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MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: Yes, I see. Well, I am not entirely certain what 67 means.
THE SOLICITOR GENERAL: Well, they are asking, “Who?”, in relation to the end of the
statement of E as to which photo he picked out.
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: Sorry, it may be Mr. Tansey can just make it clear to me, I do not
know what he means by this phrase (inaudible). Do you mean you wish to see a photograph of Mr.
Oschenko, or you wish to see something else?
MR. TANSEY: We assume it is Viktor Oschenko who has been picked out.
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: Well, I do not suppose the Crown are in any difficulty in telling you that
the answer to that, as I read it, is yes.
MR. TANSEY: It just deals with that point, my Lord.
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: What? The answer you have got is yes. Do you want anything more?
Can I put a line through sixty-seven? I can put a line through sixty-seven?
MR. TANSEY: Yes, you can.
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: Do you mean that you want to see a picture of him yourself.
MR. SUMMERS: My Lord, we have that.
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: In which case it has gone for good.
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: All right. 65 and 66: such documents as may or may not be available in
the file you want me to look at. Have you flagged those which you are ----
THE SOLICITOR GENERAL: Can I just invite ----
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: Should this now be dealt with ex-parte?
THE SOLICITOR GENERAL: I think it should.
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: The only matter that is slightly troubling me is that the authorities here
are slightly anxious about time tables. They are not the only ones there. Subject to solving the
problems in relation to Mr. E is the position that it looks as though we are going to get started on
MR. TANSEY: The answer to that is no. If I can explain to your Lordship the reason why. What
we would like ----
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: Well, you can explain to me the reason why you are making a further