Putin and Hu Jinpin 

President Putin, World War III and Global US Hegemony 

by John Anthony Robles II

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Putin on German Television

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in an interview with the German TV channel ARD this past week said that he does not understand why the Ukrainian authorities insist on refusing to consider the possibility of federalization in Ukraine in light of the fact that all people of Ukraine, regardless of their language, should feel it is their homeland. The reason for this refusal by the U.S. installed junta is of course a very good question to delve into when we consider in the least, that allowing for federalization Ukraine would have prevented the breakup of the country that we are seeing and would have served to maintain Ukraine as a single viable entity. The refusal by the U.S. installed government to allow for the federalization of the country, which was the model followed by Germany, the Russian Federation and other states and served to maintain their integrity, has at its root several reasons none of which serve to benefit the Ukrainian people or the failing Ukrainian state.

The Destruction of Ukraine

For the Neocon warmongers, criminal war profiteers, multi-national corporate interests, those interested in establishing global U.S. hegemony, CIA strategists, NATO planners, Zionists and all of the assorted nefarious forces that are destroying Ukraine as a stepping stone to destroying Russia, the hope was that after the U.S. orchestrated coup and the signing of the European Union Association agreement Ukraine would become another full-fledged client state and resource donor. However the buyout of Ukraine did not go as smoothly as the myopic Washington planners had hoped. Therefore they decided to impose their hegemony by force using internal mechanisms already in place and used during previous color revolution/regime change operations.

Unlike color revolution one and two this time there was one problem, the people were not buying it and were not moving fast enough in jumping on the EU integration bandwagon and supporting the latest instrument to facilitate the takeover of Ukraine. The architects are on a time frame and cannot turn back or waver from the road of global domination they have set upon. So lo and behold in come the violent thugs and punitive forces of the junta and the Banderavites to do the West’s bidding and effect a forceful regime change.

CIA strategic planners had foreseen such a scenario and had been funding the Right Sector and their violent armed wing 3 Zubi (3 teeth) for more than a decade. These Ukrainian “nationalists”, while being programmed to believe they were fighting for the greatness of Ukrainian as patriots of their homeland, are just another group of zombified, brain-washed U.S. tools who do not understand that what they are in fact doing is enabling foreign forces to completely annex and take over their own country. Not only is this treasonous betrayal being carried out by the so-called “nationalists” but they are actually attempting to destroy the real patriots of their own country who are attempting to stand up to the western occupation and annexation of their homeland.

The first U.S./NATO plan for placing their first strike ABM Trojan horse within striking distance of Moscow failed. Plans to have Islamic radical elements in Crimea rise up with the assistance of the Right Sector led by U.S. agent Dmitry Yarosh and declare an autonomous republic which would be immediately recognized by U.S./NATO were derailed. Unlike Kosovo the people themselves rose up and said no to America.

Given this failure and the subsequent loss of Crimea a scenario of federalization is completely out of the question for the fascists in Kiev and their American masters. Attempting to negotiate with these armed forces who are following orders from overseas and are bent on the complete genocide and “cleansing” of the peoples of the South and East is also out of the question and is an exercise in futility, if not idiocy. The Rand Corporation and the CIA which are “advising” the punitive forces need to maintain their narrative and ensure the resistance of the peoples of Novorossiya in order to allow them to continue their war of genocide. Federalization would cause peace but peace is not something U.S./NATO desire.

By denying federalization and demonizing Russia they can continue labelling the peoples of Novorossiya as terrorists and separatists, two labels necessary to continue their punitive war of extermination. Equating federalization with separatism is insanity but it is the western narrative and the lie that they have chosen to stick to. Federalization and the recognition of the Russian language would have quickly ended any discontent among the populations had it been done at the beginning of the conflict yet the nazis in Kiev decided, on instructions and brainwashing directed from Washington, that there will be no Russian in Ukraine and also no federalization. Another reason for refusing federalization and continuing the conflict is to pull Russia into a war. Again federalization would have brought about peace but that is not something that the West is not nor has ever been interested in.

US/NATO Business of Destroying Countries

As we have seen time and time again in countries where the U.S. has meddled and given the testimony of such figures as General Wesley Clark, the U.S. is in the business of destroying countries and will do so if it cannot control everything in a given state or access resources it covets. Therefore a weak divided and failed Ukraine is in the U.S.’ interests. Refusing federalization and bombing the populations leaves the people one choice and that is seceding from Ukraine. Therefore the Banderavites are directly bringing about the breakup and collapse of their own country and again do not realize they are being used. Given the way the people of Novorossiya have stood up and made it clear they are on the side of the main target Russia and the inability by the Banderavites to “cleanse” the East, the complete breakup of Ukraine has become the only realistic option for the West, and as we have seen time and time again a country that is broken up and destroyed is completely acceptable and profitable for the West.

As we have seen in recent history in the examples of the following list of countries where the US has organized coup d’états, supported revolutions, overthrown governments, invaded, annexed, supported groups or forces who overthrew or attempted to overthrow governments or outright executed the leaders, destruction of states is something the U.S. does well. These countries are: Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Guam, Guatemala, Haiti, Hawaii, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, USSR, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Yemen, Yugoslavia and Zaire (Congo).

Genocide as a Tool for Obtaining Territory

The points President Putin raised during his interview once again show the illogical nature of the actions of the junta in power in Kiev. Not only have they attempted to turn their backs on their main economic partners (the Customs Union countries) upon instructions from their western masters and completely sold out their own country to western multinational energy and other concerns, but they are also engaged in a fratricidal war against their own people for the sole reason that they speak Russian or are against their country being run by a nazi junta that violently forced its way into power and is now committing genocide on the peaceful peoples of the country in order to “cleanse” or “clear” it.

When we realize that the Banderavites are being directed by the U.S., a country founded and based on the genocide of native “Americans”, a genocide that continues to this day and is the foundation of endemic “American” racism and exceptionalism, then things become clearer.

On the surface of course it seems illogical for the so called authorities in Kiev to be engaged in many of the activities that they are engaged in. The average person in the street, especially in the Donbass, does not and cannot understand why their own army is killing them and destroying their cities and towns. Few know or realize that the entire psychosis of the so called authorities is due to the fact that they are proceeding with an agenda for the country that has nothing to do with the Ukrainian people or with the maintenance or the advancement of the Ukrainian state. Genocide makes no sense to most when it is being carried out by one’s own. In the same way that average Jews would never accept that Zionists may have targeted them for destruction to advance their own agenda. Such talk is always dismissed as conspiracy theory but this is exactly what is taking place in Ukraine. We see Zionist Neocon Victoria Nuland and “Jewish” oligarchs such as Kolomoisky teaming up with nazis to kill everyone who disagrees with them including peace loving Jews.

The brainwashing necessary to turn Ukrainian racists into murderous Bandera nazi fascists who are willing to kill their own people for the sole reason that they speak Russian was one of the great successes of U.S. operations in the country and was necessary to carry out the goal of committing genocide against the ethnic Russian and Russian speaking populations from what is now called Novorossiya.

Just as U.S./NATO/Saudi/Mossad and their assorted allies have stoked ethnic or other social divides and advanced and supported the worst murderous lunatic fringe elements all over the world and in particular the Middle East, the Banderavites are nothing more than a cheap, secret, homicidal army doing the bidding of the CIA and economic powers to facilitate the fulfilment of secret strategic geopolitical goals.

Pulling Russia Into War

It not only difficult for the average American and the brainwashed Ukrainian nationalist to understand but also for the common person in the Donbass where bombs are falling on their homes and their neighbors are being killed, that Ukraine is being destroyed because the United States, NATO and their western allies have geopolitical plans and ambitions to destroy Russia and Ukraine is just the stepping stone.

Even many Europeans do not understand the level of anti-Russian hate the U.S. is spreading and the fact that it is part of a drive for war. Nor do they realize that if the United States is successful in pulling Russia into a war those who will die will not be in America but in Europe and in Ukraine. Therefore Europeans leaders must turn their backs on the United States in order to avert the millions that will die if the U.S. is allowed to bring about World War III once again. The United States has nothing to lose and everything to gain by driving the world into World War III. Once again a war will be fought on foreign lands which will kill thousands if not millions and help the United States to profit and to save its failing economy. This is the reality and the fact that the military industrial complex in the U.S. has taken power must leave no doubt. War is all the U.S. truly exports and force is now the only way the U.S. advances its hegemony.

Pulling Russia into a war and into the conflict in Ukraine is beneficial to the United States on many levels but the end goal of destroying Russia must never be forgotten and is the driving force behind everything the U.S. is doing. Dragging Russia into a regional conflict which does not affect the United States serves first and foremost to weaken Russia and second to allow the U.S. to literally steal trillions of dollars by seizing assets under the guise of sanctions.

In order to achieve Full Spectrum Dominance over Russia war is necessary. Although sanctions, media manipulation, 5th columns and all of the nefarious instruments currently waged against Russia are all parts of the plan for bringing about the regime change that will be necessary to proceed with the complete destruction of Russia, war will be necessary to eliminate any future threat and to allow the U.S. to move on to the People’s Republic of China.

The Complete Impunity of the “Democratic” Western Hand

As we have been certain since the famous conversation was released between arch-Neocon Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt everything that is taking place in Ukraine and in fact everything that has taken place since the violent coup last December is being orchestrated and coordinated from Washington with the interests of the U.S. and not the interests of the Ukrainian people dictating the actions of the junta government. The U.S. installed puppet government has no interest in the lives of the Ukrainian people or in the Ukrainian state. They are bought and paid for opportunists who will serve the U.S. by destroying themselves.

The U.S. as we have seen continues acting with impunity in Ukraine, after all they are under the impression that the Ukraine is theirs. Not only have they spent hundreds of billions of dollars on “project Ukraine” but according to inside sources part of the secret European Union Association agreement that the junta signed includes a clause which literally sold the entire Donbass to the United States for a period of 65 years with an option to extend the lease. They believe they own Ukraine, yet the people of the country disagree, hence the genocide, hence the impunity.

Not only does the CIA control the entire 5th floor and perhaps the 4th of the Ukrainian Intelligence Services headquarters but they have completely lost all fear of reprisal or blowback. Everything the U.S. has done in Ukraine to destroy the state and seize the resources is illegal. From the usurping of the democratically elected president, to the installing of a puppet government to the all but open downing of a civilian aircraft as a pretext for war, everything the CIA has done should be leading to their dissolution and the rising up of the American people but they obfuscate and control the media to such a point that they are allowed to continue blaming President Putin and Russia.

War Crimes Under a Fictitious War on Terror

The fact that the so-called-authorities in Ukraine are using heavy artillery, illegal weapons and even ballistic missiles against the civilian populations in the eastern part of the country was also touched upon by the Russian leader.

According to President Putin all questions regarding the use of heavy weapons by the Kiev punitive forces against the people of Donbass are more important than information about where self-defense forces are receiving weapons from. In some of the strongest language to date President Putin stated in very clear terms that Moscow will not allow the Ukrainian authorities to destroy all of their political opponents in the country, meaning the Russian speaking and ethnic Russian populations that make up the majority of the people in Novorossiya.

The continued usage of these illegal and heavy weapons against civilian targets are war crimes but so is everything the junta has done in their western constructed “war on terror”. Yet they continue to move ahead fearless in their impunity because they have the full support of the U.S. and are in fact being directed from Washington. The false label of terrorists and seperatists allows the U.S. to attempt to fool the world and the American public that what they are doing is just. They cannot just say we want to have Russia’s territory and resources and want to kill all Russians. Therefore the provocations and false propaganda are needed.

Nazism and Russophobia in Ukraine

President Putin warned that Ukraine could eventually slide into full-fledged Nazism which would be a disaster for the whole Ukrainian people. The president underlined the fact that people (we see this in particular with members of illegal armed formations) walk around openly with swastikas on their sleeves and that many of the so called “combat units” made up of neo-nazi thugs that are currently involved in what the junta has conveniently labeled “anti-terrorist operations” walk around with SS signs on their helmets.

President Putin stated that if Ukraine was a civilized country, the authorities should at least make them get rid of these uniforms or make the nationalists remove the nazi symbols. But Ukraine is no longer a “civilized” country but a broken state where those in power are being instructed to destroy the country and eliminate a large percentage of the population.

President Putin added that Ukraine is an "autonomous, independent, sovereign state", and Russia does not want ethnic cleansing of any kind to take place there.

The Silent West and Media

The president stated: “The Ukrainian central authorities have sent the armed forces there and they even use ballistic missiles. Does anybody speak about it? Not a single word. And what does it mean? What does it tell us? This points to the fact, that you want the Ukrainian central authorities to annihilate everyone there, all of their political foes and opponents. Is that what you want? We certainly don't. And we won't let it happen.”

Of course no one wants to talk about the war crimes being committed and that includes in the English language Russian media. In Russia we have seen entire media outlets taken over by U.S. installed 5th columnists yet no one talks even about that. The United States has activated everything they have in the lead up to the shooting and bombing stage of the destruction of Russia and World War III and they have actively and violently gone against everyone who would dare to expose their plans, even at the risk of revealing their agents and networks here in Moscow.

The impunity and boldness with which U.S. operations have begun in Russia are unprecedented and clear to anyone who knows what to look for. The CIA has maintained and placed their agents and those cooperating with them in almost all bodies of government at the higher levels and even President Putin is not aware of everything that is being done because those at the top maintain a buffer of lies and obfuscation to hide their intentions and activities.

This is particularly clear in the media, with outlets assisting the Kiev junta in promoting and spreading their views and silencing all who would go against the U.S.’ plans, evidenced by the disappearance of hundreds of Russian and other Russia based critics of U.S. policy. In Ukraine they are simply killed, in Russia they are destroyed with the same result.

Other Points from the Interview

The President believes that now Kiev must create the conditions for a political dialogue with the separatists, but in general it should have been done when the Donbass only took up arms. Now, he said, the situation has reached a deadlock, but it is still possible to end the conflict.

"As soon as the arrests started at night, people in the southeast took up arms. Once they took up arms, instead of stopping (the authorities should have been wiser) and starting a dialogue, Kiev sent in the army, air force, tanks, multiple rocket launchers and began bombing the entire region. Everything then deadlocked" said Putin.

Asked to comment on statements by Kiev that Russia allegedly supports the separatists with weapons, Putin replied: "Where did they get armored vehicles and artillery systems? In today's world, weapons can always be found by people who are struggling and who consider the fight for their own lives and their point of view to be a fair and just."

As for the Minsk Agreement, they are not fully implemented by the recognized head of state. According to him, the agreements were made possible "only because we, Russia, actively involved in this work, and have worked with the militias of Donbass, that is south-east of Ukraine, convinced them that they should sign the agreement". "If we did not, it would simply not have happened" said Putin.

At the same time he admitted that it is "always annoying" when different parties always try to unreasonably shift the responsibility for addressing various global crises on the Russian Federation. "We have heard many times that the key to the crisis in Syria lies with Russia, we have special abilities in solving some other problem or the Ukrainian problem. I always suspect that they are attempting to pass the buck and they want us to pay extra for something. We do not want that, " said the Russian leader.

Logical Consequence of Operation Ukraine

There is enough here to finally cause a true international outcry to end the global imperialist ambitions of the US and its allies. The logical solution can only be the formation of an international body that will finally reign in the United States and all of its illegality. This will have to be a body outside of the structure of the United Nations since, as we saw by the Nuland dialogue with Ukrainian Ambassador Pyatt, even the UN head Ban Ki-Moon can be called on to participate in “gluing together” the overthrow of governments..

John Robles is a former newsreader, correspondent, commentator and journalist with the now liquidated Voice of Russia. He runs a website at www.jar2.com.

I can be reached at jar2@jar2.com