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WWIII: Dying in the Paradigm of Brutal American Force and Terror by John Anthony Robles II

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Why does the US want war with Russia? In the words of US General Wesley Clark, since the events of 9-11-01 the United States of America and NATO have been “in the business of destroying countries”. This “business” is not one which can be justified or rationalized by civilized and intelligent people and it is one that has thrown the world into a schism of terror, disbelief, self-censorship, complete and total confusion and what can only be described as a mass psychosis as the peoples of the world continue to be forced to accept the double standards, contradictions and seemingly illogical nature of the actions of the world’s self-proclaimed sole superpower which is bent on global domination by force at all costs.

A Note on the Language

What words can be used to describe the horror of brutal forces who slaughter civilians, women and children, and destroy entire cities for the sole reason that they somehow disagree with an illegal government and have been targeted for extermination? The words should be there, after all, the world recently lived through similar events, for what is currently taking place in Ukraine is not only reminiscent of the scourge that nazism brought on the world but in more aspects than most people want to admit almost an exact repetition of those horrendous events.    

If you are offended by hard words then perhaps you can provide softer, more politically correct phraseology, vocabulary and twistings of the tongue to describe the slaughter and destruction taking place in Ukraine as a nazi coup continues to “clear” the regions of the east and wipe entire settlements off the face of the Earth. There are people dying as you read this, innocent people, children and civilians who merely wanted to live in peace and have their inalienable rights respected as human beings. That is the truth and sugar coating that truth and whitewashing the crimes of the nazi junta is not only an affront to every single person who has perished but calls into question just exactly to what level those who are obfuscating for the junta are truly accessories to murder and in collusion with Ukraine’s “punishers”.

History will not be Kind

The simple, good and humble people of the world and the intelligent, civilized and educated among us do not, and perhaps can not, understand pure evil. Nor can we easily comprehend the motivations behind the machinations of those driven by cold, hard, black and brutal evil. The wailing Afghan mother who has lost her baby to a US drone, the hysterical Ukrainian father who has just lost his wife and daughter to a cluster bomb, the loved ones of Syrian children slaughtered to formulate a pretext for a war by homicidal lunatics, the Iraqi grandparents who have seen generations of their families wiped off the face of the Earth, the Palestinians whose homes are being bombed and whose loved ones are being slaughtered by forces that do not recognize that they too are people and have the right to live and the Libyan, Somali and Sudanese people whose countries have been destroyed and set on a path of never-ending violence and destruction all feel the same terror and miscomprehension that the innocent Jews, Gypsies, and “mud people” felt when they saw their neighbors and loved ones slaughtered. They also feel the same thing that the indigenous peoples of the Americas felt when they opened their arms and generously welcomed the new comers in peace only to have cold steel driven into their hearts and our peoples almost completely wiped off the face of the Earth in a relentless campaign of genocide and “clearing” the lands.

The success of the “American” operation to clear North and South America of the indigenous people was an inspiration to Adolph Hitler. It was so successful that the “Americans” are not viewed as the occupiers and genocidal thieves of foreign lands that they are. Their obfuscation, denial and white-washing of the facts and the history continues to this day as does the genocide and the orders for extermination which have never been rescinded. This is important in understanding endemic American racism and the pure evil that I call the US imperial empire.

For the indigenous people of the America’s history has all but forgotten them but for the over 4 million Jews and what could be as many as 40 million Russians, despite efforts to whitewash and re-write history, the memories are still fresh in the minds of the older generations.

When history is written, if done by objective and non-biased historians (as opposed to Washington’s army of spin doctors) the US destruction of Ukraine by the US and their nazis will be a damning condemnation of the empire blinded by its own illusions of greatness and all but psychotic in its self-declared exceptionalism. Hard words? Yes, the truth is not pretty.

History will show that the US subverted Ukraine, destroyed Ukraine as a viable sovereign state and in the 21st century directly assisted in unleashing brutal forces in Ukraine that are more dangerous than the nazis were.      

Secret Motivations, Secret Armies and Secret Goals

Honest and open people may have difficulty in understanding closed and secret societies and the nefarious actions that they carry out. For some to do so carries the uncomfortable risk of spiraling down into caverns of madness and the shattering of the comfortable illusions we may have as to the reality around us. Ignorance may be bliss to some but since people are dying almost before our eyes here in Russia it is clear that one’s enemies must be understood, even more so than ones friends, because it is only in that understanding that we can properly defend ourselves.

Enough has leaked out since 9-11 to understand the motivations behind US foreign policy to obtain a clear picture as to the intentions and plans of the US Empire. Here it is important to note that as was clearly formulated by the Project for the New American Century and its “neo-conservative” creators and thinkers, first and foremost the goal of the US is to establish global world hegemony by force.

This “logic” of force as a means may be difficult for Russian technocrats, diplomats, officials, intellectuals and even the common people to fully understand, unlike Americans who have been brainwashed into believing that force is something that is honorable and necessary and proves their own exceptionalism.

Russian foreign policy has historically been based on a strategy of agreement, cooperation, mutual respect and peace. It is these two diametrically opposed concepts that are the basis what could be called a clash of civilizations.

An allegory might be a battle between two families where one has a father who is brutal and beats his children and wife into submission and demands the silent collusion of his “victims” and the other where the father speaks intelligently with his family and strives to make peace with everyone and take their interests into account, even those of the attacking clan. Over-simplified? Perhaps, but nonetheless a valid comparison in my opinion.

Thanks to information technologies, the Internet and the lighting fast distribution of information the “Empire” is having a difficult time in keeping its secrets “secret”. Thankfully today, unlike the times when Goebbels was spreading his big lie, we know of US backing of the Right Sector and UON nazis in Ukraine, US support of Al-Qaeda and Islamic fanatics all over the Middle East and even in Chechnya and even of Gladio-2 and NATO’s secret armies. This knowledge has helped us to defend ourselves.

We also know that the US is in a mad grab for resources and expanding its global military arm NATO to every corner of the globe and even into space. We know of the plans of madmen like Zbignew Brzhinsky to break Russia into 68 autonomous republics and off plans to subvert Russia and even bring an end to the very Russian people themselves.

These are some of the aspects and reasons for the actions of the West against Russia, and to do so requires them to demonize and, dehumanize Russia so as to condition the masses and make them accept the fact that Russia has been targeted for extermination. IF this is not clear by now, then I suppose when tanks are rolling through Russian towns and “clearing” the territories of Russia it will be perfectly clear. The West does not want peace and the West is not interested in the well-being of Russia and its people. 

To answer the question: “Why does the US want war with Russia?” the fact that what is currently happening in Ukraine is directed against Russia must be established. For anyone who has been paying attention since last December (at least) this is an unarguable fact supported and made clear by the ongoing statements and actions of the US and its officials. This is part two of longer article.

A Proxy War Against the Russian Federation

Despite all of its “great military power/shock and awe” rhetoric and internal propaganda the United States is the world’s greatest coward when it comes to war. Protected and isolated on two sides by oceans and having never faced war on its own territory, the United States and Americans have no real understanding of war and the bloodshed they are causing all over the world. As we have seen since 9-11 in particular the United States does not declare war, it attacks and destroys countries under false pretexts such as “humanitarian intervention” or uses proxy forces.

The US will never openly declare war on Russia, because as the head of Rossiya Sevodnya Dmnitry Kisyelov recently stated, Russia is the only world power that can turn the US into nuclear ash. Also under the banner of “protecting American lives” the US has developed remote means to conduct their wars and attacks on other countries. This includes missiles, drones and weapons which kill and destroy from a distance. In reality such methods for waging wars, like shooting unarmed civilians from within an armored car which is exactly what the infamous “missile shield” will allow them to do, are cowardly and should be illegal in my opinion. But gone are the days when two brave armies faced off on the battle field. Today the US wages war by destroying societies, countries and economies and by using proxy forces and fifth columns.          

Reasons for Dragging Russia into a War

Can there be reasons for the madness of war? Legally speaking, other than for self-defense, no. Is the US trying to drag Russia into a war, I think the answer to that is an obvious yes. One has to merely look at the level of war propaganda from the West which has continued unabated since the US backed coup in Kiev last December.

Geopolitical Strategic Objectives

From the military and geopolitical perspective the US has openly declared that they do not want and will not allow any state to challenge their “supremacy”, this includes both politically and militarily. They wish to create a world where they can do as they wish, wherever they wish with completely and total impunity and remain unchallenged.

Worldwide military bases, subservient client states, unlimited access to resources and riches, complete control and manipulation of governments and populations, and the ownership of economies and everything of worth all over the world.    

The Rise of Russia and its Successes

Given that Russia is a resource target and the chief challenger to US imperial ambitions on the world stage it remains the chief target for US military and geo-political strategists.

As Russia continues to prosper and grow after the collapse of the Soviet Union, something I would argue it was never supposed to do, it is becoming a growing threat to the ambitions of the empire.

Russia’s economic power is growing, its role as a global leader and force for peace is being strengthened, its cultural and religious leadership is being admired and looked to more and more, its societal norms and the values of its people are being increasingly envied and even its language is becoming more popular.

With the success of the Sochi Olympics, the prevention of the US invasion and destruction of Syria, the rebuilding of its armed forces, the appearance of the BRICS and Eurasian Economic Union, the success of the Customs Union, the international UN recognition of resource rich territories on Russia’s continental shelf, increased cooperation in all spheres with countries the US wishes to control, the strengthening of Russian civil society, the expulsion of USAID and the successful prevention of a color revolution on its territory, the brilliant, independent and strong leadership of President Vladimir Putin and the obvious moral high-ground that Russia continues to stand on despite all their efforts, Russia has become enemy number one for Washington.

This is understandable, because the US as a morally bankrupt, economically devastated, morally challenged and consistent violator of international laws and conventions, has been thrown into what appears to be an illogical panic, due to the fact that a true and morally unquestionable challenger with a strong and popular leader who they are not able to manipulate has appeared on the world stage.

The reality that homosexual, fast food, pornographic, Hollywood mindless moronic culture is not something the world really wants and the fact that the world has grown sick of being dictated to by the world’s “imperial master” are reasons the US has gone into hyper drive to try to “contain” and “sanction” Russia.

The brilliant reunification of Crimea without a single shot being fired really has nothing to do with it really, although for NATO it was essentially the end of its plans for domination of the Black Sea region. Again the reasons are many and Crimea is just another.

Destroying Russia’s Image / Divide and Conquer

By continuing to mire the Russian Federation and its brave and brilliant leader in the now civil war that the US and its army of Ukrainian traitors has managed to unleash in Ukraine, the US/EU/CIA/NATO planners are hoping to achieve several objectives. Demonizing Russian and transferring the blame onto Russia is absolutely necessary to achieve their goals.

If such a strategy is successful, along with the full array of other “measures” the US is using against Russia, the US/EU/CIA/NATO hope to achieve: the weakening of close societal and religious ties between all of the Slavic peoples; the destruction and weakening of the Russian economy and its economic and trade blocs; the discretization of Russia and its leader President Putin as reliable and dependable partners; the weakening of Russian influence on the world stage: the destruction of Russia’s ties with the European Union and finally all other goals the US/CIA/NATO have to ensure the weakening, isolation and removal of Russia as a counter balance on the world stage.  Once these objectives are reached then plans to obtain unfettered access to Russia’s vast resources will be carried out.

Once Russia is isolated, marginalized, dehumanized and demonized to the proper level if recent history is an indicator, military operations to force a regime change will be carried out if the US can ensure that it will not pay a symmetrical price. For this reason and in order to bring about the takeover and similar plans for the People’s Republic of China the US must develop and continue the placement of its anti-ballistic missile shield and the expansion of its espionage and subversion network: including all instruments and methods for the manipulation and destruction of civil society, economic institutions, military capabilities and all instruments of legal, economic and political influence on the world stage.       

Warning to the Junta

The US/EU/CIA/NATO know that Russia will do everything to avoid any sort of military confrontation in Ukraine. Therefore its surrogates in Ukraine continue their provocations with impunity. However there will come a point when Russia will be forced to act and when such a time comes Russia’s response will be so quick and so complete that NATO will not even have time to intervene.

For half of the world which is blinded by the US propaganda machine Russia is already the aggressor in Ukraine so it will not matter. For the rest of the world which knows the truth of what has occurred in Ukraine the ultimate destruction of the nazi junta will be an event that we have all been waiting for and one which will be welcomed and applauded.

The Russian Federation and President Putin have maintained the moral high ground since day one of the conflict in Ukraine and in reality Russia already has the moral high ground if it comes to forcing the junta and President Poroshenko to stop killing civilians and Russians and cease its incursions and bombing of Russian territory.

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