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On Russia


October 8, 2003


Said at Camp David this week while standing alongside President Putin.


"Russia and the United States are allies in the war on terror. Both of our nations have suffered at the hands of terrorists, and both of our governments are taking actions to stop them. No cause justifies terror. Terrorists must be opposed wherever they spread chaos and destruction, including Chechnya. A lasting solution to that conflict will require an end to terror, respect for human rights and a political settlement that leads to free and fair elections."


"I'm proud to welcome my friend, Vladimir Putin," Bush said, and, "Because we've got a trustworthy relationship, we're able to move beyond any disagreement over a single issue [like Iraq]," and, "Plus, I like him, he's a good fellow to spend quality time with." On Vladimr Putin whom he has nicknamed Pootie-Poot.


Nothing wrong with the above statements until you consider his statements just a few years ago. I wonder how Vladimir Putin could stand to be in his presence for such an extended period of time.


TV NEWS ANCHOR JIM LEHRER: On Chechnya and Russia, the U.S. and the rest of the Western world has been raising Cain with Russia from the beginning, saying 'You are killing innocent civilians.' The Russians have said essentially 'We're fighting terrorism, and, by the way, mind your own business.' What else -- what else, if anything, could be done by the United States?

GOVERNOR GEORGE W. BUSH: Well, we could cut off IMF aid and export/import loans to Russia until they heard the message loud and clear, and we should do that. It's going to be a very interesting issue to see how Russia merges [sic], Jim. This guy, Putin, who is now the temporary [sic] president, has come to power as a result of Chechnya. He kind of rode the great wave of popularity as the Russian military looked like they were gaining strength in kind of handling the Chechnya situation in a way that's not acceptable to peaceful nations. [uh, sic?] ... .

LEHRER: But on Chechnya, specifically, you think we should not -- we should hold up International Monetary Fund aid. Anything else we should do?

BUSH: Export/import loans.

LEHRER: And just cut them off?

BUSH: Yes, sir, I think we should.

LEHRER: Until they do what?

BUSH: Until they understand they need to resolve the dispute peacefully and not be bombing women and children and causing huge numbers of refugees to flee Chechnya.

LEHRER: And do you think that would work?

BUSH: Well, it certainly worked better [sic] than what the Clinton administration has tried.

LEHRER: You mean, just using words, you mean?

BUSH: Yes. From the PBS "News Hour" of Feb. 16, 2000