision.

         Beyond the ledge we could see the outskirts of a huge dirty bombed-out-looking city and I knew that we would be going there next. However this filled me with dread for Farthye was a creature of a much more innocent place and taking her into the filth and death that lied ahead was not something that I wanted to do.

         I stood looking at what was on the ledge, Farthye floating next to me fluttering back occasionally as if she was afraid to approach what was on the shelf. We both looked at the contents for some time. I marveled at the geometric perfection of the objects that adorned the shelf. Most of them appeared to be perfect replicas of the different hats worn by royalty in the 17th century of Earth. The only strange thing was that they all had a perfectly square thin piece of grey rock attached to them and they themselves had been carved out of the strangest dark gray stone that I had ever seen.

         We marveled at these for quite sometime when I noticed upon inspecting the darkness of the far right corner of this ledge, what looked like an old-fashioned mailbox extracting itself from the stone behind it and approaching us. It stopped, and Farthye, growing agitated admonished me not to open it. I did not heed her words for I knew that in order to continue we had to open the box, and I knew that we had to read the letter that I already knew was inside.      

         The stone box, about a foot high, with an exquisitely carved stone door, finished sliding into view. On the left of the door was a small button, with knurls carved into it, also made of stone, I marveled at the intricacy of the design and the fact that it was completely fabricated from stone, even the small mechanical parts inside I somehow knew. I pressed the button, and the door opened and inside, just as I had expected, was a neatly addressed, posted and stamped letter. It was covered in dust, as if it had been there for several thousand years but the paper was fresh and white.

         To this day I can not recall what was written in the letter, but Farthye became upset and rolled it into a ball and threw it at the box. A small spoonlike, basket also made of the same black stone extracted itself like magic from the wall and caught the balled up letter.

         Just then, as if summoned by the reading of the words on the letter, on the other side of the ledge a woman appeared. To describe her would be easier had she been of this world, but she was not. She appeared to be, in her manner, one of the more powerful and intelligent denizens of what must have been a hell-world, and which was where we now had to go.

         I did not have to try to contain my loathing, as I had long ago not loathed anything, but to describe her to you, oh gentle reader, would require words like wretch, and zombie. Her skin had the pallor of someone who had lived in darkness all her life. It was grayish and looked clammy and around her mouth and neck were several, what looked like, wounds that were all slowly oozing reddish-purplish blood. They did not seem to distract her in the least.   

         She was dressed in tattered yet stately clothes, and approached us with all the dignity of a high government official, or an envoy. She was not proud in her manner but assured of her stature.

         She communicated in the same way that Farthye did, and implanted her thoughts in my head.

         “I am your guide. You have crossed the threshold. We will be with you every step of the way in spirit and our observation of you will guarantee that you do not cease to exist, but you must go through the maze alone. This world is shifting constantly so you must never stop long in one place. A safe space becomes a deadly space in a matter of minutes. The quantum waves are collapsing, and the parallel universes are becoming fewer and fewer and fewer. There is instability. An abomination that is destroying us all must be eliminated and only you can bring that about, keep to the path. Never go first. Follow your dreams. May the light guide you. We welcome you both and are at your disposal.”

         “Thank you.” I thought back. Not understanding everything but remembering every word..

         She turned her back towards us and the nature and the light that was behind us and we followed, towards the border of the wastelands and the dying and decrepit metropolis and the darkened smoke filled sky above it. We followed, heaviness in our hearts. be continued...

03-26-2009 CIA Contractor beaten to death

Пентагон сравнил РФ с нацистской Германией


03-20-2009 For six or seven years the US has been torturing and holding innocent men 

Torture was okayed by Bush and Cheney, down to the minutiae  

Priest arrested for filming police harassing Hispanics

First Bush official to get jail time after Obama's election 

Bush Co final payouts under attack  

Rachel Maddow lists the former Bush Officials .who have actually received jail or prison sentences.

03-19-2009  264 replies... We are back)))   The  Raven     Want To Support This Site ???

03-15-2009 Nothing is free...So we need to find a sponsor for this site. Interested? Write   Ouch-Must Sell-Need to Scarf


03-19-2009  264 replies... We are back)))   The  Raven     Want To Support This Site ???

03-15-2009 Nothing is free...So we need to find a sponsor for this site. Interested? Write   Ouch-Must Sell-Need to Scarf


FOR SALE  Che Guevara Poster and Two Unique Old Secret Cuban Documents of Historical Value: $10,000.00 Location Moscow, Russia

FOR SALE  Framed mask 50,000 rubles. Location Moscow, Russia  Photo 1   Photo 2

03-13-2009 М.Горбачев: США должны перестать отдавать приказы  The US needs to stop trying to control the world

Friday the thirteenth. I am still here. Working on other stuff tonight. No updates.

Lawyer seeks to prosecute Bush, bar him from Canada

Ban Bush from Canada for war crimes: lawyers

03-12-2009 "... they’ve been going into countries, not talking to the ambassador or the CIA station chief, and finding people on a list and

 executing them and leaving. That’s been going on ..."

A picture of the guy who told me he will decide my fate, who made him a god?

03-09-2009 Bolivia ejects another CIA station, chief Francisco Martinez. Prompting us to start a new page in order to keep up. To make the list they have to have screwed up bad, of course the CIA can just change their names when they want. CIA  Э.Моралес выдворил из Боливии дипломата США 

Китайские моряки провоцировали корабль ВМФ США неприличными жестами  

'Reckless' Chinese ships harassed Navy vessel: US  

So who to believe? The Russian version of the above story has the Chinese apparently mooning the US ship and then getting water-cannoned, the US version has the Chinese getting sprayed and then has them taking their clothes off. Either way they (The US ship) appear to have been mooned....


03-08-2009  Medvedev Visits Spain

Ex-UN prosecutor: Bush may be next up for International Criminal Court

Neo-Nazi gets arrested at protest in Germany

Cop drags woman out of her car and puts her face into the asphalt for speeding

Man who rigged Bush's election killed

Woman gets beat up by cop.

How is it possible to confuse "перегрузка" and "перезагрузка"? That goes to show the expertise on Russia that the US Government have at the highest level. They want to show that they want to "reset" Russian/American relations but can not even take the time to spell check. Any fool with Abby Lingvo could have done a better job. Not impressive, or a secret message?  Х.Клинтон передала С.Лаврову символическую "кнопку перезагрузки" российско-американских отношений, предложив министру вместе "нажать на нее". Однако американцы написали на кнопке русское слово "перегрузка" вместо "перезагрузка", на что и указал с улыбкой глава российского МИДа.

Peregruzka means overloaded....That is the first meaning...No one even a little skilled in Russian could confuse the two. My bet is that the reset button they want Mr. Lavrov to put on his desk is probably a very advanced bug. Or it is a message from the translator. Nobody could be that stupid. Wait on second thought this was a country that a allowed a war criminal to be president twice and are too cowardly to go after him.

03-06-2009 Watching the news in the US you can't help but notice how often they throw around words like Communism, Socialism, and Fascism, when Americans really have no idea what living under such systems is really like, soon they will realize that all the propaganda it is nothing but a fear tactic to propagate and support the system under which they live, a Totalitarian Police State.

The internet has helped in great ways, it was supposed to lead to a population of people who sat at their computers, never went out, and were easy to manipulate, but people are not so stupid, they are hungry for knowledge and for many it has led to a more intelligent populace, which is not what those in power want. Stay informed people. Seek the truth, and don't let them play with your reality. 

03-05-2009 Stella Rimington   Mike Smith

US, Russia satellite clash ‘no accident’  

There is now an audio file attached to this page. Let me know what you think. Audio message from  They will do and say anything to surround Russia with missiles.

NATO site...Password to documents ( progress )  SECRETS ARE HERE

03-05-2009 Mayan Indian (Marco Robles) who fled Guatemala after family butchered denied Asylum in US and sent back

Oh Those Lips I don't know guys, what about you? I used to think that Angelina Jolie had the hottest lips in the world, but I am afraid that prize now has to go to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Julia Timushenko... Maybe I am alone on this but she has got to have the sexiest lips I have ever seen. I have never been a big fan of Ukraine but she just can not escape mention. WOW! I still think Russian girls are the most beautiful in the world but daaaaaaaamn girl, you ought to have a license for those!!

How did Bush win either election? Diebold voting machines included delete buttons 

Teen in jail beating video calls attack 'horrible'

Instructed to curtail crushing red tape, guards watched girl die in her cell

Judge argues with man then gives him 120 years in Prison

So what would you do if everyone you trusted stabbed you in the back?

03-04-2009 Guantanamo Prisoner List Released   

MI-6 Upset Google Maps Shows Secret British Nuclear Bases

Bush knew about 9-11 before it happened. "To speak the truth under President George Bush was the worst crime of all.  It was treason."  (And) ...he said, "Those are Israeli agents. It's not an accident. They knew this attack was coming. And they were waiting for it."

Interpol issues arrest warrants for 15 Israelis for War Crimes

Obama releases secret Bush anti-terror memos 

Bush-era memo claims unfettered rendition powers 

Serbian spy's trial lifts cloak on his CIA alliance 

Timeline of the Jovica Stanisic (CIA) case

Bush Evidence being stored in Chattanooga, Tennessee  Here   and    Here

Letterman shreds Limbaugh, calling him 'bonehead,' 'gangster' In all honesty I think he was being kind, I personally think that Rush Limbaugh is the worst piece of human excrement to ever be allowed to speak before an audience, he has been the single biggest voice of the racist right in America for the last twenty years. I personally think he should be locked up in a small padded cell after having his tongue cut out of course, and I challenge the slimy greasy pontificating gas bag lying piece of crap to try to get me to apologize, like he has been strong arming everyone to do lately. Rush you are sewage and a waste of human flesh. Blow me. (Sic) 

Exploding Toads 

GOP convention 'looked like Nazi Germany'   

Secret Pentagon Study On Intel-Ops

03-03-2009 Obama Sent "Secret" Letter to President Medvedev   Huffington Post does not know who the Russian president is.

>This major November, 2008 RAND Corporation study on intelligence operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, conducted 300 interviews at all levels with US, UK and Dutch intelligence officers and diplomats. From WIKI Leaks.
        The 318 page document could be described as part of the "Pentagon Papers" for Iraq and Afghanistan. It was confidentially prepared for the Pentagon's Joint Forces Command and focuses on intelligence and counterinsurgency operations.

        The study's distribution was restricted to a select group of Coalition war partners and Israel.

         90% of Intel in Afghanistan and Iraq is handled by the company.

          For Russia it reveals that the CIA monitors "Russian gangs" in Germany. It also reveals that the US forces are relying on Russian maps. 

         Notable quotes involving Russia: Organize yourself and train yourself day-to-day as you plan to fight. You’ve got to do it. . . . In Schweinfurt, a small town in Germany, my [intelligence officer] would track the gangs every day and tell us where a soldier shouldn’t go because that’s where the Russian gangs hang out.113
        Because of lack of exchange, we [the Royal Netherlands Army] went to the Australians and others, because we could not get intel from our own people. [On] old Russian maps, some place names were correct; some were not. Locales had diferent place names—say, for an area around a given mosque. It took two months to even detect the issue.66

>Olga here is what you asked for.  

Germans Use Jewish Hair from Auschwitz

German firm 'used hair from 40,000 death camp inmates butchered at Auschwitz''

         The amount of cloth, which was pictured on Spiegel television as rolls of closely-woven brownish fabric, was said to have derived from the hair shorn from some 40,000 Auschwitz prisoners. Dr Lachendro said that subsequent analysis of the hair showed that some of it contained traces of the Zyklon B gas used by the Nazis to murder millions in the death camps.

         Hair was routinely shorn from prisoners, usually on arrival, at the death camps. The Nazi war machine used it to make army blankets and socks for U-boat crews. The Auschwitz museum on the site of the former death camp displays a store filled to the roof with inmates' hair originally intended for so-called "human recycling".

03-01-2009 Merkel's plane had problems and made an emergency landing

Переворот в Гвинее-Бисау: президент страны убит  Coup de tat in Guinea-Bissau, president killed



>I don't know, maybe it's just me but, don't you think that the richest state in the US which lies on the Pacific Ocean ought to be able to come up with some way to desalinate and get water inland. It seems ridiculous! Sitting on the largest body of water in the world and whining that they have no water?! American stupidity in action. It would not take much, but then you have the status quo and all those federal emergency dollars. Seems to me like someone in hell asking for a light.

Dumb Ass's State of Emergency.

CIA doesn't care if they are guilty or not. Sure guys, just invade a country in an act of aggressive war and call anybody who fights back enemy combatants. That is in stark reality what they did in Afghanistan. Perhaps we should follow Gary's advice and just kill Bush and all the Neo-Cons and why not Gary himself, after all they are all war criminals.  "JUST KILL THEM ALL": CIA Agent Gary Berntsen.

Watch how brutal American cops beat the living hell out of a 15 year old girl who did nothing more than flick her shoe at them and probably mouthed off. They slam her first face into a wall then punch her repeatedly in the head after slamming her face first into the cement floor. And you think America is great? That crap happens all the time.  Source

>NSA aims to expand power: Eavesdropping agency looks to take over cybersecurity.

Skull and Bones and the Trilateral Commission

Business International Corporation is a CIA front

John Bolton thinks it would be great if Chicago was destroyed by a nuclear bomb

Estonian Spy sold NATO secrets and got 12 years

Убийство экс-генерала ФСБ в Москве связывают с отставкой Е.Строева Murder of ex FSB general connected to Stroeva

Генштаб прогнозирует начало информационных войн через 2-3 года  Info-Warfare coming soon

MI5 cold-shoulders Hobsbawm request to see his file

Marine One blueprints and avionics leaked to Iran through peer-to-peer network


03-01-2009 If you would like to employ me  I am seeking full time work. Any offers considered. E-mail me at . Would consider any server related projects as well, on dual XEON 64 bit 1.6Ghz 16 Gb RAM Machine with 1Gps WAN Connection, currently hosting only this site. Fluent in Russian, Spanish and English. Location: Moscow, Russia. Pay: Astronomical. Thank you.

It is the first of March and the first day of spring, so as part of spring cleaning everything has been ARCHIVED)))

Secret NATO Documents

02-28-2009 Secret NATO documents cracked Password: PROGRESS (sic) . According to NATO "Under no circumstances are Russian "assets" (sic) to be used in Afghanistan. Russia is to be used to train Afghan narcotics officers and police on Russian territory. Read the documents carefully. They are a blue-print for failure, and show that NATO and the US , in reality, have no real idea how they are going to win. They have once again missed the most important part of the equation, and I sure the hell am not going to be the one to tell them what it is.


Philip Agee DEAD     January 9th  

The US will NOT attend the UN Racism Conference apparently the US will be singled out and they have problems with wording regarding reparations for slavery (sic). Of course they obfuscate. BOOOO BOOOOO

Россия назвала фарсом заявление Канады о полете Ту-160  Russia says tale a farce, I call it

Canadian propaganda

У.Чавес: США не имеют права вмешиваться в дела других стран 







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