American/Ziorikan the Exceptionalism of Genociders

политический фастфуд фаст фуд США Американская политика демократия Дядя Сэм Макдональдс


US/MOSSAD/MI6 Masonic Zionist 5th Column in Russia

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Despite America's Belief in its Own Exceptionalism, No Country or People are Indispensable


For General Flyn on American "Exceptionabalism"

This article was originally published on the liquidated Voice of Russia World Service in English. Given the recent Tweet by US General Flynn I decided to revise it a little but it still stands. This is not for Americans to read. Any citizen of that pariah nation may be disturbed by the reality of their existence.

The United States of America is an exceptional nation. It truly is! In every way, shape and form it is the most exceptional country on this little blue orb floating in space. And Americans are the most truly exceptional people on the planet, this is a fact that we know because we are forced to know it and told this by the exceptional Americans themselves, just like America knows that every country it wants to bomb is deserving of their bombs because they are less than exceptional and even, to those exceptionally exceptional exceptionalists, they are in fact objectionable. No country on Earth is as exceptional as the US, if you argue then you too will become exceptionable to the exceptionals. If after being put in your place you remain argumentative and objectionable about your own worthlessness then you will become exceptionally exceptionable and warranting exceptional undebatable irretraceable destruction by exceptional means of annihilation. Exceptional to the max!

The only other country on this entire planet that is even in a league with the US is Israel. They are not only exceptional but they are exceptionally exceptionable as they are God's chosen exceptional. Just ask them they will tell you. Yes they know that God chose them so you must agree or else they will kill you or send their exceptional American attack dogs to do it for them. Yes, because God's chosen own the American exceptionals lock, stock and barrel. God's chosen can even eat the children of American exceptionalists and the Americans have to cover for them. Oh the impunity! So much exceptionalism!

Perhaps certain Americans in their ignorance confused the words exceptionable and exceptional because if we look at the reality of what America is, the truly proper word, if we understate (Yes I said understate) the gravity of the situation, is exceptionable. Perhaps though I am wrong, Flynn and all of the elites say America is exceptional, maybe they are right. What do I know? I am just an exceptionable expendable indigenous objectionable I suppose.

So for General Flynn and all the MAGA genociders I have revised this old article and now let’s look at America for a minute and see why it is truly exceptional. Bear with me because the facts are truly of an exceptional nature.

America is exceptional because:

It has the highest rate of missing and exploited children in the world, in this it is exceptional.

It is exceptional because even though evidence exists of Satanic child sacrifice and rampant pedophilia among more than half of the DC elite not one prosecution has been had.

It has the highest debt in the history of the world which is exceptional and continues to operate bankrupt longer than any other country or organization in the history of mankind. Extremely exceptional economics!

It has an exceptionally high rate of illiteracy among countries in the modern world and probably one of the most dumbed down populaces on Earth while reportedly having the most advanced information technologies on this little planet. Exceptional!

It has a system of higher education that is exceptionally expensive and only allows the most exceptional of the exceptionals to obtain a higher education.

It has the most exceptional regime of endemic institutionalized racism while at the same time claiming it is the land of the free and equal. This is exceptional hypocrisy. Psychotic in degree. Exceptional.

The US has an exceptional internal white supremacist terrorist organization with exceptional white robes and hoods that have entered into agreement with those in power to maintain the status quo of racial inequality so that they remain more or less inactive. This is an exceptional arrangement with the government and the power elites.

The United States has exceptional laws that allow these and other hate groups to march and terrorize the less exceptional into fear and silence and even loathing of their ethnicity. This is exceptional. To make non-whites ashamed of their own color! Exceptional!

And the health care? World class! The highest paid doctors and nurses on the planet! But if you cut your finger with a fluorescent bulb and get that nasty anti-coagulant in the cut and don’t have insurance, you can bleed to death! Really! Ten thousand dollars a night for a hospital bed! Exceptional!

It has more guns and violence and the most militarized brutal police forces on the planet. Police so intimidatingly armed and exceptionally brutal, unless of course you are a fair maiden then you may be subject to their exceptional love. Exceptionalistically exceptional! To serve and protect!

The police have exceptional training and can shoot you in the head or slam your face into the concrete faster than you can even finish asking, “What did I do?” Exceptional!

The legal system is also exceptional, people can take a gun and shoot black teens walking down the street and then raise hundreds of thousands of dollars from supporters and then have the system say they are innocent. This is like no other system in the world! It is exceptional. They even have the understanding of the crime of walking while black! A capital offense! Exceptional! And the President and Attorney General, black on the outside too! Do nothing! Exceptional!

And the freedom! Like the KKK, neo-nazis [sic], and homicidal anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim lunatics, they can burn Qurans, hold marches, burn crosses and even kill minorities by hanging them from trees and get away with it. Just like the Third Reich! They are exceptional.

Speaking of the Third Reich, the most beautiful thing is that the elites in America include many members of the Jewish persuasion and even a black president and the system of hate flourishes! This is exceptional! The Zionist "Jews" own America in fact, and pit the populace against each other and enslave the entire population but no one can talk about it, this is the most exceptional thing on the planet.

But that is not all. The country that consumes and uses more resources than any other country in the world and which produces almost nothing, is somehow also considered the richest. This is while being technically bankrupt and dependent on foreign resources to keep itself going. This is not only exceptional but unbelievable! Awesome!

On Obama: And it only gets better. The United States has a leader involved in countless wars and threatening world peace on a daily basis, even threatening through a proxy the Russian Federation with terrorist acts during the Olympic games, and he has the Nobel Peace Prize! This is also exceptional. Yes indeed dear reader. Truly, deeply, undeniably and impressingly exceptional.

On Trump: The United States has a leader who was a installed by Rothschild bankers as the MAGA man but who is in fact a slave to Israel and will even bomb a country because his daughter tells him to. The fact that no one says anything and nothing will happen for this war crime is truly exceptional! 

The country continues to operate and maintain an illegal torture prison right in front of the eyes of the whole world and gets away with it, while committing war crimes, acts of aggressive war, crimes against peace and now agreeing to use nuclear weapons on North Korea if the pretext is right, remains unprosecuted or unsanctioned and its leaders prance around the globe unhindered. This is truly mind-bogglingly exceptional! Bravo! The AWE!

The country is even able to force down the presidential aircraft of objectionable leaders of sovereign nations whenever it wants and get away with it untouched, this my friend is truly exceptional.

But that is not all, that is not even the beginning, Oh no siree Bob! What about that poor Australian lad that exposed their illegality and has grown white haired while trapped in an embassy in a free surrogate country. Exceptionally exceptional. Yes, that! Wow! The true grit of that exceptionalism is mind-boggling! And then his rendition and torture right in front of the eyes of the world and no one says anything! Exceptional!

Even more exceptional is the way the CIA has taken over WikiLeaks and is using it however they wish and the people believe them. Their mind control and media manipulation are truly a thing of wonder! Exceptional!

Then there is the exceptional spying. PRISM, Key Stroke, and all of their corporate slaves allowing the system to be hosted on their servers. That system is truly exceptional! It even spies on the United Nations. Exceptional.

And the weapons! Oh my! The numbers of weapons! Only to be outdone by the different sort and types, oh how many ways to kill their fellow humans, and even make billions doing it! That is exceptional! And the best is when they bomb and devastate a country and then charge the country for reconstruction! That is the very definition of exceptional!

What about the population! Enslaved! Afraid to speak out! And paying for the endless wars and profiteering! While they themselves are having trouble finding food! These people are so exceptional they even give these huge corporations which have sent all of their jobs abroad tax breaks! Yes these billion dollar corporate monsters do not have to pay taxes like the poor homeless minions! That is truly exceptional!

Wait! Back to the legal system for a second! This is a country where parents can adopt and then kill foreign children and then spend a few months relaxing in a well equipped comfortable cell, eating three squares and then get out and do it again! Truly exceptional. While we are at it! The death penalty! Yes truly an exceptional punishment! And what about that little guy who exposed all of those war crimes? The war criminals got away with it and he went to prison forever! Exceptional! And the public has done nothing! Also exceptional.

While we are there, what about this? They can arrest citizens of other countries in third countries for intending to possibly think about assisting someone who may have had the inclination to consider breaking an American law, and then throw him in jail for 25 years just because they say he is a bad guy! Exceptional!

And the political system! A billion dollars plus to be president and two parties that are really one! Exceptionally. And the archaic Machiavellian political system where one can lose the popular vote but win the presidency! Exceptional. Yes indeed. Wow.

Truly exceptional is the fact that even with evidence of foreign donations in the hundreds of billions and the selling of the US presidency the people do nothing. The Rothschild give hundreds of millions to their candidate who pays them penance and loses and no one does anything or questions. Then the Rothschilds are shown to have financed Trump and still nothing! Exceptional! Worse than a banana republic.

What about the warfare. Exceptional. They can sit in a bunker and kill people with a drone. Committing extra-judicial executions at will and even make up killing lists on a publicly known day called “Terror Tuesdays” and the people and the world do nothing! Because they are exceptional! And now these exceptional killing drones have become even more exceptional! They have become F-15 fighter aircraft and next? Bombers that will be drone-like! Exceptional! They will be able to bomb entire continents of the planet while watching their favorite programs on TV. EXCEPTIONAL beyond the exceptional.

But the most exceptional thing is that this exceptional country, which was founded on the genocide of over 500 million American Indians and built by slaves, calls itself the Land of the FREE! Truly and monumentally exceptional.

And lastly also worth mentioning for its exceptionability is that event that made it all possible! 9-11, the most exceptional controlled demolition in the history of the human race! And no one was prosecuted for it! Exceptional to the existential degree! Imagine five skyscrapers imploding into their own footprints after lateral impacts, and three were not even hit. Exceptional… And the number of dead 2,999 almost exactly 3,000. The horror and monstrosity of this event is beyond words. Yet, the fact that all of the aircraft disintegrated, melted and disappeared into dust. Exceptional! And the best minds in science could never explain where the 767s disappeared to!!! Truly exceptional.

And now we know it was MOSSAD and the CIA and Saudi Arabia who carried out 911 and NOTHING is done to these mass murdering lunatics. They are in fact coming back into public life as Zionists completely take control of the government. So the United States has now become a Jewish country and they are eradicating all the Goy now. And NOBODY does anything about it. Truly exceptional! Let them eat your children, rape your babies and sacrifice your newborns to Moloch and you keep giving them your money and supporting them and even fighting for them! Exceptional!

Yes America! You are exceptional. Oops, sorry, did I say exceptional? I meant exceptionable. So sorry.

RNC Unified the People Against a Common Enemy: The Elites

31 August 2012, 18:57

The Republican National Convention will soon be history but the resonance of what occurred in Tampa may live on for a long time. For the first time in decades, police and protestors have found a common ground and mutual respect. Something the elites who met to plan their divisive foreign and internal policies and to continue and expand the influence of their party of exclusion, cannot be at all happy about.

There are still a few people out there who have not forgotten the plethora of crimes committed by the Republican Administration of George Bush even though many people who questioned 9-11 and the aggressive wars launched by the U.S. against countries that had nothing to do with it have been marginalized and written off to obscurity, some are still able to make themselves heard and are still fighting for those responsible for everything from Guantanamo to the Bush torture program to be brought to justice.

Although a majority of the American people are too scared to stand up and protest, there is a growing number of Americans who feel they have nothing to lose and that it is time to take their country back from the rich elites who have gutted the American dream for the many and have destroyed the image of the U.S. worldwide.

Many Americans are waking up and realizing that there is no real Democracy in the United States and that both parties are exactly the same. Despite this the U.S. Republican Party has classically and unapologetically been the party for rich white elitists and has now become the focus of protests by protest groups and the majority of Americans who are truly suffering.

One of these groups, Code Pink an anti-war group composed mainly of women, which has been attempting to make citizen’s arrests of various members of the previous US Administration under George Bush for years, due to the lack of legal entities who are willing to bring charges against the entrenched mostly former officials, has come out in force at the RNC Convention in Tampa Florida.

Code Pink’s methods may seem to be questionable and some might say even outrageous, but they are effective in getting attention and then using the attention to get their message out, in particular attempting to stage what is called in the US: a “citizen’s arrest.”

Along with the Occupy Movement and over 40 other protest groups, they descended on the “Convention of the Elites” who gathered in Tampa to select an already chosen candidate, enjoy looking at beautiful women stripping in front of them, listen to speeches and planning policy demonizing Russia and other “evil” countries and to pat each other on the backs and tell each other how wonderful they are.

Code Pink has been the most active at the RNC, for example at a speaking engagement tied to the Republican National Convention, members of Code Pink organized a protest outside of the venue while Rice was speaking inside. The protestors carried handcuffs and said they had come to arrest the former Secretary of State for war crimes.

The Co-Director of Code Pink Rae Abileah and Code Pink Member Colonel Ann Wright, US Army Retired, managed to enter the building where Rice was holding her speaking engagement and disrupt her speech regarding “compassion”.

At the beginning of the speech the Colonel stood up and began shouting the phrase: "You cannot be compassionate and kill people in the war of choice, the war in Iraq!”. Then Ms. Abileah stood up and shouted, “The blood of Iraqi children is on your hands!” Guard then escorted the women from the building.

 Code Pink later confirmed on Twitter that the activists tried to prevent Condoleezza Rice from making political speeches.

The group also managed to pull off one of the most successful disruptions of their 10 year existence by infiltrating and getting through the intense security of the Republican National Convention and disrupting a speech by the vice presidential contender Paul Ryan.

The group also heckled Rick Santorum pulling off more than the Occupy Movement and the other protest groups who had also gathered to protest at the RNC. According to Code Pink they have: “…become famous for confronting the warmongers, whether in the halls and hearing rooms of Congress, the national conventions of both the Republicans and Democrats, George Bush's fundraisers, the publicity tours of Karl Rove, Condi Rice, Donald Rumsfeld and others and even at Nancy Pelosi's house.”

Code Pink has compiled a long list of Bush era war criminals, available on their site which includes Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Stanley McChrystal, George Bush, Condoleeza Rice, Karl Rove, John Bolton, Michael Chertoff, John Ashcroft, I. Lewis Libby, Alberto Gonzales, John Yoo, Dick Cheney and George Tenet. They are calling for the arrests of all of the aforementioned and more and according to Tighe Barry, the actor and a Code Pink activist in an interview with the Voice of Russia the group has approached and attempt tp carry out citizen’s arrest on all of the individuals on their list.

Although the group is active regarding some of the most serious issues of our times, their tactics, such as the wearing of costumes designed to look like female genitalia, some say does not help their credibility and is actually insulting to women, others say this helps them get attention.

An organizer with Occupy the RNC, a local group which is assisting and coordinating with all of the groups that have come to protest the RNC, including Occupiers from all over the U.S., said there have been few if any incidents of violence between the peaceful protestors and the police. The organizer, Amos Miers, even said that on Thursday the Occupiers at the Occupy camp had run out of food and water and the Tampa Police themselves brought the Occupiers dozens of cases of food and fruit and dozens of bottles of water.

Code Pink activist Tighe Barry also had many kind words for the police who are reported to have been prepared for the worst, and who he said behaved professionally and without the use of violence or excessive force.

Miers said that according to police they had been told that they would be going up against violent anarchists and violent protestors and that the police were surprised at the peaceful and gentle nature of the Occupiers and the other protestors.

The Republican National Convention is coming to a close, and barring last minute and unexpected events, the RNC has accomplished one thing, for the first time in recent memory, the so called 99% have been looked after and have even found common ground with the police and the authorities, who until now appeared to be solely the servants of the 1%.

Alleged Hostility Toward Christians is Racist Manipulation of the US Media

27 August 2012, 14:46

Christians are under assault in the United States, claims recent report issued by Family Research Council and Liberty Institute. On the surface it looks like a seemingly alarming serious survey focusing on human and religious rights abuse. But scratch the surface and hidden agenda and manipulation of facts become obvious.

The subject of this report, and its coverage by Fox and the right-wing media may not exactly fall into the category of “media” bias but it does fall into the category of bias and the clever promotion of secret agendas and hate.

At first glance it sounds alarming: US Christians under assault – report, and it would be alarming, were it true. The report in question titled “The Survey of Religious Hostility in America” (not “A” survey but the “The” survey) is deceptive and designed to damage President Obama’s re-election chances and cleverly propagate, among other things, the intolerance of religions not deemed “real” by the U.S.’ fanatical far religious right.

The “report” wastes no time in attacking Obama and does so on page (i). The following 2 pages are designed to impress and intimidate us with the no doubt impressive resumes of the authors: Kelly Shackelford and Tony Perkins, two individuals who have made careers of using their government service and positions to advance their narrow intolerant right-wing views. Mr. Perkin’s self-avowed goal is to “…affirm and defend the Judeo-Christian values…” the US is founded on. Being listed as the leader of a hate group is also among his credentials but that of course is not mentioned.

The report cites case after case of what it calls discrimination against Christians and Christianity but fails to present all of the facts in each case and fails to note that almost every case they mention are related to issues of separation of Church and State. This is very important because it goes to underline one of the goals of the organizations in question, and that is the funding and further integration of the state and the “Christian” faith.

These are the same people who vilify President Putin and Russia because he received the blessing of the Patriarch and scream about the rights of those who in an act of religious hatred and intolerance desecrated the holiest church of the Orthodox faith, instances where they could twist the facts to their own ends and screamed “No separation of Church and State!” For these people twisting the facts or leaving them out entirely is an art.

The report attacks secularism, homosexual rights, abortion, and nowhere does it mention attacks and even the murders of members of the Muslim Faith, which the organization sees as a “Fanatical Religion”.

Who authored and funded the “report” is very important as it shows that the report was biased from its very creation and was designed to support pre-planned positions and reach false conclusions which were known from its inception.

The Family Research Council, or FRC, purports to support “traditional family values”, something few could speak out against, but how they have chosen to go about it is questionable and promotes the intolerance and marginalizing of minorities and all other religions, even Orthodoxy, which they view as not being “real”.

According to Right Wing Watch and other watchdog groups, the group lobbies for state-sponsored prayer in schools, state funding for private schooling (a way for whites to avoid segregated public schools), censorship in libraries, an end to sex education programs in schools, abstinence as the only method of birth control, an end to reproductive freedom, no abortion even in the case of rape or incest and the right to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

Their goals include: “establishing a conservative Christian standard of morality in all of America's domestic and foreign policy”, defunding the National Endowment for the Arts and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the disestablishment of the Department of Education.

The Liberty Institute claims they advance “the cause of liberty, including religious liberty”. However they only support those who share their narrow views, the same as those outlined above. An extensive search found no cases where they came out in defense of Muslims, Jews, Buddhists or any other religious group or faith for that matter.

The Family Research Council has been listed as a hate group and its leader Tony Perkins as the leader of a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The organization Equality Matters, an organization that fights for LGBT rights also has an extensive data base on the FRC as does Media Matters for America.

In summary the so called “report” is another thinly guised attempt by a hate group promoting intolerance and using some of the same tactics used by white supremacist groups namely the use of provocations to receive a response they can rally against, the omission of facts and the claim of reverse discrimination.

To understand how the Christian faith has been used by hate groups in the US for centuries one must delve into the psychology of the angry white intolerant part of the population of the country and there is quite frankly not enough space in this column for that.

Perhaps some of their points are valid and even I might agree with one or two, but a healthy democracy must include a separation of Church and State, tolerance for other views and other religions and the protection of minorities.

Religion should never be used as a cover to promote hate or killing, as the FRC does, as the KKK does, as Jihadists do, and even as Hitler did. We as intelligent citizens of the world in the 21st century must speak out against intolerance and do what we can to stop the hate. After all, if you believe in a higher power, we are all “God’s” children.

Shootings Continue: Disgruntled Clothing Designer vs. Trigger Happy Police

26 August 2012, 22:49

There has been yet another shooting in the US with multiple victims and innocent people injured. The shooting near the Empire State Building in New York City, after the recent spate of mass-murders and increasing gun violence in America which is causing international resonance, has done little to add to what should be a national outcry for stricter gun control, societal changes and the better training of police.

The facts of the case are as follows: a disgruntled clothing designer, Jeffrey Johnson, who lost his job amidst a conflict with a co-worker, Steve Ercolino, who was supposed to have been promoting his clothing line, opened fired on Ercolino shooting him multiple times in the head and as the victim lay on the ground.

After killing his former co-worker Mr. Johnson, smartly dressed in a suit and tie, calmly walked away but was followed by a nearby construction worker who alerted police. When approached by police, Mr. Johnson produced his weapon and moved as if to open fire. He did not fire the weapon, either because it jammed or was not loaded, but was shot dead by police. According to official police statements to the press Officers Craig Matthews and Robert Sinishtaj fired off a total of 16 rounds, hitting Mr. Johnson 10 times and injuring 9 bystanders.

Despite the high number of innocent people injured by the hail of police gunfire Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told reporters on Saturday that the incident was “handled well”.

One could easily argue that the police officers involved over-reacted and were not sufficiently well trained in gun control as it took two of them 16 rounds to stop a suspect who was in the open and a mere few meters away. New York Police have a long history of using excessive force and of emptying their weapons on suspects but of course the excuse that they acted in the heat of the moment is one that will exonerate them as will the fact that they did in fact stop and “neutralize” the shooter. The fact that that they shot or injured 9 innocent people will likely not be debated much.

As with most such incidents in the US including the recent shootings at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin and the Aurora Colorado massacre the reaction time of the US police was excellent and prevented the loss of more lives. I personally say hats off to them on that. However, what must be looked at are the root causes that trigger such events that allow them to take place in the first place and here again we are delving into an area that needs to be closely studied and seriously looked at by sociologists and the relevant authorities who would then need to implement sober and wide ranging changes to American society. For no matter how Americans scream about their outdated and improperly interpreted 2nd Amendment “Right to Bear Arms” America has serious problems when it comes to guns and arms.

In the case of Mr. Johnson, we see once again a man who lost his job, was described by neighbors as a quiet and kind animal lover and was said to have “snapped”. Yet there were warning signs that were ignored as he had had a long running conflict with his former co-worker and had reportedly even threatened to kill the victim at one point.

In many of these cases the “trigger” that sets off the killers, who in most cases see no other way out, is the loss of a job or other support system that allowed them to live normal lives. Be it a veteran returning home with no support system or safety net to assist him or her, a loner isolated from society with no friends or family, or an employed person with no benefits and no hope for securing new employment, the root causes are the same: isolation, despair, hopelessness and seeing no way out.

One could say that this is a natural function and disadvantage of capitalism with many Americans screaming “Socialism!” at mechanisms that would assist these people, but we as members of society, in reality, have a responsibility and a duty to those around us, be they our family, neighbors, countrymen or even fellow members of the human race.

I just talked about social support but another area affecting these events is the availability of guns in America. Although there is no way that Americans are going to give up their billions of guns, there must be stricter gun controls put into place. For example a complete ban on handguns and I single out handguns because most of these cases involve handguns which are easy to conceal and use. As with the Aurora and Wisconsin shooting Mr. Johnson used a semi-automatic high-caliber weapon purchased legally, in Florida.

As the economic and social problems continue to worsen and become more widespread in America we will no doubt continue to see more and more of these events, and until the American people have the courage to stand up and take a hard look in the mirror and make serious changes, the shootings and death will just continue to escalate.

Romney’s Sikhs vs Sheikhs: A Racist “Mistake”, Playing to His Racist “Base”

10 August 2012, 15:12

It is almost impossible for any thinking and rational person to believe that a man with an accumulated wealth of over $200 million dollars would be able out of ignorance or simple tiredness, to make so many gaffes, blunders and insult so many people as Mitt Romney has done lately.

When we look further are we to believe that the rich, powerful and supposedly educated Romney can be so incredibly stupid to mistake “Sheiks” and “Sikhs”. Okay things happen, but right on the heels of the event, it is hard to imagine even from a man who once forgot his dog on the roof of his car and took off down the highway. Romney committed such a slip-of-the-tongue when apparently expressing his condolences to those affected by the recent killing of members of the Sikh faithful in Oak Creek Wisconsin.

I say “apparently” expressing condolences because he was not addressing any member of the Sikh community at the time and because I am not an apologist for Mr. Romney if you think I am coming down too hard on him, think again. Yes “apparently” because he was speaking to his supporters in Iowa, his “base”.

During his speech he made the “mistake” several times, he called their place of worship a "Temple of the Sheik’s" and even added that "The Sheik people, as well as their religion, are one of the most peaceful."

This is a man who knows exactly what he is doing and all of his “mistakes” and “gaffes”, I believe, are carefully planned and orchestrated to play to his “base”, who I will get to in a minute. Such a callous and insulting “error” has no real place in the public debate and were it not in the context of a presidential election it would in no way be so easily brushed aside, at least by many.

As for the “Sheik” gaffe a spokesman for the Republican, Rick Hill, explained that the politician was just tired and incorrectly used words that are similar in pronunciation. “Incorrectly used similar words”, nice, if you are a red-neck driving a pick-up. Which is exactly the type of person, in all likelihood, who Romney is playing to, because you see, in American politics, and in particular Republican politics, the uneducated, racist, and xenophobic poor white class of voter is one of their most important assets.

Call them NASCAR folks, the working class, those down-home-folks, “real” Americans, “good” Christians, the good-ole-boys or what have you, the fact of the matter is that these are the kind of people that are so numerous in the United States that their votes put people like George Bush into the White House, not once, but twice, and for Romney these are the people who matter.

I am not an apologist for these people but I am sure there are a few of them who do know the difference between a “Sheikh” and a “Sikh” and a “Muslim” and a “Sikh” and an “Iranian” and a “Puerto Rican”, the last one I added because my father had to defend our family from attack by U.S. racists in 1979, who wanted to kill us because they thought we were Iranian, and after 9-11 many members of my family were harassed by police and beaten in the United States because they were brown and could have been Muslims.

These are people who would kill or attack even Russians and other members of the white race group just for being different. I should underline that Arabs and even Iranians are classified by the U.S. government as white.

The same people who sympathize with the Wisconsin shooter, hate anything foreign, believe insulting heads of state and members of the international community is a virtue and shows guts and strength, and view ignorance as a virtue, meaning he is a “regular” guy and “one of us”. Truly frightening when a man in the position they are going to put Romney into can start WWIII.

After Romney’s recent “gaffe filled foreign trip” where he and his entourage managed to insult almost everyone they came in contact with Romney strategist Stuart Stevens said that the trip was “a great success, generally." I am sure it was, if we are talking about scoring points and pleasing ignorant xenophobic members of the American electorate.

Going back to the “Sheikh” blunder, coming on the heels of the event it was either a completely and unbelievably stupid error (and I have already said that this is not something I believe) or it was something much darker and sinister indeed.

When we look at the fact that many of these white supremacists and neo-Nazis are so ignorant that they would confuse a Sikh with a Muslim and even the shooter in Wisconsin was so filled with xenophobic hate that he ended his own life in what may have been a complete failure to his own twisted ends, and we see a candidate for the position of what many call “The Leader of the Free World” making the exact same error, it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.

Yet he may well become the next president of the United States, and sadly for the world, this will lead to more death and destruction and quite possibly WWIII, unless Romney is just pretending.

On his recent visit to Poland, Israel, and London he managed to offend almost everyone. Romney called Jerusalem capital of Israel, he insulted the Palestinians, who many of the aforementioned base see as just more Muslim “rag-heads”, he insulted the British, who many in his base see as “elitist” and “tea-drinkers”, and he insulted the Polish, who many of the ignorant see as “stupid” and are called “Pollacks” (an American epithet for Polish people).

So if the world was shocked by Romney’s gaffes, don’t worry, or worry, as the case may be, he was just playing to his “base”.

Guns in America: Culture of Violence

25 July 2012, 14:26

The numbers say it better than anything; on average 97,820 people are shot every year and approximately 268 every day. That is a huge number of people, individuals with families, dreams, hopes and lives. You may think these numbers come from a country at war, Iraq or Afghanistan, or some violent country in upheaval like Libya, Somalia or the Middle-East, yet these numbers according to the site, are the average numbers for victims of gun violence in the U.S.

The world is focused once again on a mass murder in the United States, this time the recent mass shooting in Aurora Colorado, an upscale community in the Denver Metropolitan Area, where a benign harmless looking young man with orange hair dressed in full body armor opened fire on a crowd gathered for a midnight showing of the latest celebration of violence being offered by Hollywood.

When he was done unloading four weapons full of ammunition into the crowd he had taken the lives of 12 people and injured another 58, a total of 70, making it the mass shooting with the greatest number of victims in U.S. history. Had his Smith and Wesson semi-automatic rifle with a 100 round drum magazine not jammed the number would have been undoubtedly much higher.

What may be surprising for some is that James Eagan Holmes had no previous criminal record and had legally purchased all of the guns he used from local guns shops and the almost 6,000 rounds of ammunition in his possession on-line. He did so with an ease that has many people all over the world shaking their heads in disbelief.

Again some numbers, according to the New York Times the US has 49,762 licensed gun dealers and 7,261 pawn shops that are allowed to sell weapons. This does not include department stores and sport shops, in some states, where rifles may be bought over the counter nor those sold by individuals. The point being that guns are a huge business and readily available if one wishes to purchase one.

This latest tragedy, the 60th mass shooting in the United States since January 8, 2011, when a lone gunman killed 6 and injured 13, including a U.S. Congressman, has once again sparked a debate in American society regarding gun control. A country where such jokes as, “the only problem with gun control is keeping your hands from trembling” are common, and more the rule than the exception, and where the pro-gun lobby is one of the most powerful in the country.

To enter into any debate regarding gun control in America we must first delve into the psyche and the culture of violence that exists in America, for this is where the real problem lies. It is not in 2nd amendment rights to bear arms or self-defense or crime, although these are issues the pro-gun lobby in the U.S. always hides behind. The real root cause is in the minds of the majority of the American public, who may feel that a gun gives them a feeling of empowerment, the power over life and death, the feeling that if they want to they can take a life. Something they see glorified in the media every day.

The Departed, Hardboiled, Hot Shots, The Replacement Killers, Heat, The Gauntlet and The Crow are all Hollywood films that vie for the glory of the most shots fired during a single film. Most Americans call this trivia but there is an underlying fascination and feeling of awe for such information. Films such as these only stoke the flames of violence and glorify killing and guns.

This fascination with killing is also evident every time there is a mass murder and the American media goes into overdrive, feeding the masses information about the type and caliber of weapon used and the number of rounds fired and in what duration. Then there are the endless talk shows and articles delving into the mind of the killer(s) and lastly, in many cases, the great pleasure and satisfaction many feel when the killer, who deserves to die, is executed .

The debate on gun control flares up after every such event, yet there is no outcry to outlaw guns, because as many Americans love to say, “If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns.” Yet no one really wants to look at the causes that lead such individuals to snap and, in their minds, gain their moment of glory and attention. No one wants to debate the culture and glorification of death and violence that is an engrained part of the American psyche, because if they do then they have to take a long hard look at themselves.

The situation in America is a vicious circle of violence feeding itself and escalating as time goes by. U.S. law enforcement has become militarized with many police departments at a seeming “state of war” against the population they are supposed to protect. Why? Because every single person they may encounter during their workday may be packing, everyone from a 12 year old to an 89 year-old grandmother. But do they outlaw guns? No.

Laws covering gun possession and sales vary from state to state but for all intents and purposes almost anyone can buy a gun. If you can’t buy one from a gun shop, then in some states you can buy one in the hunting department of the local department store, in some areas the purchase of rifles does not require a waiting period or a background check. If that doesn’t work then you can go into the bad part of town and buy one from a pawn shop, a petty thief or a drug dealer if you spend a little time looking.

Sure owning a gun might make us feel safer but there are alternatives that are less lethal and just as effective. If the argument is about self defense, there are stun guns, tasers, tear gas and a variety of other options ideal for home or self-defense. Why would anyone need, for example, a 50 caliber Gatling gun to protect themselves and their family?

Countries all over the world, including Russia, need to take a long hard look at America before they even start to consider relaxing laws covering gun ownership and sales. Guns are designed for one thing, to kill people. Is this an ability we want everyone to have?

One of my favorite quotes by Albert Einstein, I think is very relevant: “Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding." Perhaps it is time to lay down your arms America?


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