Person interviewed:      Michael John Smith


Place of interview:        Paddington Green Police Station


Date of interview:         11th August 1992


Time commenced:        10:20   Time concluded:           10:23


Other persons present: Detective Superintendent Malcolm MacLeod

                                   Detective Sergeant Stephen John Beels

                                   Richard Jefferies (Duty Solicitor)


Beels:  This interview is being tape-recorded. I am Detective Sergeant Stephen Beels, New Scotland Yard, Special Branch. The other officer present is Ö


MacLeod:  I am Detective Superintendent Malcolm MacLeod, Special Branch, New Scotland Yard.


Beels:  And you are sir Ö


Smith:  Mr Michael Smith.


Beels:  And you are sir Ö


Jefferies:  Richard Jefferies, solicitor from Tuckers Solicitors.


Beels:  We are in Interview Room No 2 at Paddington Green Police Station. At the end of this interview, Mr Smith, I will give you a form explaining your rights of access to a copy of the tape. The date is the 11th August, and the time is 10:20 am by my watch. I must caution you again, Mr Smith, that you do not have to say anything unless you wish to do so, but what you say may be given in evidence. Do you understand?




Smith:  Yes.


Beels:  Do you agree that the tapes were unsealed in your presence?


Smith:  Yes.


Beels:  And you know that you have the right to legal advice, and your solicitor is present.


Smith:  That is correct.


Beels:  I understand that you had the opportunity for a shower this morning?


Smith:  Thatís correct.


Beels:  And you did have a shower?


Smith:  I did have a shower.


Beels:  You did, and you were offered breakfast, and settled for a cup of coffee.


Smith:  A cup of coffee, thatís correct.


Beels:  Have you had a chance for exercise?


Smith:  Not yet, no.


Beels:  Right. Weíll arrange that later. You understand that you are still here, having been arrested and detained




on suspicion of having committed offences contrary to the Official Secrets Act. Do you understand that?


Smith:  Thatís correct.


Beels:  Ok. Weíll start the interview now.


MacLeod:  Yes Mr Smith. Following the withdrawal of your security clearance at Thorn EMI, did you propose to write to the Prime Minister?


Smith:  The Prime Minister?


MacLeod:  Mrs Thatcher.


Smith:  (Laughs) No, I donít believe so.


MacLeod:  Can I show you a letter here. Itís contained in 3 exhibits, and these are JS/49, JS/50 and JS/51. Can you tell me, was that written by you?


Smith:  Yes, it was. I remember now, yes. I Ö


Beels:  Can you look at whatís also ...


Smith:  Yes, I think, looking back on it, I was wondering what circumstances I should, yes I do remember this situation.


MacLeod:  Now youíre quite sure?




Smith:  Yes. Yes, I am.


MacLeod:  So you Ö


Smith:  The action I actually took, as you well know, is I wrote to the Security Directorate of the MoD, and this was just notes I was making at the time.


MacLeod:  Ok. So you agree then that thatís your handwriting? Sorry, you agree that?


Beels:  All 3 exhibits. Thereís some on the reverse. Thatís the complete letters, as found.


Smith:  Yes, it was just Ö


MacLeod:  Ok.


Smith:  Ö it was just some jottings.


MacLeod:  I am going to take a break from this interview for about 2 minutes. The time is Ö


Beels:  10:22 am. I am concluding this interview. Is there anything else you wish to add or clarify at this stage?




Smith:  No.


Beels:  At the end of this interview I will be asking you to sign the seal on the master tape. Will you do so?


Smith:  Yes.


Beels:  And thereís a form here explaining your rights of access of that tape. The time is 10:23 am. I am switching off the machine now.