Proposal for a Series of Crimean Travel Films


Proposal for a Series of Crimean Travel Film, Seeking Sponsors and Donors

The films we hope to make will be in a non-standard format and will be directed at an audience who seeks non-standard travel, such as young people, backpackers, lovers of extreme vacations and even pet lovers who want to travel with their pets. You the audience will dictate the places you want us to go and the things you want us to do and film and we will be uploading snippets photographs and more as we go along contantly in contact with all of you through the internet. My part will be presenting this all in English along with the other Russian presenters. The project brings together a professional film crew and well known professional Russian producer. We are all sponsoring this ourselves and were brought together by our mutually shared deep love for the Republic of Crimea. Please help make this a reality!

Link to Power Point Presentation of proposal with embedded video.

If you like the idea and would like to participate or want more info e-mail me at

You can donate to this project with a notation "Crimea" on our donation page:





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