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 Reciprocal Force: You Can Not Negotiate With Killers

by John Anthony Robles II

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THERE COMES A TIME when you have to fight back and for African Americans force may be the only solution. Even with a black president who was supposed to be "one of us" life for America's "minorities" (a misnomer as they are the majority in many places and continue to live under a racist apartheid police state where the whites continue to rule and maintain the status quo with an iron hand) continues to grow worse by the day. Since the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson 41 other black and minority teens have been murdered by police in America.

The officers in question were involved in an "anti-terrorist" operation and there were dozens of police, both uniformed and undercover, nearby. But even with the heightened anti-terrorist operation the lone gunman took two of them out. This should be a warning to the US authorities that their attempt to maintain the status quo and continue to oppress the population under the "war on terror" paradigm will fail and sooner or later the people will rise up. You can oppress and marginalize people for so long but eventually they will start to fight back.

Ismael Brinsley is of course going to be demonized to no end but he did have a legitimate issue and fought back against police murder and brutality with an equal and measured response. If the courts will continue to let murdering cops off the hook, the people will have to take the law into their own hands and defend themselves against those who are defending the racist status quo and not the people.

America believes it can use force on the American people to keep them, under control, just like it thinks it can use force to establish global hegemony and force the world into the same type of slavery American minorities live in but it will fail. Just as force will fail so will the "war-on-terror" paradigm which is a false and self-created myth.

When the world finally realizes that the Zionists and neocons running the US are responsible for 9-11 (along with Mossad and Saudi) and that they have been lied to since that date, maybe then the end will finally come for those who profit from war and are criminals against all humanity. Maybe then the people of the Donbas and Ukraine will stop killing each other and go after the real criminals who are destroying their country, those in the US Embassy in Kiev and the 5th floor of the SBU headquarters. Maybe then the people of Europe who are becoming slaves to NATO and supporters of a war machine that is killing millions in a drive to enslave the planet will rise up. Maybe then real Islamists will stand up against the real enemies of their people, real Islamists, not the CIA backed and armed Al-Qaeda/IS/ISIS/ISIL who like the Ukrainian "patriots" of the Right Sector are just bought and paid for pawns of the CIA who are killing their own people for Washington.

Finally, this should be a wake up call for Russia and all Slavs: to the US Government and the Zionist bankers and neo cons we are all Michael Browns. We are all expendable. We are all wastes of flesh. They are the chosen and the only ones worthy of life. They are currently and actively attempting to destroy Russia again. They are trying to pull Europe into World War III while they sit in their comfortable office suites in Washington and Langley. These are dangerous words but in reality all they understand is force and death and until Americans start to die (in America) in reciprocity for every life they take in Donbas, or Iraq, or Syria, or Libya, or Palestine, or anywhere else they are spreading "democracy" the will not stop meddling, subverting and attempting to take over the world          

Though obviously to be vilified as "psychotic" Ismael Brinsley had a point: "They take 1 of ours ... let’s take 2 of theirs,” Brinsley wrote. Of course the loss of the lives of the officers is tragic, but they are servants of the beast and the beast must be stopped. If the servants to tyranny can not be made to see that what they are serving is wrong and join the people that is their choice. This goes for all servants of the beast, from CIA operatives to US embassy personnel. As for the terrorists, other than CIA/US state sponsored groups, there are none really. Other than those created by the US' own actions of course.

It will be the lone operative fighting back who will cause the greatest damage. They are not prepared to defend against that.  

Keep killing blacks and Muslims and Russians and Indians and Hispanics and the poor and uneducated America. One day, perhaps soon they will fight back, and it will not be pretty.

This is not a call to extremism or to the killing of CIA officers or embassy offiicials or US war criminals or cops. It is merely my observation and of purely academic interest. In the interest of peace and to stop the killing of world leaders, the overthrowing of governments and the illegal aggressive wars the US is engaged in worldwide, the only conclusion is that we must all stop attempting to negotiate and do business with them, and start to fight back as equals. Brute force is all the US understands, that is clear by the continuing murder of young black men by police. 

America a country founded on, run by and perpetuating genocide.   

The event: 

Two New York Police Officers were executed Saturday after a young black man, angry at the habitual and constant killing of blacks by police drove from Baltimore, Maryland to Brooklyn, NY to kill police officers as revenge for the recent police murders of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, recent victims of endemic American murder-by-police of blacks..

“They were, quite simply, assassinated,” a shaken NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said Saturday night.

The shooter — identified as Ismael Brinsley — sent messages on social media saying he was going after the police in the hours before he ambushed the officers outside the Tompkins Houses in Bedford-Stuyvesant about 2:45 p.m.

“I’m putting wings on pigs today. They take 1 of ours ... let’s take 2 of theirs,” Brinsley, 28, wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of a silver handgun.

Gun Instagram Cop Kill

He also included three hash tags: ShootThePolice, RIPErivGarner (sic) and RIPMikeBrown.

“This may be my final post ... I’m putting pigs in a blanket.” He said.

Fatigues Blood Cop Kill

Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/cops-shot-brooklyn-sources-article-1.2051941

Ismael Brinsley

Died for the people

Dead Cops

Died for the state (which is supposed to serve the people)

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