IQ tests

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ACE Intelligence Website - Free IQ tests, including an official test and weekly changing tests.


Alpha Omega IQ Links - Links to various free online IQ tests.


Business and Employee I.Q. Tests - Free test for employees and businesses. For more accurate results, an official test is obtainable.


Cognitive Reasoning Register - Measurement of ability to learn, solve problems, and intellectual acuity. Often used pre-hire for management and IT professional assessment.


Daily IQ Test - Daily changing IQ-style questions of diverse nature for fun and learning purposes.


Davideck IQ Tests - The IQ Tests page of Dave Desk's Personality and IQ Tests portal. Each quiz has a rating.


Difficult IQ tests - Comprehensive list of IQ tests and IQ societies.


Emode's Ultimate IQ Test - Free Ph.D. certified test. You get a 15-page personalized analysis.


Encephalist-R22 - High-range test downloadable as PDF file; web site contains statistics for the test.


European IQ Test - Free online IQ test.


Fast Comprehensive IQ Test - Short online IQ test.


Foritensum - A very difficult culture-fair test.


2 Free Online IQ Tests - Answer 40 questions in 30 minutes and receive an analysis with your IQ.


GliaWeb - IQ testing in Dutch and English offered along with IQ Society membership. Includes: links, games, and newsletter.


Hangar Z's BrainStorm - This site uses scientificly proven principals to help stimulate your thought process. Part of the Hangar Z Network


In-Depth IQ Test - Free 12-minute test.


Intelligence Tests - List and rating of IQ tests available online.


International High IQ Society - Professional free online IQ tests; you can choose between Flash and HTML version. Membership possible.


IQ Test - Professional IQ Test with the option of acquiring a Certificate of Accomplishment.


IQ Test Labs - Free online IQ test with 10-minute timer and automatic scoring.


IQ Tests - Online IQ tests for various age categories. Russian site, but in English.


IQ Tests - Directory of intelligence tests of varying psychological validity; includes brief description and estimated time required for completion.


Know yourself better - An IQ level indicates how one is positioned compared to the majority of individuals in a given age bracket. IQ Tests - Collection of free professionally developed intelligence tests, such as verbal IQ, spatial IQ., visual memory test, culture-fair IQ, logic, and concentration.


Queendom IQ Tests - Various Professionally Designed Online IQ Tests.


Quick IQ TEST - You get a title and image to go with your score.


Self-Discovery Workshop IQ test - Online IQ test with information on intelligence testing and history thereof.


Sentence Completion Test - Assesses English vocabulary knowledge. Presented as an experimental form

of a verbal IQ test.

Sigma Test - Admission test for several high-IQ societies. Contains sections with various levels of difficulty.


SON-R Nonverbal Intelligence Tests - Individual tests for children not requiring use of language. Especially suited for children with problems in the areas of language and verbal communication. Norms available for ages 2 to 17.


Startkabel IQ Links - Links to IQ tests in various languages.


Test of Intelligence VX20 - Untimed high-range IQ test.


Test of Logical Abstractive Perception - Overview of its psychometric properties and links to the test itself.


Tests Of Intelligence - Various types of IQ tests to test yourself.


TOI - Contains special and combined IQ tests and links to IQ and EQ sites.


Ultimate IQ test link site - Over 100 links to IQ tests in various languages.


Uncommonly Difficult IQ Tests - Large variety of IQ tests, links to HIQ organizations, articles about intelligence.