Assange/Hawkins Has Been Arrested Tomorrow "22"

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911 BOOM!!! JAR2 REDEEMED!!! "911 was a MOSSAD CIA False Flag used to protect the Zionist entity from any future military threat and expand the parasitic hegemony of the US and the illegitimate Tel Aviv regime throughout the world by the Zionist inspired War on Terror." (Buildings 3, 4, 5, and 6?)









The Limited Hangout Operation Known as WikiLeaks is Finally Over

WikiLeaks' TidBit: The beauty of having an entrapment and Limited Hangout Operation on FVEY territory is that while MI6/GCHQ could not target UK and US Citizens having Assange do it from Ecuadorian territory completely freed up MI6/CIA hands to do whatever they pleased. Using MOSSAD and the ASTEROIDS to kill people like Michael Ratner gave the CIA/MI6 plaudibly deniability. - JAR2

UPDATE: JULY 30, 2018 22:14 MST GMT +3: P Sends

UPDATE JULY 22: 22:14 MST GMT +3: Still no word but people posting things like how he changed the world and how he should continue to have asylum following their media programming. Hawkins (Assange's real name) is now a Citizen of Ecuador so legally he can't have asylum. How can you have asylum in a country if you are a citizen? Not possible. The same fantasy and misconceptions surround Greenberg (Snowden's real name) and are manipulated by the media. Under international and national and UN law, 1: Intelligence Agents do not qualify for asylum (Greenberg) and 2: A country can not grant asylum to a citizen of its on country. Asylum is granted to stateless persons or citizens fleeing a third country by the host nation. Another myth is that Hawkins founded WikiLeaks, it was actually founded by Kristinn Hrafnsson and registered by John Young but that is just another in the endless serious of lies. Please see our WikiLeaks page.

Hawkins can only legally demand all of the rights and protections granted a citizen of Ecuador, which may have seemed like a staunch anti-US imperialist fighter years gone by, but which is now in fact another US vassal. Would Ecuador keep a wanted Ecuadorian in the embassy for an unlimited time? Probably not unless there were extenuating circumstances.

As for changing the world  

UPDATE: 19:28 MST GMT +3 Earlier they said there was some activity outside of the embassy and now they are saying the will take him tonight and want it done as quickly and quietly as possible. Funny to see the headline "His days are numbered" as that was the phrase that McFaul tried to use to say I was threatening him, So what is the author of that news story threatening Assange? Of course not.

According to source "S" Assange is done and will be arrested tomorrow.

July 21, 2018 - After having decimated the truth movement, leakers, whistleblowers, Anonymous, hacktivists, the Alternative Media, legal scholars, investigative journalists, hackers and anyone else who threatened to expose the Global New World Order takeover, all the while covering up 911 until the current point in history where nobody even cares and handing truthers and leakers and the aforementioned, including WikiLeaks' associates to the Spooks for assassination or arrest, Julian Assange was handed over to the UK authorites and the Limited Hangout Intelligence Operation known as WikiLeaks has finally come to a close.

Given the number of hackers, whistleblowers, journalists, associates, lawyers and publishers who have been destroyed or killed because of Assange I do not believe he will have a very pleasant stay in custody and will of course be demanding priviliged status and speical arrangements as he has grown accustomed to. Even though we agree with what WikiLeaks was supposed to be and even hosted their material when we were still of the belief that they were real, as of October 16th 2016 we have even proven on multiple occassions that WikiLEaks is a CIA Front. Now is is 100% CIA and has been since Octiber 16, 2016, apparently started as an ASIS/Rothschild Operation.

As a victim of WikiLeaks' devious web of lies and deceit we at are happy to see justice will be done and that the TRUTH will finally win. Karma baby! Karma.


Last Update: 03/22/2019 16:16 +0300



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