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Interview with Bruce Gagnon on NATO, Ukraine and the Rise of World Corporate Facism by John Anthony Robles II

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Bruce Gagnon

          Bruce Gagnon

Endless war and devastation, support of nazi groups, hanging political opponents, genetically modified seeds, secret NATO armies, weapons controlled from space, nazi scientists developing plans for world domination in the Central Intelligence Agency: it all sounds like something out of a fictional tale but unfortunately this is the reality of 21st century America and its hollowed out corporate economy that has become a slave to the military industrial complex. Such an endless war machine needs an enemy and Russia is the current enemy of choice for the US/NATO. Radio VR spoke to NATO expert and one of the world’s leading peace activists, Mr. Bruce Gagnon about all of these issues and more.  

The European integration agreements which Ukraine and several other former Soviet entities have been forced or pressured to sign are tools developed by US and western corporations to hollow out the economies of countries that are being targeted by the US/EU/NATO.

In particular the EU agreement with Ukraine (the full text of which has never been made available to the public) is an instrument to make Ukraine completely exploitable by, and dependent on, US and western corporations. The complete hollowing out of the industrial, manufacturing and agricultural sectors coupled with the complete US/EU control of resources, the economy, retail sector and even the government and civil society infrastructure, will in effect make Ukrainian citizens slaves to the West, without providing them any benefits.

According to Bruce Gagnon the integration of Ukraine with the EU is another example of corporate globalization run amok and something we have seen all over the world. As in other cases markets will be “opened” but this will be in a one sided stream and will open the Ukrainian market to a flood of European and western goods, while Ukraine, so far, will only be allowed to export eggs to the West.

The handing over of controlling shares in Ukrainian resources to American corporations and the raising of resource prices to “European levels” is an obvious and cynical way for the West to grow rich off Ukraine. President Yanukovich knew this and called for a pause to study the issues which was why he was removed. The Ukrainian people have been lied to like the populations of other countries targeted in such a manner, but the complete lack of transparency and the complete crack down on the media in their country makes it impossible for them to become informed.

The people currently in power in Kiev have sold their country down the river to American corporations and the Ukrainian people along with it. The Ukrainian people will see absolutely no positive effect as a result of the “integration”. The only possible change is that they will become more accessible to exploitation by western powers as a cheap workforce and they will now be paying to sponsor huge US corporations and eventually NATO and its war profiteers.  

According to Bruce Gagnon the economy will be devastated and the people will have to accept NATO in order to create jobs in their own country and to attract investment. After the agricultural, resource and manufacturing sectors are hollowed out there will be no jobs in Ukraine, hence NATO will be accepted as the “economic savior” as there will be no other choice.

Again the people are being lied to in Ukraine. As with Romania and other countries, the markets will be flooded with western goods but the people will not have much money because they will be paying much more for utilities such as gas and again there will be no jobs. Will they be able to go to Europe? Well even the visa free regime is a hoax that will not happen.

Mr. Gagnon says that when countries open themselves up to full blown capitalism the spirit of cooperation among the people disappears and societies in effect become dog-eat-dog entities. Mr. Gagnon details how even Monsanto will be able to enslave the Ukrainian agricultural sector by making farmers use dangerous genetically modified seeds to which they have the patent to. Farmers will outrageously be forced to buy the “patented” seeds every year from Monsanto due to the fact that they will be prohibited from growing crops without paying Monsanto for their seeds. This completely ridiculous patenting of GMO seeds is something the US has been the creator of for corporations. Hence what we have now is corporate fascism on every level.

Mr. Gagnon says Ukraine will be further militarized by NATO and then turned against Russia. As a result of the NATO militarization of Ukraine, the Ukrainian military will have to be completely “integrated” and all systems and weapons made interoperable with US weapons. This will of course force Ukraine to buy weapons and systems from the US which they will control. In effect Ukraine will completely lose its sovereignty in the military sphere as well. NATO and the US will obtain full control of Ukraine as a result of “interoperability”.

Corporate fascism has taken over Europe and the US according to Mr. Gagnon and the citizens of countries pulled into their sphere of influence become slaves to the corporations. This element of fascism is attractive to the US as it allows them to gain economic control of countries and regions which is why the US is supporting fascist groups all over the world according to Mr. Gagnon. From Japan and the ridding of article 9 of their constitution to Australia, the Philippines and South Korea, US/NATO is now also trying to create an Asian NATO to surround their next target after Russia, the People’s Republic of China.

Mr. Gagnon is another expert who cites US/NATO Project Gladio (an operation using nazis and fascists to eliminate US/NATO enemies), which he says in effect has never been stopped. The goal of US/NATO is to break up Russia into many, many pieces and that is what we are seeing today.

Bruce Gagnon can be reached at the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

I can be reached at jar2@jar2.com