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The Funny Thing About Empires 

by Joseph Zrnchik

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The funny thing about empires is that the rules they make and then apply to other nations are rarely applied to themselves.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the US’s decision to begin its bombing campaign across Iraq and Syria to oppose ISIS as it has engaged in more than a decade or torture, assassinations and illegal detention.

While Assad fights for the survival of his government and his fellow Alawites, Syrian Shiites, Christians, numerous other denominations and sects, and those who are secular, one can not help but notice that it is the US and Saudi Arabia who have been the primary authors of all this sectarian strife across the Middle East.  It is clear that the US is the culpable party to what has become a sectarian bloodbath that has taken on a life of its own and now has the US in its death grip.

Now, the US suddenly seeks global support, free reign and unaccountability across the Middle East to drop as many bombs and perpetrate as much collateral damage as necessary to achieve its geo-political goals hidden behind the guise of meting out retribution for a few journalists who were beheaded.  The US expects the beheading of a few journalists to trump the many hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by the US as it betrayed Saddam in its agreement to end Desert Storm in exchange for a cessation of all hostilities and a withdrawl from Kuwait by all Iraqi forces.  The US then waited for Saddam’s invasion force to exit Kuwait and without provocation then pulverized Saddam’s entire army on what has become known as “The Highway of Death”, the lone desert highway leading back to Iraq.  This attack was done in violation of the US agreement with Saddam, and in violation of international law as enshrined in the Geneva Convention and principles the US itself drafted while a high contracting party in what’s precedent is enshrined in the Nuremberg Trials which were used as the justification in seeking the death penalty for Nazi war criminals. 

Yet, when Assad used his army against foreign invaders the US wholeheartedly sponsored, along with sponsorship from its European NATO allies and Turkey too, the US wanted to hold Assad accountable for every single death the US now deems merely as unavoidable collateral damage in its bombing campaign against ISIS forces that spans two countries as Obama now demands Syria relinquish its sovereignty to the US Air Force.  There is no doubt the US will begin hitting Assad’s forces in the near future when it believes it has found justifications or even rationalizations for unilateral actions which are sure to draw an Iranian, hence a Russian, hence a Chinese response.  For right now all players made victim to US imperial hubris are happy to see the it expend treasure, blood, and political capital in what will end up being a strategic disaster that will in comparison dwarf the failure that was Operation Iraqi Freedom.  It will also surpass OIF in its ability to turn millions of Sunnis against the US regardless of how radical or fundamentalist the opposition becomes.

Osama bin Laden has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams in instilling in his fellow jihadists the will and know-how needed to manipulate and control the US political elite who find it insulting and hard to believe they are being denied their ends by a motely group of fighters with machine-guns mounted on old pick-up trucks.  Given the corrupt US political body, bin Laden has ensured that all Americans will suffer the consequences for having been so ignorant, naive, and apathetic in regard to the path down which we have allowed the elites to lead us.  Our corrupt system has provided the elites the means by which they can suck dry the blood and wealth of the American people by fighting wars to protect their interests and rackets.  War gives them more power and greater ability to transfer wealth from the dwindling middle class to  themselves.  They need, demand and profit mightily from war.

It seems ironic that the US decried the destruction of Syria as it continued to fund a myriad of radical jihadist militant organizations Shiites have grouped together and correctly identified as Takfiri fighters.  Takfiri is a derogatory name Shiites have given to all groups of radical Sunni Wahhabist and Salafist fighters who engage in indiscriminate suicide and car bombings designed to wreak terror and the death among all people they deem as infidels.  These fighters have been raised, radicalized and trained and funded by Saudi Arabia.  They are the group that attacked the US on 9/11 and later were used by the US and Saudi Arabia to attack Libya, Syria, and even Iran.  Now that these Takfiri fighters ended up attacking Iraq and threaten the very Saudi hand that has succored them since a decade prior to Desert Storm, the House of Saud has finally realized it has created a Frankenstein.

The US believes the same strategy that created ISIS is the same strategy it needs to defeat ISIS.  But, what happens if as the US begins getting the upper hand and as the US did to the USSR in Afghanistan, Russia now begins to do to the US in Iraq and Syria?  What happens when a US victory becomes as elusive as it did during Vietnam while the US continues to throw good money after bad?  What happens when ISIS decides its enemy has always been the House of Saud with its corrupt monarchy after it partnered with the US to create what is now known at the petroldollar, a US-centric economic agreement that continually places Saudi rulers at odds with radical jihadists?

The twisted logic and hypocrisy from the Barak Obaba/John Kerry State Department has become as hilarious as a Marie Harf briefing to the AP’s Matt Lee.  In a previous article called “Why the US is Doomed to Certain Failure” I outlined how Washington lying has become so prevalent that there is no objective reality acknowledged by the US and thus no method for making rational plans or determining a proper course of action.  We will again see the US try to use lies, propaganda, and ideology to justify its actions to the American people.  Thus far the American people have continued to fall for make-believe terror groups like the Khorasan who nobody in Iraq, Iran or Syria on either side of the Sunni/Shiite divide has ever heard of.  It is this kind of lie, about a Khorasan Front, that skews the decision making process and is used to keep Americans in fear and willing to provide many hundreds of billions of dollars every year to the US’s military-industrial complex. I have explained how the American people will be sacrificed in my article “How the Elite Will Use Media to Lead Us into WWIII”.  This prediction is as certain as the sun coming up tomorrow.

The US suceeded in creating a monster for it to destroy, but what the US needs to understand is that it must be lucky every single time, the monster only has to be lucky once.  One thing for sure is that this monster will never quit.  There is no doubt that this war is going to go on for a long time and has become the norm in Iraq and Syria.  In a previous article I wrote called “War as a Means of Natural Selection and Societal Evolution” , I explained how the US has created a fully-adapted enemy that is proving to be harder to kill and more lethal than the Ebola virus. 

I may not be as well paid or grammatically astute as reporters for the corporate media, but I have proven to be much more accurate in current affairs and the consequences of actions taken by the US government over the last 15 years.  Here is my article called “US Military Expert Explains Why ISIS Will Defeat the US Government’s War Plan in Iraq” explaining the major reasons why the US will lose the war against ISIS .  Accordingly, I am telling the American people that the only way the US can defeat ISIS is to get rid of the House of Saud and begin funding Arabia’s Shiites where they make up the majority in lands from where most Saudi oil production takes place.  We can partner with Iran or we can just surrender to ISIS now.  Or, we can continue the status quo and make Dick Cheney and the military-industrial complex owed by all the Zionists in the US Senate even wealthier as our country goes down the drain. 

Hopefully this will lead us to “The Type of Revolution Most Feared by the Elites“.   I was right about the MH17 plane shootdown and will put what I wrote up against any mainstream media talking head and let’s discuss who ended up being right.  Read “The US Failed in Hiding What the World Now Knows About Flight MH17″, and let me know who was more accurate than I.   Yet, I have not made a penny writing hundreds of articles, I merely ask that people let their friends know about me and 5th Estate Media.

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