Monarchy State Sweden 


Sovereigns and Indigenous Peoples Joining Together in Peace

In response to our letter to President Putin and the Russian People we have received this response from the Monarch of State Sweden who wrote: We note "The Mohawk Nation, the 50 chiefs of the Iroquois confederacy and all of our allies of the Anishnabe, Cree, Micmac, Algonquin, Delaware, Wendat, Wampanoa and the few remaining Taino of Boriken such as our brother John Robles" declare peace. 


We also declare peace, making war illegal.  We claim Nation Sweden as a peaceful zone.  We offer Indigenous Peace and Love system Godland at fulfillment of the conditions.


It is our wish that people would listen to peace declarations rather than to war declarations.


As we reported earlier the Indigenous Swedish population is undergoing what can only be described as genocide which has led to those seeking to preserve their ethnic and national character and origin to declare a true Monarchy for the Nation of Sweden.


Monarchy State Sweden is a part of Godland through the Monarch's Diarchy with Ditta of Godland, Ditta af Östersjöväldet. Godland have established an independent monetary system called the Indigenous World Order Bank of Godland, which is also the monetary system for Monarchy State Sweden:



NOTE: The OXA money is NOT established by Monarchy State Sweden.  Instead, it is established by Godland.  Monarchy State Sweden are part of Godland through the Monarch's Diarchy with Ditta of Godland, Ditta af Östersjöväldet.  The Constitution of Godland, taken from the Declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples with The Rights of Godlanders, is also the Constitution of Nation Sweden, for which Monarchy State Sweden is a proclaimed state. 


New Related Documents and Verdicts of the IWOCG Sent by Lege.Net








Proclamation of Monarchy State Sweden:

We have risen from the depths of the people to save The Nation.  A Nation that is mistaught about what can even be rights and obligations must go under if it can not be taught real rights and real obligations.  Institutional harassment can never foster the self confident and strong women and men who can stand up to external enemies.  We have done everything in our power to teach the lawmen what can even be rights and obligations, because what an individual is not entitled to do, that individual can neither give a lawman the right to do, no matter how many thousand years, and with how many thousands of others, the individual goes and 'votes'.  Sad to say, the lawmen have insisted on obeying illegitimate power under color of law, which means that they are not lawmen other than to the therefore misrepresenting name.


We understand right and wrong because We have very deeply and for a very long time been contemplating and studying our own real rights and obligations.  We have therefore gladly received the call as a judge in the Baltic Sea Indigenous Court, which exercises indigenous rights based on indigenous peoples' right to create their own institutions.  We are also in open courtroom proclaimed Monarch of State Sweden in conjunction with a testimony before the Land and Environment Court before ~100 participants in Nacka 8.9.17, at which time the Proclamation of Monarchy State Sweden were filed to the court records.


In order to save the mistaught Nation, we have to impose individual responsibility on those individuals who maintain illegitimate power.  In this We are merciful where we are met with respect and willingness to understand what is wrong, and to re-learn.  Especially if We thereby can win allies in decentralizing the illegitimate structures so that they can become legitimate.


We accept no bullying and no bullies, and all harassment structures must therefore be dissolved.  The People's well depends on this, as a broken and scared people are an already defeated people.


From the beginning of the Structure explanation of Godland / Indigenous Baltic Sea Order:  "BE IT KNOWN that the Indigenous Baltic Sea Order (IBSO) is an ancient indigenous people's lawful diarchy that is part of the global indigenous Godland.  The Godland diarchs Ditta of IBSO /Ditta of Godland and Leif of IBSO /Leif of Godland is a unit that recognize all existing states and their foundations as well as international laws as far as they protect indigenous peoples, but the protection of the Godland diarchy steps in in those parts where the states fail to protect indigenous people."




Leif Erlingsson,
Monarch of State Sweden,
Leif af Östersjöväldet,
Leif of Godland, judge in
the Baltic Sea Indiegnous Court




The Indigenous ruler of Kingdom of Sweden is Leif I of Godland, who rule Sweden through Monarchy State Sweden, MSS (, that is in the jurisdiction of Indigenous Human World Order of Godland (LoveOrder.INFO), that is ruled by its emperors, diarchs of Godland - Ditta and Leif of Godland. Ditta of Godland is MSS´s monetary secretary and director of Indigenous Humans World Order Bank of Godland, and Ditta Rietuma is president of state Latvian Republic, with statutes from (1)1938, that is being restored by Latvian Assembly (

We have indigenous courts and see oxa checks, you shall fill and convert at local council ( If they don't convert it, You shall carve Your own local Indigenous Assembly´s oxa WIR-tally sticks and WIR-bulls as coins of 25 scandinavian runes.


Monarchy State Sweden

The Government, Carl XVI Gustaf, The Parliament, The Popular movement - and the rest of Sweden refuses to take responsibility for stopping the III World War, but we have the right to prevent the III World War, as such one affects Us, Our family, Our dynasty, Our people, Other peoples, the whole of the Baltic Sea region, the whole Earth and the universe.

We have therefore decided to take responsibility,

We have therefore proclaimed a legitimate state were there were no legitimate state,

in order to through this claim Nation Sweden as a peaceful zone,

where foreign powers war exercises are not permitted,

and where such is an act of war and a declaration of war.


We offer Indigenous Peace and Love system Godland at fulfillment of the conditions.


In the current crisis, when the rest of the people are "hiding", we proclaim Ourselves as an absolute monarch, but the slightly longer subgoal is a constitutional monarchy, wherefore a constitution, etc. is part of the 20-page proclamation.  This proclamation is in open courtroom in conjunction with a testimony before the Land and Environment Court before ~100 participants in Nacka 8.9.17 filed to the court records and We are there presented as Monarch.


Monarchy State Sweden institute Indigenous order by restoring form of government out of indigenous courts and self-produced money - oxa - that is registered with Indigenous associations.  It is the one who has the Money Power; to create money; who has the real power.  We give the real power back to The People.  All forms of war are criminalized and prohibited.


Leif Erlingsson, Monarch of State Sweden, Leif of Godland, Leif af Östersjöväldet


Supporting Files and Documentation


Monarchy State Sweden through the Monarch to the Government for Kingdom of Sweden, 10.09.17.  (Translation, original here.)

Proclamation of Monarchy State Sweden, Monarkin Staten Sverige of Autumn 12017 (8.9.17).  (Translation, original here.)

Cover letter to all Swedish ministers, this one to the Prime Minister, 14.9.17. Cover letter to employees at Kingdom of Sweden, 14.9.17.



Public Order of Revocation to all Military Corporations and Return to Kin av 10.9. (1)2017.

Public Order of Revocation, Reminding the Nullifying of legal authority of all Corporate Police and Law Enforcement Agencies in the World 10.9. (1)2017.

Directive from Monarchy State Sweden to abandoned existing court system structures, 20.9.17.  (In Swedish.)


Instituting Documents

Proclamation of Monarchy State Sweden, Monarkin Staten Sverige of Autumn 12017 (8.9.17).  (Translation, original here.)

Manifest of Unity of Diarchs of Godland, 12017-06-11.

Declaration of Godland and Charter of Godland, 12017-06-11.

Diarchs of Godland decree on Baltic sea Indigenous Runes / World Indigenous Runes, 21.6.(1)2017.

Oxa Money

Statements, new page opens (click here)




Proclamations & Orders in video format  (Some in Swedish, some in English.)

Monark Leif Erlingsson af Staten Sverige tilltalar Sveriges ministrar. 10.9.17  (Monarch Leif Erlingsson of State Sweden address Sweden's ministers, in Swedish.)

The Monarch of State Sweden is introduced by Ditta of Godland, etc., playlist with below:

The Monarch of State Sweden is introduced by Ditta of Godland. 9.9.17

Monarch Leif of State Sweden and president Ditta of state Republic Latvia.

Order of Revocation to NATO etc to return all military home to kin.


Instituting Documents in video format

The hidden rulers challenged, playlist with the below:

We challenged the hidden powers to show that they are legitimate rulers, else we are...  The essence is that the hidden rulers are now challenged to show that they are legitimate, and that otherwise we are the legitimate rulers, and that the people need to organize legitimate courts that are not under the control of the war business economic system.

Diarchs of Godland on justice, introduction. Coronation. 10.6.17

Coronation of Leif, Konn of Godland in Diarchy with Ditta, Konna of Godland. We challenged the hidden rulers

Diarchs of Godland/Östersjöväldet in holy Jordbro of Scandinavia. 10.6.17

Ceremonies in connection with the hidden rulers now having been challenged to show that they are legitimate

Ditta and Leif of Godland/Östersjöväldet on founding documents. 11.6.17

Founding documents read by Leif, Konn of Godland in Diarchy with Ditta, Konna of Godland. Hidden rulers challenged


Other relevant videos

Conf Security in Baltic Sea, tally to NATO, Russia etc. 22.04.17. 4/4 Ditta of Godland granted the chairman of the Swedish Defense Committee and NATO adviser Björn von Sydow in the magnitude of 1,000,000,000,000 Euro in Baltic Indigenous Runes from the Baltic Sea Indigenous Court to decentralise all global war corporations into management of Indigenous People and for return of military personell back to their families.  Sydow never reported back to BSIC on how he used these funds.  The video is in English.


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