Understanding the Evil of the FBI: 911, Mueller and the Cancer in "Security"

Counter-Intelligence HUMIT Tradecraft to Defeat US Government Agents


  These Files Will Help You to Understand Exactly How US "Security" Operates. They are posted for educational purposes only. We are not responsible for any improper or illegal usage of these files. They have been published to educate the innocent public increasingly illegally targetted and incorrectly profiled as criminals by a rogue and out-of-control US intelligence aparatus.

Anon Sends: Literature and More Files - FBI Profiling

Understanding the Psychology and Methodology Used in Targetting You



Complete Guide for FBI Investigators - 656 Pages

This document had been redacted but it was done so poorly inside of a pdf editor that the redactions which had been black to hide the text were simply turned gold and in fact highlight the key points. The document was found in this manner on the "Secret" Intercept cache which we downloaded.


Being as the Intercept is a CIA Front this may have been done intentionally in their ongoing turf war. However it does detail remarkably well how the FBI actually operates. The document is 507 MBs so please download with discretion.



CIA Tradecraft for Avoiding Detection and Infiltrating European Countries

Understanding Their Tradecraft and Tactics Will Help You Spot Their Operatives - MOSSAD As Well




NEW FBI Domestic Spying Guidelines


NEW FBI Mass Surveillance


NEW SECRET FBI/NSA Information Operations


NEW FBI COINTELPRO - Black Extremist A


NEW FBI COINTELPRO - Black Extremist B

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NEW FBI Academy Cellmate Informants

FBI Re-Release FBI 20,000 FBI OFFICERS



FBI Re-Release from the Archives

10433_FBI Sovereign .pdf

10434_FBI Presence o.pdf

10435_FMSO JRIC Lati.pdf

10436_Baltimore Poli.pdf

10437_El Paso Joint .pdf

10438_DHS CBP Tucson Field Office 6-10-11.pdf

10439_DHS CBP Joint Field Command Arizona 6-10-11.pdf

10440_FBI Homegrown .pdf


FBI Re-Release from the Archives: CARNIVORE



Stop FBI.zip

NEW FBI documents: attack on democratic rights of anti-war and international solidarity activists

NEW How to Beat the FBI Spy and Counter Spy (205 Pages)



NOTE FROM JAR2: Anonymous, LULZSEC, ZEROSEC and others have taken part in our latest batch of leaked documents, literature and information. In this dump were a large number of documents regarding the FBI, DHS, ICE, the CIA, surveillance and spying mechanisms that has never before been released and other information that is not widely know and serves to expand on everything we have already published, such as information on targetted individuals and the New World Order which deserves to be read and shared and given proper attention.

Counter Intelligence Background Information: Understanding the Corporation and Knowing and Identifying the Real Instruments and Bodies of the the So-Called New World Order

The Rothschilds and the Puppet Masters love to stay in the shadows. They are the real rulers of all FVEY countries and their design to rule the entire world is what they call the New World Order. Individuals like Rockefeller and Soros and of course the Rothschilds are the individuals that make up the Shadow Government of the New World Order.

The Deep State as they are now called are the unelected bodies, corporations and individuals such as the CFR and the private Military Industrial Intelligence Complex who truly control and direct the US Government at the behest of the Shadow Government. Under this scheme the elected officials such as the President have almost no say and are merely puppets for the puppet masters. Below is a profile for Timothy Geithner a perfect example and a poster boy for the Deep State and the New World Order. Geithner's credentials point to him as being a direct emissary of the Shadow Government and his resume is basically a who's who of the Deep State.

Why is this important to understand in a piece about the FBI and the Security Services? Because all of the Security Services have been taken over by and are controlled by the Deep State. This includes appointed officials chosen by the puppet presidents and non-appointed individuals permanently employed and working in the shadows.  

To further complicate matters and confuse those seeking answers and truth, something that those in power eternally obfuscate, one must understand that the United States of America is not a country but a corporation and all of the puppets, and the Deep State and even the Shadow Government are all merely administrators of the Corporation, again owned and controlled by the Rothschilds and a very narrow elite as I have outlined in my New World Order Research.  

The Corporation (the United States of America) has long been owned for the most part by the Rothschild family, this is a fact that I have uncovered in my journalistic work and investigations of the New World Order and in fact all Anglo FVEY countries are owned by the same small elite or Cabal. For every country that has a Corporate Identity registered in the City of London, the control of the Illuminati and the Banksters is real and present. There is no sovereignty for countries registered as Corporations under the City of London. This is important because all of the security services do not serve the people they serve the Corporation and their job is to maintain the security of the Corporation and advance the interests of it.

911 The Root of All Current Evil: Endless War Based on False Flag Terror

To the Corporations you as a human being are merely a commodity to be expended and used as they see fit, your documents, birth certificate and such are merely bonds of the Corporation. To the Corporations you as a human being are merely a commodity to be expended and used as they see fit. Hence when the agents of the Corporation murder you they are never punished by the Courts and judges of the Corporation.

Now that WikiLeaks has been outed along with 911 as Operations of MOSSAD, the CIA, the Rothschilds and hence the Corporation it is worthy to not the Shadow Government body that initially planned 911 as I have revealed in my 911 research. The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies in Jerusalem and Washington formed what they called The Study Group on a New Israeli Strategy Toward 2000.  Then the US Ziocon's were selected to form the PNAC as the front organization of the Deep State Operating under the directives of the Shadow Government and the Corporation to actually implement and orchestrate 911, which was carried out by the ASTEROIDS, MOSSAD and of course the CIA and all of these players, actors and agencies were protected by the FBI and Mueller, as an Agent of the Shadow Government and the Corporation.

Being as you are merely a bond or commodity to these lunatics, using their logic the Corporation did not murder 2,999 people on 911, in their thinking, it "Liquidated" 2,999 assets as an "Investment" to ensure its "Continuity" and continued advancement and ensure the Zionist Illuminati Project of Israel which is vital in order to destroy the holiest place for almost all religions.

Given those facts then the FBI is simply the Guarantor of the Continuity of the Corporation, Shadow Government, the Deep State and the entire pyramid. The "elected" government is simply a facade and at most is the management arm of the Corporation.

Once you understand these realities everything in the world becomes clearer and fits into place like a puzzle.

Thus all Security Services serve their respective Corporations. All Corporations (States) Registered under the City of London, a Subsidiary of the Roman Empire, thus serve the Empire. That is the Matrix and there is no way out unless you go completely off the grid and can survive independently as I have tried.

The Shadow Government/Deep State Coup of 911 required an enormous, almost unbelievable level of surveillance, misinformation, targetting, silencing and murdering of witnesses, scholars or anyone who might have seen, heard, known something or threatened to expose the conspiracy.

The effort to propagate the 911 myth and cover it up extended around the globe and effectively shut down any journalist, whistleblower, news site or investigator who sought to find and expose the truth. In the cover-up the Media, the FBI and the CIA were vital instruments.

It was the FBI who had the Intel and the resources to disappear 9,000 people with secret detentions immediately after 911, people who were never heard of since. It was the FBI that disappeared and reportedly executed hundreds if not thousands such as the two hundred people on board flight 93 who were evacuated to a special NASA building in under thirty minutes and then all of them were killed as were many of their family members and loved ones.

We have focused on the CIA and MOSSAD in carrying out 911 but it was the FBI that "cleaned up", "controlled the leaks", secured the conspiracy, promoted and planted the false narratives and finally stymied, stopped and obfuscated any attempt at any real investigation.

Had 911 been truly investigated, as it should have been by the FBI, we would not be facing World War III right now and the entire house of cards would have been brought down. 


Security for the Shadow Government/the Corporation: Understanding FBI, CIA, et al

The FBI, like the CIA is a Security Service not a police service, although they have full control over the police structures in the USA.

The purpose of all Security Services, including the FBI, is to keep the Government in power and maintain the status quo, period, end of discussion.

All US Security Services serve the government not the people and it is the FBI's principle and chief mission to suppress and control the people in the interests of the government, even if the government has been taken over by foreign or other  forces who want to destroy or even kill and imprison the entire US population. Given the Deep State and the Shadow Government and the Corporation, a so-called "Government of the People, by the People and for the People" is the most outrageously promoted fallacy of the elites who control the forces and pull the strings of power from the shadows.

This is why secret societies and MKULTRA and Mind Control are so important and why we focus on them.

As the security service involved in keeping internal order and ensuring internal control the FBI is quite simply the guard and attack dog of the true rulers with their only real enemy being the very people whom it deceives to serve. Being as the US Government has been taken over, and this occurred in total completion on 911. (Yes we know who they are and what they have done). 

Mueller is Deep State and it can not be clearer than by the fact that Trump can not replace him. Mueller covered up 911, the endless crimes of the Clintons, voting fraud, the taking over of the US Government by Israel and non-elected parties and is now promoting and pushing Russophobia as a way to distract from their own crimes and further serve the interests of the Corporation and the Shadow Government masters.

Who should be investigating and prosecuting MKULTRA, Satanic Child Sacrifice, Human Trafficking, war profiteering, the organization and carrying out of False Flags and the murder of victims? Who should be investigating the murders of whistleblowers and leakers and journalists and the stripping away of freedoms and the creation of a complete and total mind-controlled surveillance state?

The FBI should be and they are not……. Why? Well now you know.

As for the CIA, well you have heard of the endless Front Companies, like Amazon and the Washington Post and hundreds of others including those we have exposed on JAR2, they serve as the executors for the Puppet Masters, unlike the FBI who are the defensive mechanism, as seen in the graphic below. 

To further obfuscate and confuse those attempting to map out the power structures, the Corporation decided that the CIA and the State  organs were not enough and now there is not only a Shadow Government, a Deep State and a real power structure and one that serves as a fascade for the public in every single US Government body including the Security Servies but there are now Private Secutiry Agencies and companies that are out of the reach of over-sight and serve to allow the Corporation and the Deep State to suck all of the money out of the real Security Services, carefully orchestrated by the Deep State. These private Security Companies (which are in reality completely useless to the people and are parasites on the people and serving the elites) have more power than the real ones as was seen by Booz Allen and the supposed NSA leak. Blackwater and its variants and the Carlyle Group and the like are another useless parasite on the people. The US has never been attacked, fabricates in own fake terrorism and attacks and hase the biggest army in the world, so then why does it need all these private war comapnies? It doesn't. They are needed by the elite parasites to suck every penny out of the people to end of time.  



The FBI an Enemy of Humanity: Serving the Corporation, Not the People

The Entire Security Grid is Now an Instrument to Maintain and Spread a False Reality of Control

Evidence of Evil

All of the recent files released by JAR2 are direct evidence and prove the thesis and the undeniable fact that the FBI is merely another instrument of State Control as are the CIA, DHS and all of the other dozens of US security bodies. Sure this is obvious but it is the identification and real nature of what that STATE is and who it truly serves that is the real revelation.

Unlike all the fake Snowden crap and the Fake WikiLeaks crap which only served to prove and attempt to verify instruments and surveillance capabilites that are do grandious and in practice have been proven to be for the most part over-rated and non-existant, we seek to expose the real secret hidden behind the Limited Hangouts, and that is the deeper about who is controlling everything and their plans intentions and the usage of the surveillance and security state.

That is the real truth and that is what they want to hide.   

The Primary Enemy of the New World Order Hyper-Security State is the Truth

If people were still able to think critically and see truth for what it is instead of some political leaning variable, they would see instantly what is right in front of their noses but which they refuse to see as it does not fit in with their cognitive dissonance or the programming they have received. It is this dissonance that has made it almost impossible for this journalist to reach anyone since November 2013 when the truth flipped and the media became nothing but  a complete and total spreader of lies and fabrications attempting to create a false reality, something which they have been largely successful at.

The Litmus Test for me with regard to any public figure who attempts to paint themselves as a champion of truth is well known to my readers and is quite simple. 911. It is my Litmus Test for any truther, journalist or in this case politician and it was the reason I almost supported Trump at the beginning because he had said he thought 911 should be investigated. He lied. Just as he lied about the Swamp and Pizzagate and everything else. He lied and he did so in such a skillful manner that even the most diehard truthers and critical thinkers almost believed him. He did so in such a slick manner that even his outright lies are now seen as part of the "operation" to spread truth. Yes the world has gone insane, well not the WHOLE world but definitely the Western one.

People do not want to see the truth. They do not want to see Trump for the Rothschild puppet he is, they do not want to see Assange for the backstabbing rat that he is. Even when they evidence is right in front of their noses.

We published hundreds of items of evidence proving Trump's 35 year old ties to the Rothschilds yet no one wants to know. We published direct scientific proof and analysis of CIA malware installed in WikiLeaks files, yet no one wants to know, and then there is 911 whom everyone says they know Israel did it, yet no one is calling for action and this is fine by Mueller, Trump and the Deep State.

Mueller and the FBI covered up 911. Mueller forbid and actions to be taken when warning were coming in the days before 911. Mueller allowed the MOSSAD Agents who were actually captured on 911 to go free and it was Mueller and his FBI who have let every crime since 911 go unpunished and uninvestigated.

There was once an honest man who should have led the FBI, Ted Gunderson, a man with a conscience whose work still reverberates today. A man who would have stopped child sex trafficking and satanic child sacrifices and the so-called Deep State and a man who would have investigated 911.

Has Mueller or Trump arrested or prosecuted or gone after Clinton or Podesta or the CIA or MOSSAD for their involvement in child and human trafficking? No, Has either of them gone after the election rigging and the play for pay that was revealed in the DNC, DCCC and Bradley Foundation leaks? NO! There were files proving that voting machines and voting results are rigged in advance and even who and how it is done, yet nothing.

People have grown so spineless and weak and brainwashed that they really have no interest in the truth.

If you are one of the few people reading this then this does not apply to you. You know that Mueller covered up 911 and the fact that he is still allowed to play any role in the government means that Trump is nothing but another puppet playing the game and performing a show for the masses and his only function is really maintaining the status quo and performing the steps he must perform to bring about the Satanic New World Order.

The Pure Evil of Fake Propaganda and the Brainwashing of the Populace - Mueller: Blaming Russians and Chasing Ghosts to Protect the Deep State - Fake News is Now Institutionalized

http://www.jar2.com/Topics/REX84.html    http://www.jar2.com/Topics/VOA_BBG.html

Demonizing and Falsifying History and Reality About Russia and the End of the Last Vestiges of Reporting

The Truth has now become like the proverbial needle in the eye, for the mass-sheeple-mind, an atavism and abomination that is not only unwelcome but unwanted and a threat to their reality and must be ignored, discredited and marginalized. This is all by design as is the censorship and complete and total takeover of the world’s media. There is almost nowhere that you will find anyone daring to speak out and even the last few journalists who exist all have an agenda or a political bias or some other ideology or as we have discovered are outright agents or informants or simply paid lackeys.

I have all but stopped trying to deliver the people the truth about Russia and Putin and there is truly NO media outlet that can simply be honest and report the real news. This is all by design and all very obvious and all possible to stop but the 3% of people who are awake or at least partially awake can not force the 97% who have been brainwashed into drinking water that they have no desire for.

It is so completely insidious and unbelievably sick and twisted they way people latch onto and parrot the official talking points and views and it is clear that people not only no longer think critically but they do not think at all.

When the BBG was allowed to broadcast their mind killing propaganda into the US it was the end of the media. There is no need for MOCKINGBIRD CIA covert operations to control the media. BBG is the MOCKINGBIRD, they are the producers of the MKULTRA mind killing crap, the American people now get it directly from the source, with no middle man and no journalist in the middle to possible get in the way of the government's brainwashing.

Another reason, and I will let you in on a secret, that I have not being fighting to get the truth out about Russia and counter the endless lies that are spun in the West about Russia and the Russian people is quite simple really, and I touched upon this in what should have been seen as a warning to the global censors who wish to turn everything into a US/Israeli psychological operation and that is, that Trump and the media, with their endless lies and bellicose garbage are doing a far better job in making the world hate the US and not believe the US anymore than 200 Voice of Russia stations every could.

It is almost humorous to watch the Atlantic Council, CFR, Trilateral, Globalist Cabal spinning media lies and fabrications they actually think the world is buying and watching as the keep pounding nails into a coffins thinking they are burying all that is good when in fact they are burying themselves. So get me some pop-corn because geopolitically the NeoCons NWO is going down and soon the US Economy will be allowed to collapse and there will be no help from Russia or China this time but I am jumping ahead here and getting off the subject which should be the FBI, a completely out of control over-zealous, over-reaching and now a self-perpetuating organization that died on 911 and has continued in its zombify embodiment since that day..

The FBI of today is worse than than the FBI under McCarthysim....

JUST IN: Tommy Robinson Banned From Instagram

Senate Democrats Are Circulating Plans For Government Takeover Of The Internet

Democrats Pushing For Total Govt Control Of Internet

Is this an MKUltra training video?


The Crackdown Continues: Twitter Suspends Libertarian Accounts, Including Ron Paul Institute Director

The Fight of JAR2

Everything has become politicized, including the truth and this is unacceptable and we must not allow this to continue. I myself have fallen into the trap, allowing non-issues and religion and geopolitical alliances and views and sidings to pull me away from the truth I have always tried to champion, believing I am alone and trying to cater to what I believe my supporters want, but I am not alone as the 23Gb Data Dump shows and there are still a few of us out here.

We have been shut down, shut out, banned, censored and demonized and in today’s media climate I can not even say a good word about Russia or a bad word about for, example the Mormons, without receiving instant hate mail. To underline the complete and total censorship they are trying to cement now Alex Jones is on his way to being silenced. Alex Jones and Info Wars were among the very, very few who published my Boston Bombing False Flag bombshell interview and analysis and it should have been the FBI who arrested the real perps but the FBI is completely corrupted and in order to keep its budgets and staff and operations needs to continue being complicit in False Flags, terrorism, phony hacker entrapments and Russophobic hysteria, now catching Russian spies behind every corner.

I was poisoned after Boston as was Nathan Folks and the last I hear from Nathan he had mentioned “Good People at the FBI”. Where were these “Good People” when Pizzagate was exposed for the world to see? Where was the FBI on 911? Where is the FBI now when they are needed to stop the Deep State and plans like REX84? I could name hundreds of cases and investigations that the FBI should be involved in and are not. Instead they work only to hide the truth, enslave the people and protect the mass-murdering criminal elites.


HOW TO BEAT THE US FBI, DHS, CIA, ATF, DEA, Police, Counter-Intelligence, Et-Al



Second Warning to Russians

Warning to Russians Travelling Anywhere, Especially to the US


I have already written an article on this issue but I must underline to all Russians that the US is not your friend and they view Russians for the most part either in a negative light or with outright hatred and hostility. Why Russians are so drawn to America has always been a mystery to me, although the propaganda and the US "marketing" they consume on a daily basis has a large part to do with it as well as long running US psychological operations. 

Russians have to understand that unlike Russia there is not 24 hour a day hourly mentions on all news channels about Russia or what Russians are doing or what they like or what the Russian stars are doing or who the Russian President met, etc. Even though in Russia such is the case, Russians may generally feel as if they are "close" to the USA due to the constant propaganda and the work of the 5th columns, and this is one of the first misconceptions many Russians have. Most Americans have no idea where Ukraine is, they all believe Russia is an evil aggressor that invaded Crimea and Ukraine and even though it is the largest country in the world with an army and a military force that could wipe out the United States, all of Europe and half the world in a matter of hours, they actually really believe Russia has been bogged down by a war with its tiny neighbor Ukraine. 

I hate to be the one to say it but most Americans not only do not care, do not know and do not want to know anything about Russia, but they view Russia as some weak broken stupid backward country which deserves to be bombed and wiped off the map, thanks to the endless war mongering US propaganda machine which is demonizing Russia to carry out its policies of state theft and military escalation and NATO expansion.  There are currently Americans and American puppets and allies killing Russian civilians in Donbass which make me wonder why Russia does not forbid her citizens from travelling to the US.

If there was a country killing Americans in Canada would the US allow Americans to travel there? That is exactly what is happening in Donbass, so why would a Russian even WANT to go to the US?

Then there is President Putin who I love because he is not a Rothschild puppet which is why he is hated and demonized and the belief that he is an oppressive tyrant who kill journalists like me and subjugates his people, which is an outright lie as should be clear by western CIA paid oppositionists who Putin allows to operate almost with impunity, even calling the Russian people genetic garbage. And now the matter at hand but first keep in mind that even if you are in a third country like Bout and Yaroshenko and Seleznev found out you are not safe from the Americans. The CIA and FBI follow no rules if they are not in the US, that is a fact. 

The FBI, the Worst Enemy of the Russian Traveller or Business Person in the World

The FBI is a devious and evil organization and like all American "law enforcement" they operate under a quota system and every agent and officer and field office and overseas office has to produce results to justify their budgets which are huge beyond reason or reality, inflated after 911 and huge beyond reason. Therefore they must make arrests and since they were allowed to get away with Yaroshenko, Bout and Seleznev among the loud cases, they see Russians as easy targets and profitable victims for fabricated arrests and easy targets for attempted recruitment as spies or informants.

While Russia and Russians see the US and Americans as friends and partners, after the US/CIA/MI6 succeeded in destroying the Soviet Union with endless Propaganda and Psychological Influence Operations budgeted at 10s of billions a year which continue today, the real intention of the US Government and the New World Order Elites and now the Deep State which runs the FBI, CIA and the Government at large, is nothing less than the complete destruction of Russia and the creation of yet another US vassals and cheap resource material donor territory. This is not some little known fact and again I have to wonder why any Russian would WANT to go to the USA?

For my people the "Americans" had a saying that "The Only Good Indian is a Dead Indian" and we could correlate that phrase with the contemporary reality that for the US Government and most American, "The Only Good Russian is an Arrested Russian", of course for the American redneck and racist all Russians should be dead as should we.

So what are the dangers????? I have recently posted several new articles, files and books and one is called "How to Beat the FBI and Counter Spy". Now this advice is very useful not only for Russians but for any Chinese, Asian, Eastern European, Arab, African, or simply brown or other people planning to travel to the USA. I would say the most threatened "foreigners" for the type of arrests the FBI loves are Chinese and Russian nationals.


I wish I could go back in time and give some advice to Bout and Yaroshenko and Batutin and Chapman but they would not have listened anyway. They had the misconception that they were free and could control their outcomes, but when someone ends up in the web of lies of the FBI, the only outcome is the one they pre-plan and once that is underway and you are under their control there is little you can do. This goes for anyone not just Russians, but activists, hacktivists and even would be agents who are disposed of as lackeys. This stuff is common knowledge for any American and I have very extensive experience dealing with US Government evil and all I want to do is help you so you don't get your life destroyed by some over zealous unscrupulous agent who wants to make a career on your destruction.

Remember the FBI is not the FSB. The FSB works quietly, with  little fanfare and prevents terrorism and espionage every day and you do not hear about it. The FBI in comparison are like prostitutes on the corner and need to make huge mega arrests and media productions to justify their existence and propagate the endless fear they instill in the population. The FBI is an Agency that involves itself in false flags, the murdering of its own sources and informants as well as political assassinations and again, I must repeat, it was Mueller the nazi who covered up 911.

All is Fair in Love and War: Don't Become the Next Bout-Yaroshenko-Seleznev or Batutina

The FBI and the CIA have no rules and to the US court system, as Seleznev found out the hard way, it does not matter how someone is detained or even whether they are kidnapped. The US legal system does not care whatsoever how a suspect is brought before the court, once you are in the court that is all that will matter and now there are very few protections if you are the target of arrest. The US does anything it wants now, and I again I wonder why any Russian would want to go to America?

What I am about to partake to you comes from my direct 25 year struggle and fight against CIA and FBI Counter Intelligence. Make no mistake these are organizations and operations which are almost omnipotent in their reach and scope, even reaching their tentacles into Russia as my son and I found out. It is a shame that the 5th column is now so embedded in Russia that there is almost no way to rid the Russian State of this foreign cancer but it is not impossible and it can be done quickly quietly and stealthily.

What you are interested in is not State Security, you need to ensure your own Security and even though like me, you are not a criminal, in their eyes you are just another Russian "pig" as I have been called many times, that will help them get their next promotion or raise and buy that new car or put their kid through college.


For all of their omnipotence and almost endless budgetary allowances the US Intelligence Agencies and apparatuses all have one inherent and very specific weakness that is in fact your strength and one that can and must be exploited when dealing with these structures.It is only in this area that you will be able to beat them and ensure that you are not trapped in their web. That area is HUMIT or Human Intelligence or in short dealing with people.




HUMIT and the Inherent Weakness of the US Intelligence Grid


The Fake Narrative They Must Support: Russian Hackers, Russian Aggression, Russian Brutality and Fake Election Interference

Profiling of Russians Continued: The Practicalities and Counter-Measures   

The Russian Hacker

Russian Mafia Figure

Russian Spy

Russian GRU Agent

Putin Agent








Emigre Community


Money Laundering

Cyber Crimes

Spy vs Spy: Surviving and Escaping a Federal Arrest in the United Statess

Surviving an Arrest in the USA

Escaping the FBI Once You Are Caught = Understanding the Psychology of Your Captor

Understanding Your Environment

Cellmate Informants, the Happy Prostitutes

Maintaining Composuree

Remaining Silentt

Understanding and Using Their Own Psychology Against Themm

"Working With Them""

Getting Awayy

Beating a Lie Detector With No Preparationn

Survivng an Interrogationn

Admitting Guilt, Making a Deal and Trusting the Systemm

Remaining Silent and Calm to Survive and Arrest or Detentionn

All of This to Destroy the Russian Statee

Uncovering the CIA Control GridUncovering the CIA Control Grid



HUMIT and the Inherent Weaknesses of the US Intelligence/Surveillance/Control Grid

Facebook teams up with NATO to censor news (Video)Facebook teams up with NATO to censor news (Video)

The three letter agencies are all populated by people who are very far from what you and I call humanity. I am sure there will be those who disagree and scream that "anyone" can join the FBI and FBI officers are just "normal" Americans, however the majority of the FBI is populated with middle and upper middle class white "Americans", who although take courses and study hackers, activists, Russians and any of the slew of socio-economic and racial groups they target for the State, they lack real experience, empathy and connectivity with the people. This disconnect is even greater in the CIA and other agencies and it is this weakness that you can exploit and use to your advantage.


US "Intelligence" and the FBI largely use a method to identify targets called profiling. This is basically categorizing and classifying people into certain "groups" and "categories", any intelligent, experienced and fair investigator who has any value for the rights of the people will tell you that profiling is fraught with dangers and is in fact a complete "cop-out" for investigators who are too lazy to do real work. Profiling assumes guilt before conviction and we know that anytime someone is investigated or accused of any crime there is already and assumption of guilt that goes along with suspicion, especially in this day and age of total surveillance and the complete impunity of the US Police State.

The goal of this article to inform and educate Russians who may not be aware as to the true nature of the FBI and this can make the difference between what could be a vacation or could lead to the end of their lives and freedom..

Profiling at the FBI goes back decades, all of the files above prove this and I can tell you from my experience that I was accused of working for the KGB in 1995 on the flimsiest of "evidence".

The profiling of Russians is even more insidious today that the COINTELPRO and the targetting and profiling of non-white people and activists. The FBI went completely off the reservation after 911, classifying neighborhood cookie baking groups and even bingo clubs as activists and possible supporters of terror, placing whole categories of people on no-fly lists (even babies) and watch lists even though they had no proof of the guilt of these people..

The dangerous, cynical and insidious profiling of Russians leads to their targetting and the assumption of guilt before innocence and given the current climate where the US violates the rights of Russians and the Russian State with complete and total impunity, again any travel to the US is something I would completely and totally advise against.

Russophobia and anti-Russia hysteria make the profiling of Russians even more dangerous as the hysteria and lies promoted by the media every day against Russia and Russians serves to allow the FBI and the US Government as a whole to violate and commit cries against Russia and Russians with complete and total impunity and even to the glee of the media and most of the population.     

The false narrative of the FBI and the CIA about Russia and Russians as this evil empire "attacking the US" is something the US must spread and promote to allow it to steal embassies and Russian assets worldwide and again justify billion dollars outlays for military build up and anti-Russian programs. This fake narrative requires arrests and examples of "evil" Russians in order to continue to be propagated..

Some famous cases of innocent victims of profiling and entrapment include Victor Bout, Yaroshenko, Chapman, Seleznev, Tsarnayev and now Batutin, all of whom were illegally arrested or detained or targetted on the thinnest most fabricated evidence or by outright entrapment, another beloved tactic of the FBI and the exact method used to arrest Yaroshenko, Bout and Tsarnayev. These cases have fed the extreme fictitious demonization of Russia and Russians which has been going on in earnest since at least 2012 but has always been a historic subtext of Americana since Soviet times..

Today the profiling by the FBI of Russians into "National Security" threat groups and classes, along with the role the FBI has assigned itself as the world's policeman and leaves little room for Russians to travel free of fear and safe from being falsely arrested and even renditioned by the FBI. The core of the CFR and NeoCon foreign policy has at its center the demonization of Russia and the FBI as the attack dog for the shadow government must create and produce arrests and "crimes" committed by Russians. Remember the FBI is not a law enforcement body it is a Security Service which must legitimize and support the criminals in power.

The Fake Narrative They Must Support: Russian Hackers, Russian Aggression, Russian Brutality and Fake Election Interference

Under the completely false and fictional narrative created by "people" like Joseph Farrell and deviant psychopaths in the CFR "Think Tanks" and "Intelligence" Agencies of the FVEY countries, the Russian Federation and the Russian Security Services and the Russian people in general all had something to do with the stealing of US Elections actually done by these same New World Order psycho-scum. They have chosen to demonize and blame Russia for every crime they have been discovered of being guilty of and this is unacceptable and it is time for Russian to fight back and restore not only Russia's  good name but the billions upon billions of dollars that these New World Order psychopaths have stolen from the Russian State.

It is time to stop playing games and dancing with the New World Order freaks and their "Web of Domination" and this must be done by Russians and citizens of the world who refuse to be slaves to the New World Order.

As a victim of CIA and FBI FAKE PROFILING and a FAKE NARRATIVE that only serves THEIR interests this advice and the knowledge I am trying to pass to you comes at the cost of my own life so I would hope that anyone who has gotten this far in this piece will take in and digest this information with the seriousness and brevity that it deserves.

Under this FAKE narrative of Russian Hackers and phantom GRU networks and existential complete and total bullshit that the 911 lunatics are trying to force the world to believe, any Russian that has the misfortune of falling into their control grid and is not already a recruited asset faces the real and present danger of being profiled in order to launch operations to arrest and detain the individual. This is not some science fiction bullshit I am making up this is the real operational modicums of the FBI/CIA and the other attack dogs of the Anglo-Saxon Empire and this not only applies to Russians but to Hacktivists, Arabs, the Poor, Blacks, Browns and any other group the Corporation is currently demonizing in order to decimate divide and control.  

We have seen with Yaroshenko, Bout, Seleznev, Batutin and even Chapman that the real production or existence of evidence and the real intention of guilt does not matter to the FBI/CIA goons. Evidence against Bout was created out of evidence of illegal CIA shipments for Bush after 911 and it should have been the Carlyle Group Cheney and Bush who were arrested. Yaroshenko was a classic entrapment operation using Ukrainians and no crime was ever in fact even committed just the "intention" of crime, Seleznev was a political arrest to punish and influence his father in the Russian Duma and because Roman saw something in Malaysia he should not have seen involving Rothschild's MH-370 hi-jack, Chapman was the result of a Russian traitor and evidence was created to fit the traitors testimony whether true or not and finally Batutin who committed no crime whatsoever but was simply used to fulfill the need of the useless FBI machine to support their FAKE narrative and reason for their useless existence..

When an Intelligence, Police or Security Agency must produce arrests and work under a quota system this is a guarantee that the body will eventually be corrupted and as we have seen in the US the bodies are so corrupt that they even stage False Flag Terror Attacks and kill thousands just to maintain their own existence. For those who still believe the FBI/CIA are not involved in murdering innocent people you can stop reading here and stick your head back into your orifice and stay there.  

Profiling of Russians Continued: The Practicalities and Counter-Measures   

The Russian Hacker

The current profiles and "positions-to-be-filled" being used by the Corporation to target Russians are not that many but include the infamous and deadly "Russian Hacker", prosecutions for which are guaranteed as all evidence can just be electronically fabricated and as with all Russian prosecutions no real evidence is needed. You must remember the days of evidence and proper investigations are over, this is a fact that should have been made clear by 911, Boston and finally for anyone with the least amount of doubt left, by Pizzagate and Pedogate. As long as the Clintons and Bushes walk the Earth free and unhindered and 911 is never prosecuted, any illusion of Rule-of-Law is just that an ILUSSION..

My heart bleeds for any Russian who has gone to the US to work in the IT and Computer Industry, first off they will be assisting the enemy during a time of war, second because ether are completely at the mercy of the Corporation as soon as they do the slightest thing to step out of line..

So what types of personal characteristics and activities might help them to profile you as a "Russian Hacker"? Given the low threshold of evidence that the Keystone FBI has, anything and everything you do involving computers could open the door to their prosecution of you as a Russian Hacker. Remember the US Government has no oversight and the courts and the system will rubber stamp anything the FBI or the CIA wants. So assume you have no rights and you are targeted from the beginning..

Do not attempt to arrive in America with your I-Phone, smart phone, palm computer, memory stick, memory card, laptop, MP3 player or any other data carrier, even your camera, filled with your downloaded music or pirated programs or other "unofficial" soft. The US Orwellian DHS and all of the post-911 "security" structures do whatever they want. They can seize, copy, take, erase, destroy or confiscate any data carrier you might have. They can demand you let them copy your device, they can demand you give them your passwords and your encryption keys if you have any. They can demand the addresses and password to your social media accounts and if you do not do so they can then arrest you, interrogate you or in any other of a million ways strip you of your rights. This is not Oceania in 1984 this is the NWO in 2018. Again I have to wonder why any Russian would want to go to America, but then again I do not understand greed and blindness. Remember this applies to the whole world where the CIA or the FBI maybe operating. You might be in Croatia and access your VK account to download some music and they could seize your devices and charge you with owning, holding or attempting to transport and distribute illegal software or media files.  

Unless you plan to work in IT or have some IT connected Visa my advice would be to pretend you know nothing at all about computers and take a clean factory default cell-phone with a one shot number only for this trip and only take a camera with a blank memory card which you could use to film your own arrest or other interactions with "authorities". If you have a camera with GPS and Internet and are able to live stream, this would be wonderful as you could live stream any interactions or possible secret arrests and the GPS function would allow someone to know where you are or are being taken to if the device is allowed to run during your kidnapping..

Some devices may be a life-saver as the above stated camera but best to travel with nothing and pretend you know nothing. If some stranger asks you anything about computers or if they can use your device or even what your e-mail is just play stupid. Say you know nothing. Tell them in your city there is no Internet... Most Americans know nothing about Russia and will believe you..

If you can not stay off the Internet and have to communicate with your family and friends do so on completely open channels from Internet cafe's or public Hotspots or Wi-Fi points, for example use Gmail. Never under any circumstances attempt to use encryption or secure communications because that will instantly get their attention and since you are most likely already under surveillance this will set off the alarms..

I started talking about profiling so let us discuss what the FBI "profile" of a Russian hacker is and then we will move on. First anyone with any computer savvy will be suspect or this savvy will be used as evidence against you. Any young college person, with jeans. t-shirts, hats, logos, pins or anything showing sympathy with or participation in any kind of Social Justice or other cause will immediately set off alarms and if they are connected to hacking or cyber activities you are on your way to be the next arrested Russian Hacker. If you want to guarantee the immediate attention of the FBI arrive in the US with an Anonymous mask and if you really want to provoke them an NRA pin...  

Russian Mafia Figure

Then there is the ever popular Neanderthal billionaire "Russian Mafia" money launderer, gun trafficker, drug runner or whatever they think will stick to the individual's profile, these prosecutions usually are a little more difficult becuase they require some sort of evidence which is then inflated beyond all reason to the limits of believeability and the subject profiled is guaranteed at least a minimum prison sentence..

Russian Spy

Nothing would make the career or the life of an FBI Agent more happy or worthwhile than the arrest of a Russian Spy..

Russian GRU Agent

The FBI and the CIA know almost nothing about GRU evidenced by their claims that GRU had something to do with "Election Hacking". One of the most ridiculous claims I am sure any GRU officer has ever heard and one which the FBI and CIA again failed to provide evidence of..


Any arrest or interrogation will have with it the predictable aspect of attempted recruitment. Given that the CIA is so desperate for native Russian speakers that they troll on Twitter looking for "analysts" with fluent Russian skills, this opens up the possibility that they CIA may try to recruit you no matter who you are or what you do..


The US and the FVEY countries are Surveillance-Police States. As a Russian you can ask your elders about the darkest days of repressions when every word was spoken in a whisper even simple home topics. Then you can add the electronic surveillance aspect and assume that every thing you do and say and even the emotions that you feel are somehow under surveillance or there are attempts going on to developed technologies so that they can be surveilled.


urviving and Escaping a Federal Arrest in the United States

Surviving an Arrest in the USA

Before you can escaped the FBI you have to resign yourself to the fact that you will be arrested once they have made such a decision. This is not the time to try to fight it. They will kill you. Plan ahead, have lawyers and an escape plan, work through your mind in advance what you will do when you are arrested for something you have no connection or idea about. Plan ahead..

They may accuse you of anything and they will try to provoke you into response. American law enforcement are trained to shoot first and ask questions later and the questions they ask are always provocative and existentially stupid and for the most part attempts at entrapment or provocation.  

I would like to give you some real world experiences and examples, however I can not be too detailed as the subjects of the example incidents successfully escaped..

Once such example was as follows: "suspect" was stopped and told to get out of his/her vehicle, suspect had been profiled along racial lines and the arresting officers were white. Suspect was not white however suspect was dressed in "normal" neutral straight clothing driving a very respectable middle class vehicle. Suspect was stopped and immediately pulled over and placed both hands outside of the open window. Suspect was very calm and spoke in a very calm voice to the officers commands. Officer told "suspect" to get out of the vehicle, suspect step by step informed the officer what he was doing. Okay I am going to open the door the latch is below my right hand etc... Suspect exits vehicle noticing both officers with gins drawn one that had snuck up from the opposite rear of vehicle. Officer A who has his gun pointed at "suspects" face says: "You look nervous. Why are you so nervous?" Suspect very calmly answers, "yes officer of course I am nervous you have a loaded 45 magnum pointed at my head and your hands are shaking." This throws the "officer" off because he is supposed to "control" the situation and the statement about knowing the non-standard issue weapon and the "officer's" nervousness showed that the suspect knows right away that the officers is out of line and more nervous than him/her. This situation may have ended fatally for the suspect but the suspect kept his head. All the while the suspect while being questioned kept his hand above his head or directly in front of himself and made no sudden or quick gestures or movements. This particular incident had one more statement from the suspect and then the arrest was made. In this incident the Federal Protection Agency Officer who was ordered to fabricate an arrest told the suspect " We would like to search your vehicle is that okay? To which the "suspect" replied "No sir, I would prefer you did not". As there were no witnesses nor bystanders who could later be called in case the "officers" found whatever they had brought along with them to fabricate the arrest. At this point the "suspect" was arrested and placed into the patrol vehicle. The suspect after the search request, spoke no further during detention, arrest or processing.

Scenarios are always different but the key is staying calm and not allowing yourself to be thrown into a panic or into doing or saying something incriminating. You may have a situation with a psycho-officer who starts making ridiculous commands and if you are Russian and do not understand make sure you say clearly and plainly I do not understand you. In such a case you can diffuse the situation by assuming an arrest position and putting you hands over your head. You may go silent but stay calm. If you assume an arrest position the psycho-officer has no reason to hit you or beat you or even shoot you, however that is not a guarantee. Again speak calmly and clearly and move slowly and explain what you are doing. You have to treat them for what they are, killers and psychopaths who can kill you at any moment and for the most part wish to do so.

Here is a very subtle nuance, even if you are guilty of something do not fight the arrest, getting into a police station or jail will defuse the situation in the street and will give you more of an assurance that you will not be killed by the trigger happy "officers" or "agents". This will also give you time to plan your strategy and feel out the parameters of what they are after.

Most FBI or Federal arrests are fishing expeditions based on little real evidence (unless you really are guilty of something and caught red-handed then the following advice will probably not work for you) and it is your words and actions that will decide your fate. Again stay calm, do not admit or say anything incriminating, play and continue to play the role you have chosen and do not deviate.

The case of Batutina and Seleznev would have probably gone differently had they stayed in character, not made any statements and used the strategy I will  outline next. I mention both because they were certainly innocent and they were chosen at random and they were fishing expeditions that could have gone differently had the victims been prepared.   

Escaping the FBI Once You Are Caught =  Understanding the Psychology of Your Captor

The hypothetical hero of this piece continues his adventure, we will call him Mr. X. Mr. X was a hypothetical member of a long term KGB sleeper cell and the prototype of what the Corporation has always dreamed about, the ultimate autonomous spy within the cover of an average unassuming completely harmless looking American individual, subliminally programmed to carry out a mission even he or she did not know about, the ultimate Manchurian candidate. X having escaped the Corporation is now living a quiet life somewhere in the Russian Federation and as X's controllers no longer "exist" X has deactivated him/her self..

Mr. or Mrs. X made an error, or not depending on how complex you wish to theoreticize about our hypothetical hero and when faced with the full weight, force and targeting of the US machine, used logical reasoning and the understanding of the psychology of the weak link "the human factor" to orchestrate his or her own escape. (Note: When deciding to write this piece I was face with the quandary of how to communicate the information you are reading, which is all real and proven, and protect the source. The solution is the creation of Mr. X. Mr. X is also the code-name of a figure such as the character described above and is in reality a real human individual.)

Before we continue let us once again review succinctly what we have covered.

1) Survive the arrest while not giving any information, making statements or providing any psychological fodder to match their preconceived notion as to your guilt.

2) Stay silent, do not speak to anyone, only breaking this rule to engage in polite conversation, that will either allow you to glean information or that will support your cover story and the legend of your decided upon gambit.

3) Within yourself stay focused on your goal (obtaining freedom) and compartmentalize all of your extraneous fears and terrors and do not allow them to destroy your clarity.

Before I go into how X orchestrated his escape, the juicy little intellectual "steak" of this piece, I must first build up to it so you can understand how X used his surrounding and the humans in it to his advantage. Remember they do not play fair and what they want to take away is your freedom which is your human right and your right as the beautiful ethereal being that you are.

The gambit that X used was what I will call an "Escalatory Gambit". X knew the real reson he had been arrested was not the little fabricated reason used to detain him but was ordered at the highest level. Therefore X had to interface with that level as it was the only level which could give him what he wanted, his freedom.

In thee Escalatory GambittX used the chain of command to eliminate those below who were physically holding him. Due to the machinations and forward thinking of X a chain of events he initiated took place where ever higher "Pay Grades" had to be involved according to the Corporation's own protocols. Hence arresting officer trembling hands, was replaced by ATF agent (I am so cool we were on TV) who was replaced by DEA Agent (this is the crime of the century I will be promoted) who was replaced by FBI Agent (Don't talk about my pay grade or I won't speak to you) who was finally replaced by the spooks who never really appeared (as they had Thankstaking plans for the weekend) but who made the call to free X.

The CIA/FBI and all agents of the Corporation love to use profiling, so we will use EQ and life hacking and a little psychological know-how to profile Agent Smith. (We use Smith, no confusion with MI6 Agent Smith of JAR2 fame, because this is the image that the Corporation wished you to posses of their agents, all powerful, remorseless and unstoppable. This is also the false vision the FBI breeds in its elitist ranks and it is their weakness. This is also the danger of any Security Service and one the KGB excelled at mastering, producing intelligence agents who are still considered the Salt-of-the-Earth).

Psychologically due to his upbringing and his gene-pool Mr. Smith, as an Agent of the Corporation is carefully chosen and indoctrinated and brainwashed to believe certain fallacies that you can exploit and manipulate and as X did, use so Smith turns them against himself and while doing what Smith believes is his mission and the right thing and of his own free will he is in fact simply following your very subtly implanted and orchestrated orders. In the Matrix films Neo enters Smith, in real life X entered Smith's mind. If you understand Smith's psychology you can too.

1) Fear.

The Agent assumes you will be afraid, use this to your advantage as X did above when confronted by the Federal Protection goon with the trembling hands and the .45 pointed at his or her face. Do not show fear. Swallow your fear and let it pass through you. Fear is the key and you understanding the fears of your captor will allow you to manipulate them to your advantage. Stay calm reasonable, polite and civilized and treat them as they wish to be treated and do exactly what they want. By staying calm and showing no fear you will control the situation. Remember your goal is freedom as soon as possible.

What does an indoctrinated brainwashed instrument of the Corporation fear? His superiors. Getting a black mark on his record. Breaking the rules such as going above his or her pay grade. Not being in control. Losing their family, home, car, pension, kids education and all of the accouterments that the Corporation gives a loyal slave. All of this is interconnected with their job. Their job is the most important thing in their life, it defines who they are and it determines the parameters of their thoughts and their interactions with you.

So how do you get an Agent who believes they control the environment and the situation and who can end your life and put a bullet in your head or as they love to say and imply do whatever they want to you, to become afraid? You escalate the situation so that it goes above their pay grade and so that it will involves forces above them whom they would have to answer to for their actions. Simple. How?

X escalated his/her situation so he/she went from a simple police holding cell into a high-security Federal Interrogation Environment. As X had no prior history and was and had been a ghost this worked, it may not work for you so make your choices wisely, but this gambit may be the only way you have to ensure your freedom. Again all is fair and your goal is your freedom. X wanted to ensure that every action and everything he /she did was recorded, watched and analyzed by higher-forces whom he/she understood were responsible for his/her arrest. X also needed to know how much they really knew so escalation was necessary but it may not work for you unless you prepare in advance. In such a case you can simply stay on the level you are at an proceed to the final step of the gambit and the point "Working With Them".

Again you ask: "But how can I get them to be afraid? Get to the frickin point already John!"

Okay I hear you! Stop yelling please. In simple terms? "Secret Information". (NOTE: Disclaimer, educational purposes, etc.) This involves basically lying to the FBI or CIA which is in and of itself a Federal Crime you arte programmed to be terrified of committing. X of course knew this so in his/her Escalatory Gambit he/she gave information that was close enough to the truth and in and of itself true so as to be verifiable and believable. X chose facts that would tie into his/her larger Gambit. Do not tell outright lies. In a nutshell you have to make them believe that you are the key to solving a much greater and larger crime than what they are accusing you of. This strokes the psychological trigger of what we will call "Grandiose".

2) Grandiose.

 This is such an elementary aspect of any police, security or government officer or agent that it is the simplest o use and manipulate.

The simplest example is this. You are late and you are speeding. You know you may be stopped. Pick a car in the traffic flow which you can create a story about that will point to a crime higher than your speeding. For example you saw a guy driving loading a gun, drinking, snorting cocaine or transporting someone you think was kidnapped. When you are stopped tell the story to the cop and be convincing. His duty and his job will demand he goes after the said perp.

The psychology here is the same. This is why the FBI and the CIA are in bed with so many drug traffickers, killers and truly evil "guys". These evil guys understand "Grandiose". Whether it exists or not is not important in our situation, your goal is your freedom. What is important is that "they" believe.  

Understanding Your Environment

The FBI thinks they are clever and in the Counter-Intelligence detention of X (disguised as a routine traffic stop) they believed they controlled the environment that X was in after his/her arrest. The FBI are clever, make no doubt, they study and study and study but they do not understand human nature and when you understand human nature to the point that X did you do not need to study, you simply need to observe, calculate, think and conclude. Which for most people is difficult under the stress of an arrest.

If you read the limited resource I have provided a link to too you will understand the level that they operate at. Massive, heavy, complex and multi-layered, you simply reduce it to the lowest common denominator, the individual mind and once you are in their environment assume that, as with gang stalking every single person is an agent and every single device is a surveillance instrument. The FBI uses street teams of more than 50 people when they really want something, and this will include everyone you come into contact with, including cellmates.


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