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“I have not sufficient information to be certain that they are.”
So, he is clearly putting it that, as one reads it, it really is a speculative guess so far as this is
concerned that this in fact could be a Tradecraft document and, my Lord, bearing in mind what his
position is, for him to say, “I have not sufficient information to be certain that they are.”. I submit to
your Lordship it would not be right on this basis to allow this evidence to be adduced.
My Lord, Mrs. C’s evidence is page 181, and of course your Lordship will notice in her case that
she visited Oporto in September 1992 and has no knowledge of the state of play as it was in 1978,
1979, 1980 and she says, in September ----
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: I do not think her evidence really takes it much further, does it, because
she does not say what it was like in the appropriate year.
MR. TANSEY: My Lord, that is exactly right.
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: Then we have got this recent statement which you want to investigate.
MR. TANSEY: Your Lordship, yes.
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: From Detective Chief Inspector - that is what he is - Morrisey.
MR. TANSEY: So far as that is concerned, my Lord, my learned friends were seeking to assist us
at lunch time so far as his statement is concerned and, my Lord, could I ask them to assist your
Lordship on that because it seems that what he says about certain of his findings undermines the
findings of Mrs. C and the conclusions to be drawn from it.
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: That is what I understood you to be saying.
MR. TANSEY: Yes, I am sorry; I am just repeating it.
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: That is why I interrupted you, or stopped you from reading Mrs. C.
She is no longer relevant; it has been superseded.
MR. TANSEY: All that one is left with then is the further statement, or the additional statement of
Mr. E and, my Lord, that is a matter about which I have not addressed your Lordship so far. It is an
additional point; but, my Lord, so far as he is concerned ----
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: Mr Morrisey’s statement, as it stands at the moment, un-investigated by
you, seems to suggest - I have not analysed it - that the crosses are at any rate in places which
would be consistent with Tradecraft and rather inconsistent with a tourist interest.
MR. TANSEY: That is so. He says they are not places of tourist interest.
MR. JUSTICE BLOFELD: That seems to me in broad terms - I was trying to say in broad terms
that is roughly what he says.
MR. TANSEY: I leave it there. That is what I believe he is saying, yes, and so far as that is
concerned it is obviously a question of interpretation and that is a matter for us to look at carefully,
and that is why I say I am concerned and the late service of material upon me makes it difficult for us