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The NWO Freaks Created and are Manipulating WWIII Threat to Advance Agenda

July 21, 2018 POST THREE: CLARIFICATION: They are gatekeepers for the Deep State and Chomsky (CIA) has always been a Zionist snake. I guess I should be more obvious and “concise” in that promoting the group-think (thus ignoring the real grievances that all of the opposing groups have) they are in fact implementing and propagating the thinking and socially acceptable or palatable formula for implementing the One World Government. In short again give up your rights and personal freedoms in order to fight this greater threat WWIII (which they have fabricated) so that we can all be safe and have peace as long as you follow us and let us lead. It is brilliant and it works in every country including here in Russia but it could be beaten if people are aware of what is going on. Coming from the MIIC mouthpieces this is obvious to me but for all who see Chomsky and Donahue as the nice fatherly wise and well-wishing figures they are promoted as, it is not. In short they divide society, do not allow them to unite under anyone not in the system and then promote a fake figure like Assange, who is the media promoted leader and whom the people will trust and listen to. It is all about mass mind control and manipulation and something they have fine-tuned and perfected to such a degree that it is getting harder and harder to spot. Almost to the point where calling it out is impossible. This is why having BBG propaganda and military psychological operations involved in social media and controlling any form of journalism or method of mass-communication is horrendous and should be illegal.

Thank you for answering I hope my thinking on this is understandable….. It is almost impossible now to counter the lies and that is exactly how they want it which even though I may be off sometimes makes a resource like JAR2 something that must be defended((((


Every media figure is under control or else they get nowhere,

POST TWO: Here are the facts:

FACT ONE: There was no election meddling by Russia in the previous or in any US Elections. There was however real and proven meddling by what is now known as the Deep State and the Shadow Government (both factions of the same NWO group). We exposed multiple instances of voting machine manipulation, the literal pre-programming of even run-off election results into machines (see the DNC leak) and we even exposed the fabricated pre-election winning results fro Clinton. We have also proven the Soros/Diebold machines are fakes own by these same "Deep State" hi-jackers of Democracy.

FACT TWO: Russia has NEVER threatened the US with war and while being surrounded by NATO missiles and military installations has never taken anything but a defensive stance. Russia did not invade Ukraine as I detail the facts in my book which no one will ever be allowed to read, or any other country for that matter. Russia has always taken a self-defensive stance since the collapse of the USSR.

FACT THREE: A criminal trans-national cabal which executed 911 as a catalyst event is attempting to take over the world using every means possible and it is this cabal that has hi-jacked US Democracy and in fact democracies worldwide, and is casually pushing the World into a WWIII scenario to advance their own agenda.

FACT FOUR: Russia has been forced to advance her arsenals and military capabilities due to NATO expansion and the Western bellicose policies and infringements on her sovereignty and has done so to the point that she can now obliterate and wipe off the face of the Earth any aggressor at any time.

FACT FIVE: Trump is a 33 Degree Mason, a Rothschilds' puppet and an Illuminati tool. This is proven and goes back to 1992. See our Trump page.

FACT SIX: BBG and US Government produced propaganda (HASBARA?MOCKINGBIRD et al) are now legal so they can lie all they want with impunity and there is no recourse.

If you agree with those facts, and they are facts not opinions, then read further or do your own research if you have the time and visit the site. If not please stick your head back into the sand and return to your safe space and your selfies and the false reality they have created for you.

What Triggered This Article? COINTELPRO?

So I get the E-Mail below and of course I am against WWIII and as they imply if we are not we are puppy killing baby eating demons who must die, so I read it. Sounds good, joining forces to stop war (a common position on Russia (What is that about?)), so okay, interesting, let's read further... Sounds reasonable almost until I get to the name Chomsky. The nice fatherly ZIONIST gatekeeper serving the N W O and the CIA while using his kind fatherly image to manipulate and rape the minds of the public with educated, cohesive and expertly formulated reasonable sounding nice rounded tones and phrases and trigger words calling up pre-programmed ideas and images, all designed to make you swallow the razor blades of the N W O in sugar coated balls of shit that seem sweet and palatable. (LITMUS TEST 911. Nothing has changed!)

So the Globalists (as we can call the Satanic Cabal for lack of a better label) keep terrifying the world's public with the RUSSIAN MONSTER BOOGEYMAN in order to advance their own agenda and now in the classic Hegelian Dialectic method of their operations, propose that we all join together and unify under the aegises of their Gatekeepers, Zionist HASBARA Master Chomsky and MOCKINGBIRD spokestool Donahue, with Clinton and Soros not far away in the shadows trying to convince you these are the "Good Guys". Don't buy it. Don't buy any of it. It is all a show and Trump is a key part of it. "Oh these Dems and Liberals and Globalists are so bad but look at me I am against them (wink wink) and I want you to wake up (wink wink) and follow me over the cliff.

When you know the facts the theatrics are so obvious that they are laughable, yet even staunch truthers are being fooled.

Don't believe them, don't believe anyone including me for that matter! Believe what you see with your own eyes and mind and what is around you and stop allowing them to create boogey men for you to be terrorized of or false prophets for you to rally behind so they can enslave you all. Just like there is a 5th column in Russia there is now one in the US, you call it the Deep State. These are the same Moloch worshipping scum.

Soros Org Proposing the Solution: Unified Under Chomsky and the Gatekeepers for the NWO

A petition campaign has launched in support of an important Open Letter that The Nation magazine published this week, “Common Ground: For Secure Elections and True National Security.”

The letter brings into sharp focus the urgent need to protect U.S. elections and reduce the chances of a cataclysmic nuclear war between Russia and the United States.

It also brings together an odd and uncomfortably large coalition of people and groups with strong disagreements among them. Sometimes this is how the world has to be changed.

The signers of the Open Letter include feminist organizer Gloria Steinem; Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg; Pulitzer Prize-winning writers Alice Walker and Viet Thanh Nguyen; Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams; political analyst Noam Chomsky; former New Mexico governor and ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson; TV public-affairs pioneer Phil Donahue; former White House counsel John Dean; The Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel; and many others.

The Solution is Always the Same: "Give Us Control for Our New World Order"


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