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CIA Non-Linear Warfare and the Return of the Mass-Murdering Globalist Mafia

Date: Published January 19, 2021

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February 01, 2021 Added Intro

911, the New World Order and Corporate Fascist Information Tyranny: 911 is Still the Litmus Test

The false flag mass-murder psychological terror operation carried out by the ASTEROIDS aka The Old Boys, the Black Operations team of the Nazi-ideologues who truly run the USA, and soon to be global, Shadow Government which in fact runs the embedded USA Deep State and Deep State implanted puppets worldwide operating in corporations, world organizations and the governments of the USA’s Vassal States, including not only those in Europe but in fact around the world, is and will remain the single most important Litmus Test in determining character and honesty for any official or person even dimly aware of or involved in anything requiring a knowledge of the workings of the world.

The crimes against humanity and mass murder that occurred on 911 and the ensuing series of horrendous events, Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes Against Peace that the controlled demolitions served as the catalyst for will never be prosecuted, that should be clear to everyone by now, and today almost everyone who dared to question the fake official narrative has been destroyed and eliminated. However and this is very important, those who carried out the events and who were enabled and more importantly enriched by them, will in fact pay an eternal price and the global construct they hoped to achieve will in fact never happen. It can’t happen, even if they were to place RFID kill chips in the entire human race, control every single bit of information to maintain the false reality created by the actions of the ASTEROIDS and the architects working for the masters and successfully place puppets as leaders of every single country of the world, there are several things they can not destroy, manipulate or control, one of those is the human spirit (which they are trying to kill with the Satanic trans agenda) and another is causality and the very foundations of the reality we all share.

I cannot yet be more detailed on this for several reasons but did briefly touch on this subject at the link below:



January 19, 2021

The “New World Order of the “New” Nazis of CIA Big Tech, CIA Social Media and the Multi-Facetted Global CIA/MOSSAD/HASBARA/MOCKINGBIRD Believe They are Unstoppable

My Predictions Came True

I sit and chuckle, gazing out at the frozen expanses, mentally going over the events that have passed, as I have watched one by one every single one of my predictions fall into place like puzzle pieces in a four dimensional mosaic of covert move and obfuscated counter move. When you realize they are engaged in non-linear warfare pretending to be multi-dimensional chess, and that the “Emperor Grand General Hierophant of both hemispheres and the Sovereign Architect of the World”, is nothing but the leader of a death cult and in fact a common man albeit a pathological megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur and a Napoleonic complex supported by his plebes, things seem instantly clearer and understandable. However make no mistake kids, things have gone from bad to worse and are now way beyond “serious’. The time has passed for niceties and diplomacy and what they fear, the blade of raw truth, is what we must now use.

To be one of the most powerful men in the world one does not have to be a billionaire. Quite the opposite is true in fact. For with those billions and their amassed companies, fortunes and wealth, come a million strings which cajole and jostle and manipulate their every move. These strings are pulled, associated levers engaged and endless buttons pushed by those we know as the Puppet Masters, the “Illuminati” and the other “Secret” manipulators of those who think they have real power.

To be one of the most powerful men in the world does not in fact require any funds whatsoever if one can somehow communicate truth to, and be listened by, those pulling the strings, engaging the levers and pushing the buttons. If one has real truth and the vision and means to communicate that truth, those with power pulling the levers will gravitate towards that truth and inadvertently listen, especially if that truth touches their sphere, their lies and the methods they use to control and hold onto their power and ill or otherwise gotten gains. Those without vision would say it is impossible to carry out such Machiavellian machinations (namely the puppet mastering of the puppet masters) but in fact it is quite simple even in a world of lies, obfuscation and outright censorship. All it requires is truth which is the anathema of the puppet masters those who have self-servingly labelled themselves as the “elites”.

The truth today is that the Cabal is no longer hidden and operating in the shadows, they know that and thus have gone off the rails with what they believe (and want you to believe) to be complete and total impunity in the rolling out of their Satanic New World Order. The host countries and powers of the NWO have become completely infected, corrupted and taken over by the death cult of the New World Order and the Satanic “religion” they have followed for hundreds of years. They had hidden their operations for so long but now everything and everyone involved is crystal clear, even for those who still attempt to keep their blinders on and refuse to believe.

In his openly futile and most likely disingenuous attempt to “Drain the Swamp” and bring about some semblance of overtly visible accountability, he carried out and brilliantly delivered a performance of desperately trying to battle the same evil that you and I have been fighting and I have been writing about for decades. Due to his term as President of the United States Trump has in fact done more to expose the monster hiding in the shadows, than almost anyone in the last decade including the Cabal’s internet Truther operation WikiLeaks and surely more than all of my articles, books and investigations ever could have. However the problem is that coming out into the open was simply one of the steps of the Illuminati and the New world Order Satanists as any New World Order researcher worth their salt will verify, and this was carried out in 2016. In 2020 they have shown that they are “ALL POWERFUL” and there is nothing we can do to stop them. WRONG!

As a critical thinker one must ask the question whether the entire election fraud debacle was a carefully choreographed and staged event, as surely it appears to be given the mountain of evidence, and one I predicted would serve the key goal of providing the justification and the fabrication of consent, for the 100% implementation of programmable electronic voting machines. However as the Cabal operations are always carried out, this of course was not the only goal as permutations were added and modified as the situation progressed. Now, tomorrow, with the inauguration of an illegitimate, mafia-styled proven pedophile, guilty of high crimes, graft, racketeering, money laundering, bribing and threatening foreign officials, violations of sovereignty and already on international wanted lists, what was the “American” experiment called “Democracy”, will be officially dead.


What Happened and What This Means for the People of Occupied Turtle Island and for the Sovereigns

For us hardworking, moral, normal, law-abiding, peace and equality loving “non-whites” with “conservative” (meaning we do not believe in the lie of multiple-genders and that marriage is between a man and a woman) and real human and/or Christian values, since 2000 we have seen our positions and lives qualitatively and quantitatively worsen as first the rich Republican racists and then the Globalist billionaire scum, have taken complete control of healthy democracies and people-oriented-social-systems around the world, corrupting and poisoning them in order to feed their endless greed and insatiable appetite for power and control.

We have watched as the Satanic Globalists have attempted to normalize every perversion imaginable as they first corrupted the fundamental societal building block of marriage and family and then moved on to the attempted normalization of pedophilia and at least 14 other abhorrent recidivist sexual deviations.

We have watched them wage illegal wars of aggression worldwide against weak and mostly brown countries where they have slaughtered what are now hundreds of millions and have destroyed state after state after state.

We have seen them attempt to carry out a corporate coup on the entire planet with the TPP. We have watched as their military arm NATO takes over the world in a 3% GDP protection scam as the North Atlantic has now reached the Pacific from both sides.

We have watched them commit and continue to commit ongoing genocides against brown peoples all over the world, in India with vaccines by Bill Gates, in the Middle East with their fake War on Terror made possible by the worst single mass murder in history that was 911, in Yemen, Myanmar and in Palestine which was handed to the Rothschilds in 1917. These genocides have continued non-stop for decades but during the last four years there was a slight reprieve as Trump moved slightly away for the Interventionism at the root of the genocides and focused somewhat on his own country. However the eugenicists now have their Corona virus, developed at Fort Detrick and manipulated by Gates and “Big Pharma”, and their plans for “depopulation” (the genocide of 8 billion human beings) now seems like a given, rather than a “conspiracy theory”, that is being carried ot right in front of the eyes of the world. This is what a Biden rule will entail.

For Native Americans we saw what might have promised to be recognition for us as humans and sovereigns destroyed by the Obama clan, this continued by Trump and now right off the start promises of the same by the next executive officer of the Corporation, Biden. Meaning the only way to achieve justice is to destroy the Corporation.


The Occupiers and Their Election Spectacle

There can be nothing more patriotic than evicting criminals from power and attempting to return that power to the people. – John Robles

The Trump Exit Show

Based on the ongoing genocide and imprisonment of the sovereign people of Turtle Island on "reservations", the ghettoized division of cities and society into racial groupings, the almost complete absence of racial majorities and indigenous peoples in government and at the top of the societal and business food chain, the inordinate number of extra-judicial executions and imprisonment of “minorities”, the long history of slavery and oppression of Africans, the blind support and pandering to the genocidal state of Israel, the endless wars on Muslims and brown peoples and thousands of other indicators, one can only come to the conclusion that the USA is an apartheid fascist state based on genocide, built by slaves and striving to keep this status quo long into the future.

Given the above my vast life-long experience dealing with endemic “American” racism, from being beaten as a child by whites, to having my house burned down by the KKK, to being left stateless for over 13 years for attempting to get justice and expose child trafficking while being Red, I despise the “American fascist experiment” and thus see things that most of my readers are uncomfortable seeing, even when it is right in front of their faces. This is part of the truth and since I always seek the truth the racism of Trump and his MAGA movement cannot be ignored any more than the racism of Biden who told blacks they are not black if they do not vote for him.

Trumpism (Rush Limbaugh Racism on Steroids) and the racist “Patriot Movement” that he was the figurehead of are all but dead, of that we can all agree, but what has replaced it is much much worse. However not starting any new wars in four years and questioning the funding of NATO were his biggest mistakes before the Corporation. Mistakes which even the historic level of his pandering to Israel could not be forgiven by the Cabal.
Although he came in on promises to “Drain the Swamp” and Make America White Again” (the true meaning of MAGA), during his presidency it was only his cronies, big business and pathological racists who truly gained anything whatsoever. Trump was supposed to be the best choice for Israel and was approved by Chabad Lubavich Godfather Adelson four years ago (recently heart-attacked), and with his Israel First policies he was great for Israel. However his attempts at stoking “patriotism” and “Draining the Swamp” (which is occupied by MOSSAD, Zion and their Globalists) was not something that the Cabal wanted. Trump actually made the mistake of stoking white supremacy and radical patriotism when for the Cabal it was never about that. It was and has always been and will always be about “Jewish Supremacy” in America and now they have shown the “American” people and the world that they can “coup” (in the words of Elon Musk) “any country in the world they want”. They did it with Bush and now they have done it with Biden, proving once and for all that the two-party-paradigm in “America” is nothing but a show for the sheeple.

Again although Trump promised to “Drain the Swamp” and did in fact take certain steps in that direction he was no Kennedy and his financial empire left him vulnerable and made it impossible to affect real change whether he wanted to or not. Clearly, as the world has born witness, it was only at the end of his first term when faced with the prospect of losing re-election that he energetically and in what appeared to be “real” terms, went after the Cabal and the Swamp. Had he done so for four years perhaps something would have changed for the American people, but he spent those years trying to improve his own business empire and the positions of his family and friends, his masters the Rothschilds (see our Trump research regarding 1992) and Israel.

Finally with regard to Trump (real name Drumpf), what he has really shown the American people and the world, is that the people no longer have a voice and the organs of law enforcement, justice and even the very Constitution that Trump himself was sworn to protect, will do nothing and mean nothing when it comes to the Zionist Cabal and the criminals of Big Tech, Big Pharma and “Big Money” who are truly above the law in the US, and as they would want it, worldwide.

Trump emboldened, befuddled (with Q Anon), wound up, and then let lose (to be identified and destroyed) the last segment of American society that posed a threat to the NeoDems (Neo-Zionist Globalist filth), namely the upper-middle class privileged whites, while with his Israel first position stabbing them in the back. How many real patriots are now in prison or are being wiped out after four years of Trump? How many more will face “mental evaluation” and punitive measures for attempting to fight blatant and obvious election fraud? Those are questions you must ask. How many more will be arrested tomorrow and face the rest of their lives in prison for protesting the literal installation of a senile pedo whom no one wants? It does not matter. You all have no voice anymore and I have been warning you for decades now!

What happened with Trump is the same thing that happened with Gore in 2000 when one or two people decided on the fate of USA “Democracy” and again with tickets to Israel one Zionist plant (Pence) decided on the fate of millions, only this time the people were aware and saw it coming but still there was nothing they could do about it. So they did what any supposedly free and democratic people would do, they stormed the halls of a corrupt non-representative government and attempted to take back power for the people. That was the show anyway, and the results were once again, as with all of the whistleblowing, investigations and exposures of criminality, NOTHING. Why? Because mass-murdering lunatics have seized power for Satanic lunatics who want to control the world.

The two party paradigm racket that excludes real third parties and dissent presented in a sick and twisted show every four years as if the office of President really means something, while the country and the government are being run by entrenched deviants and psychopaths who have raped the meaning of “public service” to enrich themselves and their cronies, some for over 50 years, is in fact the anathema of what democracy should be. Not only is there no democracy in the USA but now the actual voting process will be taken over by the Soros machine programmers for the Cabal.

In reality all of it is not my problem and being as the USA is nothing but the biggest parasite on the planet, a state based on the genocide of my people and other than garbage culture and destruction and slavery and death brings nothing to the world, I would gladly see it collapse as its fake fiat currency becomes worthless and its over-fed, arrogant, self-righteous elites are drug into the street and made to pay the piper, but I am getting ahead of myself. They have their REX84 and Covid and never rescinded Continuity of Government protocols activated on 911, 2001, so none of that will ever happen.

I could go on and on about what this means to the USA but I am more concerned with what this means to the world and preventing the planned genocide of 8 billion human being by the Cabal which installed Biden. There is much to be said and I will in fact add to this later God willing but let’s move on. Democracy in America, if it in fact EVER existed is now completely and totally dead.


What does all of this mean for Russia and the World?

To gain an accurate understanding of what the US Presidential show is really about, a spectacle that the entire planet is forced to watch every four years, one has to understand and accept the fact that the office of President of the United States of America, is nothing but a management post for the City of London registered Corporation of the United States and the President himself is merely a manager for the City of London Corporation which is run and controlled by the Rothschilds and the Crown Corporation of the United Kingdom and which own the Corporation of the United States, information which you will have to dig long and hard for such as that regarding the ASTEROIDS/OLD BOYS and 911. Yes at one point there was an American revolution but the global Banksters re-infected the system which is why Lincoln was killed, but that is another story. Global Zionism and the global takeover by English “Lord” Rothschild, is therefore simply a covert obfuscated extension of the British Empire with NATO and the military “might” of the United Stated serving as the enforcement and expeditionary force of the British Empire and the Black Nobility of Europe who are all for wiping out European Culture and creating a zombified slave class of digitized New World Order zombies.

The people, who pay for all these shenanigans, have nothing to do with all of this. The job of the people according to the “elites” is to keep working and providing lucre and cannon fodder for the empire and the endless wars of the empire. Therefore the job of those “in power” is to simply control and enslave the people and keep them blind so that they spend their short times on earth supporting the giant Ponzi scheme. Representative Government of the people and by the people can never be had when the wealth and the control of the resources are controlled by corporations and secret bodies hiding in the shadows. Therefore secrecy has absolutely no place in a true democracy, other than for guaranteeing the physical security of the PEOPLE, not the continuity of scum who have illegally taken power.

Given that the planet is almost no longer controlled by anything resembling the rule of law, as we have seen for the last two decades as the endless illegal Wars of Aggression and the endless War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity of the Cabal continue to go unpunished and now with the complete seizure of power in the USA, they will continue to operate with reckless impunity and escalate their criminal operations to meet their timeframe for installing their Satanic New World Order. My research and information and the clear and obvious reckless push that they are engaged in points to a timeframe that is quickly approaching an end, one that may or may not be tied to the imminent death of the chief Zionist Genocider Lord Rothschild and the de facto ruler of the Empire, the brutal German bloodlines Queen of England, Elizabeth, owner of one eighth of the planet’s surface (but that is again another story).

Of course you and I are not supposed to know any of that (anyone who tries to research such subjects is instantly labelled a tin-foil-hat-wearing-conspiracy-theorist and loon), nor that the Black Nobility and their secret global cabal want us all dead, nor any of the other truths I have attempted to share on JAR2, but sadly those are the real facts.

Now that the Cabal has installed their puppet Biden in their base of operations all hell will soon be breaking loose worldwide and now more than ever is the time for the formation of international tribunals to be formed to stop and prosecute these Nazi Globalist Criminal “Elites”.

As a puppet for the same branch of the criminal Chicago-based-grouping of the Rockefeller-Rothschild Cabal that brought the world Obama, McCain, Gates, Nuland, Soros, the rise of the Clinton Crime Family to international levels, the global CIA Hasbara/MOCKINGBIRD, the 911 Truther entrapment operation called WikiLeaks along with fake whistleblower Snowden, the overthrow of Ukraine and at least 19 new wars worldwide, Biden has already proven that he is simply an enabler for the Trump-labelled-Swamp to return to power.

Did Trump really try to drain the swamp? Again only when the swamp came after him, but globally the revelations we have tried to spread about DOMINION, the HAMMER and the core global social media and mass-surveillance CIA servers based in Germany, have allowed Intelligence Agencies worldwide who were not aware, to implement counter measures against the real and present danger the Cabal poses to their countries.

Trump also exposed the true Satanic evil of the Globalist Cabal puppets Clinton, Pelosi and Biden and unlike them there were never any revelations about Trump taking multi-million dollar bribes and donations from governments worldwide. Trump was never involved in child trafficking such as Pelosi and Clinton, nor was he involved in taking money and threatening countries and overthrowing democratically elected governments, although he did try in Venezuela and Bolivia.

Trump also cut off the NATO 3% GDP crime syndicate from the endless funding they received from the people of the USA, albeit in a limited manner, giving us 4 years of a very muted “relative calm” as the MIIC continued their performance as if they are trying to drive for war with China and Russia which they will lose. Under Trump we had the Skripal fakery, the Navalny fakery, and the total takeover of the global media and almost the Internet, but we had no new wars but no end to the old ones either.

So now what?


Pelosi and Clinton and the rest are back and even after their Russiagate fabrications (sponsored by 911/Mueller) against Trump were proven to be a fake costing the American people $39 million, they have already started the anti-Russia line with their usual psychotic transference and hypocrisy calling the demonstrators who more or less peacefully and with almost no violence and no bloodshed entered the US Capitol “agents of Putin”. How these geriatric pathological hags actually believe that anybody believes them is beyond me, but they have the platforms to spread their rabid Russophobic, transgender, war mongering vitriol and the people will once again be subjected to their Satanic pedophilic filth and New World Order indoctrination.

Trump should have implemented martial law as soon as the evidence of election fraud was clear but he did not and even his vice-President proved to be a gutless pansy for the Cabal. These entrenched globalist scum simply refuse to go away and die somewhere and now they are back having openly stolen an election.

May the Great Spirit protect us all!


BIG TECH and Media Responsibility

It’s Simple: The freedom of the media and the Internet ends where the illegal overthrowing of the State begins. - John Robles

There was a coup but not by President Trump as the Cabal media attempts to paint, but by the Cabal itself. There was a coup but not by President Trump as the Cabal media attempts to paint, but by the Cabal itself and it did not happen in 2020 but long ago when only the richest non-representative layer of society could run for the office. Since 2000 when the CIA and the "Old Boys" stole an election in order to carry out their 911/NORTHWOODS false flag event it was clear to many that democracy in the USA did not really exist. In 2016 there was a show as if evil could be conquered 2020 and Trump energized the last part of society that thought they could make a difference and that “they” could choose a president and a leader. In terms of psychological operations, which is what the fake reality most of the world lives in today is truly a part of, identifying and eliminating this last layer of resistance (as openly labelled by people like Alex Jones, was a brilliant play. The only question remaining is will they stay eliminated, weak, broken and voiceless like all of the other layers of society.

If in fact we have any pretense whatsoever to being a civilization and to maintaining the illusion that we live in a world of laws and democracy then those responsible for attempting a hostile illegal subversive takeover of the planet and the human race must be brought to justice. For it is no longer simply (if any of these things can be called simple) about 911, torture dungeons, War Crimes, illegal Wars of Aggression or even Biological Genocide, but about the “Open Secrets” of Eugenics, DNA manipulation and the planned genocide of 8 billion people being facilitated, planned and covered up by the media and Big Tech



How it is supposed to work: the infrastructure of the New World Order program and control (PAC) grid has been long revealed in a complaint to the authorities of Finland that we published, as well as in many other articles and documetns you can find on JAR2, and is obvious when one simply gets on-line and looks for any kind of information. The “Internet” is supposed to be Google, WikiPedia, YouTube, Fakebook, Twitter and a few other sites and is literally being attempted to be used as a Program and Control grid for the world's populations by the Globalist "Elites"..

Your (funded with your tax dollars) "private" BIG TECH CIA PAC (Program and Control) Surveillance and Control Grids

INQTEL Seeded Projects - Your CIA War and Surveillance "Ecosystem" - Too Big to Block? No!

1. FACEBOOK - Mark Zuckerberg/Rockefeller NSA/MOSSAD/CIA/Police/Military/NATO/NWO NSA Facial Coordinate/Social Mind Mapping Databases - Social Engineering CR Coms, ACR Operations, Subversion and Removing Leaders, GPS locating, Actionable Intelligence AINT, AI, AIO, 911 Suppression, Zionist/HASBARA Ops, COINTELPRO, Silencing Truth/Opposition/Evidence re: US/NATO/ZION Globalist Cabal, Propaganda Ops, HUMINT, CI, ACI, OSINT, AIO, Track and Kill, TINT, Profiling for Police, COMS, with WhatsApp provides a GCE Element for Black Ops Community Operations and GOSSIP, J2, J9, IFF

2. Twitter - Jack Dorsey CIA Bluebird/MKULTRA/NWO - Social Engineering, Silencing Political Opposition, Real-Time AIO, Censorship, Installing Puppet Presidents, - Social Engineering CR Coms, CR Operations, Subversion and Removing Leaders, Silencing Entire Political Parties (Edinaya Rossiya) and Opposition - CONOPS, Black Ops, Subversion, Propaganda Ops, Real-Time Dis/Mis Information Ops, OPDEC, TACON

3. Google/Alphabet – Larry Page/Sergey Brin/(Sundar Pichai is a Patsy) FVEY/MOSSAD/NWO Multi-Agency USA/NATO Global Surveillance Grid (Internet of Things) Disinformation, Historical Revisionism, Monopolistic Control Grid, Regionalization, Censorship and Access of the Internet Promoting the all of the platforms listed here, mass global censorship, tracking, mind control, Drone targetting, SATEL, OSINT, COMINT, ELINT, Maintains JTL

4. AMAZON - Jeff Bezos, Washington Post CIA Bought for $600 million - IRONSAND

5. MICROSOFT - Bill Gates CIA/NSA/NATO founding infrastructure of global spy and intelligence gathering grid, directly answering to Black Nobility, Illuminati and top tier Globalists, Second Level NWO Operative

4. WikiLeaks - CIA/MOSSAD Disinformation Operation, Whistleblower/Hactivist Entrapment Operation

5. WikiPedia - CIA/INQTEL Historical Revisionism, Dis/Mis Information for the NWO

6. The INTERCEPT/CLEARFORCE et al Pierre Omidyar, Joel Zamel JADD Limited Hangout, Internal NSA-CIA Turf War, Diversionary Operation Blaming the NSA for Mass Surveillance while Distracting from the CIA and Glorifying the Corporation, Special Russia Targetting Operations, BLACK Propaganda Operations, BLACK OPS, Obfuscating money trails especially terrorist funding and 911 profiteering as well as hiding cash flows out of Russia, provides encrypted electronic dead drop for Russian CIA Operatives, secondary identify and entrapment operation to WikiLeaks, provide justification for CLERFORCE and Mass-Surveillance in order to catch leakers and whistleblowers. Photographic evidence shows family relationship under House of Greenberg (Rockefeller) between Snowden, Zuckerberg and Applebaum at least they are cousins but may be brothers. 911, False Flag, Leakage, Media CONOPS - Direct targetting of the author.

7. BITCOIN/Block Chain Crypto-Currency - Method for payouts to agents in hostile environments.

8. DOMINION/CLEARFORCE/HAMMER - Michael Hayden, General James Jones, David Shedd


You May Have Stolen an Election and Censored Everyone but You Will LOSE! Because you are insane!

There Can Be Nothing More Patriotic Than Evicting Criminals from Power and Attempting to Return that Power to the People - John Robles

The TPP which was exposed by me and the Voice of Russia failed. These manipulators and "New World Powers" who can coup whoever they want, do not have immunity or diplomatic or state status. They are simply the owners and heads of Global Tech Giants, therefore they are free game for any State Intelligence Agency which wishes to protect and save their country or their people or their state. These New World Order Cabal degenerate puppets who just couped the United States must have their wings clipped worldwide and as they are clearly recalcitrant, such must be done quantitatively and with no mercy. They have proven themselves to be worse than Goebbels and a thousand times more dangerous.


A Dangerous Illegitimate New World Power

The tentacles of BIG TECH are now everywhere and they have grown so powerful that they have now, for all intents and purposes, become a new world power.

By escaping normal regulatory functions, BIG TECH which should be regulated, taxed and controlled like any public utility or communications channel in every country worldwide, has in a very short time taken over the Internet and global wireless communications channels by nefarious design and become the world's chief violator of sovereignty, territorial integrity, anti-monopolistic principles, censorship, fraud, espionage, subversion, disinformation, instability, spreading sexual deviation and recidivism and finally, by design as well, the dumbing down and poisoning of the minds of the world's children and youth.

Note from the author: Continued on January 28, 2021. I am intentionally staying away from the media and even from people who I know and care about on-line due to the misinformation that is being spread everywhere. I am happy that so many of you are reading this and am already receiving blowback and misinformation that counters what I am writing and is attempting to guide where this piece is going. As the situation is fluid, yes things may change in the short term but in the long term they will not and in fact nothing will ever change until the world goes after the real culprits of 911. Until that happens civilization will continue in a spiral to hell ending in its own destruction of this I am certain.

Several people have already written to me defending Zuckerberg and Dorsey claiming that maybe they don’t know what they are doing and that Zuckerberg may actually be going against the system by creating his own currency. Good points but they do not hold up to serious analysis and the historical genesis of these organizations. Of course almost no one in the West is going to like to read what I am writing, they truly believe that their America and West are superior, more intelligent, caring and want to bring democracy to the ignorant brown peoples of the world and the poor oppressed masses and third world countries like Russia and China and everywhere else that doesn’t have a Rothschild’s Central Bank and an American puppet as a President. That is how they are programmed and there is nothing I can do about that, except to make sure it does not influence my own clear vision of what is really going on. (Add Blue Screen Incidents)

The arrogance and impunity with which these would be BIG TECH world dictators are behaving has not quieted since they overthrew the Government of the United States. Their actions have only become more extreme and dangerous and their censorship, surveillance and spreading of disinformation has escalated. The completely open and in-your-face way that they have supported Soros’ rioters in the USA and demonized Trump’s demonstrators has left many in the West outraged, and properly so, but I remind you that I have been writing about such things for years. Now that the barbarous, brutal, hypocritical imperial colonizing “Color Revolution Technology” has been turned on the Global Imperial Exceptional Would-Be-Hegemon overthrowing the rich white bigot party in favor of the rich white globalist sexual deviant party, all of the Make America White Again crowd and all of their sympathizers are indignant and suffering from cognitive dissonance not being able to believe that what they did in 2000 and in 2016 was done to them. Yes politics in the USA is a dirty game but no one really comprehends in fact just how truly dirty and murderous it is, and even worse, almost no one realizes that it is merely a show and that the real power installs whoever they wish.

US Elections, have since 2000, been decided outright by the Cabal. Now the Cabal has done so openly to show the people that no matter what they say or do, their voices, their lives and their rage mean nothing, and thus it will be until the riots are (as I have said before) taken to the Hamptons.
I am disgusted and nauseous that people believe that I have to somehow support one or the other side of this equation, and I will not. The two-party-paradigm in the USA is a running joke and the world already knows it and so-called “Big Tech” is a bigger joke and a bigger hypocrite than the politicians and political parties for promoting the falsely labelled “Liberal” Globalist side of the coin, but that is what their masters want. I have regressed as this section is supposed to be about Big Tech, but they themselves are guilty as they have decided to play politics.

I have warned Russia and you that everything that was going on four years ago will return in force and lo-and-behold, not a week into the Biden Regime, Russia once again is forced to deal with protests and demonstrations orchestrated by the Big Tech Imperial CIA Societal Destroyers. Thank God Russia is finally waking up, albeit much later and with much less resolve than it should have been, but yes the world is waking up. Most Governments are no longer fawning and opening up all of their doors to the likes of Zuckerberg and Dorsey and Pichai and Gates and even China will have a hard time replacing them and building the trust that these Globalist scum have raped pillaged the world into rescinding. Hopefully there will really be a Great Awakening, and that will be when people finally unglue their hypnotized and brainwashed eyes from the little black screens that have become doorways to hell, and finally look up, waking from the trance they have been in, and realize that the little black screens actually mean and give them NOTHING.

I remember very clearly how when I was tasked with taking over and developing Social Media for the Voice of Russia World Service and the Russian Government, I attempted to warn them of the manipulative nature of Facebook and Twitter and was met with violent opposition. Zuckerberg was given complete and total access to the upper echelons of Russian Society and even to the President himself, and although I did take over and did what I was tasked with, I was forever seen as some ogre by the Liberal America loving scum in the media. Had I not been working for Security, they would have simply offed me somewhere, of that I have no doubt.

Will people listen now? That is my hope. Hopefully people in the “West” will no longer read, watch or hear about “Regime Change Operations” and “Color Revolutions” and believe that these are “Good” things that the CIA does to “bad” rulers and despotic countries who “don’t behave”, as Trump loved to say as he played the role of the world’s playground cop and behavior modifier. Hopefully people will stop ignoring that their well-being, their freedoms and their very lives are being taken away from them by shady moneyed con men who literally sell them as product, for that is what BIG TECH does! Even worse, they are funded by the very governments that you pay taxes too. Have you not ever asked why these huge multi-billion dollar Internet sites are free? It’s because YOU are the product. Your photos, opinions, words, location, friends, habits and everything about you are sellable to Intelligence Agencies, Corporations, Police bodies, human traffickers, think tanks, “foreign” Governments and even to those who simply want to kill you all. How do you think they have become billionaires? Mostly from the CIA and Western Intelligence Agencies using your tax dollars and black monies raised through the selling of heroin, opium, cocaine, children and organs. Does that not concern you? Do you still think these are the “Good Guys”? Of course if you have not read about Bill Gates and how he knowingly sterilized, crippled and murdered over 600,000 unsuspecting Indians with his vaccines you may think I am just talking through my nose. Did you know Facebook is the largest “facial coordinate data-base” in the world and that this data is used by the NSA and other governments, didn’t know that? Did you know Facebook sells mind maps about you and all of your friends to the CIA and anyone who wants? Don’t care? You do nothing wrong? Those arguments are no longer valid. They believe they own your soul, now they want your bodies.

All of it of course goes back to 911. The most horrendous mass-murder and False Flag in the history of mankind! Performed and filmed in front of the eyes of the world for all to see. Carried out for Israel and the Cabal's insane Satanic nightmare New World Order (01-28-2021 04:56 - Be back tomorrow after some sleep.)

Today we live in a world taken over by sociopathic pathological mass-murdering elites who live in their own fake reality where the attainment of billions and trillions is the only rule and human lives have absolutely no meaning whatsoever. In this regard BIG TECH are more guilty than any in spreading lies, covering up heinous crimes and brainwashing the populations of the world into accepting the rule of these lunatics who call themselves the "elites".

They rule by subversion, division, manipulation, disinformation, terror, surveillance and the dumbing down of the population and the opinions and concerns of the people mean nothing to them and are in fact provided to them through psychological programming and cleverly targetting propaganda. We now live in a world being taken over by corporate fascism and BIG TECH are the guiltiest of the guilty when it comes to stripping away the rights of the people.

With the stealing of a USA election using the same "technology" and the same infrastructure that they have used in countries around the world to overthrow governments and replace leaders, BIG TECH has shown that they are more than just instruments for Color Revolutions but in fact a new world power and a new world threat to all of humanity. As Elon Musk said, “We can coup whoever we want" and as with Musk's orchestrated Lithium coup, these coups have nothing to do with democracy or even geopolitics but for the simple theft of resources and control. Who coups countries? Well, the normally the CIA and Intelligence Agencies do that, so the we Musk is referring to must mean he and the CIA, which explains his rise to billionaire status for the Cabal. Musk, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Gates, Pichai and the rest, all of whom have sold their souls and their users to the CIA and the Cabal have amassed much too much power and control over the world, the people and the governments who are supposed to be in control of their sovereign states and must be stopped before the BIG TECH Fascism we are seeing today is allowed to reach new levels.

On September 10th, 2001 Rumsfeld laid out the future for all to see when he said the government must become more privatized while in the next breath stating that 2 to 3 trillion dollars were missing. That is what has happened. First private war companies came in to rape the taxpayers, then BIG TECH, to not only rape the coffers of the “public” but to serve as instruments of the “secret” societies and agencies that want a new world order where less than 1% rule 99% of humanity as slaves, and the endless wars roll on.

As we saw with Amazon the CIA gave Bezos $600 million of the taxpayers’ dollars for what? Were the taxpayers asked? Of course not, the taxpayers have no voice any longer in the West and that is clear. Capitalism has reached its natural evolution and moved to corporate fascism and the enslavement of the people.

Through their own actions and the impunity with which they openly meddle into the internal affairs of the world’s countries, BIG TECH has placed itself in a position above the laws that control the internal affairs of sovereign nations and those international laws which govern the relations between sovereign states. Unfortunately the world has allowed them to reach the level of power that they now have.

The meddling of BIG TECH into internal affairs and the affairs between states can be no more clear than what they are attempting to do right now in Eastern Europe and with international projects like the North Stream pipeline. Diplomats, Officials, Representatives and Professionals work to reach agreements and build relationships and then somebody in the Cabal does not like it and the Information Operations start. I have seen this occur so many times that I have lost count and very rarely does anyone call these meddlers out.

By giving themselves the role of State Actors, rather than the public utilities they in fact are and nothing more, BIG TECH has shown that they must therefore be reined in and forced back into the position where they belong, not as the instruments of the Empire of Evil or whatever “elites” they serve (be it the Cabal, the Rothschilds or Intelligence Agencies) but as public utilities serving the interests of the states where they are allowed to operate. There can be no other option, for if this is not done, we may soon all be paying tributes to some loon like Zuckerberg who even wants to start his own currency.

Non-State Intelligence Operations: Targetted Surveillance, Mass Surveillance, Document Theft, GEO Targetting/Targetting, Audio/Video Surveillance, Profiling, Economic Theft and Espionage

Zuckerberg and Bezos are real poster boys for the incestuous relations between USA BIG TECH and the CIA and other intelligence agencies. The “Open Secret” of Bezos’ becoming one of the world’s richest individuals due to his $600 million sell-out to the spooks in McClean VA and Zuckerberg’s (Rockefeller) work for the NSA, the CIA, MOSSAD and MI5/6, would, in a normal world be scandalous and bring down their platforms, but they have successfully brainwashed the masses into being the silent sheeple that they want the people to be.

With all of the instability in the world (that they constantly brainwash you with) and the growing dependence of the world’s population on technology, there is no room for uncontrolled non-state Intelligence Operations destabilizing societies and countries and if these BIG TECH would be espionage operations want to continue then they must be dealt with not by regulators and lawmakers but by the Intelligence Agencies of the countries they are targetting.

Active Internet Operations, Hybrid Warfare, Social Engineering, Political Meddling and even tracking and assassination support are some more of the roles that BIG TECH has abrogated to itself and carried out for the CIA and anyone else who pays worldwide.

When the DOMINION voting system and the HAMMER computer farm were discovered and exposed after they gave the election to Biden alarm bells should have gone off worldwide but as a testament to the complete blanket censorship that the Cabal has managed to attain through their almost complete monopoly on all forms of information dissemination there has been little if any noise as to these revelations. This was also true of the CLEARFORCE revelations Millie Weaver and then JAR2 revealed which implicated the Snowden Operation in making mass-surveillance possible and even necessary.

Facebook, Google, WikiPedia, Twitter, et al are not the only culprits and as Yandex has proven ANY BIG TECH company based in a FVEY country must be looked at with the dead serious eyes of State Security, rather than the hypnotized and bloodshot eyes of the consumers who are for the most part trusting and ready to give up their privacy, even to foreign intelligence agencies, for the convenience of some APP they think that they can not live without.

It is amazing that almost no one worldwide has ever seriously challenged any of these tech giants with regard to even something so simple as their funding. The world was supposed to just believe these multi-billion dollar global companies simply exist thanks to funds raised through ad revenue or selling emojis. Nice try but no way. With regard to WikiPedia, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and Google the INQTEL and CIA connections are not hard to find for anyone willing to do a little research. Films like Bourne go even further and glorify the way the CIA can manipulate and control big tech with the introduction of narratives that for some reason turn into reality. Ecosystems? Are you kidding me? Sure just like 911 Truth might make you uncomfortable the dirty, black and murderous truth about BIG TECH will make you even more uncomfortable.

For over 25 I have spent a major part of my life on the Internet and watched it grow, prosper and become a wonderful place where once could find anything that one desired. This was a good thing and made it an attractive and useful source for information. Today, even though there are a very few free and independent sites still on-line, like JAR2, the Pirate Bay, Global Research and a few others the Internet is no longer free and with every passing year is becoming the monopolized dream that Gates and the CIA dreamed about from the very beginning. Their dream of an Internet monopoly where the users get on-line and immediately access Google which gives them top results from CIA/WikiPedia, videos from CIA/YouTube and then forces them to login to CIA/Facebook, CIA/Twitter and get news from CIA/Microsoft is almost a reality. CIA/Android keeps them informed of every move you make as it tracks your location and records your conversations and everywhere you go and CIA/Twitter tells you what you are supposed to be concerned about and what the issues of the day are.

Front Companies

Given that all of the BIG TECH giants are in fact CIA Fronts and serving the FVEY Intelligence Agencies it is understanble why anti-trust claims against them and other complaints regarding their monopolistic mafia tactics are never prosecuted. Meanwhile they keep buying up or destroying every start up and/or competitor that may allow them to expand their blanket surveillence web or which may pose a threat to their monopoly.


The killing of the Internet is no more clearly represented by the actions, the development and the evolution of Google. They have successfully compartmentalized the world through regionalization so that we have to dig deep to find out what our neighbors around the world are doing and what is happening worldwide, which was the original attraction of the Internet for me. They have now corporatized searches so that Google search has almost become completely useless, giving users pages and pages of paid and promoted and corporation approved search results, most behind pay walls or requiring registration and subscriptions or other traps for users while pretending to be sources for the information that the users really need.

As proof of the Google/WikiPedia/YouTube corporate world that BIG TECH wants you to live in all you have to do is a simple search. For example I recently spent the better part of an hour trying to find a simple wiring diagram being presented with 4 pages of utter garbage which I had to sift through before finally finding an image of the wiring diagram inside of a YouTube video. In all honesty for finding real useful and true information, Google has become not a provider but an obfuscator, a manipulator, a censor and a disinformation operation. Ten years ago it was possible to conduct investigations and find real information on-line, which as an investigative journalist was vital, however things have changed for the worse.

How is it possible to trust and open your computers, devices, lives and minds to a US based corporation which regularly unilaterally carries out such outrageous actions as literally deleting Palestine from the map as if it never existed? How is it possible that the sovereign states of the world continue to allow access to these services when they have time and time again shown that they are used to literally tear countries and societies apart?

Google has been allowed free reign worldwide to infiltrate, subvert, take over and embed and integrate itself into almost every aspect of the lives of the citizens of the world for much too long. I will not even attempt to list and give detailed information on all of the ways that Google has done so, that would require a thousand page report, but I can give an overview of the dangerous areas where they have no business being embedded.

The WikiLeaks and Snowden Limited Hangouts

In reality even WikiLeaks was supposed to be part of the manipulated information package that users were supposed to be presented with. Independent leak sites and sites not under CIA/MOSSAD control could not be tolerated. The same with Snowden, even an Asylee with a platform in Russia could not be allowed to stand, they had to install a CIA/Asylee as a fugazi-fake whistleblower to hide the fact that they were destroying and killing the real Asylee and whistle blower, the same thing with WikiLeaks, which we even hosted when they were supposedly shut down the first time. Snowden has been more clever and has never made contact with JAR2 or with me even when I was the lead presenter at the Voice of Russia. He is funded by the CIA through various orgs and was instructed to have no contact with me even though his MAC shows up in my Web Blogs and his "team" carefully watch everything I do on-line, in the same way that WikiLeaks people did, adjusting and making press releases to distract and serve as diversions from anything and everything I do. Except now they may have been finally shut down as they were becoming more and more obvious. However the damage was they did in entrapping, identifying, locating and facilitating the elimination, assassination and destruction of anyone who wanted to stop the illegal war machine and takeover of the world by the Cabal, can not be undone.


The Talpiot/PNAC/MKULTRA/Hasbara Morphing of the Internet into a 911/Zionist CoverUp Tool

Censorsorhip Diversions Erasure


Media Responsibility


Having worked for a subverted State Propaganda body and being in charge of its "social media" I think you should listen very very carefully to everything you are about to read and everything I have said regarding the global MOCKINGBIRD before now.

You who have betrayed the people and committed treason in the Russian Federation and hundreds of other countries worldwide, must be held responsible for what you do and what you have done.

Journalism and Media Responsibility in a Free and Open Society (Democracy)

The following is a simplified overview of the three chief forms of information dissemination today. I have left out radio and other methods as there are not as prevalent and are covered by the groupings below.

Mass Media

The main, if not the only job, of mass media and journalism is to act as a check and balance for the government and corporations by informing the people of the facts, the TRUTH and the actions of said. It is their responsibility to provide information to the PEOPLE in order to inform them and allow them to hold those in power accountable. That is why in a supposedly democratic country the media needs to remain independent.

In mass-media there can not be hidden agendas or the hiding of truth, nor the control of information by corporations or governments.

State Media

The job of state media is to properly and truthfully inform about, and to a degree promote, the actions, programs and activities of the government and the state and to communicate to the people and state partners, the policies and positions of the state as a reflection of the people whom that government serves. Therefore, given that State Media are a direct reflection of the government and its voice, everything produced on State Media must meet standards that are higher than those of the mass-media and as any word or report reflects the legitimacy of the government and the state only truth must be presented.

In state media there can not be "opposition" to the president or the government. That is treason.

Alternative Independent Media, the Blogosphere and the Free Internet

The job or function of independent alternative media, the Blogosphere and a free Internet is to take up where the Mass Media and State Media have left off and/or failed and to provide information that is censored, silenced or simply not broadcast or ignored by the two main information disseminators. As this segment is the most important in any “democracy” and due to the fact that they do not have the reach nor the resources that the Mass Media or State media has, the freedom of the Internet (as the chief platform of this segment) must be jealously guarded and protected in any free or open society or would-be “democracy”.

As the final and in many regards the ONLY voice for marginalized and ignored populations, people and issues, therefore it is more than anywhere else, of ultimate import for the alternative media to present only the TRUTH.

Journalism, Media and the Internet Subverted and Killed

I cannot say that there is no more honest truth based media who follow the most basic simple precepts of journalism above all being to present the TRUTH and the FACTS no matter what they may be, but that number is almost approaching ZERO.

The MSM or Mass Media or 4th Estate has become a complete and total running joke when it comes to truth and the simple standards of journalism, but this is completely understandable when we understand who owns and runs all of the major global outlets and their long and sordid history of poisoning and corrupting everything they touch.

So who owns and runs the global HASBARA/MOCKINGBIRD media? The globalist New World Order cabal made up of almost 99% Zionists and 1% Zionist sympathizers owns the global media now of course. However they call themselves the “elites”. Don’t be fooled. Who runs the HASBARA/MOCKINGBIRD? The CIA/MOSSAD and all of their Globalist liars and lackeys run it of course and the ones they do not control are run by others pushing an agenda. There is almost no more real journalism or news anywhere, including here in Russia except the number of those remaining in Russia is still higher than in the West but not much. I will get to Russia later and promise you it will not be a pretty picture but first let’s look at the despicable, disgusting, manipulative, biased, lie spreading, psychological operation that is now the Global MOCKINGBIRD.


I have already written extensively on the media throughout the years and offer this piece from 2017 as a summary of what has transgressed.

1984, George Orwell, the BBC the Voice of Russia World Service in English and a "Blueprint" Taken by the Russian Zionists


November 21, 2017

Timing, timing and more timing: when you have worked in the media you know that timing is everything and when you have studied it and taken it apart as much as I have and understand that what the modern day media has become is nothing by an intelligence apparatus being used to manipulate the minds, opinions and even the emotional state of the masses with the aim of making then confused, divided, broken and servile, it is obvious why certain topics and “news” items, lies, provocations, and outright fictions are promoted and released at certain times. This is particularly important when you have what we have today, a mass media with no morals, no journalistic ethics and editorial policies which include what they have made an abstract concept, namely TRUTH.

George Orwell was not a sage or predictor of the future. He was not creating a society from his imagination and fantasy extrapolated from current events and the historic tendencies of the self-destructive human race he was in fact a whistle blower who actually wrote his quintessential work from his direct experiences of working at the BBC. Thus his work 1984 was not only a "science fiction warning" to humanity, but a real warning based on real world events and plans and written in the only way that would be allowed, which is the most horrendous problem any modern writer has, namely how do you tell the truth and tell a story or report on events that the elites who control the information flow do not want you to talk about.

I wrote long ago, and then placed the words on a photo in the form of a meme, the statement that: “1984 was NOT an Instruction Manual”, because what the “elites” and governments seem appear to be doing is channeling 1984, and in fact at the time I did not know and had not the slightest idea that I was closer to the truth than I could have possibly imagined, and it was in fact formulated and is being used as a blueprint for a completely servile and slave like society. The little piece of truth and the one little fact, as is always the case, that Orwell worked for the BBC was known by the elites who therefore approached his work in a much different way than the masses have. Did Orwell know his work was to be used in such a way? To actually bring about the world that he was warning about? I am sure he did not and his warning was not heard.

Not long ago the words “Conspiracy Theorist” were used to describe anything and anyone that the “elites” did not want people to listen to, to read or to give credence to and this was effective and still is to a point, but as with all over used labels and tactics the ignorant “elites”, who are incapable of creative thought and free thinking, have over used it and made it into more of a moniker for what you MUST read and pay attention to and for a populace that still includes erudite and intelligent free thinking critical individuals who actually see the real conspiracy all around them, “Conspiracy Theory” has now become directly applied and institutionalized “Conspiracy Fact”. These conspiracies are being carried out and have been in fact created to allow them to promote lies and undermine the populace and dumb down the population so that it can be enslaved.

The world has become, or more accurately the global information sphere, the new battle space in which World War III is being fought and in which the false reality that the New World Order wants to create is being promoted and through which it is being brought about. What must be underlined and what must be known and understood by all of the citizens of the world and this must be common knowledge, so that the populace of the world can defend itself, is that all of this, the total surveillance, the “Fake News”, the social media and regular media censorship and all of the “Special” information operations, are the direct fault and the direct result of the FVEY countries, operating under the directives and control of the Zionist Rothschilds, the Illuminati and the European “elites”, who in their turn are under the control of the Roman Black Nobility, who in their turn serve the all-seeing psychopath at the top of the pyramid. Sound far-fetched? Read my research, this conclusion is backed up by millions of facts.

Returning to Orwell as I am forced to do because of the parallels that exist between his life and work and mine, it must be known that I am also writing my piece from my experience in the media, at the actual predecessor to the BBC World Service and Voice of America and first global broadcaster (a little known fact), the Voice of Russia World Service in English. The Voice of Russia, which started as Radio Moscow, was the official voice of the USSR and the government of the USSR and broadcast worldwide in over 46 languages (84 at its peak) and all of its journalists and reporters and announcers worked for the State. This continued after the collapse of the USSR but like all state media, such as RT and Sputnik (the employees and reporters of which are happy to tell anyone that they work for the Russian Government) were taken over by neo-Liberal Globalist individuals of the Jewish Religion and it (the VOR) was eventually liquidated, a story I detail in my book.

Unfortunately for Russians western sponsored individuals in the Government of the Russian Federation have attempted to transpose Western economic, political and even media models onto the Russian State and the Russian people. In their ignorance (which is why non-journalists are chosen for positions in management in these bodies) they have also transposed everything that is wrong with the Western media onto Russian outlets. The barely hidden racism, elitism, sexual perversion and dumbing down of the populace are evident every time you turn on the television or radio in Russia. There is no accident in the fact that nazi Russophobes and neo-Liberal filth have open reign in Russia’s media environment. I will leave this topic with one interesting fact that is unknown except by my readers and hope that you will read all of the details in my book when it comes out, and that fact is related to the only two editorial directives we had but which of course were not written anywhere. Those two directives had they been written would have given direct evidence as to who controls the Russian media and the subversion of the Russian state, it was this subversion that eventually led to the closure of the Voice of Russia after it was completely gutted of all the wonderful Russian content that it had contained. Directive one was never talk about September 11th, a fact making it clear now with what we know as to who was behind it when we take into consideration directive 2, which was ONLY SPEAK POSITIVELY or NEUTRALLY ABOUT ISRAEL! Nothing about Putin or the Government or Russia, just Israel, at a Russian Government broadcaster, think about that for a minute!

It is difficult to be objective when relating anything about one’s self, I would in no way say I am a brilliant writer, or cutting edge thinker but I did enjoy enough popularity and was deemed to be enough of a threat to have two organized very public attempts by the US Government to shut me down and after the arrest of my son to silence am almost quite literally kept in a cave because I am too pro-Russia and even more importantly I do not support outrageous lies surrounding the fake country of Israel nor the official fairy tale of 911 and even worse I actually call for the criminal cabal to be arrested and prosecuted and for tribunals to be formed against the USA for its endless criminal Wars of Aggression. Again I detail all of this in my book.

In what I call an Orwellian moment I myself was asked to do two things before I was illegally terminated from the Jewish controlled neo-Liberal pro-American Russian media where the Content Editor at the time was a CIA plant. First I wrote almost 400 pages of editorial policy for the English language Russian broadcast and print media, something I spent months on but was never paid for and apparently is being used and the new editor took credit for it after I was poisoned and gotten rid of. The second was an expose in which detailed the actual plans, steps, technology and operations, in effect a “blueprint” as to how the CIA and the West were going to destroy the Russian State. These were in fact supposed to be a series of articles in which I detailed the operations in Ukraine, including the use of Captagon and other black magic but they were never published.

Now three years later I am forced into a position where I have nothing left but I have to try in any way I can to save my own innocent son.

That was over three years ago, things have only gotten worse but the fact that it was agents of the CIA and MI6 operating in the Russian media who arranged the arrest of my son and my blacklisting has gone from questionable to obvious and they will pay a price. They will be held repsonsible.

If you are still reading then you have proven what I have been saying for years. Readers are not idiots and can digest more than 3 minute sound bites.

Journalism and the delivery of news were once privileges and honors, the success of which hinged on truth and at maintaining at least some level of credibility. Today that is no longer the case. The global media which consists of approximately 84% USA based or related news has become nothing but the propaganda arm of the co-called “West”. Since 911 and in earnest over the last ten years, the Western media has become nothing but a completely censored echo-chamber of lies and fabrications that promotes and covers up the crimes, wars and illegitimacy of the “elites”, “leaders” and “governments” they were once supposed to be holding accountable and acting as checks and balances for.
With regards to media matters in the USA and the UK’s Anglo “Dominion” not only has it become “Fake News” but has now, without any possibility of doubt, become not only the cover-up and misinformation arm of the criminal Globalists, but have themselves become not only accessories to heinous global crimes, but in fact the perpetrators of such.


The Globalist Israel-First Obama NeoDems are Back

World Forecast and Security Analysis Under Another USA Obama NeoCon/NeoDem Zionist Occupation Government


As expert groups meet around the world to discuss the threat that Biden and the Cabal will pose for their countries we have the following predications and conclusions to share.


Racial Genocide and the Fourth Reich: The Forbidden Topic of the Anglo Controlled World

The "Cabal" and their sick and twisted "Eugenicists" want to eliminate 8 billion human beings from our planet and 10s of millions have lost their lives in the fake "War on Terror" which is in fact a war on Islam so the topic of genocide is number one on our list.

There is enough wealth in the world where every single human being could live like a millionaire for the entirety of their lives. There are enough communications channels and frameworks in existence to facilitate all humankind living in peace until the end of time. As humans you have amassed enough knowledge to eliminate all forms of human sickness and disease and enough channels of communication and methods to share information that you could end all illiteracy and educate and train every single person on this planet. Yet none of this happens because there are psychotic in-bred power crazed sociopaths who have sucked up over 90% of the world's wealth into their blood dripping 1% hands running the world and trying to keep all of humankind in a state of slavery.

As they continue with their attempted takeover of the world on all fronts; militarily, financially, politically and of course informationally with their endless illegal wars of aggression, every day more and more people are beginning to wake up from their Hollywood and Big Tech MOCKINGBIRD induced stupors and realizing that something is deeply wrong with the convenient timing of the Covid-19 Scamdemic and what are being slowly revealed as not “humanitarian wars” but continuing genocides worldwide.

Genocide is why General Tommy Franks said, “We don’t do body counts” because genocide is exactly what the USA, Israel and their NATO allies are involved in around the world and what their BIG TECH MSM global MOCKINGBIRD information support puppets have been distracting from and hiding since the day only “embedded” corporate shills were allowed to report on the illegal invasion of Iraq in the earlier part of this century.

Proving they are in fact conscious knowing accessories to genocide, BIG TECH and the global MOCKINGBIRD have all but erased all data regarding the victims of Israeli USA/NATO illegal wars of aggression, a subject almost never reported on and one where no reliable data can be found.

The numbers may never be known but since September 10, 2001 Israel, the Saudis, the USA and the NATO countries may have outright murdered or caused the deaths of more than 40 million people, and lunatics like Bill Gates and other “elites” have the nerve to talk about the need for the “depopulation” of 8 billion human beings after they conveniently released onto the World the CIA/Fort Detrick/Fauci virus after having even more conveniently moving it to a laboratory in Wuhan where US forces spread it in order to blame the Chinese as part of the narrative for the need for war against the People’s Republic of China.


01. Genocide of Brown, Red, Yellow, Black, White and "Disposable" Races: Slavs, Arabs, Africans, Indians, Chinese, Semites

The genocide of non-Anglo-non-Jewish white, brown, red, yellow and black people, including the Rohinga, Palestinians, Yemenis, Somalians, Libyans, Iraqis, Shiite Muslims, Serbs, Russians and of course the American Indians and other indigenous groups worldwide will continue in earnest as the Cabal’s time frame closes in on them. With the control of the global media and Internet and the blank check that Biden will give Israel the impunity of the Zionists will increase exponentially as will the genocide of Muslims, the poor, the old and vulnerable and even indigenous Europeans.

Half a million Iraqi children already genocided in 2001.

Genocide in Donbass

Genocide in South America

Genocide in Europe

Genocide in Russia

02. COVID: Genocide and Euthanasia and RFID Tracking and Assassination Chipping "COVID Passports"

RFID Chipping as a requirement for COVID Passports will be forced on anyone wishing to travel in the West.

The COVID-19 Biological Warfare attack on the world will continue unchecked with the introduction of new and more deadly strains being developed at Fort Detrick. Using vaccines the Cabal will continue "culling" the elderly, poor and other "unwanted" segments of the world's population.

Yes FORT DETRICK and Fauci were working on Gain of Function of Covid-19; yes either the USAF, Fort Detrick operatives who took COVID-19 to the Wuhan laboratory released it; yes either it was then spread by carefully selected Super-Spreaders or spread organically; finally yes there is to some degree in some countries and to a lesser in others a Pandemic. Those are the facts. Whether it was intentionally mutated and fused with HIV/SARS et al to improve its Gain of Function or virility we will never be told.

Yes there is a SCAMDEMIC but it is not COVID-19 in and of itself, sure COVID-19 is real but its lethality is benign compared to other biological weapons grade toxins, leaving plausible deniability whether or not DARPA was directly involved. What is already proven however is that the Cabal, in the persons of Fauci, Gates et al, were definitely 100% involved in its inception. However as will be the case, if anyone wants to argue that point and challenge the evidence of pre-pandemic planning and conspiracy by Gates et al, saying the evidence is circumstantial or the preponderance of evidence does not meet the threshold of what is necessary to carry out an official investigation by any country or entity around the world, then the actions of those exploiting and profiting (the Cabal, USGOV, Gates, Fauci et al) from the synthetic Pandemic after the fact, should meet and exceed all thresholds, no matter how high or strict. Yet what they have done already is just the beginning of a much darker and blacker agenda that few can comprehend and even fewer seem to even want to.  



The Nazi Fourth Reich 

According to our research and many other Conspiracy Investigators and Researchers (almost all who have been eliminated, ignored and/or demonized (see gelitin net and others), the roots of the Genocide and the entire New World Order Paradigm is in fact based on the creation of a global Nazi 4th Reich.  


Quantum Annihilation

 The Dangers of Fake News, Alternative Histories and Historical Revisionism

A continuation of:

Finally I want to share with you something that came to me in my sleep and which I believe deserves serious thought and consideration. If you believe in parallel universe theory, alternative timelines, the multi-verse and time paradoxes and causality then serious food for thought may be had by the effects that historical revisionism may have on the stability of our mutual reality. It is one thing going back and changing an event which would cause organic and naturally propagated causality and it is quite another to synthetically attempt to erase or change a reality after it has occurred which is what the globalist Zionist cabal are attempting to do by erasing 911 and promoting lies, fictions and realities that are fabricated and synthetic in nature. As such my contention is that it is not possible to kill the truth without causing unpredictable causal fluctuations which will destroy reality at the fundamental level. Even if the revision is believed by even 100% of the observers of the quantum probability wave that is our shared reality, at the base level traces of reality will always remain which will serve to destabilize the timeline at the base level. Of course the globalist media idiots and historical revisionists and even Doctor Farrell would not understand this but I would hope that there are saner minds above them who will see the danger I have attempted to describe in the simplest terms possible.

God bless Mother Russia!


The "Secret" Wars Hiding the CIA/NATO/COL/Nazi Takeover of the World


01. The "Secret" Undeclared Illegal Wars of Aggression

Without declarations of war the USA/NATO have been waging illegal wars of aggression for decades and with Yugoslavia and the re-writing of borders that it facilitated this became the preferred practice of the Cabal. The over 19 NATO/JSOC/ZIO "Secret Wars” that the USA and NATO are involved in will continue, be escalated and expanded on within the first two months of the Biden gang's rule.

NATO’s long announced Asia-Pacific Pivot will be expanded with GLADIO triggered operations in China’s Domain and further into Oceania, the Arctic and South America as NATO’s global conquest spreads.

Solution: International War Crimes Tribunals, liquidation of all USA/NATO bases worldwide with the seizure of all connected assets, restitution to all countries and the forced rebuilding by the USA/NATO of all of their infrastructure.



False Flag CIA/NATO/SHINBET/SWISS/GLADIO Terrorism will return across Europe, Asia, Africa and South America with higher death tolls and even more brutality necessary to “shock and awe” an long terror-hardened public. Almost all of these operations will be outsourced to private para-military companies and false flag conglomerations such as the CONSORTIUM which will thrive in the bloody aftermath.

Given that the ASTEROIDS “The Old Boys” such as Rumsfeld, Hayden and Jones are all comfortably still in control of the USA’s Deep State and since carrying out 911 have had and continue to have carte blanche from the Shadow Government, all of this the escalation leading to the hot phase of the long-planned and already long-running World War III will see unthinkable events taking place with the use of forbidden Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) and continued Biological Warfare spreading even further worldwide.

The ASTEROIDS, born out of the JFK Assassination and Project NORTHWOODS, are the little heard of BLACK OPERATIONS masters of the Cabal. Ideologically Nazi at their roots, they work for the IMF, the WB, the City of London Banksters, the Crown Corporation and of course the Rothschilds (owners of the Corporation of the United States and other Anglo-Countries). In order to obfuscate their existence, which they have done brilliantly, they outsource operations to a consortium of the Black Operations directorates of the Secret Intelligence Agencies of the FVEY countries and Israel and supplement their needs with GLADIO rooted terrorist organizations such as ISIS, AL-Qaeda, the Right Sector and of course Private Military Companies like Graystone.

Our forecast is for the continuation and aggressive usage of such operations and organizations under the auspices of the Cabal and their USA puppet president in order to facilitate their various objective including NATO expansion and a rising of the percentage of the annual GDP demand from NATO countries paid to the Cabal and the MIIC in dollars to facilitate the maintenance of the dollar pyramid and the Swiss Nazi near the top of the Cabal and Rothschild family and their Central Banking Ponzi scheme.

Solution: International Tribunals, prosecuting and liquidating not only terrorist organizations and non-state military bodies but more importantly those who create, fund and control them for Covert Ops and to formulate policy and manufacture consent.


03. The Ongoing Undeclared World War Three by the Cabal vs. Russia, China and the BRICS

The City of London will overtly continue to push for the hot phase of WWIII with Russia and China although they do not and will not possess the military force or might to win in any hot WWIII scenario.

The demonization by the MOCKINGBIRD and BIG TECH of China and Russia will continue with even more fervor from the USA amid the ongoing Psychological Operations to manufacture consent for the continuation of the Hybrid phase of WWIII and to allow for continued military expansionism, the ongoing theft of wealth through sanctions and the funding and support for ongoing Military Grade Psychological Operations against the public at large. BIG TECH and the MOCKINGBIRD will continue to brainwash the public that they are under attack and in danger from the STRAW MEN of Communism and “Russia”, while the Biden globalist gang will attempt to convince the Chinese and Russians that they are reasonable and easier to work with than Trump. Such convincing has been seen regarding Palestine which of course will be paired with the escalation of all covert anti-Russian and anti-Chinese operations to never before seen levels. The attacks on multiple countries will continue on all fronts.

The Cabal will continue fabricating anything and everything they possibly can to create a Casus Belli as we seen without even the pretense of a smoking gun ala Iraq and the fake weapons of mass destruction, the fake test tubes and then with Iran the Halliburton sold bomb plans which were fake and aluminum enrichment tubes which were real but not used for weapons but uranium enrichment for nuclear power plants.
The Cabal keeps implementing three Goebbels inspired tactics that make them predictable and every investigator and journalist and government should be aware of: repeating themselves and their operations, as only lunatics will do, as they did with the Novichok nonsense which failed and with the banned chemical weapons claims, which also failed and others; they blame the victim for doing what they are doing, not being Democratic, possessing or using illegal or banned weapons, manipulating their useless fake elections, running propaganda campaigns against their populace, censorship, assassinating journalists, violating human rights and on and on and on, I have labelled this psychotic transference, and finally as they did with Wuhan, Iran, Russia (Baturina, Uranium One, Magnitsky, et al) and many others, setting up “partners” who believed they were doing business or entering a “partnership relationship” only then to be used as pansies for some outrageous False Flag Operation or demonization claim to facilitate the theft of the assets invested by the partner, we call it First Degree Fraud and theft, they call it sanctions. OF course the banks where all the assets are deposited are under Cabal control so they are “forced” to abide by the “sanctions regime”. Why have they resorted to these tactics? Because they require almost no proof on their side and even today are so obfuscated and maintain such levels of plausible deniability that they are never prosecuted. It is important to that these “Secret Deals” are only known about by very few parties, therefore they are extremely leak proof and when the inherent, carefully installed Trojan Horse designed into the legalese and contractual agreements written in the inherently corrupt and dirty language of the Corporation goes South, the number of those in the know is very small which allows for the quick erasure by assassination that they are so fond of. I could give you thousands of examples but one sphere where this is most obvious is among scientists, because scientists work in teams. With the Bankers, Corporations and others there are usually only a very few people in the know. Such as with Rothschild’s processor patent and the 4 owners of that patent which led to the MH-370 disappearance and eventual liquidation as MH-17 over Ukraine.

This is how they operate: too big to prosecute and too obfuscated to investigate. So we will see more of the same.

Solution: Solution: End all "secrecy" in International Agreements. Any agreement with the Cabal side countries must be done under the laws of the partner or under an International as yet non-existent body, and not under City of London Corporate Law, Admiralty Law or other “Laws” which the Cabal is based on. The need for an international mediator must not be abrogated to the Cabal side which will use such and has even possible made such necessary in order to bring in its “One World Government. They already tried with the TPP and as the pathological sociopaths they are they will try again. Note: It is funny but the Harvard MBAs et al do not even understand they are emissaries of the devil. 


04. The Crown, NATO Expansion and the Illegal Takeover of the World and (Space?!?!)

The UK’s biggest parasites and eternal monarchs who insist on being viewed as a benign tourist attraction, the Windsors, are in fact one of the biggest beneficiaries of the NATO/NAZI global New World Order expansion. My contention is that the Fourth Reich is at its core an extension of the British Empire and as German Elizabeth and her Nazi husband own 8% of the world’s land mass, control the City of London Corporation and are in fact above the Rothschilds, who own the Corporations of the United States of America and the Anglo World, NATO is an the extension of their racist ideology and the expeditionary force of the British Empire which will in the end be revealed as the force behind the 4th Reich, the Illuminati who assassinated the Romanovs and 90% of the evil in the world.

To accept that the Crown, the Corporation and the Windsors are racist Nazi genociders will of course be a stretch for almost everyone in the West but as an investigative journalist my job is to deliver the truth no matter what that truth is, and like it or not that is the truth.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the spread of the North Atlantic all the way to the South Pole and Oceania have been the subject of much of my work, but it was with the installation of a Nazi regime in Ukraine that the reality of what NATO really was finally came home for me. Not only was NATO founded by a Nazi Major General Reinhard Gehlen and his pro-Nazi mentor Allen Dulles but the thousands of Nazis who found refuge in the USA and went on to form NASA and the CIA secretly turned NATO into what it is today, the Military Arm of the 4th Reich, marketed and falsely known as the “New World Order”.

The “military men” of NATO, whom N.W.O Globalist Zionist US Deep State Shadow Government intermediary Kissinger described by saying: "Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy", may not even be aware that they are fighting illegal racist, resource wars for the Cabal which is using them to take over the world. Some may not be aware but there are those who pose with SS flags and support, train and supply Nazis in the Ukraine, who no doubt are aware.

The warmongers and the MIIC refused to give up the NATO Atavism when the Warsaw Treaty Pact was dissolved as they should have and of course lied when they told Gorbachev that they would not expand to the East. That has been the plan all along and not only to the East but to the South and the North and the West as well.

ON the NATO website there are only three sections below the banner: the Cold War, the Fall of the Wall and 911 and beyond, the latter of which has no room being there as the end of NATO should have been the fall of the Berlin Wall if it had been formed to counter the rise of another Hitler in Europe which was also a lie as then it was to counter the USSR, which was also a lie since it continues long-after the collapse of the USSR. The reality is that NATO is what I have been saying for years, the military force multiplier and guarantor of the 4th Reich for its Nazi founders.

So the atavism of NATO is a Nazi founded military grouping which was involved in 911, used by globalist Cabal lunatics like Kissinger, commits acts of illegal aggressive war on a daily basis, has secret terrorist GLADIO armies and is taking over the world to establish the New World Order Fourth Reich. If all that were not bad enough NATO is also the biggest illegal mafia–like protection racket ever known to human kind, terrorizing countries, destabilizing continents and fighting endless losing wars in order to convince Western puppet regimes and vassals that without them they will be destroyed and must thus pay 3% to 5% of their GDP annually to NATO for NATO’s protection and to top that off victim countries also have to retool their armies and militaries to “NATO standards” and buy the endlessly upgraded useless weapons of the USA’s MIC. Comic book like scam but that is reality. No wonder Kissinger thinks he is above all of us and that military men are stupid animals. No one appears to see the scam. Even Wesley Clark who said the Pentagon said that NATO after 911 was in the business of destroying countries and then gave a list of countries to be destroyed and the world did nothing about it must be a poster boy for Kissinger’s stupid assessment. Surely Kissinger and the other New World Order Cabal filth who just stole a USA Election must think we, as the human race are all stupide animals, and deserving of genocide. I mean with all the evidence that has come out of their 911, their Satanic pedophilia, genocides and their high crimes for the establishment of their Satanic New World Order, documented for years and years by thousands of us, you would have thought that something would have happened to them. No. Nothing. They must see the countries of the world and the people of the world as truly stupid, weak and slobbering animals as we not only do nothing but worship them in the media and in films and call them the “elites”.

The forecast is for a continuation until the entire planet is taken over by NATO.

Solution: Liquidate NATO and close down every single one of the over 600 NATO and USA military installations around the world. Seize all of their assets and return what countries have paid to the global fraudsters and their protection operation.



01. Sanctions: Economic Terrorism and Economic Warfare

Every war is a banker's war and every act of false flag terrorism is either a banker's or a policy makers for the bankers but when it comes to real economic terrorism those pulling the strings may be bankers, corporations, security agencies or any number of actors who stand to gain.

In the case of economic sanctions it is usually a small group inside of a government or closely connected to policy who are able to profit and advance their objectives thought sanctions. Sanctions, or Economic Terrorism, which is exactly what sanctions are, namely using economic terror and manipulation to cause the target to change policy, can cause economies to collapse and millions to die and with the case of many countries affect not those who are on the surface being targetted but rather those at the bottom, such as in Iraq where half a million children died. What or whom benfitted from this horror that Madeleine Albright so callously said was worth it when it did nothing to "change the regime". Who would be happy or benefit from the death of half a million Arab children and how many more have died since then. 20, 30, 40 million? That is genocide and the only group that benefits or who would want that is Israel and the CFR et al Zionist lunatics who control US foreign policy for Israel. Again all of this in an age when we could all live like millionaires but the Cabal is blind and like a rabid jackal frothing at the mouth with greed.

SSanctions or Economic State Terrorism are nothing more than the legalization of the massive theft of a target country’s assets. My late friend Edward Herman with whom I exposed the first Srebrenica massacre called them "sanctions of mass destruction" in an article about Albright’s mass-murder of Iraqi children called "The Price is Worth It". Here is that text:

"The Price is Worth It" by Edward S. Herman

Try to imagine how the mainstream U.S. media and intellectuals would respond to the disclosure that at an early planning meeting of the terrorists responsible for the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, the question had come up about whether the "collateral damage" of prospectively thousands of dead civilians wouldn't be excessive, but that the matter had been settled with the top leader's response: "we think the price is worth it"?

Suppose further that the terrorists' leaders then set out to make their case to their followers, arguing that it was extremely important to show the citizens of the Great Satan that they were not immune to attack on their own land--that they could not continue to bomb others freely and support the violent states of their choice without suffering some retaliation themselves. The terrorists argued that, as the Great Satan has been conducting low- (and often not so low) -intensity wars against the Third World and Arab states for decades, the planned attacks would be both just and legal under international law, justifiable under the UN Charter's grant of the right of self-defense, which He has relied on so often to excuse his own unilateral actions.

The leaders argued further that since the symbolic value of showing the Great Satan's vulnerability by attacking the WTC and Pentagon would be greatly enhanced by taking out several thousand civilians, this must be regarded as acceptable collateral damage. Finally, imagine the terrorists' leaders explaining to their followers that for the sake of global peace and security, no less than the welfare of peoples the world over, it is crucial to raise the costs of imperial violence, and help persuade the Great Satan's population to ask Him to terminate His wars. This, the terrorist leaders argued, would in the long run save far more lives than those lost in the bombing of the WTC and Pentagon.

Wouldn't the mainstream media and intellectuals be wild with indignation at the inhumanity of the terrorists' coldblooded calculus? Wouldn't they respond in one voice that it is absolutely immoral, evil, and indefensible per se to kill civilians on a massive scale to make a political point? And as to the terrorists' underlying argument that the attacks were justified both as retaliation for the Great Satan's ongoing wars and as part of an effort to curb His imperial violence, wouldn't this be rejected as outlandish?

Wouldn't establishment spokespersons rush to claim that despite occasional regrettable mistakes this country has behaved well in international affairs, has intervened abroad only in just causes, and is the victim of terrorism, not a terrorist state or supporter of terrorism?

And wouldn't it also be stressed that it is immoral and outrageous to even SPEAK of a "just cause" or any give any kind of legitimation for a terrorist action such as occurred in New York and Washington? That the only question in such a case of violence is "who," not "why"? (These last two sentences are a paraphrase of the indignant argument of a U.S. liberal historian.) And in fact, across the board the U.S. mainstreamers have refused to talk about "why" except for superficial denunciations of an irrational enemy that hates democracy, etc.

Turning now to the actual use of the phrase "the price is worth it," we come to U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's reply to Lesley Stahl's question on "60 Minutes" on May 12, 1996:

Stahl: "We have heard that a half a million children have died [because of sanctions against Iraq]. I mean that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And--you know, is the price worth it?"

Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price--we think the price is worth it."

In this case, however, although the numbers dead are mind- boggling--the ratio of dead Iraqi children to deaths in the WTC/Pentagon bombings was better than 80 to 1, using the now obsolete early 1996 number for Iraqi children--the mainstream media and intellectuals have not found Albright's rationalization of this mass killing of any interest whatsoever. The phrase has been only rarely cited in the mainstream, and there has been no indignation or suggestion that the mass killing of children in order to satisfy some policy end was immoral and outrageous.

Since the morning hours of Tuesday, September 11, the civilian dead in the WTC/Pentagon terrorist bombings have been the subject of the most intense and detailed and humanizing attention, making the suffering clear and dramatic and feeding in to the sense of outrage.

In contrast, the hundreds of thousands of children dead in Iraq are very close to invisible, their suffering and dying are out of sight; and whereas the ratio of Iraqi children killed by sanctions to WTC/Pentagon deaths was better than 80 to 1, the ratio of media space devoted to the Iraqi children and WTC/Pentagon deaths has surely been better than 500 to one in favor of the smaller WTC/Pentagon casualties. Pictures of sufferers and expressions of pain and indignation have been in a similar ratio.

The UN workers in Iraq like Dennis Halliday who have resigned in disgust at the effects of the "sanctions of mass destruction" have been given minimal space in the media to inform the public and express their outrage.

The "who" in the case of the Iraqi mass deaths is clear-- overwhelmingly the U.S. and British leadership--but the "who" here is irrelevant because of how the "why" is answered. This is done implicitly. Madeleine Albright said that the deaths are worth it because U.S. policy finds this to be so--and with Albright saying this is "why," that settles the matter for the media.

Their indignation at the immorality of killing civilians as collateral damage to make a political point ends, because the Iraqi children die by U.S. policy choice--and in this case the media will not even allow the matter to be discussed. The per se unreasonableness of killing civilians as collateral damage is quietly set aside (reminding one of how the Soviet's shooting down of KAL 007 in 1983 was per se barbarian, but the U.S. shooting down of Iranian airliner 655 in 1988 was a "tragic error.")

The media focus on whether Saddam Hussein will allow UN inspections to prevent him getting "weapons of mass destruction," not on the mass death of children. (And of course the media regularly fail to note that the United States and Britain had helped Saddam Hussein obtain such weapons in the 1980s, and didn't object to his using them, until he stopped following orders in August 1990.)

Because the media make the suffering and death of 500,000 children invisible, the outrage produced by the intense coverage of the WTC/Pentagon bombing victims does not surface on their behalf. The liberal historian who was so indignant at even asking "why" for the WTC-Pentagon bombings and argued that only "who" was pertinent has said nothing about the immorality of killing Iraqis; he is not interested in "who" in this case, partly because he does not have to see dying Iraqi children every day, and partly because his government has answered the "why" to his satisfaction, justifying mass death.

Is it not morally chilling, even a bit frightening, that he, and the great mass of his citizen compatriots, can focus with such anguish and indignation on their own 6,000 dead, while ignorant of, or not caring about, or approving his (their) own government's ongoing killing of scores of times as many innocents abroad?

This reflects the work of a superb propaganda system.

The U.S. government finding the mass death of Iraqi children "worth it," the media push the fate of these "unworthy victims" into the black hole, thereby allowing that policy to be continued without impediment. With the United States itself a victim of terrorism, here the reverse process ensues: with these ultra-worthy victims, the media feature their suffering and deaths intensively and are not interested in root causes, but only in "who" did it; they beat the war drums incessantly and push to the forefront the most regressive forces in the country, making violence and repression the probable outcome of their efforts.

But they will sell papers, get larger audiences, support the "national interest," and prove to the rightwing that they are real Americans.


02. Failed Economic Policies and Corporate Fascism Paid for By Poor Countries

Rather than admitting eternal economic growth is not realistically feasible in any scenario, the billionaire class will continue to attempt to increase their profit margins by cannibalizing countries and their fellow humans.

Under the USA’s Corporate Fascist State the billionaire class is now allowed to steal the tax revenues gathered by the government (subsidies) and this will continue.

Resource theft and the Cabal’s global frauds and scams will run rampant paired with non-repayable IMF and WB loans which allow the Cabal to seize the resources of debtor nations.


03. Cannibalizing Destroyed Countries

Every war is a banker's war and now the same can be said for every Color Revolution thanks to the USAID led and styled Color Revolution attempt in Belarus we now know that the Banksters even have a name for the rape of the countries they destroy the societies of, seriously, they call it "Impakt Investment” and the "opportunities" will be bountiful under the Biden Cabal.

Who is behind the concept? Why the billionaire-Zionist-Master-Race-Exceptionalist-Globalists of course with Soros, the NED, USAID, Omidyar and others at the lead. Remember the Rothschild creed? "We make money from both sides of any conflict" and now they make money not only out of thin air (with zero real production) but through outright destruction.


04. USA Corporate Fascists Will Continue Attempts to Spread Corporate Control Over the World

The USNGOs/Soros and the Globalist billionaires who have taken over the US Government and the Governments of other Western Countries will continue to attempt to subvert and take over the countries of the world and implement Draconian frameworks such as the TPP. To do so they will continue to attempt to destabilize and overthrow governments around the world.



01. Guantanamo, "Secret" Black Sites and Torture Dungeons

The Guantanamo torture dungeon will continue to operate unhindered and will be used to eliminate global opponents to the New World Order. Joining the defenders of their Muslim homelands who were labelled terrorists, the disappeared 911 witnesses, Truthers and periphery personnel who may have seen something, hacktivists, hackers and others will be election fraud witnesses, Biden protestors and anyone who gets in the way of the Deep State Zionist Globalist Biden regime. This of course also includes journalists, especially any investigative journalists who dare question the plans of the NeoDem Government, writers, bloggers and followers of third parties.

02. The ASTEROIDS, the Old Boys and the "IMF-WB" Economic Hitmen

The ASTEROIDS, having gotten away with orchestrating 911, MH-370/17 may finally be outed along with Israel, the CIA and the Swiss connection when MH-17 is finally exposed as being MH-370 and a death bed confession by an ASTEROID is released.

It may finally be a real possibility that Russian Intelligence will lose patience with CIA/MI6 et al fabrications and finally release everything they have on 911, the ASTEROIDS and even NASA and the fake moon missions.

The ASTEROIDS will attempt to stop their possible exposure.

03. CIA/MI6 Murder Inc. and Endless Assassinations

CIA Black Operations, ASTEROIDS Operations and those of MI6, MOSSAD and their partners, including the BND and French Intelligence under the rule or Rothschild puppet Macron will escalate worldwide in particular in the area of assassinations.

04. Terrorist Labelling: Anyone Questioning US Government Actions Will Be Targetted as a Terrorist Worldwide

The racist Nazi/Israeli tactic of calling their victims terrorists has long been applied to anyone who is against the Cabal and all of the Cabal countries. First it was teenagers fighting USA soldiers who came to kill their mothers and sisters, then it was hackers, then Truthers, then journalists and now even Libertarians are terrorists. Just like the armed to the teeth Israelis justify killing unarmed civilians by labeling them terrorists for simply throwing a rock, the USA has now gone done the path of no return.

Always blame the victim for being and doing what you are and do right? This tactic will be expanded and used worldwide while at the same time the USA/NATO/CIA/Israel continue supporting real terrorists and Nazis worldwide and terrorizing the world with threats of war and shows of “shock and awe” using every asset they have.

The terrorism against their own populace with militarized police, REX84 camps and mass surveillance will continue with chipping and the Scamdemic and anything the Soros Nazis can think up to manipulate and terrorize the public so they keep supporting the system and never question where the government and the Pentagon lost 6 trillion dollars or in fact anything the government does.

The post-911 COG state of emergency will continue to serve as cover for the New World Order enslavement and all of their nihilistic operations.

05. CIA Fronts USAID, NGOs and Destroying Societies

USAID and the plethora of US/Cabal NGOs will be unleashed with unlimited funding and complete carte blanche against even moderately independent countries, including those in Europe seeking to maintain their cultural identity and any little remaining sovereignty they may have.

As with the Broadcast Board of Governors (BBG) being rebranded the US Agency for Global Media (USAGM) after being exposed by myself and the Voice of Russia and “stealthily” passing legislation in the US which allowed them to beam and apply their mind-killing, war-promoting, fake-news “propaganda” to the interior US “market” the plethora of US/Cabal NGOs and other organizations will continue to rebrand and regroup in order to obfuscate the real owners and the criminals controlling them.

Just like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos recently “leaving” Microsoft and Amazon. The CIA tactic of “when caught just re-brand” seems to work in a world of people who do not have the time to do research and with the complete control of the Internet can not even find relevant information.

06. CIA Rebranding and Public Relations Fakery

The CIA will continue to try to rebrand itself and create diversionary operations to distract from its criminal and Nazi nature. Their “new” approach includes attempting to recruit “minorities” who have historically been banned from the ranks, a new logo, an infantile Twitter campaign and fun little children’s pages.

Rather than fakery and obfuscation the CIA might try honesty and being direct and renaming itself “MURDER INCORPORATED”. They could even change their moto to “Founded by Nazis and Continuing Their Work”. In the about section they could simply write: A military organization masquerading as a civilian body tasked with breaking the laws of the entire planet and killing as many people as possible to advance the New World Order.

Hollywood, as the PR arm of the CIA will continue producing heroic movies of non-existent CIA super agents and running Limited Hangout Operations to hide and glorify its crimes and horrific activities.

Properly obfuscated by black-mailed Biden and all of the Obama era CIA lackeys returning to “power”, the CIA crimes worldwide will increase beyond Bush and Obama levels. Expect more PR stunts like “releasing UFO files” about aliens who want to destroy America for its freedoms. They need something to terrorize the public with don’t they?

07. CIA Fronts and Spread of Nazism

As the foundation of the New World Order, the true fundamental basis for the murderous-endlessly-warring-genocidal-state based on slavery and the genocide of up to half a million people and in fact the driving force and ideological foundation behind US self-granted exceptionalism and the racial superiority of the white man, Nazism and its brutal Corporate Fascist architecture, is the only ideology that will promote the USA and its values worldwide as they want to be promoted. The LGBT agenda and the spread of “democracy” and disarming have all been proven as merely instruments to weaken and destroy socities worldwide.

The CIA Fronts, USAID, the Clinton, Nuland and the Kagan Cartels and the Media and Big Tech Cabal instruments will continue to spread and promote Nazi ideology around the world with new color revolutions across Eastern Europe spreading to the West and as economic conditions and isolation worsens will be used to stoke the flames of discontent and hate.

Since 2013 we have had endless Nazi propaganda disguised as “discussion” plastered all over the Russian media. Expect this to continue here in Russia and around the world. 

08. CIA/NATO Hybrid Information Warfare (Social Engineering)

Global CIA social media operations will escalate unless countries limit or ban the CIA Fronts in point number 7.
The new trend in Social Media manipulation is open outright censorship and banning any and every voice that counters the NARRATIVE which has proven to be the main goal of all MOCKINGBIRD/BLUEBIRD operations worldwide.

The tired worn out patently false narrative of spreading democracy is the most clear and patently fake narrative the West pushes. Other narrative demonizing whatever their current daily targets are change with their daily briefs but always support the CIA/Globalist agenda. Skripal, Navalny, Syrian Chemical Weapons and all the other bullshit the USGOV fabricates against the countries and peoples of the world will soon be the only thing you can hear or read about and that is what they want. Absolute and total information fascism to control the narrative and thus socially engineer consent for whatever nefarious operations the CIA is carrying out.

Expect peripheral data to play a huge role in upcoming social engineering operations and the use of AI to produce plausible deniability. By peripheral data I mean all of the low-level data the NSA/CIA collect under their mass-surveillance programs. Collection maybe temporarily hindered by the elimination of the German CIA Server farm called the HAMMER, which has been moved to the Netherlands, but it will be augmented soon. GPS and other low level data will allow them further tailor profiling to include foods, specific locations and economic habits to target and manipulate. The advancement of recording and accessing microphones and cameras will allow the Cabal almost real-time updates as to what you are saying,, your mood, who you are with, where you are located and more.

09. CIA/NATO Hybrid Information Warfare (Mass Media Operations/Global MOCKINGBIRD)

The Global CIA/Hasbara/MOCKINGBIRD and the former BBG, USAGM, will attain unlimited power to spread their fake news inside the USA and any remaining independent media worldwide will be either eliminated completely or “shadow banned” (ala Twitter) and silenced into oblivion.

Any remaining independent global newswires will all be consolidated under the CIA/TALPIOT/MOCKINGBIRD and the only information available will be MOCKINGBIRD approved fake news produced by the Cabal. This may finally force global media outlets to finally return to real journalism and the use of real reporters and writers as fact based news and information will become non-existent and any local or internal news that is avavilable by the MOCKINGBIRD to be spread in their own countries will be produced by the Cabal puppets and overseas in order to guarantee that the Cabal NARRATIVE is not contradicted and that all information has been vetted and approved for distribution by the Cabal Ministry of Truth.

The forecast is thus: expect the expansion of ongoing operations, mechanisms and instruments that allow the Cabal the ability to guarantee that nothing contradicts their lies or narrative.

10. 911, MH-370, MH-17 and Other "Unsolved" Crimes

Being as the 911 Truth Movement, the Global Truth Movement, Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous which grew out of it but obfuscated 911 (the WikiLeaks and Snowden Limited Hangouts) but still allowed some truth to get out, plus “the Great Awakening” with the QANON Limited Hangout, are for the most part all dead, banned and censored into oblivion, the number of horrendous ASTEROIDS level crimes will continue with almost no danger of their being exposed.

Intelligence Agencies, Legal Bodies, and of course the Mass Media/Big Tech MOCKINGBIRD will do nothing to really solve these crimes leaving only Investigative Journalists and independent orgs and bodies to do so. However since access to information has been all but completely closed any such efforts will be difficult and without direct evidence from directly connected sources will be all but impossible to solve.

WikiPedia has made the latter also an impossibility as their policies have been picked up with their policy of not allowing edits by directly connected sources and witnesses by calling such self-promotion or biased.

Therefore 911, MH-17/MH-370 and other atrocities will continue to be obfuscated and any remaining 911 Truthers and investigators in the West will be eliminated completely.

12. Black Operations Community and Their Secret Funding

At the beginning the Internet was a nightmare for the Black Operations Community and Western Intelligence Agencies who were foolish enough to digitize files and keep information on the Internet and Sipirnet connected servers.

One of the greatest “difficulties” for the CIA, despite all of their fronts and “secret” channels, is getting the huge amounts of money they spend on their operations to the criminals they use in their target countries. There is only so much that can be hidden by bribes and shell companies and there are always leaks and clues that uncover their assets, operations and partners.

The answers to these problems have been found and almost all issues solved by Block Chain technology, Bitcoin and other Cyber Currencies. However there have been sober heads around the world who have seen the threat not only to their national currencies and their state security but also the threat that the manipulation of secret currencies can have on the world. Not only will BITCOIN serve the she spooks, the Globalists and the billionaire class in avoiding taxation and regulation, but it will help the entire span of criminal enterprises thought up by the decrepit minds of man.
The sums that Bitcoin represents are not sums that normal people have, and to move about such sums over the risk laden internet rather than through banks and normal financial channels can only mean one thing (excluding use by garden variety anti-establishment, anti-bankster, anti-dollar pyramid thinkers) and that is that these are sums that have been gained illicitly.

We know the CIA deals in cocaine, opium, heroine, crack cocaine, black operations like 911, illegal arms, human organs, and humans of all sorts for trafficking. They also need to pay for their Color Revolutions and their puppet politicians around the world. Bitcoin, encrypted Block Chain technology and even Zucker Bucks will help the CIA launder and transfer billions upon billions.

The forecast is for these technologies to be pushed through as they will also facilitate the creating of wealth out of nothing which is attractive for bankrupt governments such as the USA. Just add some zeros and viola, no debt, no deficit and everything will be possible for the controllers of the zeros.

Case in point is Navalny and his money laundering FBK. He was received $2 million in Bitcoin right before the current protests. Of course we do not know exactly from whom but even this method leaves clues, so the CIA has yet another problem and another FAIL.

13. Drones and the Warfare of Cowards


14. Hollywood


BIG TECH/Mass Media Global Takeover

Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake. - The Art of War

One of my specialties for the Russian media was cataloguing fake news, fabricated reports and news that was pushing an agenda and then published and spread by the MOCKINGBIRD and I have watched as this went from 10% to an amazing over 90%. Trump knew what he was talking about when he went on about fake news but all he had to was issue an executive order and rescind the BBGs authority to produce propaganda for the internal market. He did not and by not doing so became a part of the problem.

Now with no announcement, fanfare, any kind of debate or update to "our terms", following the MSM, Big Tech has abrogated onto itself not only the role of global information censor but now also the role of global “decoder” of who gets a voice and who doesn’t and of course it is standard operating procedure for genociders and tyrants to silence their victims and suppress anything they might possible say.

The Zionists are the masters of this, even abrogating the ethnic identity of their victims, the Semites, who are the real indigenous, people of Palestine and who the Yiddish, Askenazi, Khazari Zionists have absolutely no relation too. But that is just one of the big lies that the Jewish media will never allow you to know.

Fake wars, fake aggressors, fake terrorists, fake heroes, fabricated policies and as CIA Director William Casey said, "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” This is exactly why the global media and BIG TECH have bought up almost every single media outlet around the world and if not buyable the CIA comes in and takes control of the managers, this happened at the Voice of Russia World Service and has happened worldwide.

Pretending to be a needed friend and a “comfortable” convenient and useful ally that we can not live without, the Trojan Horse of BIG TECH has infiltrated almost every aspect of our lives. Now the Trojan Horse of BIG TECH has revealed itself and it is not a pretty picture.

The monopolies and racketeering operations of Google, WikiPedia, YouTube, Twitter, Microsoft, Facebook and the rest of big tech will escalate and any oversight they may have faced in the USA will be eliminated as they will be rewarded for installing Biden.

Since these mega corporations are based in FVEY countries, the Corporate Fascist United States or other Corporation bastions such as the City of London and have impunity given to them by the Corporation to break the laws of countries around the world, we are forced to watch the legal scenarios and actions happening across the oceans in order to see what they are planning for the rest of the planet.

I must note that the degradation of the mental state of society and the willing giving up of privacy and freedom has reached such a point that it has become dangerous telling people even a small percentage of what I am telling them. The blowback threatens to become violent but I trudge on fighting for the truth.

Big Tech and the MOCKINGBIRD truly believe in the attainment of global Full Spectrum Dominance by the would-be-Hegemon of the world and the force installer of the Nazi 4th Reich New World Order and thus have taken to ignoring the laws of countries around the world and now openly operating as an arm of the embedded Globalists in the US Government and the West and the faithful servants of the CIA/Deep State and the Crown Corporation.

As we see on a daily basis the synthesis is as such: LONDON CENTRAL (Queenie, Swiss, MI6, Rothschild), USA COMMAND (CIA, CFR et al) make “secret” foreign policy goals and determine objectives, the puppet president announces and signs off on documents formulated by a MOSSAD blackmailed Congress and Senate with the real objectives hidden in “legislation” which they never read, plans become policy and then the PENATGON/USSTATE/CORPORATIONS/FINANCIAL (billionaire class) begin the process of implementation and pass along instructions funding and marching orders down along the pyramids chain of command.

Conclusion: The incestuous relationship between BIG TECH, BIG MILITARY, MSM and the CORPORATIONS is such that they have become the well-oiled machine that JFK warned about. Therefore BIG TECH and the Global Mass Media must be viewed not as independent entities or public utilities but as direct extensions of the USMIIC. Several simple maps which include key figures and data can be provided which prove this thesis beyond any shadow of a doubt. Thus in order to stop the 4th Reich we simply cut off their information platforms which today is quiet simple as they have consolidated their eggs into the one basket to such a degree where others have little effect in our environment in particular. Just cut off the West’s access to the Internet, this is easy, they have even given us a map, start with all Internet sources based in FVEY countries. Once that is done what is left will be minimal.


01. Big Tech Global Takeover: THEY WANT EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE!!!

The technical specifics of everything they are plugging into the Globalist New World Order “Internet of Things” is a subject that must be studied and detailed in another expose so I will be brief here and am stating in advance that this is just a very cut down and brief overview.

The FVEY Framework (HAMMER/MYSTIC/CARNIVORE) is the SIPIRNET of the “Internet of Things” includes anything and everything everywhere that is connected even locally to any device with any connection to the internet. It will include: hardware of any and every kind that has any connection to the Internet or any device that does, this includes cars, televisions, cameras, household appliances, trucks, buses, airplanes, satellites, military equipment of every kind from tanks to aircraft, medical equipment and everything and anything you can think of but the most dangerous apart from our computers and laptops and the core framework for the “Internet of Things” are the smart phones and the APPS.

The BENIGN killer APPS and Spy Hardware


As we saw with WhatsApp and the assassination of Zaharchenko right after the acquisition of WhatsApp by Zuckerberg GPS and low-level cell tower data can and are used to locate and then liquidate targets. A little known fact that the CIA jealously hides in Afghanistan with their drone assassinations is that targeting is acquired using the cell phones of the target.

Today if you have an Android based smart phone (now the monopoly) there are a plethora of apps which want your GeoLocation (a nice way to say they want to GPS track you), these include simple weather apps, photograph upload sites and their apps, banking apps, news apps and of course my favorite all Yandex apps including Yandex Navigator which will only work if it is on-line and saves all your waypoints and destinations only on-line as it tracks and monitors your speed, your destination and whatever else you have connected to their ECOSYSTEM (a nice world for full spectrum surveillance). I have detailed how Yandex synthesizes all the data they collect for targetting in other works. The TROJN HORSE that is Yandex is the most dangerous for the Russian State and the Russian people as it pretends to be Russian but is in fact NOT and is based in a FVEY country (the Netherlands) which means by default they are being used by the FVEY conglomeration (NSA, GCHQ, MOSSAD, et al).

Not only was GPS data used to assassinate Zaharchenko but we believe it was also used to assassinate Russian Diplomats and even President Putin’s driver as well as the plethora of WikiLeaks principles and hackers whose low-level GPS data paired with their MAC addresses even those using MAC masking apps created by the likes of Applebaum for the NSA and TOR which has the CIA at the core, were eliminated. 

GPS for maps and to help the user is not enough. They want it all.

Solution: A hardwired button to turn off GPS. Only allow GPS access to an anonymous app (map) NOT connected to the Internet.


What would you do if you found out that your microphone was secretly on and someone was listening to everything you were doing and recording that data? If you were a normal person you would be outraged and seek countermeasures, but if you are a member of the dumbed-down sheeple class you would probably shrug and give your programmed reply “I have nothing to hide”. That is exactly what is happening everywhere in the world today. Google and Yandex (with others coming soon) now have an “assistant” which installs itself and turns itself on in order to access and turn on your microphone and they have proven themselves by their programming that they are anything but BENIGN.

Proof that these apps are anything but BENIGN is directly and programmatically evidenced by the complete obfuscation of steps to turn them off and their abilities to turn themselves on. They are designed to listen to everything around them 24/7 and do not have a simple button just to turn them on and off and if you want to use them you have to agree to full access and 24/7 surveillance of everything you say and every sound made around your device. Even prohibiting apps themselves from accessing the microphone is not enough. With Google assistant, as with Yandex, they turn themselves back on. The voice recognition of the Google Assistant is beautiful in its understanding and now understands almost everything I say but once on it can not be turned off except by banning all Google from access to the microphone. In Android 10, which we tested it on, there were approximately more than ten steps to finally get to the assistant’s access to the microphone which we turned off only to be turned back on through Google permissions. Uninstalling as with Yandex’s Alice which literally installs itself did not help as the microphone was turned back on. If this was a simple benign assistant there would be a button to simply turn it on and off which in Google Assistant and Yandex Alice is not the case as was with Cortana which of course has been dropped.

Recording your phone conversations is not enough. They want it all. We would assume that baby monitoring apps, Google Home apps and car apps are the same and if you install Google toilet paper dispenser they will surely be listening to you in the loo to monitor your “health” (just kidding).

Solution: A hardwired button to turn off microphone and turn it on only when you need it. Lacking that an app which of course we can not trust 100%.


4 AI cameras? WOW! The picture must be unreal! We tested the REDMI8 and have found that using the default settings they in fact produce pictures that are in fact indistinguishable (other than max attainable size) or the same as those using one. So what is the deal? Well kids, we suspect one of them is on all the time watching everything using a low level GSM stream which even turning off data transfers will not stop.

Solution: A hardwired button to turn off cameras but as there are no phones that I know of with a hardwired on-off switch for cameras, which there should be, then the only solution is to cover cameras and allow access to cameras only to those programs which are exclusively used for taking pictures which should themselves be blocked from any and all access to other functions such as GPS, cloud services and the like and be given access to the camera only.

The BENIGN killer APPS and the YANDEX Monopoly

Programmatically full spectrum surveillance is facilitated by the FREE “harmless apps” that you install, uninstall and update almost on a daily basis as your Android stealthily takes over your life. Beware of the permissions and ask yourself why would, say a sticky note app, need access to GPS data or your address book or your Facebook plugin, etc.?

You must also seriously sit down, take a pause, and ask yourselves how these “free” billion dollar TECH GIANTS actually make their money. If you said ads you are wrong. Their product is you and the buyers are intelligence agencies, faceless mega corporations and anyone else with big enough money to buy your data. The same question needs to apply to the promoted apps of the Big Tech Cabal.

When you give the app access to say your pictures, you are not just giving the app local access, programmatically you are allowing the app permission to do whatever it wants with your pictures and allowing it to send to its built in app home on the web, for example uploading to the app’s designated storage site whenever it updates or even deleting. This trick started with Windows and documented examples include NT’s nsa.dll which could send all our documents and keystrokes to the NSA.

The same thing goes with everything else on your Smart Phone, your calendar, your contacts, your SMS messages, your recordings, your documents, your passwords and all the rest and if you synchronize with a cloud service for whatever reason, you are simply giving them everything without even having to make them work for it. Have you ever read an end user agreement?

Microsoft was the worst of course but now Google has taken their place with Amazon recently being given $600 million by the CIA for “cloud services” we see how much this data is worth. Windows 10 and up with their rented OS and rented Office and everything being uploaded to the MS cloud is nothing but a spy machine, as it was intended from the beginning. Can they be blocked? Yes if you block over ten thousand IP addresses for a start you may have a chance.

Back to the APPS and BIG TECH, some more examples and let’s talk about FVEY Yandex which truly and in your face wants it ALL. Even Google’s insolence pales in comparison to that of Yandex in many areas. As a Web Site owner and publisher and Internet Citizen I used to use Google analytics and Yandex WebMaster and about four years ago, for a brief period after being targeted by Facebook, the site Mirotvorets and being banned for life from Twitter and discovering unwanted cookies and code on my web pages placed on my site by Google, I said goodbye to Google and wholly embraced Yandex because as many of us do here, believed it was a Russian Company. Wrong. It used to be a Russian company, now it is part of the FVEY grid.

Billion dollar FVEY/Yandex is, along with the rest of BIG TECH, attempting to be one of the new world powers and you my friend are the product. How you ask?

Yandex Navigator, Yandex Fines: Free and very convenient but the Trojan Horse is that all of your data when connected to it is transferred God knows where. It knows where you are, it knows how fast you are going, and if you naively allowed your waypoints to be stored somewhere on-line, it knows every waypoint you saved, every route you took and every place you have been. Tied in with access to the road cam network and as I mistakenly did, Yandex fines, which allows you to pay traffic fines through their service for a “small” fee which they do not pay taxes on and for which they do not send a receipt (illegal), they have the ability, or had, to basically fine you anytime they wanted. In a country like the USA where fines can lead to the cancellation of your driving license which may or may not end your life, this is extremely dangerous, not to mention the fraud and theft of state directed assets.

Yandex has not only made it impossible to save waypoints locally without identifying yourself and saving them to their servers which requires a login to your Yandex account, but also the rest of what you do the most obvious being the unbelievable Yandex browser which only allows you to save your bookmarks to their server, not as an option but as the ONLY way. Like Google Assistant and your microphone, you are forced to comply.

What else does Yandex want? Well Yandex not only wants your GPS data, your cell phone data, to suck money from your fines but if you allow them into your device and comp they will try to get it all in a more obvious and in-your-face ways than Google. If you allow Yandex into your computer not only will it install it’s assistant automatically and in the background and make it difficult to uninstall but it will try to take over functions that your OS is normally designed for. Yandex not only demands that you keep all of your bookmarks and waypoints on their server but they also want to take over your screenshots, the images you download or save from the Web, your searches of course and the sites you use, with creepy ads popping up after you do a web search or even visit a link, offering you to visit a related site or link. Yandex taxi, Yandex tutor and other Yandex job services have taken over the market for self-employed and free-lance work acting as a mafia-style Godfather who gets a cut of everything everyone earns and who blocks those out or makes it impossible to work if you do not do so by placing ads and agreeing to their conditions to find work. Yandex food actually wants to take over the entire food delivery business in Russia and wants a cut of any food you order, again tax free as no receipts are given for the Yandex part of the services, as with all Yandex services. If you make payments or send money, for example to someone in prison in Russia, the Yandex mafia gets a cut of the transfer as even transfers through visa are carried out with Yandex in the middle. Again they collect a tax free fee for which no receipt is sent. Yandex translator now saves everything you translate and if you are logged in it is attributed to you. Yandex wants to control your travel with the Yandex travel service and get a cut of course and further make money every time you fill up your car with their Yandex gas station app. To obtain a monopoly on everything even more so than Google, Yandex now offers Yandex ads which will attempt to destroy Avito, Iz v Ruk Ruki and other ad sites in Russia. Want to buy a house or a car. Yandex wants a cut of that too and the list goes on and on. If you are a webmaster by no means trust Yandex, they do not want competition or anything that goes against their FVEY masters. I have seen Yandex code uploaded and secretly hacked into my pages and had to abandon Yandex Webmaster tools when they downgraded my site as “LOW QUALITY” when it was being attacked by the West. Yandex wants your screen grabs, they want your credit card numbers and they want your shopping habits and your money with their Yandex wallet but only if you are not a refugee. Then Yandex will tell you to f@ck off like they told me. Yandex apps are a nightmare and Yandex app store is a mess, done so intentionally so that small time developers do not have a chance. From a Russian legal standpoint Yandex catalogues sites that are banned in Russia and although links to the sites don’t work Yandex always has a cached version of these illegal sites on its servers.

The final stroke for me with Yandex was when they refused allow me to verify my Yandex wallet as they do not accept my official asylum document as a form of Identification.

Paired with USFVEY Google, FVEY Yandex will deliver every piece of data that the CIA and NSA want on Russians naive enough to use Yandex services and moreover with their search monopolies and their delivery of news, they will guarantee that no one in the world has access to information that the Cabal does not want.

Conclusion: As mass surveillance and spying tools for the West Google Play Store is the monster Trojan Horse of the planet and Yandex is the Trojan Horse for the Russian World. It is a real shame as we mistakenly believed Yandex would be an option to Google’s monopoly but Yandex was bought out like all promising tech endeavors and turned into a mass data collection tool for the FVEYs. Yandex which is now based in the FVEY country of the Netherlands was bought out by shadowy US connected Jewish investors several years ago but has managed to hide that fact from Russians. You can find more on my “low quality site” – Yandex here:

Solution: Since Android now has a monopoly as the ONLY smart phone OS on retail smart phones including Xiaomi (MS and IOS are not really options are they?) having killed or absorbed Symbian, Nokia and other promising platforms the only options are very limited in functionality and compatibility such as Ubuntu Touch The nuclear option is ditch your smart phone which few of you will do, so you can do what I do: only install APPS you really need and limit their permissions and do not allow them to work in the background or auto-update, never use real names for your contacts, never give apps GPS or location permissions, never give microphone permission unless you can turn it off or you can be certain it only works when the app is being actively used (by now you probably have another devices such as a tablet that you can use if you need a navigator program, use it for GPS navigation and related needs only), in Android 10 use ultra-battery saver mode and turn off data, Wifi, GPS and Bluetooth during the day if you need it as a phone, at night or during hours you do not accept calls turn the damned thing off (since you.cannot pull out the battery put it into a steel box) or better yet use an old Nokia or other simple phone for phone calls and keep the smart phone only for vital Internet related applications such as e-mail or IMs.



Globalist/Satanic/American/Zionist is the best overall characterization we can come up with to describe the New World Power that is "BIG TECH" and if you doubt they are a new world power just look at the way they stole the last US election.

Let's start our little journey with Twitter, or Twitler as I call it. 


Let's start our little journey with Twitter, or #Twitler, as I call it and their death cult followers who are so addicted to the platform that they can not see that they are being manipulated and played like sheep to the slaughter.

First off as a free public utility (which is what it should be) Twitler was great only in its lightness and almost instant reach to thousands through the use of hashtags. However the power crazed lunatics at the top decided that they would manipulate the users and the audience and play God with what the users of the “public utility” are allowed to see and even more sinister, who they are allowed to follow.

Twitler, or CIA MKULTRA/BLUEBIRD, thus became the ministry of truth of the “micro-blogging” world. So powerful that Donald Trump won his presidency thanks to Twitler and so global that Tweets from Moscow could actually compete with Tweets from Washington, Twitter seemed like a real global platform, that is until NATO unleashed nazis in Ukraine and decided the world should not know about it.

Twitler banned me for life for posting anti-globalist, US foreign policy critical and pro-Russian posts and even though I obtained a following of up to 216,000 which took months of work I was simply deleted and banned for life with no recourse.

Twitler has done the same to anyone who is critical of the USA, Israel and the Globalists and there sick trans agenda. Twitler has taken upon itself the authority and power to ban entire political parties here in Russia (Edinaya Rossiya) and even the President of the United States and of course regularly bans and targets pro-Russian bloggers and anyone against the Nazi junta in the Ukraine. This is not only direct geo-political meddling but direct geo-political control and censorship and as such Twitler, which still refuses to keep Russian users’ data in Russia, deserves to be fined in the billions or be banned from Russia altogether.


Facebook, or as I call it FAKEBOOK, went from being the largest facial coordinate database in the world for the NSA to the self-promoted be-all end-all of social media platform. Heavily if not totally funded by the CIA, MOSSAD, MI6 and other state actors Fakebook is a direct extension of the Cabal and the US/NATO/Zionist Empire and their intelligence and police bodies.

Used for Color Revolutions and to overthrow governments and leaders and communicate with agents and groupings in the field, Fakebook has long been an intelligence and espionage operation and not a benign social media platform. Since the beginning, with its dual public and hidden CIA interface which always made loading take an unusually long time, Fakebook has been an Intelligence tool for MOSSAD and the CIA and a facial coordinate database for the NSA.

With purchasing of WhatsApp and the usage of WhatsApp in the assassination of Zaharchenko Zuckerberg went from unlikely platform stealing Rockefeller clan CEO to an enemy Intelligence operative and murderer.

To understand the massive nature of FAKEBOOK and the monopoly it has attained which goes way beyond Instagram and WatsApp one has to merely look at the mergers of Fakebook


Eugenicist Bill Gates who recently killed 600,000 Indians from India and wants to RFID the entire planet and genocide 8 billion with his vaccines and viruses and now wants to control the world’s food supply by buying up farmland.

Bill gates who is neither a doctor nor a farmer and who they say stole the windows OS and then hired every programmer worth their salt built his empire by buying up all the possible competition leveraged by his father’s money. Below is a list of the Microsoft Acquisition’s we know about.

January 22, 2020



January 22, 2020



January 22, 2020



January 22, 2020



January 22, 2020



January 22, 2020

Express Logic


January 22, 2020



January 22, 2020

Citus Data


October 21, 2019



November 30, 2018



Social Network

November 19, 2018




November 14, 2018



Product Design

November 10, 2018

inXile Entertainment


Video Games

November 10, 2018

Obsidian Entertainment


Video Games

October 26, 2018




October 9, 2018




September 13, 2018



Artificial Intelligence

May 20, 2018

Semantic Machines


Artificial Intelligence

January 3, 2018

Avere Systems


Cloud Computing

August 15, 2017

Cycle Computing


Cloud Computing

June 29, 2017



Cloud Computing

June 9, 2017



Network Security

April 18, 2017

Intentional Software



April 10, 2017



April 1, 2017

Open Build Service



January 17, 2017

Donya Labs


3D Tech

January 13, 2017



Artificial Intelligence

December 8, 2016



Professional Networking

August 22, 2016



Machine Learning

August 11, 2016



Video Streaming

June 16, 2016

Wand Labs



June 13, 2016



Social Networking

May 3, 2016




February 24, 2016




February 9, 2016

Groove (dba Zikera)



February 2, 2016




January 19, 2016




January 13, 2016

Event Zero



December 21, 2015




December 18, 2015




November 9, 2015

Secure Islands Technologies


Network Security

November 5, 2015

Mobile Data Labs



October 2, 2015



PC Games

September 30, 2015




September 10, 2015

Double Labs



September 3, 2015




August 3, 2015




July 19, 2015



Cloud Computing

July 16, 2015

FieldOne Systems



June 10, 2015



Web Development

June 2, 2015



Taks Management

April 14, 2015

Datazen Software



March 26, 2015




February 12, 2015




February 4, 2015




January 23, 2015

Revolution Analytics



December 11, 2014

Bit Stadium GmbH



December 1, 2014




November 13, 2014




November 6, 2014



Video Games

October 8, 2014



Machine Learning

July 11, 2014

InMage Systems



July 3, 2014




May 28, 2014




April 30, 2014



Cloud Computing

January 6, 2014



Cloud Storage

October 4, 2013



Cloud Computing

September 2, 2013

Nokia Mobile


Mobile Phones

June 3, 2013




March 19, 2013



Artificial Intelligence

March 4, 2013



Cloud Computing

February 4, 2013

Pando Networks


Video Streaming

January 2, 2013

id8 Group R2 Studios



December 28, 2012

R2 Studios



October 17, 2012




October 16, 2012



Cloud Storage

October 4, 2012



Cloud Computing

July 9, 2012

Perceptive Pixel



June 25, 2012




November 23, 2011




October 12, 2011

Twisted Pixel Games



June 8, 2011

Prodiance Corporation


Risk Management

May 10, 2011




May 10, 2011



Video Conferencing

October 29, 2010



3D Tech

October 6, 2010




December 11, 2009

Opalis Software



December 10, 2009



Health Care

September 22, 2009

Interactive Supercomputing


Cloud Computing

June 28, 2009

ClickStream Technologies



June 1, 2009

Rosetta Biosoftware



May 7, 2009




August 29, 2008

Greenfield Online


Public Relations

July 25, 2008



Web Hosting

July 14, 2008




July 1, 2008



Search Engine

June 26, 2008




June 18, 2008

Navic Networks



June 18, 2008

Navic Systems



April 9, 2008




March 20, 2008




March 14, 2008



Service Industry

March 12, 2008




March 8, 2008




February 27, 2008




February 11, 2008




February 7, 2008

Caligari Corporation


3D Tech

January 21, 2008

Calista Technologies



January 8, 2008

Fast Search & Transfer


Search Engine

December 12, 2007



Mapping Services

November 15, 2007




October 29, 2007

Global Care Solutions


Health Care

October 3, 2007



Product Search

August 29, 2007




July 26, 2007




June 7, 2007




June 5, 2007




May 18, 2007



Ad Network

May 3, 2007

Screen Tonic



March 28, 2007

devBiz Business Solutions



March 14, 2007

Tellme Network


Speech Recognition

February 26, 2007



Health Care

October 12, 2006




October 2, 2006



Enterprise Software

September 26, 2006




July 26, 2006




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Started with CIA seed money like the other BIG TECH giants GOOGLE/ALPHABET is the foundation on which the New World Power of BIG TECH is based.

Our forecast is that INQTEL/Google will continue to infiltrate, violate and sell the lives, privacy and data of all of the world's Google users and will expand its "product line" for the CIA/NSA/Talpiot/Cabal Spooks with real time voice recording surveillance data, expanded geolocation data, the continued elimination of alternative voices and sources and expanded access to internet connected infrastructure around the world.

Google will be key in re-writing history and censoring history from the records of all humanity. With its acquisitions of YouTube and others it will continue to attempt to destabilize and program populations and segments of the population and will continue its monopolistic takeover of the Tech Sector.

Given the stolen US election and the destructive role BIG TECH has played worldwide, spreading lies, fake news and as clearly shown by Google when they erased Palestine from the map, promoting their own sick and twisted agenda, BIG TECH has not only become a New World Power but it has become the destroyer of the world.


$600 million buy in from the CIA for “Cloud Services”, owns CIA MOCKINGBIRD inception point the Washington Post deleted Parler for the Globalists. CIA tool and instrument of the Globalists, need more be said?


Conclusion: The monopolistic mafia-like tactics of Big Tech will continue be applied as BIG TECH continues to possess impunity and an untouchable status worldwide. Minor fines and demands by Sovereign States will continue to have no effect on their operations.

Solution: Fines of $50 billion or more for each count of: attempting to achieve monopoly status in sovereign states, tax evasion, violations of sovereignty and attempted social engineering of sovereign populations, unfair regionalization, censorship and search ranking manipulation would be a good start.  

02. Censorship, Historical Revisionism and Erasing the Enemies of the NWO

The unholy pairing of the Big Tech mass-surveillance, program and control grid and the Global Media MOCKINGBIRD will attempt to ensure that the propaganda manufactured by the MSM is the only information that the world’s public receives while the full spectrum FVEY/NSA/CIA spying, surveillance and targetting grid will continue to be the chief platforms and weapons for the "West" in the ongoing global operations to take over the planet and win the unwinnable hybrid World War III. Expect endless Color Revolutions, instability, terror, pandemics and anything else that will hide the birth of the 4th Reich including the continuing assassination and elimination of journalists and anyone who gets in the way of the Cabal.

03. A New World Power and a New World Currency for the New World Order

A few days ago the US State of Nevada passed a law allowing corporations to form governments. With their own currency (Zucker Bucks) BIG TECH will thus cement their status as a New World Power.

04. Military Grade Propaganda and Misinformation Operations

Big Tech will continue being used as the chief platform for Psyops and Information Ops.


The CABAL (Kaballah): Black Nobility, Global Criminal Syndicates and Globalist Non-State Shadow Government Groupings

01. The Khazarian Mafia, Chabad Lubavich, the Banksters, IMF, WB, the Rothschilds, the CFR, Trilaterals, Atlantic Council, Rand, the Bilderbergs, et al

They will continue to manipulate the world and do everything possible to bring about their New World Order. A detailed analysis is not forthcoming as any intelligence they know we have on them will help them.



With their failed economic polices, endless illegal wars which cause only destruction and the "returns" of which are only taken by private cabal entities and not the states that fund them, models of endless economic growth for themselves with no beneficiary investments into their own infrastructure and/or workers, continuing the unsustainable economic model of endless profit, gain and income while in reality producing nothing viable or tangible based on the BIG TECH (Gates promoted) assumption that what is in fact a non-existent reality (cyberspace) can in fact sustain the real world and then the endless debt of by State Actors to the Rothschild IMF/WB Central Bank Pyramid Ponzi Scheme, the already bankrupt Cabal which refuses (if in fact it is even able to) to "change the course" has no choice but to attempt to create wealth and maintain their constant upward economic trends out of nothing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This material may be stolen by the Cabal and used to adjust their own evil plans, something which has happened too many times in the past to ignore, so I cannot be too detailed here as I in no way want to help them nor have I wanted to which as my readers know is the main reason for my stopping most of my article writing and why this piece itself is taking so long to finally be completed.     

With no production, no gold, no real gain of tenable real assets stolen under the endless wars except for stolen resources which are in fact just enough to keep the entire war machine rolling into the next illegal useless endless war one must question then what the real point is. The answer to which is simple, territorial gains for the Cabal's City of London based empire.

01. CRYPTO Currency Scam

The Cabal will attempt to establish Crypto Currencies worldwide in order to blackmail, bankrupt and steal country’s resources at will. This will also be necessary to hide the fact that the USA is completely bankrupt as going to digital currency will allow them to produce fictitous wealth by simply adding zeros to their non-existant amounts.

02. Global Warming/Climate Change  Trillion Dollar Scam

The Paris Agreement scam has already been revived by Biden. The attempt to blackmail countries with "Climate Change" and "Global Warming" while ignoring that their dirty companies and "Geo-Engineering" are the cause will continue, legitimized by the United Nations and the Paris Accords. Toward the end of the Trump regime we noticed a halt to Chem-Trailing and now have a return to almost normal weather conditions in Russia. Chemtrailing and dstructive weather manipulation will thus continue

03. GMO Seed Scam

Bill Gates and the MONSANTO/GMO food manipulators will continue pushing pesticides in poor countries that will destroy the soil by raising acid contents and will attempt to collect monies on GMO contaminated crops claiming they are proprietary while the people of the world are kept in a state famine.

04. The Great Reset Attempt

Having no other way to increase their profit margins and in a final attempt to enslave and control humanity, literally cannibalizing the human race, the elites will attempt to convince the people to agree to not own anything and give it all to the elites in exchange for forgiving their debt.

05. Surprise Easter Egg

Forecast and Threat Analysis for Russia and the Russian World Under a Biden Presidency

01. Bellicose/Brinksmanship Ignoring Strategic Superiority of the Russian Federation

Biden and the Cabal will continue their brinksmanship against Russia leading to a possible nuclear confrontation. Threats of making Russia pay have just been made by Biden (Febuary 5, 2021) and more sanctions will be used based on straw man arguments that will be set up by the plethora of think tanks and media puppet masters whose are paid and ordered to create the NARRATIVE that is the most vital instrument of the empire and the Cabal.

02. Military Grade Social Engineering, Color Revolution Technology, Manufactured Consent

The escalation of operations against the Russian people and the Russian State have already seen a sharp increase as the CIA has succeeded in once again calling forth unsanctioned illegal rallies and is now trying to attract children to take part in political demonstrations as they are the least intelligent segment of Russian society and easier to lie to and manipulate than the adult population.

03. Targetting and Demonizing President Putin

President Putin will continue to be the number one target of the CIA/MOSSAD/MI6 hybrid war information operations with his demonization by the Clintonite cabal escalating. We have already seen this starting with statements by child trafficker Pelosi and Cabal hag Clinton.

04. Escalation of Pathological Transference of Fake and Fabricated Claims Against Russia

While the Trump architects attempted to use Communism, Socialism, Marxism and old cold-war style phraseology in their attempt at stoking populous hate against Russia and China as the basis for their manufactured consent and demonization operations, the Clinton Cabal which has now returned to power, has a long track record of much blacker and more evil operations and tactics. While the propaganda machine of Trump was screaming Chicoms and “Cultural Marxism”, the “Demon-krauts” fabricate any and every kind of event that they possible can and promote it as truth, which made Trump easier to deal with. The fake Skripal and Navalny NOVICHOK fabrications were all from the Globalist scum now in power, as was the Russian collusion fabrication against Trump.

05. Bribing, Blackmailing and Spreading Corruption

Given the Biden track record in the Ukraine and with China, the corruption and bribing of officials worldwide will continue and escalate, again, to never-before-seen levels. Corruption and the ability to trick, lie and pay officials into selling out their own countries is a talent the CIA/Cabal has and will use with reckless abandon under a Biden dictatorship. Trump had the check and balance, albeit run by lunatics-on-a-witch-hunt, of the Demonkrauts ready to pounce on his every move. However with the Globalists/NeoCon/Zionist/Swamp/Deep State lunatic fringe which is the politest way I can describe the "Democrats" now controlling everything, Biden will literally do whatever he wants in fulfilling the objectives of his puppet masters. We recall how Biden bragged about blackmailing Ukraine to get rid of a prosecutor who came after him and his crack head, child raping son. We also recall, here in Russia, the Baturina payouts to Biden and the hundreds of officials and government workers arrested and doing time for taking bribes and doing the bidding of the Clinton State Department, the Globalist scum and the MIIC run by the Black Operations Command of the CIA.

06. Assassinations of Russian and Russia Allied Journalists, Scientists, Diplomats, Whistleblowers, et al

No one must ever forget that it was these same Demon-krauts, and I call them that for this very good reason, who instead of befriending nations and de-escalating the post-911 Bush Neo-Con War on Muslims, instead escalated the aforementioned and unleashed Nazis in Europe once again. The same Rothschild-Rockefeller City of London Corporation Black Nobility structures and operatives who committed genocide on the Soviet people, slaughtered the Romanov's, committed the American Genocide against my people, as with the first time, unleashed fascist racist murderous hate onto the planet in order to increase their own profits and power, recreating a world which is not theirs to re-create, into an abomination after their own image.

Yes these same CIA Globalist Neo-Con "Illuminati" scum who attempted to destroy Russia multiple times throughout history have returned. To be less cryptic, if that is too cryptic for you, the Kagan clan in the persona of Victoria Nuland, McFaul no doubt, Brennan, Pelosi and all of the rest of the Maidan sniper operation mass-murdering ghouls are back, only this time "Pedo Joe" Biden, "the fixer", is heading the show.
Thus we can expect an extreme escalation of more of the same by these ghouls as we had under Obama. More extreme and bloody Maidans, more numerous and bloody aircraft downings, more wide-reaching assassinations of innocent people who are not serving the New World Order, including journalists, scientists, diplomats, politicians, religious leaders and anyone else with even the slightest influence.

06. Attempts to Stifle and Kill Development and Sovereign Brands and Innovation

The Rothschild/Rockefeller/Globalist Cabal will continue to attempt to stifle Russian Advances, Innovation and Sovereign Development in all areas including Science, Factory Production, Defense Advancements, Intelligence Operations, Economic Development, Medical Advances, Business and the like.

Through Privatization they will manage to buy into and destroy and cripple key elements of production and manufacturing if they are allowed to.

07. Historical Revisionism and Corrupting the Educational System

Historical revisionism will continue in the Educational Systems and in the media. Media puppets will continue to receive lucre and their families and property in the West will continue to be protected and prosper.

08. Navalny: Installing a Another Puppet President in Russia

The CIA/MI6/FVEY/Cabal will make a final attempt to install Navalny as the NWO puppet leader to facilitate the liquidation of the Russian Federation before the death of Lord Rothschild. Failing in that they will assassinate him and use that as a means to demonize Putin. The Cabal believes Navalny has the public support to bring about an insurrection. When they realize he does not, ala Nemtsov, Yeltsin et al, he will be heart-attacked.

09. Genetically Based Biological Genocide

The COVID Biological Genocide and RFID Chipping Operation by the Cabal will fail although new strains will be introduced, which will also fail as Russia is already prepared for such a scenario. When Government Officials finally realize and/or admit what the Cabal is doing, a massive eviction of ALL Cabal connected operations and agents will occur, including the Carnegie Center, Snowden, Pfizer, and all of the 'Consulting" firms embedded in the Russian Government.

10. Continued Control of Russia's "Independent" Media as an Extension of the MOCKINGBIRD

The number one topic of discussion, no matter how bad it gets will continue to be the USA and every little thing that happens in connection to it. Biden has already stated that the USA has returned to the world stage and this is exactly what he means. Bribes and illegal covert funding for the global MOCKINGBIRD will continue and the Russian media will continue endlessly discussing the USA and Nazis and ignoring what is happening in Russia until something finally breaks and they manugfacture the consent for the enslavement and the liquidation of the Russian Federation.

03-02-2021 - As long as no one is prosecuted for the liquidation of the Voice of Russia World Service which was dismantled subverted and destroyed by agents of the CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD and for the erasure of the body which maintained the record of all material published in Russia there is no way that we can assume that the Russian media space is independent and not an extension of the MOCKINGBIRD.

Given the seriousness of this issue and the outright refusal of the authorities to properly address these issues and the manner with which the CIA has targeted a person with asylum from the USA, the installation of CIA Avatar Snowden in the Russian media space and the targetting and erasure of all of my work and myself as a person, I will be publishing and writing all of the details that I have to date refrained from publishing or making know.

Please stay tuned to this space in the nearest future for the upcoming revelations and for a link to the book on te issue that I will release soon.. 



11. Soft Power and Associated Money Laundering Operations

The Rockefeller Carnegie Center will attempt to take the lead in anti-Russian operations (the Moscow Times) and the endless McDonald's and Western garbage food outlets which continue to suck billions of dollars out of Russia. These are perfect examples of soft-power operations that are allowed to continue untouched by Russia.

12. Human Resource Exploitation

Global mega-corporations will continue to use Russians as cheap labor and continue to steal Russian scientific and medical advancements and anything else intellectual that they can.

13. Narcotics and Human Trafficking Operations

NATO will continue moving illicit cargoes through Russian territory under various guises.

14. Snow-Den will continue to attempt to provide on-site information support for CIA Narratives.

15. Destabilization and Protests

Attempts at destabilization will continue

16. The theft of property and wealth called sanctions will continue as the bankrupt West, run into the ground by the fiscally retarded warmongers, once again comes into power.

17.. FVEY Yandex

Will continue their operations and to expand


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