Assange officially files to run for Australian Senate

Julian Assange, the most famous whistleblower and fighter for transparency in the world, something that has made him enemy number one of the United States of America, has officially filed documents with the Australian Electoral Commission to run for a senate seat in the Australian state of Victoria in the upcoming September federal elections. The fight proves to be a test not only for Mr. Assange but also for the Australian people who now will have a choice for real positive change in their country or to keep the status quo. Will he win? Chances are good.

Well it is official! Julian Assange has now formally filed an application to run for a seat in the Australian Senate in the upcoming September 14th federal elections. His formal application was filed for him in Melbourne with the Australian Electoral Commission on Tuesday by his supporters and officially he will be running for a seat in the Australian state of Victoria.

Mr. Assange will be running on a ticket for the newly created WikiLeaks Party which has yet to be formally registered with the Australian Electoral Commission, but which already has staff, is active and has two internet domain names registered in the name of the deputy national party president, Tim Neal, who according to media reports live in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia 264 kilometers from Melbourne.

Mr. Assange’s application was apparently turned in by his father, John Shipton, who is a well-know architect from Sydney and who has been one of the principle organizers of the new party which already has a national council consisting of 10 people who are all supporters of WikiLeaks or close friends of Mr. Assange.

With regard to the filing The Age quotes Mr. Shipton as having said that the move was; “a first step' in a political campaign that would focus on the democratic requirement of truthfulness from government''.

According to the Wikileaks discussion forum Mr. Shipton told the Associated Press in Australia that he thought there was lot of support for Julian and even more support for what Julian stands for. "The party stands for what Julian espouses transparency and accountability in government and of course human rights."

There were concerns that Mr. Assange’s asylum claim might be hindered by him running for a political seat in Australia, but in an interview with the Voice of Russia, his American lawyer, Michael Ratner, said his running will in no way affect the asylum he was granted by Ecuador.

When I spoke with Mr. Ratner I asked him if Mr. Assange would be able to fulfill the duties of the office, which will be filled by an appointee chosen by Mr. Assange if he is not able to physically take the seat, as has been stated by his supporters, and he stated that the situation is a not clear due to the fact that, as he put it, Australia is a “lap dog for America”, and may attempt to send Mr. Assange to America where he faces life in prison or even execution, for publishing material that was embarrassing to the United States and which exposed war crimes and secret wars being carried out in contravention of international laws and treaties.

Mr. Ratner stated that since Australian is an English Commonwealth country Mr. Assange may be granted some kind of immunity which might allow him to finally leave the Ecuadorian Embassy, where he has been forced to seek refuge out of fears for his life.

Many American politicians, government officials, public figures and pundits have openly called for Mr. Assange’s assassination. Rather than investigations into the facts uncovered by WikiLeaks.

The fears which Mr. Assange has are very real and exist to this day, a fact that was underlined in a recent interview with William Blum on the Voice of Russia, who said that it was a given that Assange was on US Government assassination lists and who in his words has, “… a missile with his name on it, inside a drone with his name on it!”

I contacted WikiLeaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnnson and Christine Assange for comment on the Senate bid however they refrained from commenting or have not answered requests for comments, directing me instead to Samantha Castro the Co-Director of the WikiLeaks Australian Citizen’s Alliance, an interview with whom will be available soon on the Voice of Russia.

Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks Party are bravely continuing their fight to end the illegal and criminal conduct of government and fighting for transparency, time will tell if the Australian people also support such noble ideals.

"I think there's a lot of support for Julian and even more support for what Julian stands for," Mr Shipton told the Australian Associated Press, ARS Technica reports. "The party stands for what Julian espouses—transparency and accountability in government and of course human rights.