Since the IQ of US presidents has been measured, George W. Bush wins the prize for having the lowest Intelligence Quotient (IQ). His IQ is lower than that of the average human. His IQ was measured by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania. Bush's IQ of 91 points is exactly half that of his immediate predecessor Bill Clinton, IQ (182 points). Mr. Clinton takes first place on the US presidential list of IQ. Democrats prevail on the list. In calculating the IQ, the scientists analyzed the following areas: academic performance in school and college, publications, although George has never even published a white paper, speech lucidity, and psychological parameters. The mean IQ value of man is around 100. Apart from George W. Bush, this level has not been met by only one ex-president, his father, Bush Sr..
Below are the IQs of twelve US presidents, starting from 1945.
Bill Clinton v 182, Jimmy Carter 175, John F. Kennedy 174, Richard Nixon 155, Franklin D. Roosevelt 147, Harry S. Truman 132, Lyndon B. Johnson 126, Dwight D. Eisenhower 122, Gerald Ford 121, Ronald Reagan 105, George Bush 98.

Unbelievable !!!!

JARII   IQ (144/6)