Mohammed Morsi

The End of Morsi Another Abedin/Clinton U.S. Backed Failure?

2 July, 05:09  

The Egyptian military and opposition groups have given Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood an ultimatum to step down from power. For a leader who was expected to harken in change in Egypt such a short time ago the people have proven that even if Islamic Fundamentalists are supported by America they are not necessarily welcome or wanted in their countries. Will Morsi step down? If he cares about the Egyptian people and is really their leader, perhaps he will listen, unless he has another agenda.

This week’s CIA-planted-little-despot-in-trouble-with-his-own-people is Mohamed Morsi so I’ve decided to take a look at Mohamed Morsi and his not so shadowy past in order to shed some light on exactly who Mohamed Morsi and what exactly is the true nature of the Muslim Brotherhood. For further reading just type in the words morsi cia into your PRISM/Google browser and you will be presented with thousands of pages of information connecting and detailing the long and sordid relationship between Morsi and the CIA.

I am sure you are following the news dear reader and are aware that the latest popular uprising in Egypt has given Mr. Morsi until tomorrow evening, Tuesday July 2, 2013 to step down from power along with the Muslim Brotherhood, if he doesn’t the more than 17 million people who took to the streets on Sunday will take to the streets again and the country will be plunged into a state nearing civil war.

This is astounding news for many as he was just placed in power a few days over a year ago after the popular revolts of the now infamous Arab Spring and much of the world believed that perhaps there would be some stability in Egypt. That is not to be the case and it is possible that the Arab Spring was a geopolitical plan by Israel and the U.S. for fomenting permanent instability in the region and things have gone exactly as planned.

Calls for the stepping down from power of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have now come from the Egyptian military. On Monday the Egyptian Army issued an ultimatum to Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood giving them 48 hours to meet the demands of the people and promising that if those demands are not met that they will be forced to intervene.

According to the Washington Post the statement aired on national television by military commander Abdel Fatah al-Sissi was as follows: “The armed forces reiterates its call to meet the demands of the people, and it gives everyone 48 hours as a last chance to carry the burden of the ongoing historic circumstances that the country is going through”.

“If the demands of the people are not met within the given period of time, the military will be compelled by its national and historic responsibilities, and in respect for the demands of Egypt’s great people, to announce a roadmap for the future, and procedures that it will supervise involving the participation of all the factions and groups.”

The warning came as millions of people took to the streets for a second day on Monday calling for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood to step down from power. The ultimatum from the army is remarkable as the army of any country is supposed to follow the commander in chief which in almost every country is the president. The fact that army has issued such a warning to Morsi guarantees that they will in fact intervene on behalf of the Egyptian people who in the millions are calling for Morsi and his Western backed “brotherhood” to step down. The military said the ultimatum was Morsi’s “last chance”.

A youth movement in Egypt called “Rebel” has issued the call for Morsi’s removal from by Tuesday evening as the standoff between Mori and the Muslim Brotherhoods’ supporters and opposition forces continues and have already left at least 17 people dead and nearly 800 injured.

In light of the recent history of crackdowns and repression by leaders by the militaries of many countries of the world blindly following the orders of presidents who are no longer the legitimate leaders of their countries, this announcement is at once refreshing and at the same time a worrisome precedent and a warning for all of the other Western backed leaders in the region and around the world.

This may be a sign that the day of the CIA backed Western puppet regime is numbered and that the world is becoming well enough informed about the so-called “Democracy spreading” United States of America and their surrogates around the world, that they will not be tolerating leaders who have been put into power to serve their true masters in Washington.

To underline that this is just another failure by the West in it’s never ending quest to take over countries, while pretending to install and promote “democracy”, and install leaders who will bend to the American and Western will, is in fact a disservice to the Egyptian people, but from a global geopolitical perspective, this is exactly what it is, another puppet, in another resource rich country, and another failure.

Some say that instability in the Middle East was designed and planned to allow for constant NATO and Western intervention as having weak and unstable countries all over the world is something that Washington’s geopolitical planners desire and need to fulfill their plans of global domination.

The history of the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohamed Morsi show ties with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and there are claims that it was actually the CIA that has helped the Muslim Brotherhood come to power and that it was created in the 1920’s by the MI-6 to weaken Egyptian secular forces and in fact recruited Morsi many years ago.

The Muslim Brotherhood is claimed to have been used in the 70s in Afghanistan, around the same time that the CIA created al-Qaeda and was funding and recruiting fighters from Madrases in Afghanistan. It is said that Anwar Sadat was killed by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1981, that they attempted to take power in Syria in 1982 and that they have been involved in revolts in Algeria, Libya, Yemen and even in Somalia.

Morsi himself is said to have been recruited by the CIA many years ago and it is interesting to note that his children have U.S. citizenship and that he was in prison for treason when he was pulled out of prison and placed at the head of the Muslim Brotherhood after the fall of Hosni Mubarak and then into the presidency.

Once again, we see the policy of the U.S. in recruiting and using radical elements to overthrow regimes and install their own version of what they want in foreign countries regardless of the wishes or the well-being of the people, leading to failure. This is a clear in Egypt. Whereas as in Kosovo, with Haqim Thaci, it has succeeded.

Will we see the rest of the Arab Spring countries go the same way? If we do it would not be surprising. People know what democracy is, and the U.S. labeling their puppet regimes and their despots as such does not necessarily make it the case. 


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