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"Humanitarian Intervention" in Libya

Tripoli now belongs to Al-Qaeda

Mossad Agreement with Al-Qaeda for military bases in Libya

cia tnc

CIA checking on their investment

M writes: This just in – this is a photo of US troops fighting with the Misurata Al Qaeda criminals, preparing to attack civilians in Tripoli.  Everybody in Libya hates Misurata now, they have illegal prisons in Misurata and in Tripoli.  They have tortured thousands to death, they shoot civilians in the streets, the rape and kill women at will and they are selling body parts on the black market from prisoners they have killed or will soon be killing.  They are gangs, they are not government, they are raping the county and care nothing about Libya or the Libyan people. They receive funding and arms from Qatar, Turkey and now it appears the US.   Even the US puppet Prime Minister, Ali Zeidan is against them and he has absolutely no power to stop them.    The photo came from a TV station in Libya.

US backed Al Qaeda in Libya

US-Israeli backed Al-Qaeda/TNC psycho killer freedom fighter. Notice the gleeful enjoyment on his face. Sick

McCain and Al Qaeda

Stevens/McCain and the CIA's Libyan surrogates, everyone in this picture is now dead except McCain

MCCain and Belhaj

Abdelhakim Belhadj recruited by the CIA to fight the USSR during the creation of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, Muammar Gaddafi imprisoned  him as a terrorist and traitor but just like Mohamed Morsi in Egypt also imprisoned in Egypt for treason, he helped the US destroy his own country and hand the keys over to the United States. Here Belhadj hands Libya over to the Americans.

Belhadj Statement day after Chris Stevens death  9/12/2012   I am a member of the Islamist Fighter group and I am proud of this. I will never I forgot that I spent my best years in prisons. I am still a member for this group and will follow its rule and all its objectives..All the world should know that I did many Al Qaeda (terrorist) operations around the world in Morocco, Yemen, Somali , Algeria, even Afghanistan and Pakistan. I send honor and respected to Sheikh Ayman Al Zawahari. and my first teacher Abu Musaab Zargawi. I am so sad for Sheikh Hassan Elgayedi having been killed in Pakistan...but we consider him a martyr. Me, and my brother Sheik Khalid Sharif, brother Sheikh Mahdi Harati, Sheikh Hashem Pashr ,and Sheik Abd Raaouf Kara we are the  Leaders of the  Committee in Tripoli and we will not allow any foreign person to lead us...and I applaud Mujahed Sheik Ismail Sallabi for his brave and strong speech on the local Derna channel. I tell him we are with you for each word you said...there is no place for USA or the UK  or any western country in Libya. Libya is an Islamic Jihad country and Islam sun will shine from it whether you like it or not. We have weapons and mujahedeen from all world and we have all kinds of weapons even forbidden weapons. We will not delay to use the weapons against anyone who is against us.   القيادي البارز في الجماعة الاسلامية المقاتله الليبي الجرد عبد الحكيم بلحاج يخرج عن صمته ويقول :: انا فعلاً عضواً في الجماعة الاسلامية المقاتله ولي الفخر بذلك وانا لن ا تنكر لذلك وفي سبيله قضيت اجمل سنيين حياتي في السجون والتعذيب والقهر ، انا لا زلت عضو في هذه الجماعة ولن اتخلى على منهاجها ويجب ان يعرف الكل ذلك الغرب قبل الشرق وقد قمت بعمليات جهاذية في كل ربوع الارض من المغرب الي اليمن الي الصومال والجزائر وحتى افغانستان والباكستان واكن احترام وتقدير تام للشيخ ايمن الظواهري والمعلم الاول ابو مصعب الزرقاوي وقد حزنت حزن شديد لقتل الشيخ حسن القائدي في الباكستان ولكن نحتسبه عند الله شهيداً ،،، انا واخي الشيخ خالد الشريف واخي الشيخ المهدي الحاراتي والشيخ هاشم بشر وعبدالرؤوف كاره شكلنا لجنة ادارة ازمه بطرابلس ولن نسمح لاي اجنبي مهما كان ان يملي علينا شروطه واتوجه بالشكر للمجاهد المناضل الشيخ اسماعيل الصلابي على تصريحه الشجاع لقناة ذرنه واقول له نحن معك في كل كلمة قلتها في تصريحك القوي العظيم فلا مكان لامريكا ولا بريطانيا ولا كل الغرب في ليبيا ،،، ليبيا بلد الاسلام والجهاد وسوف يشع منها نور الاسلام غصباً على انف كان من يكون ،، السلاح موجود والمجاهدين من كل اصقاع الارض موجودين معنا وكل الاسلحه حتى تلك الممنوعه لدينا ولن نتأخر في استعمالها ضد كل من يحاول المساس بارض ليبيا ............................ انتهي الحدي

McCain's Hero

Belhadj and an American journalist

US weapons shipped through Qatar to arm Al-Qaeda in Libya

Chemical weapons delivery system

Members of Syrian Al-Qaeda group which killed 426 children being trained on chemical weapons delivery system by Libyan Al-Qaeda,


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