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Why the World Will Not Learn the Truth About Flight MH17 Shootdown 

by Joseph Zrnchik

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Truth is always the first casualty of war.  Accordingly, the U.S. has been on a 13-year lying spree ever since 9/11 and Bush’s decision to invade Iraq “because it was doable” in the words of Bush administration officials.  In that Iraq War, as with Afghan War and every other U.S. invasion and occupation, every manner of war crime and crime against humanity that was committed or abetted by the U.S. was overlooked by the U.N. and the ICC.  Additionally, not only has the U.S. refused to abide by the ICC, it has likewise voted itself exempt from its strictures and the enforcement of international law.

It is painfully obvious that not only has U.S. influence corrupted the U.N and ICC so that international laws are made and enforced selectively, it has also made lying part of the institutional framework of these international organizations.  This is the reason for the protracted standoff between U.S. and Iran on the issue of the Iranian nuclear energy program.  In Washington truth is not recognized and good faith is not respected.

What makes the U.S.’s position regarding the shoot down of Flight MH117 so reprehensible and hypocritical is that after supporting Saddam’s invasion of Iran and providing him chemical weapons during the 7-year Iran-Iraq War, in a case of open belligerency the U.S. then downed Iran Flight 655 killing 290 Iranians, including 66 children and 16 crew members.  An investigation of the shootdown of IR Flight 655 proved every single assertion made by the U.S. to be a lie.

The U.S said Flight 655 was in international airspace, but the black box proved the flight to have been in Iranian airspace.  The U.S. maintained the plane was descending toward its warship, the USS Vincennes, while the black box proved the plane was climbing.  The U.S. claimed the plane did not have its commercial beacon on, but an international investigation proved the transponder was operating and fully functional.  The U.S. initially claimed to have been in international waters, but Admiral William J. Crowe Jr. finally admitted the U.S> was in Iranian territorial waters conducting a covert war against Iran to bolster Saddam’s war effort that was proving to be a losing cause. For this crime the U.S. refused to offer an apology and awarded the ship’s weapons officer military honors. 

How can the U.S. determine for the world that Crimea now needs to be attacked by a combined alliance of NATO, the U.S. and Ukrainian fascists spearheaded by the terrorist “Right Sector” after the downing of a commercial plane over which not only has blame not been determined, but for which the incident might have been an intended attack by Ukrainian forces on President Putin’s plane which was a similar looking plane that had earlier crossed on a similar flight path?  Now the fact that Crimean defense forces did not have long-range anti-aircraft capability, and the fact that the Ukrainian military did,  is muddying the U.S.’s propaganda narrative and truth may once again become a casualty of war.

Here is why we will never know the truth about Flight MH 17: During the Syrian War against ISIS, Takfiri fighters claimed Assad used chemical weapons.  This claimed use by Assad would have meant that Assad decided to use chemical weapons in areas where he specifically invited international inspectors to prove he had not used chemical weapons while the inspectors were carrying out inspections.  When crude chemical weapons not of the specifications in chemical makeup or delivery systems consistent with what was in the Syrian arsenal were used immediately after U.N. inspectors were deployed to those same areas, the U.S. then sought to wage war against Assad while forgoing preliminary yet conclusive forensic evidence that it was not the Syrian military who had used chemical weapons.

When the U.N. investigation of chemical weapons usage began, its goal was to assign blame as al Nusra and al Qaeda claimed a Syrian war crime.  Yet, when it became clear and certain that the attack was proving more and more to have been a false flag operation by anti-Assad forces to garner U.S. attacks on Syria’s military, the U.N. suddenly changed the scope of its investigation from one of assigning blame to merely determining whether chemical weapons were used.  Suddenly, the U.N. did not seek to assign blame or investigate the crude ad hoc delivery system that was only capable of about a 2-kilometer flight trajectory in a launch from an area occupied by al Qaeda and al Nusra forces.  The purposeful dereliction of determining culpability was accomplished without a single mention of these facts in the U.S. media.  To this day 99% of Americans believe that Assad used chemical weapons in this false flag attack and U.S. politicians continue to promote this lie.

In the Ukraine, where the U.S. spent upwards of $6 billion USD to fund fascists to overthrow an elected government, foreign officials were caught on an intercepted phone call in which it was discussed that fascist snipers had killed unarmed police and then killed Ukrainians to make it look as if this was the government killing protesters and the fascist protesters defending themselves. 

In the famous Wikileaks’ release of the top secret Iraq War video that has come to be named “Collateral Murder” in which an unarmed camera crew was slaughtered and later a rescuer with his two children come under attack by the same U.S. helicopter crew, the helicopter gunner after being told they had killed children said, “Well, it’s their fault for bringing their kids to a battle.”  What battle is there when a helicopter attacks and unarmed news crew and then an Iraqi rescuer and his two children?  For exposing this war crime PVT Manning endured torture and is spending decades in a military prison while Julian Assange has spent years hiding in an embassy to avoid extradition to the U.S.

What does all this past history of the U.S. downing Iran Flight 655, providing Saddam with chemical weapons to use against Iran, the UN engaging in purposeful dereliction in determining culpability for al Qaeda chemical attacks in Syria, the slaughter of Iraqi civilians in the “Collateral Murder” video and the fascist snipers killing Ukrainians and unarmed police have to do with the shootdown of Flight MH17?  It proves the U.S. does nothing but lie, kill and engage in war crimes and crimes against humanity with complete and utter impunity.  It proves that just about everything that comes out of the mouths of U.S. government functionaries media are lies.  It proves that the exact same crimes and collateral damage that the U.S. regularly engages in, which the U.S. demands the world disregard when committed by the U.S., are the exact same excuses the U.S. uses to promote and wage war against other countries when waging war is in the U.S. interests.

The hypocrisy of the U.S. is turning the entire world against it.  The U.S. bemoans its lack of support in waging more wars when it is exactly the waging of wars that has gotten the U.S. government in a position in which it believes it must spy on it allies as even its allies seek to distance themselves from U.S. calls to war.  This tragedy of the Malaysian flight can again be directly attributed to a decade-long multi-billion dollar U.S. intervention into Ukrainian politics to overthrow an elected government. 

There is evidence on Youtube that the supposed intercepted script for this shootdown was accidentally released prior to the incident by the Ukrainian government and to hide its forgery was then removed.  It is located here:  This video proves that the U.S. does not care about the truth, but instead has decided to blame Putin and begin a coordinated propaganda campaign in order to get the EU to line up behind the U.S. in sanctioning Russia.  Calls to sanction Russia over Crimea have so far been resisted by European business interests.  The fact is that Putin has everything to lose and the U.S. has everything to gain by the plane shootdown, which ought to make the entire world suspicious. And, Putin is not stupid like Washington politicians.  If the Ukrainian fascists will snipe and murder their own protesters to promote their political agenda, they are surely willing to shoot down a foreign plane to blame it on Russia, and the U.S. is surely willing to sponsor this lie.  It is very likely that this is a CIA plot because it is Putin who is blocking the U.S.’s “New World Order”.

It remains to be seen if the video exposing this transcript as a forgery is real or not.  The fact that the U.S. has not addressed the video speaks for itself. But, what is provable is that the U.S. lies incessantly and will use any incident to promote or escalate war.  The world needs to understand that such malevolence is not in its interests and usually leads to even greater unforeseen tragic events borne not by the U.S. government or its people, but by the people of other nations whose interests do not lie in global domination.

While this plane crash is a tragedy, past history has shown what the U.S. response is when collateral damage occurs as a result of U.S. wars. Do you  imagine that whatever excuse would be given and accepted by the U.N., NATO and the US if it was a U.S. shootdown will be given the same consideration if this incident proves to be a mistake of an civilian airline pilot bringing his passengers to a battle?  But, if Washington’s military tradition holds true, whoever shot this plane down and killed hundreds of civilians will also end up becoming a decorated military hero as did Lieutenant Commander Scott Lustig for his shootdown of IR Flight 655.

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