September 2009


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09-25-2009 CIA: Operation Gladio ????   In 1996, a car crashed in the town of Susurluk, in Turkey. The car contained a top police chief and a top politician. The car also contained a man called Abdullah Çatli, who was a drug trafficker and contract killer with links to fascism and the CIA's Operation Gladio.


Birthday Wishes to Mike Smith


CIA Launching Surge

09-20-2009 CIA launching ’surge’ of spies into Afghanistan

09-19-2009 Д.Рогозин: Заявление Б.Обамы по ПРО надо читать между строк

Д.Медведев считает неправильным называть В.Путина "шпионом"

9-18-2009 Came out of work at one of my jobs a couple hours ago and found that someone had shattered my windshield, since I have no more enemies, we believe it can only be one guy, how about it Yura Sologub? I think it is about time you were, let's say, arrested? I am really tired of this guy. To put it mildly. They danced around on the hood too. So who is going to pay for the damage? Why me of course. This is Russia as everybody tells me. I wanted to go to the police but everyone says, this is Russia. They won't do anything and in reality that is true. So what can I do? Nothing. If anyone has any information please e-mail me. This happened in front of the Vechni Ogna in Lubertsy on the 18th of September between 20:00 and 21:37.  I can not afford to fix it so if anyone out there would be kind enough to help me out I would appreciate it very much. E-Mail me at If you are new to jar2 read the archives about my running legal battle with a two bit hood Yura Sologub, and my former employer Center Razvita Lichnosti, in Malahovka, which was a BKC school which was taken over, where I worked for 13 years and in the end was made to work like a slave and when I demanded my pay I was illegally terminated. I took them to court to try to get part of the 684,00.00 rubles they owe me, but will they pay? No, everyone says. This is Russia.  I follow the law and lead an honest life and this is what I get. Wonderful. So look. A picture is worth a thousand words. What are you going to tell me? This is Russia? Beautiful. By the way this happened on the CIA's birthday. Conspiracy? No. This is Russia.  I still love it here but things are getting bad. Or I should say they have been bad for quite a while. I know I should shut up but I am tired of shutting up. I wonder how much this cost them? Am I afraid? I guess I should be intimidated but I am not. I am disgusted. Do I really think anyone cares or that anyone is going to help? No I don't. Do I think certain people are laughing about this and I am helping their cause? Maybe. Could it be someone down at the Embassy? Maybe. Could it be associated with my site? I don't know. Could the bomb scare in front of my window last week which I was told to be quiet about and which had half the neighborhood in a complete lock down have something to do with this? Maybe. Is someone trying to scare me? I think, definitely. Am I? No. It takes a lot to scare a Taino Indian. A Have a nice day)))


09-18-2009 Нацразведка США назвала Россию страной, угрожающей ее интересам   38°56′47″N 77°09′32″W 

Владимир ВОЕЙКОВ, ветеран российской военной разведки, полковник запаса: «Их разведчики просто хотят денег» - В 16 американских спецслужбах США работают более 200 тысяч человек. Более 100 тысяч из них нацелены на работу в России и вокруг нее. Годовой бюджет американской разведки на 2010 год - более $75 млрд. В полтора раза больше, чем весь военный бюджет России! Открою вам секрет: американской тематикой сегодня занимаются примерно два десятка сотрудников Внешней разведки РФ и Главного разведуправления Генштаба. Чувствуете разницу?

09-16-2009 Message from John: I am working four jobs to try to make ends meet which is why I don't have much time to post and do everything I do here. I am sorry if I have neglected some of you,  you are still dear to me but unfortunately in this world we all have to worry about making money first, and that has become quite the headache. Have a nice day.

Fascists Becoming a Problem in Britain

09-13-2009  Десять самых дорогостоящих катастроф в истории

Minister warns of 1930s-style fascists on Britain's streets

London mosque is targeted on anniversary of 9/11 attacks

9-11: An Inside Job. The Damning Proof? Unignited Thermite

09-11-2009 The World Trade Center Was Brought Down in a Controlled Demolition

09-09-2009 Their paths crossed in a strange Darwinian twist of fate, the retelling of which deserved the gravity of tales told during the greatest ages of literature, a story more akin to the romantic classics of those bygone days, ages ago, than to the hyper speed 5 second attention span media overload that was the world of 2009.

       The accused KGB spy who was living alone, lonely and heartbroken, trying to cope with a life that had been shattered, struggling to right the wrongs meted out on him by an overzealous agency that had been hell bent on justifying their own existence by proving there were spies to be had and ones to be caught and not caring if the innocent were made into the guilty or whether hundreds of lives were destroyed in the process, sat and thought. Or had it been something more sinister? Was the director of MI-5 herself a plant? Was she an agent groomed from the very day of her recruitment in the hot humid climes of India during the waning days of British Empire, planted in order to get to the position of director, with access to the real secrets of the crown? Secrets she would give to her controllers, ideologically holding views akin to hers on the fairness and equality of women, and who convinced her with the very unarguable justice and equality behind their ideology that it was the right thing to do.
       The Chilean illegal, had been put on ice in the vineyards of Northern Chile since her last mission and had lost hope of being recalled, becoming a lush in the process of trying to forget the disaster that had been her last mission, was now in England, hiding in the bushes waiting for the signal that meant it was time to go, to activate, to execute plan G, it would be soon now, thought the little Chilean with a penchant for forbidden grapes, very soon…..

09-07-2009 Question 9-11 and lose your job, your citizenship, your freedom or your life. Just like thousands before. 

09-04-2009  CIA Conducted Illegal Human Experimentation  Human experimentation without consent has been prohibited in any setting since 1947, when the Nuremberg Code, which resulted from the prosecution of Nazi doctors, set down 10 sacrosanct principles. The code states that voluntary consent of subjects is essential and that all unnecessary physical and mental suffering should be avoided. The Geneva conventions also ban medical experiments on prisoners and prisoners of war, which they describe as "grave breaches". Under CIA guidelines, doctors and psychologists were required to be present during the use of so-called enhanced interrogation techniques on detainees.

CIA Calls for Killing 100,000 Muslims 

Listen to an interview with Michael John Smith, alleged KGB spy,  speaking with jar2  7.9mbs zipped Streaming   

Russia Says Goodbye to Sergei Mikhalkov

08-29-2009 Federal / Military covert testing of through-the-wall infrasound weapons on American Citizens

Прощание с Михалковым  Interfax in Russian 

Russia bids farewell to Sergei Mikhalkov VOR in English

President Dmitry Medvedev met with muftis and governors from the North Caucasus regions.

08-28-2009 Bush is back in the news with another petty worthless mean deed. Refuses to attend Kennedy funeral.

UN envoy slams 'entrenched' racism in Australia

Ted Kennedy Passes Away/CIA Inspector General's Report

08-27-2009 CIA Inspector General's Report on Torture and Interrogation    PDF    ZIPPED    Top Secret, Heavily Redacted

CIA: Yet another torture technique

Ted Kennedy Dies at 77 Obama calls Kennedy 'greatest senator of our time'

CIA Secret Prison in Lithuania

08-23-2009 CIA Operated Secret Prison in Vilnius Lithuania

CIA Used Mock Executions as a Tool  

American HATE America The Violent - 1969?

Lockerbie "Terrorist" Released

NATO and US Pentagon Intensify Plans For Global Military Supremacy: U.S., NATO Could Deploy Mobile Missiles Launchers To Europe and NASA May Be Militarized

Obama Violating Law By Not Investigating Bush

Putin`s image irks American press

Check out the Voice of Russia's Multimedia resources 

MAKS-2009 will go ahead despite the collision

Moscow takes extra measures to ensure security in the North Caucasus

Russia’s automobile production gains momentum   

Yuri Reshetnikov Passes Away

08-19-2009  Yuri Reshetnikov from the Voice of Russia passed away today. He will be dearly missed by many.

Robert Novak is dead. Yes, the CIA agent outing Novak. Novak burned CIA agent Valery Plame , causing the deaths of over 265 people, because her husband had the guts to stand up to the Bush Administration's false claims for going to war in Iraq. He won't be missed. Sorry, no link. What's the point? He's dead.

American Political Debate? Heil Hitler screamed at Jews?

I am not making this stuff up people

Top  50 War Criminals

Top 50 War Criminals: After Downing Street has compiled, in hopes that it may be of some assistance to Eric Holder, John Conyers, Patrick Leahy, active citizens, foreign courts, the International Criminal Court, law firms preparing civil suits, and local or state prosecutors with decency and nerve, a list of 50 top living U.S. war criminals.  As a bonus: Nancy (Give up your kids as collateral) Pelosi Is an Expert at 'Drowning Out Opposing Views'

The Russian mafia was formed under the thieves law or vory v zakone in 1924 by prisoners of Russian gulags. These criminals came together to form a society that could more effectively carry out conspiracies and control the region, they were not a blood family but merely an organization. The Russian Mafia is a very secretive mob. If a member snitches about a crime not only will he be killed but his entire family as well

Moscow CIA OC Officer Kyle Hatcher's Cover Blown by Johnson
08-18-2009 Kyle Hatcher first Secretary of the US Embassy in Moscow and CIA OC officer, whose official responsibilities include liaising with members of the Russian religious community, including the highest levels of the Russian Orthodox Church and the heads of the Jewish and Muslim communities, has been caught engaged in sex with various prostitutes by unknown individuals who filmed him in the act. CIA apologists claim that due to his legend he could not possibly be CIA but upon attempting to verify his legend it comes up hollow. Congratulations to the CIA on this one, once again it goes to show that when it comes to HUMIT operations and million dollar training, the CIA can't control their baser functions namely keeping their Johnsons under control. Kyle Hatcher and his little friend is our outed CIA agent of the month.      Video Here      Photo Here    

Postscript: The real issue here is not the fact that he was engaged in illicit sex during his free time but that he was apparently unaware for hours and perhaps days or months that he was being followed, video taped and his cell phone conversations were being recorded. As the official CIA resident he should have been aware and have taken counter measures. Such entrapment and "honey trap" operations are common and are usually used to blackmail individuals of interest. Apparently Mr. Hatcher was not blackmailable, or was of no interest to those who filmed him any longer.

08-19-2009 On Dec. 4, 2001, five members of a Las Vegas-based charter crew were detained by Russian authorities after they landed without visas in Petropavlovsk. The remote Russian city, located on the Kamchatka peninsula and surrounded by active volcanoes, is nine time zones east of Moscow and cannot be reached by road.  


Warning: US Marines Back in Georgia

08-16-2009 В Грузию прибыли американские военные инструкторы  Once again US Marine instructors are in Georgia training Georgian troops. If the past is any indicator of the intentions of Georgia and the US then within a few weeks we could see another war break out in the Caucuses as we did just over a year ago. Hopefully Russian military intelligence is also aware of the latest developments in Georgia and they are prepared for a lightning quick response should Sakashvili decide to once again start a campaign of genocide against Russian citizens. Reports claim that only five instructors have arrived and that they are to train troops that are to be sent to Afghanistan but if the past is any indication, and they have lied before, then this may just be the tip of the iceberg. Will follow with an update if one is warranted.

Spymaster Praises His Students

KGB master spy praises Cuban pupils  Cuban State Security trainees "were good students. I shared my experience with them to help them fight against what at the time was our common enemy -- the U.S. secret services," says Russian counterintelligence veteran Oleg Maximovich Nechiporenko.

US Role in last year's aggressive war by Georgia.

Regarding neighboring Georgia, a German press report on the second day of last August's war between that nation and Russia stated that "US Special Forces troops, and later US Marines replacing them, have for the last half decade been systematically training selected Georgian units to NATO standards" and "First-line Georgian soldiers wear NATO uniforms, kevlar helmets and body armour matching US issue, and carry the US-manufactured M-16 automatic rifle...."

Racism is alive and well and living in Amerika, even Native Americans are targets. This is the tip of the iceberg friends. It has been a slow news month but we will be following these.

Watch: At forum, white man destroys black woman's Rosa Parks sign, woman is escorted out

Rove tried to shut out Hopi woman as US Attorney


Crazy Blonde

What would you do if you were being stalked by someone like this?

Moscow at Night from Cockpit

Moscow from the cockpit