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JAR2's Questions for Dick



Cheney had a lot of crap to say about Russia in his attempt to get former Soviet Republics to support the invasion of Iran. For example he had this to say; "In many areas of civil society -- from religion and the news media to advocacy groups and political parties -- the government has unfairly and improperly restricted the rights of her people," To which I say go look in the mirror Dick, go and look at what you have done to the United States and to the world Dick. There are not millions of immigrants protesting here Dick. There are not people who are afraid to say things against the government and against the president here Dick. In fact the president of Russia is respected and loved by the Russian people Dick. He is not an arrogant spoiled rich brat like the emperor in charge of you Dick. You want to talk about civil society Dick, you don't know dick Dick. You want to harp on religion Dick, what happened to the separation of church and state on your watch Dick? Why are Muslims beaten, Jews abused, Liberals marginalized, Baptists, Lutherans, Buddhists, and all the rest ostracized and categorized as second class by you and your Reich of Evangelical hypocrites who use the bible like it is your own to interpret and use to support your hate seething, greed infested, warmongering, profiteering fascist death machine.

        You want to talk about the media Dick? Why don't you answer to the world why Faux news and all of the major news outlets are too afraid to publish the real hard news on you and the murdering tyrant you play second fiddle to.

        You want to talk about restricting the rights of the people Dick? You want to talk about democracy Dick? You call the Patriot act democracy Dick? You call spying on U.S. citizens at your leisure democracy Dick? You call an apartheid like system of racial classification, profiling, and segregation brought about by the roll back of the gains made in the civil rights era democracy Dick? You call trying to make the exploited immigrants into criminals democracy Dick? Immigrants that you and all your rich boy cronies use and abuse to make a buck, but then again you could exploit them better if they were in prison couldn't you Dick? They could be made to work for absolutely nothing then, huh Dick?

        You want to talk about advocacy groups Dick? What about all of the 5000 or so Americans being held in secret because you deemed them to be terrorist threats? They don't have the right to have advocates. What about the thousands being held in Guantanamo Bay? They have any rights Dick? What about the people in secret CIA prisons in Europe and the people tortured until you get a confession from them for crimes they have not done, they have any rights to advocates? Huh Dick? No problem in the U.S. for advocacy groups huh Dick? As long as they tow your line.

        Political parties Dick? You have cowed the American people into submission with your one party government of corruption and greed. Your government is not responding to more than half of the population. You have turned the U.S. into a dictatorship of the neo-con. You call that democracy Dick?

        You want to talk about the rights of the people Dick? People are not free to travel, they are not free to speak their minds, you have taken away the rights of the people to protest and question the government,  and along with Bush you ignore more than 750 of your own laws not to mention the laws and the standards of the rest of the world. You call ignoring the Geneva conventions democracy Dick? You call alienating all of the allies of the U.S. with your failed policies democracy Dick?

         You call the habitual arrest, harrassment, and detention of people on U.S. soil because they are dark in color or look foreign, democracy Dick? You are full of crap Dick.

        "No legitimate interest is served when oil and gas become tools of intimidation or blackmail, either by supply manipulation or attempts to monopolize transportation. You have a lot of nerve Dick. You want to talk about intimidation Dick? You are threatening a sovereign nation with nuclear weapons because they are trying to develop Nuclear power. You are threatening Russia with your rhetoric if Russia doesn't tow your line and allow you to invade Iran. You want to talk about oil and gas manipulation? You are an expert, you are at the top of the food chain on that blood soaked business aren't you Dick? You want to talk about supply and demand manipulation, you had the American people believing that if you stole Iraqs oil they would be paying less at the gas pump but they are not are they Dick? You are raping them at the gas pump and killing hundreds of thousands in order to control the world's oil. You want to talk about mainpulation and monopolization Dick? Look at your own damn policies. That is what you are doing, but then it doesn't apply to you does it. Just like everything else you and the emp-error think doesn't apply to you. You are a war criminal Dick. What if you were arrested and tried , but then again international law does not apply to you either does it Dick?   

          And no one can justify actions that undermine the territorial integrity of a neighbor, or interfere with democratic movements," he said. How dare you talk about territorial integrity Dick? You have invaded two countries and want to invade a third and you talk about territorial integrity? You want to talk about interefering with democratic movements Dick? What have you done to Democrats in the U.S. Dick? You have stolen two elections, trampled the constitution, made a mockery of everything the founding fathers fought for and you want to talk about democracy.

        "Peaceful demonstrators have been beaten, dissidents have vanished, and a climate of fear prevails," he said. "There is no place in a Europe whole and free for a regime of this kind." What about all of the peaceful demostrators that have been beaten in the U.S.? Not to mention those being held without due process and under secret arrest? What about them Dick? You know the ones in U.S. federal prisons. What about the fear in the media, and in the heart of Americans that if they say something out of line bad things will happen to them? You can sneer at me if you want Dick, you can threaten to kill me if you want Dick, your minions can send me hate mail Dick, but I am in the free country of Russia Dick. I can say whatever I want here Dick. I can live without fear here Dick. I can be proud to be a brown-native-American-liberal-atheist-Jewish-black-rocker here Dick. You must have confused Russia with the U.S. Dick. I can't wait, soon the day will come when U.N. Sactions are levied on the U.S. for your unfair treatment of Blacks, Minorites, and Native peoples. Soon you may have to answer for violations of the Geneva conventions. Maybe I am dreaming but it would be just. Russia is a great place. It is truly freer than anywhere else and there are not people living in fear of the state here. I can gaurantee you that Dick. You have really riled me Dick and you know what Dick? You suck, Dick....



Analysts said Cheney's harsh words were intended largely to appease domestic critics of U.S. President George W. Bush, including many from his own party, who charge that he is ignoring anti-democratic trends in Russia.

Sure tell the ignorant minions that the "Russians" are against democracy Dick. But you know better don't you Dick? You know that democracy is thriving everywhere except at home. You know that you are on a sinking ship. You know that the dollar is losing it hold on the world market and that the dollar is struggling against the ruble. You know that you do not want to have a strong Russia in the world so try to say bad things and if you repeat them enough maybe people will believe you. But that is the Republican way isn't it Dick? Russia is a free country Dick. I can testify to that Dick. The Spanish are against you, Europeans are against you, Muslims are against you, the Chinese, even the English, Canadians, and Australians are beginning to pull out, so what are you going to do now? Alienate the Russians too? I have lived here for too long so maybe I am blind, maybe you can describe all of these anti-democratic trends for me Dick? I don't seem to be able to see them for myself Dick. Great way to save your ass back home Dick. But it will not work Dick, better regroup and plan something else Dick.



Believes He's Above the Law


If he can rig elections, kill thousands upon thousands of innocent Americans, do business with known terrorists, commit treason by burning CIA agents, start aggressive wars, ignore the Geneva conventions and UN mandates, openly replace governments, torture and imprison at his leisure, be guilty of war profiteering, spit on the Constitution, blaspheme the Church, imprison Americans without due process, spy on Americans, ignore the will of the international community, murder and pillage at will then what the hell do a few (750) little pesky laws mean. Nothing, for he is the "decider", I guess that is what you call a dictator these days. It's about time he was stopped, write your congressman, tell your friends, boycott the war profiteers, start a blog, buy a bumper sticker, help organize a protest, call for UN resolutions against Bush, call for his impeachment, do anything you can. If not for your children then for the innocent millions that will die if he is allowed to continue his plans, including the invasion of Iran. Our children deserve a better world if we fail them then we have failed completely. John



SNIPPET WASHINGTON -- The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, accusing the White House of a ''very blatant encroachment" on congressional authority, said yesterday he will hold an oversight hearing into President Bush's assertion that he has the power to bypass more than 750 laws enacted over the past five years.
        ''There is some need for some oversight by Congress to assert its authority here," Arlen Specter, Republican of Pennsylvania, said in an interview. ''What's the point of having a statute if . . . the president can cherry-pick what he likes and what he doesn't like?"

SNIPPET The statutes that Bush has asserted the right to override include numerous rules and regulations for the military, job protections for whistle-blowers who tell Congress about possible government wrongdoing, affirmative action requirements, and safeguards against political interference in federally funded research.