This is completely revised and includes complete movie spoilers (most scenes

are transcribed) and added quotes abound all throughout.  New chess board

diagrams, as well as floor diagrams of the Red Room in 2021 are included from

Thomas Michanek.


[This is a very long file (around 5000 lines) and contains no page breaks.]


                                      The ^Twin Peaks^ Timeline

                                      Compiled by Edwin Nomura


This timeline covers only events mentioned or that have taken place in the

United States version of the television series Twin Peaks and the movie

Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me.  Material from other books or tapes and the

so-called "Euroversion" has been ignored.  There are spoilers all throughout

so don't even read about an episode if you haven't seen the entire series or

movie and don't want spoilers.  I have tried to include everything, even if it

creates conflicts in continuity.


For the most part, Twin Peaks shows events in order so this also doubles

as a detailed episode guide.  All events listed after an episode are shown

or are mentioned in that episode unless otherwise stated.  To get to a

particular episode, do a search for the string "Episode xxxx" where xxxx is the

number of the episode in question.  (i.e., 2007 corresponds to season two,

episode seven)


(Cooper to Doc, 1002) means Cooper mentions an event to Doc in episode 1002.


This timeline is based off of one begun by Jerry Boyajian.  Many thanks go to

Ed Hughes, Thomas Michanek, David Coufal and all others on

whose help has been invaluable.


A compressed copy will be made available via anonymous ftp at ( in pub/twin-peaks/timeline.Z


This timeline is for private use only and may be distributed freely.



Edwin Nomura




                                      The ^Twin Peaks^ Timeline




1913 (approx) (Truman to Sternwood, 2005)

   -- Joshua Palmer, Leland's grandfather, brings over the family


?? (Jerry to Ben, 2008)

   -- Ben, Jerry, and Louise Dombrowski dancing on the hook rug


1959 (Will to Cooper, 2001)

   -- Elks Club fire


1962 (Will and Truman to Cooper, 2010)

   -- Dwayne Milford first runs for mayor


1965 (approx)

   -- Windom Earle may have begun searching for the Black Lodge (Cooper to

      Truman, 2021)

   -- FBI loans out Earle to the Air Force (Gordon to Cooper, 2018)

   -- Ed and Norma get together ("for 4 years," Ed to Cooper, 2001)


1969 (Briggs to Cooper, 2013)

   -- Project Bluebook officially disbanded


1969 (approx)

   -- Bookhouse Boys formed ("going on 20 years now," Truman to Cooper, 1003)

   -- Eileen gets love letters from Ben ("20 years," Ben to Eileen, 2018)

   -- Norma runs off with Hank.  Ed and Nadine get together and marry.  On

      the honeymoon, Ed shoots out Nadine's eye accidentally. (Ed to Cooper,



Mar ("20th anniversary," Shelly to Norma, 2021)

   -- Norma wins the first Miss Twin Peaks pageant



   -- Hank and Norma get married ("20 years ago, next month," Hank to Norma,


   -- Norma begins working at the RR  ("20 years this April," Norma to Nadine,



Jul (one of Jacoby's umbrellas, 1007)

   -- Jacoby's umbrella from Kahala Hilton


1974 (Cooper to Jerry, 2008)

   -- Jerry graduates last in his class of 142 from Gonzaga University


Aug (one of Jacoby's umbrellas, 1007)

   -- Jacoby's umbrella: I first lay eyes on Mimsey


?? (Audrey to Donna, 1002)

   -- Ben sings to Laura


1981 (approx) (Catherine to Pete, 2014)

   -- Eckhardt plans Andrew's death


1982 (approx) ("for 3 years," Cooper to Truman, 2014)

   -- Cooper and Earle begin playing chess everyday for three years.  Cooper

      never wins.



   -- Andrew Packard brings Josie over from Hong Kong to be his wife ("6 years

      ago," Truman to Cooper, 1000)

   -- Josie's job begins ("6 years," Jonathan to Josie, 2004)


1983 (approx) (Will to Andy and Dick, 2014)

   -- Nicky born after conceived in assault.  Mother dies in childbirth.


1984 ("5 years,"  Ben to Audrey, 2007)

   -- Ben takes on as owner of OEJ


1984 (approx) ("I was 13 or 14," Donna to Harold, 2005)

   -- Donna and Laura meet Josh, Rick and Tim



   -- Caroline killed while under Earle's and Cooper's assigned protection.

      Cooper is wounded and Earle is institutionalized. ("4 years ago,"

      Cooper to Truman, 2014)

   -- Jeffrey first beats Evelyn ("4 years ago," Malcolm to James, 2012)



   -- Cooper has a dream where he learns the deductive technique he exercises

      in 1002 and becomes deeply moved by the plight of the Tibetan people

      ("3 years ago," Cooper to Truman, 1002)

   -- The real Mrs. Tremond's mother dies (Tremond to Donna, 2009)


Apr 1986 (Cooper to Leo, 1003)

   -- Leo cited for an illegal U turn


1987 ("1 1/2 years," Lucy to Cooper, 2004)

   -- Andy and Lucy start going out


Aug (approx)

   -- Josie hires Hank to kill Andrew Packard but Catherine and Andrew stage

      his death in a boating accident [Truman first tells Cooper Packard

      died "last year" (1000) but later tells him it happened "a year and a

      half ago" (1001)]

   -- Hank takes the fall for the killing of an unnamed vagrant, is convicted

      of vehicular manslaughter and sent to jail


Nov (Cooper to Leo, 1003)

   -- Leo cited for a drunk and disorderly



   -- Something at Mr. Blodgett's barn causes Andy to break down and cry

      ("last year," Truman to Andy, 1000)

   -- Denise discovers wearing women's clothes calms him ("last year," Denise

      to Cooper, 2011)



   -- Teresa moves into the Fat Trout Trailer Park (Teresa's file, FWWM)


9 Feb (Andy to Cooper, 2001)

   -- Leo in jail in Hungry Horse, Montana



   -- Leland answers Teresa's ad in Fleshworld and meets her at a motel

   -- Teresa arranges for Leland's next encounter with her and a couple of her

      girlfriends at a motel who turn out to be Laura and Ronette.  Leland

      sees Laura and takes off after giving Teresa some money.  He sees Pierre

      who does a dance and disappears after Leland has walked off.

   -- Teresa tries to blackmail Leland (Ronette and Jacques to Laura, FWWM)


   "just before [Teresa's] time" (Irene to Desmond and Stanley, FWWM)

   -- Teresa's left arm goes dead for three days


Early-mid Feb (FWWM)

   -- Leland smashes a TV, then bashes Teresa's head in


[Fire Walk With Me (movie) - 8/28/92

 Written by David Lynch and Robert Engels

 Directed by David Lynch]



   -- Teresa Banks' body, wrapped in plastic, floats along in Wind River

      [Cooper tells Diane he is standing at Wind River near where the body was




   -- Gordon Cole's office in Portland.


   -- Fargo, North Dakota.  Desmond and two other agents are in the middle of

      busting some prostitutes.  Kids in a bus are crying and screaming.

      Desmond's car phone rings and Cole tells him he's needed out west.

            D: {answers car phone}  Hello.

            C:  CHET, I'M CALLING YOU FROM PORTLAND, OREGON.  {Desmond lowers


              PORTLAND, OREGON.

            D:  OKAY, GORDON.





            D:  Okay, Gordon.

   -- Private Portland Airport.  Desmond flies in.

            Cole:  Chet, good to see you.

            Desmond:  {shakes Cole's hand}  Gordon.

            C:  CHET, GIVE SAM STANLEY THE GLAD HAND. {motions to Stanley}


            S:  {shakes Desmond's hand}  Pleasure.  Heard a lot about you.


            D:  {to Sam} Congratulations.  {to Cole}  I HEARD ABOUT THAT.

            C:  CHET, YOUR SURPRISE.  {motions to a hangar}

      {Lil walks out, wearing a red wig, does a dance.  She makes a sour face,

      walks in place, puts one hand in her pocket, and makes a fist with the

      other while blinking both eyes.

            C:  HER NAME IS LIL.  SHE'S MY MOTHER'S SISTER'S GIRL. {holds four

              fingers in front of his eyes}

            D:  Federal.




   -- On the highway, Desmond explains Lil's dance to Stanley.

            S:  That really was something with the dancing girl, wasn't it?

              What exactly did that mean?

            D:  I'll explain it to you.  Remember Lil's wearing a sour face.

            S:  What do you mean?

            D:  Her face had a sour look on it.  {Stanley nods}  We're gonna

              have problems with the local authorities.  They're not gonna be

              receptive to the FBI.  Both eyes blinking means trouble higher up.

              The eyes of the local authority.  Sheriff and a deputy'd be my guess.

              You notice she had one hand in her pocket.  Which means they're

              hiding something.  And the other hand made into a fist, which means

              they're gonna be belligerent.  Lil was walking in place which means

              there's gonna be a lot of legwork involved.  Cole said

              Lil was her mother's sister's girl.  Now what's missing in that

              sentence?  The uncle.  Not Cole's uncle but probably the sheriff's

              uncle is in federal prison.  Let me ask you something Stanley.

              Did you notice anything about her dress?

            S:  The dress was altered to fit her.  I noticed a different color

              thread where the dress was taken in.

            D:  Gordon said you were good.  Tailored dress is our code for drugs.

            S:  Oh.

            D:  You notice what was pinned to it?

            S:  A blue rose?

            D:  Good.  But I can't tell you about that.

            S:  Can't?

            D:  No, I can't.


   4:30 pm (Cable to Desmond)

   -- Desmond and Stanley at the sheriff's station in Deer Meadow.

            {Desmond is waiting at the counter, Stanley is casing the place.

            Receptionist is reading a book.  Nothing.  Then the deputy walks in.}

            Desmond:  Good afternoon.  Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Special

              Agent Chester Desmond.  I'd like to see Sheriff Cable please.

            Deputy Cliff:  Why don'tcha have a seat over there why don'tcha

              partner. Go ahead, make yourself at home... 'cause it's gonna be

              awhile.  {receptionist laughs.  Cliff leans over, whispers to

              her and they laugh some more}  Why don'tcha have some coffee

              there?  It was fresh about two days ago.  {laughs with receptionist}

            D:  I've had enough of the waiting room now.  {walks around the


            C:  Oh, is that so?  {blocks Desmond's way}

            {Desmond stops in front of Cliff, one hand raised.  Pause.  Then he

            grabs Cliff's nose and spins him into a chair and knees him.}

            D:  {to receptionist}  You can start that fresh pot of coffee right


   -- Desmond walks into Cable's office.

            C:  How the hell did you get in here?

            D:  Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Chet Desmond.

              I'm here to investigate the murder of Teresa Banks.

            C:  Well... little fella.  We don't need any outside help

              around here.  I don't like you people sniffing around my neck

              of the woods.  In fact, when the state boys told me about a J.

              Edgar coming up here.  I think I said, "so what?"

            {Cliff walks in, still holding his nose}

            D:  S'All right deputy.  Sheriff Cable can handle it from here.

            Cable:  Cliff... {motions to him, Cliff walks out}

            D:  Your behavior's not funny.  It's wasting the time of the federal


            C:  You're lucky I'm not wasting you.

            D:  Well little fella, let me put it to you this way.  The

              operative word here is "federal."  I'm now ordering you to release

              all pertinent information concerning Teresa Banks.  Both while

              living and deceased.

            C:  {pulls out a box, tosses it at Desmond}  Basic kill.  Banks was

              a drifter and nobody knew her.

            D:  Where's the body?

            C:  It's out in back in our morgue.  {Desmond starts to walk out}

              It's 4:30.  We close at 5.

            D:  We have our own clock.  We'll lock up.

      {On his way out, Desmond notices a framed newspaper clipping on the

      wall.  It reads "Cable Bends Steel" and there is a picture of Cable

      bending a steel bar.}

   -- Desmond and Stanley walk to the adjoining morgue.

            Stanley:  You know, Agent Desmond, I figure this whole office,

              furniture included, is worth $27,000.

   -- At the morgue, Desmond reads Teresa's file.

            D:  {reading}  Teresa Banks...  Teresa Banks lives at the Fat Trout

              Trailer Park for a month.  We'll check that.

            S:  Yeah.

            D:  Worked as a waitress at Hap's diner.  Worked the night shift.

              Good place for dinner when we're through here, Sam.

            S:  Yes...

            D:  No one came to claim the body.  No known next of kin.

            S:  {get his recorder out, hits record and sets it down, examines

              Teresa}  Crushed skull.  Probable cause repeated blows to the

              back of the head by a blunt obtuse angled object.  {noticing}

              I wonder where her ring is?

            D:  Personal effects include a watch, undergarment, pink waitress

              uniform... {looks through personal effects}  The ring's missing.

            S:  {looking at the ring finger of the left hand}  Seems to be an

              interesting contusion.  Under the ring finger of the left hand.

            D:  Accidental?

            S:  {pulls his machine over, puts Teresa's hand in it, looks through

              it}  Agent Desmond, could you hold the finger for me please?

              {Desmond holds the hand in place}  There's something in there.

              {pulls the fingernail back}  Yes...

            D:  What is it?

            S:  A piece of white paper.  With the latter T imprinted on it.

              Come here, take a look.  {Desmond looks}


   3:30 am (Stanley to Desmond)

   -- Stanley and Desmond exit the morgue.

            S:  Agent Desmond, it's 3:30 in the morning.  When are we going to


            D:  We're not.  You and I are gonna get some food.

   -- Hap's Diner.  There in the manager's office, they question the manager

      Jack who is wearing a button that reads "Say hello to Jack" with "hello"

      crossed out and "goodbye" scratched above it.

            J:  Ask Irene about that.  Irene knows that.  Now, Irene is her name

              and it is night.  Don't go any further with it.  There's nothing

              good about it.  {Desmond and Stanley head towards the counter}

      Someone is working in the room on a light that keeps buzzing and


            J:  How's it going with that goddamn lamp?

   -- At the counter, they question Irene.

            D:  Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Special Agent Chet Desmond.

              I'd like to ask you a few questions about Teresa Banks.  Jack

              said you knew her.  How well?

            I:  She only worked here a month.  Nice girl.  Never seemed to get here

              on time, though.  If you ask me, she had a little problem with...

              {sniffs hard three times}

            D:  Did you ever see Teresa Banks take cocaine?

            I:  No.

            D:  Do you ever take cocaine, Irene?

            I:  No I do not. I never took cocaine or any other drug.  I don't

              take drugs.

            S:  Nicotine's a drug.  Caffeine's a drug.

            I:  {to Desmond, motioning to Sam}  Who's the toehead?  {to Sam}

              Those drugs are legal.

            D:  He's with me.  Is there anything you'd like to tell us about

              Teresa Banks that might help us out?

            I:  I been thinking about that.  If you ask me, her death was what

              you'd call a freak accident.

            D:  Thanks.

            Man: Are you talking about that little girl that got murdered?

            D: You got something to tell us?

            Man: I know shit from shinola.  {woman with him says something to him}

            S:  {quietly to Chet}  Agent Desmond, should we question him?

            D:  {sees Stanley holding his coffee in his left hand}  What time is

              it, Stanley?  {Stanley spills his coffee all over himself who dabs at

              himself with napkins}  It's late, Sam.  I'm sorry.

            S:  It's early.  It's really early.

            I:  You know, I never told anybody this.  But once, for about three

              days, just before her time, Teresa's arm went completely dead.

            D:  What do you mean?

            I:  Her left arm.  It was numb.  She said she couldn't use it.

              Probably those drugs she was taking.  I just thought I'd oughta

              tell you.

            D:  Thanks.

            Man: Are you talking about that little girl that got murdered?

            S:  {quietly to Chet}  I doubt it was a drug problem.  Probably a

              nerve problem.  I could recheck the arm for injuries but I'd

              have to take the body back to Portland to do some real nerve work.

            D:  I think that's a good idea.

            S:  Irene, we'd like to order some food please.

            I:  You want to hear about our specials?  We don't have any.



   -- Desmond and Stanley arrive at Fat Trout Trailer Court and bang on Carl

      Rodd's door (it reads, "Do not ever disturb before 9 a.m... ever").

            R:  {from inside, cranky}  WHAAAAT?  WHAT IS IT?!  WHAT?!

            D & S:  {notice the message and fumble their badges out}  Nine...

            R:  Can't you read?!

            S:  It's really late.  Or really early.

            {Rodd kicks the door open}

            D:  Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Chet Desmond, Agent

              Sam Stanley.  Sorry to disturb you but we need to see Teresa Banks'


            R: Oh shit.  That goddamn trailer's more popular than uncle's day

              in a whorehouse.  You see what I mean?  It just means I-- more shit I

              gotta do now.

   -- Desmond and Stanley look around Teresa's trailer.

            R:  {outside}  Everything's exactly like she left it, I haven't

              touched a goddamn thing!  God!

            D:  {notices a picture in which Teresa is wearing a ring}  Take a look

              at this.

            S:  {looks}  She's got the ring on.

            R:  {outside}  Well I'm gonna make myself a cup of Good Morning

              America.  Y'all want some?  {Chet and Sam mutter affirmatives, Rodd

              nods, walks back}

   -- Rodd brings them some coffee.

            R:  {with mugs}  Here you go boys.

            D:  Hey.  {takes mug}

            R:  Good Morning America.  {gives one to Sam who drinks and coughs}

            D:  You weren't kidding.  This stuff's got the sting of the 48 hour


            R:  {all laugh}  That's right.  That's the best goddamn coffee you're

              gonna get anywhere, buddy.

            S:  We sure do need a good wake-me-up, don't we Agent Desmond.  {looks

              at Chet}  We sure do need a good wake-me-up, don't we Agent Desmond.

            D:  Yeah, we do, Sam.

      {grimy old lady with an ice pack over one eye walks up to the door}

            D:  {to lady}  Did you know Teresa Banks?

      {Telephone pole accompanied by the Indian whooping sound.  On it are

      visible 24810 (a digit before and after are covered) and a large 6,

      lady walks away}

            R:  {emotional} See, I've already gone places...  I just want to stay

              where I am.



   -- At the Sheriff's station, Cable won't let the FBI take the body.

            {Desmond and Stanley walk in, FBI van driver is standing there,

            so is Cable, Cliff and the receptionist eating a donut}

            Cable:  What the hell is that thing doing out there?  You're not taking

              that body anywhere.

            D:  {looks at the driver, then to Cable}  We're taking the body back

              to Portland and there's not a thing you can do about it.  Teresa

              Banks had a ring.  Any idea what happened to it?

            Cable:  We got a phone here.  It's got a little ring.

   -- Stanley gets in the crime van with Teresa's body.

            D:  Take the van back to Portland, Stanley.  I'm going to take one

              more look at the trailer park.

            S:  Agent Desmond.  One thing has been troubling me.  The blue rose.

              You're going back to the trailer park for the blue rose.



   -- Desmond is back at the trailer park.

            R:  That's Deputy Cliff's trailer over by the red truck.  That's his

              truck too.

            D:  Teresa Banks' trailer is over... here. {looking back}

            R:  Right where we left it.

            Old lady:  Where's my goddamn hot water?

            R:  I'll be in my trailer.

            OL:  Hot water, Carl.

            R:  I'm gonna get you some Valium.  {leads her away}

            {Desmond sees the telephone pole [Indian whooping noise], then looks

            towards another trailer.  He walks over to it and sees a mound of dirt

            with a small indentation at the top.  Teresa's ring is in it.  He

            reaches out to take it.}


16 Feb

   10:10 am (Cooper to Cole)

   -- In Philadelphia, Cooper enters Cole's 7th floor office.

            C: Gordon, it is 10:10 a.m. on February 16th.  I was worried about

              today because of the dream I told you about.

      He walks from the room into the hallway and looks into the lens of the

      surveillance camera.  He runs into the surveillance room and sees an

      empty hallway on the monitor.  Back to the hall, then back to the

      surveillance room.  The monitor shows an empty hallway.  He runs back

      into the hallway.  Behind him, at the end of the hall, an elevator door

      opens and Phillip Jeffries enters the hallway, headed towards Cooper,

      who doesn't see him because he is staring intently into the camera.

      Cooper runs back to the surveillance room and sees on the monitor

      himself staring into the camera, then Phillip Jeffries walking past him

      towards the camera.

   -- Albert and Cole are staring at Jeffries.  Cooper runs in.

            Cole:  PHILLIP, IS THAT YOU?

            {Albert stands up.  Jeffries moves into the room.}

            Cooper:  {looking at Phillip}  Phillip?



            Jeffries:  Well now, I'm not going to talk about Judy.  In fact, we're

              not gonna talk about Judy at all.  We're gonna keep her out of it.

            Cooper:  Gordon...

            Cole:  I KNOW, COOP.

            J:  {pointing at Cooper}  Who do you think this is there?

            A:  Suffered some bumps on the old noggin', eh, Phil?

            Cole:  WHAT THE HELL DID HE SAY THERE, ALBERT?  {pointing at Cooper}

              THAT'S SPECIAL AGENT DALE COOPER.  {focusing on Jeffries}  FOR GOD'S


              NEAR TWO YEARS.

            J:  I wanna tell you everything.

            {Static.  Then flashback to a dirty run-down room.  A man dressed in

            red, holding a stick.  There are seven others.  The MFAP

            and BOB are sitting at a table.  By the far wall are Mrs.

            Tremond/Chalfont and her grandson, two woodsmen, and another man.

            On the table is a pan with creamed corn.}

            MFAP:  Garmonbozia.  This is a formica table.

            J:  Oh, believe me, I followed!

            MFAP:  Green is its color.

            J:  It was a dream.  We live inside a dream.

            Pierre: {pointing}  Fell a victim.

            MFAP:  With this ring, I thee wed.

            J:  Ring.  It was above a convenience store.

            {Woodsman raises and lowers his arm twice.}

            MFAP:  Electricity.

            J:  Listen all, listen carefully.  I've been to one of their meetings.

              {Man in red jumps back.}  ???, I found something!  And then there

              they were.

            {Pierre pulls the mask from his face.  It's Pierre.  He replaces the

            mask and pulls it away.  Chimp.  BOB and MFAP go beyond red curtains.

            Jeffries screams.  Static.}


            A: {on phone}  I've got the front desk now.  He was never here.  And

              news from Deer Meadow.  Agent Chester Desmond has disappeared.

            Cooper:  Gordon, what's going on?

   -- Cooper plays back the surveillance camera tape for Cole.

            Cooper:  He was here.

            Cole:  But where did he go?  And where is Chester Desmond?



   -- Rodd points the way to Cliff's trailer but Cooper picks up the same

      vibe that struck Desmond and walks in the opposite direction.

            R:  {pointing}  That's her trailer over there, I never touched a

              goddamn thing.  Agent Chet Desmond come by a second time and asked

              to see Deputy Cliff Howard's trailer over here which I showed him.

              Then I went back to my trailer, and after that, never saw him again.

            C:  Thank you Carl.  Sorry to wake you.  {walks}

            R:  All right.  Was having a bad dream anyway.  {notices}  That's not

              the way out to Deputy Cliff's trailer, I told you.

            C:  I'm not going to Deputy Cliff's trailer.

            R:  Well where the hell are you going?

            C:  I'm going over here.  {walks}

            R:  What's over there?  Goddamn these people are confusing.

   -- Cooper finds tire tracks where a trailer used to be.

            R:  What're you looking for?

            C:  What was here, Mr. Rodd?

            R:  Trailer was here.  What the hell'd you think?

            C:  Can you tell me who's trailer it was... and who stayed in it?

            R:  {thinking}  Uh... an old woman and her grandson.

            C:  Can you tell me what their names were?

            R:  Chalfont.  As a matter of fact, Chalfont was the name of the

              people that rented the space before.  Two Chalfonts.  Weird, huh?

            C: {notices the car}  Is that Agent Desmond's vehicle?

            R:  Yup, sure is.

            {They walk to the car.  On the windshield, in red, is written, "Let's



   4:20 pm (Cooper to Diane)

            Cooper:  {into recorder}  Diane, it's 4:20 pm.  I am standing here at

              Wind River near the location where the body of Teresa Banks was

              found.  Diane, this case gives me a strange feeling.  Not only has

              Special Agent Chester Desmond disappeared without a trace, but this

              is one of Cole's Blue Rose cases.  The clues that were found by

              Special Agent Desmond and Agent Stanley have led to dead ends.  The

              letter that was extracted from underneath the fingernail of Teresa

              Banks gives me the feeling that the killer will strike again.  But

              like the song goes, "...who knows where or when."



   -- Laura gets her safety deposit box ("6 months ago," clerk to Cooper, 1000)

   -- Laura begins seeing Dr. Jacoby ("6 months," Jacoby to Cooper, 1004)



   -- Leo cited for an aggravated assault.  Charges later dropped. (Cooper to

      Leo, 1003)

   -- Ernie Niles gets out of jail ("6 months," Ernie to Hank, 2008)



   -- Lucy starts seeing Dick every Thursday night ("for 3 months," Lucy to

      Dick, 2003)



   -- Laura begins seeing James ("2 months ago," Donna to mom, 1001)

   -- Laura and James are in the woods and Laura recites some poem about

      fire, and asks James "You want to play with fire, little boy?

      Would you like to play with Bob?" ("one night when we first started

      seeing each other," James to Truman, 2001)


Jan 1989

   -- Truman starts seeing Josie ("6 weeks," Truman to Cooper, 1000)

   -- Lucy and Dick have an encounter on a display bed in Horne's Home

      Furnishings ("6 weeks," Lucy to Dick, 2003)


5 Feb (Sunday) (Cooper to James, 1000)

   -- Laura and James and the locket


6 Feb (Monday) (date at top of page in diary, 1000)

   -- "Day One" (entry in Laura's diary).

            Diary:  Ran 3 miles today.  I am exhausted.  Kitty got new collar.


12 Feb (Sunday)

   -- The picnic ("2 Sundays ago," James to Cooper, 1001)


15 Feb (Wednesday)


   9:15 pm ("last night," Donna to Laura)

   -- James calls Donna looking for Laura


16 Feb (Thursday)



   -- In Twin Peaks, Laura walks outside her house, address 708.

   -- Donna joins Laura in walking to school.  They pass Mike and Bobby.

            D:  Yeah, Mike, you're the real man.

            M:  That's right, Mike *is* the man.

            B:  Mike... {with Mike in unison} *is* the man.

            B:  Laura Palmer, see you later.

   -- Laura runs into James at school

   -- Laura ducks into the bathroom to do a quick hit of cocaine.

      Schoolbell rings.


   2:30 pm (clock on wall)

   -- Bobby's late to school again.  He kisses the trophy case with Laura's

      picture in it.

   -- James and Laura meet in the custodian's room.

            L:  Kiss me.

            J:  It does matter.  We're in love.

            L:  James, you don't know what you're talking about.  Quit trying to

              hold on so tight.  I'm gone, long gone... like a turkey in the corn.

            J:  You're not a turkey.  A turkey's one of the dumbest birds in the


            L:  {in tears}  Gobble... g-gobble, gobble.

            J:  Don't leave me.  Laura, don't.  I'll never leave you.

      They make love on the floor.


   End of school (bell ringing)

   -- Bobby's pissed at Laura.

            B:  Hey!  Where were you for the last hour?  I've been looking all over

              for you.

            L:  I was standing right behind you, but you're too dumb to turn

              around.  {to Donna}  If he turned around, he might get dizzy and fall

              down.  {grabbed by Bobby}

            B:  Oh yeah?  You'll be callin' soon and maybe I won't be around.

            L:  {smooth, smiling}  C'mon, Bobby. C'mon...  C'mon.

            B:  {can't hold it, smiles}  Love ya, baby.

      Bobby dances back into school.  The other kids start dancing in a daze

      also when Bobby starts.


   After school

   -- Donna and Laura at Donna's.

            D:  Are you gonna see James tonight?

            L:  Why are you suddenly so interested in who I'm gonna see at night?

              Night time is my time.

            D:  You're telling me.  That's only because you won't let me in on

              any of it.  You're not gonna see Bobby, are you?

            L:  Maybe.

            D:  My God, Laura.

            L:  Well, why not?

            D:  'Cause Bobby's a loser.  You said so yourself.  He's a goon.

              James is the one.  He loves you with that everlasting love.

              True love.

            L:  Yes, James is very sweet.  Why don't you get out your violin,


            D:  Sweet.  God, he's gorgeous.

            L:  Yes, James is very sweet and very gorgeous.

            D:  I wonder if Mike could ever write a poem.  {Laura laughs.}  Do you

              think that if you were falling in space that you would slow

              down after a while or go faster and faster?

            L:  {swallows} Faster and faster.  For a long time you wouldn't feel

              anything.  Then you'd burst into fire... forever.  And the angels

              wouldn't help you... 'cause they've all gone away.

   -- Laura returns home.  No one else is home.  She goes to her room,

      lights up a cigarette.  She gets out her private diary from behind the

      dresser, ready to write in it, when she notices pages are torn out.

      She panics, taking it and running from the room.

   -- Laura arrives at Harold's.

            H:  Laura...

            L:  {holding diary}  My secret diary.  There are pages missing.

            H:  Who would do that?

            L:  Bob.

            H:  But Bob is not real.

            L:  There are pages torn out - that is real, Harold.

            H:  {taking diary, flipping through it}  Well, maybe...

            L:  Bob is real. He's been having me since I was 12.  {Harold is

              stunned}  And the diary was hidden too well.  There is no other

              person who could've known where it was.  He comes in through my

              window at night.  He's real.  He's getting to know me, now.  He

              speaks to me.

            H:  What does Bob say?

            L:  {shaking}  He says he wants to be me... or he'll kill me.

            H:  No... No...

            L:  {strangely}  Yes... yes...  {starts toward Harold}

            H:  What?  Please.  What?

            L:  {Feeling of Bob comes over her.  Harold leans back.  Laura grabs

              him.}  FIRE WALK WITH ME.  {makes a face, then buries her face

              in his shoulder, crying, whispers:}  The trees... the trees...

              {they break}  You have to hide the diary, Harold.  You made me write

              it all down.  He doesn't know about you.  You'll be safe.  I'm sorry.

              {she kisses him, crying, then gets up to the door} I don't know when

              I can come back.  Maybe never.  {leaves}

   -- Laura dazed under the fan.

            BOB:  I want to taste through your mouth.


17 Feb (Friday)



   -- Cooper talks to Albert.

            C:  Lately I've been filled with the knowledge that the killer will

              strike again.  But because it is just a feeling, I am powerless to

              stop it.  One more thing Albert.  When the next murder happens,

              you will help me solve it.

            A:  {gets up from desk, buttons his coat}  Let's test it for the

              record, Coop.  Will the next victim be a man or a woman.

            C:  Woman.

            A:  All right.  What color hair will she have?

            C:  Blonde.

            A:  Tell me some other things about her.

            C:  She's in high school, she is sexually active, she is using drugs.

              She is crying out for help.

            A:  Well damn, Cooper, that really narrows it down-- you're talking

              about half the high school girls in America!  What's she doing right


            C:  She's preparing a great abundance of food.

   -- At the RR, Norma sends Shelly to help Laura take the Meals on Wheels

      meals to the car because Heidi has a bloody nose.  As Laura puts the

      dinners into the back of the car, she sees Mrs. Tremond/Chalfont and her

      grandson in the parking lot waving for her to come over.  Laura walks

      over, and Mrs. Tremond/Chalfont holds out a framed picture.

            T:  This would look nice on your wall.

            {Laura takes the picture.  It's of a room with flowered wallpaper

              and a dark doorway in its corner}

            G:  The man behind the mask is looking for the book with the pages torn

              out.  He's going towards the hiding place.  He's under the fan now.

      Laura sees Shelly coming out of the RR with another load of meals.

      She turns back to see the Tremonds walking away, unrealistically far,

      then tells Shelly she can't do Meals on Wheels today.

   -- Laura runs home, holding the picture.  She enters her house, moving

      slowly.  When she gets to her room, she sees Bob standing there,

      having pulled out the dresser.  He screams at her and she bolts from

      the room.  She runs across two front yards to a big tree, crying, and

      watches as Leland walks out of the house, into his car (license 758-EAK)

      and drive off.  Laura denies to herself that it's her father.

   -- Laura arrives at Donna's in tears.

            L:  Donna... Are you... are you my best... are you my best friend?

            D:  Of course.  What is it, Laura?  What's wrong?  {they hug}  I'm

              your friend always.



   -- Laura arrives home for dinner.  Leland is already seated.

            Leland:  Hi honey.  How's Donna?

            Laura:  Fine.

            Leland:  School?

            Laura:  School's fine.

            Leland:  Sit down.  {Laura takes off her jacket, drapes it around her

              chair and sits}  Sit down.  Are you hungry?

            Laura:  Not really.

            Leland:  {notices the half-heart necklace}  You didn't wash your hands

              before you sat down to dinner, did you.  {gets up, goes over to

              Laura}  Let me see.  {takes her hands}

            Laura:  All right...

            Leland:  Oh, these hands are filthy.  Look, {indicating the ring finger

              of the left hand} there is dirt way under this fingernail.

            Sarah: {enters with a bowl of mashed potatoes, sets it down on the

              table}  Leland, what are you doing?

            Leland:  Look at this finger here.

            Sarah:  Leland...

            Leland:  Laura did not wash her hands before dinner.  {grabs the

              half-heart necklace}  Oh, look at this.

            Laura:  {trying to push his hands away}  Don't...

            Leland:  Oh, is it from a lover?  Did you get this from your lover?

            Sarah:  They don't call them lovers in high school, Leland.

            Leland:  Bobby didn't give you this.

            Sarah:  How do you know Bobby didn't give her that?

            Leland:  {pinches Laura's cheek}  Did Bobby give you this?  Or is

              there someone new?

            Sarah:  {scared}  Leland, Leland, no, don't do that, she doesn't like


            Leland:  How do you know what she likes?

            Sarah:  Stop it!  Stop it!

            {Leland lets go of the necklace and sits down.}

            Sarah:  Now you sit down and we'll all have dinner.

            Leland:  Oh, I'll sit down, but not a one of us is going to start

              eating until Laura washes her hands.  {to Laura}  Wash your


            {Laura, in tears, gets up.  Terrified, she washes her hands.}


   10:35 pm (clock)

   -- Leland and Sarah get ready for bed, when Leland begins to cry.  He

      goes and tells Laura he loves her.  Laura is frozen, in tears.  She looks

      at her painting on the wall, then remembers she left the picture from

      Tremond/Chalfont on the neighbor's lawn so she gets it and puts it on

      her wall.

   -- Laura dreams.

            {The picture.  Into the picture and through the doorway.

            There's another room.  Mrs. Tremond/Chalfont is standing there,

            beckoning us towards her and through another doorway.  Through the

            second doorway.  Another room.  Pierre is standing there.  He snaps

            his fingers and a light shines.  Red room.  The ring is on a table.

            Cooper enters.

            MFAP:  {to Cooper}  Do you know who I am?  {Cooper shakes his head}

              I am The Arm.  And I sound like this...  {Puts his hands

              in front of his lips and makes the Indian whooping sound.  He picks

              up the ring.  It's Teresa's.  The symbol on it is identical to

              the petroglyph on the end of the pole at Owl cave.}

            Cooper:  {to camera}  Don't take the ring... Laura, don't take the


            {Laura is half awakened, tries to move her left arm, but it's

              asleep.  She moves it with her right arm.  She looks at her door,

              then turns to her left to see Annie Blackburn in bed with her, blood

              around her mouth.

            Annie:  My name is Annie.  I've been with Dale and Laura.  The good

              Dale is in the lodge and he can't leave.  Write it in your diary.

            {Laura looks at the door, then at her bed.  Annie's gone.  In her hand

              is Teresa's ring.  She's scared.  Sarah calls, "Laura," distant,

              mournful.  She gets up, goes to the door, opens it.  Dark on

              the other side, accompanied with the Indian whooping sound.  She

              looks back at the picture and sees herself in the doorway looking

              back into the darkened rooms where Mrs. Tremond/Chalfont and her

              grandson were.  Laura in the picture turns around and looks down at

              her room, sees herself asleep.}

            {Laura wakes from the dream, no ring in her hand, and looks at the

              picture.  She takes the picture down.}


18 Feb (Saturday)



   -- Leo shows Shelly how to scrub the floor.

            L:  This is where we live Shelly!

            S:  As if I didn't know.

            L:  Let me show you how to wash this tile and then you're going

              to do it.

            S:  Come off it, Leo.  I have to get ready for work.

            L:  {stops}  What did you say?  {pulls Shelly down}

              Shelly, I'm not fooling around anymore!  The first thing you're

              gonna learn is to have a good attitude!  That's the key!  Anybody'll

              tell you that!  {phone rings, Leo gets up, slaps Shelly} Don't

              even think about going anywhere, I'm not finished with you!

              {answers phone}  Yeah.

            Bobby:  Leo.  Bobby.

            L:  What're you doing calling me here?

            B:  I'm sorry, um, the football's empty.  I'm looking for Santa


            L:  No way, you already owe me money.  Five thousand to be exact.

            {Shelly mouths to herself, "Five Thousand???", Leo wonders if Shelly


            B:  Leo, are you telling me there's no Santa Claus?

   -- Bobby calls Jacques.

            J:  Yeah, Roadhouse.

            B:  Jacques.  Bobby.  I need some things man.

            J:  How come you only call me when you're desperate?  You desperate,


            B:  Are you interested or not?

            J:  Maybe, Bobby.  Maybe.  Maybe.  For 10K I have a friend who has what

              you want.  Oh, his stuff is the best.

            B:  Hit me.  {starts writing some stuff down}

            J:  Two days.  Midnight.  By the sound of sawing wood.

            B:  Jacques you crazy fuckin' Canadian.  This sounds big.



   -- Donna arrives at Laura's just as she is getting ready to leave.

            D:  Where're you going?

            L:  Nowhere fast.  And you're not coming.

            D:  Laura, come on.  Remember me?  I'm your best friend.  {Laura's

              not responsive}  Laura, aren't you going to fix me a drink?

              Where are the cookies?

            L:  You mean Fred and Ginger?

            D:  Dancing...  {notices lots of butts in the ashtrays}  If I had a

              nickel for every cigarette your mom smoked, I'd be dead.

            L:  I'll call you tomorrow.  {leaves}


   -- Laura arrives at the Roadhouse.  At the entrance, she meets the Log Lady.

            LL:  When this kind of fire starts, it is very hard to put out.

              {Touches Laura's forehead.}  The tender bows of innocence burn first

              and the wind rises - then all goodness is in jeopardy.

      Laura pauses to look at her reflection before walking in.

   -- Inside the Roadhouse, a singer sings on stage.  Laura sits down and

      cries.  Donna walks in and sits down.  Laura nods to Jacques behind the

      bar.  Jacques motions to a couple of guys who come over to her with

      drinks.  One slides her a fifty.  She looks at it.

            Laura:  So you want to fuck the homecoming queen.

            Buck:  Let's go around the world, babe.

            L:  {picks up the fifty}  This isn't gonna get you to walla-walla.

            B:  You do go all the way, don't you, little girl?

            L:  Sooner or later.  {grabs his balls}  You willing to go all the way?

              Huh?  You gonna do it to me?  {let's go}

            {Donna wipes a tear and walks to the table.}

            D:  Let's boogie.

            L:  What the hell are you doing?

            Tommy:  Are you part of the deal?

            L:  No, she isn't.

            {Donna picks up a drink and downs it.  Laura kisses Buck passionately.}

            L:  What did you say your name was?

            B:  Buck.

            L:  {nods}  That's really nice, Buck.  {looks at Donna}

            {Donna kisses Tommy passionately.}

            B:  Yeah...

            L:  Okay, Donna, let's go.

   -- Inside a place in Canada, Laura and her friends meet Jacques.

            L: {to Donna}  Welcome to Canada...  Don't expect a turkey dog in here.

            J:  Hey slowpokes.  Guess what?

            L:  What?

            J:  There's no tomorrow.  Know why, baby?  Because it'll never get


            L:  Hey Jacques.

            J:  I'm not Jacques.  I am the Great Went.

            L:  I am the Muffin.

            J:  And what a muffin you have.  {makes motions of shooting his brains

              out}  I am as blank as a fart.

            {They trade drinks around and Buck drops something in Donna's drink.}

            L:  Chug-a-lug, Donna.

            {They drain their bottles}

   -- Laura's topless, dancing with Buck

   -- Donna's stoned, dancing with Tommy.  She sees Laura's blouse and

      ties it around her waist.  Ronette's here too.

            L:  I haven't seen you since I was thrown out of One Eyed Jacks.

            R:  What else did we do together?  Oh, I remember... {smiling}

            J:  {to Laura and Ronette}  The party twins.  My high school

              sandwich.  Let's put some meat inside.

            R:  She's been dead a year.

            J:  Who?

            R:  Teresa.

            L:  Teresa Banks?  Yeah, a whole year.

            R:  Yeah, she was going to get rich blackmailing somebody.

            J:  That's right.  She called me one day.  She even asked me what

              your father looked like.

            L:  {jolted}  What?!  She asked about my father?

            J:  Hey, why don't you two come up to the cabin this week?  Thursday.

   -- Laura and Ronette sitting in a booth.  Laura snaps her finger and points

      down.  Buck goes down, pleasing the two.

            R:  Here we go again... like we're back at One Eyed Jacks.

            L:  {in pleasure}  Oh, God.  It sure is.

            {Laura and Ronette enjoy themselves.}

            R:  Oh shit.  Is that Donna Hayward?

            {Laura opens her eyes, white light, then she screams, getting up

            to get Jacques to help get Donna out of there, who's topless and

            having a good time with Tommy.  Laura screams at Donna never ever

            to wear her stuff.}

            L:  Donna, not you...  {Jacques carries Donna out}


19 Feb (Sunday)


   Late morning

   -- Leland drives up to the Hayward's.  Inside, Donna and Laura talk.

            D:  Hey, how'd I get in my house?  How'd I get in my bed?

            L:  Life is full of mysteries, Donna.

            D:  Were you mad at me for wearing something of yours?

            L:  I don't want you to wear my stuff.

            D:  I do love you, Laura.  {they hug}

            L:  I love you, Donna.  But I don't want you to be like me.

            D:  Why do you do it?

   -- Leland walks in and flashbacks to Laura and Ronette sitting on a bed.

            Leland:  Excuse me, honey.  We're late to meet Mom for breakfast.

            Laura:  {to Donna}  Catch you later.

            D:  {to Laura}  Bye.

            Leland:  {to Donna}  Bye bye, Donna.

            D:  {to Laura}  Bye.


   -- On the road, the OAM follows, accompanied by the Indian whooping sound.

      Leland stops behind a logging truck which has stopped due to two old

      people crossing the road.  Laura smells something burning.  The OAM

      races around the logging truck and comes back around, stopping on

      Leland's side.  Leland starts to rev the engine while staying on the


            OAM:  You stole the corn!  I had it canned over the store!

              {shouting to Laura}  And Miss, the look on her face when it was

              opened.  There was a stillness!  {dog barks}  Like the formica table

              top!  {the car smokes, making horrendous sounds, barely able to hear

              OAM}  The thread will be torn, Mr. Palmer,  {dog barks}  the thread

              will be torn! {Leland turns to Laura, he's sweating profusely.  The

              OAM holds up his hand with a ring on the little finger.  Leland

              starts blowing the horn.}  It's HIM!  IT'S YOUR FATHER!  {Laura

              can't make him out with the noise}

      The logging truck moves and the OAM takes off.  Leland drives into a

      service station.

            Mechanic:  Don't do that to your engine!  You oughta take it easy,


            Leland:  Why doesn't somebody do something about this?  A man comes

              out of the blue like that -- and starts screaming at you like a

              crazy person and harrassing my daughter?!  {to Laura}  Are you

              all right, honey?

            Laura:  {scared}  Dad, are _you_ all right?

   -- Leland flashes back to himself answering Teresa's ad in Fleshworld

      and their meeting in a motel.

            L:  Teresa Banks.  You look just like my Laura.

            T:  So when's the next business trip, big boy?

            L:  Ah, soon.  And next time, let's party with those girlfriends you

              told me about.

            T:  Sure.  I can arrange that.  {Leland covers Teresa's eyes}

              What are you doing?

            L:  Who am I?

            T:  I don't know.

            L:  That's right.

   -- Laura and Leland.

            Laura:  Dad?  Dad?!  {Leland jolted out of flashback}  WhO _WAS_ THAT?!

              He looked... familiar, have I met him?

            Leland:  No, you haven't met him.  Have you met him?

            Laura:  No!

            Leland:  Let's go get your mother.

            Laura:  {still shaken}  No, no, just sit here for a moment.

            Leland:  {kills engine}  Oh my God, a man comes out of the blue like

              that.  What's the world coming to?

   -- Leland flashes back to himself arriving at the motel and seeing Laura

      and Ronette on the bed.  He is about to leave but Teresa catches him.

            T:  Hey handsome.

            L:  Hi.  {pulls her aside}

            T:  What's wrong?

            L:  Nothing.  I chickened out.  {gives her money, takes off.  He sees

              Pierre do a dance with the white mask and stick.  After Leland walks

              off, Pierre disappears.}

   -- Laura and Leland.

            Laura:  Dad?

            Leland:  Yes?

            Laura:  Did you come home during the day last week?

            Leland:  No... {shakes head, to mechanics}  LEAVE US ALONE!!


            Laura:  {shaking}  I thought... I saw you.

            Leland:  Oh God, you know?  I did stop home on Friday, come to think

              of it.  I had a severe headache and I was in the neighborhood

              so I darted in and out of the house to get some aspirin.

              Where were you, Laura?  I didn't see you.

            Laura:  {scared}  Um... I was just down the street...


   8:00 pm (clock)

   -- Laura flashbacks.  She remembers the ring the OAM had, the one

      the MFAP had and the one Teresa had.  She realizes it's the same.

      White light on the ceiling.

            L:  Who are you?  Who are you REALLY?

   -- Leland flashbacks to him crushing Teresa's skull.  Before he strikes

      the TV, the Indian whooping sound is heard.


21 Feb (Tuesday)



   -- In her room, Laura sniffs the last of the cocaine in her packet



   -- Laura meets Bobby at school.

            B:  Hey.

            L:  I'm nearly out.

            B:  Taken care of, babe.  You and I are gonna make a big score

              tonight.  What is that?  {pulls packet from behind her ear}

              But this should tide you over.

            L:  Thanks.  {takes packet}  A big score?

            B:  Maybe our biggest.  Don't tell Mike.  This is just behind you and

              me.  Tonight, meet me two doors down from your place at 11.


   Midnight (Jacques to Bobby)

   -- Bobby and Laura in the woods.  They toot up and wait. 

            L:  Bobby, I found a little pine cone.  {shows him pine cone}

            B:  Shut up, shut up, shut up.

            L:  Bobby, I found some dirt.

            B:  Shut up, shut up.  Here he comes.

      Deputy Cliff Howard shows up.

            B:  Who sent you?

            C:  Jacques.

            L:  That's right.  {pulls out a large bag of cocaine, Laura grabs it

              out his hand}  Wow.

            C:  Like that little girl?  {starts to pull out his gun}

            B:  WHAT?!  {Laura screams, Bobby pulls out gun and shoots Cliff, still

              standing, shoots again, Cliff moves, shoots again}

            L:  OMIGOD!  Oh my God.  Bobby, what did you do?

            B:  {shocked}  I shot him.  Oh my God!  I shot him!  Fuck!  {starts to

              throw dirt on Cliff}  Get over here and help me!  C'mere!  Fuck!

              {Laura still, then bursts into laughter.  Bobby shakes her}  Shut

              the fuck up, this isn't funny, Laura!  This is not fuckin funny.

              Now help me bury him.  Shit.

            L:  Bobby, you killed Mike.

            B:  This isn't fuckin Mike!!  {looks back at Cliff}  This is Mike?

            L:  Bobby, do you realize what you did?  You killed Mike.

            B:  Shut up.

            L:  {laughs}  Bobby, you killed Mike.

            B:  Shut the fuck up!!  Shut the-- C'mon let's get the fuck out of

              here!  C'mon...  Let's get the fuck out of here... the fuck out

              of here... c'mon...  {Laura still laughing}


22 Feb (Wednesday)



   -- James sees Laura outside her place.

            J:  Where were you last night?  I thought we were supposed to get

              together.  {Laura looks at him, around}  You're on something


            L:  {sighs}  James.

            J:  So, when will I get to see you?

            L:  {sees that Leland is standing on the porch}  I gotta go.

   -- Maddy feels Laura's in trouble (Maddy to Donna and James, 1005)

   -- Laura writes in her secret diary (Donna to Cooper, 2009)

            February 22.  Last night I had the strangest dream. I was in a

            red room with a small man, dressed in red, and an old man

            sitting in a chair.  I tried to talk to him.  I wanted to tell

            him who BOB is, because I thought he could help me.  But my

            words came out slow and odd.  It was frustrating trying to talk.

            I got up and walked to the old man.  Then I leaned over and

            whispered the secret in his ear.

            Somebody has to stop BOB.  BOB's only afraid of one man.  He

            told me once.  A man named Mike.  I wonder if this was Mike in

            my dream.  Even if it was only a dream, I hope he heard me.  No

            one in the real world would believe me.



   -- Laura in her room tooting up

   -- Leland gives Sarah a drugged glass of milk.  After she finishes it, he

      walks into the hallway and hits the fan switch, starting it.  Laura

      freezes.  Sarah nods off while reading "How to Speak German" and sees

      the white horse.  BOB enters Laura's room through the window and gets on

      top of her.  She fights, holding his face, trying to see it.

            L:  Who are you... who are you?!

      BOB becomes Leland.  She screams, screams.


23 Feb (Thursday)



   -- The Palmers at breakfast.

            Leland:  Laura, honey... I really would like to talk to you.

            Sarah:  Laura, sweetheart.  {Laura quickly gets up, puts her bowl in

              the kitchen and goes upstairs}  Laura...  {lights up}

   -- Laura gets ready for school.

            Leland:  {walks into Laura's room}  Laura, honey?  Sweetheart?

              Is something wrong this morning?

            Laura:  {meaning it, hissing}  Stay away from me.  {leaves}

            {Leland knows she knows and he knows what he has to do.}

   -- Laura goes to school.  The day is a blur.


   After school

   -- Ronette's parents think she went to work at the perfume counter but

      she had in fact quit (Hawk to Cooper, 1002)


   5:00 pm (Josie to Cooper and Truman, 1001)

   -- Laura arrives at Josie's for her English lessons


   6:00 pm ("an hour later," Josie to Cooper and Truman, 1001)

   -- Laura leaves Josie's.  L: I think now I understand how you feel about

      your husband's death.


   Early evening

   -- Last entry in Laura's diary:  "Nervous about meeting J. tonight."

      (She remarks about having asparagus for dinner again, 1000)

   -- Laura writes in her secret diary (Donna to Cooper, 2009)

            February 23.  Tonight is the night that I die.  I know I have

            to because it's the only way to keep BOB away from me.  The

            only way to tear him out from inside.  I know he wants me.  I

            can feel his fire.  But if I die he can't hurt me anymore.

   -- Bobby meets with Leo and gives him $10,000 (Bobby to Mike, 1001)

   -- Leo calls Shelly ("last night," Shelly to Bobby, 1000)

   -- Ben is with Catherine (Ben to Jerry, 2008)

   -- Laura at Bobby's.

            {Laura and Bobby are on a couch, kissing, Laura pulls away}

            L:  Not tonight... Just... give me some stuff to hold me over

              'til tomorrow.

            B:  Why?  Why not?  Where are you going?  {again}  Where are you


            L:  I'm going _home_, Bobby.

            B:  You don't want me.  You just want the blow, don't you?

              Okay.  {gives some to her}


   9:00 - 9:30 pm

   -- Laura returns home from Bobby's.  (Sarah tells Truman she last saw

      Laura when she got home about 9:00, 1000.  Bobby answers yes when

      Cooper asks him, "she was studying at your house until about 9:30.

      Isn't that right?", 1000)

            L:  Goodnight.

            Sarah:  Goodnight, sweetheart.

   -- Laura toots up

   -- James calls. [Albert confirmed, however, that the one call Laura

       received was placed from Ben's office, 2009]

            L:  James...  Yeah, okay...  Oh James, I do love you.  Yeah, okay.

              I'll meet you in 15 minutes.  {phone slips away, she gets it,

              puts it to her other ear, wrong way}  I'll meet you in 15 minutes.

              {readjusts phone}  Okay?  I'll meet you in 15 minutes.  {hangs up,

              to herself}  God, why did I say that?  15 minutes...

       She looks at her painting and the angel disappears.

   -- Laura sneaks out of her house. James arrives and she gets on his bike

      as Leland watches out the front window.


   10:00 pm

   -- Leland calls Laura from Ben's office (Cooper to Truman and Albert, 2009)



   -- James and Laura stop at a clearing in the woods.

            J:  The hell's wrong with you?

            L:  That's right.  There's no place left to go is there, James?

            J:  The hell's that supposed to mean?

            L:  You know it and I know it.

            J:  What's wrong with us?  We have everything.

            L:  Everything but everything.

            J:  Laura...

            L:  {mocking}  Lau-ra...  {slaps him}

            J:  {smiles}  You always hurt the ones you love.

            L:  You mean the ones you pity.

            J:  Say whatever you want.  I know you love me, and I love you.

            L:  {they kiss}  I do love you, James.  {whispers}  Let's get lost

              together.  {break, scared}  Shit!

            J:  What?

            L:  He might try to kill you!

            J:  Laura!  {Laura screams}  What's wrong?

            J:  What?

            L:  If he finds out.

            J:  Laura, what's the matter?

            L:  Bobby killed a guy.

            J:  What are you talking about?  Bobby didn't kill anybody.

            L:  Do you want to see?

            J:  See what?

            L:  Right.  Open your eyes, James.  You don't even know me.  There

              are things about me even Donna doesn't even know me.  Your Laura

              disappeared.  It's just me now.

            J:  Laura...  {grabs her, she twists out}

            L:  What about this, James?  {flips him the bird, he kisses her hard

              but she is ice cold}  I think you want to take me home now.


   12:30 pm (full moon)

   -- Laura jumps off James' bike at Sparkwood and 21 (James to Cooper, "at

      Sparkwood and 21," 1001)

            J:  LAURA!

            L:  DON'T!

            J:  C'MON!

            J:  DON'T!  JUST DON'T!!  {hugs him}  I LOVE YOU, JAMES!!  {runs off}

   -- In the woods, Laura meets up with Ronette, Leo, and Jacques

            J:  Right on time, baby.


   1:00 am (Cooper to cops, 2001)

   -- At Jacques', everyone is high.  Laura is tied up.

            L:  {being tied up by Jacques}  Don't.  Jacques, don't.  DON'T TIE ME

              UP TONIGHT!!

      Ronette is also tied up.

   -- Waldo is let out of his cage and pecks at Laura, and Leo puts a OEJ

      chip in her mouth and says, "Bite the bullet, baby." (Jacques to Cooper,


   -- Leland appears at the window, unseen.

   -- Jacques, zipping up, walks out of the cabin.  Leland trips, grabs the

      bottle, knocks it over Jacques' head, and kicks him some.  Leo hears the

      crash and comes outside to see Jacques bleeding.  (Jacques thinks Leo

      hit him, Jacques to Cooper, 1007)  Leo panics and takes off in his

      Corvette.  Leland goes inside.

   -- Leland marches the two tied up girls through the woods

   -- Out of breath, the OAM arrives at the cabin, too late.  He can hear


   -- At the train car.  BOB and Leland going in and out like breathing.  Girls

      shuddering as he circles them.  He ties Laura up with the twine,

      bending the arms back.  Ronette praying.  Leland puts a mirror under

      Laura and she screams when she sees herself become BOB.  Leland shows

      the diary pages to Laura.

            Leland:  {shows pages}  Your diary.  I always thought you knew it

              was me.

      Ronette continues to pray, then an angel appears and breaks her bonds.

            OAM: {arrives outside, bangs on the door} LET ME IN.  LET ME IN.

      Ronette pushes it open a little, the OAM reaches up, Leland punches

      her a few times and shoves her out.  The OAM tosses the ring inside.

      Door is shut.  Laura puts on the ring.

            Leland:  NOOOO!!  DON'T MAKE ME DO THIS!!  NOO!!!

      Leland stabbing.  Laura dead.  OAM leaves.

   -- Leland puts a letter R under Laura's fingernail (Cooper finds it, 1000)

      and puts Laura's half-heart necklace on a small mound of dirt.  He writes

      in his own blood on a small piece of paper, "Fire walk with me." (Cooper

      finds all this, 1000)

   -- Leland wraps Laura in plastic and hauls her out over his shoulder.

      His shirt is puffed out and bloody.  He kicks over Ronette but she is


   -- Leland washes his hands with industrial soap and then kisses Laura

      (Albert to Cooper, 1003)

   -- Leland lowers Laura into the river

   -- Leland at Glastonberry Grove.  He pulls the diary pages out of his

      pocket and drops them and the towel.  (Hawk to Cooper, 2021)

   -- Leland enters the curtains.  The OAM is sitting there with MFAP.

      Leland levitates and divides.  One half becomes BOB, the other floats

      up and becomes Leland.  MFAP puts his hand on the OAM's armless


            MFAP and OAM in unison:  BOB... I want all my garmonbozia.

      BOB reaches up and grabs Leland's wound, healing it and tossing the

      blood to the floor.

   -- Mouth eating corn.  Chimp.

   -- James rides around the rest of the night (James to Donna, 1000)


24 Feb (Friday)   [Episode 1000 (pilot) - 4/8/90, 8/5/90

                           Written by Mark Frost and David Lynch

                           Directed by David Lynch]


   5:00 am (Betty to Sarah)

   -- Bobby goes running


   "Just after dawn" (Truman to Bobby)

   -- Josie at the mirror

   -- Pete Martell discovers Laura's body.  He calls the sheriff's station.

            Lucy:  Sheriff, it's Pete Martell up at the mill.  Um, I'm gonna

              transfer it to the phone on the table by the red chair, the red chair

              against the wall.  The little table, with the lamp on it - the lamp

              that we moved from the corner?  The BLACK phone, not the brown


      Pete: {on phone to Truman} She's dead...  wrapped in plastic.

   -- Truman and Doc Hayward identify the body as Laura Palmer's.  Andy

      takes pictures and breaks down and cries.

   -- Sarah can't find Laura.  She calls the Briggs' and the football coach.

   -- Audrey gets in a car for school

   -- Ben and Leland have meeting with Norwegians.  Ben mentions he has

      information that the sawmill will go belly up within a year.

   -- Leland receives news about Laura.

   -- Heidi's late to work at the RR.

            S: What kept you, Heidi?  Seconds on knockwurst this morning?

            H: I couldn't get my car started.

            S: Too busy jump starting the old man, huh?

            B: I thought you Germans were always on time.

            N: I thought the only time you cared about, Bobby, was making time.

      Leo called Shelly from afar last night so Bobby takes her home.  Leo's

      home so he drops her off and takes off.

   -- Leland makes a positive ID of Laura's body

   -- At Twin Peaks High, Audrey changes her shoes, and James meets Donna

      J: "Nice day for a picnic."  Bobby arrives at school and is wanted in

      the office.  In class ("Terry Franklin... Martha Grimes..."), Donna

      notices Laura's empty seat after a cop talks to the teacher.  Bobby's

      in room 107.

   -- Bobby is questioned, then arrested

   -- Principal Wolchezk makes the announcement.  Students grieve.



   -- Truman questions Sarah.  Hawk gathers items out of Laura's room.

      Truman gets the message that Ronette is missing

   -- Josie has Pete "push the plug" and makes an announcement that work

      will stop today in memory of Laura.  Catherine fires Fred Truax.

   -- Ronette is found wandering along the tracks


   10:00 (approx) (Nadine to Ed)

   -- James stops at Big Ed's Gas Farm.

            J: Laura's dead.

            E: I heard.

            J: She was the one.

      James has a note for Donna.  Nadine sends Ed off to get the drapes

      ("They said those drapes would be ready by 10") at Gentleman Jim's

      (Nadine to Norma, 1001)


   11:30 am (Cooper to Diane)

   -- Cooper enters Twin Peaks (He had lunch at the Lamplighter Inn)


   2:46 pm (clock on wall)

   -- Cooper meets Truman and reminds him that he is in charge.  They check

      on Ronette.  She was raped several times, and Cooper finds nothing under

      her fingernail.  Truman to Cooper: "as far as we know, [Ronette and

      Laura] hardly knew each other."  Ronette: "no, don't go there"

   -- Cooper and Truman take an elevator with a one-armed man.  Dr. Jacoby

      meets and tells them he wants to go to the morgue.  Truman

      says no.  Jacoby also says that Laura's parents didn't know she was

      seeing him.

   -- Cooper and Truman check on Laura.  Cooper finds an "R" under Laura's left

      ring finger and mentions that he knew he would see this again.  He tells

      Diane to give this to Albert, not Sam.

   -- Donna comes to Big Ed's Gas Farm looking for James.  Mike comes by to

      get Donna but Ed kicks him off the property.  Nadine yells at Ed about

      the drapes and Ed gives Donna James' note for her.

   -- Cooper and Truman investigate Laura's diary.  The last entry is "Nervous

      about meeting J. tonight."  There's a safety deposit box key and a bag

      with what looks like cocaine residue.  C: Diane, I'm holding in my hand

      a small box of chocolate bunnies.

   -- Andy and team find the train car

   -- Cooper and Truman question Bobby.  Cooper doesn't think he did it and

      shows the picnic video to him.  Bobby says he didn't do drugs and

      thinks a moment when Cooper mentions the letter J.


   3:45 (clock on wall)

   -- Audrey walks into the Norwegians' meeting.  She mentions Laura's death.

   -- Bobby and Mike talk about going after a biker.  Lucy overhears.

   -- Cooper questions Donna.  She says some hiker shot the picnic video.

      He wants to know who she's protecting.

   -- Lucy is about to tell Cooper what she overheard from Bobby and Mike, but

      he already knows - the person they're looking for is a biker.

   -- James with the locket on a thong


   4:00 pm (approx)

   -- "The Norwegians are leaving!" (one of Ben's employees tells the

      concierge Ben would be back by 4:00 for the final signing of the deal

      with the Norwegians and Ben arrives as the Norwegians are leaving)


   4:10 pm (Cooper to Diane)

   -- Cooper and Truman at the train car.  They find the necklace, on a chain,

      with half of the heart and a note, "Fire, walk with me."

   -- James with the locket on a thong

   -- Sylvia tells the nurse to tell Johnny that Laura won't be coming back


   Late afternoon

   -- Cooper and Truman at the bank.  Inside Laura's safety deposit box are

      over $10,000 and a copy of Fleshworld with Ronette's picture in it.

   -- Leo finds two kinds of cigarette butts in the ashtray and threatens


   -- Norma calls Ed.  They agree to meet at the Roadhouse at 9:30.


   Early evening

   -- Town meeting where Cooper addresses the community leaders.  He says that

      one year ago, almost to the day, in the southwest corner of the state,

      a girl by the name of Teresa Banks was found dead and because of

      "irrefutable similarities," he believes that same perpetrator killed

      Laura and almost killed Ronette.

   -- Leo calls Mike looking for Bobby and wanting the other half of the

      money ("yesterday," Mike to Bobby, 1001)


   9:30 pm (approx) (James to Donna in note)

   -- Donna sneaks out after overhearing her parents talk about the necklace.

      Harriet works on her poem.

   -- Mike and Bobby arrive at the Hayward's looking for Donna.  Doc discovers

      she is missing.  The boys head for the Roadhouse.

   -- Doc calls Cooper and Truman who are staking out the Roadhouse about

      missing Donna.

   -- Ed and Norma talk about leaving their respective spouses for each

      other. Cooper and Truman see Mike and Bobby arrive, then Donna.

      Truman calls for backup.  Fight breaks out, Joey Paulson takes Donna to

      meet James.  Ed gets his ass kicked by Bobby.  His drink was drugged

      and the bartender was Jacques Renault. (Ed to Cooper, 1001)

      Jacoby follows Leo but loses him and instead follows Joey and Donna.

      (Jacoby to Cooper, 2001)  Cooper and Truman pursue but lose Joey and

      Donna.  James and Donna talk about Laura.  He says Laura mentioned

      something about a guy getting killed. They kiss, then bury the locket.

      James is arrested.

   -- Doc picks up Donna at the station.  James is put in a cell.


   12:28 am (Cooper to Diane)

   -- Truman and Cooper have coffee and donuts.  Truman recommends the

      Great Northern for Cooper.

   -- Bobby and Mike bark at James.  Bobby: "When you least expect it."

   -- Truman meets Josie, has been seeing her for about 6 weeks

   -- Catherine tells Ben on the phone that Truman is with Josie again, and

      they agree to meet to talk about it.

   -- Sarah has a vision of the locket on a thong dug up by person


   -- Jacoby digs up the locket (Jacoby to Cooper, 2001)


   4:00 am (Nadine to Norma, 1001)

   -- Nadine thinks up of the idea of using cotton balls to make her drape

      runners silent


25 Feb (Saturday)   [Episode 1001 - 4/12/90, 8/11/90

                             Written by Mark Frost and David Lynch

                             Directed by Duwayne Dunham]


   6:18 am (Cooper to Diane)

   -- Cooper's up and describes the room to Diane


   6:50 am (approx) (Cooper tells Diane he'll breakfast in about half-an-hour)

   -- Cooper goes to breakfast, where he meets Audrey



   -- Cooper rattles off the day's schedule to Truman, who's stuffin' his face

      with a donut.  C: "Harry, I really have to urinate!"

   -- Cooper and Truman get autopsy results from Dr. Hayward.  He couldn't

      bring himself to do the autopsy himself.

   -- Shelly discovers Leo's shirt soaked with blood and hides it

   -- Cooper and Truman question James.  He says Laura jumped off his bike

      at Sparkwood at 21 last night.  He flashes back on Feb 5 when Laura

      broke the locket.

   -- Leo can't find his shirt

   -- Mike and Bobby talk in jail cell about Leo

   -- The Donna and Laura picnic video


   10:30 am (Donna to Eileen)

   -- Donna to mom: Laura's been seeing James for 2 months.  Donna is sad but


   -- Cooper meets Ed and gets a call from Albert.  Truman and Ed discuss the

      stakeout.  Ed thinks his drink was drugged at the Roadhouse.  The

      bartender was Jacques Renault.

   -- Norma runs into Nadine buying cotton balls at the general store

   -- James released into Ed's custody, Mike and Bobby released


   "Just barely morning" (Pete to Josie)

   -- Cooper and Truman talk to Josie.  Catherine calls Josie to tell her

      shutting down the mill the day before cost $87,000.  Pete: There was

      a fish... *in* the percolator.

   -- Catherine meets Ben.  They plan to torch the sawmill.



   -- Donna visits the Palmers.  Sarah has a vision of Laura on Donna, and

      killer BOB


   Late afternoon/early evening (exterior shot is dark)

   -- Hawk questions the Pulaskis, spots one-armed man

   -- Ben confronts Audrey about her involvement with the Norwegians leaving

   -- Bobby and Major Briggs have words over dinner.  Briggs socks Bobby

      when he lights up.

   -- Cooper and Truman talk to Norma about Laura's involvement with the Meals

      on Wheels program, and the Log Lady says her log saw something the night

      Laura died.

            C: Can I ask her about her log?

            T: Many have.


   Later in evening

   -- Leo cuts open a football then beats up Shelly over the lost shirt

      when she gets home

   -- James has dinner at the Haywards'

   -- Jacoby listens to tape from Laura, takes out the locket on a thong

            "Hey what's up doc?  It's Laura Palmer, in case you haven't guessed.

            I'm making you another one of these tapes, which, as you already know,

            I've mailed to you in one of the envelopes you gave me.  It's

            Thursday the 23rd and I'm so bored.  Actually, I'm in kind of a weird

            mood.  God, James is sweet, but he's so dumb.  I should've met you

            a long time ago, Dr. Jacoby, 'cause right now I can take just so much

            of sweet.  I just know I'm gonna get lost in those woods again tonight.

            I just know it.  Remember me telling you about that mystery man?

            Well -

   -- Bob Lydecker assaulted outside a bar in Lowtown, a section of Twin Peaks

      (Truman to Cooper, 1004)


[Episode 1002 - 4/19/90, 8/18/90

Written by Mark Frost and David Lynch

Directed by David Lynch]


Saturday evening (continued) 

   -- Jerry Horne gets back from Paris with some baguettes.  Ben tells him

      about the Norwegians leaving and Laura's murder.  They go to OEJ.

   -- Mr. and Mrs. Hayward hit the sack

   -- Ben and Jerry at OEJ.  Ben wins the coin toss for the new girl.

      Blackie:  "When you really want love, you'll find it waiting for you."


   Midnight (clock at Haywards')

   -- James and Donna have their heart-to-heart

   -- Hawk calls Cooper, tells him that Ronette recently quit at the perfume

      counter at Horne's and about seeing the OAM

   -- Person unknown (Audrey, 1003) slips a note under Cooper's door ("Jack

      with one eye")

   -- Bobby and Mike meet with Leo in the woods.  Bobby sees someone with Leo.

      Not all of the coke is in the football since Bobby and Mike don't have

      all the money - Laura had the other half.  Leo mentions Laura's wild

      life and Shelly's infidelity.  Leo: "Leo needs a new pair of shoes!"

   -- Nadine is up all night working on her silent drape runners (Nadine

      to Ed, 1002)


26 Feb (Sunday)



   -- Ed drops grease on Nadine's drape runners.  Nadine's arms bend back.

   -- Cooper prepares for his rock/bottle experiment

   -- Shelly turns off a commercial for "Invitation to Love" and Bobby visits

   -- Ed comes into the RR for a cup of coffee

   -- Cooper teaches Truman, Hawk, Andy and Lucy about Tibet.

   -- Rock/bottle:

                             1 "James Hurley, secret boyfriend"

                !            2 "Josie Packard, was instructed in English by

                U3             Laura."  Bottle wobbled slightly.

              !---!          3 "Dr. Lawrence Jacoby, Laura's psychiatrist."

              2   !            Bottle was struck but did not break.

              !   !          4 "Johnny Horne, Laura was his special education

       !----! !   ! !--1-!     tutor."   Rock hit trash can.

       !    ! !   ! !    !   5 "Norma Jennings, she helped Laura organize the

       !    ! !   ! !    !     Meals on Wheels program."

                5            6 "Shelly Johnson, waitress at diner, friend."

                               Rock hit tree, then Andy.

                             7 Jack with one eye.  No rock thrown.

                             8 "Leo Johnson, husband of Shelly, drives a truck,

                               connection with Laura unknown."  Bottle struck.


   Late morning (after church)

   -- Donna meets Audrey at the RR who puts a tune on the juke.  A: "God,

      I love this music.  Isn't it too dreamy?"


   Afternoon ("Are we going to have to stand here all afternoon?"  Albert to


   -- Cooper and Truman examine the bloody rag.  Hawk found it 1/2 mile from

      the train car.  [Albert later says Hawk found it 5 miles away, 2001]

   -- Albert and team arrive.

            A: What the hell kind of a two-bit operation are they running out

              of this treehouse, Cooper?

            C: Albert, this is Sheriff Truman.

            A: I have seen some slipshod backwater burgs, but the place takes

              the cake.  What are we waiting for?  Christmas?!  We've got work to

              do damnit!  They're putting this girl in the ground tomorrow and

              we wasted half the day traveling out here to the middle of nowhere.

            C: Albert, I suggest you and your team should get started.

            T: I'll have one of my men escort you over to the morgue.

            A: That'd be fine.

            C: Results from the local pathologist lab.  {hands Albert the report}

            A: {examining it}  Welcome to amateur hour.  Looks like an

              all-nighter boys.

            T: Albert, got a minute?  {draws Albert aside}  I hear that you're

              real good at what you do.

            A: Yeah, that's correct.

            T: Well, that's good.  'Cause normally if a stranger walked into

              my station talkin' that kinda crap, he'd be lookin' for his

              teeth two blocks up on queer street.



   -- Nadine ecstatic about her now-silent runners

   -- Pete and Catherine talk.  Pete sneaks safe key to Josie and she finds two

      ledgers there.

   -- Leland has a breakdown to the strains of Glen Miller.  Sarah: What's

      going on in this house?!

   -- Cooper dreams:

      A series of sudden images, as if illuminated by a strobe light with

      darkness in between:

            Cooper in a chair, the dwarf

            Laura's mother running downstairs [from 1000]

            BOB at foot of Laura's bed

            A bloody cloth [in the railroad car?]

            Laura dead

            BOB crouched at Laura's bed  [Sarah's vision]

      The One-Armed Man:

            [As written in the script.  Some have said the closed caption differs]

            Through the darkness of futures past,

            The magician longs to see,

            One..chance...out..between two worlds...

            Fire...walk with me.

            We lived among the people -- I think you say convenience store?

            We lived above it.  I mean it like it is, as it sounds.  I too

            have been touched by the devilish one; tattoo on the left shoulder.

            Ah, but when I saw the face of God, I was changed.  I took the

            entire arm off.  My name is Mike.  His name is BOB.

      BOB, crouched in some room full of clutter (tantalizingly

      unrecognizable metal objects) like an attic or basement.  He looks

      around and says:

            Mike?  Mike?  Can you hear me?  [he turns to look at the camera]

            Catch you with my death bag!

            You may think I've gone insane, but I promise I *will* kill again!

      A small mound of dirt with a gold necklace on it, surrounded by a

      ring of twelve candles.  A puff of wind; the candles blow out.

      An older Agent Cooper (in his 50s or so) is sitting in a red-carpeted,

      red-curtained lounge.  Laura Palmer is sitting a few chairs away from

      him, dressed in a slinky black dress and looking very elegant.  There

      is a strange scraping noise - a distorted silhouette of a person,

      backlit against a doorway -- it seems to be shuddering somehow -- the

      scraping noise gets faster.  Suddenly the distorted silhouette turns

      around.  It's The Little Man From Another Place.  The scraping sound

      was him rubbing his palms together.  He's got a cheerful, wide smile,

      and he says (in twisted, reversed backwards English):

            Let's rock!

      He sits in one of the chairs.  There is a pause.  A black shadow drifts

      slowly over the red curtains, over their heads. Laura puts one finger

      next to her nose, looking significantly at Cooper.  Then:

      LMFAP: [to Cooper]  I've got good news.  That gum you like is going to

            come back in style.  [noticing Cooper staring at Laura]  She's my

            cousin.  But, doesn't she look almost exactly like Laura Palmer?

      Cooper: [to LMFAP]  But she is Laura Palmer.

            [to Laura]  Are you Laura Palmer?

      Laura: [arching her back weirdly]  I feel like I know her,

            but sometimes my arms bend back.

      LMFAP: She's filled with secrets.  Where we're from, the birds sing a

            pretty song, and there's always music in the air.

      Slow jazz music begins to play.  The Little Man From Another Place

      stands and starts a jerky dance.  Laura stands, crosses to Cooper,

      kisses him, and whispers something in his ear.

    -- Cooper jerks awake, with his special Cooper Cowlick pointing straight

             up.  He calls Truman and says he knows who killed Laura Palmer -

             but it can wait till morning.


week of Feb 27 ("last week," Shelly to Bobby, 2007)

   -- Shelly takes in a pair of Leo's boots for repair.  There's a tape

      in the heel.


27 Feb (Monday)   [Episode 1003 - 4/26/90, 8/25/90

                           Written by Harley Peyton

                           Directed by Tina Rathborne]


   7:15 am (Cooper to Diane)

   -- Cooper meets with Audrey over breakfast and chat about OEJ and Laura.

      He then tells Truman and Lucy about his dream. [In actuality, he

      describes the ending to the European version]:

      C: Harry, let me tell you about a dream I had last night.

      T: Tibet?

      C: No... you were there. Lucy, so were you.  Harry, my dream is a code

            waiting to be solved.  Break the code, solve the crime.

      L: Break the code, solve the crime...

      C: In my dream, Sarah Palmer has a vision of her daughter's killer.

            Deputy Hawk sketched his picture.  I got a phone call from a

            one-armed man named Mike. The killer's name was BOB.

      T: Mike and Bobby?

      C: No, different Mike, different BOB.  They lived above a convenience

            store.  They had a tatoo: Fire Walk With Me.  Mike couldn't stand

            the killing anymore, so he cut off his arm.  BOB vowed to kill

            again, so Mike shot him.  Do you know where dreams come from?

      T: Not really.  L: No, no.

      C: Acetylcholine neurons fire high voltage impulses into the forebrain.

            These impulses become pictures, the pictures become dreams - but

            no one knows why we choose these particular pictures.

      T: So what was the end of this dream?

      C: Suddenly it was 25 years later.  I was old, sitting in a red

            room.  There was a midget in a red suit and a beautiful woman.  The

            little man told me that my favorite gum was coming back into style and

            didn't his cousin look exactly like Laura Palmer, which she did.

      T: What cousin?

      C: The beautiful woman.  She's filled with secrets; sometimes her arms

            bend back; where she's from, the birds sing a pretty song, and

            there's always music in the air.  The midget did a dance, Laura

            kissed me, and she whispered the name of the killer in my ear."

      T: Who was it?

      C: I don't remember.

      T, L: Damn.

      C: Harry, our job is simple - break the code, solve the crime.


   -- Fight at the morgue - Ben and Doc Hayward won't let Albert continue with

      his autopsy

      Albert: Mr. Horne, I realize that your position in this fair

            community pretty well guarantees venality, insincerity, and a rather

        irritating method of expressing yourself.  Stupidity, however, is not

        a necessarily inherent trait.  Therefore, please listen closely - you

        can have a funeral any old time.  You dig a hole, you plant a coffin.

        I, however, cannot perform these tests next year, next month, next

        week or tomorrow - I must perform them now.  <drill noise--VEEP

        VEEP!> I've got a lot of cutting and pasting to do, gentlemen, so

        why don't you please return to your porch rockers and resume whittling.

            {puts glasses on, starts up the drill, about to drill Laura's head}

      Doc: That does it, I'm taking charge of the body and you don't touch

            Laura from this moment on.  {pulls the drill plug}

      A: {whips off the glasses, grabs Doc}  The hell you -

      {Truman and Cooper arrive as Ben intervenes}

      C: Gentlemen, gentlemen!

      T: What's going on?

      D: Thank God.

      A: Cooper, this old fool is obstructing an investigation.  Cuff 'im.

      D: He won't release Laura's body for the funeral - he's not human.

      T: What's the holdup?

      A: Please Cooper, I do not suffer fools gladly and fools with badges

            never.  I want no interference from this hulking boob, is that clear?

      T: I've had just about enough of your insults.

      A: Well I've had enough of uh, morons and halfwits, dolts, dunces,

            dullards and dumbbells, and you chowderhead yokel, you blithering

            hayseed, you've had enough of me?

      T: Yes, I have.  {socks Albert}


   Mid to late morning (?)

   -- Cousin Madeleine arrives to the strains of "Daddy!" on ItL

   -- Norma is told of Hank's pending parole

   -- Cooper and Truman talk to Leo

   -- Bobby and father have words again


   12:27 pm (Cooper to Diane)

   -- Cooper and Truman leave for the funeral after Albert's autopsy report

      Laura was tied up twice, two kinds of twine.  It was cocaine in her

      diary, waiting on the toxicology report.  Traces of soap at the back

      of her neck.  Died of numerous cuts.  Plastic fragment found in

      stomach (portion of OEJ chip with the letter J, fax from Gordon to

      Cooper, 1004).  Cooper won't sign Albert's report of Truman punching him.

   -- Ed and Nadine have a quiet moment.  James declines to go to the funeral.

   -- Audrey checks on her family through a peephole.  Ben and Sylvia fight

      over whether or not to take Johnny to the funeral.  Dr. Jacoby comforts



   Early afternoon

   -- Laura's funeral.  James and Bobby fight.  Leland freaks out.


   Evening (full moon)

   -- Shelly demonstrates Leland's coffin ride

   -- Truman, Hawk, and Ed talk to Cooper about someone running drugs into

      Twin Peaks, and about a sort of evil out in the woods

   -- Cooper meets the Bookhouse Boys (Truman, Ed, James, Joey, Hawk) and they

      question Bernard Renault at the Bookhouse.

   -- Jacques calls Leo for help.  Shelly hides the gun.

   -- Catherine eavesdrops on Josie and Truman.  Josie shows Harry the safe,

      but one of the ledgers is missing.  Catherine has it.

   -- Cooper meets Jacoby at the cemetery

   -- Josie raises the possibility to Truman of Andrew having been murdered

   -- Cooper talks with Hawk about spirits and Laura at the Roadhouse, then the

      two take a drunken Leland home.


28 Feb (Tuesday)   [Episode 1004 - 5/3/90, 9/1/90

                            Written by Robert Engels

                            Directed by Tim Hunter]



   -- Bernard Renault makes bail (Truman to Cooper)



   -- Andy sketches BOB from Sarah Palmer's description.  She, at Leland's

      insistence, then describes her vision of someone digging up the necklace.

      Donna's thinking.

   -- Lucy watches ItL

   -- Cooper questions Jacoby

   -- Gordon calls Cooper.  Andy shows the BOB sketch to Cooper.

   -- Hawk tracks down the OAM to the Timber Falls motel, where at the

      same time, Ben and Catherine are having a rendezvous, and are being

      staked out by Josie.  Catherine says the bogus ledger has the mill

      turning a profit, and tells Ben where the real one is.  She picks up

      a OEJ chip Ben drops.

   -- Cooper and the boys arrive.  Andy drops his gun and it goes off.  They

      question Philip Michael Gerard.  His suitcase is full of shoes and he

      says he lost his arm in a car accident and his tattoo said "Mom" (Bob?).

   -- Audrey gets Donna to agree to help her find Laura's killer

   -- Norma goes to Hank's parole meeting, who's sporting a 3:3 domino

   -- Cooper and the boys visit the Lydecker Clinic and confiscate files

   -- Bobby has rendezvous with Shelly and she gives him Leo's bloody shirt

   -- Cooper, Truman, Hawk and Andy practice in the shooting range.  Lucy's

      mad at Andy.

   -- James runs into Madeleine Ferguson at the RR diner, after speaking with

      Donna on the phone


   5:00 pm (approx) (parole board'll call about 5)

   -- Norma gets a call from the prison.  Hank is being paroled.

   -- Ben talks to Jerry about some Icelanders, then Audrey talks to Ben about

      learning the family business by starting work at the department store.

      Someone (Leo) calls Ben to meet him in half an hour.

   -- A fax arrives from Gordon with a reconstruction of the plastic piece

      found in Laura's stomach.  Andy comes across the file on Waldo, a mynah

      bird belonging to Jacques Renault.  The cops race to Jacques' apartment.

      They find Leo's bloody shirt there, planted by Bobby.


   5:30 pm (approx) ("meet me in 1/2 an hour," Ben to Leo)

   -- Ben meets Leo by the river and they make plans about setting fire to the

      mill.  Bernard's body is lying on the ground. Leo confesses to killing

      him and reports that frere Jacques is hiding out in Canada.

      Leo tapes this conversation. (tape, 2008)

            B: Nice touch, Leo.  Bright red sports car for a secret meeting.  Nice.



   -- James and Donna go to the buried necklace and find it missing.  An owl

      watches.  Donna talks James out of going to the police.


   12:50 am (clock on table)

   -- Pete chats with Josie and retires.  She gets a call from Hank.  Hawk

      sucks on a domino.


01 Mar (Wednesday)   [Episode 1005 - 5/10/90, 9/8/90

                              Written by Mark Frost

                              Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter]


   4:28 am (Cooper to Diane) (full moon)

   -- Cooper is woken up by singing Icelanders



   -- Cooper meets Audrey in the hotel restaurant

   -- Ben and Jerry discuss the Sons of Odin.  Jerry's got a leg of lamb.

   -- Cooper meets Truman and Andy at Jacques' place.  The blood on Leo's shirt

      is determined to be AB-.  It doesn't match Laura's but matches Jacques'.


   9:14 am (clock on wall)

   -- Lucy's out sick (Cooper to Lucy, 1006)

   -- Nadine is off to the patent office in Fairville

   -- Bobby has breakfast at Shelly's.  Andy comes looking for Leo.  Leo calls.

   -- Norma drops by Ed's and they agree to cool their relationship for awhile

   -- Audrey has her job interview at daddy's store.  She threatens the manager

      Emory Battis and gets a job at the perfume counter.  A: I'm Audrey Horne

      and I get what I want.  Understand?

   -- James and Donna meet.  His dad was a musician who ran off and his mom's

      an alcoholic.

   -- Cooper discovers Laura's ad in Fleshworld

   -- Madeleine meets with James and Donna at the RR and agrees to help them

   -- Hank, now out on parole, shows up at the RR to start work.  Shelly

      watches ItL.

   -- The Briggs family goes to see Dr. Jacoby.  Jacoby asks if Laura laughed

      and Bobby cried after the first time they had sex.  Bobby says Laura

      made him sell drugs so she could get them.

   -- Cooper, Truman, Hawk, and Doc Hayward go hiking:

      As they approach the cabin, a crow lands on a nearby branch and

      eyes them.  The Log Lady appears and the crow caws.

      LL:   "It's about time you got here."

        {To no one in particular} "They move so slowly when they're not

         afraid.  Come on, then, my log does not judge."

        { They follow her inside. }

      LL:   "I've got tea.  I've got cookies.  No cake."

      Coop: "That's very kind ma'am, but I don't believe..."

      Hawk: "What kind of cookies?"

      LL:   "Sugar.  The owls won't see us in here."

      Doc:  "A cup of tea would be very nice."

      LL:   {To HST & Coop} "Shut your eyes and you'll burst into flames."

      HST:  {Strolling to the table} "Thanks Margaret."

      LL:   "We'll let it steep."

        { All sitting at the table.  Coop goes for a cookie, and Margaret

        slaps his hand. }

      LL:   "Wait for the tea.  The fish aren't running."

      HST:  "You've been expecting us, Margaret?"

      LL:   "You're two days late, but that's your concern.  My log saw

        something, something significant."

      HST:  "What did your log see?"

      LL:   "Tea first.  Then be ready."

        "My husband was a logging man.  He met the devil.  Fire is the devil

        hiding like a coward in the smoke."

      Doc:  "It was the day after the wedding, wasn't it Margaret?"

      Hawk: "The wood holds many spirits, doesn't it Margaret?"

      LL:   {Gesturing with log to Coop} "You can ask it now."

      Coop: "What did you see that night - the night Laura Palmer was killed."

      LL:   "I'll do the talking."

        "Dark.  Laughing.  The owls were flying.  Many things were blocked. 

        Laughing.  Two men.  Two girls.  Flashlights pass by the woods over

        the ridge.  The owls were near.  The dark was pressing in on her.

        Quiet then.  Later, footsteps.  One man passed by.  Screams.

        Far away.  Terrible.  Terrible.  One voice."

      Coop: "Man or girl?"

      LL: "Girl.  Further up over the ridge, the owls were silent."

      { As they leave on the way to discovering Jacques' cabin, the crow leaves

      the branch it has been on all this time and follows, landing on a branch

      when they stop once again.  We get a close-up of its blinking eye.       }


   4:00 pm (cuckoo clock)

   -- Cooper, Truman, Hawk, and Doc find Jacques' cabin and discover clues

      given to Cooper in his dream - music, red drapes, twine, blood, OEJ

      chip missing the J portion.



   -- Party at the Great Northern for the Icelanders.  Ben and Catherine meet

      in private, Audrey eavesdrops.  Catherine confronts Ben about the OEJ

      chip, slaps him 3 times, says lets burn the mill now.

   -- Leland freaks out to music

   -- Madeleine calls Donna.  She found a tape of Laura's.

   -- Back at the party, Ben surreptitiously meets with Josie.  She found the

      ledger where he said it would be.  Ben: "we can proceed.  Tomorrow


   -- Leo gets home and is beat up by Hank.  "I told you to mind the store, not

      open up your own franchise."  Leo gets pissed at Shelly who shoots him.

   -- Cooper arrives back at his room to find Audrey in his bed


[Episode 1006 - 5/17/90, 9/8/90

Written by Harley Peyton

Directed by Caleb Deschanel]


Wednesday evening (continued) (1/2 moon)

   -- Cooper has a talk (and that's all) with Audrey


02 Mar (Thursday)



   -- Andy arrives at the station.  Lucy won't talk to him and gets a call from

      a doctor.

   -- Cooper, Truman, and Doc Hayward are trying to get Waldo to speak

   -- Hawk shows up with a forensics report on Jacques' cabin and says that

      Jacques is now working as a dealer at OEJ.  There were definitely 3

      guests at Jacques' cabin - Laura, Ronette, and Leo.



   -- Leo spots Bobby arriving at his house to see Shelly.  She tells him she

      shot Leo.  Leo then takes off when he hears on the police band radio

      about Waldo.

   -- Maddy, Donna, and James listen to the tape that Maddy found.

            What's up doc?  Just a few words before I go to sleep.  I feel

            like I'm gonna dream tonight.  Big bad ones, you know?  The kind

            you like.  It's easier talking into the recorder.  I guess I feel

            like I can say anything.  All my secrets - the naked ones.  I know

            you like those, doc.  I know you like me too.  That'll be my little

            secret, okay?  Just like your little coconut.  Why is it so easy

            to make men like me?  And I don't even have to try very hard.

            Maybe if it was harder -

      They plot to get the missing tape (2/23) they believe Jacoby has.

   -- Audrey and another girl, Jenny, are working the perfume counter at

      Horne's.  Audrey hides in manager Emory Battis' office to listen in on

      his conversation with Jenny concerning her sideline work at OEJ.

   -- Cooper receives his ear plugs (Cooper to Diane, 1007)


  12:10 pm (clock on wall)

   -- At the RR Diner, Hank palms a lighter that a customer left, and

      has thoughts about Big Ed after a talk with Shelly.  Truman comes in with

      Cooper and warns Hank to keep clean.

   -- Audrey gets Black Rose's number from Jenny

   -- Nadine is home watching "Invitation to Love" and feeling miserable

      because the patent attorney she went to didn't like her drape runner

      idea.  Ed comes in, comforts her, and encourages her to keep trying.

   -- Truman stops by Josie's and asks about her being at the Timber Falls

      Motel on Tuesday.  She tries to deny it but then tells him about Ben and

      Catherine and about overhearing Catherine's plan to burn the mill.

   -- Letter from Harold to Donna (Look into the Meals on Wheels) arrives at

      the RR (Norma to Donna, 2001)


   Evening (Cooper to Truman)

   -- Truman and Ed rendezvous with Cooper at the hotel.  Truman tells Cooper

      about Josie's problem.  Cooper seems suspicious.  Audrey shows up looking

      for Cooper just as they leave.

   -- Mr. Neff, an insurance agent, shows up at Catherine's about an unsigned

      policy.  Josie was to get $1,000,000 upon Catherine's death.  Neff

      offers to help Catherine.

   -- Catherine finds her bogus ledger missing

   -- Audrey leaves a note under Cooper's door and notices an Asian man

      (Tojamura's assistant) checking in a couple of doors down from Cooper

   -- Leo shoots Waldo and drives off, but not before Waldo's last words are

      recorded.  "Laura, Laura, don't go there.  Hurting me, hurting me.  Stop

      it, stop it, stop it.  Leo, no, Leo no."

   -- Cooper and Ed show up at OEJ posing as "Fred and Barney" and meet

      Blackie.  Ed craps, Cooper jacks.

   -- Maddy sneaks out, though she is seen by Leland, to meet James and Donna.

   -- Ben and Jerry eat ice cream, then Jerry goes off with the Icelanders to

      OEJ for a signing party for the Ghostwood deal

   -- Ben calls Josie about Catherine.  Josie says she'll "get Catherine there"

      and that it is "planned for tonight."

   -- Audrey meets Blackie.  She ties a cherry stem into a knot with her

      tongue, and is hired at OEJ

   -- Jacques relieves the previous dealer at the blackjack table where Cooper

      is playing

   -- Dr. Jacoby is watching ItL on tv when he gets a call from "Laura." At the

      gazebo, Maddy, disguised as Laura, is waiting with James and Donna

      and Bobby is watching them. The whole tableaux is being watched by a

      mysterious heavy breather.

   -- Jacoby takes off to find out what's going on with "Laura" while James and

      Donna sneak into his office to search for the missing tape.  Bobby has

      followed them there and sticks a bag of cocaine in James' gas tank.


[Episode 1007 - 5/23/90, 9/15/90

Written and directed by Mark Frost]


Thursday evening/Friday morning (continued) 

   -- James and Donna enter Jacoby's place, find paper umbrellas, the (slightly

      different) missing tape and half the locket on a chain

   -- Jacoby, watching "Laura" is beaten by person unknown (Leland).  He smells

      scorched engine oil (Jacoby to Cooper, 2003)

   -- Audrey meets with Blackie and notices Cooper on a monitor

   -- Cooper talks with Jacques, sets him up.  Jacques says the bird had a

      thing for Laura.  Leo put a chip in Laura's mouth while the bird was

      attacking her and said, "bite the bullet, baby."

   -- Leo kidnaps Shelly

   -- Jacques arrested, struggles, is about to shoot Truman when Andy shoots


   -- James, Maddy, and Donna listen to the tape, as Will takes off for a

      hospital emergency.

            "Hey what's up doc?  It's Laura, in case you haven't guessed.  It's

            Thursday the 23rd and I'm so bored.  Actually, I'm in kind of a weird

            mood.  God, James is sweet, but he's so dumb.  And right now I can only

            take so much of sweet.  Hey, remember that mystery man I told you

            about?  Well, if I tell you his name then you're gonna be in trouble.

            He wouldn't be such a mystery man anymore, but you might be history,

            man.  I think a couple of times he's tried to kill me.  But guess what?

            As you know, I sure got off on it.  Isn't sex weird?  This guy can

            really light my F-I-R-E.  He's a red corvette... Uh oh, here comes mom

            with milk and cookies.  Later, Lawrence.  Bye bye."

   -- Leo prepares to burn the mill with Shelly tied up in it.  Timer set for

      one hour.

   -- Nadine writes a note and takes pills

   -- Hank receives $90,000 from Josie for the job 18 months ago.  He says

      doing business with someone is for life and slits both their thumbs.

   -- Catherine is upset.  She can't find the ledger.  She deviously asks for

      Pete's help.

   -- Ed, Hawk, and Andy tell other deputies what happened within earshot of

      Lucy.  Andy makes his move and she announces she is pregnant.

   -- Lucy receives call from "Leo" (Bobby) to check out James.  "He's an easy


   -- Cooper and Truman question Jacques.  He was in the cabin with Leo, Laura,

      and Ronette.  He and Leo had fought and had hit him with a whisky bottle.

   -- Hayward tells Cooper and Truman that Jacoby said he saw Laura at the

      gazebo before he passed out

   -- Catherine gets a call from Hank.  "It's at the mill, what you're looking


   -- Hank tries to sweet talk Norma


   3:25 am (clock on wall)

   -- Ed finds Nadine unconscious.  He calls for an ambulance. The address is

      422 Riverside.

   -- Lucy gives message to Cooper and Truman from Leo (Bobby).  Leland asks

      Truman about a suspect.

   -- James gives Cooper Laura's tape.  Cooper tells him Jacoby is in the

      hospital and confronts him about the cocaine found in his gas tank.

   -- Icelanders (Einar Thorson) sign the Ghostwood contract

   -- Ben tells Hank to proceed

   -- Bobby goes to see Shelly, is attacked by Leo, who is shot by Hank

   -- Catherine finds Shelly and frees her.  Fire starts.  C: I can't

      understand a word you're saying... you have a thing in your mouth!

   -- Leland kills Jacques.  Jacoby sees him. (Jacoby to Cooper, 2003)

   -- Pete goes into burning sawmill after Catherine

   -- Ben signs the contract and goes to see the new girl (Audrey)

      "Close your eyes. This is the stuff as dreams are made of."


   4:37 am (Cooper to Diane)

   -- Cooper returns to his room, notices the quiet, picks up a note addressed,

      "My special agent," receives a phone call from Andy and is shot by person

      unknown.  It's Josie (2016).

   -- Briggs receives the message "The owls are not what they seem" ("around

      the time I was shot," Cooper to Briggs, 2002)



   -- Windom Earle escapes from the mental institution. (Albert arrives on

      Friday and tells Cooper on Saturday.)


03 Mar (Friday)  [Episode 2001 - 9/30/90

                         Written by Mark Frost

                         Directed by David Lynch]


   Early morning (4:45? am)

   -- Room service waiter delivers Cooper's warm milk, hangs up phone on

      Andy.  "I've heard about you."

   -- The Giant appears:

      G: I will tell you three things.  If I tell them to you and they come

            true, then will you believe me?

      C: Who's that?

      G: Think of me as a friend.

      C: Where do you come from?

      G: {Shaking head} The question is: where have you gone?

             The 1st thing I will tell you is: There's a man in a smiling bag.

      C: Man in a smiling bag...

      G: The 2nd thing is: The owl's are not what they seem.

              The 3rd thing is: Without chemicals, he points.

      C: What do these things mean?

      G: This is all I'm permitted to say.  Give me your ring.  I will

            return it to you when you find these things to be true.

      {Takes Coop's ring} We want to help.

      C: Who's we?

      G: One last thing.  Leo locked inside Hungry Horse.  There's a clue at

            Leo's house.  You _will_ require medical attention.

   -- Jerry gives heroin to Blackie

   -- Audrey evades Ben, Jerry calls him away: Brother Ben, we got an S-N-A-G.

   -- Cooper tells Diane things he'd like to've done until Andy, Hawk, and

      Truman arrive


   7:45 am (Doc to Cooper)

   -- Lucy updates Cooper. Truman and Doc Hayward are present.

      C: Doc, when the will is invoked, the recuperative powers of the physical

             body are simply extraordinary.  Just give me a couple of hours to

             get dressed.

   -- Shelly, in her hospital bed, cries for Bobby



   -- Cooper sees Jacques' body wheeled away in a bag

            C: Is that bag smiling?

            Truman: Smiling?

            Lucy: What's there to smile about?

   -- Ronette has a vision, "Laura..."



   -- Sarah asks Maddy if she misses Beth (her mom).  Maddy describes her

      dream (the rug) and Leland sports a new 'do, singing Mairzy Doats:

            Mairzy doats and dozy doats

            and little lambzy divy.

            A kiddly divy, too, wooden shoe?

            Now if the words sounds queer,

            and funny to your ear,

            a little bit jumbled and jivy,


            Mares eat oats and does eats oats

            and little lambs eat ivy.

            A kid'll eat ivy, too, wouldn't you?

      Maddy sees something in the rug. [BOB in the European TV version]

   -- Ben and Jerry talk.  Ben wants to know about Catherine and Leo's status.

      Leland arrives, singing Mairzy Doats.  The brothers dance.

   -- Cooper determines what happened at Leo's.

      C: Sheriff, get your mind off Shelly - for a moment.

      Hawk finds a tarp smelling of gasoline.  Albert and team arrive.  Andy

      steps on a board and walks like a chicken, underneath are a pair of

      Circle Brand boots and cocaine.

      A: And it's another great moment in law enforcement history.

   -- "Hot _damn_, that pie's good!"

   -- Maddy meets with Donna at the RR and gives her Laura's shades that she

      wanted and breaks her own.  They agree to keep it quiet about the

      happenings last night at the gazebo.

      D: Maybe the sun won't go up tomorrow if you wash your hair.  Think

             like that and you're gonna go crazy.

      Norma gives Donna a letter that got to the RR "yesterday:" Look into

      the Meals on Wheels.  The log lady spits out her gum.

   -- Albert examines Cooper: "You were shot by a right handed person 5 foot

      6 to 5 foot 10 inches tall at a distance of less than 3 feet."

      Cooper tries to get Albert to open up to the locals.

      A: Great.  After the square dance, maybe we can all take a hayride.

      Andy reports that Leo was in jail in Hungry Horse, Montana on 2/9/88.

      A: Where do they keep his water dish?

   -- The OAM arrives at the station to "sell shoes" to Truman (to Lucy)

   -- Truman questions James.  Cooper demands and gets the locket on a thong

      from James.

      C: Jacoby!  I didn't figure he had anything to do with this at all.

             Sometimes, you just get lucky.

   -- Donna arrives at the station in Laura's shades, smoking and meets

      James in his cell.

      J: When did you start smoking?

      D: I smoke every once in a while.  Helps relieve tension.

      J: When did you get so tense?

      D: When I started smoking.

   -- Cooper has Andy and Lucy look through the back issues of the last three

      years of Fleshworld for Teresa Banks.

      C to D: Diane, just received the back issues of Fleshworld.  Good work.

                  It's nice to see some cooperation with the law especially from

                  a company that preys on human weaknesses.

   -- Hayward examines Jacoby, who's reeling from the hospital food.  Cooper

      and Truman arrive.  Cooper confronts Jacoby with the locket on a thong.

      C: I don't want any baloney, magic tricks or psychological mumbo jumbo.

      Jacoby said the night after Laura died, he followed Leo, lost him,

      saw and followed James and Donna and dug up the locket.

      J: Laura was, was in fact, no she was living a double life.  Two people.

             Yeah, but then, then when I saw her that last time, she

             I dunno, she seemed to've reached a kind of peace with herself.  Now

             I believe that what she in fact, she had arrived at was the decision

             to end her life.

      T: Are you saying Laura wanted to die?

      C: Doctor, Laura Palmer did not commit suicide.

      J: No, no, but maybe she allowed herself to be killed.

      Jacoby says he smelled scorched engine oil the night before. (In fact it

      was at the gazebo, Jacoby to Cooper under hypnosis, 2003)

   -- Bobby visits Shelly, brings her flowers

   -- Cooper, Truman, and Albert spot Bobby in the hospital.  A: Sheriff

      Truman, to see this kind of investigative genius at work is just a

      real treat for me.

      They meet Ed in the hall.

      Ed: I never believed in fate, Agent Cooper.  Always felt, you make your

              own way, you take care of your own, and you pick up after yourself.

      Albert: Farmer's Almanac?

      Cooper: Albert, I would like to speak to Ed.

      Truman: Albert, I'll buy you a cup of coffee.

      Ed tells his tale of how he was with Norma but married Nadine and

      shot her eye out accidently on their honeymoon.  James drops by.  Cooper

      sees the smiling bag.  Albert goes to check in at the Great Northern.

            C:  Harry, when Albert finishes up at the Great Northern, we'll

              meet back at the station.  I'm ready to lay the whole thing out.

            T:  Rocks and bottles?

            C:  Chalk and blackboard will be just fine.

            T:  Jelly donuts?

            C:  Harry, that goes without saying.

   -- Doc to Nurse: Nurse, I really mean it.  You better speak to that kitchen.

      Pete is disgusted by the hospital food.

   -- Norma visits Shelly in her room, then sees Ed caring over Nadine

   -- Bobby runs into his father at the RR:

      MB: "Bobby, may I share something with you?"

      BB: "Okay."

      MB: "A vision I had in my sleep last night, as distinguished from a

            dream, which is mere sorting and cataloguing of the day's events by

            the subconscious.  This was a vision, fresh and clear as a mountain

            stream, the mind revealing itself to itself.  In my vision, I was on

        the veranda of a vast estate, a palazzo of some fantastic proportion.

            There seemed to emanate from it a light from within, this gleaming,

            radiant marble.  I'd known this place.  I had in fact been

            born and raised there.  This was my first return.  A reunion with the

            deepest well-springs of my being.  Wandering about, I noticed happily

            that the house had been immaculately maintained.  There'd been added

            a number of additional rooms, but in a way that blended so seamlessly

            with the original construction, one would never detect any difference.

            Returning to the house's grand foyer, there came a knock at the door.

            My son was standing there.  He was happy and carefree, clearly living

            a life of deep harmony and joy.  We embraced, a warm and loving

            embrace, nothing withheld.  We were, in this moment, one.  My vision

        ended and I awoke with a tremendous feeling of optimism and

            confidence in you and your future.  That was my vision of you.  I'm

            so glad to have had this opportunity to share it with you.  I wish

            you nothing but the very best in all things."

      BB: "Thank you Dad."

      Bobby appears moved.  Hank asks Briggs how the pie was and salutes him.

   -- Norma won't talk about Shelly and Bobby recognizes Hank as he who

      shot Leo.

   -- Cooper and Albert tell their theory of what happened on 2/23:

            C: The night Laura Palmer was killed, it appears she made 2

               appointments.  In her diary, she had written, "Nervous about

               meeting J. tonight."  I now believe this was a reference to James

               Hurley.  She was nervous because she planned to tell him she

               didn't want to see him anymore.  Before she snuck out of the

               house, she received a phone call.

            A: We believe it was Leo Johnson making a second appointment

               for some time later that night.

            C: Laura met James, was with him until 12:30 when, at the intersection

               of Sparkwood and 21, she jumped from the bike and ran into

               the woods.  We believe that it was there that she met up with

               Jacques Renault, Leo Johnson and Ronette Pulaski.  Together

               they drove to the foot of the trail leading to Jacques' cabin.

               They climbed the trail, they were heard passing by the cabin of

               the Log Lady.  They reached Jacques Renault's cabin at approximately

               1 am.  Drugs and alcohol were consumed.  Laura was tied up

               and had sexual relations with both Leo and Jacques.  Waldo the

               bird was let out of his cage and attacked Laura.  Leo and

               Jacques fought.  Jacques went outside and passed out.  When he

               came to, Leo and the girls were gone.  We believe Leo hiked

               back down the trail to his Corvette alone, leaving the girls behind.

            A: The reason being, there was a third man.

            C: Deputy Hawk found evidence of a third man outside the window

               of Jacques' cabin.

            A: The third man took Laura and Ronette to the train car, where

               they were tied up.  Laura for the 2nd time, Ronette for the 1st.

            C: Using a blunt object, the killer hit Ronette and knocked her

               unconscious.  He must've been so intent on killing Laura, he

               didn't realize that Ronette regained consciousness and escaped.

            A: He either didn't know or he didn't care. He made a small mound

               of dirt and put the half heart necklace of Laura's on top.  He

               then placed a small cut out letter R under the nail of her

               left ring finger.  You'll recall he placed the letter T under

               the fingernail of Teresa Banks.  He, uh, left a note written in

               blood, "Fire, walk with me."

            C: Here's the interesting thing.  The blood on the note was tested.

               It doesn't match Leo's, Jacques', Laura's or Ronette's.

            A: So we surmise the killer wrote the note in his own blood.  It's a

               rare type, AB negative.  The towel that Deputy Hawk found five

               miles down the tracks was soaked in blood of that type.  He

               also found, near the towel, scraps of faded paper.

            C: The scraps may have been left by the killer.  They'll be sent

               back to Washington DC for testing.

            {Andy cries}

            A: I know, Andy, I know, I know, I know.  It's what we call a real

               three hanky crime.

            Andy: Albert Roserfelt.  I don't like the way you talk smart about

                  Sheriff Truman or anybody.  You just shut your mouth! {Exits}

            C: Laura Palmer is dead.  Jacques Renault is dead.  Ronette

               Pulaski and Leo Johnson are in comas.  Waldo the bird is dead.

               This leaves only the third man.

   -- Truman gives Pete a ride home.

            P: This smoke inhalation is nasty business.  I feel like somebody

              taped my lips to the tailpipe of a bus.

      Josie left a note; she went to Seattle, she goes shopping every 3

      months.  An Asian man (Jonathan) calls, asking for her, then he makes a

      collect call to Hong Kong.

   -- Ben and Jerry meet with Hank.  Hank confirms he put Catherine in the mill

      and shot Leo.

            H:  He was chopping wood.

            J:  Chopping wood?  Inside?

            H:  Yeah, you know Leo.

            J:  Wait a minute.  Chopping wood?  Inside?!

            H:  Yeah.  You know Leo.

      They hope to frame the arson on her and Leo.

            B: Hank, leave the creative thinking to the brothers Horne.  You're

              a bicep.  Relax, until we say "flex."

   -- Audrey meets with Blackie, who's not pleased with her not satisfying the


   -- Andrew helps out Catherine to survive (Catherine to Pete, 2014)



   -- Donna calls Norma about taking over Laura's Meals on Wheels route.

      She'll use the RR station wagon.

   -- At the Hayward Supper Club, Gersten plays the piano and Harriet

      recites a poem:

        "It was Laura

        And I saw her glowing.

        In the dark woods,

        I saw her smiling.

        We were crying

        And I saw her laughing.

        In our sadness,

        I saw her dancing.

        It was Laura

        Living in my dreams.

        It was Laura.

        The glow was life.

        Her smile was to say

        It was all right to cry.

        The woods was our sadness.

        The dance was her calling.

        It was Laura

        And she came to kiss me goodbye."

      Donna sits on her hands. Leland sings "Get Happy" and collapses.


   11:55 pm (Cooper to Diane)

   -- Cooper goes to bed.  C to D: I'm dog tired.  A man can only go long

            without submitting to a period of rest.  For as we know from experiments

            conducted on American GI's during the Korean War, sleep deprivation

            is a one way ticket to temporary psychosis.  And I'm working on a

            3 day jag.

   -- Audrey prays for Cooper

   -- The Giant returns:

      G: "Sorry to wake you."

      C: "I'm not dreaming."

      G: "I forgot to tell you something."

      C: "You were right about the smiling bag."

      G: "The things I tell you will not be wrong.  Better to listen then to


      C: "I believe you."

      G: "Don't search for all the answers at once.  A path is formed by

            laying one stone at a time.  One person saw the third man.  Three have

            seen him, yes.  But not his body.  One only, known to you, ready now

        to talk.  One more thing: you forgot something."

      C: "What?"

      { Flash of green gets zapped into Coop. He lies alone in the dark,

      blinking.  }

   -- Ronette has a vision.  Train car, BOB with dead Laura and the mound

      of dirt.  BOB running, teeth clamping down.  Laura screaming, BOB

      pounding.  Laura dead, BOB laughing.


04 Mar (Saturday)   [Episode 2002 - 10/6/90

                             Written by Harley Peyton

                             Directed by David Lynch]



   -- Cooper talks to Albert about Tibet over breakfast:

      C: Buddhist tradition first came to the land of snow in the fifth

            century AD.  The first Tibetan came to be touched by the Dharma was

            King Hathatha Rignamputsan.  He and succeeding generations came to be

            collectively called the Happy Generations.  Now some historians place

            them in the Water Snake Year, two-thirteen AD; others in the year

            of the water ox 173 AD.  Amazing isn't it?  The Happy Generations.

      A: Agent Cooper, I am thrilled to pieces that the Dharama came to King

            Hohoho, I really am, but right now I am trying hard to focus on the

            more immediate problems of our own century right here in Twin Peaks.

      C: Albert, you'd be surprised at the connection between the two.

      A: Color me amazed.

      Albert tells of Cooper's ex-partner Windom Earle escaping from a mental

      institution.  The Asian man (Jonathan) watches Cooper drink coffee.

            A:  I performed the autopsy on Jacques Renault.  Stomach contents

              revealed, let's see.  Beer cans, a Maryland license plate, half

              a bicycle tire, a gota, and a small wooden puppet.  Goes by the

              name of Pinocchio.

            C:  Albert, you're making a joke.

            A:  I like to think of myself as one of the happy generations.


   9:00 am (Donna to Norma, 2001)

   -- Donna meets Norma regarding Meals on Wheels



   -- Donna delivers a meal to Mrs. Tremond/Chalfont.  "I requested no creamed

      corn.  Do you see creamed corn on this plate?"  Her grandson makes the

      creamed corn disappear.  "Sometimes things can happen just like this."

      "J'ai une a^me solitaire."  Tremond/Chalfont mentions Harold next door

      and Donna leaves a note under his door.  "She seemed like a very nice


   -- Cooper and Truman see Ronette and wrestle with the stools.  They show

      sketches of Leo and BOB to her.  She reacts violently to the second.

      "Tr- tr- tr-"

   -- Ben and Jerry contemplate over which ledger to burn then decide to roast


   -- Andy fights scotch tape at the RR.  The Log Lady enters and Norma tells

      not to spit her gum out in the restaurant so she swallows it.

            LL:  You wear shiny objects on your chest.

            Major:  Yes, I do.

            LL:  Are you proud?

            M:  No, achievement is its own reward.  Pride obscures it.  Cream?

      The Log Lady then tells the Major to "deliver the message" and chews her

      gum again.

   -- Andy tells Lucy he's sterile:

      Listen to me, Lucy Moran, you just listen.  When the Takoma

      Sperm Bank was looking for donors, naturally I applied.  It's my civic

      duty and I like whales.  A routine physical examination revealed that

      I'm sterile.  Sure I thought it meant I didn't have to take a

      bath, but the doctors told me the truth.  They told me I can't have

      babies.  So what I wanna know now is why are you having one and how?

   -- Hank sees Cooper and Truman, signs his parole form.  Hank was a Bookhouse

      Boy.  Ben calls: Audrey's missing.

   -- Jerry shows Ben the unsigned insurance policy.  Ben calls Einar Thorson -

      Leland's already called.  Leland recognizes Bob; he lived next door to

      his grandfather's summer home on Pearl Lake.

            B:  Jerry?  Please kill leland.

            J: Is this real Ben?  Or some strange and twisted dream?


   8:08 pm (clock on wall)

   -- Shelly sees Leo on life support.  Norma's waiting to drive her home.

   -- Lucy gets a call but hangs up on him because he remains anonymous

   -- At OEJ, Audrey questions Battis.  He recruited Laura and Ronette to work

      at OEJ.  Laura used drugs one weekend so they got rid of her.

   -- Bobby and Shelly scheme over Leo



   -- Cooper reports Windom Earle's flight to Diane.  The Major visits.

      BRIGGS: I have a message for you.

      COOPER: From whom?

      BRIGGS: I'm not at liberty to reveal the nature of my work.  This

            secrecy pains me from time to time.  Any bureaucracy that

            functions in secret inevitably lends itself to corruption.

            But these rules I have pledged to uphold and I believe a

            pledge is sacred.

      Briggs shows Cooper the message: /THE/OWLS/ARE/NOT/WHAT/THEY/SEEM/

      It came from the woods of Twin Peaks (Riley to Cooper, 2012)

   -- James sings with Donna and Maddy.  James and Maddy exchange looks, Donna

      gets jealous, then gets a call from Harold Smith.  Maddy sees BOB, who

      climbs over the sofa to her, brushing and rotating the vase on the coffee

      table to exactly the position it was before the vision.

   -- Cooper dreams.  Giant, Ronette, walking man.  "The owls are not what

      they seem," says the Giant.  Flash.  "The owls are not what they seem,"

      says Briggs.  Flash.  Giant.  BOB with owl superimposed on his face.

      Sarah on the stairs.  The walking man is BOB.  He is awoken by a call

      from Audrey.  She is caught by Blackie.

   -- Nadine rips two pairs of leather restraints at the hospital (Will to

      Ed, 2003)


05 Mar (Sunday)   [Episode 2003 - 10/13/90

                   Written by Robert Engels

                   Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter]


   6:40 am (clock on wall)

   -- Ronette is in the throes of a violent seizure.  Truman turns off a

      machine by her bed, then tells Cooper and Albert, who have just arrived,

      that she took out her IV, which is colored blue.  Cooper pulls out a 'B'

      from under Ronette's fingernail.

   -- Cooper enlightens Albert and Truman about his visitations from the Giant.

            T:  You saw a giant?

            C:  Yes.

            A:  Any relation to the dwarf?

   -- Andy calls in sick today (Hawk to Lucy)


   12:30 pm (?) (Harold's watch)

   -- Donna visits Harold, who gives her a flower to put on Laura's grave.

      He's known Laura since she started the Meals on Wheels. She pulls on a

      piece of paper sticking out of a drawer.

   -- Cooper and Truman discuss BOB.                     R   B   T

      Albert reports: the B from Ronette's              Mrs. Palmer

      finger was from a Fleshworld.           Maddy ----===========---- Cooper

      The cocaine found in James' cycle                   Ronette

      matches that found in Leo's house and Jacques' car.

      Cooper was shot with a Walther PPK.

      Albert and Truman trade words:

      ALBERT: You listen to me.  While I will admit to a certain cynicism, the

       fact is that I am a nay-sayer and hatchet man in the fight against

       violence.  I pride myself in taking a punch and I'll gladly take

       another, because I choose to live my life in the company of Gandhi and

       King.  My concerns are global.  I reject absolutely revenge,

       aggression, and retaliation.  The foundation of such a

       love. I love you, Sheriff Truman.

      COOPER: Albert's path is a strange and difficult one.

   -- James is released

   -- Lucy looks for words with R, B, and T.  Richard Tremayne, her lunch date,

      arrives at the station.  Hawk offers two more words: prohibited, robot.

   -- Leland drops by and tells Cooper, Truman, and Hawk about the man in the

      sketch - he lived in a white house, across a vacant lot from his

      grandfather's place on Pearl Lakes.  His name was Robertson and he used

      to flick matches at him, "you wanna play with fire, little boy?"  Leland

      flicks a match nicely himself into an ashtray.  Cooper picks it up and

      blows it out.



   -- Andy buys boots from the OAM while he was waiting (Andy to Cooper, 2004)

   -- At the RR, Lucy and Dick have words over lunch.  They used to go out

      every Thursday night for three months, but he hasn't called in 6 weeks,

      since their encounter in Horne's Home Furnishings.  She tells him of her


   -- James and Maddy discuss Donna.  She arrives at an opportune moment, while

      they're holding hands, and storms out.

   -- Emory videotapes Audrey as Blackie shoots her up

   -- The OAM shows shoes to Truman, sees the sketch of BOB, gets dizzy

      and heads for the bathroom

   -- Shelly drops by the station and tells Cooper and Truman she won't give

      a statement against Leo.  Cooper smells an insurance scam and wonders

      who's behind it.

   -- The OAM has spasms in the toilet stall, flushes the toilet and the

      spasms cease.  He drops his needle.  Mike takes over.

   -- Cooper meets Ben at the Great Northern, who tells him to watch his step

      with Audrey.  The Asian Man (Jonathan) watches and follows Cooper.

   -- Jean Renault gives Audrey some English caramel

   -- Emory recognizes Cooper on the monitor.  Jean and Nancy, Blackie's

      sister, arrive.  They and Blackie scheme.  Jean wants Cooper and Blackie

      wants money.  He'll be the go-between for 30%.

   -- Truman gets a call from Pete - Josie will be back tomorrow afternoon.

      Hawk has information about the white house - it's boarded up and no name

      on the mailbox.  Truman tells Cooper about the OAM and flinches when

      Cooper reminds him that in his dream, the OAM knew BOB.  Cooper finds the

      needle in the bathroom.  C:  'Without chemicals, he points.'


   4:15 (?) (clock on wall)

   -- Ed visits Nadine who is strapped to her bed.  He sings to her, and she

      breaks her straps and wakes up.  She's 18.

   -- Cooper and Truman visit Jacoby in his hospital room.  His wife, Eolani,

      is there.  Hypnotized, he says he smelled engine oil at the park, and he

      saw Jacques' killer


   Night (full moon)

   -- Donna brings Harold's flower to Laura's grave and has a one-way

      conversation with her

   -- James sees Maddy at the Palmer home.  He's depressed since his mom came

      home.  Donna once again catches them at another opportune moment.

   -- Maddy cries to Leland, "Everybody thinks I'm Laura, but I'm not!"

      Cooper and Truman arrive to arrest Leland for the murder of Jacques.

   -- Donna goes over to Harold's and finds Laura's secret diary next to a



06 Mar (Monday)   [Episode 2004 - 10/20/90

                   Written by Jerry Stahl and Mark Frost,

                              Harley Peyton, Robert Engels

                   Directed by Todd Holland]


   Early morning

   -- Cooper and Truman question Leland, who admits to killing Jacques

   -- Doc Hayward and Andy discuss Andy's sterility.  Doc asks for another

      sample.  Andy, with a copy of Fleshworld, runs into Lucy on the way to

      the restroom.

   -- Truman tells Cooper no one named Robertson ever lived in the white house.

      Andy runs into a deputy, "Sorry, Bob."  Cooper notices Andy's wearing

      Circle Brand Boots.


   "Not even 9:30" (Ben to Louie)

   -- Louie tells Ben that travel critic M. T. Wentz is coming to town

   -- Jean, who "sells insurance to small businesses," visits Ben with the

      video of Audrey and the condition that Cooper bring the ransom money



   -- Donna picks up lunches from the RR

   -- Norma tells Hank about M. T. Wentz.  He says there's enough time and

      takes off.

   -- At Harold's, he shows Donna the secret diary and reads from it.  Donna

      suggests giving it to the sheriff but Harold disagrees.

   -- Ben shows the Audrey video to Cooper and asks him to deliver the money

   -- Josie returns

   -- At OEJ, Emory brings Audrey to Jean.  Audrey says Emory hit him.  Jean

      kills Emory.

   -- Andy approaches Lucy.  Cooper has a talk with her.

   -- Cooper asks Truman a favor.  He needs the best Bookhouse Boy.


   7:05 (clock on wall) (1/2 moon)

   -- Hank and Norma patronize a large man at the RR.  Hank lifts his billfold

      and finds it is Daryl Lodwick, District Attorney.

   -- Donna meets Maddy at the RR and asks her help in getting the secret diary

   -- Truman confronts Josie about the mill, she seduces him on the couch.

      A mystery man (Jonathan) watches outside the window in the rain.

   -- Judge Clinton Sternwood arrives at the station and meets Lucy, Cooper

      and the sheriff.

   -- Dick Tremayne arrives, offers Lucy money for an abortion, and is kicked

      out by her.

   -- Andy, who overhears Lucy crying, brings in Leland to meet with the Judge.

      Sid arrives.



   -- Ben bows to Mr. Tojamura who checks in.  Louie calls Norma - she thinks

      it's M. T. Wentz.

   -- Josie introduces her cousin Jonathan to Pete.  Jonathan tells Josie her

      job is to sell the mill and she is expected in Hong Kong by Mr. Eckhardt.


   9:30 pm

   -- Truman meets Cooper at the Roadhouse

   -- Hank at the RR gets a visit from the Asian Man (Jonathan) and is beat up


07 Mar (Tuesday)   [Episode 2005 - 10/27/90

                    Written by Barry Pullman

                    Directed by Graeme Clifford]


   6:42 am (Cooper to Diane)

   -- Cooper awakes, chewing on his ear plug, and finds Audrey's note



   -- Hawk tells Truman of his finds - two old ladies at the white house.

      They never heard of a Robertson.

   -- Lucy leaves for Tacoma.  She'll stay at sister Gwen and Larry's for

      two days.

   -- Cooper tells Truman he knows where Audrey is

   -- Mr Pinkle demonstrates for Bobby and Shelly the Leo-lifter apparatus

      while Bobby reads Shooting

   -- Leland's hearing.  Truman defends, Andy sketches.  Ben chews on nuts and

      leaves.  Leland's released.

   -- Donna delivers lunch to Harold and makes a deal.  He'll read the diary if

      she tells her story.  She taunts him outside, he collapses.

   -- Leo's hearing.  He's ruled incompetent to stand trial.  The Judge,

      Cooper, and Truman have a drink.  Cooper doesn't think Leo did it. 

      Truman tells Shelly Leo's coming home.  Judge tells Cooper to keep an

      eye on the woods.

   -- Ed brings Nadine home.  She rips off the refrigerator door.

            N:  Where are Mom and Dad?

            E:  Whoooaaa... out of town.

            N:  Oh, okay!

   -- Tojamura meets Ben and offers him 5 million dollars for Ghostwood

      [His assistant is the Asian man from 1006]

   -- At the Great Northern, Bobby is snooping around Hank


   Noon ("Expect a call tomorrow. Noon," Jean to Ben, 2004)

   -- Cooper meets Ben.  They get a call from Jean with instructions on where

      and when to deliver the money.  Ben has Hank follow Cooper.

   -- Donna and Maddy plot to get the diary

   -- At OEJ, Jean arms himself.  Nancy reports that Audrey is asleep.

   -- Andy mans the phones at the station.  He calls the Doc for the results

      of his sperm test.  "I'm a whole damn town!" to Truman as he's zipping

      his fly.  He sees Gwen's number, calls, and gets an abortion clinic.

   -- Cooper and Truman plan.  Hawk enters and reports that the OAM is staying

      at the Robin's Nest.  No one's seen him for "a day, a day and a half."

      He found a mysterious drug.  They try to keep their plans from Hawk.


   Night (1/2 moon)

   -- Maddy gets some coffee at the RR.  James follows.

   -- Donna tells a story to Harold

   -- Cooper and Truman bust into OEJ.  An owl sees them.  There's a roll of

      plastic on the stairs.

   -- Harold shows Donna some orchids

   -- Cooper runs into Nancy and gets Audrey

   -- Truman watches Jean kill Blackie and lick her blood on his lips.  Hawk

      saves Cooper and Truman.

      H: "Good thing you guys can't keep a secret."

   -- Hank is caught outside by Jean and is identified as DA Lodwick (billfold)

   -- Maddy and Donna are caught by Harold


[Episode 2006 - 11/3/90

 Written by Harley Peyton & Robert Engels

 Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter]


   Night (con't)

   -- James rescues Donna and Maddy.  Harold sprays his plants and grieves.

   -- Cooper brings Audrey to the Bookhouse

   -- Maddy leaves Donna and James, who share a moment

   -- Truman recognizes Jean in a book of criminals and points him out to

      Cooper, who begins to feel remorse for getting Audrey messed up in his


   -- Cooper gives back the money to Ben and tells him what happened.  Ben hugs

      him, then the briefcase.


08 Mar (Wednesday)



   -- Bobby brings Leo home.  He and Shelly get their first check - it's only

      $700, it was supposed to be $5000.  Leo groans.

   -- Donna tells Truman about the secret diary.  Gordon Cole arrives.



      Cole's got Albert's report: vicuna fibers were found outside Cooper's


            T:  Coat was vi...cuna...


      Cole says the OAM's chemicals were weird stuff, and the scraps of paper

      found near the train site were diary pages.  Hawk brings in the OAM

            C: "THERE'S THE ONE-ARMER NOW!"

   -- Ben sees Audrey.  A: "I'm aware of a lot of new things too, Daddy."

      "I saw so much."


   1:50 pm (clock on wall)

   -- Nadine comes home from shopping

   -- Jonathan rapes Josie and gives her a one way ticket to Hong Kong.  She

      says she hasn't received her insurance money nor the money from Ben.

      She's waited five years for this.  The plane leaves at midnight.

   -- Maddy says goodbye to James at a dock.  She leaves tomorrow.

   -- Ben meets Josie at his office.  They drink to the fire.  She got Pete's

      signature and wants her money.  He threatens, she threatens.  He gives

      her the check from Tojamura, she gives him the contract.

   -- Bobby and Shelly party around Leo.  They make out in front of him, Leo

      moves.  B:  Good thing we didn't light the candles.

   -- Cooper meets Gordon.  Albert thinks Cooper is in over his head.  Gordon's

      worried over Pittsburgh.  Cooper gets an unmarked letter with an opening

      chess move (P to K-4) from Windom Earle, sent to the FBI office.

   -- Leland meets with Ben and proves himself, while pocketing fur off of a

      stuffed fox.  Jerry's on his way to Tokyo.



   -- Truman arrives as Josie's leaving.  He is introduced to Jonathan as "Mr.

      Lee," Josie's assistant.  He tells her he loves her, she hesitates, then


   -- Ben meets with Tojamura.  Leland sings.  Pete chats with Tojamura:

      Pete: The King and I!  [to Tojamura] Do you like musicals?

      Tojamura: No.

      Pete: Not even Fiddler on the Roof?  Made me weep like a little baby.

      Tojamura: I find adherence to fantasy troubling and unreasonable.

   -- Cooper questions Mike:

      M:  There is no need...for medicine.  I am not in pain.

      C:  Who are you?

      M:  My name is Mike.

      C:  What are you?

      M:  I inhabiting spirit.

      C:  Who is Phillip Gerard?

      M:  He is host to me.

      C:  You spoke to me in my dream...about BOB.

      M:  Mmm. familiar.

      C:  Where does BOB come from?

      M:  That...cannot be revealed.

      C:  What does BOB want?

      M:  He is BOB...eager for fun.  He wears a smile... Everybody run!

          Do you understand the parasite? It attaches itself to a life form and

          feeds.  Eh.  BOB requires a human host.  He feeds on fear...and the

          pleasures.  They are his children.  I am similar to BOB.  We once

          were partners.

      M and C in unison:

          Through the darkness of futures past,

          The magician longs to see.

      M:  One...chance out, between two worlds,

          Fire...walk with me.

          Oh, but then...I saw the face of God...and was purified.  I took off

          the arm...but remained... close to this vessel, inhabiting from time

          to time, for ONE, SINGLE, PURPOSE.

      C:  To find BOB [produces sketch of Bob].

      M:  TO STOP HIM!  This [points to sketch] is his true face.  But few can

          see it.  The gifted...and the damned!

      C:  Is BOB near us now?

      M:  For nearly forty years.

      C:  Where?

      M:  Ah.  A large house, made of wood, surrounded by trees.  The house is

          filled with many rooms, each alike, but occupied by different souls,

          night after night.

      C:  The Great Northern Hotel!


09 Mar (Thursday)  [Episode 2007 - 11/10/90

                    Written by Mark Frost

                    Directed by David Lynch]


   Early morning

   -- Mike babbles, Gordon tells Hawk about the diary pages.  Gordon is on

      his way to Bend Oregon, "HUSH HUSH" business.

   -- Note arrives for Donna at Tremonds', it's a page of Laura's secret

      diary ("morning after poor Harold died," Mrs. Tremond to Donna, 2009)


   7:24 am (clock on shelf)

   -- Andy shows guests to Mike, who says ""  Navy sailors bounce

      handballs.  Ben enters the room and Mike faints.

   -- Hawk discovers Harold's body


   9:05 am (clock on mantelpiece)

   -- Maddy tells Leland and Sarah she's leaving tomorrow.  "I'll come

      galloping back often!"

   -- Cooper and Truman find the French note on Harold's body, "I'm a lonely

      soul."  Hawk finds the torn diary.

   -- Bobby and Shelly pay their bills and end up with $42.  She wants Bobby to

      take a necklace back.  Leo's truck's been impounded.  Leo screams and

      spits, "new shoes."  Leo had Shelly take in a pair of boots "last week."

   -- Audrey confronts Ben with what she knows.  He's owned OEJ for five years.

      Laura worked there a short time, Battis recruited her without his

      knowledge.  He slept with her.



   -- A tearful Shelly tells Norma she's quitting.  Nadine and Ed arrive.

      Norma's been working there "20 years this April."  Nadine crushes a

      glass.  Nadine:  OH!!...  There goes _another_ one!.

   -- Bobby and Mike get back to Leo's with the boots and find a tape in the



   2:47 pm (Cooper to Diane)

   -- Cooper pieces together the diary.  There are repeated references to BOB.

      Audrey arrives and tells him what she found out about Ben.


   10:00 pm - 12:00 am (full moon) (Albert puts Maddy's death between 10 and

      12 and Truman says they took Ben in after that, 2009)

   -- At the Palmer house, a record skips at the end, and Sarah (drugged)

      crawls down the stairs, "Leland."

   -- Ben is brought to the station.  The Log Lady tells Cooper, "We don't know

      what will happen or when, but there are owls in the Roadhouse."  She

      acknowledges that something is happening.

   -- Pete runs into Tojamura - it's Catherine

   -- Sarah sees a white horse and faints.  Leland's at the mirror.

   -- At the Roadhouse, Donna meets James and they discuss Harold.  The Log

      Lady arrives with Cooper and Truman.  The navy sailors are there also.

      Donna lip syncs.

   -- Cooper and the Log Lady see the giant, "It is happening again."

   -- Leland at the mirror, sees BOB.  Maddy smells something burning and is

      killed by Bob/Leland.  An 'O' is put underneath her fingernail.

   -- The waiter from the Great Northern tells Cooper, "I'm so sorry."  Bobby

      and Donna appear moved.  Cooper's thinking hard.

   -- Ben gets a fax from Jerry - he's talked with the people in Osaka and

      it's thumbs up.  Hawk, Andy, Truman, and Cooper arrive to take Ben in

      for questioning.

            B:  Go away.  Get out, go on!  Go on!  I'm gonna go out for a sandwich.

              {scuffle scuffle}  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  You can't do

              this to me!

            C:  It's already done.


10 Mar (Friday)   [Episode 2008 - 11/17/90

                           Written by Scott Frost

                           Directed by Caleb Deschanel]



   -- Leland plays indoor golf.  Donna and James drop by and miss their chance

      to say goodbye to Maddy.  Leland says he dropped Maddy off at the bus

      station not 20 minutes ago.  Leland excuses himself and talks to Sarah.

      After Donna and James leave, Leland packs the club into his bag

      (Maddy's in there) and leaves.  His license plate says "The Timber


   -- Ben brushes his teeth in his cell when Jerry arrives back from Japan.

      Ben says he was with Catherine the night Laura died.  Ben and Jerry

      reminisce about Louise Dombrowski dancing with a flashlight.

   -- Lucy's back with her sister Gwen


   10:03 am (Cooper to Diane)

   -- Cooper and Truman come across Leland dancing with his golf club.

      Truman tells Leland Ben's been arrested.  Cooper asks him to get back

      to him if he remembers anything about Ben.

            T: Everything OK?

            C: I'm not sure.


   Late morning

   -- Doc Hayward takes a blood sample from Ben.  Jerry defends, and Cooper

      and Truman question him.  Jerry's license to practice law has been

      revoked in IL, FL, AL, MA.

   -- Bobby makes a copy of Leo's tape and writes a letter for Ben

   -- Norma's mom Vivien arrives with her new husband Ernie, a financial

      analyst.  He says he's through with gambling, but leaves a paper on

      the counter and Norma sees "$1000 Houston by 3 points" written on it.

   -- The OAM ("he's close...") bumps the deputy and escapes from his room

   -- Hank returns to the RR and smooth talks Norma

   -- Truman and Pete look through a pair of binoculars at a pileated

      woodpecker.  They trade stories about Josie and get funny feelings.

      Truman leaves with Cooper.  The OAM is missing.

   -- Andy sees Lucy with Gwen's baby and faints


   1:40 pm (?) (Ben's watch)

   -- Pete delivers a voice message to Ben from Catherine.  She'll testify

      for the mill.  Ben throws a tantrum.

   -- Leland sings "Surry With a Fringe on Top" while driving.  Cooper's

      whistling the same tune in a different key.  They nearly collide.

      Truman pulls Leland over and they chat.  Leland mentions Ben made a

      phone call at 10 pm the night Laura died and mentioned a "derry"

      or diary.  Leland offers to show Cooper his new clubs and appears

      to almost whack Cooper with one when Truman calls him away - they

      found the OAM, near the waterfall.



   -- Hawk brings in the OAM to the station.  Lucy attends to Andy

      while Gwen gabs.  Andy tells Lucy about his sperm.

            G:  My God!  Just what the world needs.  Another sperm gun running

              around loose.

   -- The OAM examines Ben.

            Jerry:  Sheriff, isn't there something you'd like to share with us?

              Oh great... Would you tell this guy to stop staring at me like

              I'm a dog biscuit?!

            OAM:  Bob... he's been very close.

            J:  Who's Bob?  I don't know a Bob.  Do we know a Bob?

      Truman charges Ben with the murder of Laura:

            J:  Now, your 24 hours are up!  You either charge my client or let him


            T:  Ben Horne, I'm charging you with the murder of Laura Palmer.

            B:  Good move, Jer.

      The OAM is taken to back to the hotel.  Cooper tells Truman he doesn't

      think Ben did it.


   8:30 pm (Vivien to Hank)

   -- Norma, Hank, Ernie and Vivien have dinner together, Hank's got a

      new domino - double 4.  When the ladies are in the powder room, Hank

      and Ernie talk.  They were prison buddies.  Ernie Niles, "The

      Professor," got out 6 months ago.  He met Vivien at a Republican

      fund raiser.  He says he doesn't gamble anymore.


   11:05 pm (clock on table)

   -- Cooper makes a quick message to Diane

   -- Audrey visits Cooper.  Cooper gets a call.

   -- Cooper and Truman identify Maddy's body


11 Mar (Saturday)   [Episode 2009 - 12/1/90

                             Written by Mark Frost, Harley Peyton and Robert Engels

                             Directed by Tim Hunter]



   -- Albert reports: letter O under Maddy's fingernail, fur in her hand

      from a dead, stuffed fox.  Cooper asks for 24 hours to finish it.

      Albert:        Cooper... an observation.  I don't know where this is headed,

        but the only one of us with the coordinates for this destination in his

            hardware is you.  Go on whatever vision quest you require.  Stand on

            the rim of the volcano, stand alone and do your dance.  Just find

            this beast before he takes another bite.

      Cooper:      <Sigh>  God help me, I don't know where to start.

      Hawk:         You're on the path.  You don't need to know where it leads.

        Just follow...

   -- James gives Donna a ring.  Donna mentions last night.

   -- Vivien doesn't like Norma's eggs.

   -- Andy's French surprises Donna  "J'ai une a^me solitaire"

   -- Donna, Cooper, and Andy arrive at the Tremonds.  A younger Mrs. Tremond

      answers the door.  Her mother passed away 3 years ago and she has no

      children.  She has a letter addressed to Donna that was in her mail

      the morning after Harold died.  It's a page from Laura's diary with the

      entries for February 22 and 23.

            C:  Laura and I had the same dream.

            A:  That's impossible!

            C:  Yes, it is.

   -- Cooper questions the OAM in a bed at the Great Northern.

      M: BOB and I, when we were killing together, it was this, this

            perfect relationship.  Appetite, satisfaction, a golden circle.

      C: A golden circle.  A ring.  My ring.  I gave my ring to the


      M: He is known to us here.

      C: Then he's real.

      M: As real as I.  {laughs}  He can help you find BOB.

      C: How?

      M: You must ask him first.

      C: How do I do that?

      M: You have all the clues you need.  The answers are not here,

            my friend,  {touches Cooper's forehead} the answers are here.

            {touches Cooper's chest}

   -- Cooper, standing in a hall at the Great Northern, thinking hard,

      sees the waiter.  "I know about you.  That milk'll cool down on you

      but it's getting warmer now."

   -- Cooper, Truman and Albert examine Ben's office.  Albert says Maddy

      was killed the night before last between 10 and 12.  He also has

      Ben's blood test results.


   12:43 pm (clock on wall)

   -- Andy calls Dick while Lucy watches - they need to talk

   -- Tojamura sees Ben.  He wants the contract signed or the money

      returned.  Ben signs it and Tojamura reveals his true identity.

   -- Donna goes over to the Palmers' and meets Leland.  She's got a tape of

      her, Maddy and James singing for Maddy.  Leland recognizes Laura's

      shades on Donna and she mentions Laura's secret diary.  Leland gets a

      call from Beth - Maddy never made it home.  He chews gum, dances with

      Donna, and hugs her hard.  He's BOB again.  Truman's at the door for


   -- Donna tells James about Maddy.  He leaves her crying.


   3:00 pm (clock on wall)

   -- At the Roadhouse, Ben eats nuts.  Cooper and Truman are at the bar.

      Truman brings Leland, Ed arrives and they clear the room.  Hawk brings

      Bobby and Leo. 

            Ben:  Would you like us to hum?  A Tibetan chant, perhaps?

            Albert:  I think it's going wonderfully well, don't you?

            Truman:  Now what?

            Cooper:  Harry, I'm not completely sure.  _Someone_ is missing.

      Major Briggs brings the waiter, who gives Cooper a stick of gum.

            Leland: I know that gum.  I used to chew it when I was a kid.

              That's my most favorite gum in the world.

            Waiter:  That gum you like is going to come back in style.

      Cooper remembers: Laura: "My father killed me."  The Giant gives Cooper

      his ring back.


   3:55 (clock on wall)

   -- Cooper and Truman trick Leland into a cell.  He freaks.

   -- At gunpoint, Leland is cuffed and read his rights:

            Truman:  You have the right to an attorney.  If you cannot afford an

              attorney, one will be appointed for you.

            BOB:     {snickers} Hee hee hee!  Oh yeah, I suppose you wanna ask him

              some questions, huh?

            Cooper:  Did you kill Laura Palmer?


            WHOOOO!!  That's a yes.

            Cooper:  How about Madeleine Ferguson?

            BOB:     What do you think?

            Cooper:  I'm asking you.

            BOB:     No, what do you think?

            Cooper:  That's not the question.

            BOB:     Oh, gosh, gee, gee, whiz.  I guess I kinda sorta did... I

              have this thing for knives... just like what happened to you in

              PITTSBURGH that time, huh, Cooper??  Oh, Leland... Leland,

              Leland... you've been a good vehicle, and I've enjoyed the

              ride... but now he's weak... and full of holes... it's almost

              nearly time to shuffle off to Buffalo!!

            Cooper:  Does Leland know what you've done?

            BOB:     Ah, Leland's a babe in the woods... with a large hole... where

              his conscience used to be.  And when I go, children, I

              will pull that ripcord--and you watch Leland remember!!  Watch

              him!  But not for long....  WHOO!  WHOO!

            Truman:  That's enough for me.

   -- Dick and Andy listen to Lucy.  Dick smokes.

   -- Cooper tells his story of how the answer was staring him in the

      face all this time - Leland's dancing, grey hair, Robertson, the

      letters, the secret diary.  Leland recites Mike's poem and BOB's

      response.  The sprinklers go off and Leland rams his head into the door.

      <Cooper, Albert, and Truman burst into the room. The sprinkler system

      has gone off and water is pouring over them all>

      Cooper: Call an ambulance! <Cooper kneels next to Leland and cradles

            Leland's head in his lap.  For the rest of the scene he strokes

            Leland's hair and face, comforting him.>

      Leland: Oh God!  Laura!  I killed her.  Oh my God, I killed my daughter.

            I didn't know.  Forgive me.  Oh God.  I was just a boy.  I saw him

            in my dream.  He said he wanted to play.  He opened me and I

            invited him and he came inside me.

      Cooper: He went inside.

      Leland: When he was inside, I didn't know.  When he was gone, I

            couldn't remember.  He made me do things.  Terrible things.  He said

            he wanted lives.  He wanted others, others that they could use, like

            they used me.

      Cooper: Like Laura.

      Leland: They wanted her.  They wanted Laura.  But she was strong.  She

            fought.  She wouldn't let him in.  Oh God.  They had me kill that

            girl, Teresa.  And they said if I didn't give them Laura, they'd have

            me kill her, too.

      Cooper: But she wouldn't let them in.

      Leland: They said she'd die before she'd let them.  Then they made me

            kill her.  Oh God, have mercy on me.  What have I done?  What

            have I done?  Oh God.  I love her.  I love her with all my heart.

            My angel, forgive me.

      <Cooper looks to Albert, who shakes his head -- apparently Leland

      isn't going to live>

      Cooper: Leland.  Leland, the time has come for you to seek the path.

            Your soul has set you face to face with the clear light and

            you are now about to experience it in its reality.  Wherein all

            things are like the void and cloudless sky and the naked

            spotless intellect is like a transparent vacuum, without

            circumference or center.  Leland, in this moment, know yourself

            and abide in that state.  Look to the light, Leland.  Find the


      Leland: I see it.

      Cooper: Into the light, Leland.  Into the light.

      Leland: I see... Her.  She's there.

      Cooper: Into the light, Leland.

      Leland: She's beautiful.

      Cooper: Into the light.

      Leland: Laura?

      Cooper: Don't be afraid.

      <Leland dies. Wordlessly Cooper pushes his own hair back and looks up.

      The sprinklers shut off>


   Late afternoon

   -- Cooper, Albert and Truman, meet Briggs and talk about BOB

   -- An owl flying by some wrecked cars


   Beginning of week of Mar 13

   -- Cooper decides an opening move and puts in a personal ad ("Earle: P to

      K4") to a nationally distributed newspaper. (published in the Mar 16

      paper, 2012)




On the TV channel in Russia they list this episod as being the 21st in the series but according the the information which I had downloaded from the Internet it appears to be the 17th episode which has appeared to be, as it may, from the same surce. There are diifferences between this one, and the other series that have been running here in Russia and judging from the references that have been made to a European series, both on the site where my scripts were downloaded from and all of the other that have included information on this series and the program, TV, in particular, what we have been watching must be part of the series that was meant for airing here and in Europe. As always the filtering and glossying over has been down. I would really like to watch the two versions side by side so that I could get an insight and an understanding about what it is they are trying to hide, and in doing so, determine weeknesses that are there and are no secret once viewed by the right person with clarity and wisdom.



I sign off for now and say, "Sianora baby, see you again my love>>>"








2010             Rus 21







14 Mar (Tuesday)   [Episode 2010 - 12/8/90

                            Written by Tricia Brook

                            Directed by Tina Rathborne]



   -- Cooper explains to Sarah what happened the night Maddy died and

      Leland's final moments

   -- Leland's wake.  Dr. Jacoby's back from Hawaii. Dougie pulls his brother's

      (Mayor Dwayne Milford) ear.  Dougie owns the newspaper and is

      engaged to be married.  Cooper: Harry, I'm really gonna miss this place.

   -- Dr. Jacoby and Ed ask to have 35 year old Nadine admitted to school

   -- Audrey sees Cooper, who tells his tale of Earle.  A: "Friendship is

      the foundation of any lasting relationship."


   12:35 pm (clock on wall)

   -- Bobby puts on Leo's clothes and goes to see Ben

   -- Catherine talks to Truman.  She says a guardian angel saved her and

      directed her to the summer cabin on Pearl Lakes.  There appears to

      be an owl-shaped smudge on her cheek.

   -- Dick talks to Lucy while she's replacing ceiling light bulbs.  She

      nearly falls but Dick's oblivious.  Andy offers to be friends.

   -- Cooper says goodbye to Truman, who gives him a green butt skunk hook

      and a Bookhouse Boy patch.  He says goodbye to Hawk, Andy and Lucy,

      when Roger Hardy arrives with a mountie and tells Cooper he has been

      suspended from the FBI.

   -- Audrey gets Bobby in to see Ben, but gets kicked out.  They go to

      get ice cream. B: Cup or cone? A: Mmmm...cone. I like to lick.

   -- Roger and the mountie question Cooper, who surrenders his gun and

      badge.  They only knew of two deaths, and Cooper didn't know about

      Battis.  Truman stands up for Cooper.

   -- Nadine Butler tries out for cheerleading


   6:20 pm (clock on wall)

   -- Shelly brushes Leo's teeth.  Bobby calls, Leo moves.


   Night (full moon)

   -- Vivien reveals herself to Norma, who kicks her out

   -- Hank brings Ernie to Jean at OEJ.  Jean's assistant is the mountie -

      he'll put some of the stolen cocaine in Cooper's car

   -- Josie, injured, returns to Truman's place

   -- Cooper and Briggs around a campfire:

      COOPER: At the time I did what I thought was right.  I must now face

            the consequences.

      BRIGGS: You can do no more.

      (Cooper and Major Briggs, roasting marshmallows over a campfire.)

      COOPER: You know, Major, I find myself thinking a lot about BOB.

            If he truly exists.

      BRIGGS: Yeah, I've pondered that same question continuously since this

            horror was revealed.

      COOPER:    I try to imagine him out there, incarnate, looking for

            another victim to inhabit.

      BRIGGS:      There are powerful forces of evil in the world.  It is some

            men's fate to face great darkness.  We each choose how to react.

            If the choice is fear, then we become vulnerable to darkness.

            There are ways to resist.  You, sir, were blessed with certain

            gifts.  In this respect, you are not alone.  Have you ever heard

            of the White Lodge?

      COOPER: The White Lodge.  No, I don't believe I have.

      (Briggs appears to ponder what he should say about this.)

      (Angle on the woods from the point of view of some unknown entity,

      moving through the woods.)

      COOPER:    Major, I'm going to take a moment here.  I feel the call of

        nature.  There's nothing quite like urinating out in the open air.  I

            look forward to hearing more about this White Lodge.

            (Cooper moves off into the woods. Major Briggs laughs, gives

            the departing Cooper a "thumb's-up".)

            When I return.  From my journey.

      (Lingering on Briggs, who looks off in the direction of Cooper's

      exit with a speculative expression.  An owl hoots.  Major Briggs looks

      up, alarmed.)

      (Cooper urinating in the woods.  An owl hoots in the tree above him.

      Cooper watches the owl.  Suddenly a brilliant white light appears

      behind him.  Cooper turns toward the light.)

      (Angle on Briggs, bathed in blinding white light.)


      (A robed figure appears in the light, backlit.  No features are visible.)

      (Cooper dashes through the woods to the camp site.  The Major is gone.)

      COOPER: Major Briggs?  MAJOR?

      (Cooper looks at the light.  It seems to be receding into the woods.

      Cooper runs toward it.  He reaches the top of a small hill and freezes,

      looking into the light.  The light blinks out.)






2011             22





15 Mar (Wednesday)   [Episode 2011 - 12/15/90

                              Written by Barry Pullman

                              Directed by Duwayne Dunham]



   -- James cycles

   -- Mrs. Briggs talks to Cooper and Truman about her husband's disappearance.

      Being "in the woods is very significant," he "talks about them

      constantly." He left some notes by his bedside table so she'll call back


   -- Andy and Hawk found a present for Mr. & Mrs. Milford

   -- Gordon calls from Bend (a temp patches him through - Lucy's helping

      with the wedding).  Dennis Bryson from the DEA will be arriving.

   -- Cooper presents no defense to Roger

   -- Nadine asks Donna about Mike

   -- James cycles to Wallies and meets Evelyn Marsh.  She asks if he would fix

      her husband's Jaguar which she drove into a ditch.


   12:18 pm (clock on wall)

   -- Andy leaves flowers for Lucy

   -- Dick brings Nicky, his charge from Happy Helping Hand, to the station.

      Andy offers him a malt.

   -- Cooper, Truman, and Hawk discuss the White Lodge:

      HAWK: Cooper, you may be fearless in this world, but there are other


      COOPER: Tell me more.

      HAWK: My people believe that the White Lodge is a place where the

            spirits that rule man and nature here reside.

      TRUMAN: Local legend.  Goes way back.

      HAWK: There is also a legend of a place called the Black Lodge...

            the shadow-self of the White Lodge.  The legend says that

            every spirit must pass through there on the way to perfection.

            There, you will meet your own shadow-self.  My people call

            it "The Dweller on the Threshold."

      COOPER: "The Dweller on the Threshold..."

      HAWK: But it is said, if you confront the Black Lodge with imperfect

            courage, it will utterly annihilate your soul.

   -- Dennis arrives, dressed in women's clothes and calling himself Denise.

      He and Cooper worked together in Oakland.  An RCMP officer says he stole


   -- Nadine leg presses 600 lbs

   -- Josie tells Truman about Eckhardt. He took her off the streets in Hong

      Kong at 16 and taught her about life and business. She was afraid for her

      life when she met Andrew, a business partner. She says she believes

      Eckhardt is responsible for Andrew's death. She escaped from the airport

      at Seattle.

   -- Roger has pie at the RR (story on Leland in his paper)

   -- Hank and Ernie return.  When Norma asks Ernie if he caught anything, he

      spins a tale she doesn't buy.  Vivien's returned to Seattle.

   -- Nicky blows whip cream in Dick's face and spins Andy's seat

   -- James looks at Jeffrey's '48 Jaguar.  Her husband, Jeffrey, travels

      extensively.  She'll provide room and board while he works on the car.

   -- Ben watches old footage of the groundbreaking ceremony for the Great

      Northern.  Hank arrives: "Ben, I have had an absolutely killer schedule."

      Ben wants to rearrange furniture.  Hank tells him OEJ has been taken

      over.  Ben makes shadow figures.

   -- Cooper gets an envelope from Windom Earle (P to Q4) together with

      a tape:

      "Of course, you couldn't help but take note of my emphatically

      traditional opening.  I must say, your responding move was nothing

      if not reflective of your predilection for the tidy and fastidious.

      See how my response to you begins to lead us towards a classical

      confrontation?  But there's doubt in your mind: what are my true

      intentions?  How will you answer this time?  Hobgoblins, Dale...

      consistency...predictability, giving rise to patterns.  We both

      know only too well how these patterns leave you vulnerable to

      attack.  You with your wounds, I with mine, let me paint you a

      picture: my knights will skirmish, lanes of power and influence

      will open through my bishops and rooks, pawns will naturally

      be forfeit.  I'm even prepared to sacrifice my queen because,

      I assure you, dear Dale, my goal will be attained at any cost;

      the king must die!"

   -- The Milford wedding.  Dwayne objects.

   -- The reception.  Denise tells Cooper he found cocaine in Cooper's car

      and explains what happened with him and his cross-dressing.

   -- Cooper dances with Audrey, Andy with Denise.  Log lady likes the cake.

   -- Josie tells Catherine Thomas Eckhardt killed Andrew and she should be

      careful.  Catherine employs Josie as her maid.  Andrew's alive:

      "Everything's going exactly as we planned."  He and Catherine will be

      waiting for Eckhardt.





2012              22





16 Mar (Thursday)   [Episode 2012 - 1/12/90

                     Written by Harley Peyton & Robert Engels

                             Directed by Caleb Deschanel]



   -- Windom Earle arrives in Twin Peaks (probably not earlier since envelope

      delivered to Cooper in 2011 is postmarked, not dropped off)


   7:00 am (Catherine to Josie, 2011)

   -- Catherine will have breakfast.  Coffee, juice, dry toast, oatmeal.



   -- Bobby tries again to blackmail Ben, who's acting too weird for it to

      take.  Ben: "You know what you have to have in this life?  Balance,

      distance, symmetry."  He's stacked his furniture.  Eventually he hires

      Bobby to spy on Hank.  Lana runs by screaming.

   -- Cooper is discussing houses with a real estate agent, Irene.  A coin

      flip leads him to like Dead Dog Farm, an estate with a mysterious past

      where no one stays for long.

   -- Andy, Dick and Lucy visit with Nicky's case worker, Jane.  Nicky is

      an orphan who has been through many foster homes, and is the victim of

      "persistent random misfortune." Truman breaks up the meeting calling

      Andy to an emergency at the Great Northern.

   -- Truman, Doc Hayward and Andy investigate Dougie Milford, dead in his

      hotel bed.  Dwayne comes in and grieves, accusing the wife of murder by

      sex.  Andy doesn't cry.  "My Secret Life" by Chris Gerrity is found

      on the bed.

   -- In the hallway, Hawk is talking/flirting with the widow.  H: "When

      something really big goes down, I'm the man."


   10:10 am (clock on wall)

   -- Nadine has joined the wrestling team and takes district champion Mike in

      one fall while asking him out

   -- Mike complains to Donna about Nadine.  D: "I'm not that good of an


   -- James meets Malcolm Sloan, who poses as Evelyn Marsh's brother (Evelyn

      to James, 2014), and is Jeffrey Marsh's driver.  He says Marsh abuses

      Evelyn.  Once a fortnight he beats her and she breaks something of his.

      M: "I'm sorry, am I being obscure?"

   -- At Dead Dog Farm, Cooper notices some tire tracks: "A Jeep, a four-

      wheeler and a luxury sedan."  In the house he deduces a meeting took

      place in the past few hours.  He finds baby laxative and cocaine dust.

   -- Dick fixes a flat (reading the instructions) while Nicky is being

      irritating.  While Nicky is away from the car, it falls off the jack.

      Nicky panics and runs to hug Dick (who is unhurt).



   -- Cooper comes to tell Truman about Dead Dog Farm, but instead visits

      with Air Force Colonel Riley investigating Major Briggs.  Briggs is a

      great pilot and his disappearance makes the cold war look like the

      sniffles.  "The owls are not what they seem" was broadcast from

      the woods, not deep space -- maybe from the White Lodge ("That's

      classified").  Cooper mentions seeing an owl before Briggs disappeared.

   -- James and Evelyn flirt and kiss.  James encourages her to leave her

      husband but she refuses.  When Jeffrey comes home she runs to greet him.

   -- Bobby, returning to Ben's office with photos, sees Audrey who flirts

      with him but doesn't kiss him.  Audrey goes to her secret listening


   -- Ben, who is working on a civil war model ("Gettysburg, day 1"), accepts

      the photos from Bobby and gives him a raise.  Audrey eavesdrops.

   -- Pete and Catherine enjoy a romantic meal, served by Josie in a maid

      outfit.  Pete is bothered by Catherine's treatment of Josie, but is

      having too much fun to make an issue of it.

   -- Cooper brings Diane up to date:

      "Diane, I'm holding in my hand a nationally distributed newspaper.  My

      opening move [Earle: P to Q4] responding to Windom Earle's opening move

      was printed in the personal column as per my instructions, but I have

      already received his response to this yesterday.  He anticipated my

      response to his opening move perfectly.  He's toying with me, Diane.

      I wonder where he is and what he's planning."

      [Cooper's opening move is incorrect above.  It is in fact P to K4.]

      Audrey knocks and offers Cooper Bobby's photos she has just stolen from

      her father's office.  Cooper identifies them as Hank, Ernie, Jean Renault

      and the mountie, meeting at Dead Dog Farm.  Denise comes in.

            Audrey: They have women agents?

            Denise: More or less.

      Audrey kisses Cooper on her way out.  Cooper briefs Denise.

      D: I may be wearing a dress but I still pull my panties on one leg at a

         time, if you know what I mean.

      Cooper: Not really...



   -- At the RR, Ed looks depressed, prompting Norma to suggest they can still

      be friends and to take his hand, all this secretly witnessed by Hank,

      sporting a 3:4 domino.

   -- Dick tells Andy he thinks Nicky is the devil

   -- In Truman's office, Dwayne continues to accuse Lana of murder.  Doc says

      it was a natural heart attack.

   -- In the hallway, all the men watch Lana being escorted to a room.  They

      begin collectively reciting Shakespeare.

   -- Lucy tries to call the sheriff to the phone, but gets no response.  She

      eventually finds all the men literally spellbound by Lana telling


   -- Denise visits Ernie at the RR.  At the Great Northern, Cooper and Denise

      interrogate Ernie.  They apparently want to let him off, using him to

      catch the big guys.  Denise will pose as a buyer from Seattle and Ernie

      will arrange for a deal between Renault and Denise.

   -- James hears Evelyn and Jeffrey fighting.  Malcolm tells James the first

      beating was four years ago.  He swears to kill Jeffrey.

   -- Bobby goes home to find his mother sitting in the dark grieving over the

      Major's disappearance.  She flips on an owl lamp and Bobby tells his

      mother about the Major's vision.  Suddenly the lights go out and the

      major materializes in the house, wearing a vintage pilot's outfit

      (leather jacket and goggles) and asking how long he's been gone.

      Betty: Is everything all right?

      Garland: No, dear...not exactly.





2013             23





17 Mar (Friday)  [Episode 2013 - 1/19/90

                  Written by Harley Peyton

                          Directed by Todd Holland]



   -- Fade up on night time sky/field of stars.  Camera pans

      slowly to right.

             VOICE: (whispers) Cooperrr...                                

      In the background, a chittering noise is heard.  A yellow

      symbol consisting of three equilateral triangles overlapping

      slightly at their apexes (like the international radiation

      symbol) appears spinning in the center of the screen and

      rapidly moves towards the camera with a screaming noise.

      When it hits the camera, the screen erupts with flames.

             BRIGGS (V.O.): I remember stepping from the flames.  A

               vague shape in the dark.  Then nothing.

      Slow fade from flames to Major Garland Briggs.  He is

      seated on a throne of stone in the middle of a jungle.

      The camera moves slowly towards him.

             BRIGGS: 'Til I found myself standing by the cold

               remains of our campfire.  Two days later.

             HAYWARD (Distorted V.O.): Major, there are some new techniques

               that might help us break through your amnesia.

             BRIGGS: Well, my memories are immune from regression.

               I can feel them...

      A wolf begins to growl in the background.

             BRIGGS: ...they're palpable, the smells, the sensation.

               Everything is known to me, yet somehow beyond my reach.

             COOPER (distorted V.O.): Do you remember anything else?

             BRIGGS: Very little, save for one disturbing image

               of a giant owl, pervasive.

      The wolf continues to growl.

             COOPER (distorted V.O.): A giant owl?

      With a flash of light, we cut to a brief negative image of an owl flying,

      then to a close shot of the back of the Major's neck, where there is a

      small red scar identical to the 3-triangle symbol seen before.  Cut

      to Briggs face.  The flash is revealed to be from an Instamatic

      camera that Doc Hayward used to take a picture of the scar. 

      The camera slowly pulls back from Briggs.  The scene is the

      Sheriff's Station Conference Room, the time is apparently morning.

      Major Briggs, Agent Cooper, Doc Hayward and Sheriff Truman

      are present.

             COOPER: A giant owl?  How big?

             BRIGGS: (fidgeting with his fingers) Enough to cloud my mind and


             HAYWARD: (handing the instant picture he has just taken to Cooper)

               Three triangular scars behind the right ear, in perfect proportion.

             TRUMAN: Major Briggs...what exactly does your work involve?

             BRIGGS: That I've repeated endlessly

               to myself...classified.  Though the keeping of

               secrets ... seems less meaningful to me now.

               (Pause.  The Major is nervous and shaken.)

               Perhaps there are sources of information that are

               so important as to transcend the human need

               to conspire.  Information of such weight that

               pertains not ... (Garland pauses.  He begins to

               lose control of his emotions.)  Oh, God!  Is

               this meant for the soul?!  My soul?

             COOPER: Major--perhaps you'd better start back at the beginning.

             BRIGGS: Are you familiar with...Project Bluebook?

             COOPER: Yes sir, I am.  The Air Force investigation into

               the phenomenon of Unidentified Flying Objects.

             BRIGGS: Officially disbanded in 1969.  But, there are those

               of us who ... continue in an _unofficial_ capacity.

               Examining the heavens as the case of

               Twin Peaks, the earth below.

      Cooper and Truman look at each other.

             BRIGGS: We are searching for a place called the White Lodge.

      Briggs stops talking as the door opens and two M.P.s step in.

             M.P. #1: Major Briggs?

             BRIGGS: I've been expecting you.

             TRUMAN: Now hold on just a minute, fellas.

             M.P. #1: Colonel Riley's orders.

             TRUMAN: I don't care what orders you got, this is my

               station and Major Briggs happens to be a friend of mine.

             BRIGGS: Harry (Briggs rises).   I'm afraid we will have to continue

               this discussion at a later date.

             TRUMAN: Are you sure you wanna to go with them?

             BRIGGS: (Nods) Yeah. (to Cooper) Goodbye.

             M.P. #1: Major.                              

      A sprinkler drips onto the photo Cooper is holding {we hear the

      "hand shakes" sound from 2020}.

   -- Denise and Cooper have Ernie call Jean for the setup

   -- Dick tells Andy Nicky's records were sealed and returned to the


   -- Cooper asks Lucy if she's seen anything from Earle in the newspapers

   -- At the RR, Ed tells Norma, "We need to talk"

   -- Shelly's fed up with taking care of Leo and slaps Bobby who's going

      out again, as Invitation to Love plays on the TV.  Leo's eye twitches.

   -- Ed gets a call from James who wants all his money ($12) sent to him

      at Wallies

   -- Evelyn asks James about his girls and for his help


   9:25 am (clock on wall)

   -- Mike tries to fight off Nadine at the RR

   -- Hank asks Norma where's she's going

   -- Josie answers the door to Truman who can't keep his hands off her

   -- Audrey visits Ben's battlefield and calls Jerry

   -- Ed answers the door to Norma

   -- Hawk prepares Ernie with a bug:

      (Hawk is attaching a "wire" to Ernie with adhesive tape)

      E: Ouch!  Will you mind the chest hair, will ya?

      H: You're sweatin' like a pig, Mr. Niles!

      E: Oh, thanks a lot!  That's nervous perspiration, man, hyperhydrosis.

             It's a childhood condition--and I didn't notice it 'til the war. 

             Korea, remember that?  Do ya?  I was leading a battalion up towards

             the 49th parallel.  We were just a bunch of fresh-faced kids.

         I didn't know what kinda hell we were steppin' into.

      C: Ernie!  Ernie, I want you to focus on the here and now.  Repeat your

             instructions to me, step by step.

      E: Okay.  Uh...I take...Denise...up to Dead Dog Farm.  I introduce her to


      C: Right.

      E: I, uh...take Renault through the buy...complete the transaction, and

         get the hell out of there, huh?

      C: Good.  Harry--that's when you come in. (Truman nods)  By golly...I

         sure wish I could join you fellas.  But I've temporarily lost my

             enforcement franchise.

      E: Heh, I bet.

      T: Well...I've been givin' that some thought. (tosses badge to Cooper)

             Consider yourself deputized.  The bureau's loss is my gain.

      (Cooper looks at the badge--it's number 13.)

      C: (happily)  I hope I can live up to this.

      H: (finishes wiring Ernie)  He's done.  You might want to towel him off

             before we go! (wipes his hands, exits)

      E: Ah, come on!  (to Cooper and Truman) long will it, uh...

             take you guys to storm the farmhouse after, uh, I complete the buy?

      C: (pinning on his badge)  You go out, we come in.

      E: Can I, can I ask you a question?

      T: What, Ernie?

      E: Don't make me do this!  This isn't my line of work!  I'm a coward!  I

             don't do this kind of thing, I'm a CPA!

      T: Ernie.

      C: Ernie.

      E: (laughs nervously) Just a momentary lapse.  I'm okay, I'm...I'm cool.

             Let's go do it, huh?

      C: Where's Denise?

      T: Haven't seen her.

      (Door opens.  Dennis enters dressed as a man, hair pulled back into a


      D: (proudly)  You can call me Dennis!  Oh, I don't know, somehow it

             seemed...more appropriate.  (Cooper beams, absolutely delighted)

             Whadda you think?

      (Truman whistles appreciatively)  

   -- Andy and Dick at the Dorritt Home for Boys

      D: Our investigation must proceed "sub rosa."  We may have to pick the

             lock.  Tricky business, that.  (Andy opens the unlocked door)  Voila!

             We enter!

      A: Where is everybody?

      D: Lunch!  Here we are, the case files.  N...N...N...(turns to another

             set of files) N!  Nales...Nester...Netherby...Needleman, Nicholas.

             Needleman, our little Nicky!

      A: We can read it in the car!

      D: Oh, patience, Andrew.

      A: (increasingly nervous) Dick!

      D: Sh!  The usual background information...mmm...birthplace...initial

             adoption...  mm-hmm!  First of several, it seems.

      A: Dick!

      D: (oblivious to Andy)  Ah, the plot thickens.  Where are thy secrets,

             little Nicky?

      (The Brewsters appear at the door, wave eagerly.  Andy sees them.)

      A: Dick!

      (The Brewsters enter.  Dick jumps up, startled, and clumsily hides

      Nicky's file in his trenchcoat.)

      B: Hi!

      (Andy, petrified, crosses and stands beside Dick.)

      B: We're the Brewsters.  (laughs)  I know we're a little early.  It's

             just that we're so darn eager to see him.  Can we see him?  Where's


      D: D--Uh, little Donny is...uh, dead.  (The Brewsters look horrified.)

             Eh!  Dead tired, I mean.  I'm afraid little Donny, he isn't feeling up

             to snuff.

      B: Well, he was in perfect health only yesterday.

      (Dick is stumped.)