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McCain harangues Dempsy, Obama wants invasion plans for Syria

20 July, 19:24 3 

Despite apparent overtures by the new U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, pointing to U.S. willingness to seek a peaceful solution to the internal conflict in Syria, the U.S. continues to seek a pretext and prepare for a military intervention in yet another Middle East country and another country that cannot properly defend itself against U.S. aggression. Recently John McCain has revealed the blood lust driving American politics and the subservient role that the U.S. military plays to politicians whose only interest is their own well-being.

The United States of America continues to pose a further dangerous threat to world peace with another act of aggressive war on yet another Middle East country as it “contemplates” “kinetic strikes” on Syria.

The current news comes as Army General Martin Dempsey faced questions during a confirmation hearing for his second term as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and in congressional testimony stated that he has provided U.S. President Barack Obama with options for the use of force.

Dempsey faced hostile and aggressive questioning by failed presidential candidate, Senator John McCain, a proponent of a military invasion of Syria. McCain pressed Dempsey to give his personal opinion on the use of U.S. military force in Syria, something Dempsey refused to do as those decisions are for elected officials to make and when he refused to answer McCain’s questions regarding his opinion on the use of force, McCain committed what amounts to political blackmail, by saying he would hold up the confirmation of Dempsey.

In short we have a war-thirsty McCain attempting to get the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to publicly support another military intervention by the United States. To Dempsey’s credit he did not back down to the onslaught by the almost 80-year-old McCain but did reveal that the U.S. military is actively preparing plans for military intervention in Syria on orders from the Obama Administration.

Dempsey in answer to questions by McCain: “I am in favor of building a moderate opposition and supporting it. The question whether to support it with direct kinetic strikes ... is a decision for our elected officials, not for the senior military leader of the nation.”The use of kinetic strikes: "… is under deliberation inside of our agencies of government.”

Continuing news that American politicians, Obama and the United States are continuing to push for a military solution to the internal Syria conflict mute hopes that Russian brokered, joint Russian-U.S. peace talks in Geneva on the Syrian issue will prove to be fruitful. This also shed a serious doubt on the sincerity of the U.S. in taking parts in any talks that will lead to a peaceful resolution to the problem.

The U.S. is engaged in a full press propaganda campaign on all fronts to allow those who are lusting for more bloodshed to invade Syria, but fortunately for the Syrian people claims of chemical weapons usage and other pretexts for invasion have be met with skepticism.

Country after invaded country the United States has used false, fabricated or self-created situations as evidence to back their invasions and Syria is a perfect example. The U.S. and Obama want to force President Bashar al-Assad from power and they will fabricate and create any pretext to bring about that aim with no regard for the massive blood of the Syrian people that will be spilled.

Calling the aggressive invasion of Syria “kinetic strikes” does not change the fact that such a military action is still nothing more than an aggressive invasion. The same goes with Israel’s “preventive” strikes. It is important to underline and repeat over and over again: Aggressive war is a crime against humanity.

An aggressive invasion of Syria, or any invasion for that matter, will destroy the country, possibly remove the elected president, bring untold suffering and misery on the Syrian people and allow Islamic extremist elements to engage in the genocide of those who go against them. These include Alawites, Orthodox Christians, Jews and every other group that goes against the extremist Islamic elements that the U.S. has supported and imported into the Syrian theater.

Obama, who promised “Change”, is disgracefully continuing down the path begun by his predecessor in making the United States the most dangerous and hated pariah and rogue nation in the history of the world. Yet the U.S. refuses to understand that there is no way that they will ever be able to use force the entire planet into submission.

Anything the U.S. now says about Syria, other than backing a peaceful resolution to the internal conflict, shows the glaring and obvious hypocrisy of the U.S. as they have imported, financed and backed the most violent elements in Syria and are therefore responsible for the destabilization of the country and the mass bloodshed and misery of the Syrian people.

It is clear and obvious that the U.S. has no interest in the well-being of the Syrian people, quite the opposite, as we saw in Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Yugoslavia and Libya and every other American “intervention”. Unfortunately there is little we can to do to change that and until the world’s countries pull together to stop the U.S. which has unilaterally assigned itself the role of the ruler of the world.

The U.S. continues to seek military solutions throughout the world has nothing to offer the world as far as trade but they want to redesign the world in their image and the Middle East is their most important target because of the resources in the region. Bashar al-Assad and his independent policies has prevented American hegemony in the Middle East.

The United states cannot attain its ends politically, economically or diplomatically in the Middle East or in other parts of the world and with the number of independent economic and geo-political unions between countries growing and becoming stronger, organizations which the U.S. does not control, the U.S. has to make up for their waning influence by doing what they do best, using threats, bombs, death and destruction to force the world to submit. Such actions are shameful, egregious and crimes against all of humanity.

We have seen by revelation after revelation of illegality that embarrassing the U.S. is not enough, they do not care, it will take a united international effort to reign in the regime in Washington.

As war on Syria rhetoric and propaganda is being ramped up it is important to remind Americans “strong on defense” does not mean launching illegal acts of aggression on small defenseless countries anytime the U.S. wants. Those who repeat that by invading country after country they are “protecting American lives” must be confronted with the fact that there is no threat in Syria to American lives. Unless those “lives” are the lives of the fat, corrupt, morally reprehensible and outrageously criminal war profiteering who will make billions on a Syrian invasion.

Syria is not and has not ever been a threat to America, the real crime against America is an independent stance and protecting their own resources. Recently President Bashar al-Assad gave an interview and explained the reality of the situation in his country:

Bashar al-Assad on foreign meddling in Syria:

“From the outset, the conflict in Syria was not entirely domestic. There are internal Syrian dynamics at play, but the underlying issues today are more directed towards redrawing the map of the region, and the conflicting interests of the great powers. The creation of the BRICS bloc means that the United States will no longer remain the only global power in the world.”

On the west calling for him to step down:

“The Syrian People alone have the authority to grant or withdraw legitimacy. If they withdraw it, then you become illegitimate. And similarly if they give you their support, then you are a legitimate president. Everything else is meaningless shenanigans as far as we are concerned.”

On the West claiming they care about the Syrian people.

“Are these states concerned about democracy in Syria or concerned about the blood of the Syrian people? Let’s be candid. If we start with the United States, we find that it has supported the crimes committed by Israel for decades, since Israel was created in our region. The United States committed massacres in Afghanistan and Iraq resulting in millions being killed, wounded or disabled. France and Britain committed massacres in Libya, with support and cover from the United States. The current Turkish government is knee-deep in Syrian blood. Again are these states really concerned about Syrian blood?”

On the Muslim Brotherhood:

“… from our experience in Syria with the Muslim Brotherhood for over 30 years, they are a group of opportunists, who use religion for their personal advantage.”

There is no way to bring about peace through the use of force and any state that relegates itself to that role has to be reined in. America has shown that it lacks the courage to embrace peace and understanding in conflict resolution, this is now an issue for the international community.

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