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THE ORANGE THEORY - Amerithrax Message to Gentiles from MOSSAD (EXCLUSIVE)

Given the amount of material on JAR2 connecting the Global Zionist Conspiracy with 911, the endless wars of domination and Middle East wars to fulfill the Eratz Israel plan principally for the British Crown but specifically for British Lord Rothschild, who we have connected to everything from 911 to MH-370 and the complete subversion and taking over of the Corporation of the United States of America, the information provided by Mr. James Simpson should be taken very seriously within this context and serves as not only as a smoking gun but irrefutable evidence of the conspiracy that thousands of us have been investigating since five steel framed skyscrapers collapsed into their own footprints after two planes hit the Twin Towers, buildings designed to withstand a 200 years hurricane and the simultaneous impacts of approximately 10 747s.  

The mention of AIDS in particular is interesting here because of the Rothschild/MOSSAD elimination of 100 WHO scientists on MH-17 who had developed a cure for AIDS and Intelligence we have of a laboratory in Woodland California where genetically targetting chemical weapons were being developed with initial developements being the targetting of Arabs and Blacks and also gays. The AIDS virus I contend is the test run of that biological weapon which is being developed for MOSSAD and racist elements following the ideology of the Nazi PAPERCLIP founders of the CIA who wish to create a world for a "master race". - John Robles July 16, 2017

Autobiograpical Information from the Interviewee

I was born in Princeton, NJ, attended Westminster Schools in Atlanta, was a Turner Associates apprentice (same Turner as in 9/11), am a designer and mech engineer by trade, but an architect and builder by education. I was a climbing guide early on, and began to do special projects in the field of climbing gyms and Work Bike Manufacturing to occupy my time off, searching for things that were stimulating and intriguing online. In 2014 I jumped into the spotlight making a few key BREAKS in a cipher system that Francis Bacon developed, that related to a massive Biblical Discovery and a series of troves in Nova Scotia and Vermont. I am currently writing a book on the subject of the mystery that is derived from over 50 different carved and painted clues and maps, hidden in the works of masters of the Rosicrucian Order www.facebook.com/secretmission4king. See below

I am also a member of the American Cryptogram Association and the host of this year's Annual Convention, where I am guiding a tour through the carved rock maps that were left here in 1607, by Champlain and company, and conversing over the technical aspects of the ciphers that were encoded in the Works of Shakespeare, Bacon, Dee, Johnson, Poussin, Teniers, Guercino, and the numerous other texts and parchments that were used to encrypt THE greatest mystery of all times.

I moved into working on many different codebreaks, including working on cracking the Beale Ciphers, long reported to be the hardest unknown cipher in the world next to the Voynich Manuscript. In the work I did, I located the facts behind the creation of the ciphers, uncovering K.G.C. & O.A.K. operations in the late 1800's that were plotted reestablish an order in secret, to control the nation from a political echelon tied to the JP Morgan and Rockefeller Banking families, rooted in NYC and Pennsylvania. I believe that my work was the catalyst for the removal of the Confederate Flag and Statues from the US State and Capital Buildings, as well as bringing closure to other mysteries that were involved, including the facts behind the Lost Dutchman's Mine, and the 30 bodies found in the Desert of the Superstitions from the Beale Mining Party. I also returned the richest gold mines to the Apache that the West has ever seen. www.facebook.com/SolvingBealePapers 

I later moved into the cold case files of the Steven Avery Case and examined the cryptic SIKIKEY Letter to derive the locations of elements of her murder and a location for a search to be conducted. I am currently trying to publish the info to encourage a search. www.facebook.com/TeresaHalbach

Eldorado Enterprises Presents: THE ORANGE THEORY - The Adventures of MR. Z

The Orange Theory Explained: A MOSSAD Message to the World

Why is this called the Orange “Theory”? It looks like pretty clear cut science to me.


When I saw the recent bombings in NYC that were "Pressure Cooker" bombs, triggered by light bulbs, and that they were planted in front of a health club called The Orange Theory in Chelsea, and found near the Feldman 9/11 Memorial, and that they were timed to coincide with the Corey Feldman Today Show appearance, and the anniversary of the Anthrax Attacks, I was instantly taken back.  There were numerous signs that there were "Spooky" hints ahead of time in the media and in the press. I realized there was a straight line drawn to a point in the center of 2 known NYC landmarks, as well as the fact that one of the bombs was placed in a bag with a large tiger on it.

Being from Princeton, home of The Tigers.....I realized that the timing with the Anniversary of the Letters and the Vinyl Tiger Bag was too much to ignore.
I dove into the chance there was something interesting in the Amerithrax Letters, and after using about ten hours of intensive review, came out with a legendary discovery of a message that was being decorated as a threat, one that was directed at a certain race and religion, and featuring Genetic Coding sequences relating solely to AIDS and Cancer Research.

Due to the FBI having already let the cat out of the bag, and announcing their suspect's name was "Mr. Z", the matching patterns forming the RNA Sequence TTAAAGT were evident in the ciphers as being used directly as keys to deriving the final message from the 3rd layers.  These were not very easy to see, and they involved the use of every letter in the notes.  The mechanics of the ciphers were textbook, but the message was unique in every way.

There was not one case of a null, or a false lead left to distract, merely simple methods to derive the messages through hidden guides and a clear containment system to organize the characters, without any form of abstract mechanics in the ciphers.


How much veracity do you give to these methods and why would MOSSAD encrypt such a message?


The Tabloid victim was the first? What Jihadi would be worried about the Tabloids? And strike them first?  That's clear when you see the words the ciphers produce.

The message derived is pictured below in detail, but the fact is clear that the other evidence presented holds for the majority of what is known, that makes the case a complete sham show juggled by clowns.  To take them for face value is very hard, seeing their composition from a professional review of the structure and mechanics of the internal cryptic messages.  What is seen in the letters directly, are merely marks that describe guided paths to operate the physical segregation of the letter.  The methods known are textbook, and are named PATH, BILITERAL, and GRID/GRILLE Ciphers.

The PATH Cipher was easy to spot, as 6 letters were scored or heavily scratched to be accentuated, all being related to Codons of Genetic Coding Sequences.  It looked like a large Z on the paper when it was connected together.  Something the FBI never revealed but spoke about.  It formed the basis for the FBI's name "Mr. Z" given to the case's suspect, after the wars were already in full effect in the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan .  But another Coding Symbol was missed, or so they show in their investigation.  The famed G6, which I will explain later.

The next observation was extremely difficult to notice, as they are masked as perfectly normal sentences.  THIS IS NEXT - a sign of a sequence of ciphers hidden. There was one misspelling, PENACILIN.  The idea passed is TAKE PENCIL NOW, and the ILI segment is drawn to appear as an arrow, being the hint of the point of the drawn line.  This diagonal line drawn segregated the words with a cut.  Read vertically it produces the exact opposite message.  The PATH or drawn ciphers are done and the ILI is the remaining guide for the next step to proceed.

The ILI is a short version of a BILITERAL Cipher.  These require letter count standards to be kept when deriving the cipher's messages, leaving no room for error, as the key is a known element dating back to the founder of it, Francis Bacon.  It holds a strict degree of transposition using 5 letter combinations.  The mere variable of the letters being either Capitalized or Lower Case is the manner in which they were encrypted.  The combinations of lower and upper case letters then is checked against his template that was made in the 1600's.  A very elusive method to use, as it requires a letter count of divisors of 5 or 0......for instance....a letter having 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 characters in a count, shows that it can produce a perfect BILITERAL result.  The first letter held a full derived message from the whole letter being 65 letters long, and is described below.  It showed that the 2nd and 3rd layers were combined to form the message in this letter, leaving the signature of a "Mr. Z" to be pondered as to the meaning.

Now the pattern set, the derivatives revealed, I looked at the second letter, which had no PATH Cipher, and had 92 letters !!!!

This threw me way off, until I did a word count, and saw there was a clear segregated section that showed 5 lines, each with 3 words in a row.  The first letters of this block of lines spelled :






An obvious colloquial saying that is basically the Jewish equivalent of a Tabloid News Report, but a gossiping rumor is the resulting message of the "Talk of the Town" here.  This is the first true message that has been derived and to me it was a signature of the MOSSAD.

The final hint to graph the words into a 6x6 grid was found from the one letter in "GREAT", the G, being a stacked letter combining the G/6 to hide the number of squares in a grate, or grille that was found to be used in both letters.

There is a degree of professionalism required in the next phase as they enter into the grid to be read, but in two segments of 6x6 grids vertically aligned.  At this point the message is still the same. The technique I used was a shifting method taking the bottom grid and placing it to the side of the top grid.  This shift, a known method discussed at length by Dan Olson of the FBI's CRUU Dept. in other Zodiac Letter reviews, was a key to deriving the completed message here.

These methods produced a resulting message that showed that even before the attacks, they had planned out numerous affairs, and that these types of coded letters were there methods they used to pass information through the media, allowing the other agency to pick up on them and trigger them one by one in a sequence.  This sick and sadistic method is fully explained below as to their true nature, as their intended target is also revealed.

The part in this act where they attempt to threaten the Media and Tabloids to stay silent, to control any political commentary concerning the war effort being built against the ENTIRE Arab and Muslim population is also shown in the people used to incite the fear of its affair.  It was obvious that Bush was going on a 'Killing Spree', and you could see the lies being told everywhere, so their interests were to control all forms of the media, both Tabloid and Mainstream News, as well as scaring politicians into making decisions based on their intended outcomes, which as the letters show, it is made to be timed to take control over the US and the other countries that have been sympathetic towards the Palestinian plight.

The Mossad had installed the Gelatin Art Crew in the Towers, with the intention of passing along their operations in very specific art productions they made throughout the time they were planning the attacks.  They were a demo team, and were found running from the country after the attacks, but let go due to diplomatic agreements that the Israeli's knew how to use.  As in the case of the Letters themselves, they were dressed up as more than a threat.

They had sponsored the entire facade through the media, and when the Amerithrax Letters were mailed by their agents, they were ready to spin the US Intelligence Community's version in this case, omitting key evidence to portray the killers as foreign threat to the US, and a threat to the security of the US and Israel in the Middle East.

Why do you think this is important for the people to know about and why has the mainstream media ignored it?


The Letters held a 3-layered system used to deliver a serious message.  This message again, was not found in the plaintext, or in the face value of the Letters. It was hidden in a manner that's invisible to the naked eye.  It involved techniques that were not known throughout the media or in popular online discussions about it at all.  Basically, it was designed to go right past everyone and pass the Genetic Encoding info to the other agency's crypto team, so they could develop a secret or selective cure and immunization.

In this case the Anthrax was manufactured by the US, smuggled by the Israeli's and weaponized by the Israeli's, the letters written and encrypted by the Israeli's, and the Media Monopoly carrying the investigation along to deceive the masses was maintained by Israeli and US Intelligence Agency assets.

US Media figures did produce the evidence as it happened to a degree, and some of the key leaks were hinted at in the media when the FBI began to search for the "Anthrax Killer", after they had already gone to war over it.

Nobody was believing the Military's Press Releases, as they didn't answer the questions about the source, and I instantly recognized that the letters were made to be sent into the media, and certain politicians to be used as a "Scare", used to trigger additional support for the war as these were scripted differently for each type of target, 2 of each.  The investigators were clearly not presenting any form of physical evidence to corroborate with their suspicions, which had no validity other than the possible use of Bioweapons that were given to Saddam, by the US to begin with in the 80's.  So it all seemed to be increasingly manifest in the media, while the general consensus was still against these wars.

The combination of the victims in other media offices, post offices, and in the Capitol, with a few people catching it in random locations, appears to be questionably attributed to Steven Hatfill through a Jewish media associate that conducts "research" independently, writes books, and gives talks.  She alone was the person that arranged for the first accusations to be levied against Hatfill, and she was not even an official.

After the smoke cleared enough in Afghanistan and Iraq, they settled with Hatfill, and 6 days later, Bruce Ivins was being indicted as the sole person responsible for manufacturing it at a remote location they couldn't find, and delivering it to locations he couldn't travel to in the windows he had, and somehow connected "CRYPTIC CIPHERS" in the letters that nobody had heard about, directly to Ivins.  This was all manufactured that quickly.

He was found guilty postmortem, and they concluded that because he was into cryptography, that there was a hidden cipher that consisted of a psychotic employee's manifesto and threats with a creative signature......

The most odd part was the fact that there was a location in Florida attacked, and then another location where there were 4 letters mailed.  The entirety of the press and media constantly assert that the Hopewell Post Office is the source of the letters, but they neglect to discuss them being planted DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF PRINCETON UNIVERSITY in a mailbox there.


In what way do you think MOSSAD is connected to 911?


In EVERY way, at every corner, their involvement has been seen and reported, in both 9/11 and the Amerithrax Case.  What is found in the letters in the hidden messages?

Insults from Israel towards the Bush Administration, the US and it's citizens, and more planned attacks being set into motion.







That is just the output from cracking the first letter, as the second letter holds it's own message:





This message is incomplete for a reason, as they intended it to be combined with the PATH CIPHER only found in one of the letters, to form a strand of RNA that is labelled by the letters TTAAAGT......the Great AIDS that no American Doctor Can Cure.  See images below.


Please tell my readers what your opinion is of the depth and scope of the MOSSAD penetration into the USA?


From the rest of the research I have conducted through the letters that hold the same patterns of encryption, it shows that the US and Israel were once partnered in these terror attacks, plotted across the globe and centered around a certain theme that related to the "Stars".  It shows they set up an echelon of agents in the US to conduct operations in the media, the entertainment industry, and placed assets in agency offices around the country who fed them all intel and helped them remain hidden.  They plotted to take over the entire US and have done so for years.

This partnership is founded in the recent past through backscratching and lobbying, blackmail, and murder.  Before that time, there were actual families that all tied back to the banking interests of the Crown and the Vatican through the Rockefellers and JP Morgan's foundation of this Zionist Cabal's interests in the US. Now both the Crown and the Vatican are bought, and the US and Israel have begun a series of their own operations using these religious identities as their empowerment over the people.  The UK has also started getting on the terror train, as has the KGB/FSB under Putin.

Back in the 60's we see the first true Israeli involvement in killings such as the assassinations of leaders like the Kennedy's, Martin Luther King, and Senator Percy's Daughter, all which were part of this same operation that consisted of two teams, a West Coast Team, and East Coast Team.  The original affairs that were created to incite these covert ops through the media, was during the 60's, and they left behind a series of coded messages in letters in almost every one of them.  Back then their themes were "Revolution" and "Weather Underground"......and they attacked the US numerous times.  There were really Israeli's and CIA agents behind almost every one of them.  These men were behind the scenes and conducted their data gathering and fed the intel to their teams that conducted these killings and bombings. 

The US investigations into their West Coast Operations was led by Barry Goldwater, and headed by Sen. Inoye in the "Church" Hearings.  They uncovered a series of operations being conducted here under Operation Northwoods and Project Monarch.  Sen. Goldwater was a close acquaintance of a man that went by the name of Michael Aquino, AKA Forrest Fenn, the founder of the Church of Satan.  This man was a high ranking official in the DOD after Sidney Gottlieb, and ran a cult of govt. officials and other heads of businesses that conducted their killings in California in many forms.  The resulting Church Committee Investigation was stalled as many of the characters in the investigations were all involved, as was Goldwater, who did nothing to charge the members of the CIA that he collected information from.  Gottlieb being named in the investigation, and the new NSA director, Michael Aquino, set off a series of events that carried their operations into the global forum using the Palestinians and the Israelis as the intended targets to create a war around.

These letters were sent after the investigations, and as usual they would then be steered to seem as if it was a Serial Killer, a lone wacko, and would be masked with the Zodiac Letter themes. They were made to also carry a part of their operations into the media where their "watchers" would then carry the info to their handlers, and plan the operations as described in the ciphers in the letters.  One cipher even was a message to the Mossad from the CIA to set up the first Suicide Vest Bombings in Palestine on Buses.  This was a planned operation to create the Mask of Terror in the Middle East.

There is one suspect that has made it to the heights of the Intelligence Community unnoticed, and now holds a Senate seat from Vermont.  This person was the East Team leader in the 60's and came from Chicago, on a bus to Vermont after he had completed his mission there.  This individual is Bernie Sanders.  The ciphers that were used in the past held a certain pattern, that required 3 layers to coordinate the target, the message, and the map of the area to both murder, and dispose of the evidence in a specific location.  At one point in 1968 there were a series of letters that were somewhat different from the other letters accompanied later by holiday and advertisement cards, and they showed that Sen Sanders was one of the original killers, murdering a couple wearing the first Zodiac Killer outfit, in his attempt to create the image that they later hid behind.  This series ended with a letter called the "This State Is In Trouble Letter" where he shows his intentions to go to Vermont for the Government life.  He has been here as an agent to try to initiate his part of Project Monarch, that includes creating the support of weapons and money supplies to Israel, and has been associated with Patrick Leahy in the Operation Northwoods affairs that were planned in part here, prior to 9/11.

This is the run up information that has been discovered through numerous deductions of the cards and letters posted by the FBI, and collected from other researchers in the cases that remain "unsolved" for no apparent reason other than the information contained within would clearly shut down their entire branch and implicate numerous associates in the affairs.


We know the US is fighting all of Israel’s wars and enriching the false state of Israel. What was the purpose in your opinion of the Anthrax attacks and 911?


As it relates to these breaks in the Amerithrax Letters, the messages that were crafted here, were intended to be intentionally interpreted by someone specifically, as they are not directly covert, or encoded numerically. They are themed and crafted in a certain way so a person with college level skills could break them, if they knew what to look for and so the masses could easily understand the nature of the threats.  These letters specifically were made to reveal the majority of their operations and reveal a sort of Tell-All that identifies their signatures undoubtedly, and sets the stage for the global war against them.  A method of provocation they use to encourage support for their further purging of Palestinians and ethnic Semites from the Holy Land.

They added more information this time, as if it was an end to their affairs in secret with the US and that they have secretly broken from their partnership, turning their new found arsenals of bioweapons and nuclear weapons on their enemies.  They are expecting an all our global war against them to begin, because the attacks on the US were their first true attacks on US soil.  Of course the media speaks about the ratings it brings them and anything they are given to carry the big lie even further. They speak about their operations of creating ISIS as the next terror group, but what I mean is that the letters show the message delivered is specifically directed at a person, described as an African Allah.

This is clearly an Israeli threat projected on a Semite, a person that the Israelite's don't want to be found. This person they are speaking about is known throughout the religious world, as the King Of Kings, and this is so powerful of a discovery, that it shows that Israel is plotting to try to eliminate the prophesied return of a great leader, by targeting him personally, delivering the laced messages at Princeton, threatening his followers, bragging that they have been plaguing their people with bioweapons attacks for years. 

This seems to be a very serious threat made out in a manner so it will be produced for all to see, as it is made to be carried by the person that is being targeted directly.  They expect Armageddon to happen, and they are clearly jesting with EVERYONE behind a smile that makes them happy to think they have won a War of some kind. They intended it to raise his attention specifically decorating numerous attacks with these "Orange and Tiger" themes, and left behind Conspiracy Theories with false leads to deceive everyone into following a media spinoff, crafting these ciphers as a test of that intelligence.  Threatening the masses secretly, deceiving the Americans into fighting on their side against Arabs and Muslims, and forcing obedience to a Homeland Police State they are creating in the US.  The agents feed whatever intel they want from Tel Aviv to NYC through their "Counter Terror Offices" and they spread it across the country.

The attacks directly affected many targeted agencies, and were set up to be a part of stalling the economic progress of the country, by destroying the financial center in the US.  The elimination of the record keeping facilities at the Eldorado Task Force investigating the affairs of Marsh & McLennan/Fuji Bank, left the investigators held back into the affairs of the Clinton Administration's drug laundering schemes, and the theft of massive stores of gold, were then used to be placed into investment banking centers across the globe through the participants.  They claim that they will return the gold in 2025 to Germany, but we all know who is 'holding' other people's money for them.

To this day they still have no recollection of the physical amounts shown to be accounted for, or the actual amounts being missing.  The majority of the gold that was found inside the vaults that day was returned to the countries, or restored in the new facility, but the amount that was said to be missing specifically in German stores, was made to be used as another "War Reparation" imposed in secret by their Cabal.


Anything else you want to add….


Probably not enough space for all that could be said.........I am planning to expand the pilot I made into a more professional production, that features reviews by others in these fields, to help reinforce the discoveries, but as for now, this will stand as proof that there is something being plotted out in secret that was once a partnership between the two nations, and now is being turned into an all out war.....using whoever they want to play victims.


This is a huge bombshell! What do you hope the result is?


The end of it all can only come from the awareness of the people, and their refusal to associate with this Cabal.  I hope it furthers the cause of the Palestinian People and helps the media become aware that they are being used to carry messages for intelligence operations, and that it is something that cannot continue.  I hope to find a producer and set the pilots up to carry a full review of all the information found, and show where and how it ties into the creation of these attacks by sleeper "Z" agents, that are still operating in high ranking positions in the US.

Hope to chat more soon about the affairs one by one.... I have been personally harassed and attacked by these men, and agents have tried to associate with me in the past to gain more info, and stir up corruption in and throughout my partnerships.  I hope that this resource of yours can stay operational and get a few major associates in the media to look at it all, hopefully we can begin to expose the individuals while they are in the middle of their affairs.

I also will be trying to attempt to collect the $2.5 million dollar reward that is pending for the Amerithrax Case, that will lead to other opportunities to reveal connections to other affairs.



James Simpson
Founder of Eldorado Enterprises Inc.
AKA Breaker.

A Strand of RNA Labelled by the Letters TTAAAGT


A Secret Mission for the King: The Secret Voyages of Samuel Champlain in Nova Scotia


Solving the Beale Papers, Uncovering the Truth: Additional Hidden Information and Maps

Beal Papers


Teresa Halbach Has Been Found: Discovery of Stenography Layered in the SIKIKEY Letter

Teresa Halbach




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