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Year 9 With Political Asylum

January 20, 2016

What They Have Done To My Family Is An Outrage!


I am the only American in Russia with Political Asylum and not only do I have to live like a fourth class citizen but I also have to accept and deal with people from Western Ukraine who want to make me a slave. Even the courts say work and work and pay them. I HAVE NO MONEY FOR FOOD!

Day and night I think about what they have done to my family yet I try to remain calm and explain away their outrageous behavior towards us, showing them more compassion and human understanding than they would ever show me. I think about what they have done to my family first of all and and I am outraged yet have been silent due to the dilemma they have thrown me into; first of all fear that “they" would do something worse and second the fact that I did not know who “they” were, until now, that has changed and my rage has turned cold and hard and has frozen over.   

While most of the world was enjoying Christmas and the New Year, shortly after seeing my only son sentenced to 5 years in prison for a crime I am 100% convinced he did not commit, I was forced to leave my home and go into hiding due to the actions of my ex-wife, her mother and her family. It was thanks to my landlady that I am here writing this to you today. She warned me about what they were planning.   

Being as their latest campaign began right after the sentencing of my son, I was extremely suspicious as to their involvement in his arrest and the entrapment operation that specifically targeted him. As Natalia Surikova (my ex-wife) and her mother Olga Dotsenko (from Western Ukraine) had been engaged in a campaign for years to make him disappear in one way or the other from my life, I always had this sneaking suspicion that they were involved but not entirely certain. Now, after the last court hearing regarding visitation with my daughter I am almost certain they were directly involved. They have been involved in destroying me for over 7 years now. 

For the last year I have been fighting patiently and using the courts and all legal methods to deal with these people and obtain visitation with my daughter Varia. It all started a year ago when after signing the last document allowing my daughter to be registered in one of their Moscow apartments, my ex-wife took every penny I had and money me and my son borrowed and right before Christmas and the New Year left me for dead without even a penny for food or to pay the rent.   

At first I tried to see my daughter but after the grandmother of my ex-wife punched me in the face, her father threatened me on the two occasions I rang their doorbell and the police warned me that they would make up any story they cared to in order to cause me to disappear I made sure I had no contact whatsoever with any of the family. As I live in the neighboring stairwell this was perhaps not easy but I have lived as a complete recluse here for the past year and only leave the flat to work or go to the shop. As I have also been for the most part unemployed and with almost no money for the past year it has been truly a journey through hell.

Until today I was afraid to speak out because I had no proof but since my landlady decided to warn me and agreed to speak to the police or interested parties and since the last court hearing during which the lawyer for the family herself admitted on the record to attempts by the family to have me imprisoned on fabricated charges, there is now no reason for me to be afraid to speak out. My landlady also did what no one has had the courage to do, she told me the name of the person behind everything and that person is Olga Dotsenko, my ex-mother-in-law, a Russia hater from Western Ukraine, who even tried to get me involved in a plot to get rid of her ex-husband so she could be the owner of his flat, where they now live. Apparently she was successful and has now grown so bold that she openly calls and threatens anyone who she thinks is helping me.

According to my landlady before Christams and New Year Dotsenko called her multiple times and threatened her to evict me. She also told the landlady that she was going to have me arrested by saying I did something to my ex-wife, who I have not had anything to do with for over a year. Nothing at all except an exchange during divorce proceedings in the court. Not a call a text message or anything. Yet the mother was going to have me arrested. She believes because I have asylum I am nothing but an animal!

On the 18th of January I finally had my day in court regarding visitation rights with my daughter and I believe the Judge was more or less just in her ruling although the restrictions she placed on my visitation are completely unnecessary and ridiculous but as the Russian system does not treat men as equals to women when it comes top custody issues I guess her ruling was the best I could hope for.           

I will tell you about the court hearing at the end of this letter, because it was so stressful and humiliating that I became sick and have been sick for three days now because of what I was forced to go through. To say that they engaged in slander in open court is something too mild to describe what they did. It was a clear, orchestrated complete and total character assassination unlike anything I have seen or heard of in my life. These animals (and I can not think of anything else to describe them) insulted me, my son and older daughter in every way shape and form they could possible think of. I still do not know why the judge allowed them to continue.   

The lawyer’s diatribe on me lasted almost 45 minutes during which she attacked me for being a refugee, being a single father, not being Russian, being some sort of “HOT” black ass and even for not speaking perfect Russian. She even put thoughts in my head and assumed to tell me and the court for the public record what me “real” motivations were in life. She attacked me for seeking Russian citizenship as if it was a crime and the most amazing thing which backs up what I believed about my ex-wife, she accused me of being a “secret” millionaire, something my ex-wife who never lived with me and never even talked to me about my life and does not even know what my favorite color is, believes. She runs around slandering me left and right as if she was the closest person to me and knows me yet she never even lived with me.    

She wanted to clean me out, take all my property and money and then have an heir for her mother with the words “Father Citizen of the US” on her birth certificate because they think they will now get the US visa they have been refused but that is another story.

I am sorry I am shaking and feel ill again just thinking about what they said in court and about these people from Western Ukraine. It is amazing how they somehow think they are better than me (they used to call me sub-human) and can treat me like an animal because they have Moscow propiskas that they bought. I do not understand such “people” who would kill and destroy a family (mine) just for an apartment or a car or some money. You would not understand either. This was not the normal divorce thing. I know I have been divorced three times now.

What was most amazing is that the lawyer presented the judge with documents proving they tried to have me arrested and the police refused. Sure the police refused they knew I was 2,000 kilometers away when these animals attempted to say I somehow “offended” my ex-wife.    

Previous History           

After the revocation of my US Passport which was a clear attempt to return me to the United States and which in fact left me stateless and destroyed my life and those of my children, I was the first Puerto Rican, Taino Indian and ex-US citizen (along with my two children) to obtain asylum in the Russian Federation.

Knowing all of the measures taken and the instruments used by the Government of the United States (in particular the U.S. State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency) against myself and my family and the actual historical and geopolitical significance of three “Americans” actually obtaining asylum anywhere, in particular the Russian Federation, it would be foolish to assume that said government just simply gave up and left us alone. Therefore it should appear at a minimum suspicious and more than simply coincidental all of the events that have occurred to damage and destroy me and my family since asylum was given by the Russian Government.  


Natalia Surikova entered my life when I was teaching at English First. She joined an Upper Intermediate group I had in the winter of 2009. I remeber it well, the director of the school came in and told me she had a new student who wanted to study English only with me. Apparently she had heard about me and was recommended. This happened often back then and I did not really think about it. That this happened at the same time that I was working at the Voice of Russia and attempting to obtain Russian citizenship and ex Ambassador Michael McFaul was attempting to have me thrown in prison and deported back to the United States should have sent off warning bells but I thought nothing of it. Natalia played the role of an infatuated student making googly eyes at me all of the time and one night asked me if I wanted to go out with her after the lesson. That was probably one of the biggest mistakes of my life.  

What Has Happened Since That Day (The facts in brief, not necessarily in chronological order):

Two attempts by former US Ambassador Michael McFaul to have me thrown in prison and/or deported.

A meeting at the former Voice of Russia where a crowd of men, two with baseball bats, made me give them my private e-mail password. Reported to police. It was covered up.

Several requests in my name from bosses at the VOR to obtain a flat. One was never given to me but I suspect they may have been provided and then taken.

An supposed request by the Chairman of the Voice of Russia to the head of the Federal Migration Service to grant me citizenship. My sone was soonafter beaten and drugs planted on him. The request was therefore ignored, we were called bad people and even though we had CTV coverage of the planting of narcotics (see below) our names were sullied.

Hundreds of death threats due to my journalistic work at the Voice of Russia. Most of which is avbailable on this site.

A 5th column appearing and decimating the Voice of Russia. My work on 9-11 and reporting on McFaul were specifically targetted.

Being placed on a Right Sector/SBU hit list after Ukraine started. I was not offered any protection.

Quote from Vice Editor: "Fuck you! Stop calling about your articles! We will start some criminal case against you!" Shortly thereafter I was called by a man who claimed to be from the police and he attempted to extort me for money. I reported this to the real police. Nothing was done.

I was poisoned in the new office by the new staff. I coughed blood for three days but lived.

An American form the US Intelligence Community was brought in as content editor and stopped the publication of my work.



January 11, 2016

Notice to Olga Dotsenko and Natalia Surikova:

Last year they stole every dime I had and even money that I borrowed and left me for dead without a penny. This year they tried to get me evicted during the Holiday season. For what? Because they are simply not human!

While you were all enjoying the New Year's and Christmas holidays I was continued to be denied visitation with my daughter and informed that Olga Dotsenko, who had been threatening my landlady to evict me, was also planning to attempt to have me arrested. Apparently the plan was to inform the authorities that I had somehow done something to my ex-wife Natalia Surikova who I have not spoken to or communicated with in anyway in over a year. As a result I spent the entire holiday period in hiding because of these monsters. Olga Dotsenko is the "adoptive" mother of my ex-wife Natalia Surikova who I have been attempting to get to allow me to see my daughter Varvara Robles for over a year.

Who are Olga Dotsensko and Natalia Surikova and why have they been attempting to destroy me and my family for more than 6 years now? That is a question that needs to be answered in great detail as soon as possible. At the end of 2015 Olga Dotsenko, who has been behind the scenes for over 5 years dirtying the name of me and my family, finally let her name be known when she started threatening the landlady of the flat where I live. Under threats, which were told to me by the landlady, her demand was that I be evicted and placed in the street before the New Year. As you can see her plan did not work because had it jar2 and all of the resources on my servers would have gone off-line.

In an effort to defend myself and my family I am now dedicating this site to one issue and one issue only, that is the defense of my human rights and my right to be free from being intimidated, pressured and destroyed. I am publically asking anyone who has been contacted by Olga Dotsenko or others who claim to have information about me or wish damage to be done to me to write me at jar2@jar2.com. I guarantee that all of your letters and your identity will be protected and anonymity is guaranteed.

In the last year not only have I been taken off the Russian media, lost my employment multiple times for no apparent reason and had my son imprisoned in an entrapment operation (the details of which remain secret) but I have not been allowed to see my daughter who is now over a year old. Olga Dotsenko and Natalia Surikova, who claim to know me but who in reality know nothing about me, have attempted to paint a negative picture of me with officials, employers and even the police. Being as I am almost totally isolated their efforts were effective until now that they have let their tactics, and more importantly their names, be known. 

After all of my journalistic work and activism exposing US illegality and in particular the nazi junta in Ukraine it is extremely suspicious that a family from Western Ukraine who will do anything to get US and UK visas should be actively doing everything possible to destroy me and my family.

Olga Dotsenko claims to have contacts in the Federal Tax Service and claims her "husband" is a General in one of the Security Services, however both of the claims have proven to be, if not exaggerated, then completely false. She habitually uses the fact that she has such "connections" to threaten and in effect blackmail people into doing whatever it is she wants.

The information that is of interest to me is why she has chosen to destroy me and my family and apparently use her "daughter" to assist here in doing so. Are they simply doing so for racial or political reasons or are they fulfilling orders from abroad or from somewhere else? Being as the woman, Olga Dotsenko, does not work as neither does anyone in their family, yet they have a mansion, multiple apartments and country houses it highly likely that they are being used by paying clients. That is my suspicion which may be unfounded but which is being. or has been investigated.

Therefore Olga Dotsenko you are officially placed on notice that any further attempts by you or your "family" to damage me or my family further will be promptly and publically exposed.   

Due to the irregularities in the imprisonment of my son and the over 8 years of suffering that my family and I have gone through since the US revoked my passport I am asking Human Rights Organizations and Investigative Bodies to determine the involvement of these and other individuals in fulfilling orders from certain Western bodies that wish my demise and the demise of my family