By John Robles Originally published here: http://english.ruvr.ru/2012_12_26/The-demise-of-Western-civilization-Rated-XXX/

What happens when self-serving, corrupt and power hungry elements driven by nothing but pure greed who are willing to manipulate and bend the law to their own ends then obtain power and positions of authority for the sole reason of maintaining and expanding their own wealth and power and then do everything that they can to maintain that power and increase their own wealth?

To add to the equation: What then happens when the above officials come to power in a country with a capitalist system designed and engineered to support and protect the rich, where the majority of the population are suppressed and subjugated with an iron hand and which has a policy of world domination and subjugation, a goal which it is actively willing to promote and reach at any cost whatsoever?

The answer to the above questions lies in the United States of America and is exactly what has happened there. Take heed; unfortunately the above questions are posed in a subdued and understated manner and do not properly reflect the true dire and urgent nature of the real situation in that country. Also to properly answer said question would require volumes. Despite all of that answering these questions is an urgent and pressing matter as the situation in that country is increasingly affecting each and every one of us, all over the world, in real and tangible ways, more and more, with each passing day.

The problem (as we will refer to the total corruption of the entire system) with Western Society and the Capitalist System is not a secret. Americans at all levels who have any level of independent thinking are aware of the “problem”, yet few are willing and/or able to do anything about it, that is assuming that there is a desire to, and even fewer are willing to publically confront the problem in any attempt to right the situation.

Like racism the problems affecting Western Society are ones that are taboo and not a part of serious public debate. Americans do appease themselves and their consciences by admitting that such problems exist, and even laugh about societal wrongs, yet almost no one is seriously attempting to correct the situation and those who do (eg whistleblowers) face the violent opposition and the full wrath of the American system.

For the foreign observer it seems like lunacy watching the American “show” and seeing the endless examples of hypocrisy, injustice, malfeasance of office and the nonfeasance of those in power to do anything, leaving one to wonder what in the world the American people are thinking and if they actually are. Yet everywhere there is evidence that they know there is something wrong with their society and their system and that it is in decline. Like Sodom and Gomorra and the Roman Empire, Western civilization is in decay and will go the way of the aforementioned models of “civilization”.

With regard to awareness, which may be half the battle, most of the population of the world are consumers of Hollywood movies and exposed to American media and with the advent of the internet this has become more so.

Those who watch American films often see examples of corrupt politicians, police and officials doing everything they can to enrichen themselves and committing every variety of crime and machination with the conclusion being the typical Hollywood “happy end”, yet in real life there rarely appears a happy end.

Hollywood knows this and knows that this is one reason that people pay to watch films. For Americans films are escapism, films are a way to escape the reality that they have to live with every single day of their lives and one that they can not escape from. I have always said if you want to know what American society is like watch a Hollywood film and then for the most part imagine the opposite of what is shown on the screen, with relation to the positive.

To understand the full evil that has spread through the West is not enough, something must be done about it, but that has become an almost impossibility as the evil and the corruption has gone all the way to the top and the entire system has been rigged to support and promote those in power and to respond violently to any threat to the status quo.

Psychologically the American public is being very cleverly manipulated and controlled through the media and though Hollywood films for example, this is not some sort of a conspiracy, as anyone who brings the matter up is accused of promoting, but a reality. These are tools to control the masses and stifle public outcry. In this regard psychological manipulation, brain-washing and programming begins from childhood, this is a fact, and continues until death.

The hypocrisy of America begins in the primary school classroom and more importantly in the school yard. The US Education System is designed to instill a high level of patriotism in the population, this is first and foremost and is necessary to keep such a widely disperse population under control.

Unknown to most of the world’s population, every first lesson of the day from primary school until high school begins with what is called the “Pledge of Allegiance” where students stand and face the ever present American Flag, put their hands on their hearts and recite an oath to America learned by rote. However the real learning, which has long lasting effects, occurs in the school yard. In brief children learn from their peers that bullies can do whatever they want and are “kings” and those who come from wealthy white families can also do whatever they want and are untouchable.

Further education, after the “free” system, is then made available for a large part, only to the elites because they are more likely to promote the system which is designed to ensure their own elitist survival and not the survival of the masses, hence what we see today.   

This thinking: extreme patriotism, violence as a means for conflict resolution, the rich as untouchable, and the supremacy of the white race, is learned and reinforced from an early age and further promoted and reinforced by society, the media, authorities and peers.

Thinking people know it is wrong and the general public know it is wrong but the system is designed in such a manner and going outside of it is dangerous and nearly impossible, and anyone who seeks accountability is quickly and brutally marginalized and gotten rid of as brutally and permanently as possible.

To tell the American people that their “government of the people by the people” is a fallacy is something that they do not want to hear, although they know it, it does not fit in with their programming. They know they are powerless and merely exist to support and promote the state. This may sound Orwellian but it is the reality.

This powerlessness in conjunction with the glorification of violence, the promotion of the belief that force is the answer to all problems and that weapons are something that are owned by a “free” people leads to bursts of violence that are largely incomprehensible to people outside the US, hence an endless stream of events such as the recent Connecticut shootings.

The powerlessness and injustice also draws people to the box office to see how the hero beats the system, gets rich, finds love and the corrupt villain finally gets what he deserves, things which in reality rarely happen.

The total supremacy of the corporate state and the corrupt leaders running it became evident to anyone who had any doubts after the events of September 11, 2001.

For the neo-conservatives planners behind the Project for a New American Century, who many believe were the actual architects of 9-11, it was not only a watershed moment and a catalyst for global domination; it was also the end of the “liberty” of the American population.

Although the planner’s intention was to create a new era of total American global domination, something we are seeing today, in reality it also created the conditions and all of the mechanisms for the actual decline and demise of Western Civilization. In brief the planners bit off more than they could chew and the global resistance was not something they properly expected or planned for.

I am an optimist and a humanist and still naively believe that human nature is basically good and we all seek justice and fairness and that good will always prevail over evil, no matter how long it suffers or is muffled. In this regard I am sure that real justice must prevail, not the justice meted out by brutal police, corrupt officials and a justice system that serves the interests of the few, but real justice.         

The people know there is something wrong with the system and with their society but that is not enough, when the system is designed to be controlled from the top down. Those in power who control and run the system must also be convinced that what they are promoting and protecting is not right. Change in the US must come from the top. Something that is unlikely to happen.

So as with any recalcitrant repeat offender, change must then be forced from the outside. In this regard a multi-polar world is an absolute must as are global independent bodies which serve the interests of true justice and all of the countries of the world and have real “teeth”, not just US controlled “surrogates” such as the UN and Hague.

The American people know there is a problem, yet seem to refuse to do anything about it as evidenced by media depictions of brutal police, corruption, war crimes and the like. However it may be too late to do anything about it. Regardless, courage must be found to battle evil, no matter at what level, for without courage, all will be lost, if in fact it has already not been.