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The Corporation Demonizing the Sovereigns. Phtoshopped to make this Indian in prayer appear as a bearded Islamist

Extremely Saddened by the Events at Standing Rock. I am sorry I could not do more from here!

Gayanerekowa - The Great Law of Peace

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"America deserves Trump," says one protester fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline. "America is Trump."





The Real History of Thanksgiving      



Interview With Geopolitika on Indian Issues

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#INDIGENOUS #TAIRP On indigenous issues. Time Will Never Come for Justice:

We will never receive justice or equal treatment in the white man's system. It is not and will never be possible. There will never be justice no matter what we do unless we learn to hit them economically. They do not understand morality, justice or even the dictates od their own religions. They only understand greed and money. That is why they commit genocide. For land and wealth that is not their own. They did it to us, they are doing it to Palestine and they want to do it to Russia. http://mohawknationnews.com/blog/2016/10/13/the-verdict/





The Real History of Thanksgiving      



Interview With Geopolitika on Indian Issues

Arawak/Taino Society Was a Very Gentle Culture

01-31-2015 The Taino/Arawak Lifestyle  

 The Arawak/Taino society was basically a very gentle culture. It was characterized by happiness, friendliness and a highly organized hierarchical, paternal society, and a lack of guile. Each society was a small kingdom and the leader was called a cacique. The cacique’s function was to keep the welfare of the village by assigning daily work and making sure everyone got an equal share. The relatives of the caciques lived together in large houses in the center of the village. These houses reflect the warmth of the climate and simply used mud, straw and palm leaves. The houses did not contain much furniture. People slept in cotton hammocks or simply on mats of banana leaves. The general population lived in large circular buildings called bohios, constructed with wooden poles, woven straw, and palm leaves. At the time of Columbus there were five different kingdoms on the island of Hispaniola. The Indians practiced polygamy. Most men had 2 or 3 wives, but the caciques had as many as 30. It was a great honor for a woman to be married to a cacique. Not only did she enjoy a materially superior lifestyle, but her children were held in high esteem.

First Nations, Indigenous Issues, Genocide

Interview With Tekarontake by John Robles II
06-06-2014 Tekarontake Elder with the Bear Clan and the Mohawk Nation: Russian hacker attack on Indian Nation computer is bogus  

 After recent revelations that the US Government engages in massive hacking, the planting of malware and spyware to gain control and access to computers and engages in massive internet surveillance one has to take all accusations by the US of hacking with a grain of salt. After the charges against the People's Republic of China on the eve of the recent historic Russian/Chinese negotiations and now with news accusations against Russia, these cyber charges have taken on more of a political character than ever before. Recent unsubstantiated reports of a Russian hacker breaking into a First Nations tribal server are simply an attempt to sow discord between the Russian people and the First Nations people of North America, peoples who are bound by a hundreds year old Peace Treaty, the Two Row Wampum. According to a representative of the tribal nations of North America, reports of a supposed "Russian hacker attack" on a tribal website are nothing but an attempt to divide an alliance between the Indian nations and the Russian Federation.

Indians seeking Russia's 1700 peace treaty belt

04-05-2014 American Indians seeking Russia's 1700 peace treaty belt - Mohawk Elder Horn  

Kahentinetha Horn. She is a member of the Mohawk Nation and the Bear Clan, American Indians seeking Russia's 1700 peace treaty belt No people in the history of the world have suffered more at the hands of their fellow man than the indigenous peoples of North and South America. These people suffered the greatest genocide ever to occur on Earth and yet still remain the most peace loving nations on our planet.  In the seventeen hundreds leaders of the native nations of North America presented 13 royal families of the European invaders with Wampun belts which signified peacve and served as a treaty by which the Europeans were to respect the rights of the natives of the Americas, which they called Great Turtle Island. Mohawk Elder Kahendinetha Horn spoke to the Voice of Russia on these issues and the mystery surrounding a belt that was presented to then Russian Ambassador to Britain Boris Ivanovich Kurakin and which Tsar Nicolas had to be aware of. She underlines the fact that Russia and Russians never took part in the genocide of the native people, unlike the rest of Europeans.

Atrocities Committed Against Puerto Rico

By Jose L Vega Santiago Atrocites Committed Against Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States located in the Caribbean Sea. It is a small island with a population of almost four million citizens. On July 25, 1898, during the Spanish American War, United States invaded Puerto Rico and commenced a long relationship between the two. With this list, I’ll try to underline eight atrocities committed by the United States in Puerto Rico. 8 La Operacion La Operacion is a documentary that highlights the female sterilization policy. This policy was implanted by the United States as part of FDR’s “Operation Bootstrap” in a move toward industrialization. By 1974 35% of the Puerto Rican women were sterile and this number reached 39% by 1981. The problem with this sterilization policy is that most of the Puerto Rican women were misinformed about the sterilization process and most of the women didn’t know what the consequences would be   7 Vieques Vieques is an island municipality of Puerto Rico located in the northeastern Caribbean, it is also known as “La isla nena.” Vieques has a total area of 134.4sq miles and is inhabited by more than 9,000 viequenses. From 1941 to May 1, 2003 ...

How Indian are you?: being a mixed-race Indigenous person  


22 November 2012, 23:58  

Thanksgiving is a Day of Mourning for Native Americans

By Black Eagle

Thanksgiving is a day of mourning for Native Americans

Had the Nazis won the Great Patriotic War and succeeded in exterminating the Jews and the “mud people”, as they are called in Mein Kampf, and achieved their dream of a great Aryan city where the “mud people” were paraded in front of their Aryan masters every day to pay tribute (also detailed in Mein Kampf), and then after the passing of time had created a holiday commemorating their friendship with the Jews and the “mud people” they had exterminated, you would have an analogous celebration to the American “holiday” of Thanksgiving.

As a Taino Indian, a subgroup of the Arawak Nation, I feel it my responsibility to inform people as to the real meaning of this “holiday”. My people were also exterminated as were our northern brothers, as were our western and southern brothers. For many Indians this day is the same as if the Jews celebrated the holocaust.

In the US Thanksgiving is a day when people feast on turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, yams (or sweet potatoes) and many other things. For most common Americans who believe the official version of the origins of the holiday it is a day of friendship between the Native Americans and the white “Pilgrims” as they called themselves. It is a day when families get together and spend the entire day eating and gorging themselves on the many beautiful foods that are native only to North America. However the true history of Thanksgiving is much blacker and bloodier and is only remembered by Native Americans and very few others.

The American Indians of today are a marginalized section of American society, who are kept isolated and with little communication or contact with the outside world. They are hidden away like skeletons in the closet of American society, a country founded a little over 200 years ago, on the genocide of the Indian people and developed and founded on their blood and by the labor of black slaves.

Imagine if you will for a moment that Hitler had won World War II, unthinkable, but for the sake of argument picture that for a minute. The Nazis were responsible for the killing of, what may have been up to 40 million Russian and Soviet citizens, as records were sometimes impossible to keep at that time the exact number will never be known. Now imagine they had won and in 200 years we celebrated a day when the Nazis forced the Russians to bring them food, killed one of their leaders and raped their women and children, unthinkable again, but for the American Indians that is exactly what Thanksgiving is.

At the time written records were not kept, the Indians passed along their history by word of mouth, in the retelling of stories, or by other less dependable and primitive means or record keeping. They were by European standards, more primitive but they were also a peaceful and open people who time and again trusted the drunken outcasts, murderers, thieves, rapists and psychopaths of British and European society, who were in reality the true founders of the United States.

The records that were kept were mostly lost, and for good reason, but what is available paints a very different picture than what the US Government, founded by these same outcasts, would have us believe.

During the period when the “Thanksgiving “feast was to have occurred, the Europeans invaders were in the middle of one of the bloodiest campaigns of genocide that signaled the founding of the US.

The atrocities meted out on the Indians reached legendary proportions, with killings, rape and mutilations being the norm, and as one story goes the Indians were invited to the feast in order for the whites to be able to kill one of the Indian chiefs, Wituwamat, who was wanted by Miles Standish and who was later beheaded and whose head was displayed on a stake in Plymouth for several years. According to historian Gary B. Nash, it was “a symbol of white power”. Standish had the Indian chief’s young brother hanged for good measure as well.

From that time on, the whites were known to the Indians of Massachusetts by the name "Wotowquenange," which in their tongue meant cutthroats and stabbers. Massachusetts was were the supposed feast took place.

Until around 1970, the 350th anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims, the official history of Thanksgiving was rarely challenged, having been founded in 1863 by Abraham Lincoln, the fairy tale existed in the American imagination untouched by facts for more than a hundred years.

In 1970, when the president of the Federated Indian League, Frank B. James, prepared a speech which exposed some of the crimes committed by the Pilgrims, including robbing the graves of the Wampanoags, he was not allowed to give it.

Instead, Massachusetts officials offered him another watered down speech in keeping with the official story. Thousand of Indians protested and starting in 1970 Thanksgiving became a National Day of Mourning for the American Indian people. Frank B. James’ speech began like this:

"We welcomed you, the white man, with open arms, little knowing that it was the beginning of the end; that before 50 years were to pass, the Wampanoag would no longer be a free people."

Massachusetts officials of course refused to allow such a speech to be given, and although the officials wanted him to speak Frank James refused. On Thanksgiving Day 1970, hundreds of Indians from around the country came to protest, marking the first National Day of Mourning, a day to mark the genocide of Native Americans, who were being exterminated as the early settlers prospered. The true story of "Thanksgiving" is what whites did not want Mr. James to tell.

Another chief wanted by Standish was Metacomet Captain Benjamin Church tracked down and murdered Metacomet in 1676, his body was quartered and parts were "left for the wolves." The great Indian chief's hands were cut off and sent to Boston and his head went to Plymouth, where it was set upon a pole on the real first "day of public Thanksgiving for the beginning of revenge upon the enemy."

Metacomet's nine-year-old son was destined for execution because, the whites reasoned, the offspring of the devil must pay for the sins of their father. The child was instead shipped to the Caribbean to spend his life in slavery.

Thanksgiving is in fact a holiday that celebrates the fact the Indians were so easy to kill and conquer and that their lands were so easy to take. The Pilgrims were thankful to God for this and for that reason alone it was made an official holiday.

In memory of the exterminated Indian peoples and nations of the Americas, against whom genocide was carried out, whose lands were stolen and whose descendants like myself have suffered persecution and been marginalized at the hands of the US government and the ancestors of psychopaths, I am fasting today, and praying for the souls of a once proud and beautiful people, forgotten by history, whose souls still scream for justice.

The opinions and views expressed here are the writer's own. Historical facts, as documented by various sources were used in writing this piece.

Genocide at the Carlisle School Death Camp




Russian Hack on Indian Nation Comp Bogus

Mohawk Elder Tekarontake

6 June, 2014 10:23    Download audio file

After recent revelations that the US Government engages in massive hacking, the planting of malware and spyware to gain control and access to computers and engages in massive internet surveillance one has to take all accusations by the US of hacking with a grain of salt.

After the charges against the People's Republic of China on the eve of the recent historic Russian/Chinese negotiations and now with news accusations against Russia, these cyber charges have taken on more of a political character than ever before. Recent unsubstantiated reports of a Russian hacker breaking into a First Nations tribal server are simply an attempt to sow discord between the Russian people and the First Nations people of North America, peoples who are bound by a hundreds year old Peace Treaty, the Two Row Wampum.

According to a representative of the tribal nations of North America, reports of a supposed "Russian hacker attack" on a tribal website are nothing but an attempt to divide an alliance between the Indian nations and the Russian Federation.

Hello, this is John Robles, I am speaking with Tekarontake, he is an elder with the Bear Clan and the Mohawk Nation.

Robles: Hello Sir, how are you this evening?

Tekarontake: I am great John, and I hope you are as well as I am?

Robles: First off, if we could, I would like to get your opinion on these reports that a so-called Russian hacker has attacked a first nation's computer for some reason, a tribal computer in Washington State. What do you make of that?

Tekarontake: Well, it's almost laughable to someone like me. I'm onto to all of the … I write the news every day and so I'm all over all this stuff, and the only time I've seen is a link that you had shown me, and when I start to investigate that they had never mentioned, well number one – what would anyone need from a Tribe Band Council's computer?

I mean, all they're doing is administering the poverty for the Federal Government, who is reneging on every contact it ever had with them.

Why would a Russian hacker go in there – number one? I mean, right off the back it makes no sense, and it's always anti-Russia propaganda through the US, it always has been since the Cold War, and now this Ukraine thing: pure propaganda. I've heard nothing from Indian country.

Robles: Why would they want to? So you haven't heard anything from any of the tribes in Washington or anybody in your network? Because you are following all of the nations' news…

Tekarontake: Yes.

Robles: Why at this juncture, why do you think they are trying to do this right at this point?

Tekarontake: Well, you know, in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, in 2008 Prime Minister Stephen Harper stood up in the House of Commons in Ottawa, and he apologized for the residential school holocaust that occurred here. Thinking he could just apologize for that and it would be good.

He set up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, then in 2008, and they've just ended their five-year mandate.

First thing was to develop the truth about what happened, and it's horrifying. So the truth is that the Crown committed genocide, that's what it is.

So now they're onto to the Reconciliation Strategy part, and I went to an event last week, met Chief Justice Murray Sinclair, who is a Cree, but he is also a Supreme Court Judge, so he has taken an oath to The Bar, which makes him no longer a Cree, but anyways he's done some beautiful work, because he's trying to do the right thing, but he said that his mandate was find out the truth about what happened and develop a reconciliation strategy. But he cannot charge the Crown, that is what he said.

So when I talked to him, I said you can't charge the Crown because it's all Admiralty Court in Canada, and that is the Crown because it's controlled through The Vatican, and The Vatican is the Crown, and he's shaking his head, "… yes that's exactly right!"

And I said except the International Court of Arbitration in the Hague is not a Vatican controlled court, not an Admiralty Court, we can charge the Crown there, so we could get a fair trial.

Anything that we do here, in this country, anything in their courts is all fixed, we can never get a fair trial on anything. I know, I just did two of them against the Crown in Federal Court myself, and I can tell you there is no way to beat them in the Admiralty Court, they will not even hear your argument if it's against them. They are not going to try themselves. You are never going to get a fair trial.

Robles: Can you tell us about what happened recently with the Wampum Belts?

Tekarontake: Yes, those Wampum Belts, we did a story on Mohawk Nation News. When my grandfather Etowokoam, he was one of their Chiefs that showed up in London, in 1710, we made Wampum Belts and presented them to all thirteen bloodlines, because we knew about the thirteen bloodlines in 1710.

Then when they made their first United States, it was no coincidence that it was thirteen states. The first flag of the United States is thirteen stars, one for each of the bloodlines, that's the royalty that runs the Vatican, and the Christian Monarchs of Europe that developed the Vatican.

To me, when you start attacking the Vatican like I have, an Indian, and now the truth is out that they're guilty of genocide and also that they're not being charged with genocide, even though they are guilty …

So, if I was in the Vatican, I would be kind of worried, personally, I would think that anything they do with Indians and Russia is to dissuade us from pursuing in a non-Vatican court: which that one that Nicholas set up in the Hague, that is a non-Vatican court, a non-Admiralty Court. It was set up for world peace, and that is what we are about.

We are the sovereign here. No corporation could be a sovereign. It can't happen, that's pretend, that's artificial, a corporation is artificial.

Robles: We discovered some Wampum Belts here in Russia, why were those important?

Tekarontake: They were from 1710, when we came there, and they record, I'm just looking at them: what has to happen is we have to get together with some Russian people.

I know that you had some ambassador in 1710, and he ended up being a writer, and I ask your people at the Peter the Great and see and if they could research his stuff and find out what he wrote about. He was there, so he would have wrote something about that if he was a writer, but I guess it's all in Russian so no-one has gone through it yet I guess. That would be very interesting for me.

Those Wampum Belts are recording, I'm looking at them, and they show: the arrows coming from one way that would be us. The arrows coming from the other way; that would be you guys, and the Peace being that's why we were there… So that's what the Wampum Belts are about.

But again, we need to have a group of us around to discuss this Wampum Belt with some Russians and some Mohawk people, the same way it was made. It was made like that. It would be a recording of what we were discussing, and it was about peace that we were talking – peace on earth. So this is historic, a peace conference...

Robles: So this was the first to …?

Tekarontake: The first peace conference anywhere in the world for anyone. We came there to spread the peace.

After the Great Peace of Montreal with France in 1701, that's an ancient Iroquois thing, and from that we developed the Two Row Wampum that we took over to Albany, to the British.

So in July 1701, June 1701, June 25th, that was the finalization of the Great Peace of Montreal. We were now… we buried all of our weapons under the tree of peace with France and all her allies, and then went down in July, a month later, to Albany and gave the Two Row to the British, and said: "You are welcome to come and settle in Ontario", and that's the only reason they ever came to Ontario, at our invitation.

And so, they came, and now they pretend none of that ever happened, and that they are the sovereign.

Robles: Can you tell us about your case that's coming up, that you are trying raise awareness for and raise funds for and promote, that's going to take place at the court in The Hague?

Tekarontake: I'm talking with a few different people in the Iroquois Confederacy, because we are the sovereign here, we want to charge the Crown with genocide just for what they did to our children in that aboriginal school holocaust. Unbelievable what they did to us, and it still affects our children to this day.

So we want them charged with genocide, and so we are going to do that, and so there is a lot of money and expenses. So I'm just trying to raise some capital, access some funding to be able to do this. I know what it takes, it's not hard but it takes time. You'd have to travel to The Hague and get a… There's a lot of things that need to be done. So that's what the monies that we need.

Personally I'm willing to do everything myself, if I don't have any help and I will, because I need to do that for my grandchildren. Because no more, we are not going through the same war, the 500-year war called colonialism is almost over. We are almost there.

We are the sovereign and that's the key.

Robles: Where or how could people support the case if they want to, financially or otherwise? Maybe there are some good lawyers out there who might be willing to give their time something?

Tekarontake: I would love if there was a good lawyer who would help, that really does want to do something. I don't know, maybe you have them over there in Russia, they don't exist over here.

Anyone who has taken an oath to The Bar has taken an oath to the City of London bankers. That's what people don't understand. That's why you could never get a lawyer, because they've taken an oath to The Bar, and The Bar is the City of London bankers.

Robles: I see. Now you mentioned it's crashing down around them, and you mentioned something about the Bilderberg meeting, where they said their New World Order is coming to an end. Why is that?

Tekarontake: They keep going on about a New World Order, but it's all old, there's nothing new about it, it's all old world order. And it's the old world order that's crashing down, and I guess they just figured they would continue with this old world with a new mask, a corporate mask? I suppose that was their idea.

But it's not working out for them, and they talked about, mainly about Russia, Ukraine, about everything falling apart.

They were trying to take down the Russian Empire since the Cold War ended, and that's what that whole Ukraine thing that they set up. We all know about false flags. You know they can't do anything anymore, and that's all they ever done, nothing but false flags.

I loved what Putin did at the Olympics, showing what Russia's given to humanity and history. If America was to do the same, they've given humanity war and genocide, nothing else. One after the other, and that's what they do. What they did when they came in 1779, people think they had an American Revolution, it never happened.

If you just look at 1776, 77, 78, the biggest army Washington had up till 1778, he had 1,500 men and he crossed the Delaware in December 1778. That was the biggest army he had, and he beat the Hessian, who were paid mercenaries, so they were paid to lose, and then one month later General Sullivan amasses 12,800 troops, cavalry, and he marches on Onondaga, the capital of the Iroquois Confederacy, to do one thing – to chop down the tree of peace. And they, just like in Avatar, that tree was 3,000 years old; they chopped it down. And they turned the Constitution of Peace into the Constitution of War.

And they just copied the Kaienerekowa, instead of a Council of Women they put in a Senate, instead of a Council of Men they put in a Congress. Then they just put a hierarchal president over it all, like a Roman Emperor sort of, so it really doesn't matter because you've got this guy and he will do what he wants. So it's just ridiculous, it's not democracy, it's nothing to do with it.

So that's really … people think well the American Revolution never happened. Americans have never been free from the bankers of London and still are run and owned by them, outright.

Robles: There was a kind of a black joke, I guess you would call it, at the end of the Soviet Union, when the country started falling apart and people were falling into despair with unemployment and poverty this was after the Soviet Union collapsed, and some people would say: "Well you wanted America, you got it!" And I'm thinking about the people in Ukraine, these people that supposedly wanted the West and wanted America, and look what's happening there now?

Tekarontake: You get America. You get war you get war, death, disease, destruction, and debt. That's what you get from America nothing else, what else could you get from them? There's no good way to look at it.

It's getting worse every day in America, and they will paint whatever picture they want. Remember the Bilderberg own the media, all of it, they have everything controlled they think, but they don't control all the Internet, and that's all they've been trying to do with this new TPP and all these other things.

But you know what, and you say about Russia, I think I mentioned I've just read Nicholas and Alexandra, it's the most amazing story I've ever read, to tell you the truth, you know it really is. And what a phenomenal history you guys got. I hope you guys are doing something about the hundred year anniversary of World War 1 starting in July.

Austro-Hungary attacked Serbia, ancient Russian … I mean Constantine was from Serbia, he was Russian, they all speak Russian. Within one month of the war starting Austro-Hungary doesn't even exist anymore, and Russia marches on Prussia, and this is phenomenal history, which we are never taught this at school.

Canada always goes on about the, not even a 100 thousand men they lost in World War 1, and Britain goes on about 900 thousand. But reading that book, and Nicholas lost 1.8 million Russians in the first year, in 1914. Nobody talks about that.

Robles: It's the same thing with World War II.

Tekarontake: The same thing with WWII and Napoleon. So then, I started looking at that, I'm thinking: "What's going on, why do they always attack Russia?" And it goes right back to the Vatican splitting off the Christian Church in 900 AD, and setting up shop in Rome, calling themselves Roman Catholics; they're really just Freemason devil worshippers. Just look at the Vatican, it's all masonic, they got all those statues, and they got those obelisks from Egypt, all kinds of masonic stuff the whole thing.

Robles: Well it makes you wonder, with the Doctrine of Discovery which was just a license to commit genocide for gold.

Tekarontake: Yes.

Robles: How could it be some spiritual, or how could they even talk about God?

Tekarontake: Right, that's a fact. Right, they are the devil. They are the devil worshippers and the Revelations, again I'm not a Christian, but in Revelations they talk about the false church, and the Catholic Church is the false church.

Constantine was Russian, the capital of Rome was Constantinople, the capital of the Church was Kiev "Russia" Ukraine didn't exist. Kiev, Russia, always was Kiev, Russia, in those days.

To me it's quite clear why Napoleon attacked through the Vatican, and then why Hitler attacked through the Vatican and now Obama is attacking through the Vatican? What is going on Obama?

Robles: We are almost out of time here. One more time, fill us in, what's your view on this hacker attack, and then if you could give us some details about how people could support the case and what's going on with it?

Tekarontake: Well the hacker attack, pure blatant …like I wouldn't even respond to it if I was you guys because they are just throwing out some bait seeing if they can get you to bite or something. They are trying to develop some anti-Indian and anti-Russian, divide the Mohawk-Russian Alliance, that's what they are trying to divide.

You found the Wampum Belt, that makes you our ancient ally. You predate the colonies, the thirteen colonies, you predated that by 70 years, they didn't even exist, when we already had a treaty belt with you, and it's in place, and people can see it.

I'm not making this up. We are one sovereign, you are another, we have an ancient alliance. It's about that. They are trying to kibosh any of that, to get natives turned against you right now

Robles: I see. Where can people go to find out about, maybe possibly donate, or maybe we have an international lawyer out there who could help?

Tekarontake: Please, I have a website, its Tekarontake dot ws. That's my website.

This is John Robles, I was speaking to Mr Tekarontake, he is an elder with the Bear Clan in the Mohawk nation. He is also a journalist and a contributor to Mohawk Nation News dot com.

Thank you very much for listening and as always I wish you the best wherever you may be.

14 May, 2014 01:00

Canada Refuses to Investigate Thousands of Murdered Women

Mohawk Spokesman Shawn Brant

Shawn Brant

Download audio file

For over a decade hundreds of innocent young girls and women have been disappearing in Canada. School girls under 11, teenagers and young ladies have all disappeared or have been found beaten, raped or dead in dumpsters, ditches, by the side of the road and in landfills.

While the Canadian Government sends assistance to Nigeria, to make political points pretending to assist in finding over 200 hundred girls it cares nothing about, it continues to ignore and refuses to investigate the over 1,425 cases of missing girls and murdered young ladies in Canada. Why has Canada ignored these crimes? Because the murdered girls are Native Americans. We spoke to Shawn Brant, a Mohawk Nation and Wolf Clan representative about this issue and more.

This is John Robles. You are listening to an interview with Shawn Brant. He is a member of the Mohawk Nation and the Wolf Clan representative, a Mohawk Indian activist and a spokesperson for the Warrior Society of Tyendinaga.

Robles: Hello, Sir. How are you this evening?

Brant: I’m very well, thank you for having me.

Robles: It’s a pleasure to be speaking with you. I’d like to find out some details, if you could, on a very serious issue that has been taking place for a long time and not getting any coverage at all almost in the major media. I’m talking about disappearance of what could be thousands of Native American girls, women and schoolgirls.

Brant: Sure! Certainly the issue is one that affects women and girls in Canada. It involves recently, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Canada here confirmed that some 1,200 aboriginal women have been murdered since 1980s. Another 225 have been identified as missing and presumed murdered. And that is women and girls across the country.

It’s a crisis that has been ongoing, the crisis the Government has been aware of and one that has been ever escalating.

Certainly, in the past 20 years the number of women that have gone missing is catastrophic and it’s a crisis and one that women and girls had been begging the government in Canada to look into and find… to investigate, to have police investigate, to have various governments take some responsibility and oversight in making a determination about what is happening within our communities and within urban centers here in Canada.

The average age of the women that are going missing is about 20 years old. About 10% of that 1,200 murdered women are under the age of 11.

They have been raped, abducted, tortured, murdered. They’ve been cast in garbage bins, they’ve been tossed out of vehicles in ditches from one end of this country to the other and the Government has refused at every turn to investigate. They’ve refused to, in any meaningful way, take any responsibility.

And whenever the issue is raised before the public, they attempt to convince the rest of society here in Canada that these are women that are involved in the sex trade and demean and diminish their integrity. And that is simply not the case.

We’ve recently been taking a more militant stand against the government. There have been closures of roads, there have been closures of rail lines, there’ve been attacks against the Canadian economy. All in an effort to have the government take a serious look at this issue and provide some answers.

Robles: I understand you were involved in shutting down the Canadian railroad. Can you talk about that?

Brant: Absolutely! We put it to government and there has been a general call in this country, both in the Native Community and in the non-Native Community that there needs to be a national oversight and national strategy and inquiry to provide some answers into this phenomena: murder and disappearance of these women and girls.

And so, the government has maintained the position that it’s simply doing whatever it can and nothing more can be done, and that has been unacceptable.

So, here, in our community, we are situated between Toronto and Montreal, which is the CN mainline. And more goods pass through this one area than any other place in the world by train, highway and through the seaway.

And systematically what we’ve been doing is targeting that trade route and we’ve been shutting down the mainline, which impacts the Canadian economy about $160 million dollars a day.

We’ve taken a position that if the Government is unwilling to step up and meet the very-very basic, decent social demands that are being made by our people for intervention and investigation into this crisis, that we’re prepared to target the economy of Canada and bring it to its knees, if necessary, in order to have justice to be brought to our women and girls and we’ve been doing that.

We’ve been doing that on a regular basis and while may not reach out beyond this country or out into the mainstream media, we are confident that we are having a significant impact on the Canadian economy and are prepared to continue in that.

Robles: I don’t want to get off the topic, because this is a serious topic and it is one we need to focus on, and it is one that, as you just said, is not getting coverage, when it absolutely should be and must be. If we can get back to the girls now, in your opinion, who is responsible for this? Is this an organized group in the government? Is this a continuation of genocide? Who is behind this?

Brant: This is the continuation of the same old adage of colonialistic apartheid policies and laws that Canada is engaged in against the indigenous people here.

Canada is a colonial country, it has no legitimacy or basis. And part of Canada’s policy is: in order to maintain the exploitation of resources and the theft of resources of our land, they maintain a state of sadness and despair in our communities and by doing that they think that they are able to keep us in such a state of sadness, that we are unable to mobilize against the state and large corporations that are engaged in the theft of our resources. And so, Canada’s policies of not investigating, of not caring, they simply allow for a perpetuation of despair that allows for the theft to continue.

But certainly, recently, in last November, an organization: the International Human Rights Watch, documented some 50 different instances in which the Royal Canadian Mounted Police themselves, Canada’s “police force” was engaged in the abduction, sexual assault, torture, kidnapping of First Nations’ women.

17 of their officers were identified as having engaged in this type of behavior, where they themselves, the police would abduct women and girls, engage in sexual assaults and then threaten to either have them disappear or threaten to have their family disappear if they ever spoke.

So, this was well documented by an accredited international human rights agency in a report that was tabled before our parliament in February of this year. And the government simply looked at it and said: “Well, if there are complaints to be made, then these women should come forward and complain against these specific police officers involved.”

But what people don’t understand is that the police officers that are perpetrating these crimes are officers that live in the communities and are involved in policing of those same communities where the women live. So, it is a situation where women would have to come forward and make complaints to the perpetrators themselves, and that is simply not possible.

So, when you asked me about who is involved, directly involved in the acts themselves include: military personnel, it includes Canada’s police forces and by extension the government itself is aware of who is committing the crimes.

And that is simply why they don’t want to take any type action or any type of government oversight, because it would expose not just the hypocrisy of government, but it would expose the complicity of Government in what is happening against the indigenous people and they are just not prepared to go there.

We know what is happening, we know who is committing these crimes, we simply don’t have any body of people that we can approach that would take any meaningful steps to change or correct the situation of the crisis that we are involved in now.


Robles: We are hopefully exposing it now and hopefully, maybe, this will have some effect on getting some justice done I hope. Well, that’s my hope.

Brant: We are not naïve people and, as we’ve discussed earlier, when we hear leaders in the world that express concern and genuine regard for their people wherever they live, and offer and afford protections for their people, as Russia has done in Ukraine and other regions, that really appeals to us.

We’ve been reaching out, we don’t have a government that affords protection to its people. And that is a burden that we bear, we don’t have the protection of government, like Russian citizens do.

Robles: Do you have an opinion on what is going on in Ukraine?

Brant: I absolutely do! When the protection of citizens becomes fundamental, when it is an absolute fundamental right for a nation to protect its citizens, and that’s being demonstrated around the world (whether it is to the Israeli government, whether it is to the government of the US, whether it is through the Russian Government), there is a fundamental notion of sovereignty and integrity, and justice that the government must protect its citizens and must cross borders and regions, and must protect them where they live from any type of oppression, any type of act of aggression that is taken.

We sympathize with the people of Russia and the Russian speaking population within Ukraine. And it is fundamentally just for a country to be able to intervene and protect its people wherever they live. And we absolutely support that.

Robles: Russia so far has not really intervened. I mean, if you are talking about militarily. But that would be a good thing for the junta government in Ukraine to hear right now: that a government should protect its people. Here they are waging a war against their own people. They are killing and slaughtering their own people. If that is not a sickness, I don’t know what is, anyway…

Now how long has this been going on with the girls missing?

Brant: It was first identified in 1994. And at that time there was 24 women that government acknowledged as having been murdered. And activists at that time had said that the number was closer to about 80 and that was in 1994.

Since that time the number now is: as government released a report on Friday of last week which identified 1,200 murdered First Nations’ women, and the activist community, we believe that the number is closer to about 3,100-3,150. So those numbers that have increased from that time, have increased in a very short length of time, in approximately 20 years.

And so, it isn’t as though there has been some sort of intervention that has allowed for that to scale back. Those numbers have been increasing exponentially each and every year. And the range of the attacks has increased. They are targeting our girls now as young as 6 and 7 and 8 years old.

They are being picked up walking along the streets, they are being picked up on their way to school. As I said, they are being raped, they are being tortured, they are being murdered. It is something that we are living with, something that is almost unbelievable to imagine.

Robles: That is unbelievable to imagine! It is unbelievable! 3,150 people, human beings! Were these anyone else?

Brant: That number, when you put it into the context with the rest of Canada’s population, that represents about 70,000 non-native women that would have to be murdered to equal the number of First Nations’ women when we give the population.

And we are looking at this not necessarily now in a context of simply unsolved homicides, we are looking at this as being an untold story of genocide. Certainly, within the aboriginal communities here in Canada we are looking at this as being a legitimate genocide.

People say that they are targeting our women so that they don’t have children, that they don’t contribute to the population of indigenous people. And when you look at that number and see that impact that it is having not just on the immediate lives of those who are lost, but by extension on the number of children and the families that would have been generated, it certainly can be unmistakably viewed as being a direct genocide, a direct attack against our very existence.

And when we shut down a train line or shut down a highway, or we talk about targeting Canada’s economy, we are not talking about it simply as being for an issue of justice, we are talking about it as being a right of our people to stand up for our very existence and the survival of our people. That’s what we are talking about is our right to exist.

And the Government is doing everything within its power to see that we don’t continue on as a society of people, that we become extinguished.

And so, we go out and we fight these battles and we fight these battles on the street, and we fight these battles on the infrastructure of this country. But we are fighting this as a means of survival and continuation of our people.

Robles: I see. A Government based on genocide and it hasn’t changed.

Brant: It hasn’t changed at all.

Robles: It hasn’t changed at all!Yes, the numbers are unbelievable. I mean, if it was even 10 white Canadian women that were found in dumpsters, can you imagine the outcry, the huge investigations that would be going on?

Brant: Yes. And we have women that have been dumped in landfill sites, in garbage dumps here and police forces know the whereabouts of their bodies, but they say that the cost of $17,000 for one girl Tanya Nepinak, the cost to remove her body from that landfill they say was too much money to be spent, that it wasn’t justified…

Robles: They talk about the cost?!?!?!

Brant: … to remove her from a garbage landfill outside the city of Winnipeg. And those are the types of indignities that they put upon us, the value of her life…. So she sits today under a pile of garbage outside the city of Winnipeg and the government says that the cost of removing her body wasn’t worth it. And that’s the response we get. That’s how government treats our people.

That’s how they respond, even when they know the whereabouts of the body, they won’t provide us with the dignity and the dignity of the family to recover that body and have her put to rest in a proper way.

You were listening to an interview with Shawn Brant of the Mohawk Nation and the Wolf Clan in Canada. He is a Mohawk Indian activist and a spokesperson for the Warrior Society of Tyendinaga.

You can find out more on indigenous issues at Mohawk Nation News. 

7 May, 21:38

Racist Genocidal Policies Continue in US/Canada

John Kane

John Kane

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Genocide is the most barbaric tactic for disposing of one’s enemies ever thought up by human kind. Throughout history it has been used by barbaric groups who believed they are superior or in some way “chosen” and chose to destroy those who challenge their delusional homicidal beliefs. Those who would commit genocide or their apologists must never be allowed to get away with their crimes. 

We spoke to John Kane, a well-known North American Mohawk Indian activist and radio personality on the genocide and the ongoing racism and marginalization of the indigenous peoples of North America.

Hello this is John Robles I am speaking with Mr. John Kane, a Mohawk Indian activist, a radio show host and a columnist for an indigenous people’s publication called the Two Row Times.

Robles: How does the US violate the rights of indigenous people?

Kane: I think it makes sense to make very clear that the US and Canada, they were both two of the last nations to even tepidly endorse the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People.

In 2007, when the rest of the world passed it, these two countries along with Australia and New Zealand actually voted against it.

They clearly had a problem with indigenous issues being addressed globally or by international community and part of the reason they rejected that is because they didn’t want the scrutiny because they know that historically they’ve committed genocide!

There are multiple places, mostly throughout American history but through Canadian history as well, where you can see that our children… They had a policy called: "Kill the Indian. Save the man." Where they tried to cut our kids hair, change their names, Christianize them and basically tried to kill the Indian in them, and that is a federal government policy.

Robles: And institutionalized genocide has been a long-term policy of the US government.

As an indigenous person I would love to see something done about this. Is there anything that we can do about this in your opinion realistically?

Kane: I think the international community does have to step up and although I don’t hold out a great deal of hope that the UN specifically is going to ever take any firm actions against the US or Canada, but sometimes shining a light on the issue and raising the specter of scrutiny on countries that are still doing things…

They may not be a massacring Indians as had as late as a hundred years ago but we still have a significant amount of federal provincial state policy on both the US and Canada where they still keep trying to prevent us from developing economically, they try to forbid even native people to do the native commerce from native community to native community.

The fact of the matter is there is no basis in their law, even in "their" law or any part of their history where they can say at what point did any of us: When did the Mohawk nation transfer their sovereignty to the US or Canada. When did the Seneca Nation ever say now we are yours? There is no moment in US or Canadian history where they can ever say where we agreed to be subjugated, where we asked to be subjugated or where we were conquered.

The fact of the matter is, and even in the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People, if you look at the very beginning of it where they have this section of affirmations, where they affirm this and affirm that, the third affirmation is as clear and direct repudiation at the international level of the Doctrine of Christian Discovery, as exists in any international document!

It talks about any kind of doctrine that is developed based on race or racism or religion, that it is false and that it is unlawful! And yet the US specifically codified the Doctrine of Christian Discovery which is based Papal polls from 15th century. They codified it into law in 1823 an their whole body of Federal Indian Law is still based on this concept that because a Christian nation entered our shores, that they could claim not only our lands, but they could claim dominion over the entire land which means that they could try to claim dominion over us. But there is no legal foundation for them to do so, just the obscure reference to the Doctrine of Christian Discovery.

Robles: There is no legal basis, there was no conquest, there was no acquiescence, there was no surrender, there was so sale. So, they are squatters.

There was genocide, theft, and they are squatters. Hundred years ago was not that long. We get the second-third generation of squatters living in North America and there is nothing we can do about it.

Kane: And the crazy part is it is not just about what they did 100 years ago, it is what they are doing today.

So, when I talk about the Doctrine of Christian Discovery, a lot of people say "Yeah well that is an old law! Does it really apply?"

Let me tell you this, in 2005 the Jewish lady, Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the US Supreme Court cited the Doctrine of Discovery as her basis for throwing out land claims by the Oneida Nation. So, that was just in 2005.

In 2005 they are not just citing the case law that was built upon it! They are still citing the very Doctrine itself in their deliberation.

Robles: Are you serious? She actually cited the Doctrine of Discovery in a legal decision?

Kane: In a case where they threw out the Oneida Land Claims against the Oneidas she cited the Doctrine of Discovery as part of her rationale for throwing out the case.

The Jewish lady on the court! That is what is so absurd about this.

Just recently, 3-4 weeks ago, the US and Barack Obama hosted the French President at a state dinner and they actually publically made light and were joking about the Louisiana Purchase and what a great deal it was!

The problem that I found with that is when France sells this area that they call the Louisiana Purchase to the US, it wasn’t theirs to sell!

That too is based on the Doctrine of Discovery because that whole area, west of Mississippi was owned and occupied by native people.

There was barely any French presence there. What they really sold to the US was their "discovery title".

And so people treat it as if that was a legitimate sale, that the French legitimately sold that land and that too is Doctrine of Discovery Dogma/Manifest Destiny dogma and when you have heads of state joking about that, that is not only insulting, it goes beyond that. It shows how much light they make of their acts of genocide.

Robles: I don’t think they are human. You can’t really call them human. I have no words…

Kane: Here is the crazy part about some of this stuff. It’s been a lot of big news lately because the owner of a basketball franchise in California, a Jewish gentleman was making all of these racist comments and you would think that someone who comes from a people who have such a history of their own genocide being perpetrated against them, you would think that they would be more sensitive to racial bias and that kind of stuff but the fact of the matter is a lot of the Jewish community, specifically in the US, they really have a hard time any of us native people refer to our treatment as genocide or the American Holocaust, there is a large segment of Jewish population who gets offended and yet there were far more Native people killed intentionally with everything from Smallpox blankets to massacres that began in the 1700s, that were still going on in the late 1800s. The last major massacre was in 1890. So, that is not a whole terribly long time ago in the overall scheme of things.

Robles: No, it is not.


Robles: The research I’ve done, it is as high as (in North and South America) 400 million human beings were eradicated.

Since you brought up the Jews, we are talking about 400 million native Americans, or indigenous people of North and South America, "Turtle Island", we are talking in World War II, about 40 million Russians were killed defeating the Nazis. I am not anti-Semitic, I have nothing against Jews, but all the time we are supposed to feel sorry for them.

Kane:And again I think that what gets missed in all this stuff is that unlike a circumstance with the Jewish Holocaust, and I am not a denier by any means, but unlike the Jewish Holocaust, our Holocaust transcended centuries and it was handed off from country to country.

We had the Dutch who were massacring the Lenape Delaware on the island of Manhattan, we had the French that were doing it, we had the Spanish that were doing it, we had the British that were doing it and of course the Americans that are still doing it and the Canadians that are still doing it.

So, when I hear this stuff and when you think about it, it has become such a norm to oppress a people, and again some of the most oppressed people on the planet, then it gets out of hand in such a way...

And I hate to make this a big issue… But the fact of the matter is….

Robles: It is a big issue, it is a major issue!

Kane: Hold on, I have a specific reference that I always make.

Kane: I don’t like to make a "big deal" about mascot issues, but this is such an irony.

Robles: Okay…

Kane: An NFL franchise in the capital of the US in Washington DC uses a name that is a racial slur! To me that is not the big issue but it is emblematic of the acceptable policy

Robles: You are talking about the Redskins

Kane:The Redskins. You wouldn’t have a…

I made a joke one day: maybe they should call a football team the Aryans, and they call themselves an Aryan Nation. If that is not acceptable then why is Redskin?

It is amazing some of the things they can justify because it is borne out of racism that has became so socially acceptable in the US and Canada that nobody thinks about it.

You wouldn’t have New York (N-word) or the Long Island Jews. You wouldn’t have chinks or spics or any of these other derogatory words. And yet the word "redskin"… which is borne out of them scalping and saving our skins for bounty, that is where the word comes from.

Robles: It was the trash of British society who washed once every 10 years, who were the first scalpers. They were the scalpers.

Kane: Yes, that is a misnomer people think that we started that!

That was a British practice, the Spaniards were doing this it was a way that they could collect a bounty without having to drag an entire dead body! They could just grab a part of our scalp as evidence of a kill and that is what they got paid on.

The fact of the matter is that is something really creepy: imagine being a 7 year-old native child going to a football game and seeing 40,000 people making a mockery of your culture and a bunch of obese white people with feathers and war-paint on, imagine being a child that has to see that. It is incredibly insulting.

Robles: I was the child who had to see that.

Kane: And yet it is socially acceptable, At the college level they have the Florida State Seminoles, they have the Washington Redskins, the Cleveland Indians, it transcends all of their sports.

What shows is the level of acceptable racism that exists in the US and the thing is when we bring it up, when we say that it is offense, they say: "Well we don’t mean it to be offensive so it is not offensive."

Who gets to decide that? I am not saying the mascot issue is a big thing, I am more concerned about the poverty levels that exist on our territories and that is where clearly the US and Canada violate the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People because there is language in that that talks about how we have a say over the natural resources on our territories.

It insists that we are entitled to full priory informed consent on anytime that they are going to establish a policy that has implications to our people. And yet they still pass laws, they do it discriminatorily on purpose to affect our lifestyles. They want to keep us in a welfare state rather than seeing us have any success.

When we started gaming for instance 30-40 years ago, they fought us in every state of the US until finally the US Supreme Court said they have the right to do this!

The Supreme Court didn’t give us that right but they acknowledged what we already knew.

Then the US scrambled to pass a bunch of laws within the year that the Supreme Court ruled. The Supreme Court ruled in 1987. In 1988 the US passes a gaming act, which gives them control of our gaming. We were not even at the table.

This is the kind of stuff that goes on time and time again. So, they keep trying to criminalize us.

Right now we asserted ourselves in the tobacco industry. Tobacco was something that was ours historically, and I am not suggesting that I am a great big fan of cigarette smoking, but the fact of the matter is when they bastardized that industry and they turned tobacco and cigarettes into nicotine delivery devises, that wasn’t our idea.

We treated tobacco with a certain amount of sacredness. We did use it socially, it was something that we did as a social activity, especially to introduce ourselves to people and to rekindle old relationships, but they turned it into something ugly and when we ventured back into that business because we knew that we had the regulatory advantages of our territory, and we could sell it on our territory without the authority of the state, or the province or whatever around us, they tried to criminalize it.

They keep trying to criminalize it. They just raided Mohawk territory with 400 RCMP, SQ OPP, they came to our territories with 400 armed officers, just over the last couple of days claiming to go after our "illegal" tobacco businesses. That is just days ago!

Robles: That is the first time I heard about that.

Kane: They came in with 400 police officers and they arrested 8 of our people and then they arrested a bunch of people that are supposedly connected to the mob or to the mafia or something, the "Canadian Mafia".

That is not a law enforcement action, that is an invasion and that happened just a couple of days ago.

It is all part of a systematic approach by the US and Canada to try to criminalize whatever we do economically.

We made major headway in the tobacco industry. We developed our own brands, we have manufacturing.

The US and Canada are always complaining; "Well we are losing manufacturing jobs!"

Well we have created manufacturing jobs and what does the US and Canada do? They turn around and try to criminalize what we do because we are not paying their taxes.

We are saying; "you don’t have right to assert that on our territories, this is something we are doing here, and the sale that we do is when consumers come onto our land and purchase".

And the crazy part is you can go into duty-free shops and buy stuff without paying Canadian taxes if you are any color of the rainbow.

In the US there are some states where there is almost no tax. You can go across state lines if you are using for your own consumption.

New York State has a law that says you don’t need to have tax paid on cigarettes in New York state, if you are only purchasing or acquiring 2 cartons or less and you can get those any place in the world. But they still want to insist that they can’t get it from our territories.

So, this is the kind of racially discriminatory laws that they have and yet they don’t really have any foundation.

What they do is they pass a law, then they make this assumption that it is applied to us and so law enforcement agents, they can plead ignorance: "We are enforcing Canadian law" but you are not in Canada anymore! Or; "we are enforcing New York State law", you are not in New York any more, you are on Seneca land, you are on Mohawk land.

The Seneca Nation specifically, they have documents right up until the late 1800s where the US and New York State keep saying time and time again: their lands are not ours, they are outside of New York State, they are separate from the US and the US will never claim Seneca lands! And yet they may not claim the land but they try to claim jurisdiction over it.

Well if it is not their land and we are not their people, then how can they claim to have jurisdiction over our land? It is absurd.

As we wind down the interview, one of the things that is really important: we are coming to a place in time where the capitalist system, the specific capitalist system that the US and Canada, Great Britain and Europe rely on is failing. You’ve got failed states all over Europe.

Here is a problem: the globe isn’t getting an bigger, so how can the economy keep growing?

We have major issues associated with climate change. We have some major issues with disparity of incomes from the poorest of people to the richest of people and that is what is making this whole global economy fail. And we are not the only one. All over the global, whether you are talking about Russia, China, Pakistan or India!

At the end of the day, I don’t care if somebody is Russian or Mohawk. We are people and we are global citizens and while we may not necessarily pass each other on the street every single day, we still have the same basic interests, the same basic needs as human being, or as "life on the planet".

They want to keep us as consumers, they want to keep us as mice on the treadmill, but at the same time we’ve got to step up, we’ve got to stop letting the government specifically dictate our lives.


You were listening to an interview with Mr. John Kane, a Mohawk Indian activist, a radio show host and a columnist for an indigenous people’s publication called the Two Row Times. Thanks for listening.

5 April, 23:50

Part 1: Natives seeking Russia's 1700 Peace Treaty Belt - Mohawk Elder Kahentinetha Horn

Two Row Peace Treaty Belts in Museum in St. Petersburg

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No people in the history of the world have suffered more at the hands of their fellow man than the indigenous peoples of North and South America. These people suffered the greatest genocide ever to occur on Earth and yet still remain the most peace loving nations on our planet. 

In the seventeen hundreds leaders of the native nations of North America presented 13 royal families of the European invaders with Wampun belts which signified peacve and served as a treaty by which the Europeans were to respect the rights of the natives of the Americas, which they called Great Turtle Island. Mohawk Elder Kahendinetha Horn spoke to the Voice of Russia on these issues and the mystery surrounding a belt that was presented to then Russian Ambassador to Britain Boris Ivanovich Kurakin and which Tsar Nicolas had to be aware of. She underlines the fact that Russia and Russians never took part in the genocide of the native people, unlike the rest of Europeans.

Hello! This is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with Kahentinetha Horn. She is a member of the Mohawk Nation and the Bear Clan, and the owner and publisher of Mohawknationnews.com. She is also an elder with the Mohawk Nation.

Robles: Hello Kahentinetha! How are you this evening?

Horn: I'm very-very well.

Robles: It's a pleasure to be speaking with you again. Can you tell us a little history back in the 1700s, a story regarding the Russian Ambassador to Britain, Mr. Boris Ivanovich Kurakin, who became a famous writer? Why was he important to the native indigenous people of North America? And what connection does he have with the Native Americans?

Horn:Well, we are going back to when our people – the Iroquois – sent the five chiefs over to Europe and one died on the way. But they came from the each of our five nations of the Iroquois Confederacy.

They went over there to meet with the 13 families. And they took with them the Guswhenta – the Two Row Wampum – which is the basis of international law. I've talked about that before.

So, they gave them each a belt. And that was explained to them how you can arrive at peace. You know, arrive at peaceful way of living.

So, we were very-very disappointed because, except for Russia, the other families didn't really have any interest. They kind of made fun of us, like we were a bunch of children. But in fact, it was very important, because it was a mission of peace and that's why we sent our people.

The only time that we ever sent our chiefs over, and that was in 1710. And Peter I or somebody was there. These wampum belts were presented and what I want to know is where that belt is. Did he take is back to Russia or was somebody there instead of him, because somebody was there from Russia to meet our chiefs.

And our chiefs went there from Turtle Island to spread the peace to the world. And when they got back, what they told us about these people that they met – the 13 families, except for the Russians, they said (and we were appalled with what they said to us) – they rely on the written word. It is how they will be judged. And that was contrary to how we judge ourselves, because we rely on the Wampum, which is in our minds. The Wampum is to remind us of what is in our minds.

And so, that's why we would like to ask you Russian people if you could find that Wampum. And the reason why I became interested in this was because I started reading about the Permanent Court of Arbitration. And in 1899 Tsar Nicolas II of Russia set up the oldest court for international dispute resolution, which I see as another gift from the Russians to the world. It is in the Hague.

And, you know, the UN hasn't worked very well and neither have any of these other organizations that are supposed to bring peace to the earth and to stop all wars. None of them have been able to do this.

Now, Tsar Nicolas, who was the last tsar of Russia, he set this court up for the same exact situation that we indigenous here are finding ourselves in. We have the same criminal bankers who murdered him and his family – the Romanovs – set up the genocide of over a 150 million of our people. And I must say here, interject that the Russians were never a part of this genocide.

We want these people to be tried – the crown or these bankers and the Vatican. They conspired to kill Nicolas and they conspired to kill our people. So, these people have claimed a false right to rule the world based on phony stories that they created themselves.

So, the reason why I would like to ask the Russian people to help us is that we have already gone through the kangaroo courts here in Canada about our land and about our trust fund. And the Federal Court of Canada wouldn't even hear the case that I took when I was almost murdered at the border. I almost died. And then, when we also took a land case to that court, which in the Admiralty Court of the Sea, we know now that we can never get a fair trial in any corporate court here in Canada.

So, we'd like to approach this international court that was set up by Tsar Nicolas for our long-standing issues. And we need help from anyone who can help us.

We want to know, this Boris Ivanovich Kurakin, he was the Russian Ambassador to Britain in 1710 and he became a famous writer, and we'd like to know if he ever wrote anything about that meeting in 1710 with our chiefs. Because oftentimes they will shred and they will destroy these records. We can't find anything. And I don't know if it is by design.

And these wampum belts were not meant to be just gifts from our chiefs, they were passports that gave them the right to visit our land here. And when the Great Peace of Montreal was signed and received, they all agreed to spread the peace. And so, instead, what they ended up doing was spreading war over here. You know, they set up that false flag called the American Revolution. And it was the same families that were on both sides.

So, we knew that, we are not stupid. And we already knew about the 13 families and our chiefs went over there and talked to them all. And when they got there, what they found was all these families were all at war with each other. So, there was always a war going on over there one after the other.

Robles: Who were these families?

Horn:These are bizarrest humans, that who they are. And they are the ones that are in the Vatican, they are the royal family. And they are all from the Rothschild. And they are all kind of inbred with each other. They are the banking families and they set up this whole big hierarchical banking system which monetizes everything and which is going to cover the whole world with this new world order.

So, they came over here. Rothschild sent them all over here and then they carried out the genocide of our people. But our chiefs went over there to show them how to stop these wars, so that we can enjoy peace. That's why our chiefs went over there.

And we still are the keepers of the law of peace, the Mohawks. And we keep the Gayanashagowa, which is the Great Law of Peace. We still do that, it was handed down to us from thousands of years. We know what our job is. And that is our responsibility. And we will keep on doing it.

So, now, we want our indigenous sovereignty to be respected. And I'll take you back a little bit. In 1704…

Robles: If we could, before you get started on that. Can you describe to us what does the Wampum look like?

Horn:Yes! It is made out of the wompums, which are the shells. And it is beaded. It has a white background, which is the sea of life or the river of life. And there are two parallel rows of purple beads. And what it symbolizes is that these are the treaties that we made amongst ourselves, among our own people and we became allies with hundreds of people here, on Great Turtle Island.

In the case of the ones we made with the Europeans, one row symbolizes the vessel of the non-native people and the other row is the canoe of our people, and we are supposed to go down the river of life side-by-side, parallel, never crossing over and never going on their vessel and then never coming on our vessel.

And they were to never have any right to our land. They could live here, they could grow food, they could speak their language, they could have their own culture but they could never have our land. And that is what it looks like. This is called the Guswhenta.

Robles: Okay, it is a belt, right? It is like a belt. About how wide is it?

Horn:It could be of any width, but it is a wide belt. The original ones were quite big. You know, maybe 3 feet long and maybe 10 inches wide. You could make it long to drape it over your shoulder or you could make it as a belt, because it is a symbol. And it is a very important symbol, because the Two Row, the Guswhenta is the basis of international law.

It is a symbol that we respect each other and that we are equals, we have a voice. And so, that was the agreement that we made. And the Europeans agreed to that.

Robles: I'm trying just to figure out, maybe, if we could find one that is still in a perfect condition. Were these made of leather only or cloth, or what?

Horn:They are made of shells, Quahog shells, white and purple shells and they are woven with sinew. And the children here in school, they all make them, and they all draw them. It is on everything, because that's what they see. The children grow up seeing that. It makes an imprint on their mind. And so, we grow up knowing that we have to respect all peoples.

Now, what happened in 1704, I go back to that, Queen Anne commissioned this neutral subcommittee of the treaty council. This is British. And they were an independent and impartial third-party court that were to settle all the boundary disputes between the Crown and us.

So, there was a case called the Mohegan versus Connecticut in 1704. The precedent that was set was that there had to be a neutral third party to decide any of these issues. So, that's another aspect of the international law that is important, that comes from the experiences that they've had with us. And during that time, after that, for over 300 years money was put in the Indian trust fund. You know, I've told you about the Indian trust fund.

Robles: Yes!

Horn:Now, how much money would there be today?

Robles: 700 trillion, I believe you said.

Horn:Yes! We never surrendered any of our land. And they took our resources but they put money into this trust fund from everything that they took.

So, we were never a part of that Corporation of Canada, but they had to adhere to this Guswhenta Agreement. And they didn't follow it, but the trust fund is there and money has gone into it, and they've been using it for themselves.

So, now, what we want to do is – they made a law that we were not persons and that they were our trustees, and they took over control of that trust fund. They've been spending it and taking it, and stealing it. This is one of our gripes, you know, the fact that they've taken all our resources and then they now taken the funds that have gone into the Indian Trust Fund.

So, the part that is important is that we recognized that the British constitutional law is for the British people, it is not for us. So, according to the Guswhenta, instead of staying in their vessel the newcomers that came here disrespected us, but they also disrespected the law of the land, which the Gayanashagowa – the Great Law. And then, they set out to murder all of us. They gave themselves this right under their corporate bi-laws. So, they committed this horrific genocide. And they even ignored their own constitutions and human rights provisions.

And I must add again that Russia never took part in the genocide of our people. So, we want to find this belt if it is in Russia somewhere. All the royal families got one, including Russia. And as far as we could tell, they appeared to be one of the leading families. And whoever it was, listened very intently to our chiefs explain the Great Law over in London. That is what we always do. We always explain the Great Law.

So, these belts are the real peace treaty for the whole world. That what we've been told, that's come down to us. That is what we know and that is what we are supposed to do – spread the peace throughout the world. And we have this philosophy and tools to do it.

So, we wondered if there was any way that we could start an action in this court that was set up by Tsar Nicolas in 1899. It was the first such court and it is still there. He must have known about the Guswhenta belt, he must have. I thought about it, we have to do something.

And the Rothschilds stole everything from us. These criminals have just been found guilty of genocide by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission here into the deaths of hundreds of thousands of our children in the residential schools. These criminals have to be tried before an international court for planning and carrying out this genocide of our people, and for stealing all our resources.

You were listening to an interview with Kahentinetha Horn – a member of the Mohawk Nation and the Bear Clan, and the owner and publisher of Mohawnationknews.com. She is also an elder with the Mohawk Nation. That was part 1 of a longer interview. You can find the next part of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com

11 April, 20:18

Part 2: Obama's "Resources" Claim Ridiculous

Mohawk Elder Kahandinetha Horn

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The ancestors of 13 Illuminati families and the Rothchilds who are prospering from the genocide of the American Indians must be brought to justice for continuing the legacy of theft, tyranny and genocide that was passed down to them. Tsar Nicholas started an international body in the Hague to settle disputes and maintain the peace, one whose foundation was the same as the Great Law of the indigenous people of Turtle Island (North America).That body is the only place where the ancestors of genocidal European filth who continue squatting on land that is not theirs and stealing resources they have no right to, will ever be brought to justice. This is the final installment of a longer interview with Mohawk Elder Kahendinetha Horn in which she spoke to the Voice of Russia on these issues and much more.

Hello this is John Robles you are listening to an interview in progress with Kahandinetha Horn, an Elder with the Mohawk Nation and a member of the Bear Clan, she is also the owner and publisher of Mohawk Nation News dot com. This is part two of a longer interview.


Robles: Where do you think the belt might be now and who are these 13 families?

Horn: The thing about these Illuminati, these 13 families, there has been so much written about them, there are people that have spent their lives studying them, you can find everything you want about them on the net. I am not an expert on that. Just go on there and look up Rothschild or just look up 13 families, the 13 Illuminati families. You will see who they are.

Every president of the US has been a descendent of one of those families, every single one of them.

Robles: This includes just European families?

Horn: It is European families, the bankers. They turned into the bankers but they were the monarchs and they became the bankers and that is who they are today.

Robles: What about Obama? What is his connection?

Horn: Yes, he is connected with them.

Robles: Through his mother?

Horn: Yes, through his mother. They don't put anybody in there unless they are connected.

Now all of these criminals and all the families, their progeny who are enjoying the benefits of what they did to us, they all have to be punished.

There must be some way to do that because human rights have to be enforced. People have to stand up for that.

These walls, these hierarchical walls called "The New World Order" is going to soon come tumbling down.

I think the trust fund should come back to Turtle Island so that we can clean up this mess they left here. We have to clean it up. We have to fix it. And those who are here, we have to get rid of these people.

So, those who are left behind over there, they have to make a choice, they do want to live under the law of the land, the Great Law, or do you want to leave; that is the choice you have to make. That is question we are going to put to those people.

But I think that Nicholas must have talked about the stories about us. He was influenced to set up this court, because you will read right in the mission statement, that it is to spread the peace and to stop war. And that is the Great Law. That is exactly what the Great Law is. But he was stopped from carrying that out when the bloodline families, who were his own relatives, plotted and murdered him and his family in 1917, and king Edward the 7th planned it all. So, World War I took out the Romanovs.

Robles: How do you feel as a native American, if I could ask you, recently the US president, Barack Obama stated that the US was "blessed with resources"?

Horn: As Hitler says, when you tell a lie, make sure it is a big lie and keep saying it over and over. That is what I am going to say about that.

Robles: You think it is a ridiculous claim.

Horn: It is absolutely ridiculous. But I mean, all we ever asked for, all we can ask for is one thing and that is to listen to the truth. You have to come to your own conclusions, you have to seek out the fact, and then you have to stand up for it. Whatever you know you as an individual, I as an individual have to stand up for it. With my words and my actions I will stand up for the truth and we need allies to help us fight these evil oppressors worldwide. We don't have the money but we do have the spirit.

Robles: And we have the truth.

Horn: And we have the truth.

I would like from my Russian brothers and sister, some truthful comments from you, I would like to know how we can find that information we need, how we can do this, how can we stop this evil. There are a lot of people of good will. Let's stop it.

Robles: There are more people of good will, I think, than the few evil people destroying everything.

Kahandinetha, I really appreciate it, final comment if you could and then wee are going to have to go.

Horn: Okay thank you very much. Nalgoa, oniyuwahi!

Robles: Before you go can you tell us a few words in the Mohawk language, for example "peace"? How would we say peace?

Horn: "Skana" (Skén:nen).

Robles: How would we say "love"?

Horn: "Onorukuatra" (Onnorónhkwa). You know that is a medicine. And that is the basis of the Great Law.

Robles: It is a medicine...

Horn: It is the medicine that is called love. That is the whole basis of our philosophy, of the Great Law, the (Kaianerekowa), "Onorukuatra".

Robles: Very interesting. Okay thank you very much I really appreciate it.

Horn: Thank you. Ona. (Ó:nen - bye)

You were listening to an interview with Kahandinetha Horn, an Elder with the Mohawk Nation and a member of the Bear Clan, she is also the owner and publisher ofMohawk Nation Newsdot com. This is part two of a longer interview. Thanks for listening and I wish you the best wherever you may be

31 March, 02:44

Part One We Will Never Get Justice in US Courts

Mohawk Elder Tekarontake

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In the United States only those with money can get justice. There is no justice for the poor and the lawyers assigned by the state to defend those without the finances to retain their own lawyers in reality only serve the interests of their bosses, namely the state. The inability to get justice or to be treated with the same respect as the rest of the population is particularly acute for marginalized indigenous peoples whose only avenue for redress against wrongs inflected on them by the state and its agents are in the very courts those guilty of crimes against the Indians control. Tekarontake an elder with the Mohawk Nation spoke to the Voice of Russia about a case that has been dragging through the courts for 17 years and one that saw armed state police beating Indian women and children. The Indian victims have refused to settle out of court, but the cards are stacked against them as the state does what it does best, protect its own criminals.

12 April, 17:03

Part 2: Monsanto Stealing and Patenting Indian Products

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The situation in Ukraine and the policies of the United States internationally with regard to sovereignty, resources and force all have their origins in the founding of the American state on the genocide of the native people and the stealing of their resources, says elder with the Mohawk Nation Tekarontake.

30 March, 22:15

Natives Have the Right to Self-Determination

John Robles

While the world is focused on Crimea and the right of the Crimean people to self-determination there is a group of people that has more of a right to self-determination than any other in the world. 

These people have had their entire country taken away and all of their lands stolen through invasion, trickery and a twisting of laws that they never agreed to live under and never understood. These people, like the peoples of many colonized nations have been and continue to be the victims of the worst organized genocide in the history of mankind.

The genocide of these people makes the Holocaust, where approximately 40 million Jews were brutally exterminated, pale in comparison, these people (by maximum accounts) lost up to 800 million individuals. All orders for their annihilation and the laws and documents giving the invaders the self-given right to steal their lands have never been rescinded, and the genocide continues.

These people live in zones determined by the invaders who stole their lands and continue to exist almost voicelessly cut off from modern society purposefully marginalized and treated worse than slaves.

What is left of these proud people are the real owners of their lands and continue to fight the invaders in any way they can but the brutal criminal American state, that has stolen everything they had, continues to oppress them and deny them the rights that any human being is entitled to, especially the right to self-determination.

These people are the Indigenous people of North and South America and the most egregious oppressor is the United States of America. The American Indians, as the natives of their lands, as peoples with their own languages, customs and beliefs have the right to self-determination like any other human beings.

That right, however, continues to be denied to them. There is no super-power which will help them, there is no movement or group which is effectively fighting for them on the international level. They are a quiet and peaceful people so they do not take up arms, kill the occupiers or organize terrorist acts against the invaders and murderers of their people. Therefore they are easy to marginalize and to ignore.

While the world considers and debates the right of the Crimean People, including the Russians, Ukrainians and Crimean Tartars, and is faced with the bald-faced hypocrisy of the United States of America and their leader Barrack Hussein Obama who are supporting neo-nazi fascists in Ukraine and getting away with overthrowing yet another government in a grab for more territory and resources and the continuation of their insane campaign to surround, conquer and divide the Russia, one might pause and consider why it is that the US is so obviously irrational. And,moreover, why the US does not sign or support declarations on human rights or key human rights organizations and those supporting the rule of law internationally and why they continue to slaughter millions all over the world spreading like a cancer devouring everything in their path.

The one simple reason why the United States can not recognize the rights of the people of Crimea or Ukraine, why they continue to run a "secret" system of apartheid and imprison millions of their "minorities" who they execute at will, why they continue to aggressively invade country after country under false pretexts and overthrow governments in violation of international laws and standards is because the United States is an illegal country founded on genocide by drunken outcasts of European society blinded by greed and with an insane blood lust for murder.

If the United States begins to follow the framework of law, respect sovereignty and recognize the rights of people to self-determination (not to mention all of the other laws and rights they are violating) then they will have to respect the right of the American Indian Nations to self-determination. They will have to rescind the orders to exterminate the Indian people and they will have seek the annulment of the Doctrine of Discovery and give the stolen lands back to the Indians. The greedy resource billionaires who control the US Government will never do that.

So the hypocrisy and double standards will continue for it is not possible to for a country and a government to function normally and respect the peoples of the world, when they are themselves living with a psychosis and keeping entire peoples locked in their basement.

For the innocent, oppressed, exploited and subjugated masses yearning to breathe free are not citizens from all over the world who yearn for some false American dream and struggle to reach US shores, but the native people who are kept on reservations and treated as less than human by squatting invaders who committed genocide so that they could never be challenged for all that they have stolen.

21 March, 21:16

US Wars Continuation of Indian Genocide

Professor Kevin Barrett

US wars continuation of Indian genocide – Prof Kevin Barrett

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The differences between Christianity, Islam and Judaism are things few talk about or understand but ones which Professor Kevin Barrett was kind enough to partially explain in part 3 of an interview with the Voice of Russia. Dr. Barrett also said that neocon Zionists and the likes of Zbignew Brzezinski do not represent the American people. Dr. Barrett says the US is overthrowing democracies all over the world including in Egypt, Thailand, Venezuela and now in Ukraine. All of these places have/had constitutional democratically elected governments and fairer elections than the US with its programmed Diebold voting machines.

Hello, this is John Robles. You are listening to an interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett, he is a Doctor and a Professor in Arabic and Islamic Studies, and the cofounder of the Muslim Jewish Christian Alliance for Truth. He is also the owner and manager of truthjihad.com. This is part 3 of a longer interview, you can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com.


Barrett: And the whole media marching in lock-step with this anti Russia talk. It is really pathetic that the US is allowing these people with these kind of ethnic grudges, you know these Zionists, and Brzezinski, this Polish Catholic who hates Russia, to run their foreign policy. These people don't represent America, neocon-Zionists represent Israel and Brzezinski is an angry exile from Polish nobility. What does this have to do with American interests?

Robles: If you could explain what is the difference between a Zionist and the normal Jewish person?

Barrett: Judaism is first and foremost a religion, in a lot of ways it is like any other religion and in the West religions have been losing some of their hold on the minds, especially of the elites, since the Enlightenment and since then Judaism has made a transition from religion to ethnicity for a lot of people.

Probably about half Jewish population today is not very religious but they still feel Jewish and they feel very strongly attached to their ethnic group and that’s fine. My friend Dr. Alan Sabrosky says that he relates to his Jewish ethnicity through cuisine and not foreign policy.

Unfortunately though there are Zionists who relate to their ethnicity through a fanatical love of this genocidal settler colony over in occupied Palestine. It doesn't mean that they are all bad people, they've been brain washed like everybody else only more so, but Zionism is this project of invading, occupying and ethnically cleansing Palestine. It is an act ofaggression.

Zionism is a form of aggression which Nuremberg said was the supreme war crime so I'm forthrightly anti Zionists but certainly not anti-Jewish, I have all sorts of Jewish friends, radio guests who present different perspectives ranging from Rabbi (Yisroel Dovid) Weiss of Neturei Karta the who is a very conservative Orthodox Jew and an anti Zionist, that is on one side to all sorts of liberal and left and critical minded intellectual people of Jewish ethnicity who are a very important part of the whole intellectual ferment in the world.

Overall I respect Jewish ethnicity quite a lot and I think they've had great accomplishments and some incredible sense of humor, my favorite aspect of Jewish ethnicity here in the US. And I'm willing to be friends even with Jewish people who are very boneheadedly supportive of the genocide in Palestine. Everybody is wrong about something. So they are wrong about that and it doesn’t mean they are evil but I keep telling them truth about that and I hope that a few of them wake up to it.

Robles: What is the difference in your opinion, the core key differences between the Islamic faith, the Christian faith and Judaism?

Barrett: Interesting question. Well, I guess my perspective is formed by me being a Muslim and the reason I became a Muslim is that I agreed with that perspective, it made sense to me, so that said: to me Judaism seems to have been warped by a sort of struggle against God. You see that with the persecution of Job, you see it with Jacob becoming Israel when he wrestles with God, or with God's angel but maybe he was actually wrestling with God in the original story.

The Tora is great literature, to me it doesn’t make sense as scripture. Too much in the Tora that just… if you really believe this is God's word and the God that it is describing is the supreme one and only Creator of the Universe you are going to have to engage in some very wild and crazy leaps of faith to say the least.

With Christianity there it makes a lot more sense to me as scripture. There is this emphasis on mercy, forgiveness, love, identification with the victim Jesus, the guy that they crucified and scapegoated, and turns out to be God or divinely endowed with these beautiful teachings – turn the other cheek.

So I like the basic essence of Christianity but the Trinity doesn't make any sense, three guys in one doesn’t make any sense to me, and also it seems to me that Christianity was infected by hatred of the female principal and hatred of the body. Ord the early Christian castrated himself for that reason and people like Alan Dundes have suggested that the trinity in Christianity the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost or Spirit – 'spirit' being a word for semen is basically a fantasy of all male reproduction that gets rid of the woman. The Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and where is the woman? Mother Virgin Mary comes back as this image of the divine feminine and we have people like Dan Brown and others discovering that.

But in Islam, which is the faith that I have embraced, solves these problems or it rather corrects these misunderstandings. There is only one, God is oneness, absolute oneness, it is all mystics, whether there monotheists or not, Buddhists, American Indians all say that the most profound experience, faith based experience you have is one of absolute oneness.

So God is one, God is absolute oneness, not three. And the first two descriptions of God that we have are the merciful, the compassionate (Mono-Rahim?) which comes from the word for womb, it’s like mother love, the first characteristic of God is mother love, a kind of love mother has for her children. That just corrects misunderstandings very quickly. I could go on and on about how I see Islam and getting monotheism right but I'm sure you have other fish to fry.

Robles: As far as I know everything comes from the same book or the same basic teachings but Muslims don't believe that God could kill his son and the Jews think that the Jesus figure was just an average Jewish man.

Barrett: Muslims think that Jesus was an inspired prophet of God like Moses and Mohamed and all these other prophets. And that indeed God didn't kill his son – one of the big corrections that the Koran makes – it basically says that they thought they were crucifying Jesus but they were crucifying an illusion and we don't know what that means. But what it definitely does mean is that we shouldn't idolize the crucifixion we shouldn't be running around putting all of our energy in this horrible torture death and claiming that God tortured his son to death. That doesn't make any sense.

Robles: I don't guess the Nazis have a religious angle to them, do they? In Ukraine..

Barrett: They are sort of pagans/anti-religious. They are post Nietzsche. The modern West has been breaking free of Christianity so these are some sort of almost Satanic, or at least Faustian breakings free from Christianity and rediscovering this kind of pagan glory and dominance and mastery and hitler showed us that that leads to some bad stuff.

Robles: They are talking about destroying Orthodox Churches and hanging Jews and hanging Russians and hanging black people. It was really strange to watch how uncomfortable Obama was sitting next to this little nazi when they were speaking.

Barrett: We live in strange times.

Robles: Obama didn't even look at him. Obama I'm sure with all his CIA intelligence he knows exactly who was sitting next to him. What else can we say about Ukraine? Your opinion on where that is going if we could..

Barrett: I don't know exactly where it is going but it seems to me that I don't see how the West is going to keep this thing, destabilized. I don't see how they are going to chase Russia out of Crimea, Ukraine in general. They just don't have the power to do that. So it looks like the West is digging its own grave through these kind of extremist provocations that were not very well though out.

Robles: Imagine this happening in the US. Let's pick, I don’t know, Toronto, Canada or Ontario or something and lots of Americans there, maybe busloads have been killed, nazis start up, they say they are going to kill all Americans like they are doing in Crimea. Can you imagine the US not doing anything about it?

Barrett: Well, right, it shows this extreme double standard hypocrisy. There are two sets of rules: one for the rest of the world and one for us. That's been the attitude for a long time. The Zionists are like that, maybe even more so.

It seems there is a kind of a pathological inability for Americans. Even average Americans have shared this failing, to see the other person's point of view. It is really hard to sit down with Americans and say: “Look, this is how it looks from say Pakistan where American drones are blowing up wedding parties. Can you really imagine how you would feel if you go to a wedding and suddenly your kids and your friends get blown up by some foreign country that just sent this bomb to come and blow you up.” Like you would go bananas, right? But people don’t think that way.

And at the top leadership level it is even worse. There is some weird naïve quality to Americans that the world ends at America's shores, since we are an isolated continent and the strange inability to see things from the other point of view and we are seeing that all over the world today.

Robles: I speak a lot with native Americans and they say all of you are delusional, because you are never taught the real history of the country. Everybody who is calling themselves Americans now, they’reliving on stolen lands, everybody is denying the greatest genocide in the history of mankind which was the genocide of the American Indians. Do you think that plays into American psychology?

Barrett: Yeah, sure. My friend Tony Hall who is a Professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge talks about this all the time – how there is a kind of a continuum between the genocide against native Americans who were cast within even the Declaration of Independence, which is a magnificent document in some ways, as the merciless Indian savages.

They charged King George with coddling the merciless Indian savages who we wanted to chase off their land and exterminate, that is why we fought the American Revolution. That is one of the reasons.

So Tony Hall sees a continuum between that and the wars that have followed as taking our full Manifest Destiny from sea to shining sea and we’ve declared the Monroe Doctrine and we've got the Western Hemisphere to ourselves and then we start going in and grabbing colonies, stealing Spain's colonies in Spanish American War and on and on and on.

These wars that have been fought since WWII were really American colonial imperial wars which Tony Hall says are kind of continuations of the genocide against the native Americans. Which is why we have Black Hawk helicopters, Black Hawk and his people including most of the women and children were just shot down like animals, pretty close to where I live.

They are doing the same thing to people around the world and especially the Islamic world right now that they were done to a Black Hawk and so many other native Americans. It has to do with that strange psychology that we talked about.

Robles: You see the resources, you wipe out the people. That is what's been going on for 300 years now. I just see a continuation of it myself.

The right to self determination. It is a right in the UN Charter, I think it is 2.7, I don't remember the exact number. The people of Palestine have that right, the Jewish people have that right, why don't the Russian people in Crimea or Ukrainians in general have that right?

Barrett: Yeah, it is just amazing that the American power structure is making it sound like a referendum in Crimea is somehow some nazi style act of military aggression. This is mind boggling given that the US and its friends have gone around breaking up other countries, smashed Sudan into two pieces and that was a transparently phony and manipulated creation of ethnic hatreds that were used to break that country up intentionally.

And here we have people wanting a peaceful referendum after an unconstitutional overthrow of a democratically elected government and somehow this is an active evil and aggression. It is such a joke, it is just that level of lies in high places is never… You can just never believe that it has gotten this extreme.

I don't think that the Americans care about democracy anymore we’re overthrowing democracy in Egypt, overthrowing democracy in Thailand, overthrowing democracy in Venezuela and now in Ukraine. All of these places have constitutional democratically elected governments. The have fairer elections than the US has.

US elections are determined by programmed Diebold voting machine. These countries have better elections that the US does. Now we have this simultaneous attempt to overthrow all of these constitutional democratically elected governments all over the world. It is very strange, we are now dedicated to making the world unsafe for democracy.

Robles: What else is going on?

Barrett: In Thailand the US tried to overthrow that democratically elected government, although it may not be the world's best government but none of these governments are. The US government is neither. But still the pretext of supporting democracy has really worn thin.

You were listening to an interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett. This was part 3 of a longer interview. Thank you very much for istening and I wish you the best wherever you may be.

12 March, 04:42

Part 1: "Americans" are Delusional

Mohawk Elder Mark Maracle

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With the US destroying much of the world and killing millions of people in their resource wars it is important to look at the roots and the foundations of that country. The US was founded on the theft and exploitation of resources and on the extermination of the native people. 

Just 200 years have passed and these policies and the genocide on the indigenous peoples of the Americas continues to this day. In the US people are not taught their true history and are therefore delusional when it comes to their beliefs that they are somehow exceptional and have a right to be on stolen land. Mark Maracle, an Elder with the Mohawk Nation spoke to the Voice of Russia on these issues and says that the native Americans need to form ab organization like the Jews did after World War II.

Hello this is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with Mr. Mark Maracle, he is an Elder with the Mohawk nation and a member of the Wolf Clan of the Six Nations community. This is part one of a longer interview.


Robles: If you could tell us, please, starting out with some history of the first peoples, the native Americans and some of the correlations you see with those in power and how they are running their policies and how they founded what they call the United States?

Maracle: What I have to say is the things that I’ve been told, the things I’ve been taught by our elders growing up as a young boy into the manhood.

The Europeans when they came in to our country, they agreed to live by the law, our Great Law, that was given to the Iroquois Confederacy and they agreed to live by the Turo, which is an agreement. Those were the first two agreements, and they reneged on both of them.

After they had seen what was in this country to exploit, the order was given to totally exterminate the native people in this country, so that they could have a free reign on stealing everything, and that has happened all over the world, wherever they went. They go there and they try to befriend the people but only with the idea to exploit what they have.

Robles: What ways do you see where we can put an end to this because some day this has to stop?

Maracle: We see it as we look around, the government itself here is falling apart, they are crumbling. There is so much unemployment, there is so much distress with their own people, they are so dissatisfied, millions and millions upon millions of people are unemployed and there is no light at the end of the tunnel for them.

And they keep putting the propaganda out that things are going to change and they are going to make things better but it is not going to happen.

They’ve dug a hole so deep and they will not be able to get out of it.

Robles: I see. I’m sorry if I am pronouncing this incorrectly: the Kahen Nurakauwa, can you tell us what that is?

Maracle: We don’t view the US or Canada as governments. We view them as multi-corporations. They are controlled by the multi-corporations, by the banks, by the big banks. And the only reason they are here is to exploit whatever they can out of this country.

Exploitation goes on 7 days a week, 24 hours a day in this country. They’ve stolen everything: timber, mineral rights…

The order to totally exterminate the native people in this country in north and south America has never been rescinded.

Robles: It is unarguably the greatest genocide in the history of human kind. Can you tell us a little bit about what happened from a historical perspective and how that is continued?

Maracle: Well itcontinues through mass murders of our people. There was over a 100 million exterminated up until a certain date and it is still ongoing yet.

Then they started the thing that they call residential schools but it wasn’t residential schools, it was death camps for children and the ones they couldn’t murder, they murdered their minds and they continue to do it in their educational systems in this country.

They don’t teach the truth, they lie to the people.

I was talking to an attorney in Canada yesterday and I was mentioning some things to him and he said that he was never taught any of the things I was telling him in the grade school, high school or college. He was very distressed over that. It is not only a lie, but the people in this country are delusional when it comes to their government.

Robles: Would you agree with me that denying the genocide of the native peoples and pretending that is their land has led to a complete psychosis in the population? I mean they believe that they are somehow the chosen people because they got away with this genocide and that has been being taught generation after generation.

Maracle: Yes, because they came into this country and they brought that black book, which they call the Bible and they use that for justification to murder the native people in this country because that’s God’s will, they said.

And they keep pumping it out to the people all the time that this land is their land, and they teach that in school that this land is their land but they don’t teach them how they acquired to reside here.

They can say all they want about this land as their land, this land will never be their land. They are here by lying, murdering and cheating the aboriginal people.

Robles: And I would say they’ve continued that policy in their foreign policy because it is exactly what they are doing to other countries. For example, I am here in Russia. These are the aboriginal people of Russia, and they were attempting the same thing with Russia, again the same thing – to take the resources, to take the wealth, to exploit whatever they can.

You mentioned a minute ago the educational system, I remember I was put through that system: every day, at the first lesson you stand up and pledge your allegiance to this flag, the brainwashing that goes on is incredible. How has that affected you and your work, and how is that a barrier for truth?

Maracle: Look, like I said, everything I’ve learnt I was taught was from the elders, and they were all traditional people.

As a matter of fact, when I was in the third or fourth grade, when I went to school in Buffalo, New York, and the kids all stood up and pledged allegiance to the flag, I wouldn’t stand up.

I didn’t stand up and then the teacher came and asked me later why I didn’t stand up and I told him, I said “what you are saying isn’t true!”

I said “you pledge allegiance to a flag, one nation under your God”.

I told him, there is more than one nation in this continent, “I come from the Mohawk nation. And I was told not to respect that flag for what your people had done to my people.”

He accepted that and he didn’t get angry or anything. I never stood up again for that flag. When you go to sporting events or wherever and they stand up to that flag the native people won’t stand up.

Robles: I stopped standing up when I realized that everything I was being taught was a lie. How did you suffer for that? Were you punished?

Maracle: No, I wasn’t punished.

Robles: Most people outside of the US don’t understand about the programming and the brainwashing. Can you tell us some of the things that you were taught? If you can tell the general public some of the truths that the elders passed down to you I think the world would be very interested in hearing.

Maracle: My dad used to tell us, he says: “If you want to know anything about the federal government, they are liars, thieves and cheaters”.

You look at the treaties, the treaties that they made, not wemade, we never made treaties, they made the treaties, they were the ones who when their backs were against the wall, they wanted to make these treaties and they never had any intention of keeping those treaties as they were being made. Any agreements that we held, they came in and they destroyed them.

Back in the early 30s, at Six Nations in Bradford Ontario, they went through every house and they took out every piece of paper and document they could find and they burned them. That was on the Six Nations Indian Reserve.

Robles: That was done so that nobody had evidence of their crimes, right?

Maracle: To hide their lying words. A lot of times in museums there was always an accidental fire where they were keeping these documents and they were destroyed.

There was a report that was made back in the early 1918 and 1921. It is called the Everett report, he’d done a report on what was owned by the Six Nations, by the Iroquois, and after he’s submitted the report, they hid it away on him.

We found it, he was a lawyer, he was an Assemblyman out of Albany New York and after that report was submitted, he was never elected back to office and he died a broken man because he wanted to tell the truth. There are over 80 million acres there that they could never account for.

They don’t have a legal deed for one acre of land in all of the US, and Canada. They do not have a legal deed to it.

Robles: It is stolen, I mean they are squatters basically, and one generation after the next generation trying to tell each other that they have some right to be there.

Maracle: That is exactly what they are and day after day they buy and sell stolen property, and they are supposed to have a law against buying and selling stolen property.

Robles: They pretend to have laws, they pretend to uphold laws, they pretend to be a nation of laws, they pretend to be just and speak of democracy and human rights but I think on the international arena we are seeing the truth.

What would you say about all those claims of democracy and human rights etc?

Maracle: They never knew what democracy was until they came here. They never knew what a union was till they came here.

I tell the people, you should look back more to where you come from, what kind of a lifestyle you had over there, there were only rich and poor, that is exactly what they are trying to do here. They are trying to make this country into rich and poor, they try to do away with all of the unions. A union is a concept of the Iroquois Confederacy.

Robles: As far as I know, democracy is a concept of Indian nations. There was never democracy in Europe. There were monarchies, that was it.

Maracle: An Elder was telling me one time, he is gone now, his name was “Mad Bear” Anderson, he was from Tuscarora Nation, he said that at the end of the Second World War, when they were going after Hitler, Hitler told the US, “don’t point your finger at me, look what you’ve done”. That is what he told the US.

Robles: Hitler said that?

Maracle: Hitler told the US that: “don’t point your finger at me”.

In no place in the world have there been murders committed so much that was done here, no genocide in any place.

I watch history, I watch the wars and everything, I give Russia a lot of credit for what they did. The US would have never won the Second World War if it wasn’t for Russia.

Robles: Russia lost more people than were lost in the Holocaust. Russia lost up to 40 million people. The US came in at the end, they landed in France, they called it a D-Day. But the war was actually won on the Eastern Front. And many people argue now that the number of Slavs killed which were the native peoples of Russia, were more than the Jewish people that Hitler eradicated.

So, people now are wondering what were the real intentions of that war.

Maracle: They like to put things in numbers. Take Washington for example. He wasn’t even a president yet, he was a general and he gave an order to Sullivan to go up into Iroquois Territory, he told them to relocate west of the Mississippi River, if they don’t relocate, to exterminate them.

The order was given for total extermination and it’s never been rescinded.

Robles: As I understand, the document that was issued by the Catholic Church, the Doctrine of Discovery I believe, it was called, that is still an active document, isn’t it, within the Roman Catholic Church as well?

Maracle: They were the first CIA people in this country – the Catholic Church, the Black Robes – that is the original CIA. Even the Louis and Clark expedition that they teach the kids in school, all that was to see what opposition they are going to come up against as they stole their way across our continent.

Robles: I always believe in karma, I always believe that evil will not prevail an that wrongs cannot go unanswered. Do you think their time is coming soon?

Maracle: Yes, the time is coming very soon, and we are getting a lot of help from nature, nature is battling back against these people, really bad here.

Robles: I was always fascinated by the weather and how in other parts of the world this doesn’t happen. I don’t think that is a coincidence.

Maracle: No it is not. The native people in this country firmly believe that the weather spirits are coming and battling and helping us.

Our people are gone but their spirits are still here. That is what drives the Mohawk people. We had a lot of great leaders in the past and they are still here. We don’t believe they are ever gone.

Robles: How can a people possibly justify what they’ve done and continue existing? I don’t understand it. Are they not human?

Maracle: Like I said they are delusional. They are not taught truth in schools, they are not taught the true history.

Robles: Kahandinetha said you said you could comment on men who were arrested for standing up for 825 missing and murdered women. Can you talk about that?

Maracle: I seriously believe that the government is behind the missing people. And to go to them and ask them for redress I don’t think that is the way to go.

I don’t believe in going and asking them. Why would you go and ask people that murdered your people to help you? You can’t stand before the enemy and expect justice. And that includes their courthouses and any other political organizations.

They are here to destroy you, so how are they going to help you?

The same thing goes on in Mexico. Hundreds and hundreds of Mexican women have disappeared.

I was talking to one of the guys back East today and I told him that we have to set up the organization like the Jews did after the Second World War, and go after these criminals. That is what we need to do as native people.

Robles: That is a wonderful idea. That must be done.

Maracle: That is what I am going to push for.


This is John Robles, you were listening to an interview with Mr. Mark Maracle, he is an Elder with the Mohawk Nation and a member of the Wolf Clan of the Six Nations community. This is part one of a longer interview. Thanks for listening.
25 March, 01:32

Part 2: 'Americans': Two Faces, Two Tongues

Mohawk Elder Mark Maracle

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The genocide of the indigenous peoples of North and South America continues to this day and the Indian Nations continue to fight for their very existence. The US Government has never rescinded standing orders for the complete extermination of the Indian People nor has it ever allowed the true owners of the lands that the "Americans" are squatting on to achieve any sort of redress. In monetary terms the "Americans" owe the native people over $700 trillion yet they continue to rape the land that is not theirs to begin with. Mark Maracle and Elder with the Mohawk Natition and an Iroquois spoke to the Voice of Russia on these issues and more. Mr. Maracle stated that the Great Law of Peace that was given to the Iroquois was given to the whole world and he invites people to come and listen and learn.

Hello this is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with Mr. Mark Maracle, he is an Elder with the Mohawk nation and a member of the Wolf Clan of the Six Nations community. This is part two of an interview in progress. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com.


Robles: It's almost impossible to redress something this monumentally horrific, but there must be some redress...

Maracle: That’s what the Great Law… The Great Law teaches us the power is in the people, by the people coming together. When he first came and he formed the Five Nations, he told them, he says: "You are a union and the power is within the people".

All of the people that stood up in Russia against Germany that was the power in the people.

Robles: What about what is going on in Ukraine now? I'm sure you are following the events. These are not the people that have taken power.

Maracle: I know they don't put the truth out here in all of these news networks. I don't even bother watching a lot of these news stations because it is just, it’s all propaganda, it is all controlled by the government, it is all controlled by the FCC. Any time that they want to get out and tell the truth there, they can just shut them down, you know. I give Kahentinetha Horn so much credit for the stuff she puts out on the Mohawk Nation News.

Robles: Yes, she is not afraid to tell the truth and you have an elegant solution for dealing with it. I've been asked myself, I've been writing about media manipulation and everything else and some people have asked me: "What can we do"? And your solution is the most elegant I've heard – just turn it off, just don't watch it anymore. And if they don't have an audience they are going to be powerless.

Maracle: The news is mind numbing and it's just programming peoples' minds. They keep hammering away at you, every day and day out, after a while you are going to believe al of their propaganda. They are no different than what Hitler did.

Robles: Except they pretend to be just, they pretend to be fair, they pretend to be balanced, they pretend to be what they are definitely not. They have women doing this, they have a black president doing this and people are fooled.

Maracle: Like I said they are delusional. Our old chiefs a long time ago, they told us: "You are dealing with people with two faces and two tongues".

Robles: What did they tell you, how to battle with them?

Maracle: We did battle. We battled hard, hundreds of years. The Mohawk people are still battling, a lot of the people down in Mexico, the native people down there are battling. It is ongoing. I told Kahentinetha: "We have the greatest weapon in the world and that they will never have, we have the truth. That is why she writes the things she does, she pumps out the truth.

Robles: I think we are seeing now especially in Ukraine that the truth is what they are afraid of.

Maracle: Oh, yes. That is the greatest weapon in the world, is the truth.

Robles: And it is something that they cannot defeat. And when the truth begins to come out and people accept it and wake up. I think people are beginning to wake up from what I've seen.

Maracle: Like I told her might is not right because we've stood up against their mighty armies and their police forces with no fear. There’s one thing about my people – we have no fear when it comes to confrontations against them.

Robles: What would your advice be to people, to the Ukrainian people right now who are facing an attack on their land and their people?

Maracle: They have to do the same thing we do. They have to stand up with no fear and just use the truth, just believe in the truth and you will win, and ally yourself with people that believe in the truth.

All over the world our message gets out. I've been in confrontations and I knew that if they came in and they started shooting all my people, the rest of this country would wake up and come around. I know they will, they have. They've shown that in the 90s in Canada. They shut down transportation all across Canada, from coast to coast. The native people did that.

It's like this pipeline they are putting through there. The native people can stop that and the nonnative people that know the difference between right and wrong can stand alongside, the original people in this country, to protect the environment, they can stop it.

Robles: How is that effort going? Can you give us some details?

Maracle: It is really a difficult.. it is a difficult fight because… the reason it is difficult is because they have created so much unemployment in this country. It is worse than the Great Depression for unemployment in this country right now. And the people have got to have jobs and they have got to feed their families and that is what they prey on. Like I said, they are trying to get it back to 'rich and poor'.

And another thing they owe the native people in this country so much, if you want to put it in a monetary sense, it is way over $700 trillion, if you want to put it into money. Like I said, they continue 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to rape this land.

Robles: Are there any things that your nation is doing now internationally before the United Nations for example?

Maracle: No, UN is going to do nothing because it all goes back to the total extermination of our people.

The federal government is not going to stand up and say: "We have never rescinded the order to totally exterminate the native people in North America". They are not going to do that. Besides the whole concept of united nation came from the Iroquois Confederacy, that is where that idea comes from.

Robles: But it has to be created again because what exists now I think has been completely corrupted, would you agree?

Maracle: Of course it is. The only true united nations in this country is Iroquois Confederacy and the other nations that exist across this country.

Total nations in this country have been exterminated, total nations.

And now they got the children in the school and they are murdering minds, they are murdering their own children's minds.

Just a reminder you are listening to an interview with Mr. Mark Maracle.

Robles: Is there any way that people that are in that system in the US, is there any way that they can learn the truth and learn some of the great laws?

Maracle: It is spelled out in the great law, that they sit under the great tree of peace and learn and they can reside, that if they seek to come under the great tree of peace and learn and they can reside they can seek protection under the great law. If they had lived by the great law there wouldn't have been these wars all over. That is what the great law teaches – to live in peace.

Robles: How could average people, I mean practically speaking, how could they, where could they go to learn more, or to maybe write their wrongs?

Maracle: There is a prophecy: when things are going to get so bad that the people are going to come to the native people and they are going to ask them: "What do we have to do to survive?"

And that is exactly what I'm saying about the great law. They can come and they can meet with the Mohawk people and they can sit down and counsel and they can be told and taught and they can learn.

Robles: I know we have Mohawk Nation News. Is there another way for the international community, maybe a website or an organization or something that people could contact to learn more?

Maracle: On Kahentinetha's website she has the Great Law on there, they can go to her website there, it is on there. There is also a good video on there that shows some of the actions that has been against our people.

Robles: Can you tell us a little bit about those? And then any finishing point you'd like to make as we are out of time almost.

Maracle: In one of the fights they sent thousands and thousands of Canadian soldiers against was in Okansadaggi against 72 or 73 Mohawk people. But there wasn't just Mohawk, there was other nations that came in and supported. And then when that was going on different nations from around the country came there.

We've been battling in Okwasossni, we've been battling Tidenadega at Six Nations and different parts. Different Nations across the country are having their own fights, you know. But uniting together stops all that. Our own people have got to understand that by uniting together that is where the power is, that is where the strength is.

Robles: What would your advice be to them, to the Nations, to people in the world who want to support the Nations?

Maracle: The Great Law that was given to the Iroquois wasn't just given to the Iroquois, it was given to the whole world. We were to get this message out to the whole world, the white roots of peace encircle the globe.

So it is not something that is just given to the Iroquois people. It was for everyone. We would invite anyone that wants to come and listen and learn.

All they have to do is contact Mohawk Nation News and she would give them all the information they need.

Robles: Sir is there anything you want to finish up?

Maracle: No, it was very enjoyable talking with you and I hope your listeners understand some of what I've said. If they want to know more they just have to go to that website.

Robles: Thank you. It was really an honor, sir. I appreciate it.

Maracle: Thank you.

Robles: Ok, take care.

This is John Robles, you were listening to an interview with Mr. Mark Maracle, he is an Elder with the Mohawk nation and a member of the Wolf Clan of the Six Nations community. Thank you very much for listening and we wish you the best wherever you may be.

12 February, 13:12

Canada's $650 Trillion Indian Trust Being Stolen

Kahentinetha Horn

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It is an already centuries old conspiracy of exploitation and theft beginning with the Catholic Church's Doctrine of Discovery that allowed Europeans to commit genocide against the indigenous peoples of the Americas and steal their lands and resources as long as the Church received a share of the spoils.

To this day the exploitation of stolen lands continues as does the abuse and theft of trusts that were set up for the indigenous peoples.

The Indian Trust in Canada is worth approximately $650 trillion and the Indian Trust in the US holds at least $450 billion at any one time, yet these monies are never given to the indigenous people and they continue to be controlled, held and exploited by the invaders who are controlling the system. Legally Canada is a Corporation which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and according to Mohawk Nation Elder Kahentinetha Horn the Corporation of Canada is being dissolved and the Indian Trust is being absconded with to Europe. In an interview with the Voice of Russia Ms. Horn says the indigenous people of North America, who have no recourse, wish to meet with President Putin. She calls Russians, as the indigenous people of Russia, allies, and calls for unity against a shared enemy.

Hello, this is John Robles. You are listening to an interview with Kahentinetha Horn, she is a member of the Mohawk Nation and the Bear Clan and the owner and publisher of Mohawknews.com. She is also an elder with the Mohawk Nation.

Robles: Hello, Kahentinetha. It is a pleasure to be speaking with you again.

Horn: Hi. Russia is always in the news, that is all we see on the TV and I saw and am learning quite a bit about Russia. That is a very nice place to go, seems like it.

Robles: Yeah, actually it is, really, despite the bad propaganda. I love it here.

Horn: So, the big news is that Canada is joining the US and the UN Control Grid. You know the Program Agenda 21?

Robles: No, I'm not too familiar with that. Please, tell us what is that? What is Agenda 21?

Horn: That is a plan that has been worked out since the 1970s and it is now in effect and the United Nations, which is another corporation, is going to have an army, and it is going to run the world. It is going to be like a great big "Department of Indian Affairs."

The way I see it; lawyers… there is a big legal firm here that works for the government, for the Corporation of Canada, and these lawyers are fleeing and it was so, well, it looks sudden, but it was on Wednesday that this big announcement took place.

And they are basically saying: "Let's get out of here while the going is good." And a lot are joining an American and United Nations law firm called Piper, it is an international law firm and it is run out of the United Nations.

They are the ones that are going to be drafting all the rules and regulations for the bankers worldwide.

So they are going to take all the money from us that they've stolen, which are being put into offshore accounts, you know, so that nobody can touch it. And this has been something that has been going on for a while.

The former head of the Bank of Canada, Mark Carney left last July and he has gone over to become the head of Bank of England. And he is the one that ..we have a huge huge Indian trust fund over $600 trillion, the largest in the world, this is what is going to be moved, or is being moved, if it hasn’t already been moved. So he has gone over to England to do this.

Now the law firm, just to tell you a little bit about it, it is the home to quite a few Prime Ministers, to Supreme Court Judges, Federal, Provincial politicians. When they don’t work in government anymore that is where they go. And this law firm’s job is to take the heat of the bankers. That is their main job.

So now they are all jumping ship and a lot of them are going back to what I call the fatherland, you know, like one of them I personally know, he has got two homes in France. And that is where he is going to go and live.

Now as far as I'm concerned these criminals should be going to jail, they should be rotting in jail. And they don’t want to go back over to Europe on a slave ship, the way they came in, because they are saying: "I'm going first class." And that is all there is to it.

They think that because they are in the process of surrendering, you know, they are going to decide how they are going to surrender because they are a bunch of crooks. Now their law firm is dissolving and the Corporation of Canada is dissolving.

Robles: For listeners could you please give a quick background about what the Corporation of Canada exactly is? Because a lot of people don’t know about it, it is not publicized and for our listeners the only time they may have heard about it was if they had heard your previous interview. What is the Corporation of Canada?

Horn: Canada and the US are both corporations that have shareholders which are the bankers, they are the shareholders. And they have come to Canada and to the US and they have placed their corporations here in order to take out all of our resources and use up the land, completely destroy our land.

Now they are taking the money and they are leaving. And they are dissolving their corporation because they are at the point where they are getting a lot of resistance by our people, by the true owners of the land and all of the resources. And I'm talking not just of resources, but the earth and the air and the water. This all belongs to indigenous people.

Now the Corporation of Canada is a foreign corporation. But now they are dissolving and as far as I could see they are leaving. But in the meantime they are bringing in new immigrants to Canada and these are from India and I don’t know where they are from, but they are immigrants with loads of money and they are not told who owns the land and they are already starting to set up businesses and they are starting to steal everything that their predecessors have left behind.

So we are seeing this now. They get money and they get help from these people to set this up and their job is to continue the genocide because the genocide was never completed by these people. We are still here. And we are complaining and we are standing up to them. And we have a lot of people with us who are standing up to them.

And Canada doesn’t have a Constitution that can override the bylaws of the Corporation of Canada rules and it is a pretend democracy and it is all based on theft and abuse.

Prime Minister Harper is strengthening the corporate rules and police system. He is going to set up private prisons for about 50,000 new prisoners that can be warehoused in these prisons. And it is all going to be done privately. So it is private money and private prisons . I think it is mostly meant for the indigenous people.

We are going continue to be surrounded by razor wire, by the Department of Indian Affairs and this phony law, fake law, they call the Indian Act. It has always been a division of the Canadian army and so is the RCMP.

So as I said the Corporation like any corporation is being dissolved, the shareholders are now trying to steer this dissolution in their favor. And we are… one of the things that we want, we want a list of shareholders of the Corporation of Canada. They should be charged with genocide and theft. And they are going to go off with about $650 trillion of our Indian Trust Fund.

And I think that the world wants to help us. I think that everybody in the world wants to help us. Am I right or am I wrong?

Robles: I think you are right. Are they going to leave Canada and if the Corporation and all the people behind it actually leave Canada and return to Europe? Where does that leave Canada as a nation?

Horn: Well, those people that are being left behind, they are left holding the bag and they are the ones that don't understand what is going on, they don’t see it. No matter how much you explain it to them and you tell them they do not see it because they are the people that are used to be taken care of and being ordered around and being obedient. That is the kind of people they are.

So these people are staying. We are going to end up having to take care of these people.

Robles: Again.

Horn: But you know… Yeah!

Now what happened? This is what happened in Iceland and I think that is what they are afraid of. In Iceland, the people, they got a new constitution and they put all their bankers and politicians in jail for what they did.

Remember 2008 what they did in Iceland? They completely robbed those banks and the politicians were helping them. So they rewrote their constitution and they took away the money machine.

You see, once you take the money machine, they are going to leave. But as far as I'm concerned we are going to take away their money machine and they are going to have to pay everything back. That is what I’m saying.

Robles: How do you think that can be done? How do you think you can stop the money from leaving Canada? It may already be somewhere else.

Horn: Well, it might be and it might not.

Robles: Is there anything that you can do or that we can do to stop that?

Horn: Well, I think we have to start opening diplomatic channels and we’d like to meet with Mr. Putin.

Robles: I see.

Horn: He is the only one that I see that stands up to Obama. He doesn’t seem to be afraid of Obama.

Robles: How is that going with the United Nations? I remember you told me last time we talked that you had filed papers… I believe with the United Nations about the corporation of Canada. Is that correct?

Horn: The United Nations is a corporation that the bankers in London created. They created that corporation. In order to be a member of the United Nations you have to be a corporate nation and the bankers run everything. They are running everything.

We have been seeing it coming for a while. We saw in the last couple of days that the henchman of the Corporation of Canada and the bankers are all leaving, the lawyers who safeguard the system, they are the ones who take care of it for the corporation. They are all leaving.

I know suddenly they are gone, they are going. They were packing up and leaving when I called.

Robles: This is unbelievable. What is going to be left behind and what kind of recourse might you have? I mean it is going to be kind of hard, you know, to go after them in their own legal system. So, what can you do? What can we do?

Horn: What is going to happen when the corporation dissolves?

Robles: What do you think what is going to happen? I have no idea that is why I’m asking you.

Horn: They’ve got us by the throat, it is through their corporation.

Robles: Right.

Horn: When that dissolves, then what? One of the things that I remember thinking about Russia, I don't know how you feel about the Tsar, it was a long time ago, but he really liked the Indians. He was very fond of the Indians.

Robles: Kahandinetha, let me tell you a little story. I'd like to get your reaction to it. It came out last summer and there were some geneticists, they were doing study on a very ancient native indigenous North American boy that was frozen somewhere. And they actually discovered Russian DNA in this boy, quite a large quantity over 40 percent or something.

Horn: Was this in Alaska?

Robles: I don’t remember the details. I can't say, it was somewhere in North America, maybe it was in Canada, or somewhere. It was in the north.

Horn: Well, Alaska..it would be around there in Alaska because there is that land bridge. But anyway I'm just going to tell you what I think, ok?

Robles: Yes, sure, please, please.

Horn: Putin is a descendent, I guess of people that used to work, I don’t think that he was part of that royal family, the Romanovs, but he was a descendent of the people who did work with them. And then they were all killed by the English oligarchs.

I think they saw Romanov as a very weak link. So, Putin has come up and risen up there and he is very powerful.

Robles: Yes, he is.

Horn: Putin is, I think, the only man that everybody is afraid of. Obama is afraid of him.

The Russians are not in the same situation as the people over here who are just part of a corporation. The Russians are not part of a corporation. You are the indigenous people of that land. Well, as far as I'm concerned today the pipeline we were talking about…

Robles: Kahandinetha, you were going to say something about the Tsar.

Horn: I said, the Tsar liked the indigenous people and as far as I'm concerned, you, the Russian people, are our allies. You are our allies, you are indigenous people, we are the indigenous people, and as far as I'm concerned there is that old saying "any enemy of my enemy is my ally." So you, the Russian people, are our allies.

So we would like to meet Mr. Putin. And we would like to talk about what is happening here. Because these crooks, these criminals, are fleeing and they think that they are going to take everything they can with them. But we are going to put them on galleys, those galley slave ship, and go the way you came as far as I’m concerned. That is how I feel about them. I guess I'm not very nice. But look what they did to us, over a hundred million of us, so..That is the biggest Holocaust in all humanity.

Robles: Now the pipeline if we could because I think it is going to be something that is going to galvanize the nations and the tribes to finally rise up. What do you think?

Horn: You know, the Mohawks, are the Keepers of the Eastern Door, because that is how they got in to Turtle Island was through our river here, right into the Great Lakes, right into the inside of our land. And we, the Mohawks, are the Keepers and we have that job and we are watching and we come in when we have to.

You were listening to an interview with Kahandinetha Horn, a member of the Mohawk Nation and the Bear Clan and the owner and publisher of mohawknews.com. She is also an elder with the Mohawk Nation.

That was part 1 of a longer interview. You can find the next part of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com.

Thank you very much for listening and we wish you the best wherever in the world you may be.

Further reading:

Missing funds and theft from the US Indian Trust Fund, Corporation of Canada and the stealing of Indian Trust Fund

Why Canada is not a Country and the True Nature of the Courts:

"Under international Law, the Law of Nations, Confederation never happened as per section 1. Further Confederation was not done by the People of Canada but by a Minister of the UK Parliament. None of the Quebec Conference Resolutions of 1864 were ever put into the BNA Act. The BNA Act is nothing more than a simple policy manual for private corporation called Canada of which no one is a resident of."

"Section 2 and 9 of the BNA Act confirm that executive power is vested in the Queen and to her heirs and successors. However the extension part listed in section 2 was repealed in 1893 thus the British Monarchy lost all executive Power in Canada after Queen Victoria died in 1901."

"All Constitutional documents make reference only to Persons or variations there of which are corporate entities not flesh and blood real men and women."

14 February, 22:57

The Keystone Pipeline Will Not Happen

Sovereign Indian Nations

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hundreds of years ago and it was their ignorance and insane, godless lust for riches which were not theirs which drove them to commit the worst genocide in the history of mankind. This hollow, selfish and vicious greed continues to drive the western world and continues to destroy our one and only planet, Earth. 

Wars are being fought, populations are being enslaved, millions are being killed and our irreplaceable Mother Earth is being destroyed, all for the greed of the few elites and the corporations whose only goal is enriching themselves and dominating the world. In reality the Americas are still stolen lands which belong to the indigenous people and those living on their land are nothing more than the next generation of squatters. The Corporation of Canada is dissolving and the oil companies are continuing to develop new ways to rape and destroy the Earth to get every possible drop of oil and gas out of it with no regard for the death they are causing our planet. According to Kahentinetha Horn a Mohawk Indian Elder in an interview with the Voice of Russia, the latest super-scale oil scheme, the Keystone Pipeline will make the land unlivable for a thousand years. The indigenous peoples of the Americas are the last hope for saving mother Earth.

You are listening to part 2 of an interview with Kahentinetha Horn – a member of the Mohawk Nation and the Bear Clan, and the owner and publisher of Mohawk Nation News dot com. She is an elder with the Mohawk Nation. You can find the previous part of this interview on our website at Voiceofrussia.com.


Horn: We, the Mohawks are the Keepers. And we have that job and we are watching, and we come in when we have to. Our job is to make sure everyone follows the Gai Eneshah Go' Nah – the Great Law of Peace – everyone. And we would like to teach people or explain it.

The problem with the Great Law is that people have to accept it only when they come to understand it themselves, in their own minds.

You know, we can’t push anything, we are not proselytizing, we are not missionaries, nothing like that. But just a couple of days ago about six women came from six nations and we made copies of the Great Law. We decided that I’m going to put it on my website for people to read it. It is going to be in Mohawk and English. And we are going to put a video explaining the Great Law. That is a six-hour video and if people really want to learn that.

Robles: That is great! Six hours?

Horn: Six hours, yeah.

Robles: Wow, that is great.

Horn: That is what we plan, the women.

We said – look, land is our responsibility, we have to do something, we have to stand up now. The time has come, people are waiting for us to stand up and do something, and say something.

And just a few minutes before your call one of them sent me a text and said : “We have to get ready, there is something big”. It is big and we have to get ready for it. What I’ve explained to you, I don’t know if that makes any sense to you…

Robles: Well, we see big things happening soon as well. Now, the Keystone pipeline, if we could. If you could really quick, because that is an issue that needs to get a lot of support.

Horn: They are not to put it through, we are not going to let them. That is all there is to it.

Robles: What is that going to do the Mother Earth?

Horn: It is so destructive. You know, what you should do is… do you know the singer Neil Young?

Robles: Yeah.

Horn: He was here doing a tour raising money to fight the pipeline. He wrote a song and with that song there is a video. And you should have a look at it, it is fantastic. Neil Young and the song is called Mother Earth. You watch that, it is going to show you what they are doing to our land. It will make you cry. There will not be a dry eye when you see that. And the song is fantastic.

Robles: Very interesting. There has been a declaration from a huge union of tribes and activists. They said they will physically block this, that this is going to be stopped with absolute resolve. Can you tell us about what the Mohawk nation is doing, what the nations are doing, if you know anything about the plans to completely halt the pipeline?

Horn: What I am going to say is say it again – it is not going to happen. It will not happen, that is all. I wouldn’t say more than that, other than that it will not happen.

Robles: I see. Can you comment on the study that was funded by the same corporations that are trying to get the Tar Sands oil, that they said they wouldn’t have any impact? Yet what has already started taking place in the Tar Sands with the water being poisoned and everything, can you tell us about that?

Horn: The water and the air is being poisoned and that land will not be livable for a thousand years. If you see that video you’ll see with your own eyes what is happening there – that has to be stopped and it can’t be just stopped by us, but it must stop. We won’t let that happen. We can’t let that happen.

Robles: That destruction will go all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico, won’t it?

Horn: Yes.

Robles: This new practice of fracking, are they trying to do that on Indian lands too?

Horn: Well, it is all Indian land.

Robles: Of course.

Horn: Recently the Mi'kmaq put a stop to it in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, the company came from down in Texas with their trucks and everything, they held them off. They kept coming back and then got injunctions against the people, and then they arrested the people.

The indigenous people kept coming and then non-native people joined them. And finally, this was absolutely fantastic, they came in those big trucks (they call them thumping trucks). They bang on the land and then they shake it. I guess it is part of their testing procedure. The trucks were coming and they were lead by the police and the security, private security, by the way.

And on the other side you could see way down the road the native people coming, walking. So, they kept coming closer and closer, and the policemen were there with their clubs and everything. And they were going to really give it to them. So, our people kept walking right towards them and as they got closer, they could hear music.

The Mi'kmaqs were singing a very spiritual song and they were drumming. As you know, the drum is Mother Earth’s heartbeat.

So, they kept walking and walking towards them, and they were singing this very beautiful song. And then, they stood right in front of them singing their song. And then, they finished it. The police and all these security, and everybody just stood there. They were standing there straight, they had no expression on their faces, they couldn’t lift a finger.

And then, a man went up to them and they said – we are signing this song for our Mother Earth and it is not just for us, it is for you – this is the song for you. And then, they walked away. And do you know what happened? That company packed up and left. Have you ever heard of that kind of violence?

Robles: They have no idea what to do when they are not faced with violence, because that’s all they understand, right?

Horn: Yes! But they didn’t understand the song. The man explained – we are singing for every living thing on earth and that includes you. We are signing for you. They stood there and they did not know what to do. It took all their power away.

Robles: Beautiful!

Horn: Isn’t that a beautiful imagery to see that? That was what we used to do, I’m talking about long time ago. If we had any differences with another nation, we would arrange to sing songs to each other to calm the mind. And then, we would sit down and talk about our differences. That was an old-old practice, very-very old.

Robles: That’s what people should do now and there wouldn’t be any more wars.

Horn: You know what, the corporations dissolving like this, they should dissolve all over the world. All the bankers should… you know, this means a lot. There is an awful lot of meaning to what is happening here with the bankers and the Corporation of Canada dissolving. We need to talk to people so that they understand what we want. They have to understand that. We don’t want a war, we are trying to stop war all over the world.

Robles: That’s part of the Great Law.

Horn: The Great Law of Peace and it has to do with our relationship to each other and our relationship to every living thing. That’s what it has to do with. And that’s the only weapon we have. We don’t have guns or anything. That’s the weapon, the truth and the Gai Eneshah Go' Nah – the Great Law of Peace. That is what we want people to know about.

Robles: Thank you! And talking about it we are going to help people become aware of it.

Horn: Yes, we want help form the Russians.

You were listening to an interview with Kahentinetha Horn – a member of the Mohawk Nation and the Bear Clan, and the owner and publisher of Mohawknationnews.com. She is an elder with the Mohawk Nation. That was part 2 of a longer interview. You can find the previous part of this interview on our website at Voiceofrussia.com.

7 February, 20:00

Native Americans to Stop Keystone Pipeline

John Robles

Native Americans to stop Keystone pipeline

It is an issue that has galvanized Native Americans, environmentalists, activists and even the Green Party and is not one that is going to go away as conveniently as the Obama Administration hopes it will. The Trans Canada Keystone XL (Export Limited) Pipeline, which will destroy and poison huge swathes of Indian lands and irreversibly pollute large parts of Alberta, Canada and the United States all the way to the Gulf of Mexico should also be galvanizing Canadians but they are for the large part silent. Will Obama and Washington politicians beholden to corporate and big oil interests do the right thing and say no to the pipeline? Not likely.

The Reality

The effects of oil exploitation from the tars sands is already being felt and things are only getting worse for the Native Americans. People are dying women are having miscarriages and the people cannot farm or even find clean drinking water. What is left of the once great and proud nations and tribes of North America are again fighting for their very survival as the Earth around them is being destroyed.

According to Robert Free, an Indian rights activist and a member of Tewa and Naua Nations in an interview with the Voice of Russia ”They can’t drink that water that was from the lake of Athabasca or Peace River because upstream is the tar sands of Alberta that is polluting all that beautiful area. So, they can’t even eat the fish, they are having miscarriages and nothing is being done for that.”

So oil company sponsored environmental reports saying the Keystone Pipeline is safe are a laughable farce when the reality is that they are already killing thousands and destroying water supplies and lands that the Indians, and all of us, depend on for existence.

Native Americans Rise Up

The Indians of the seven tribes of the Lakota Nation and tribes from Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Oregon, as well as dozens of other organizations and Indian Nations are preparing to stop the construction of the pipeline.

In a statement released by the organizations Honor the Earth, Owe Aku, Protect the Sacred and the Oglala Sioux Nation the Native Americans make their position clear and it is one that concerns their very survival as the project will for the most part destroy Indian Lands and violates existing treaties.

The statement reads in part: “The Oglala Lakota Nation has taken leadership by saying “NO” to the Keystone XL Pipeline. They have done what is right for the land, for their people, who, from grassroots organizers like Owe Aku and Protect the Sacred have called on their leaders to stand and protect their sacred lands. And they have: KXL will NOT cross their treaty territory, which extends past the reservation boundaries. Their horses are ready. So are ours. We stand with the Lakota Nation, we stand on the side of protecting sacred water, we stand for Indigenous land-based lifeways which will NOT be corrupted by a hazardous, toxic pipeline. WE ALL NEED TO STAND WITH THEM.”

“On Friday, January 27th, the State Department issued its Environmental Impact Statement on the Keystone XL Pipeline. President Obama said that he won’t approve the pipeline if it increases carbon emissions. The report was drafted in coordination with consultants who have worked for TransCanada — the company seeking to build the pipeline. Jack Gerard, the head of the American Petroleum Institute, was briefed by “sources within the administration” on the timing and content of the report before its release, and was pleased to say that it will not impact the environment.”

At the heart of the debate is that the pipeline violates treaties signed with the Indians. According to the statement the Lakota Nation is a sovereign governmental body which is united against the pipeline, and “the United States needs to honor treaty rights by denying the pipeline.”The US Government is a serial violator of treaties, not only with the Indian Nations but also on the international level and also believes itself to be above international law so this call will most likely be scoffed at by Washington and any gains made by the Indians will have to come at a heavy price.

The statement cites a real and proven conflict of interest with yet another “environmental study” sanctioned by oil companies to further their own ends. Independent sources support the position of the Native Americans that: “the pipeline will increase carbon emissions and cause grave and irreversible environmental harm globally.”

Regardless of any study the pipeline will impact Indian Lands and this is entirely their decision under law. However the recalcitrant corporate controlled US Government will no doubt do everything to get its own way. False environmental reports are nothing to a government who will murder, attack countries and destroy millions for oil, resources and corporate gain.

The statement by the Indians underlines the responsibility of the native people to protect Mother Earth, says that they will not allow the pipeline to cross treaty areas and that they will defend their lives and our mother Earth, and calls on Barack Obama to do the same. However it is a call on deaf ears as Obama has proven by his record that he is an instrument of the corporations, has no respect for treaties or international law and at the end of the day will do as he pleases. Asking a man who laughs it up and takes selfies at the funeral of one of the last great leaders of bygone age is like asking a New York cop not to write you a ticket or a Guantanamo interrogator not to torture you.


The Green Party says that the bi-partisan rhetoric of Washington politicians about energy independence is completely without basis and the final destination of the pipeline, at major shipping ports in the gulf of Mexico, only proves that the oil is destined for export to foreign markets and thus will enrich the oil companies.

According to the site Green Party Watch Darryl L.C. Moch, the co-chair of the Green Party of the US said that: “President Obama is standing at a crossroads right now. He can say no to the Keystone XL pipeline and prove that his administration is serious about reducing production and consumption of fossil fuels. Or he can satisfy Big Oil and major investors by okaying the pipeline’s conveyance of dirty, dangerous tar-sands crude oil from Canada across the US”.

I would say the Green Party’s pleas will also fall on deaf ears as the US is ready to destroy and poison trillions of gallons of un-renewable fresh water in their bid to spread the practice of fracking and again Obama has proven he is an instrument of corporations and has done nothing to lessen dependence on fossil fuels and it can be almost said to be a given that he will not. Like his Nobel Peace Prize it is not an issue that particularly means or matters to him at all.

The Green Party goes on to state on their site: “The Green Party has strongly opposed the pipeline and is urging the Secretary of State John Kerry and the State Dept., as well as other agencies, to reject it.”

“The goal of domestic ‘energy independence’ is a distraction from the real goal - ending subsidies for fossil fuels and averting a global climate catastrophe in the coming decades,” said Kate Culver, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States.

“The bipartisan rhetoric of energy dependence proves that Democrats and Republicans are too beholden to corporate contributions and lobbyists’ influence to effectively deal with the climate crisis. This is why we call the Green Party an imperative for the 21st century,” added Audrey Clement, co-chair of the Green Party’s Eco-Action Committee

“The development of the tar-sands oil fields in Alberta, Canada, is one of several energy-industry projects that must be halted. Others include fracking, mountaintop detonation mining, offshore drilling in U.S. coastal waters, and “clean coal.” The Elk River chemical spill on Jan. 9, which left 300,000 West Virginians without drinkable or usable water, proved “clean coal” to be a public-relations myth. The spilled chemical was a foam used to wash coal and remove polluting impurities.”

Battle Lines Are Drawn

Writer Jorge Barrera at Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) National News writes that the project will now go into a final phase which focuses on whether Keystone XL serves the US national interest and that at least eight agencies will have input on the outcome, including the Defense Department, the Department of Justice, Interior, Commerce, Transportation, Energy, Homeland Security and the Environmental Protection Agency.

He wrote that the Lakota Nation has formed projects called “Shielding the People” and “Moccasins on the Ground” to stop the pipeline. “It will band all Lakota to live together and you can’t cross a living area if it’s occupied,” said Greg Grey Cloud, of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. “If it does get approved we aim to stop it.”

Gary Dorr, from the Nez Perce Tribe in Idaho, which has already used its treaty rights to block the transport of so-called megaloads of mining equipment headed to Alberta’s tar sands said the following: “It will be obvious, it will be concrete, and I think once it starts and they start building you will start to see the momentum and the force of the tribal people…it is an epic project, it will have an epic response from the tribal people. The tar sands is already affecting the people (for Fort Chipewyan in Alberta), climate change is already obvious. To facilitate that is not something the Native people of the US are going to do. We are not going to sit idly by and let it happen.”

The pipeline has been called the ‘black snake’ in reference to prophecies

APTN reports that the Oglala Sioux Tribe passed a resolution banning TransCanada and former Assembly of First Nations chief Phil Fontaine, who was a turncoat hired to deal with First Nations opposition, from entering its territory.

According to APTN the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota make up the Lakota Nation which includes the tribes of Rosebud, Oglala and the Cheyenne Indian reservation, the Yankton Sioux Tribe, Standing Rock, Flandreau Sioux Tribe and the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe.


Sadly and the record has shown, the Obama Administration and the US Government are completely under the control of the corporations and given the fact that they are willing to commit crimes against humanity, start wars of aggression and destroy entire countries for the sake of profiting from resources, there is little doubt that American Indians and a few Greens will be able to stop them.

The invaders killed over 400 million Indigenous People in the Americas and continue to profit from resources that belong to the Indians. When they need to they just pass “laws” and “treaties” or declare the Indians not to be human. As Mohawk Elder Kahandinetha Horn told the Voice of Russia: “They passed this law, that declared us non-persons, they take our Indian Trust Fund and they use it to build Canada and now the trust fund is maybe a hundred trillion.”

Yet: “We lack communications and it is very hard for us to contact people around the world to support us because I think people would support us because we are trying to save the environment. That is what we are trying to do. We are here and we are surviving for a reason and that is to be the caregivers of our Mother Earth.”  

Will Obama and big oil take care of Mother Earth? Don’t count on it.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own. I can be reached atjar2@list.ru.

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