Terrorism, ISIS Funding, Snowden, 9-11 Cover Up

This came in my e-mail from a reliable source "S" and as always, from 9-11 to Ukraine to the ISIS, the money tells the tale:

Well, well, well, It looks like Eric Holder is finally turning back to Covington and Burling, and NOT taking his job at JP Morgan.

For those in need of refreshing, Covington and Burling was the law firm that represents Union Bank of Switzerland and HSBC (known to be ISIS terrorist finance money launderers) and whom Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer gave a non-prosecution agreement.

In exchange, they prosecuted Brad Birkenfeld--who had come over to the DOJ and gave them, or rather tried to give them, Swiss Bank account info he had smuggled out of Switzerland (which
Edward Snowden knew about and participated in a CIA sting against Birkenfeld when he was a CIA analyst in Geneva).

Birkenfeld was thrown in prison for 40 months to silence him, and Holder and Breuer conspired with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama in this operation.

Then God threw a wrench into their plan by allowing me to be falsley imprisoned by these same men...and instead of going to prison, I was re-routed to California, where I met Birkenfeld, discovered his Swiss Bank Intel, and confirmed it with military authorities.

Reports were sent to Congressional Committees (Intelligence, Armed Services, Government Oversight, Homeland Security, Banking, Judiciary, etc.) Of course they ran from the report and buried it.

Roger Zakheim, son of Dov Zakheim, sabotaged my reports, and then also went to Covington and Burling.

Seems Michael Chertoff, Lanny Breuer, Roger Zakheim, and now Eric Holder all work there now.

Funny thing is Booz Allen Hamilton also has joint projects with Covington and Burling, which of course is a serious violation of ethics and a conflict of interest--if not open contractor fraud.

Thanks to "M" for this intel. Keep your powder dry, this is a "gamechanger".

This completes the puzzle...and is the trigger to the avalanche. If you listen, you can hear the faint rumble in the distance....rapidly approaching.

Stay thirsty my friends.