Was Hugo Chavez assassinated? I would say it is a given.

By John Robles for the Voice of Russia  SOURCE

The death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was a tragedy which has affected and touched millions worldwide, as a leader in an anti-US imperialism movement throughout Latin America and arguably the world, he became an enemy of the United States and due to the fact that he was almost unstoppable, it is said he was the target of a secret assassination plot by the CIA. Is it possible in 2013 to deliver and infect cancer in an individual? The CIA has been experimenting with just such an assassination tool since at least the early 1960s, so the answer to that question is an almost definite yes.
       On the same night that we were informed about the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez we were also informed by Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro that the was expelling two American military attaches from the country. He stated that he was sure that the cancer of the late President Hugo Chavez was caused and delivered by “enemies”. A commission has been set up to investigate and we await its findings.

The claim may seem extreme but if we look at the history of the CIA and secret US programs to deliver and cause cancer in Latin American leaders and even attempts by Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate Fidel Castro using cancer causing biological agents, the claim not only seems reasonable but also likely.

Before his death during many public speeches Hugo Chavez called cases of cancer among presidents throughout Latin America an “epidemic” and a strange and alarming phenomenon.

Not only was cancer spreading with non-coincidental regularity at approximately the same time to leaders in Latin America but it was attacking Latin America’s leading left leaning anti-US Imperialists, including Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff, Paraguay’s Fernando Lugo, the former President of Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Argentinean President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. We might also add the mysterious illness of Fidel Castro to the list. Was this possibly a coincidence? Mathematically speaking this is not possible.

In an address to the nation on Venezuelan national radio the late Hugo Chavez stated: "I don't know but... it is very odd that we have seen Lugo affected by cancer, Dilma when she was a candidate, me, going into an election year, not long ago Lula and now Cristina... It is very hard to explain, even with the law of probabilities, what has been happening to some leaders in Latin America. It's at the very least strange, very strange."

It is obvious to anyone in the world that all of these anti-US imperialist leaders were a problem for one country, the USA and we also know they will do anything to advance their policies, yet when dealing with super secret assassins delivering toxins and untraceable viruses which cause cancer, even though it may have been obvious who the beneficiary would be, Hugo Chavez never openly accused the United States, he knew he had to have proof.

If this were a court of law the circumstantial evidence would be enough to convict the US but unfortunately that is not the case.

When I started researching for this article and the subject of the spread and delivery of cancer causing pathogens and viruses several old and well known names and CIA projects began popping up including MKULTRA, Project PAPERCLIP, Program F, CIA agent David Ferrie, Dr. Cornelius Rhoads, MKNAOMI, MKCHIKWIT, MKDELTA, MKOFTEN, Dr. Charles F. Geschickter, Ethnic Weapons that attack DNA, the Kennedy Assassination, Dr. Alton Ochsner Sr. and Dr. Mary Stults Sherman and her research into delivering cancer to Fidel Castro in a secret operation involving Lee Harvey Oswald.

Although the MK designation refers to mind control and many of the experiments and operations in the MK-SERIES of programs were focused on mind control and behavioral modification and creation experiments as well as the substances to bring those changes about, they also focused on the development, transformation, mutation, use and delivery of almost every kind of disease and illness known to man.

According to Dr. David Barret who I spoke to last year regarding the “events” of 9-11, the CIA, according to Fidel Castro’s bodyguard Fabian Escalante, has attempted to kill the Cuban president an astonishing 638 times. Dr. Barret says, “The CIA's methods included exploding cigars, biological warfare agents painted on Castro's diving suit, deadly pills, toxic bacteria in coffee, an exploding speaker's podium, snipers, poison-wielding female friends, and explosive underwater sea shells.”

In an article on the matter of President Chavez’s assassination Dr. Barret (LINK1) even names the possible assassins as being a group called the Asteroids “the world's most expensive and accomplished professional killers” who specialize in plane crashes and assassinating heads of state. Dr. Barret does not go so far as blaming the US Government but he does say it was probably the “Banksters” who truly run the United States who were responsible for the assassination of Chavez.

Vice President Nicolas Maduro’s expulsion of US Air Force Attache Colonel David Delmonaco, and Assistant Air Force Attache Major Devlin Kostal for attempting to coerce active Venezuelan military officials to join in destabilization projects and for attempting to instigate a military plot against the Venezuelan government, may be just the tip of the iceberand no doubt the Venezuelan Security Services have more information than they are letting out.

Maduro has recently also lashed out at what he called "the corrupt Venezuelan right" for engaging in a psychological war seeking "scenarios of violence as a pretext for foreign intervention," Meaning of course US intervention.

Vice President Maduro has also referred to the late leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Yasser Arafat, as someone who was “inoculated with an illness” and another victim of US secret assassination.

In 2011 Chavez said: ““Wouldn't it be weird if they had developed a technology for inducing cancer and nobody knows up until now?”

Some bacteria that cause cancer are the following: Helicobacter Pylori can cause stomach cancer, Streptococcus Bovis is associated with colorectal cancer, Chlamydia Pneumoniea is connected to lung cancer, Salmonella Typhi can lead to gallbladder cancer and Mychoplasma.

There are also viruses that cause cancer and they include: the most common Hepatitis viruses, including hepatitis B and C, Human Papilloma viruses, the Human T-Lymphotropic virus, Kaposi’s Herpesvirus, Merkel Cell Polyomavirus and the Epstein–Barr virus.

The most common and widespread and perhaps difficult to fight as it spreads throughout the tissues of the stomach area is the Helicobacter Pylori virus. Media reports say Chavez was in a great deal of pain and the repeated treatments he received may point to this virus and we might postulate it was the one which may have infected the late president. However as I am not an expert I am only speculating.

Common means of delivering this virus may be saliva, from a kiss for example, or through drinking water or other liquid such as a soup. There are vaccines and cures for this kind of virus meaning that if an assassin was infected and kissed the target, they could be quickly cured. As this virus is so common and widespread, especially in the developing world, it would be almost impossible to trace.

If President Hugo Chavez was in fact assassinated we do not know at this point. Was it possible? Yes. Was it likely? I think you are living in a fucking McDonald's induced fantasy world if you doubt it for one second.

The US "Attaches" were CIA posing as Air Force Officers. If you doubt that fact think about this, US Air Force Officers do not engage in recruiting for color revolutions and coups. Does not happen. Any idiot who believes they were USAF knows absolutely nothing about how the spooks work. It is an interesting point that the CIA is not only using USAID, Diplomatic posts, and security positions as cover but they have evolved and now are donning USAF uniforms in addition to Marine uniforms etc to do their dirty work.  


Regarding the death of Hugo Chavez, our feelings were best described by Rick Rozoff at Stop NATO in this interview on the Voice of Russia

Hugo Chavez was a humble man from humble origins who did more than anyone else to lift up and unite the countries and the people of Latin America after being subjugated to decades of US imperialism. He was an inspiration and a beacon who will be sorely missed by many. Hours after the passing of the late President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, Rick Rozoff spoke with John Robles about the legacy and the positive changes the late leader single-handedly brought to the world.
Robles: In our discussions of NATO expansion, US imperialistic movements all over the globe, many times we’ve talked about Hugo Chavez and his independence and the way he stood up to the US. Can you give us your opinions of the great achievements of Mr. Hugo Chavez?
Rozoff: The late and very much lamented, Hugo Chavez was a remarkable man but in many ways remarkable despite the fact that he was not remarkable. That is: he was born in a very humble family, one that might even be described as impoverished. He was born in a village. He was of part Indigenous, that is: Native American, Indian background, as well as reportedly of African background.
He was somebody who resembles people like you or me, our parents, our grandparents: people who haven’t gone to elite schools, people who have not been born in privilege and have been selected from birth, if you will, for positions of honor and power. A simple man who applied himself and developed his talents and his abilities, but most of all his dedication.
We have to remember that his election as President of Venezuela in 1999 set the stage for, heralded, a whole series of election victories and transformations throughout Latin America, Central as well as South America, in countries like Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Nicaragua, El Salvador, that he himself was the prime mover in setting up what is known by the acronym of ALBA (The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America) that he was the prime mover in setting up something by the acronym of CELAC (The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States), the Bank of the South, TeleSur (the television network for the South America).
It was this one man instrumental in turning the tide of Latin America and in many ways of the southern hemisphere of the world that has been wracked by the neoliberalism of the 1990s.
And his actions have been described, I think very accurately John, as having, on his initiative that we have seen the reversal of 200 years of the Monroe Doctrine.
A few years ago when Russian and Venezuelan vessels participated in a joint naval exercise in the Caribbean. It was exactly in that context, it was remarked that this had basically reversed the 200 years of the Monroe Doctrine, that is of Washington and the United States claiming exclusive sphere of influence throughout the entire western hemisphere.
And that this was the doing of Hugo Chavez, this humble former soldier, who became 14-year-president of Venezuela, one who read distributed the wealth from petroleum and other industries in the country to benefit the agrarian, as well as the rural poor, or offered major economic assistance, including to subsidize energy deals with countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, even with parts of the United States, as a matter of fact, New York City.
He reconfigured the power relationships not only in the Western Hemisphere, but globally, in a way that could not had been foreseen.
You know, the head of state of a country that isn’t a tremendously large one, isn’t a tremendously powerful one, certainly not in military terms, but this is a man who made frequent visits to Russia, to the African continent, to the Middle East, to China, who cultivated relationships with the emerging multi-polar world, particularly those nations represented in BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India, Russia, China and South Africa. And he was arguably the most persuasive advocate for a newly emerging system of multi-polarity in the world, of anyone I know.
Robles: Let me ask you about Nicolas Maduro the Vice President. Yesterday he said that Hugo Chavez’s cancer was part of a conspiracy against him and basically he had been poisoned by enemies.
He also expelled two US military attachés from the country. Would you care to speculate on those accusations, thta he made?
Rozoff: On the first accusation, you know that the suspicious incidents of cancer amongst independent Latin American heads of state; in Argentina, in Bolivia, earlier in Brazil, in Venezuela, even one can argue, with Fidel Castro in Cuba, that there certainly is room for legitimate suspicion and investigation.
I might recommend a book that was published in the last couple of years with the intriguing title “Mary’s Monkey”, a book written about the late Mary Sherman and about CIA linked operations in the early 1960s to actually develop the types of cancer for use against political adversaries. So, it’s not that far-fetched an accusation.
On the second score, the fact that the two US Embassy personnel have been declared persona-non-grata and expelled from, or invited to leave Venezuela, I think what is of most concern to us right now is the fact that, should a new election be held because of the death of Hugo Chavez, that the United States would certainly kick into high gear the entire color revolution operation that has been employed in the past; in Yugoslavia, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lebanon and so forth. But we may see it done on a much more ambitious scale even than we saw in the countries that I’ve just mentioned, just as Venezuela has been the bellwether, has been the prototype for the transformation that has occurred throughout Latin America in the last 14 years. So, the US sees it, I suppose as the transformation, the revolution, that needs to be reversed first.
Robles: Rick, if we could maybe about a minute more and I really appreciate you speaking with me at this late hour.
Rozoff: Thank you for the opportunity. You know, I think when talking about somebody like Chavez, who again was as humble and unpretentious person as any of us could hope to be, that in speaking of him nevertheless, you know it is almost a paradox, I am reminded of the lines in the Bible, in the Gospel, that I don’t feel worthy to lace his sandals.
I mean I can pay him a tribute, but it’s a tribute of a very simple person who was immensely grateful and stands in eternal admiration of everything that he has done.
And all the people that he has made enthusiastic about the process that he in many ways initiated, and that his faith and the faith that he has instilled in them will continue. And I’m very much saddened with his demise. I’m very proud of his accomplishments.
I’m very confident that Latin America and the world will continue towards a world that is really worthy of mankind.s