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The Downing of Malaysian Flight MH17: a Black Operation Carried out by CIA/SBU?  by John Anthony Robles II

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Letter from the author

Dear Reader,

If you have found this I thank you for making the effort to seek me out and I apologize if my articles have left some of you without a dose of the truth. I did not used to write too much about myself but I think it is necessary as there have been huge changes going on and I have almost been completely silenced. Not only did I recently learn that I was placed on a Right Sector/Ukrainian SBU hit list but shortly thereafter I found out that my work will no longer be placed on the platform of the new news agency Rossiya Sevodnya.

My last piece that was published involved blowing the cover of another CIA front company, this time an MI-6 toy called Vista Jet. During the past year I have exposed two airlines which were front companies for the CIA, those were Evergreen Air and Premier Executives.

Something you will never hear is that due to a witness I interviewed in the case of Roman Seleznev, the court was forced to at least make the appearance that it was conducting a fair and impartial process, although the result that he will be sent to Seattle Washington has already been decided and the hearing forced by the witness just bought some more time.

With that investigation and the backlash that came from it I believe I was silenced before I could even write one article on the crash of Malaysian Flight MH17, or the heightening of the plans for war with Russia that the United States is pushing for. To be honest the fact that I was silenced for defending another Russian citizen kidnapped by the United States by Russians who I thought are supposed to be promoting and defending Russia was quite a shock and one that I have not gotten completely over as of yet.

I am down but not out.

With Peace,


Conspiracy for War

The US/CIA/EU/NATO/, their usual black operations allies and all of their Ukrainian Nazis, SBU double agents and other paid operatives are doing everything they can to start a war with the Russian Federation. For those who want to dismiss this fact and all of the events in Ukraine as a conspiracy “theory” it should be made crystal clear. This is not a conspiracy “theory” but a clear and orchestrated in-your-face conspiracy. There is enough factual evidence in the public domain to make this fact crystal clear to anyone who bothers to look.

Reasons for Pulling Russia into a War

I detailed the reasons the US wants to pull Russia into a state of war in an earlier piece but first and foremost to put an end to Russia as a geopolitical competitor on the world stage. The other reasons are many and obvious and are all designed to bring about the destabilization of Russia, cause divisions within the country and within society itself, bring about instability to the regions around the Russian Federation and finally cause the complete destruction of the Russian Federation as a viable state.

Other than the overall goal of destroying a geopolitical rival, other reasons for destroying Russia include: attaining unlimited access to Russia’s vast resources, elimination of threat to the viability and supremacy of the dollar, destruction of the Russian Orthodox Church as a competitor to the Roman Catholic Church, elimination of the only country exposing American illegality on the world stage, revenge for: Snowden, the Olympics, Syria, President Putin’s independence and a whole series of other events and finally the destruction of all things Russian including culture, people and everything else not fitting into the US global hegemonic model of world domination that the West is trying to force onto all of the countries of the world.     

The Bloodshed Must Stop but How?

The misery, bloodshed and the loss of human lives already caused by the US cabal in Ukraine and around the world, in their drive for world domination is already immeasurable and must be stopped for the sake of all mankind.

It must be stopped and can be stopped but the only way to do that will be if the world unites, if the American people who want true peace finally stand up and if the criminals causing all of the bloodshed and organizing the destruction of states are finally brought to justice.

The US cabal only understands force and the Project for a New American Century and General Wesley Clark made it clear to the world that the US is engaged in a campaign of attaining global hegemony by force. Therefore the only answer will be force.

While Russian officials and people around the world struggle with the terror the US is unleashing on the world though attempts at diplomacy the recent events in Ukraine should bring everything home. The US has planned to destroy Russia and there is absolutely nothing that is going to stop them other than force. Unfortunately the force that will have to be applied by the world community will have to be great and if it is military force lives will be lost.

A peaceful end to the violence that the US is unleashing in the world in its drive for total world domination could be brought about but unfortunately it looks like it has passed that point. There is no political will across the globe to carry out the measures that would be needed.

These measures would include the formation of an international tribunal with teeth that could find and prosecute: those behind 9-11 and uncover the real culprits; those responsible for the illegal invasions of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya; those responsible for the US drone assassinations worldwide; those responsible for mass surveillance; those carrying out subversion activities of every sort in the interests of the US empire and so on and so forth.       

Malaysian Flight MH17

There are so many questions and so many facts pointing to US involvement in the downing of Malaysian Flight MH17 that it is truly difficult to decide where to begin, but lacking the results of true independent investigation there is still little concrete evidence tying the CIA to it. If it was in fact an Operation Northwoods type false flag operation then that evidence will most likely never be known.

As the US keeps all but blaming Russia for the downing of MH17 and continues to use Ukraine as a pretext and a killing ground for starting a war with Russia in the interest of all fairness and balance it is important to look at the circumstantial evidence, again since we do not have the results of an investigation.

1. We know the US organized and was behind the armed coup in December in Ukraine and the complete destabilization of the country. Hence by bringing about the conditions that caused the downing the US is responsible as is their puppet government which bore the responsibility for ensuring safety in Ukraine and in Ukrainian airspace.

2. The almost instantaneous drive by the West to blame Russia and all but say that President Vladimir Putin himself pushed the launch button before any investigation has been carried out points to a pre-arranged result and scenario which points to pre-involvement.

Pre-knowledge of the event, like the pre-knowledge that many had on 9-11 points to an organized event or at the least silent collusion in such an organized event. Pre-knowledge is verified by many factors but the most telling and documented so far has been the conversation between independence fighters purporting to speak about flight MH-17 that was released by the Ukrainian authorities or their agents and that was made the day before the event.

The US continues to attempt to blame Russia for the tragedy which of course will be their pretext for war and the invasion of Ukraine by NATO. 

3. There has never been a call for a no –fly-zone over Ukraine by the US and NATO. Of course in order for the Ukrainian air forces to continue bombing the towns and villages of Novorossiya into oblivion a no-fly zone which they would have to abide by would be detrimental. This is therefore another example of the US and Ukraine making the conditions for the tragedy possible.

If according to the US and Kiev the independence fighters did in fact have the ability to take down aircraft flying at altitudes of 10 kilometers then Ukraine and the US should have forbidden all aircraft from flying over the territory, but they know this was not the case.

The US claims to have evidence pointing to Russian involvement and concrete knowledge that the independence fighters are responsible so one has to ask the questions: why then did they not prevent it? And how is it possible they knew who owned the missiles down to the details but allowed it to happen and most importantly have not provided any proof to their claims.

One can also come to the conclusion that the Ukrainians and the US knew straight off it was a missile strike because they were behind it.

4. Video evidence of a BUK missile system missing a missile and being transported away from the area which the Ukrainian authorities tried to present as being evidence that it was the resistance fighters was later proven to have been filmed in an area controlled by the Ukrainian side.

5.  Satellite and monitoring by the US pinpointed the launch and that radar had attained and locked onto the Malaysian aircraft, yet the evidence has not been properly released. Russia also released the same information but the West has ignored it because it does not fit their narrative and proves the Ukrainian forces were responsible for the launch.

6. Although the resistance fighters were able to take out low-flying Antonov and Sukhoi aircraft they did not have the capabilities nor the missiles needed to take out aircraft at an altitude of 10 kilometers. Therefore it was physically impossible for them to have done so. However the Ukrainian forces did have such missiles in the area and even though the claim is made that these missiles were in an area controlled by the independence fighters this was not the case. The area is in a state of flux and open warfare and the areas pass control regularly. The area in question from which the missile came was in fact under Ukrainian control.

7. There was evidence which has been suppressed that a Spanish Flight controller named Carlos reported the passenger aircraft being followed by Ukrainian fighter aircraft, something backed up by Russian air traffic data.              

8. Flight MH17 was apparently instructed to divert from its original flight path and altitude placing it in the airspace of the Ukrainian missile battery and at the proper altitude. This fact has almost not been reported on at all.

9. There is a wilder theory that MH17 was mistaken for President Putin’s aircraft and was shot down by mistake. Even if this is not true this is evidence that the Ukrainian authorities are ready to kill a foreign leader, the president of Russia, and may have issued orders to do so.

10. The US keeps stating that it has “proof” that Russia was somehow involved but has not provided anything credible, including the recent satellite images which were posted by US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt on Twitter. Another facet of American “proof” is the constant use of such questionable media.

11. The US continues to make ridiculous assertions citing as evidence YouTube videos and the like. Question: if the internet is full of hard evidence then why don’t they prosecute those behind 9-11?

12. Until the whereabouts of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 is discovered there will be open questions as to whether this was an Operation Northwoods type false flag operation carried out by the CIA and possibly involving that plane and one that is currently in a hangar in Tel-Aviv.

13. The sudden resignation of US puppet prime minister Arseny Yatsenyuk also points to an attempt to escape prosecution and his own appearance and statements point to a man who has become afraid at the level of violence and the destruction that his US masters are capable of. Speculation that he resigned to avoid being responsible for the destruction of the Ukrainian economy while perhaps credible, ring hollow given the past record of Yatsenyuk, a man who even with the murder of the people in Odessa, did not bat an eye or miss a step.

14. The Ukrainian military which could have immediately halted all operations in the area has continued all of its operations unabated. This has hampered OSCE and other investigators from analyzing the scene and has led to the complete corruption of the crash site and the destruction of evidence. Although the US claims it is Russia which is preventing investigators from reaching the site.

15. The Ukrainian military has a record of shooting down passenger aircraft and did so in 2001 when it shot down a Russian aircraft flying over the Black Sea.

16. An advisor for the Ukrainian authorities named Anton Gerashchenko, prepared an explanation for the tragedy long before Ukraine even announced it would begin a probe into the disaster.

17. Shortly before MH17 was shot out of the sky Ukrainian troops stormed and took over the air traffic control tower at Borispol International Airport, apparently allowing for the redirection and altitude change orders given to Flight MH17. This is of course all a theory until uncorrupted recording of the cockpit dialogue before the downing are released.

18. NATO was carrying out exercises and war games in the Black Sea off Ukraine which ended on July 17th.  Part of the exercises involved monitoring civilian aircraft and NATO had the entire territory of Ukraine under complete and total electronic and other surveillance at the time of the tragedy.    

19. E-mails ordering a false flag event were intercepted an released in March between Jason Gresh the US military attaché at the US Embassy in Kiev and Igor Protsik a Ukrainian General.

20.  According to Wayne Madsen an announcement of the NATO U.S. BREEZE and RAPID TRIDENT II military maneuvers came on May 21, 2014 on a website operated by Vice President Joe Biden's office. “Biden's son, Hunter Biden, is a newly-named director of the Ukrainian natural gas and oil company Burisma Holdings, Ltd., owned by Igor Kolomoisky, the Ukrainian-Israeli mafia oligarch, whose is known as the «Chameleon». Kolomoiskyhas raised his own mercenary army, complete with the BUK missiles allegedly used in the shootdown of MH-17. Kolomoisky, the Governor of Dnipropetrovsk oblast in eastern Ukraine, has threatened terrorist attacks against Russian-speaking officials in eastern Ukraine, including assassinations.” 

21. There is video evidence widely available on-line showing Ukrainian military transport trucks removing BUK elements from the area on the 19th of July. This evidence has not been noticed by the West.

22. Israeli involvement theories are all over the net and amy or may not be credible but it is interesting that the current assault on Gaza started at the same time as the downing of MH17 thus diverting the attention of the world media.

23. The Russian Defense Ministry identified activated missile systems at the time of the downing and has published the information which is being ignored by the West.

24. Kiev has intensified operation in the area to destroy evidence.

25. There is more but the most telling of an Operation Northwoods scenario is the US drive for war with Russia and the US past history in carrying out such attacks and false flag operations.

The downing of the aircraft in no way helps the resistance fighters nor Russia but gives Ukraine and the US a reason to go to war and increase their punitive campaign against the civilian populations in the east. Tie this to the fact that Ukraine is destroying evidence and the US is hampering the investigation and the scenario looks bad for the West.

To be fair I will say if the US backed Ukrainian forces and government downed MH17 (I would say it appears that way) then the outcry will be loud and support for the US and their Operation Ukraine will surely begin to fail.  


Despite all of the evidence pointing to US involvement we still need to wait for the investigation to be completed, and unlike the West which is all but ready to blame President Putin personally, we should all keep our theories in check and keep our eyes on the ball.


I can be reached at jar2@jar2.com