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In 2019 historical revisionism and the glorification of nazism are at the core of the "West's" Eastward Expansion and their attempt to destroy Russia and the Russian World. This can not be allowed to continue.


The True History of Russia's Victory in WWII - The USSR Lost 27-40 Million

The True History of Russia's Victory in WWII

‘America's Nazi scientists fulfilling dream of ruling the world’ Bruce Gagnon

2016 Article in Honor of Victory Day: Russia is Under Attack from the Inside

Russia is Under Attack from the Inside

On the eve of Victory Day celebrations marking the historic victory of the Red Army over the forces of one of the blackest evils that has ever been allowed to rise on the face of the earth, the same forces that supported and financed the rise of the Third Reich, then waged a Cold War against the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, continue to attack and attempt to destroy the Russian Federation for the almost the exact same reasons; namely geopolitical advantage, resources and unfettered access to the vast wealth of Mother Russia.

For those living under the Western media blackout bubble it is almost beyond belief that the West is using Nazism and has unleashed Nazis in Europe in its latest attack on Russia. However given that we now know the CIA and the West were behind the rise of ISIS and AL-Qaeda, it is not such a stretch to believe that the same “lunatics” running the CIA and NATO who recruited Osama Bin Laden (Agent Tim Osman), sponsored Al-Qaeda and ISIS, continue to maintain an illegal MK-Torture prison at Guantanamo Bay Cuba, Black Sites around the world, drone anyone without trial and start aggressive wars under false pretenses, would sponsor, finance, arm and train Nazi groups in Europe. This repetition of history, the advancement of racism and Nazism in Europe being stoked by the “shadow rulers” in the United States is being allowed to continue almost without protest in the West.

The West has been trying to destroy Russia for hundreds of years, that is a historical fact and the Russian Federation is now and continues to be the ongoing subject of a full spectrum attack by all of the resources available to the United States of America, both overt and covert. It is now 2016 and the war is different, but the cowards and profiteers behind it are the same.

World War III is Underway: It is a New Type of War

In this new war against Russia, which the West “justifies” with false propaganda and outright lies, driven by the belief that Russia does not have the right to exist or to control its own resources or fate, the arsenal of instruments in use are part of a new kind of warfare. This “New War” is different because in our Information Age, with the West’s dominance over the Internet and its all but complete control of mass media worldwide, the chief instruments in use are information based and the chief targets are the minds of the world’s population. The weapons include media manipulation, propaganda dissemination, economic instruments and market machinations, military grade psychological operations, CIA MK developed subliminal targeting, control and manipulation of social media, control of the world’s mass media and every other form of psychological and informational subversion they have at their disposal.

There are those involved in the field of Intelligence here in Russia, who say that in fact World War III has already started and has been underway for years now. It is not an open war, there has not in fact been a real Declaration of War since 9-11, nor an open confrontation between state armies, it is a new kind of warfare that is being fought, and it is not one that is even being fought between what would be considered to be states and governments under the classical meaning of those words.

The war against the world drawn out by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) being waged by the United States is a war for complete and total global domination and as we have seen they will stop at nothing to fulfill their objectives. It is not a standard American war and it is not even a war between peoples, the people of the world are unimportant to those waging these wars. It is being fought between the oligarchies and secret shadow governments that are now vying for control of the planet and by their assorted intelligence agencies and cyber warfare operations directorates and those state bodies responsible for economic policy and the division and exploitation of the world’s resources.

In this “New American Warfare” the bloodletting, the genocide of populations and the “boots on the ground” are all used to keep the terror levels real and thus allow them to continue with their sanctions and covert operations all supported and maintained by the false narrative that their media and psychological operations blind the world with. By using mercenary terrorists worldwide and Nazi paramilitary “armies” in Ukraine, the CIA and NATO planners and those hiding in the shadows in Washington keep their “hands clean” and avoid international tribunals, mass-protests and the troublesome Declarations of War that civilized nations once demanded. The use of hybrid proxy “armies”, such as terrorist groupings who supposedly follow a fanatical Islamist agenda and armed formations promoting and following nazi ideology, not only allows the CIA and NATO to keep their involvement “under the radar” or “off the grid” but also allows for the killing of their opponents, which are in fact civilian populations opposed to their hegemony. In this destruction of civilians, the “New War” is based on committing Crimes Against Peace and Crimes Against Humanity and those waging it are worse than monsters.

The New War is a hybrid war because there is no real enemy, the enemies have been artificially created, and the battlefield exists in the minds of the peoples of the world and those who will be convinced to willingly destroy themselves and their own cultures and countries in order to allow the US to rule the world and in effect becomes slaves to what some might call the New World Order.

The War Against the Russian Federation

Once again, the “New War” is a psychological war, an influence war and a war with its goal being the establishment of global US hegemony and US Full Spectrum Dominance to be administered and implemented, codified and institutionalized through all of the organizations both internal and international, in all of the countries that are being targeted. Having failed as I have documented dozens of times in the past, to bring about a color revolution in Russia, the war is being fought in earnest against Mother Russia now. Following the schedule as laid out by former US General Wesley Clark after 9-11, when he stated the US is now in the business of destroying countries.

In Russia this new hybrid war using information manipulation and Psychological Operations to win the minds of those being targeted is having only limited success and unfortunately for the West is not as effective as they had hoped and in the end will fail. However due to the almost complete dominance the West has attained in the information sphere and over the media, even now here in Russia, to understand what is going on in the world and what is really happening is becoming more and more difficult, if not impossible.

If anyone doubts that these operations exist here in Russia one has to merely turn on any Russian TV channel and within any given 15 minute period there will be a mention of America or Israel or Western political or soft-power figures or companies or organizations that really have nothing to do with Russia and are in fact diametrically opposed and thirst for her destruction or for lack of a better word “enslavement”.

With the control of the Mass Media in the West and the Internet and all publications, along with the rewriting of history, in two or three generations almost everything that everyone in the world believes will be a lie and a fabricated reality. 9-11 was the litmus test, and the planners who carried that event out to enable the post 9-11 “War on Terror” paradigm outlined by the PNAC, have gotten away with it, as they say “Scot free”.

Media “lock down” and false narratives have already been forced into the minds of most of the world, but because of the language barriers and cultural territorial divides between the “West” and the “East”, the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China and a few countries such as Venezuela are lagging behind schedule in the new and updated and continuing Project for the New American Century. I will not go into too many details so as not to give the architects in NATO and the CIA ideas, but these countries have defenses and do have a chance of repelling the attack on their sovereignties and saving their cultures and peoples. They are the last hopes for humanity and for any of the free and clear thinking people still left on our planet.

Psychological Influence Operations and the Media in the Russian Federation

As I stated the principle and most import tool that they are using every day to attempt to poison your minds and formulate your world views is unfortunately little noticed by most and almost benign in its nature and is always turned on and operating in the background. It is the television. And unlike the Internet you really have no choice in what you are being programmed with.

This is I am sure true in your country as well as in Russia. The endless “American” programming that we watch, the films, the endless comments about Obama and elections and this or that Hollywood star or sports figure really have nothing to do with Russia nor with your country and are just part of their psychological operations and the spreading of propaganda through soft power. Even the Snowden affair, I am convinced, is nothing but a very complex psychological operation aimed at reinforcing the false belief that the NSA and CIA can watch and control everything everywhere in the world. They cannot and Snowden, who should be helping Russia has not lifted a finger to do so, he has also not revealed a single thing that we did not already know or suspect and has not mentioned the elephant in the room that is 9-11.

Here in Russia there are no more simply Russian channels. Although they protect the language, thank God, the programming is almost completely Western or westernized. This is also true with music and other media, yet no one wants to change it and few protest. The heads of the media bodies are indentured to the US and are paid by the US or have their ill-gotten lucre in the West. Even the spread of Russophobia and the demonization of Russia is allowed to go almost unpunished with common themes being: the Russian World is dead, Russia is backward or derision or rewriting of the great Soviet past.

The Internet in Russia is being controlled as well in subtle and almost unnoticeable ways by the West, with for example Google regionalizing results, in effect carrying out a “virtual” divide and conquer strategy and the likes of Edward Snowden are doing nothing to help, but in fact I suspect, making sure that all of the Western information operations being orchestrated by the CIA and the NSA are continuing to go as planned.

As someone who was inside the Russian media I ask you to pay attention to the fact that it was no coincidence that at about the same time that the “Euro” Madian was occurring, the liquidation and subversion of the Voice of Russia was under way by Western paid Russian “liberals”. I maintain that with the liquidation of the Voice of Russia the Russian World lost its principle voice which was very effectively countering US and Western disinformation and psychological operations.

I cannot underline enough the importance that the Voice of Russia had in promoting and delivering to the world the Voice of the Russian people, the Russian World and the Russian Government. It was a strategic organization and like any state broadcaster its demise was a signal of the end of the Russian State as a sovereign entity. Yet no one appeared to notice, and everyone has been silent and even the Russian World has attempted to just wave it off as if it was something normal and just par for the course.

Other methods being used in Russia for carrying out psychological operations are more benign yet more effective in some regards. The I-phones and endless devices that we know the NSA can openly access at will and that the Russian populace use endlessly, in particular in Moscow, are extremely effective tools both for mass operations and for targeting individuals. They are effective in dumbing down the population, subverting the language and creating a personal relationship between the users and the Western makers of the software and the content, which forces them to personalize the invasion into their privacy that most Russians are aware of, and see the “West” as “normal” and “friendly”. They are also the perfect delivery mechanism for subliminal and subversive messaging and programming.

It is not a secret that there is no 100% Russian phone, or computer, or even operating system and I am sure this is not by accident or because Russians cannot produce such, it is by design, and that is no doubt true in your country as well. By maintaining a global software monopoly with hidden coding the West is maintain their most covert military important tool.

I go into all of this great detail and lay out a lot more in a book that I am currently attempting to finish and which I encourage you to seek out once it is published, “if” it is allowed to be published.

The Internal Threat: The Oligarchs and the “Officials”

As the first heading indicates the Russian Federation is being attacked and the attempts to subvert public opinion and allow for the complete and total power grab, wanted by the US and the CIA and all of its “interests”, is being facilitated by CIA controlled agents of influence and US apologists inside the Russian Federation itself.

This is not just conjecture, I know the situation intimately here in Russia, and this is not just a Russian problem, the same things apply to all countries under similar attack and ones which have already fallen and are now client states for NATO and the US Empire. For those countries that are still fighting to preserve their culture and sovereignty I beg you to heed my words and take the warnings contained in this article with the seriousness that they deserve, this is not just Russia’s fight, it is the world’s and if it has not come to you yet, it will soon.

Despite all that I have written up until now the single largest threat to the security and the sovereignty of the Russian Federation and to Russian culture is not the eternal external threat and the external manipulations being orchestrated by western NGOs, media forces, intelligence services and financial forces, but the internal threat posed by the enablers inside of the Russian Federation itself.

To write about or even worse to go against these western backed powers in Russia is suicide. This grouping working with the West includes Oligarchs and corrupt high officials, almost all of whom were recruited by the CIA and rose to power in the turbulence after the collapsed of the Soviet Union thanks to the CIA and US “interests”. Many of them such as Anatoly Chubais are even known by President Putin to have employed and enriched CIA officers, but for some reason there is nothing anyone can do to stop them or remove them from power. It is forbidden to talk about them and anyone who does risks death and destruction and is instantly targeted.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union it was the bandits, killers and thieves whom the CIA used who rose to power and they have become entrenched and there is really no way to remove them. Their corruption schemes of bribes and threats and pressure and imprisonment and death are known to most Russians yet the Russian people are powerless against them. These “western agents” and installed thugs fill the upper levels of the Internal Ministry, the Immigration Service and many of the police departments throughout Russia and above them are the big bosses who are sucking billions of rubles out of state coffers for their mansions, elite flats, expensive cars and personal “interests”.

It is a government within a government and endemic corruption is the biggest threat to Russia today. In Russia there are few who enter public service to serve the people. That concept is not even one that anyone ever even mentions or perhaps is even aware about. The corruption and the bribes is even viewed by many as “normal” and even price lists for services are broadcast unapologetically on state owned television. Life News recently stated the cost to stop a felony prosecution and make it go away as being 9 million. The same amount demanded from me when my son had a case illegally brought against him.

As an honest man who loves Russia and considers himself a Russian patriot and has cooperated with the Russian Government for decades in various capacities it is sad that I am awaiting to be killed for my journalistic work and for refusing to pay a bribe to obtain citizenship and even worse for reporting the demand for bribes.

They have taken away everything from me, these corrupt Generals with dozens of flats and mansions and billions in foreign accounts, simply because I know too much and complained to the President and proper authorities. But as you see honesty does not work here. My family was destroyed, my son was sent to prison by a known criminal police grouping which has been operating since the 90s and all of this was reported but no result. I have had to flee in terror and am in hiding waiting to be the next “journalist” to be killed in Russia while my son has been disappeared and no one knows where he is or where he was taken.
I asked for protection from the Security Service I was cooperating with after being poisoned when the Voice of Russia was liquidated after reporting the 5th column that was operating there, but the Oligarchs profiting off of the subversion of the Russian media are of course more powerful than one honest man could ever be.

My letters to President Putin never reach him and the officials who demanded bribes at the Federal Migration Service investigated themselves and determined that I was simply lying. Even though everyone knows their corrupt bribe scheme exists. I refused to pay first 100 then 900 thousand rubles to obtain citizenship and chose to do everything by the book and according to the law! Things don’t work that way in Russia and I am demonized and called naive for thinking that one can be honest here.

I am risking my life for writing this but I must. The biggest threat to the Russian world is the Oligarch class of Russians themselves and their enablers, people whose only concern is their own enrichment and who would kill or destroy anyone who threatens their criminal enrichment from the coffers of the state or at the expense of honest Russian people.


One particular “General” in my tale even has a known CIA agent providing him with black money, how much they have received from the US Government for destroying my family and in the words of one US Embassy Official “making me feel the steel trap of my citizenship bid”, is still unknown but judging by the way ex US Ambassador Michael McFaul came after me for exposing his Color Revolution plans to the world, it must have been a healthy sum.
As you can see I am still alive, but completely destitute and surviving by doing odd jobs here and there. I am trying to finish the book which details 20 years of life here in Russia, and everything before in fact, and would ask you to support my efforts and my site by making a donation or pre-ordering the book which is already at over 760 pages.

After writing over 1,500 letters to western media outlets and human rights organizations including the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, who is supposed to help as I am officially a refugee and live with asylum in Russia, there has not been a single response. Violating my rights and status as a person with asylum the CIA continues to target me and is even preventing my own family in the United States from helping me. There is even evidence that Snowden was sent to neutralize and cover operations that were targeting me specifically at the time of his arrival. These details are also in my book as well as why the CIA came after me for publishing information about their illegal operations worldwide and 9-11.

Thank you for reading and may the Great Spirit protect you.

Some Victory Day Memes

Victory Day 2024 - I am in hiding, begging for a passport, hungry and cold

Красная Армия никогда не умрёт!
>Приказ Верховного Главнокомандующего 23 февраля 1943 года № 95 И.В. Сталин
>Красная Армия есть армия защиты мира и дружбы между народами всех стран. Она создана не для завоевания чужих стран, а для защиты границ Советской Страны. Красная Армия всегда относилась с уважением к правам и независимости всех народов.
>Поскольку мы снова боремся против нацистов/НАТО, мы не должны забывать, что сутью того, против чего мы боремся, является расистская ненависть и геноцид. Сражаясь и побеждая врага, мы не должны поддаваться опасности стать врагом. – Сказал единственный в России Русский-индеец Тайинё после почти 30 лет и незаконного снятия с него права на получение паспорта и гражданства.




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According to the Red Cross the Number of Jews and Others Slaughtered in Concentration Camps Was 271,301. The greatest historical revisionism in history is the 6 million figure. Exploiting the deaths of millions to promote and enrich a certain group we are not allowed to name or criticize shows not only cynicism but collusion, profitting and if you dig deep enough, collaboration, all carefully planned and covered up for the Zionist entity.


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