Iraq, Russia, Crimea and More of the Usual US Propaganda 

by Joseph Zrnchik for

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How much more proof do the American people need to finally come to the conclusion that the US media is worthless, useless and pathetic?  I do give it credit in one area of endeavor, and that is as an instrument of war to project U.S. military power by acting as a force multiplier that garners domestic support for war and acting as a tool for disinformation and the deception of the American people.   Immediately after the shootdown of Flight MH17 the media served as an echo chamber for the White House, the US State Department and every pro-war neocon pundit who ever shot his or her mouth off in the Washington Post, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal or Fox News.   Once again an uncritical media establishment made up of sycophants and courtiers parroted the official Washington line.  Within days of the crash Obama demanded Russia to send in troops to force Crimeans to surrender to Ukrainian forces or face sanctions and the buildup of NATO forces along Russia’s border.

It seems the American people have learned nothing about their government in the last 13 years since 9/11 and are doomed to repeat their foolishness ad infinitium.  It seems that their amnesia is so bad that they do not have the institutional memory to mention all the ways the U.S. lied to get the American people to back their ruinous, catastrophic and counterproductive wars, nor do the American people remember the Bush administration saying the $3 trillion war was only going to cost between $20-$50 billion as we were greeted in Bagdad as liberators.  Americans do not remember the “experts” telling them that Iraqi oil would fund amply fund the hostilities. We were told there were only a few Saddam dead-enders who were “in the last throes of the insurgency, if you will.” We were told Saddam had a nuclear program and WMDs and we could not afford to allow the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.  We also were told Saddam had a relationship with al Qaeda.

In October 2002, a few days before the US vote on the Authorization of Use of Military Force almost half of the US Senate was told in closed session that the Iraqi government had the means of delivering chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction by drones that could be launched from ships off the US’ Atlantic coast to attack US coastal cities.  Defense Secretary Powell suggested in his presentation to the United Nations that UAVs were transported out of Iraq and could be launched against the United States, but Iraq had no offensive drones or any capability of putting UAVs on ships. Iraq’s UAV fleet consisted of less than a handful of outdated Czech training drones and both the CIA and the US Air Force denied this Bush propaganda.  Then we were told Saddam was throwing babies out of incubators which turned out to be a lie by a member of the Kuwaiti Royal Family.  The truth of the matter is that there needs to be accountability for the war that has killed hundreds of thousands and created such backlash that the Middle East is in turmoil.

U.S. now wants to go to engage in economic war and military build-ups against Russia because Crimea wants to be repatriated with Russia after US expansion brought NATO all the way up to Russia’s doorstep through a US-funded coup in Kiev with a new round of NATO expansion and a buildup being the result of the shootdown of Malaysian Flight MH17 in which the assignment of blame by the US has defied all logic, reason, fact, evidence and truth.  Americans and the world are slowly learning that there are as many lies about the shootdown as there was about the Iraq War.

In Victoria Nuland’s intercepted phone conversation on an unsecured IPhone which was downloaded on YouTube in which she famously said, “F____ the EU.”, while discussing the $5 billion coup the U.S. invested in to overthrow the Ukrainian government and install the fascist Svoboda elements into key government positions and security services to prevent Ukraine from remaining in the Russian sphere of influence, it seems Ms. Nuland meant exactly what she said on her IPhone in regard to the EU and its peace and prosperity.

The US, after having its case against Russia smashed so badly that the mainstream media, which was engorging itself on the feast of U.S. government propaganda like vultures picking at the dead carcass of a wildebeest , suddenly and unceremoniously ended its 24/7 news orgy of blame focused directly at Putin and the Crimean Russians who merely seek reunion with Russia to end the fascist Ukrainian government’s slaughter of Russian Crimeans who merely sought reunification through a peaceful democratic process.  As of this moment the Ukraine government is slaughtering Crimeans with massive artillery barrages and hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled into Russia.  The slaughter is of such intensity that it now threatens Russian intervention to prevent the slaughter of Russian citizens of what was once an autonomous region and before that an actual part of Russia that was illegally ceded to the Ukraine by the Soviet Union.

The silence now emanating from the White House and U.S. State Department regarding its investigation of Flight MH17 has become deafening.   The US had satellite imagery and every kind of electronic surveillance available and all we end up with is the US government providing some YouTube videos that were found to have been posted a day prior to the shootdown.  The flight recorder for Flight MH17 has been kept from the American people.  There has been no explanation as to why the Ukrainian government took over the control tower and directed the flight over hostile territory.  There was no explanation as to why the plane was ordered to lower its altitude.  The tweets of a Spanish air traffic controller were removed from the internet after he tweeted about what the Ukrainian government was doing, yet there is no mention of this in the US media.  There is no mention of or why Flight MH17 was being followed by two Russian-made Ukrainian fighters.  There is no mention as to why the Ukrainians had three BUK (SA10 missile systems) operational over the restricted airspace where Flight MH17 had been redirected.  Given that the separatists have no aviation assets, why would Ukraine deploy these systems?  Prior to the shootdown the Ukrainian government admitted the separatists had no BUK systems.

The only separatist shootdowns that occurred were from small MANPADS shoulder-fired systems on low-flying Ukrainian military planes.  Meanwhile, the Ukrainian government has bombed separatists with high-altitude aircraft with complete impunity.  If the separatists had advanced anti-aircraft capability, would they not have used it to stop the incessant bombing campaign?  And, if were the Russians who were manning and operating a BUK system, giving the incredible US surveillance capability using all the forms of intelligence assets afforded at the national level, wouldn’t the US have one picture of such an occurrence?  The US has assets that can identify and record the launching of a missile.  Why won’t the Us produce them?

The video of a BUK missile system was filmed in the Ukraine as it passed an alley and was used by the Ukraine government to misrepresent a Russian BUK sneaking its way back to Russia.  This video has been proven to be a fraud and the system belonging to Ukraine forces.  Again, these systems are huge and while satellite imagery can see beer cans from space, the US does not have one picture of separatists or Russians operating a single BUK missile system or any information regarding any launch area.  Yet, nobody but AP reporter Matt Lee has demanded an explanation as he repeatedly grilled US State Department spokeswomen. It really is a treat to watch this one man make a fool of the entire US State Department on YouTube.

Some experts have asserted that Flight MH17 was shot down by Ukrainian fighters and the plane wreckage provided evidence of exploding rounds penetrating and exiting the pilot’s cockpit.  These types of entry and exit holes could only have been created by shrapnel producing rounds.  As this fact was pointed out and international investigators were called to begin reviewing the wreckage, the Ukrainian government suddenly began an unannounced offensive with massive artillery barrages on the areas that contained such wreckage.

One would think that after considering the U.S.’s lies piled upon lies and mistake after mistake the media would start to begin to challenge the elites’ narratives regarding U.S. interventions in the Middle East and the current attempt to begin hostilities against Russia, but it seems we get very little media grillings of those who have made ridiculous statements or have been caught in lies, nor has there been any questioning regarding political analysis of situations that we are told were stable only to find out entire regions involving multiple countries are in absolute chaos.   How is it a person such as I, who is merely a private citizen, can provide better analysis than the U.S. State Department, the White House and all the media pundits who can speak forever on matters of insignificance as they cling to ideology posing as conventional wisdom while their illusions crumble around them for everyone to see?

I predicted that the U.S. was leading not only to its defeat, but to its destruction as a world power, yet while key predictions I have made are now coming to fruition, we still see the mainstream media treating the American people as mushrooms by feeding them lots of manure and keeping them in the dark.  I have written about Iran, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Africa, China, Israel and the U.S. police state and almost all of my predictions have come true and my analysis has been spot on.  Yet, we have people like John McCain and Charles Krauthammer who bill themselves as foreign policy gurus as the entire neocon establishment hoodwinks Americans into believing their imperial propaganda and Zionist ideology that is finally beginning to violently and expensively bump up against solid reality.  The  fact is that the entire neocon establishment never saw a war it did not like.  The elite were able to keep up their illusions provided the U.S. people continued to spend $5,000 per second for decade of occupation in Iraq.  And, what did the $5,000 per second of Iraq occupation for over ten years get us?  Granted it made Bush, Cheney and the military-industrial complex wealthy while bankrupting the middle class, but it did nothing to make America more secure.  Yet, the “experts” continued to be published so they can continue to share their delusions.

There are videos of John McCain began telling the media that Iran had a working relationship with al Qaeda.  The only working relationship Iran had with al Qaeda is one of Iran trying to stop Sunni terror.  I guess you could call that a working relationship if you mean al Qaeda works to commit terror and Iran works to defeat that terror.  Why is it anyone would even allow McCain to speak without calling him on his nonsense, ignorance and incompetence.  Yet, we continue to listen to his nonsense as the US continues to wage a war of terror against Iran by funding and supplying terror groups.

I am going to lay this out for you what is going on, and I know after reading this you will know I am right.  I have worked as an intelligence officer and it seems the American people no more want to hear the truth than the American media desires to give them that truth.   The fact of the matter is that Saudi Arabia is responsible for 9/11.  The U.S. had to punish Saudi Arabia in some way and what way could be better than going into Iraq to unseat Sunnis from power, especially after Saddam was gone, which could have allowed Iraq to remain under the control of Sunnis.  Since the Saudis are the U.S. government’s banker and financier, the U.S. did not want to hurt Saudi Arabia to a degree that it would threaten the petroldollar status as the world’s reserve currency or otherwise harm the US economy, but is did want to make the Saudis pay for funding terror against the US. Can anyone think of why Bush refused to allow Americans to see the 9/11 Report and redacted all the chapters relating to Saudi involvement in 9/11?  There was such disinformation used that to this day 40% of the population still think the hijackers were Iraqis when the truth is the hijackers were almost all Saudis without a single hijacker being an Iraqi.  At some point the world must ask if Americans are just plain stupid.

The problem is that the US desire to create chaos in the Middle East has killed millions of innocents.  To end the violence there needs to be an accounting for illegal wars, war crimes and crimes against humanity by those responsible, to include those in major media who promoted these crimes along with torture, illegal surveillance and the funding of terror groups.  The lies regarding Flight MH17 and the propaganda directed against Russia for US consumption may bring us WWIII.  The lies and propaganda regarding the repatriation of Crimea back into Russia are just as ridiculous as what was used to go to war against Iraq.  The media has become a force multiplier by becoming a source of disinformation directed against the American people.  The media refuses to admit that the US goal in all this is to destabilize Russia so as to threaten and intimidate its leaders as what was once a peaceful Russia now begins to build military and economic alliances that threaten imperial Washington.  But, if Russian history is any indicator of future events, just as Russia was willing to sacrifice tens of millions fighting the Nazis, it will be sure to do the same should the US and NATO think they are going to have their way with a bear.

If the U.S. thinks it can take down Russia, through an invasion, doesn’t the US believe Russia will use tactical nuclear weapons on its own soil to prevent invasion?  And, if the US then counters with nuclear weapons on Russia soil, doesn’t the US understand that Russia will use tactical nukes against NATO?  And, if the US decides it will launch an major preemptive strike, doesn’t the US see that Russia does have the ability to take out major Us cities?  We are allowing the neocons to play a dangerous game, a game that can easily get as out of control as Iraq now is in regard to the neocons’ plan for the Middle East.

Note from Joseph: I spent a good deal of time writing so that those with the eyes to see can free themselves from a twisted paradigm created by the elite.  I hope they will inspire Americans to seek justice for the world and against those in Saudi Arabia who have actually attacked America.  l ask that you post links to my articles in as many places as you can to help me get the word out.  Please leave a note if you think my analyses are better then what you have heard from the mainstream media and government officials, or if you find anything else of interest.

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