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Thursday, 24th June 1993
(In open court)
THE CLERK OF THE COURT: Michael Smith; is that your name?
THE SOLICITOR GENERAL: My Lord, I appear to represent the Queen, as it were, and Mr.
Amlot is here on behalf of GEC. We are sitting in open court. There remain a number of preliminary
issues to be resolved. We have been sitting previously in chambers to resolve civil issues, and
therefore my first application is that the court goes into chambers.
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: Some things are to be done in open court at some stage today or
tomorrow, are they or is everything to be dealt with in chambers?
THE SOLICITOR GENERAL: It would be easier to answer that question at the end of the hearing
when we will see what ruling ----
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: At the moment, whatever we do now, what you are really saying is that
there is nothing to be done in open court at this stage and we had better go into chambers. Does
anybody disagree with that? Complete silence. That means the general public will have to retire.
(In chambers)
THE SOLICITOR GENERAL: On Tuesday we supplied the defence with a witness statement of
Mr. E which your Lordship should have. A point arises in relation to disclosure concerning Mr. E’s
statement. We have been asked to supply three further pieces of information, item 65, 67 on a
notice dated the 23rd June and that ----
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: Hold on; 65 and 67 on a notice dated 23rd June?
THE SOLICITOR GENERAL: Yes, request for disclosure number 9.
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: That is a document I doubt I have. Mr. Tansey, has that been served
on the defence? It has not been served on the court.
MR. TANSEY: My Lord, I am sorry; it has not been served on the court. There is a copy here.
(Same handed)
THE SOLICITOR GENERAL: That raises issues of disclosure relating to public interest immunity
and I wish to hand to the court a file. I would be submitting to the court that certain documents in the
file can be disclosed subject to certain editing which I shall ask the court to approve, and the next
step I would invite the court to take is to adjourn and look at the material and then reconvene ex-
parte so I can make an application in some detail about documents and invite the court to rule ex-
THE SOLICITOR GENERAL: This is a similar type of file to the ones that the court has already
looked at.